1. A ship which travels below the surface of the sea 2. A hundred years 3. What are the steps of a ladder called? 4. Another name for daybreak 5. A doctor who performs operations 6. A person who by desire lives alone 7. The men who work on a ship 8. A fertile place in a desert 9. Fish with the bones taken out 10.Name 2 shellfish 11.Name the five human senses 12.Goods carried out of a country 13.Name the colours of the rainbow 14.Name for smuggled goods 15.Which month contains the shortest day? 16.Which insect carries malaria fever? 17.What is the yellow part of an egg called? 18.From what tree would you expect acorns to fall? 19.What is the capital of New Zealand? 20.Who is our current Prime Minister?

21.What does a chronometer measure? 22.Which ocean washes the east coast of Australia? 23.How many demerit points result in a learner losing his/her driving licence(NSW)? 24.What month hosts the Fisher’s Ghost Festival? 25.Who is the mayor of Campbelltown?

1. What is the white of an egg called? 2. What do you call a scientist who studies plants? 3. What was the name of the King of the Greek gods? 4. What is the name of the annual prize for portraiture offered by the Art Gallery of NSW?
5. Which former pearling port is the most westerly town in Western Australia? 6. A gryphon is comprised of which animals?

7. Who is said to have “a face that launched a thousand ships”? 8. Whose face is on the Australian $50 note? 9. Which river forms most of the border between NSW and Victoria? 10.What is the name of the 16 year old girl currently sailing solo around the world? 11.What was the Hindenburg? 12.Name of the elephant which recently gave birth to a calf that was thought to be dead? 13.Which one is an actual landmass – The Arctic or Antarctica? 14.What does U.N.E.S.C.O. Stand for? 15.If I am at the Moomba Festival, which city am I in? 16.When talking horses, to what does palomino refer? 17.Who wrote the original “Frankenstein”? 18.In which country are the ruins of Machu Pichu?

Earth. 9.Eagle & lion 7.In what year did Airds High School open? 22. Broome 6. Edith Cowan (1861–1932). Saturn. Porn Tip 13. Mars. Albumen or glaive 2. 1974 22.Which planets in our Solar System have moons? 23. Mary Shelley 18. Archibald 5. Large passenger carrying airship which exploded 1937 killing many people.In which country is Mount Everest? 20. Neptune . The $50 note features Aboriginal writer and inventor David Unaipon (1872– 1967). Botanist 3. Its summit separates Nepal & Tibet 20. Coat colour / breed 17. 12. Uranus.Which animal kills the most humans every year? 21.How many stars are on the USA flag? 24. United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organisation 15.19.What are the events in a Pentathlon? 25. Murray 10.What is the opposite of “zenith”? (zenith means the highest point) GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 2 Answers 1.Helen of Troy 8. Jessica Watson 11. Caused the end of the use of airships.Zeus 4. Peru 19. Antarctica 14. and Australia’s first female parliamentarian. Jupiter. Mosquito 21. Melbourne 16.

What does “girt” mean.What is the highest mountain in Australia? 22. What is the name of the large submarine fault line off the coast of California which causes numerous earthquakes? 4. What is the proper name for a camel with one hump? 6. The Andes Mountains are on which continent? 5. Parramatta is an Aboriginal word meaning what? 8.What is the hardest natural occurring substance? 17.What apparatus is used to raise a car so a tyre can be change? 13.Name three Australian inventions which have been taken up world wide.What is a cicatrix? 14.What is the line of adhesive between bricks in buildings called? 11. .What is Lady Gaga’s real name? 19.Why were the kangaroo and emu specifically chosen for the Australian Coat of Arms? 21.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 3 1. What is the common name for the human clavicle? 9. What star is closest to our sun? 2.What does an altimeter measure? 24.What bean is the main constituent of chocolate? 15. Where will the next Olympic Games be held? 3.Name the 3 presenters of Top Gear 20.What is kumara more commonly called? 12.What is the name of the large man-made lake in Canberra? 25. Name the 7 dwarves in the Snow White fairy tale? 10.Which two major urban centres – one on the east coast and one on the4 west – were ravaged by severe storms in the last week? 23.Name the NSW Premier. as in “girt by sea”? 18. 16. What was Tasmania called before it was called Tasmania? 7.

