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Student Level Time Table SASTRA

Dear Students, We are glad to share the information that Student Level Time Table is available for your course now. I am going to explain you now what are the steps that we request you to follow for registration of subjects where you can choose a faculty from list of faculties.


Please use only Mozilla Fire fox Step 1. Please open a web browser (Mozilla)and type URL

Step 2. Click on Sign In

Step 3: Once you Click on Sign In , you will be redirected to the below screen.

Step 4 : Please enter your email id which is your registration in User ID field. For Example if your registration number is 100000001 then your email id will be and it will be your User Id for Sign In.

Step 5: Now please enter your email id in the Password field. Means You have to use your User ID for the Password also. So your User ID and Password is same which is your email id and is nothing but your registration

Step 6: Once you entered your User ID and Password as your email id. Now Please Click on Login Button which is just below the Password Box.

Step 7: Now you will be asked to choose a secret question like below;

Step 8: Please change your password through this screen:

Step 10: You will be redirected to this page:


To change your password again please loginto with your old password and click on preferences

Change the Password

To retrieve your password, go to, type your user id and click on forgot password

Enter the user login id and submit

Answer the question set already to retrieve your password, You will receive your password in your email id


Step 11: Point your browser to

Step 12: Once you have clicked Self Service, the below screen will open.

Here you need to click on Quick Link. Which is arrow in middle left corner of your screen.

Step 13: The Quick Link will open like below.

Please click on Student Time Table now.

Step 14: Now once you clicked on Student Time Table there you see Registration Demo like below.

Step 15:Now you will be having the below screen.

Here your Name, Roll Number, Registration Number, Batch, Class and Academic Session will be listed. Below to that you will be listed Credit Point Details for subjects of your Semester. All the descriptions like Mandatory How many subjects you have to take, what is the maximum and minimum limit for credit point for Mandatory Category. Electives , how many electives you have to choose , what is the maximum and minimum credit limit for this Elective Category (If Elective is appilable to you then it will display other wise what ever is applicable to you like Elective1, Elective 2, or Departmental Electives) will be shown to you. You need not worry about the name used that it is Department Elective 1 or Department Elective 2, or Elective only, it is there only you to help that you have to take Elective subjects as per the rule that is visible on the top. Next to that is Total Row that tells Max. Credit , Min Credit, Total Subjects etc. This increases and the

credit point taken increases or decreases as per your selection of subjects and faculty registration for that.

Step 16: Below to that there will be your Time Table which will be blank in the start as you have to set it as per your choice. So it will look like below.

Step 17: Now you will scroll down to see all the subjects of yours and there is a button named Show Faculties, for you to select faculties from the list of faculties available.

Step 18: Now once you click on Show Faculties you will be getting one popup screen like below:

Step 19: Here you need to choose your desired faculty and make a note that on which day he/she will be teaching and at what time he/she will be teaching this subject for which you have chosen Show Faculties.

Step 20: Now once you select a faculty you will be listed with additional information like Room Number in which Class this class will held. Also in this screen subject code is there on the top left corner along with the name of the subject and in details part also with the subject name. It is theory or practical is also mentioned there. Timings and Day is also visible to you. Now you have to click on Save Draft to plan for this Faculty you have chosen at the specified day and timing. Now once you will choose a faculty and clicked on Save Draft it will be added to your My Selected Time Table area and the faculty name will be displayed in the Faculty Name Column in Green Colour like below:

Step 21: Similarly you can choose all the mandatory and your desired Electives Subjects from the list of subjects as per the rule how many electives you have to take and from which set of electives you are supposed to take every thing is visible there on the top in Credit Point Details. Now suppose while choosing the faculty you have chosen some faculty at some slot let us say monday 8:40 to 9:30 now if you will choose some other subject by some other or same faculty who ever is available at the same slot , the below check will appear and then you have to make changes in the selection so that your slot would not clash and you would have only one single class to attend at a time.

Step 22: Again if you had chosen one elective subject and as per the rule you are allowed to take only one elective subject of that category let us say Elective 1. Then system will check you for choosing another elective for the same category as per the rule. The screen will be like below in that case.

Step 23: Now you have to finalize your own time table as per your desire and it will look like below:

Step 24: Now Green colour of faculty says that you had planned your Time Table for these faculties with the timing and day you had selected. Note that as you had clicked Quik Link Registration Demo so you can not finally register from this screen just you had planned this. And the screen will look like this :

Step 25: Now suppose you had planned some thing and you want to make changes in that then, you can go to De-Register Button just beside the Show Faculties Button to De Register the Planned Faculty for that particular Subject First and then you can again click on Show Faculties to choose another faculty that you want now for this particular subject.

While De Registering it will ask for the confirmation that you really want to De Register this faculty for the selected subject or you don't want to change this faculty for the selected subject. In short you had clicked the button intentionally or unintentionally. If intentionally then press OK else if unintentionally then press Cancel. Pressing OK will De Register the Faculty and Pressing Cancel will not De Register but the Faculty will be there in planned My Selected Time Table.

Step 26: Suppose you had pressed ok for deregistering the faculty then, it will remove the faculty name from that subject row and the screen will now be like below:

Step 27: Now suppose you had finallized with your time table and you want to see the timings for each subject and other details like at what time which subject you will have to study in which day by which faculty and in which class room then you just need to go to My Selected Time Table and leave the mouse pointer at the slots registered. On mouse over you will be able to see all the details like below screen.

Step 28: You are done with the planning now. Now I am explaining how you will be doing final day or registration when you actually register your planned Time Table or Any other time table if you think that on that day you need to opt for that. First you will click on Quick Link and Choose the option Student Time Table Selection where the screen will be exactly same like the Demo Screen except for there will be a Register button at the bottom and this Register Buttion is very Important as this is the only button that will save your final planned selection of your Student Level Time Table. Your selected Time Table will be saved by this button so this will check you to Finally Register if All the Mandatory Subjects are not taken. And while this screen will open you can see a message stating that Registration is not Valid until REGISTER button is clicked and Save Successful Message Appears.

Step 29: Now once you have finallized that you are done with the planning and you want to register finally then press Register Button and you will get the message screen like below:

Step 30: Now again suppose you want to make changes then you can go to De Register and Choose a new desired faculty for the same subject or if it is elective then you can choose any other of that category. If he/she wants to make changes of faculty or timing for that subject then he/she needs to first De Register that Subject and then has to Click on Show Faculties and Choose the new desired one or different timing one that he/she wants. Now please don't forget to click on Register Button on the bottom again as this is the only button that will save your final changes.

Step 31: This is the final step where a student can see his final enrolled time table later on once it is finalized for this he/she is requested to go to Quick Link and Click on My Selected Time table and the final time table what is applicable to him/ her and for which he /she had done all these settings will be visible to him/ her.

Thanks Have a Happy Registration Ahead.