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POOR, is a highly subjective phenomenon.

People's perceptions of poor, of who is and who is not below level of status, vary enormously between different types of people (defined in terms of class, status, occupation, nationality, ethnicity, gender or a myriad of other social identities). Wherever people cohere as groups, classes or other social constructs, perceptions of poor are aggregated and refined and then embedded in social dynamics. As Philippines contextually, this word became a template towards our observance. POOR is such a person that very unfamiliar and uncommon to place in society. These are the people that have no right to stand and no right in justice to protect oneself. Their visualization in many is very contradicted to those people that very well living. They are needy people where all wanted is to pay attention by the government. So it is not far that these people can do crimes and evil in able to fulfill their needs due to lack of financial and one reason because these people cant afford to enter in school. When we say POOR, it comes to our mind that these are the people who are low stability of livelihood. These are the people who cannot afford to buy things or even cannot level their selves because of meek to accompany to anyone. They are the people that have low self-esteem and confident to face challenges or even to those people that higher than their ability and status. But we should not be judgmental rather we should be open minded to this word. We cannot say POOR are also defined as poverty. Because this word has many meaning and perceptions accord to the persons situation. The person may POOR in many cases: living, ability, confidence, financial, self-esteem, quality, value etc. POOR is not already a people who are consider as miserable that cannot eat three times a day or even not those people who are

living in squatters area. Maybe this word can be those people who afraid and do not have capabilities to do something. So as Filipino citizen, let us give them dozens of love and care because these people were thirst to courage and respect. Let us show them that whatever your position and stability in this society, you are still a member of Filipinos citizen in this country and have the right to respect, to love, to be happy and to live harmoniously.


Philippines Contextually to POOR Unemployment in the Philippines


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