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part 1 ACTIVATION METHOD INFORMATION CENTRE OF PERCEPTION in the brain METHOD FOR BRAND KOMISSAROVA. This technique was developed by me to activate the center of information perception of the world in direct contact with the students. That is, at school or at a seminar. Distance learning requires some adaptation techniques, the use of other ways to communicate with students. Therefore, leaving the key provisions of the methodology I will correct and comment attached to distance learning. indispensable attribute of your independent course is a video application. Captured on video all you need for a successful learning material being presented. activation method Information Center Perception (DSC) is based on the removal of a psychological barrier in the human mind to the possibility of information perception of the world and to encourage the brain to the top for external information on a new channel for it. Availability psychological barrier in the brain due to the fact that hundreds of millions of years of evolution, all the information from the world enters our brain only five channels - through the five senses. This way of information seems to us the only possibility. For so long this idea stuck in our "genetic" level. Our brains are convinced that different and can not be. purpose of lessons - to overcome this presumption and to open a new channel for the brain receiving information from the outside. I developed methods of teaching and to achieve this goal. Part 2 activation DSC technique involves two successive stages: I. Removing the psychological barrier at the level of human consciousness. II. Removing the psychological barrier at the subconscious level person. I. Removing the psychological barrier at the level of human consciousness. Purpose: Removing plaque from the mystical phenomenon of "clairvoyance" and providing students conscious approach to the development of information perception of the world. Here you have to watch the video on the disk number 1. It represented real people with activated InfoCenter. You will see their opportunities. Rather, the possibilities of information perception. Further, the CD contains my presentation. I talk about these amazing opportunities and answer questions. reviewing the submitted materials, you will realize that Infovidenie not mysticism, and the reality that it really exists. you believe in it at the conscious level. But this is absolutely not enough. The fact is that our brains at the gene level "knows" what to see without eyes can not. Convince him that on a subconscious level - that's the main and most difficult task. difficult, but possible. Therefore, forward, to the second stage!

prepared at my school. Earlier. When we want to see something. the words 7) Grand stationery envelope 8) shoe box. That is. and what you see on the disk number 2. I said that to myself activate DSC man can. let it be your good friend. Part 4 of the Manual. As such it becomes a channel for DSC. Better if it will be at the workshop under the guidance of an experienced coach. if we are talking about distance learning. Brain has to "seek" a new channel of information. Goal: Overcoming the genetic memory of the brain can not get information from the outside except through the five senses. . But.Part 3 II. multiple repetition of positive reinforce subconscious perception of reality of the information that would eventually lead to the removal of existing barriers and enhance the DSC. The main thing is that you understand the meaning and purpose of each of these exercises. Here we are with you and get to practical training. The brain begins to receive information from the outside on the new channel for itself in a controlled mode of perception. each time a student checks the validity of the information available to him. who also wants to learn how to learn the information. And do not fear failure. Follow my directions. we turn our face towards the objects of interest and the brain "asks" the eyes. and writing. It just can not be. First. you will be able to conduct the necessary exercises. basic technique: In the classroom the student is placed in a situation where his brain is not able to obtain the requested information in a traditional way. necessary for training: 1) A set of colored sheets of paper 2) Colored plastic or paper cups 3) Color tennis or rubber balls 4) A deck of cards 5) Children's book about animals with large bright pictures 6) White sheets of paper with printed in large letters. For millions of its evolutionary history of the brain of any living being "knows" what to get visual information from the outside it can only help your eyes. and most important. Another is given. Removing the psychological barrier at the subconscious level of man. Necessary physical participation of another person. Part 5 Replacing each other as a student and a coach. Or supporter.

