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Deliver me (name..) O Lord, who am Thy creature, from all evils of the past, present and future,
which touch my body and soul alike. Through thy goodness, give me peace and health, and be propitious to me. I beseech Thee through the intercession of blessed Virgin Mary, Thy Saint apostles Peter ,Paul and Andrew, and all Thy saints! Grant me peace and health during my lifetime so that with the assistance of Thy mercy, I never will become a slave to sin, and never will be frightened by any trouble. I conjure Thee through Jesus Christ, Thy Son, our Lord, who being God, lives and reigns in unity with the Holy Ghost through all the ages of ages .Amen Let the peace of the Lord always be with me! Amen. Let this heavenly peace, O Lord, which Thou has left to thy disciples remain forever between me and my enemies, visible as well as invisible .Amen

Lamb of God, sacrificed for the salvation of the world, have mercy on my soul and body ! Lamb of God, through whom all the faithful are saved, give me thy peace and let it be with me
forever, in this life as well as in the future one. Amen


O Great God, through Whom all things are saved, preserve me also from every evil .O Great God,
who has granted Thy consolation to all beings, console me also in my afflictions. O Great God, who has helped and assisted all things, help me also and assist me in all my needs, my miseries, my enterprises and my dangers! Deliver me from all the opposition and the snares of my enemies, Visible as well as invisible, in the name of the Father ,who created the world, in the name of the Son, who redeemed the world, and in the name of the Holy Spirit who fulfilled the Law in all its perfection. I throw myself to Thy arms and surrender myself entirely to Thy protection.

May the blessing of God, Father the omnipotent, whose sole word created all things, always be
with me! Amen.

May the blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ, Son of the great living Lord, always be with me! Amen. May the blessing of the Holy Ghost with His seven gifts, always be with me! Amen.
May the blessing of the Virgin Mary, together with that of her divine son, always be with me (name.) your servant. Amen. TUESDAY

May the blessing of our Lord Jesus Christ, when he consecrated the bread and gave it to His
disciples ,saying to them ; Take it and eat it all for this is my flesh which will be sacrificed for the remission of all sins, always be with me ( name..),poor sinner! Amen.

May the blessing of the saints ,angels, archangels, virtues, powers, thrones, dominations,
principalities, cherubim and seraphim, always be with me ! Amen. May the blessing of patriarchs, prophets, apostles, martyrs, confessors, and all Gods saints always be with me! Amen. May the blessing if all the heavens of God always be with me! Amen. May the majesty of the omnipotent God support and protect me; may His eternal goodness lead me; may his illimitable charity inflame me! May the power of the Father preserve me; may the wisdom of the Son revive me; may the virtue of the Holy Spirit always be between me and my enemies, visible as well as invisible .Amen

Power of the father - fortify me! Wisdom of the Son-enlighten me! Consolation of the Holy Ghost
console me! The father is peace, the Son is the life. The Holy Ghost is the remedy, consolation and salvation. May the divinity of the God bless me, His mercy warm me, His love embrace me with love! Amen


O Jesus Christ, Son of the Great Living God, have mercy on me!
O Emmanuel! Defend me against the malicious enemy and against all my enemies visible as well as invisible! Deliver me from every evil O God , made man , who patiently suffered for us, King Jesus Christ , come in peace.

Jesus Christ commands, Jesus Christ reigns, Jesus Christ triumphs!

May Jesus Christ the good king, always be between me and my enemies to defend me! Amen. May Jesus Christ permanently deliver me from all evil! Amen.

Here is the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ! Fly! my enemies at its sight! The lion of the tribe of
Judah, race of David is triumphant. Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia! O Saviour of the world secure me and save me, Thou who redeemed me through Thy cross and Thy precious blood :protect me , I do conjure Thee, O my God! Agios o Theos, Agios Ischyros , Agios Athanatos,Eleison imas:God the holy,God the mighty,God the immortal , have mercy on me(name),Thy creature ! Be my support, O Lord, do not abandon me, do not refute my prayers. God my salvation, always be my aid. Amen


O Lord, enlighten my eyes with the true light, so that they will not be closed by the eternal sleep,
and my enemy cannot say that he has advantage over me. In so far as the Lord is with me , I shall not be frightened by the maliciousness of my enemies. O sweetest Jesus , preserve me protect me , save me! Amen. On the sole pronouncing of the name of Jesus, may every knee bend in heaven, on the earth and in hell! I Know beyond any doubt, that immediately I invoke the Lord no matter at what hour or on what day , I will be saved .

