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Tiếng Anh 10 Unit 12. Music

WORK DISTRIBUTION: 1. READING: Võ Thị Ngọc Ngân 2. SPEAKING: Nguyễn Thị Quỳnh Trang 3. LISTENING: Trần Minh Tuấn 4. WRITING: Trần Thanh Vũ 5. LANGUAGE FOCUS: Lê Diệp Hồng Nhung

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II. solemn. Greeting: B. Lead-in Pre –reading (15’) Now we are going to read a text about the importance of music to our life.Students may not have enough words. Anticipated problems: . pop.T introduces the game and explains the rule of the game: +T lets Ss listen to 5 short songs/ pieces of music: folk. classical. integral part. . New lesson: Stages and time Warm – up (5’) GUESSING MUSIC Contents .CLT oriented III. .Teacher divides class into 3 groups and delivers group’s boards. rock n roll. and knowledge about some kinds of music. .Develop reading skills including skimming to get general information and scanning for specific information.Learn more vocabulary about music. funeral). hand-outs( Task 1. set the tone. solemn. Ss will be able to: . jazz.After 3 minutes each group goes to the board and sticks their answers. .PART A: READING I. Teaching aids: . pictures(lull.T divides class into 3 groups. .T asks Ss to work in groups and match the types of music to their correct descriptions in 3 minutes. lucky singer. Objectives: By the end of the lesson. Check students’ attendance: C. V. Techniques and method: .Lexical items: communicate. +Each group has one minute to write their answers. Language content: . each group goes to the board and sticks their answers. funeral.Gain more knowledge about the role of music in our life and recognize music as an integral part of our life. +T asks Ss to name the kind of music for each song. task 3). group-boards. + Teacher corrects the answer and gives comment. .Pair work and group work. . emotion. Before you read: Matching: Match the types of music with their description. Page 2 of 16 . . lull. VI/ Procedure : A. task 2. II. Time: -45 minutes. mournful.Game: guessing music. +After 1 minute.Grammar: to infinitive to talk about purposes and WH question. . IV. Let’s see how important it is and how well we know about music. VI.Blackboard.

communicate 2. Task 2: Page 3 of 16 . +communication: (direct example) +integral part (n)(synonym) = very necessary Is water an integral part in our life? +solemn ['sɔləm](a)](synonym)= very serious : long trọng.T reads the words aloud and asks Ss to repeat them 2 times. integral part 5. thê lương.. . Solemn 6.T introduces word by word and explains the meanings.c Pre-teaching vocabulary . trang nghiêm. + To set the tone(definition ): to create the atmosphere Answers: Answer: 1. mournful III. While-reading (20’) +mournful(a)(synonym) = sad .lull 3.are all emotions. Delights 4. joy ….a 5. +emotion(n)(definition) = strong human feelings : cảm xúc. T also has concept checking after some words.moody: buồn rầu.T uses pictures and definition to teach vocabulary. Ex :” The mother is lulling the baby to sleep.e 3. While you read.T gives feedback and provides correct answers.. emotion7.d 4.. Ex: Happiness.b 2. .” +funeral (n) (definition) : lễ tang. *Answers: 1. +lull [lʌl] (v) (picture) : ru ngủ. sadness.

After 5 minutes.T asks questions to check whether Ss understand every word in the task.reading (5’) . B and C. entertain Task 3: Answer the questions + Game (scanning) .T asks Ss to read the text and do Task 2 (find the three main roles of music in our life) . . 3. T asks Ss to look at the board.The groups sticks their answers on the boards. T asks Ss to read passage carefully and work in groups to discuss some questions in task 2 in their books in five minutes . If you find a lucky singer.T asks Ss to play a game called “lucky singer”. Post. It is a billion-dollar industry.. Page 4 of 16 .T checks the answer. Language and music. you get 1 point. It can express ideas. 1 Celine dion Score 5 10 2 Michael Jackson 3 Thu Hien My Tam Elton John 4 5 6 Rain Britney Spear 7 After .T asks Ss to discuss the answers in pairs. . you have to answer the corresponding questions correctly. ROLES OF MUSIC communicate Set the tone entertain . 4. . you get 1points. Three teams play in turn. It makes people happy and excited. It delights the senses. The roles are: communicate. If not. * Suggested answers: 1. I have 7 pictures of 7 famous singers. 5. .T recalls the 3 main roles of music in our life.Ss work in 3 teams: A. set the tone. each of which find 2 more examples for each main role. It adds joyfulness to the atmosphere of a festival and makes a funeral more solemn and mournful. Of them all.T gives comments and corrects. thoughts and feelings. With one correct answer.T asks students to work in 3 groups. 2. the group with the highest score wins the game. there are 2 lucky singers and 5 singers with 5 questions behind.