"eyes that you see?" And being in the eyes visual image and identify it. we do not see anything. look! What do you see? " Part 6 And you start trying to see something. what do you see?" . to interrupt their conversation.. avoiding the eyes. " Brain: "So what! On the drive. We're closed. "Yes. These shake century and hand movements indicate that you are trying to see eyes closed. the brain receives a response to a question. Come on. We will learn to receive visual information. eyelashes will actively shake. but see the color of the paper through closed eyelids you can not. We're closed! ".away?" "Do not see it!" "And turn it to the other side? " "Yes. "Well . ' "A . then turn this piece of paper from different angles. I saw that you can see with your eyes closed. pick up a colored piece of paper and try to determine what color is it. we postpone it. we do not see! . "Nothing. "Well.We're closed! " And in the course of this dialogue your hands. in your head between the brain and the eyes will begin the following dialogue: Brain: "The eyes what you see ? " eyes. Our eyes are closed. See eyes. This is impossible! When the eyes are closed.eye. And if I Pridvinie to you this piece better?" "We do not see. it will zoom in to the eyes of the paper.Explode in the end eyes.will continue to stick to the eyes of your mind. So when you close your eyes. . But the brain is only one known way of seeing . . You will begin to move his eyebrows.Will respond with some irritation in his eyes. they can not see. should break the link with the brain through the eyes..

Locator does not see the plane. to show the difference between information and thought. No. They have you covered. Introductory exercise. not the eyes. He does not give the outlines on the screen. . just. and we are going to learn. That's all. I usually say the following: "I gave you a red sheet of paper. and it will be very interesting! Coach gives students a piece of paper in his hands and calls it the color. Only the information in the form of a point . But not the color. Part 8 On the contrary. you should stay calm. relaxed. the most that you can catch through closed eyelids a dark sheet or light. his student. How can this be done? There receiving "Internal locator. It in no way be trying to concentrate. His goal . After employment to enhance the DSC should exclude part of the vision in the process of obtaining visual give the brain the first performance of the traffic channel of perception. The same as at the airport. Try to get the information from the "radar. Red and yellow colors. Your brain does not have to ask for the eyes. Requires two people . and still do not see anything. This will be the answer to the question. enjoy the lessons." "What color is this piece of paper?" And in my head you are sure to come some color. Remember. He is able to detect aircraft at a distance and to bring this information to the screen. Look at him. you are starting to engage in very unusual things.a student and a this point the object is. introductory exercise is performed with two sheets of colored paper. They are closed. Just getting to the same information you should seek. student closes his eyes." chast7 Imagine that you have in the forehead is an internal locator. At the seminar. How to make the reply was correct? 's why we.

After student really tries to do incredible things. That's it! Your brain will remember the feeling of self-red. fact that the brain like the positive emotions. KNOW that it is yellow. "Very good! You do everything right. I'm telling you that this is a red piece of paper and you just know that it's red. it's great that he is yellow. He easily "remembers" the state in which they are received. You do not move his eyebrows and eyelashes trembling. if they are dark or light? So. And committed to this state. Why are you happy? Yeah that is red! " Maybe it sounds stupid ! But this . it is easy to enter. And that alone is worthy of admiration and praise! "And now.welcome. just be happy! " . That should help the brain to remember the state of the Information Perception. And . Rejoice! Further . After all. I'm taking you and give red leaf yellow. do not try to be.enjoy it. And you do the same . except that in the world there is a red and yellow! Try not to look for the cause for joy. You are all very good! " Coach must praise the student. No eyes.just see this color. Just know that you hold in your hands a red paper.And how will you distinguish colors. not red! cool Why? Because this is fine. So be it. So you're not looking at the eyes.