Sneezy. 12 Jack 13. Scar 14.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 3 Answers 1. Mortar 11. 5. ute. Proxima Centauri 2.19 James May. Dromedary 6. 25. 23 altitude 24. esky etc. Perth WA 23. 17. 21 Mt Kosziosko 22. 14. Bashful. 15 Kristina Keneally 16. Van Dieman’s Land 7. 10. Diamond 17. head of waters. 8. 3. . Sleepy. 2.24 Lake Burley Griffin 25. 13. Beijing 3. place of many eels. 9. 6. Doc. Mackay QLD. Surrounded 18. 16. 20 Neither animal can go backwards? 21. 10. Place where eels lie down. bionic ear. 19. Happy. Richard Hammond. Grumpy. 7. Sweet potato 12. 11. lawn mower. 22. South America 5. and Jeremy Clarkson 20. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Rotary drying line. 18. refrigerated transport. 8. 4. Dopey.San Andreas Fault 4. Collar bone 9. Cacao 15.

Name the 16 current NRL teams 19.What does the Australian expression “as the crow flies” mean? 16. How many “court” cards are in a normal deck of cards? 9. In which country is the volcano that erupted on April 17th 2010 and resulted in European airports being closed for nearly a week? 2. What is it? 4. What is the name given to a fear of small or confined spaces? 5. had a sell-out tour in Australia in February? 17. Which country carried out nuclear tests at Woomera in South Australia in the 1950s? 3.Name these two music 18. Of what substance is the core of a normal writing pencil made? 6.Who was the recipient of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize? 20. The most venomous marine creature known to mankind lives in Northern Australian waters.Which Federal Minister recently had his portfolio reduced as a result of problems with the free home insulation scheme? 12. What does NASA stand for? 7. What name is given to the mass of water which separates Tasmania from mainland Australia? 8. Name three famous Australian bushrangers. which body organ is affected? 13.What is the main ingredient of spaghetti bolognaise sauce? 15.What is the name of Campbelltown City’s central Library? symbols and . 10.What is a Jewish place of worship called? 14.Which globally famous band that originated in Australia.If I have renal failure.The longest fence in the world was built in the 1880s. What is it called and where is it? 11.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 4 1.

3.In a direct line 16. South Sydney .Eels 12. 11. Canterbury – Bulldogs 4. Melbourne – Storm 8. Barack Obama.Rabbits 14. J. 10. Canberra – Raiders 3. 9. 6. Daley Central Library .AC/DC 17. Manly – Eagles 7.Treble clef and Sharp 1. Captain Moonlite. 2. 7. Cronulla . Brisbane – Broncos 2.The dingo fence. North Queensland – Cowboys 11. New Zealand – Warriors 9. Iceland England Australian box jellyfish Claustrophobia Graphite National Aeronautics and Space Administration Bass Strait 12 Ned Kelly. Parramatta .Tomatoes 15. Australia.extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples 20.Tigers 19.Kidney 13. Sydney City – Roosters 16.Synagogue 14. Penrith – Panthers 13.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 4 Answers 1. Gold Coast – Titans 6. St George/Illawarra – Dragons 15. Mad Dan Morgan. Newcastle – Knights 10. Ben Hall. Jack Donahue. 5.Peter Garrett 12. H.Sharks 5. West . 4. Captain Thunderbolt. 8.

When was Sydney Harbour Bridge completed? 19. The NAPLAN tests are causing controversy in schools. What is the latest technology equipment released by Apple in April 2010? . What is the only man-made structure that is visible from space? 3. Name the 3 judges on Australia’s Got Talent. What two famous Australian faces are on the $20 note? 12. What is a “south paw”? 9. In relation to sleep. What ocean washes the west coast of Australia? 2. what does REM stand for? 20. What three ways can a snake kill its victim? 10. What do Americans call tomato sauce? 8. 16. What is the more common name given to the vegetable kumara? 4. Who won the 2010 gold logie? 11. What new ice cream did Streets release in April 2010? 17.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 5 1. Tickets for which internationally famous band go on sale on Friday? 13. Who is the current leader of the Federal opposition? 14. What is the smallest country in the world? 15. Who started the Australian Flying Doctor Service? 18. What does NAPLAN stand for? 6. The building now known as Campbelltown Theatre in Queen Street was originally built as a what? 5. What is the medical name for the breast bone? 7.