Reserved activities : True/false statements: Read the passage and decide whether the following statements are true(T) or false(F)(scanning skill ) 1. Labour makes humans different from all other animals. Music can add joyfulness to the lesson at school. 3. One of the most important roles of music in our life is to entertain Homework  Learn by heart new words and phrases from the passage  Write a short passage in 50 words on such the topic: ”What type of music do you like most ? Say the reason why?“ Prepare the “Speaking Lesson“ in advance. Music and language can show one’s emotions. 4. Page 5 of 16 . 2.

you can ……………. He is an ……. we can’t do without him. Every night. TASK 2 : What are the roles of music in our life? Circle. Nam’s success at school ……… his parents.VIII. 2... look on his face. her to sleep. If you know English. Like a lot of men. he told us about his uncle’s death. HAND-OUT UNIT 12: MUSIC PART A: READING TASK 1: Fill in the blanks with suitable words: emotion solemn communicate lull delights integral part mournful 1. The teacher criticized him with a …… expression on his face. communicate exchange TASK 3 : Answer the questions: 1) What are the two things that make humans different from other animals ? 2) Why is music a powerful means of communication? 3) How can music set the tone for events and special occasions? 4) How can music entertain? 5) Why has music always been a big business ? earn money set the tone entertain transport work defense Page 6 of 16 . with people from the English. 5. With a …….speaking world easily. he finds it hard to express his ………… 7. of the team. 3. 4. 6. the mother tells her daughter a fairy tale to….

relaxed. Group work. Express and develop their love for music. relaxed + study. excited. happy. bored. TEACHING AIDS: Textbook. IV.PART B: SPEAKING I. tired. too A likes…. lonely. and so does B A likes sth and b does.TECHNIQUES: Game: guessing game Pair-work: Repetition Drill Individual work: taking note and performing before class. but B prefers V. II. happy. LEXICAL ITEMS: Structures: • • - Both A and B + Vpl S + prefer N/V-ing to N/V-ing Expressing similarity: • • • A likes sth. students will be able to: . lonely. Chalk. METHODS: CLT oriented. bored. Board. III. excited. meeting. OBJECTIVES: By the end of the lesson. Handouts Page 7 of 16 - .Develop speaking skill as they can ask and answer questions about the music topic. Word cards: sad. relaxed Pictures: + sad.

Checking students’ attendance C. Greeting B. VII. New lesson Page 8 of 16 . TIME: 45 minutes. PROCEDURES: A.VI.