And the main difficulty is that the signal is no different from the thought. offer to take them in different hands. And he never confuse the visual signal with the sound. Have to the work of our consciousness. spread them in side and say which color is in which hand. more After we became Homo Sapiens. in any case can not think. excluded from the process of eye perception. signal coming to it from Infochuvstva new. but does not speak. to move on to the next part of the introductory exercises. Over millions of years of evolution of the brain of the living beings learned to distinguish information signals it receives from the different senses." Here. "What color is leaf? " Before you begin to implement this part of the exercise. The only possibility to distinguish between them: The first thought is information! Everything else . everything has to be exactly the opposite. very carefully read and understand what I'm going to tell you."consider" each colored sheet student need about 40-60 seconds. Then the next color. received from Coach paper and heard his question: "What color?" You have to give an answer without hesitation. This is very difficult. almost instantly. Now. Repeat this exercise 3-4 times. the coach must give the student in one hand both leaf. Coach gives students one of these two colors. Remember the accusations of our loved ones. and asks. Giving an answer to the question of the color. The eyes should be trained with the permanently closed. Alternate yellow and red leaves have 10-12. . After that. He will not sign. This is a key moment in the process of revitalization and education in Information perception. because I always think of his actions on what we say. so that he had forgotten about them. odor with tactile. "Think about what you say!.

it will sink in a series of thoughts. . "I . Your task: to catch the first idea and immediately announce it. brain can not think. But when he "guesses" 5 (!) Times 25 (!) Times 125 (!) Times.a visual information) . Infochuvstvo enters into everyday life will be the same senses.he thinks. as usual for us. Decision is made." But.I know! "And. you keep quiet. more and if you do not cut off the information.closed. hearing. And. How can that be? brain desperately searching for a channel available. And. But on what source? only familiar brain source of visual information (and color . This .Every owner is silent. seeing. But the brain is not unconditional trust that channel the flow of information. Suppose. the first thought that came to mind: "Red. your brain will understand. You will lose. Let them think that it is yellow. This divination to Information Perception has no relation. to throw you other ideas. the brain thinks it's random otgadka. He stops to generate other not guess! I . first. not stuck on it.information! you uttered it . Therefore. something should come to mind. Concrete question: "What color is this piece of paper?" To answer this question the brain to receive information from the outside. he will" turn to face "a new source of his information. Next you will find clean water divination: you have to choose an answer from the range of colors that you threw your brain. He does not know him at all.And do you remember the first part of that intervention in the functioning of the organ of consciousness feeling totally unacceptable. Do not give your brain the opportunity to think. gradually. Why first thought is information? point is that in order to answer the question. So once voiced by the first thought. the brain receives a positive emotion of knowing that he had found the right answer. so red does not suit him.the eyes . he realizes: "Red. the brain begins to generate other ideas. more and more trusting it. The incoming signal is not distinguishable from the thought. through the still very weak operating Infochuvstvo. Green? Blue? The owner is still silent? What does he want from me?? " Everything! you lose information. and so on.mission accomplished for the brain." This comes as a thought. "So . purpose of the training will be achieved. Again silent? Well. . if you mentioned the color is correct. then when you get a colored piece of paper and you have to answer the question: "What color is it?".

the answer is taken. allegedly. Recommended to do everything possible to calculate the student was unable to change the color of the algorithm. it does not have to be a different color. again to the Quick Start. student must pick up a piece of paper and only then request and receive information. If the student says the color immediately mikrozaderzhki without this. It. takes the paper and gives the following. Coach tells student right or wrong color named. even before you give student colored piece of paper. it is likely that he decided to name the color before it is received. the first thought is the information. The logic in the actions of coaches should be completely absent. received via the senses. it takes a while. They decided. trainer should constantly change the rhythm of color change. with his eyes open. That he ceased to count. he can only rely on its new channel . My experience with students shows that for the brain information on the new channel. But necessary. while holding the eye permanently closed. Regardless of the number of repetitions. Student with his eyes closed calls color. But it is important not to slide into the other extreme. Student. Brain student should understand that the definition of the color of the paper. No "prompting" the signals from the outside do not have them taken into account. he will not pay attention to all of these tricks. Coach gives students the red. After all. In this case. and requires immediate public address. And this decision to the Information Perception has no relation. the yellow sheet of paper. and not imaginary consciousness. So. very short time. Neither rustling. about a second.News perception. and will call the color that he holds out coach. . Trainer No word like: "this is what color I am giving you now? '.Well. Sometimes it is necessary to give students the same color 5-7 times in a row. then when the coach holds out another student a piece of paper. "I'll call this color". is replaced paper. this algorithm does not have to be. it worked consciousness.