Magnum gold 17. Tony Abbot 14. Sweet potato 4. Town Hall 5. Metallica 13. Sternum 7. Kyle Sandilands 16. National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy 6. Ray Meagher 11. ipad . constriction 10. Vatican City 15. Rapid eye movement 20. Great Wall of China 3. Ketchup 8. Indian Ocean 2. John Flynn 18. 1932 19. Dr. Biting. Brian McFadden. spitting poison. Dannii Minogue. Mary Reiby & John Flynn 12. Left-handed person 9.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 5 Answers 1.

What does a hostler look after? 18. At the World Music Awards held in Monaco this week (18th May). In which country is it held? 7. Name the recently released title track from Miley Cyrus’ forthcoming album? 8. If amber lights are flashing at a pedestrian crossing. There are many salt lakes in Australia. What is the only compulsory subject in the HSC? 6. What is special about a babushka doll? 20. In which country is Gallipoli where many of our ANZACS perished? 19. Name the major circle of latitude that crosses Australia 14. Who wrote the book entitled Alice in Wonderland? 4. Which highly successful NASA program will be terminated in 2010? 16. What is meant by the expression “bury the hatchet”? 10. The prestigious Cannes Film Festival is on currently. Identify the 3 constituents of Einstein’s famous formula E = mc2 13.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 6 1. Where in the body is the Achilles tendon? 12. What does ANZAC stand for? 11. What does an odometer measure? 25. What is the correct name for a camel with one hump? 2. What is the call number for Campbelltown’s radio station? 3. What is referred to as “the sport of kings”? 21. What does one call the disk which is hit with a hockey stick? 15. who garnered the most awards? 9. What is vermicelli? 17. What massive 1950’s project attracted large numbers of European workers to Australia? 23. To what does a “bag of fruit” refer in Australian rhyming slang? . What is the largest one (in fact it is the largest in the world!)? 22. What is the name of the last James Bond film made? 24. what should a driver do? 5.

9.Thin pasta or noodles 17. 3. Lake Eyre 22. A suit . Distance travelled by a car or vehicle 25. 4. 7. 8. 10.3 Lewis Carroll A driver can drive through if there are no people still crossing English France Can’t be tamed Lady Gaga won five awards. and World's Best Album. m is mass.Tropic of Capricorn 14. The Snowy Mountains Scheme 23.Australian and New Zealand Army Corps 11. Quantum of solace 24. Her awards include World's Best Selling Artist of America.Turkey 19.Space Shuttle program 16. 5.E is energy. and c is the speed of light in a vacuum 13. 2. Horse racing 21.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 6 ANSWERS 1. A set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other. 20. World's Best Single. 6. World's Best Rock/Pop Artist. 18. To make peace or settle differences with an opponent. Dromedary C91.Behind the ankle up to the mid calf 12.Horses. World's Best New Artist.Puck 15.

I gather in my millions by ocean. What does “girt” mean in our National Anthem? 7. but was based on a mean. In reality. I'm not average. I'd make people dream. If I was made into a man. Name all 7 dwarves 5. My second obviously refers to you. 11. Name five ‘big cats’ 2. I'm two dozen steps. clear enough for any riddle-setter. confusion abounded. 14. In the Australian version of “Jingle Bells” what mode of transport does Santa use instead of the one horse sleigh? 6. Who developed the World Wide Web? 4. (Another ‘biggest) and another long line from Adelaide to Darwin. I take half and quarter steps at times. I'm late was frequently sounded. in theory. What telescope was launched by space shuttle in 1990? 10. My third and fourth are sound asleep. 12. is constant: fifteen. Name the train identified with each route.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 7 1. shell and bone medley. . sea and stream Before I came. as plainly can be seen. 13. I don't follow the lines. Australia has the world's longest straight stretch of railway track on the Sydney to Perth line. 9. But walk my length and you'd get weary. idol and mentor of Lisa Simpson? What does 'Ictuate" mean? What is the hardest mineral in the world? In which town in Australia do most of the residents live in caves? Some extras for fun I can be quick and then I'm deadly. What am I? My first is simply a vegetable. again in theory. I am a rock. I shrink to nothing in two cold extremes. What is a traditional Samoan house called? Who was the jazz musician. Over a thousand miles wide in the betweens. My size. My final makes no sound You see me now before your eyes. 3. I'm late. round and green.. Yuri Gagarin was the first man to ………. it's plain for all to tell. My fifth is fifty. delicious. What is the name of the largest artery in the human body? 8.

GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 7 ANSWERS: 1. Tim Bernes Lee 4. Hubble Telescope 10. Cooper Pedy EXTRAS Sand Time zones Puzzle . jaguar. lynx 2. Go into space 3. The Indian-Pacific and The Ghan 9. Doc. Fale 11. Sneezy 5. cheetah. tiger. A rusty Holden ute 6. “Bleeding Gums” Murphy 12. Aorta 8. Grumpy. Bashful. puma. Lion. leopard. Sleepy. Dopey. Surrounded 7. Happy. Diamond 13.

In a manual vehicle. Which NSW State of Origin player walked out of the team as a protest against racism? 12. What are they? 13. What is a Warrigal? 17.If you added some ‘dead horse’ to your food.The human skull consists of two parts. What is the formula for finding the volume of a cylinder? 9. what joins the drive from the engine to the gear box? 10. What was Tasmania called before it was called Tasmania? 2. How many permanent teeth does a human being develop? 7. What is the line of adhesive between bricks in a wall or building called? 3.In Goldilocks and the three bears. metal to allow it to be shaped is called what? 15. Which horse’s heart is on display at the National Museum of Australia? 14. A baby whale is called a calf. Name four digital image file types. what would you be adding? 22 19.. What did Delilah do to remove Samson’s strength? 20. 6.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 8 1. a baby shark is called a ……. Who is the Secretary General (head) of the United Nations? .A machine which rotates wood.? 16. what was too soft? 11. In “Ice Age” what kind of nut did Scrat bury? 18. Where is the world’s tallest building? 8. What NSW coastal town was hit by a waterspout / tornado early in June 2010? 5. What is the capital of Thailand? 21. What apparatus is usually used to raise a car so a tyre can be changed? 4.

Bangkok 21. She cut his hair 20. GIF. Lathe 15. Acorn 18. PNG. JPEG/JPG. RAW. The clutch 10. 32 7. Lennox Head 5. Pi x r2 x h 9. Pup 16. Mother Bear’s bed 11. BMP. TIFF. Jack 4. Ban Ki Moon of the Republic of Korea . EXIF. United Arab Emirates 8. (tomato) sauce 19. Van Dieman’s Land 2. Timana Tahu 12. Dingo 17. Cranium and mandible 13. Phar Lap 14.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 8 ANSWERS 1. The Burj Khalifa (828m) is in Dubai. PPM/PGM/PBM/PNM 6. Mortar 3.

Which organ is affected with a pulmonary infection? Which planets in our Solar System have no moons? Name 3 types of carnivorous plants According to the Australian folksong and Australian legend. 16. 17. 7. There are over 300 types of apples. 5. 11. everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted. 8. 14. 2. England and time zones are measured from it. 13. 10. What is its opposite meridian (180o) called? Which Transformers star married in Hawaii in June? Which famous person said: “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count. 12. 4.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 9 1. 15. 3. 6. where does “the dog sit on the tuckerbox”? Where was paper first made? What do BC and AD stand for when used with a year? The Prime Meridian (0o) passes through Greenwich. 9. Can you name 5? Which British group has sold more albums in the US than any other artist? What does PBL stand for? Which Aboriginal people are the traditional custodians of land in the Macarthur area? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Potential 60 points Unassisted answers (double points) Second round (assisted) = = TOTAL: = .”? What did “tunnel rats” do in the Vietnam War? What mathematical name is given to a one-sided surface? Thousands of artisans and craftsmen were employed to build the Taj Mahal? How long did it take? Approximately 30 cars have been names after animals. Name 6 types that can be purchased in Australia.