Steps Warm-up (3 minutes) - Activities Game: GUESSING GAME Teacher (T) asks students (ss) “In reading lesson. Each box has a list of titles of songs. “Listening to music in free time is quite a common hobby.1 (Mozart): classical music Presentation 1 ( 5 minutes) Lead – in: T asks many ss the question: “Do you usually listen to music in your free time?” to elicit the answer “Yes” to lead into the lesson. folk. the groups match the wordcards with the pictures and stick them on the board. Say/never/never  never say never (Justin Bieber): pop music 5. People listen to different kinds of music for many different reasons. Different interest in music people listen to These are some reasons why Same interest in listen music. Excited Relaxed Sad Lonely Bored Happy - - T introduces “These are some pictures showing people’s feeling.” Answers: 1.1/Mozart  Mozart’s Symphony No. Lang/syne/auld  Auld lang syne: folk music 3. who can remember how many kinds of music you have learned?” T recalls some kinds of music: pop. you have learned about different kinds of music. So. The fastest group is the winner.T delivers some word cards about people’s feeling to each group. . Each correct answer is 10 points. . “There are 3 boxes for 3 groups. Today we’ll learn about the way to ask and answer about music. classical. and so way to + A likes…. toosome questions.” Task 1: Brainstorm ideas Activity 1: provide ideas: . Rock/we/you/will  we will rock you (Britney Spears): rock ‘n’ roll 6.T shows some pictures about the people’s feelings. rock.” A and B + V (plural) + Both + S + prefer N/V-ing to N/V-ing Page 9 of 16 Activity 2: provide thedoes B ask and answer: but B prefers… + A likes sth. theymusic to music. You have to rearrange these titles and decide what kind of music of these songs. but these titles are scrambled. calls some students answer T asks students some questions through a conversation about himself/herself and . Belong/you/with/me  you belong with me (Taylor Swift): country music 4. More/baby/once/time  Baby once more time (Britney Spears) : pop music 2.T divides class into 3 groups. Then write the answers on the group boards and stick it on the board. Symphony/No. jazz. T+ A likes sth and B does. Maybe when people feel so. T divides class into 3 groups and delivers group boards.

. student will be able to: . Spain. our national anthem. . .Gives Ss about 30s to finish their work. Gives hand out.Vietnam’s national anthem.National anthem(n): Quốc ca .Micro.Pair work and group work. III. Procedures: . (Spain. .Divides class into 3 groups.Spain is one of the rarely countries use an instrumental music as their national anthem. .Japan national anthem is the oldest song which is composed in IX century.Arranges the position of each S.Listen to the record and discuss with their friends to rearrange 4 countries’ national anthem.Checking student’s attendance Teacher’s activities Warm up: (7 mins) . 4. Give feedback and marks. cell phone.Introduce Van Cao: Van Cao was born in 15 December 1923 in Hai Phong. .Gives each group a marker and a group board. - Listen to the teacher and then work in groups Page 10 of 16 . V. is composed by a very famous author – Van Cao in 1954. marker. . . IV. Japan and Vietnam) .National flags(n): Quốc kì . Technique: . Objectives: By the end of the lesson.Know how to listen for the main idea and detail. Transition: After this lesson I hope that we’ll know more about Van Cao. handout. . Asks Ss repeat.Asks Ss to rearrange 4 countries’ national flag in the correct order. 2.PART C: LISTENING I. . Method: .Shows 4 countries’ national flags on the board.Introduces Ss to some particular information about 4 countries’ national anthem above. a famous musician in the history of Vietnamese music. .Japan.How about Vietnam’s national anthem? T asks ss information about national anthem of VN. 1. and improve ourselves the patriotism. - Tien Quan Ca. British.Know more about Van Cao and his music. textbook. board. .Plays a recording which contains 4 parts of 4 countries’ national anthem. (each right answer gets 1 point) Lead in: . 3. Teaching aids: . fortune wheel.Integrated. Rearrange listening game: .Greeting .British. He wrote his first song named Buon Tan Thu when Students’ activities Work in group to play this game. Pre listening:(12 mins) Aims: Focus S on the topic and review/ introduce the words used in the listening text. The correct answer: 1.Go to the board and stick their answers.Reads aloud these words and give definitions. chalk. II.