O sweetest Lord Jesus Christ, who performed such great miracles solely by the power of thy very
precious name, and who greatly enriched the natives (of the Holy Land), because of thy power demons were put to flight, the blind saw, the deaf heard, the lame walked upright, the mute spoke, the lepers were cleansed, the sick were cured and the dead resurrected. Immediately someone pronounces the sweet name of Jesus, the ear becomes charmed and delighted, and the mouth is filled with all sweet things; solely on its pronouncing demons disappear; every knee bends; temptations, even the worst, are eradicated, all sickness are cured; all disputes and battles which arise between the world, flesh and the devil are dissipated; and the heart is filled with all heavenly goodness; because if anyone invoked, invokes and will invoke that holy name of Jesus, he was, is and will always be saved: myself included , for I am invoking Thee and cry unto Thee: Jesus, son of David , have mercy on me ( name ..), Thy servant ! Amen.


O Sweet name of Jesus, name to fortify the heart of a man! Name of life, of salvation and of joy;
name precious, glorious and pleasant; name which saves , leads, rules and protects everything; may Thou be , O very sweet Jesus, through the power of that name, to remove from me (name), Thy humble servant , every evil spirit; enlighten me , who am blind; return my hearing to me, who am deaf; straighten me ,who am limping; give me back speech , who am mute; give me back health, who am ill; and resuscitate me who am dead! Give me back my life and encircle me all sides, inside as well as outside, purify me , who am a leper, so that I will be fortified and armed with that holy name; so that I will always live in Thee, praising Thee, honouring thee because every praise is due to thee, because Thou alone art worthy of glory. The lord is the eternal son of God; through Him everything is joyful and is governed by justice.

May Jesus always be in my heart and inside me. May Jesus always be inside me, to revive me; may He be around me, in order to protect me; may
He be before me , in order to lead me ; may He be behind me, in order to protect me; may He be beside me, in order to govern me; may He be above me , in order to bless me ; may He be below me , in order to strengthen me; may He always be with me to deliver me from all suffering and from eternal death !

Praise, honour and glory are rendered to Jesus through the ages of ages. Amen.


Jesus ,son of Mary , salvation of the world, be favourable, sweet and propitious to me; grant me a
holy and willing spirit, so that I may render homage to Thee and respect Thee duly, Thou , who art the liberator of the world, who was , is and always will be God and man, beginning and end. Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews, son of the Virgin Mary, have mercy on me (name...) a poor sinner! Lead me because of Thy sweetness on to the road of eternal salvation. Amen. And Jesus passed in the midst of them, and nobody could lay Him His hands, because His hour had not yet come.But Jesus, knowing the things which had to happen to Him, went forward and asked them: for Whom are you seeking? They answered Him, Jesus of Nazareth, And Judas who had to betray Him was amongst them. And immediately as Jesus told them that it was Him, men fell flat on the earth. And Jesus again asked them: for Whom you are seeking? They again answered: Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus replied to them I have already told you that I am He for whom you are seeking , let them ( His disciples) go. The spear, the nails, the thorns, the cross, the death I suffered prove that I eradicated and redeemed the crimes of these miserable men. Protect me O Lord Jesus Christ from all the wounds of poverty and the snares of my enemies. May the five wounds of our Lord serve me continuously as a remedy .Jesus is the way, Jesus is the truth, Jesus is the life.

Jesus Who suffered, Jesus Who was crucified, Jesus Who is resurrected from the dead, have
mercy on me! May these prayers which I have brought to Thee, O Jesus, be eternally my guarantee against my enemies, against all evil and danger! Amen

Notes: 1. Where ever there is (cross sign) the operator has to put the usual sign of the cross on himself, just as is done in church. It is accepted that you bow every time you cross yourself. The sign must be made slowly with the dignity inherent with this powerful theurgic means, using a broad movement of the right hand, as if in a square with eighteen inch sides 2. The best way to practice this powerful form of worship would be to use the prescribed prayer at the beginning of each day, that is, in the morning, before meals and the other daily occupations. This will bring blessing and light for the whole day, for if the start is good, there is every chance that the ensuing hours will give of their best. We know of the wonderful results which will happen to those, who made it an invariable custom to practise these prayers every morning. 3. Excerpted from the bookTheurgy The Art of effective Worship by Mouni Sadhu