Cougar (Mercury) 11. Flush Viet Cong out of their tunnel system 12. Wasp (Hudson) 32. Honey Bee (Nissan/Datsun) 14. Charger (Dodge) 8. Bison (Chevrolet heavy-duty truck) 4. Stag (Triumph) 27. Gazelle (Singer) 13. Bronco (Ford) 7. Albert Einstein 11. Road Runner (Plymouth) 23. Mercury 4. Venus. Positive Behaviour for Learning 17.S. Ltd. Fox (Audi. Jaguar (outgrowth of S. Barracuda (Plymouth) 2. Cobra (Shelby. formerly Swallow Sidecars. Impala (Chevrolet) 15. Rabbit (Volkswagen) 21. Mobius strip 13. Marlin (AMC) 18. Sting Ray/Stingray (Chevrolet Corvette) 28. Sundowner 2. The Beatles 16.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 9 ANSWERS: 1. Lark (Studebaker) 17. Gala. Sable (Mercury) 24.) 16. Jonagold. Fuji. Viper (Dodge) 31. Super Bee (Dodge) 29. Wildcat (Buick) 15. Shelby-Ford) 10. Trap / Venus Fly Trap. APPLES – Delicious. AD Anno Domini (in the year of our Lord) 8.1. McIntosh. Granny Smith. Mustang (Ford) 19. Jonathan. 21 years 14. Beetle (Volkswagen) 3. Thunderbird (Ford) 30. Volkswagen) 12. Pink Lady. Lobster pot / Corkscrew. Butterwort 5. Golden Delicious. Bluebird (Nissan/Datsun) 6. Braeburn. BC – Before Christ. Skylark (Buick) 25. China – 2nd century AD 7. Pitcher. Megan Fox 10. Cars. Cheetah (rare 1960s high-performance sports car) 9. Blackhawk (Stutz) 5. Bladder / Bladderwort. Lungs 3. White Eagle (Kissel) 33. International Date Line 9. Ram (Dodge) 22. Spider/Spyder (Porsche) 26. Pinto (Ford) 20. Dharawal people . 5 miles from Gundegai 6.

Today. What is the other? 4. (11) . To what does “trouble and strife” refer in Australian rhyming slang? 13. one of Europe's five regions. Of what are adobe bricks made? 5. the name of the river. Which instrument in the orchestra produces the highest notes -. Two conditions combine to make Antarctica the coldest place on Earth during the winter. What was the name of that song? 11.the flute or the piccolo? 7. Who makes the Australian banknotes? 17. Argus was a monster with as many as 100 eyes. provide its capital and. Which ocean is found along much of Africa's eastern coast? 12. was this flag first designed? 16. What is it named? 15. What does a cooper make? 14. When Hermes killed Argus.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 10 1. Google has developed an operating system which is expected to provide serious competition for the iPhone. For what historical event (which only lasted for 30 mins). From what was it made back then? 9. K. Which is the only continent on Earth that is home to the animal known as the sloth? 2. adobe bricks have been used as building materials for centuries. J. Was the dinosaur called Apatosaurus a meat eater (carnivore) or a plant eater (herbivore)? 6. aspirin is made in factories by combining chemicals. if it is on a river. Who was that character? 8. Hera used his eyes on the tail feathers of her bird. What kind of bird received Argus's eyes? 10. Aspirin is often used to lower fever and ease body pain. The first rock 'n' roll record to become widely popular was a 1955 hit song by Bill Haley and the Comets. includes five countries. Dried by the sun. In Greek mythology. Rowling patterned one character in the Harry Potter books after herself. What are they? 3. One of those conditions is high altitude. For each of the 8 states and territories of Australia. Scandinavia. What is the name of Australia’s real-life superhero (he is based in Sydney) 18. But many years ago aspirin was derived from nature.