F He likes some Vietnamese musicians 3.Reads aloud these words and give definitions. Listen and repeat. + Task 2: .Asks Ss to listen to the tape once and take notes to answer the questions. Page 11 of 16 . (each right answer gets 1 point) + Task 2: Aims: Practise listening for specific information by answering given questions. Van Cao’s music also attract different generations.Compare their answer.Listen and do the task.Asks Ss: How can we describe Van Cao’s music? I’ll teach you some useful words to describe once kind of music. .Concept checking by asking yes/no question.Suoi Mo. .Asks Ss listen to a record which contains 4 parts of Van Cao’s music to check their answers.Work in pairs to read the questions. look at the questions given and guess their answers. 5.Gives Ss 30s to guess which song were written by Van Cao. . F It was written in 1944. The correct answer: 1. T 4. .. . F The guess is Quang Hung.rousing (adj): hào hứng sôi nổi . Moreover. . .Asks Ss to read the questions and makes sure they understand everything and know what information they need to answer. 128: Which of these songs were written by Van Cao? . Asks Ss repeat.Work in pairs to guess if the statements are true or false.Tells Ss that they are going to listen to a conversation between Lan Huong and Quang Hung about Quang Hung's opinion towards Van Cao's music.Listen to the tape.Ask Ss to work in group.Give feedback and marks.lyrical(adj): trữ tình . . .Ask ss to give their answer to the question in p. Each turn. Lang Toi and Tien Quan Ca. . . 2.. . . 2. . and then correct their work if they have the wrong answer. . . F (He always . Truong Ca Sông Lô. It is 'My favourite Musician'. .Asks S: What is his the most famous song? (Tien Quan Ca) .Asks Ss to show their answers. . The correct answer: . .Listen to the tape and do the task .Plays the tape twice and asks Ss to correct the false information. Read the words in pairs and correct each other’s mistakes. . 3 Ss answer the to answer teacher’s questions. While listening:( 17 mins) + Task 1: Aims: Practise listening and marking True/ False statements. The correct answer: 1.Gives Ss 1 minute to compare their answer in group.Check their answer.Plays the tape and asks Ss to listen to the conversation and tick the right column to indicate their answer and underline the false information. - + Task 1: . 3 Ss will be chosen. .Plays the tape once again with pause and gives the correction..Asks Ss in each group to number themselves. .Asks Ss to compare their answer in group.Uses a “fortune wheel” to choose Ss of each group to answer the questions.Copy the words and phrases into their notebooks. Some individuals read the words aloud.he was 16 years old. ) . .Asks each group write their answers on the group board and stick on the board.solemn(adj): trang nghiêm .Compare their answers.. .Lets Ss have a look at each statement in task 1. Transition: We can’t deny that Van Cao’s music always give us various emotions. . Corrects Ss’ answers.

Work in group to complete the tapescript. . Corrects Ss’ answers.  Do you agree or disagree with Quang Hung’s ideas about Van Cao’s music? Introduces some sentences to show one's opinion: + Agreeing: . Musicians 3. Do you agree or disagree with him? B: I (strongly) agree with him.I'm sorry but I don't think so. The correct answer: 1. . + Quang Hung thinks the best Vietnamese musician of all times is VanCao. Homework:(1 min) .Moves around to check the activities and to make sure that Ss are working effectively.Asks Ss to practice through the sample. .Gives Ss another hand out.Asks some pairs to present. . can you show me your ideas about Van Cao’s music? How can we impress our ideas about something? The next activity will help us to show agreement or disagreement.T indicates Quang Hung’s ideas about Van Cao’s music in the tapescript.Plays the tape once again if necessary. and then correct their work if they have the wrong answer.Check their answer.Compare their answers. (each right answer gets 1 point) + Reserved task: Fill in the blanks in the tapescript: . 2. Post listening:(8 mins) Role – play: . Because it is hard and solemn.Gives feedback and marks.Plays the tape twice with pause and gives the correction.Asks Ss to work in pairs and discuss Quang Hung's ideas about Van Cao's music.Gives feedback and marks.I think his opinion is similar to mine. . + Reserved task: . 3. He likes the song 'Tien Quan Ca' most. . . Then. . Corrects Ss’ answers. .Gives the corrected answers. 4.I don't share his point of view. Vietnamese 4.Check their answer.Listen and do the task.Asks each group to write their answers on the group board and stick on the board. Rural life . - Ss present. Sample conversation: A: Quang Hung thinks the best Vietnamese musician of all times is Van Cao. . . . it makes him feel great and proud of his country.Plays the tape only one time and asks Ss to work in group to fill in the blanks. .I (strongly) agree with him. . Or B: I don't share his point of view. As loud as 6.I don't agree with him. . Whenever 5.Asks Ss to write a short paragraph to show their opinion about Van Cao's Music. . .I share the same point of view with him. . (each right answer gets 1 point) Transition: After listening to the conversation between Quang Hung and Lan Huong and their opinion about Van Cao’s music. . they write their answers on the board. + Disagreeing: . + Quang Hung: thinks the songs about rural life in Vietnam are sweet and gentle. 3. and then correct their work if they have the wrong answer.Gives Ss a sample conversation and plays a demonstration.Asks Ss to guess the words of each blank. .question one by one. Well – known 2. and very lyrical.Work in pairs revising Quang Hung's ideas about Van Cao's music. . Page 12 of 16 .