Coach invites him to open his eyes and to make sure their decision. And what he gets . green or orange paper. proffers this pack student. I must say to him: "Listen to me carefully. If a student makes a mistake. he unwittingly have a choice: either the Red or Yellow. to listen to that obtained the information signal in the brain. And it usually fails. Most often. calculates there is nothing. Student struck his right answer .. Similarly. You know. It is also welcome.When coach feels that the students began to trust myself. When you give a student only two colors. at the seminar. then "hiding" one yellow sheet of paper of the three red. I'll give you now is not red or yellow. more remains to count only on themselves. Once the answer is offered to students to open their eyes. and something else. I have a lot of different colored sheets of paper. I give the student the blue. I'll give you a piece of paper. . and you call me the color. emerging brain trust to the information available to him on the new channel. Thus a student stronger confidence in the existence Infochuvstva. purpose of the introductory exercises can be considered to be achieved The coach and student exchange roles. And then you change the color. You'll have to call it.not known. Allowances for the first exercise: three leaves of red and one yellow piece of paper Coach offers students close their of a specified color. What color is it? " Usually. on their Infochuvstvo. a student named color is correct. So. then. student and trainer .. Coach invites him to continue to seek to obtain the correct result. Exercise repeated 10-15 times. as you call previous colors. Ready? Here's the paper. without hesitation. If a student finds the correct sheet. and offers him with her eyes closed to find a piece of paper yellow. first exercise .

at a subconscious level. revision of this pack. Exercise is repeated 10-15 times. to "consider all the colors to the end.switch roles. When he did manage to do. second exercise . another . Coach allow students to open their eyes. put in a pile of red leaves yellow. After all. I always tell my students: "Always allow the possibility of errors. Only later. Recommendations in this exercise . If the exercise is done properly. and not try to complicate the solution.yellow. Error. Moreover. If you make a mistake. He could not help looking for it somewhere in the middle. place the sheet in the middle. if a piece of "hidden". if you are already contained in one pack of three sheets of red. Finish grading and come back to the stack. and you. and sort lists by the logic and not on Infochuvstvo. Initially not place sheets of the same color in a row this will create unnecessary difficulties student. At the workshop.. And. Trainer blends sheets of red and yellow. put it to red. a person is difficult to assume that the desired color is first or last. Recommendations in this exercise. Initially. and it's not that he did not consider the number of sheets of the same color. student closes his eyes.The student is able to catch the algorithm. Further benefits for the second exercise: Three sheets of paper red paper and three yellow. Coach tells student how many sheets of different color are not in their pack. . sheets can mix in any order and in a row. he felt that all the other sheets in yellow. he must learn from the second pack mistakenly got there a different color plates and shift them correctly. And when this was going to pack three sheets. then he is allowed to open his eyes. Therefore. Therefore. in the remaining sheets again "feel" red. And not "considering" the color is automatically put them in one pack. it often happens: the student was wrong.sort of two sheets of paper colors. student tries to find the wrong in the first stack of sheets and shift them to their destination. and in one . where the "extra" color. then. it is necessary to put a piece of amber in the second or third pack. to do so without notice. when you feel that it is sort of sheets based on Infochuvstvo. Gives student pack and offers it to sort by color: one way to delay a piece of red color. Further trainer should draw the attention of students. And only when you see that student again and again correctly looks yellow leaf and start putting in other places. You could put the wrong color. Task Trainer to help students cope with the task. At the end of sorting students continue to keep your eyes closed. student and trainer switch roles. When mixed sheets do not put them in one ..