bark from the willow tree. barrels 14. 3. Hermione Granger. Denmark. 2. or clay and straw. and Norway. clay. 12. Indian Ocean. 10. Captain Australia ` ` 18 NSW – Sydney Victoria South Australia Western Australia Northern Territory Queensland Tasmania ACT [32 answers] Melbourne Yarra Adelaide Perth Swan River Darwin Brisbane Brisbane River Hobart Derwent River Canberra . Iceland. 6. piccolo. "Rock Around the Clock". wholly owned subsidiary of the Reserve Bank of Australia). 17. Android 15. 4. Note Printing Australia Limited (a separately incorporated. 5. The Eureka Stockade 16. 9. South America. plant eater (herbivore). wife 13. soil. Sweden. 8. a peacock.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 10 ANSWERS: 1. 11. Finland. 7. continuous darkness.

What number is represented by the Roman numeral D? 4. an island off the east coast of Africa? 18. What is the main language spoken by the people of Zanzibar. When referring to a CD-ROM. Microsoft Corporation is one of the largest computer companies in the world. turns left three times and meets a man in a mask. An annual memorial service commemorating the 1816 massacre of Dharawal people in the Macarthur area is held at what location? 20. what are you eating? 6. What is the largest organ of the human body? 13. How old was Bill Gates when he started Microsoft? 17. What is a jumbuk? 9. The artist Michelangelo’s paintings can be seen on the ceiling of which chapel at the Vatican in Rome? 3. In Greek mythology. What does the term “pianissimo” direst you to do in music? 10. A jumbuk features in the song “Waltzing Matilda”. What is the cloud of material stars are made of called? 11.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 11 1. to what does the term ‘mystery bags’ refer? 7. How old does a person have to be to run for the president of the United States? 5. Ross Arnott named his extremely scrumptious Tim Tam biscuits after what? 19. for what do the letters ROM stand? 16. Into which ocean does the Amazon River flow? 2. is part of which Australian state? 12. A man leaves home. What is the first man’s occupation? . In what year did the first space walk occur? 15. In Australian rhyming slang. with what was the god Apollo associated? 8. famous for its superior cream and cheeses. If you are eating bouillabaisse. King Island. Why is 2010 special for the Ford Falcon? 14.

War 8. Play very softly 10. The Sistine Chapel 3.Skin 13. Snags 7.Read-only memory 16.1965 .Baseball / softball player .19 years old 17.Cataract Dam 20.Nebulae 11.It is Ford Falcon 50th anniversary 14.Tasmania 12.Russian cosmonaut 15.Swahili 18. Sheep 9. Atlantic Ocean 2. 500 4.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 11 ANSWERS: 1. Fish stew 6. 35 years old 5.The 1958 Kentucky Derby winner – Tim Tam 19.

Which animals were they? 13. In which country has there been a 100+km traffic jam for at least 10 days this month (August 2010)? 6. Name the tool used for raising a car so a tyre can be changed at the side of the road. spaceflight had been tested with four different types of animals.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 12 1. Name the Green MP elected in the latest election 7. what are you eating? 12.Before Yuri Gagan became the first human in space.What is the correct name for brain cells? . what does ‘cc’ stand for? 5. What is a “hung parliament”? 2. In what year was Airds High School opened? 4. Name 8 berries that have “berry” at the end of their single word name 10.If you eat ‘escargot’. Where is your patella? 3. 9.Which famous classical music composer kept writing and performing after he became deaf? 11. In an email address section. Name four countries that have the Union Jack on their flags 8.

14.Which Spanish surrealist’s best-known artworks often include limp objects (eg clock faces) in landscapes? 15. To what does the Australian expression “glad rags” refer? .Which heavy metal band coming to Sydney in September and November had tickets to their three November concerts sell out in less than an hour? 16.