Language focus: The use of past simple in writing a life story of a person V.Hand-outs .use past simple in writing the life story of a person. K Rowling: She is a world-famous writer who wrote the series of Harry Potter + Steve Jobs: He was the CEO of Apple and was called the Wizard of Tech + Susan Boyle: She was famous for her wonderful performance of I dreamed a dream in Britain’s Got Talent. Objectives: By the end of this lesson.Game: Guess who? .T reads the information about 5 people. blackboard . Page 13 of 16 . Warm-up (7’) Contents .T sticks 6 pictures of 6 famous people and their names on the board. individual work .T divides class into 3 groups and delivers group boards .Textbook . Ss writes the names of these people and raise the group boards.Each correct answer scores one mark. . students will be able to: .Group boards . Method: Product writing teaching III.Chalk.Pictures VI.write a profile of a famous person based on given information.Group work. . . Teaching aids: . * 6 famous people are: + Michael Jackson: He was considered the King of pop + J. Procedures: Stages 1.PART D: WRITING I. Techniques: . Time: 45 minutes VII.Peer-correction IV. II.

T corrects the answers and emphasizes on the use of past simple.Ss stick the answers on the board.T asks Ss what tense they should use to write about the life story of Scott Joplin. 3.The last person to be named must be Scott Joplin .T asks Ss to underline any mistakes related to past tenses and the structures 5.Ss receive their first drafts and correct the wrong use of past tenses and structures (if there are) and hand in the corrected version to the teacher in the next lesson.T introduces the information form of Van Cao and compares it with that of Scott Joplin. we are going to 2. Now. Pre-writing (22’) write about his life story. * Step 3: (5’) .T then shows Ss how to turn an information form into a profile. Homework (1’) they have learned in the previous parts.The groups exchange the group boards and help correct them. * Step 1: (10’) . . 5-6 for group 3.T draws the form on the board and corrects it. . . (elicits the answer: past simple) . .T gives each group an empty information form of Scott Joplin and asks them to fill in it with appropriate information in 3 minutes.T reminds Ss of the useful structures they used in Task 1. . .Ss write the first draft of the profile of Van Cao. Mozart . . THE INFORMATION FORM OF SCOTT JOPLIN Page 14 of 16 . .Ss work in pairs. . A. Post-writing (5’) . While-writing (10’) 4. 3-4 for group 2. exchange the first draft with their partner. + W.T picks out some useful phrases used to write a profile: + be born into a _____ family + wrote music/song + be called / known as _____ * Step 2: (7’) . . .+ Scott Joplin: He was an American composer and pianist who was famous for composing rags.T leads to the lesson: He was very famous in America.T first asks Ss to work in groups to finish all the sentences in Task 1.T then assigns sentences 1-2 for group 1.

Objectives: Page 15 of 16 .Name: Born: Place of birth: Family: Learn: Tunes: Artistic works: Known as/ called: Died: PART E: LANGUAGE FOCUS I.

handouts. V.By the end of the lesson. • • II. GREETING B. III. IV.. Know how to use the + infinitives. NEW LESSON Page 16 of 16 . Materials: computer. Students will be able to: • Distinguish the difference between the sound /s/ and /z/ and pronounce them correctly in single words and sentences. textbook.questions. sub-board. Timing: 45 minutes Method: Techniques: Games Pair-work and group. Procedure: Teacher (T) Students(Ss) VI. Know how to make WH. CHECKING Ss’ ATTENDANCE C.

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