At the end of sorting students continue to keep your eyes closed. Gives student pack and offers it to sort by color: one way to postpone the sheets of red. he must learn from the second pack mistakenly got there a different color plates and shift them correctly. Student closes his eyes. When he did manage to do.yellow. He puts them back a different number and does not tell how many sheets student what color is in the pack. third exercise . Gives student pack and offers it to sort by color: one way to postpone the sheets of red. Coach allow students to open their eyes. Exercise is repeated 10-15 times. more students try to find the wrong sheets in the first pack and shift them to their destination. If you make a mistake. the other green. Coach allow students to open their eyes. Trainer blends sheets of red. If you make a mistake. Trainer blends sheets of red.yellow.sorting sheets in three colors. At the end of sorting students continue to keep your eyes closed . and the third .errors are found. Coach tells student how many sheets of different color are not in their pack. Recommendations in this exercise. Coach tells student how many sheets of different color are not in their pack. 3 sheets of paper green. 5 sheets of yellow paper. 3 sheets of yellow paper. same as if the second exercise. Next. correct it.sorting sheets in three colors with an unknown number of sheets of each color. If the exercise is done properly. and the third . Student closes his eyes. 5 sheets of paper green. Fourth exercise . allowances for the third exercise: 3 sheets of paper red. green and yellow. The same should be done with the third pack. then students are allowed to open their eyes. If the exercise is done properly. the other green. . students and coach switch roles. green and yellow. allowances for the third exercise: 5 sheets of paper red. " He found the error and corrects it.

Gives student pack and offers capture one top sheet. When he did manage to do. with open eyes he had not made a mistake when sorting. Trainer counts sheets of both packs. he must learn from the second pack mistakenly got there a different color plates and shift them correctly.Student tries to find the wrong sheets in the first pack and shift them to their destination. and 50% (!). The same should be done with the third pack. Recommendations in this exercise. After all. Next. Recommendations in this exercise. but in general. Next. the same result must be achieved in working with Infochuvstvom." Trained in the classroom Infochuvstvo will be your reliable and error-free tool in the most difficult situations. Coach silently. 15 correct answers correspond to 95%. Exercise is repeated 10-15 times. Trainer blends sheets of all colors. student closes his eyes. students and coach switch roles. 4 yellow sheet of paper. it is not 30%. At the end of sorting student opens his eyes. If a student repeatedly copes with the task. Do not Tell students when mixed packs or place where one of the colors. The purpose of this complication: The student should not preprogram itself not only on the number of sheets of each color. This is the meaning of all you have started classes.sorting sheets 5 colors with an unknown number of sheets of each color.right and wrong. This is difficult. Exercise repeated 2-3 times. as in the two colors. When counting correct answers in percentage terms. the presence of all colors in a pack. students and Trainer switch roles. fight easy. This is the meaning Infochuvstva workout. then students are allowed to open their eyes. Remember that. but five (!) colors. but it must be achieved. "Train hard. 4 sheets of paper green. called a leaf lays on two packs . I will not look for colors that are not in the pack. . announce the results. 4 sheets of paper orange. if a student from 20 sheets of 6 named correctly. therefore. you can complicate it. remember that the sample was made not two. Without prior programming for the presence of all colors proposed for sorting the pack. calling its color. And. Be sure to emphasize this in their evaluation of the student. fifth exercise . allowances for the third exercise: 4 sheets of paper red. 4 blue sheet of paper. without telling anything student.