1974 4. Jack 9. New Zealand. When no political party has an absolute majority of seats sufficient to lead the country 2. Carbon copy 5. Australia.Snails 12.Dog. Niue. Monkey. Knee / knee cap 3. Mouse. 8. Boysenberry.Beeethoven 11. Adam Bandt 7. cranberry raspberry cloudberry Juneberry elderberry loganberry mulberry salmonberry crowberry nannyberry serviceberry ollaliberry youngberry marionberry tayberry huckleberry strawberry gooseberry blueberry pokeberry barberry bearberry chokeberry lingonberry juniperberry 10. blackberry. China 6.Neurons 14.Salvador Dali . Fiji. Fruit fly 13. Tuvalu.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 12 ANSWERS 1.

Best clothes / party clothes Australian rhyming slang – dog’s eye = meat pie .Metallica 16.15.

The next blue moon will occur in November 2010. What special celebration marks the end of this fasting period? 16. Between those two islands is the international date line. 6. The Russian island in not inhabited. What and where is this well-known landmark that has played a prominent role in many historical events? 13. 9. 7. 2. which are about four kilometres apart.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 13 1. 4. 5. even after you take away four of its five letters? 14. Where was the first flushing toilet installed in NSW? 12. What English word retains the same pronunciation. the American one hosts about 200 people. Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar and is a month of fasting.4 magnitude earthquake? 15.7 years. 8. On Average: Blue Moons occur once every 2. Who was he? What do you do if (according to Australian rhyming slang) you put some dead horse on your dog’s eye? 3. Which famous comic hero is known as “the ghost who walks”? What do these body-part idioms mean? Knee-jerk reaction. Which New Zealand city was recently shattered by a 7. What is a blue moon? It is possible to stand on American soil and see Russia with the naked eye. What is the more common term used for the animal called a Bactrian? 11. are two islands in the Bering Sea. What are these islands called? What was Superman’s birth name given by his parents Jor-El and Lara? What normally illegal gambling tradition is permitted on one day of the year (ANZAC Day) without fear of prosecution? What is the correct term for a baby swan? Australia’s 7th Prime Minister was in office for the greater period of World War I. What name is given to the ‘soft spot’ in a baby’s cranium that usually closes after a few months? . Have your nose out-of-joint. 10. The place where those two countries are closest together. Use some elbow grease.

Queue 14.17. Show / Hide Answer Nothing . Queensland – Darren Lockyer. Yeast 18. 16. Southern tip of Spain. Knee-jerk reaction – react to something without thinking things through Use elbow grease – rub or scrub vigorously Have your nose out-of-joint – 3. 4. When a second full moon occurs within a one month time period. Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie installed it in Government House Parramatta (early 1800’s) 12. a special celebration is made. The Eid or Eid ul-Fitr means the Festival of Breaking the Fast. The Phantom 2. Northern entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. Trent Barrett (game3) What is greater than god more evil than the devil rich people need it poor people have it if you eat it you will die. Aleutian Islands 5. but actually belongs to the Kingdom of Great Britain. Christchurch 15. Kal-el 6. Put tomato sauce on your meat pie 10. 13. Two-up 7. Rock of Gibraltar. NSW – Kurt Gidley (games 1&2). Camel 11. Cygnet 8. What substance is added to dough to make bread and bakery products rise? 18. Fontanelle 17. Name the Queensland and 2 NSW captains of the State of Origin 2010 series [23] GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 13 ANSWERS 1. William Morris Hughes 9.

Which country won the Miss Universe 2010 title? 2. What town in Western Australia rimes with a household cleaning item? 12. In international politics. Who was the first person to circumnavigate the globe? 9. In which city are the XIX Commonwealth Games 2010 going to be held? 3. Who is Oscar de la Renta? 5. what does PLO stand for? 11. Which NRL Player won the 2010 Dally M Award? 13. Name 4 teams in the English Premier League? . Name the horse that won the Melbourne Cup in 2009? 6. Hilary Clinton holds which position in the US government? 8. Which country won the 2010 Fifa World Cup? 10. What is Canada’s federal police force called? 7. Who was the last man to win the Australian Open back-to-back? 4.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 14 1.

Who won the NFL 2009? 15.14. What was the Guinness world record length for hiccupping? 18. Who wrote Taming of the Shrew? 20. What is the Modern Day version of Taming of the Shrew? . What are the first names of the three Kardashian sisters? 17. How many movies will be in the Harry Potter Movie Series? 19. Who is the author of the Twilight Saga? 16.

