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Name: __________________________________________________ Subject: _____________________________ Course / Section: _________________________________________ Raters Name: ________________________ Direction: Read each statement carefully. After this, estimate as well as you can how closely you are the following practices and score yourself accordingly. If you always follow the practices, score 3; mostly follow the practice, score 2; on the rarely or never; 1. Add up your score. How did you do? 90 or above 80-90 70-79 60-less Outstanding Above Average Average Below Average 4 always follow the practices 3 mostly follow the practice 2 sometimes follow the practices 1 rarely or never follow the practices Degree of Average 4 3 2 1 WM Rank

Areas of Concern A. Planning and Organizing

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Do I interpret curriculum and relate these to the needs of individual student? Do I specify subjects objectives / aims? Do I diagnose individual student needs? Do I use appropriate strategies to carry out the objectives? Do I deliver these strategies to meet the learning needs of individual student? Do I develop and use appropriate learning resources to meet the student or class? Do I recognize the appropriateness of particular evaluation technique in relation to subject matter and students? Do I refer individual student to appropriate remedial support areas?

7. 8.

Sub Total B. Teaching 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Do I use a range of teaching strategies among various learning groups? Do I create and maintain an effective learning environment? Do I communicate effectively in oral and written mode? Do I present information / lessons effectively? Do I involve students in the learning process? Do I set appropriate learning situations? Do I maintain discipline within the learning environment? Do I have appropriate materials in the learning situations? Do I give and receive feedback in the classroom setting?

10. Do I effectively use new learning strategies? Sub - Total C. Evaluating The Learning Process 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Do I work cooperatively with others? Do I coordinate tasks / people effectively in furthering the achievement of group/ team objectives? Do I have effective decision making in the classroom? Do I have perseverance necessary to get the task? Do I have commitment and dedication in my task? Do I take action independently to generate new ideas? Do I have the degree of reliability in assuming and carrying out the duties of a teacher? Do I possess the ability to identify the component parts of a problem or situation? Do I see the functional relationship between them?

10. Do I establish report with other teachers / Principal and other school personnel and the parents? 11. Do I follow-up students with some academic / behavioral problems? 12. Do I love teaching the students / youth? 13. Do I develop sound conclusion in the classroom? Sub - Total

Part II
Directions: Enumerate the following A. Strength (Things you do Best) B. Needs (areas in with you would like to Improve?

The performance assessment among Department/ Units Heads is designed as feedback mechanism of the Administration. This activity is an integral part of the BIIT Academic and research Development Office. The evaluation results will enhance effective and efficient decision making relative to development program among Department / Unit Heads. Direction: In rating the Department / Unit Heads performance, check the rating box appropriate to your answer for each item of performance factor. Your assessment shall be based on the Department/ Unit Heads actual activities and displayed behavior as seen, observed and /or expressed within the rating period. Please try to be impartial as possible. Do not be influence by prejudice or pity. Your responses will be treated with utmost confidentiality. RATING CODE 1POOR 2-NEEDS IMPROVEMENT 3SATISFACTOR Y 4-VERY SATISFACTORY 5OUTSTANDING


Department /Unit Head: _________________________________________________Position: ____________________________ Department: ___________________________________ Date Evaluated: ________ Evaluators Initial: ____________________


1 2 3 4 5 R


JOB KNOWLEDGE Skills, knowledge & understanding of all phases of his/her assigned job as manifested by the effectiveness in: 1.1. Formulation of plans, programs and activities 1.2. Ability to delegate jobs properly and follow-up work assignment. 1.3. Ability to act judicially and without bias and partially. 1.4. Developing and implementing programs and standards of the institute. 1.5. Ability to resolve problems and to arrive at firm, acceptable, prompt and sound decision. 1.6. Providing Guidance counseling and/or accommodating concerns/ issues/ problems of subordinates. 1.7. Disseminating School Policies, Standards and other information, through meetings, informal discussions with subordinates. 1.8. Implementing and supervising the Compliance of subordinates with school policies and standards.


COMMUNICATION SKILLS Ability to speak and to write memo or any form of communication with: 2.1. Clarity, precision, conciseness. 2.2. Persuasiveness, good organization and style/form. 2.3. Factual and accurate information.


LEADERSHIP Effectiveness in developing the subordinates: 3.1. Willingness and desire to work towards common objectives. 3.2. Motivation and inspiration to fully support and cooperate in accomplishing desired goals.


HUMAN RELATIONS Ability to get along with his/her subordinates, superiors, co-employees, being: 4.1. Pleasant, courteous, tactful, respectful and the like. 4.2. Antagonistic, arrogant and gripes against others.


DEPENDABILITY Dependable as Department/Unit Head under all circumstances and accountable for his/her actions and those of his/her subordinated. OTHER COMMENTS/OBSERVATION: A. Strengths: B. Weakness: _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________ _____________________________


HOW WOULD YOU RATE YOUR DEPT. / UNIT HEADS OVERALL PERFORMANCE? SUPPORT YOUR ANSWER WITH SPECIFIC INCIDENT: POOR ____________________________________________________________________________________________ NEEDS IMPROVEMENT ____________________________________________________________________________________________ SATISFACTORY ____________________________________________________________________________________________ VERY SATISFACTORY ____________________________________________________________________________________________ OUTSTANDING ____________________________________________________________________________________________