" he took up the study of clairvoyance. "to escape the totalitarian regime". practices for working with the first group of exercises. Only joy. but there. the following exercises will be given to you easily enough. During the first day of class. Mark. first group . information signal colored sheet is simple and powerful.7% of the fifth exercise is the final in the first set of exercises. Without strain. Educational achievements were so-so . Then he will be strong. then await you exercise number 4 and number 5. in the late 80's. Olga and Mark establish firm «Olma LLC» (OLMA = Olga + Marco) . and exercise number 1.99." One of these methods was the "open" Mark. to Exercise number 2 you can go to.of Mark Komissarov. His knowledge of paranormal phenomena it for a couple of Olga Lulovoy .massage. This is why we start training with colored sheets of paper as a training manual. And. The rest of the exercises in this group will be a more complicated version of the second exercise. it will end in miscarriage.18 . Thus. which had been promised to anyone "clearly and unequivocally demonstrate how any of the so-called psychic or psychic phenomena. went to the United States. only by achieving consistent results during exercise number 1. Do not force yourself. A little about who operates under the guise of a ghost . if you are successful with this group otzanimalis allowances. And to "knowledge" gave dividends.are exercises with colored sheets of paper. A taxi driver with a "higher education. was the first student Mark. you are advised to carry an introductory exercise. Classes should extend from one hour to an hour and fifteen minutes a day. as elsewhere.S. apparently turned out to be neither here nor there. viable. I strongly recommend not to overload. he will be born prematurely. employers. Violence on the brain does not give results. " Mark tried to challenge the objectivity of the decision Randy in his article "Exposing the . you're ready for the second exercise. healthy. "a vision of information" . he should stay in the womb 9 months. that would normally live to work.99%. which began to practice and other "non medical methods improvement. It is larger. Exercise number two is fundamental. That is flimsy and weak. 19 ." he did not want. has no volume. For this reason. Natasha." Olga and her daughter. And again I say to you: "Do not hurry!". monochrome. Not any more.same emigrant from Soy-last. No matter how rich in America. is of the same material. "poraskinuv brain. In quality-ve chemical engineer forty Mark for U. Classes with exercise number 2 does not require one day of training. it takes one day and the next day.infovidenie. Typically. you can proceed to the exercise number 3.Natasha could not pass "test" to "vision without sight" famous American illusionist. And ohotku. which in his view allows a person to "see without sight. Do not rush yourself. Colored paper is essentially very informative. a native of Moscow. good dialectical materialism at Moscow universities hammered well. James Randi has not been able to obtain from its fund $ 1 million. Having stable positive results in Exercise number 2. If we try to further accelerate the process of birth. broadcaster and popularizer of science. To the child was born normal. If we start to rush the process of its emergence into the light. began to share with their compatriots in New York at the Russian-language radio DAVIDZON RADIO. How much to so many and exercise.

and not for charity. Mark gave the foundation an international status.D. Komissarov randomly and viewed independently. At speed. with the participation of the leading members of the Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry. but the "research" in Russia. Korotkov KG. Blind children 16 years after the first session revealed the ability of GRO-colored sheets of paper used to know imposed M.the transition from the power-hungry state in one or both hands in the initial state to a stable state of equilibrium after 2 days of classes Sx. Mark establishes charitable fund «BLIND CARE FOUNDATION» «Foundation for the Blind" (click to view).S. and lift them out of power darkness. and in 2005 in the U. and in Russia. MD AN Shepovalnikov and Professor. GDV data on a number of children during the process revealed a sharp improvement in the psychosomatic state . 5.S. to give a chance to see the light. with Korotkov KG (Another brand) signed a protocol in which it is said: "1. 4." Patenting preceded by "research infovideniya" both in the U. " Application for "charity" will release his taxes. after the first session revealed the ability to recognize images (chi-thief in the text) and navigate in space without direct vision (opaque mask). but without confirmation that know about the registration authorities of Russia and the USA. KK Grot experiments activation TsIVa have sighted. held at the St. MD Zvonnikov VM." but "conservative" Americans do not understand the impulse of his soul. you can tell the following: In February 2007. Mark patents in the U. The sight is so puzzled scientists of the Institute that the professor.. mainly Russia.whistleblower. With recorded EEG and GDV before experiments and in training. poorly-sighted and blind students. "The methodology of developing a new approach to understanding the visual information.S. All visually impaired children aged 8-11 years. and the media obhihikali Natasha. During training. 2. calling on his website "RussianAmerican". In 2008. Any intelligible material on research in the United States could not find. Petersburg school of the blind and visually impaired children to them. which aims to "not to help blind people to adapt to life in the dark. which were carried out over-making. 3. Sampling was carried out in 6 colors. Mark based on his not yet patented technique. an increase in the number of correct answers from 20-30% to 90-100% in different children. almost all of the fund has been transferred to other countries. IM Sechenov (IEFB) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and the author of GDV (gas discharge visualization) Ph. But a start. .