Who is the executive producer of Two and a Half Men? 3. What is the name of the dog currently living in the White House with the Obamas? 4. What is the name of Usher’s upcoming Australian Tour? 6... 2. Who is Australia’s first Saint? 8.” What is the next line? 7. What kind of motorcycle does Casey Stoner ride? 5. What is the capital of Algeria? 10. Who was the first person to discover Australia? 9.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 15 1. Name four United States Presidents with the first name James. “Barney is a dinosaur. What year did the Titanic sink? . What are the names of the two airports in New York? 12. Which vegetable is known as the eggplant? 11.

How many seasons of Scrubs are there? 15. When were the scissors invented? . After whom is the area of Macarthur named? 16. How tall is the Eiffel Tower (in metres)? 14.13. In how many movies has Johnny Depp starred? 17.

What is the name of the 3 scientists who discovered the double-helix structure of DNA? 11. If it is a flock of sheep then it is a ____ of gorillas? 4. What is the name of the only mammal that is able to fly? 8. What does R&B stand for? . Name the French sculptor who designed the Statue of Liberty? 5. Where on the human body will you find the Lacrimal Organ? 10.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE 16 Created by Elijah Lilomaiava 1. Who is the author of the book “The Fall of the House of Usher”? 9. Name 4 types of Martial Arts? 7. What was Usher’s Birth Name? 2. What is the other name for a Japanese Rice ball? 3. What city is the Louvre located in? 6.

Name the American Presidents who have been assassinated? 17. When is Saint Patricks Day celebrated? 13. What position in Basketball does Shaquille O’Neal play? 14. Who was the first person to win the Masterchef Australia? 16. Name the moons of Mars? 18. How many Melbourne Cups has Makybe Dive won? .12. Who is the main director of the anime Tsubasa Chronicles? 15.

The human skull consists of two parts. What is the white of an egg called? 3. One of those conditions is high altitude. what would you be adding? 10. Ramadan is the 9th month in the Islamic calendar and is a month of fasting. What and where is this well-known landmark that has played a prominent role in many historical events? 17. In an email address section.GENERAL KNOWLEDGE How well do you retain info? 1. Which Spanish surrealist’s best-known artworks often include limp objects (eg clock faces) in landscapes? 16. What substance is added to dough to make bread and bakery products rise? . Two conditions combine to make Antarctica the coldest place on Earth during the winter. The Prime Meridian (0o) passes through Greenwich. What is the hardest mineral in the world? 8. even after you take away four of its five letters? 18. Who was the recipient of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize? 5. The artist Michelangelo’s paintings can be seen on the ceiling of which chapel at the Vatican in Rome? 13. Identify the 3 constituents of Einstein’s famous formula E = mc2 7. What special celebration marks the end of this fasting period? 19. If you added some ‘dead horse’ to your food. What does a chronometer measure? 2. What English word retains the same pronunciation. What is the name of the large submarine fault line off the coast of California which causes numerous earthquakes? 4. what does ‘cc’ stand for? 15. When referring to a CD-ROM. What is its opposite meridian (180o) called? 11. What is the other? 12. for what do the letters ROM stand? 14. What ocean washes the west coast of Australia? 6. England and time zones are measured from it. What are they? 9.

William Shakespeare . 35. 28. and c is the speed of light in a vacuum Diamond (tomato) sauce International Date Line continuous darkness. Fontanelle 40.20. Albumen or glaive San Andreas Fault H. 31. 26. Rock of Gibraltar. 23. Southern tip of Spain. Daley Central Library 24. The Eid or Eid ul-Fitr means the Festival of Breaking the Fast. The Sistine Chapel Read-only memory Carbon copy Salvador Dali 27. Queue 37. 22. Northern entrance to the Mediterranean Sea. 33. m is mass. 34. but actually belongs to the Kingdom of Great Britain. a special celebration is made. 36. 32. E Indian Ocean is energy. Christchurch 38. J. 29. Barack Obama.extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples 25. Time 21. Who wrote Taming of the Shrew? 1. 39. 30.

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