. but NP Bekhterev disagreed and continued to insist on the. the data are identical with" best guesses ".." Why do scientists IEFB signed as questionable document? At the turn of the millennium Academician NP spondylitis (Now deceased) met with the "children of the Bronnikov having an alternative vision of the phenomenon. ability to define colors and read the text in a hit exception image on the retina. and remained in Mark "handouts" experiments in school (but without the signatures of scientists IEFB) that Mark likes to quote. after a series of measurements . " But a ghost infovidiniya things remained the same: no scientist IEFB did not disavow the signature on the above-mentioned report.6. Or exercising hard. her son and ideological heir . This statement was "met with hostility. her students from IEFB tried to support her. In this case. it was not important that: • what is said in paragraph 3. • and the data "on the GDV "referenced in section 4 and 5. came to the conclusion that such a phenomenon. They are either very skilled podglyadev-vayut (!)." the other members of the RAS and found pseudoscientific. further explore "was repeated in experiments phenomenon" "scientific method" in IEFB "no agreement silsya". learned to record a very small number of quanta of light. there is a reorganization of the space-time . Is that why in 2007. reality and embeddable" methodology Mark.1 in the future was not confirmed and was totally groundless. • "process and present data . Specifically. What was said and from the high tribune. RAS corresponding member Svyatoslav Medvedev in an interview with "The Miracle in feathers" WG № 9 from 01/20/2010 had to admit that children Bronnikov "not at all phenomena. patent "novelty.... it states (extracted by the text published on the website of the Information Center of Perception): "These statistically significant results suggest that when testing Sergey D. more . Petersburg. There is nothing unusual . " This protocol and became the basis for the proof of the U.. • data obtained from step 4." and on the basis of degenerate conduction experiments with them at the Institute of Human Brain Sciences in St.Director of the Institute of Human Brain of RAS. Processing and presentation of all the data will be held following of an additional series of measurements of children in the days after the end of training. due to what they see and the text (?).." in paragraph 6. never implemented due to lack of "additional series of measurements. do not permit any reliable conclusions. to take part in experiments Mark? What was fixed protocol.S. Following the death of Natalia Petrovna.

The purpose of technique . Based on these documents ghost actively promoting his method. " (end of excerpt). overcome this presumption and to open a new channel for the brain receiving information from the outside. developed method of activating the DSC includes two stages: removal of a psychological barrier at the level of human consciousness. It is advisable to continue to live a detailed study of the phenomenon described in additional strictly independent control of highly qualified specialists. as the only possible ones. almost without errors at a distance of about 50-60 cm.r class. Special attention should be observed by staff of the Laboratory (A. Tsaparina) observations from totally blind from birth Olga M. This conclusion contradicts the current scientific paradigm. (9 . which does not use the peripheral part of the visual analyzer of Skye.relationships of oscillations brain activity that can be associated with the activation of the analyticsynthetic activity of the brain associated with the receipt of information through communication channels . This view is under a "genetic" basis and is based on hundreds of millions of years of evolution of life on Earth.Galperina. however. after 20 minutes of training. propylene'm following: "The presence of a psychological barrier in the human brain due to its representation leniem on how to obtain their information from the outside world through the five senses.Shepovalnikov. which. Removal psychological barrier at the subconscious level of man. age 15). ' . such that any of the 6 CEEing to provide sheets of paper the size of a 4. the obtained data could be seen as unfair to artifacts or nedobrosove-stnoe manipulating any unaccounted factors. E.

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