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Digital money for tomorrow’s customers
he banking and commerce world today is being driven by paper and plastic-based transaction instruments such as cash, debit/credit cards and checks. The average consumer’s wallet contains at least five different transaction instruments, often incompatible with the other. What has also been seen is the growing penetration of digital channels such as mobile and the Internet. As a case in point, in 2011, the global penetration of mobile phones was 73%, while that of bank accounts was only 32%. Given the ubiquity and reach of digital channels, it seems logical for banking and commerce providers to use these channels to reach more customers and grow revenues. The question is how? What financial services, telecom and retail sectors need is a digital solution that brings together multiple transaction instruments, accessible anytime anywhere on the consumer’s preferred channel. The solution should also enable these providers to reach consumers in remote areas cost effectively.




Finacle digital commerce
Finacle digital commerce solution leverages the power of digital money to unlock new revenue streams, extend distribution reach and foster customer loyalty for financial institutions, telecom service providers and retailers. The solution powers revenue growth by enabling service providers to facilitate payments and money transfer facilities such as funds transfer, bill and merchant payments, peer to peer (P2P) payments including cash-in and cash-out facility through remote and contactless (NFC driven) modes. Its ability to onboard and manage agents using digital channels provides a cost effective way to reach out to remote customer segments. Additionally, it fosters customer loyalty by delivering cashless convenience to consumers through digital wallets supported across multiple channels such as mobile, Internet, ATM, and kiosk.

Powering growth and reach through digital money
Deliver 24x7 services on the customer’s preferred channel
Consumers of tomorrow prefer to access services on multiple channels, be it the Internet at home or office, the ATM or kiosk at a mall or a mobile device on-the-go. Finacle empowers your institution to roll out payment and money transfer services simultaneously on both assisted and self-service channels, serving the needs of customers on their channel of preference.

Reach and empower customers with instant convenience
The digital channel also reaches where the traditional brick and mortar delivery channel cannot. This paves the way to acquire and engage customers, deliver to them commerce and banking services and expand your user base.

Get ubiquitous access
The solution supports multiple: • Devices such as basic phone, smartphone, tablets laptop/desktop, ATM and HHT • Platforms including J2ME, Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, RIM Blackberry and Microsoft Windows • Access modes such as SMS, USSD, STK, IVR, downloadable application, mobile browser and Internet browser

Scale up with flexibility
Built on a flexible platform, the solution utilizes Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) to ensure scalability while meeting your growth objectives within time-to-market constraints. A robust host integration layer ensures easy integration with diverse host systems.



Functional architecture


Basic Phone Finacle Surround Solutions





ATM Alliances Payment Networks


Finanz Tools SMS Alerts
Onboarding Assisted and Self Enrollment Payments Bill Payment Merchant Payment

Access Modes Utility and Billers USSD STK IVR App Mobile Browser Web Browser mConnect UI Rendering Engine Services Layer
Money Transfer Funds Transfer Peer to Peer Including Cash-in and Cash-out Marketing Loyalty Points Rewards Right Sell VAS Ticketing Prepaid Top-Up Alerts Multi-Channel Personalized Alerts



VAS Aggregator


Security Advizor
Wallet Management Agency Management Merchant Management Fees and Commissions Transaction Management General Ledger

Host Integration Layer Multi Hosts Banks Telco Retailer



Key modules
Customer on-boarding
Finacle digital commerce solution enables customers to be on-boarded via both self-service and assisted modes through single or bulk registration whilst adhering to KYC, de-duplication and blacklist checks. • Peer to Peer (P2P) payments including cash-in and cash-out facilities within closed and open loop Value added services such as movie/theater ticket, bus/airline ticket, prepaid top-up, charity donation Right sell including loyalty points, rewards and redemptions Personalized alerts

Funding and withdrawal
Finacle digital commerce supports diverse and flexible funding and withdrawal options for digital wallet such as: • • • Cash deposit and withdrawal at an agent location Linking any of the existing bank accounts, credit or debit card Cash withdrawal at ATM •

Wallet management
Enables end-to-end wallet management for both prepaid and postpaid wallets such as: • Provisioning of different wallet types: ∙ Consumer or corporate wallet ∙ ∙ Closed loop wallets Add-on wallets

Payments and money transfers
The solution supports a wide variety of payment options in both remote and contactless modes (NFC, QR code, RFID) such as: • • • • • • Balance inquiry and mini-statement Funds transfer Bill presentment and payment Utility payments Merchant payments for merchant initiated or customer initiated payments Personal financial management •

∙ Sub-wallets ∙ Wallets for specific purposes such as gift cards, loyalty points and white labeled wallets

Setting up of limits including balance and transactions limits

Agency management
The solution enables financial institutions, telecom providers and retailers to roll out digital wallet services through an agency by: • Defining agencies and agent hierarchy



• •

Enabling limits, including cash holding limits and transaction limits Provisioning administrative functions such as enabling/disabling agents

It supports: • • Rule definition to identify the part-trans applicable for the transaction Reconciliation and balance sheet reporting including rich repository of MIS reports

Merchant management
Enables support for different types of merchants including: • Onboarding of physical merchants such Over The Counter (OTC) and modern merchants i.e. large supermarket chains as well as remote merchants such as utility companies and billers Complete support for payment processing, settlement, reconciliations and reversals

General Ledger (GL)
The accounts module in Finacle digital commerce solution enables definition and maintenance of a chart of accounts required for posting the transactions. It also has a comprehensive reporting facility to generate inputs required for GL system interface, along with a reconciliation module for maintenance of transactions.

Fees and commission management
Fee, charges, commission and taxes can be defined on per-transaction basis for issuers, billers, payment gateways and customers. Features include: • • Slab definition based on the transaction category and amount Maintenance of chart of accounts for P&L reporting, based on charges, commission and taxes

Reporting is achieved using the Jasper reporting tool that enables: • • • Report creation using simple GUI-based tools and an administrator interface Generation of periodic reports delivered through e-mail Ad-hoc reporting applications through Web-based

Administration Transaction management
A comprehensive double entry accounting system with facilities to define transaction rules applicable for each transaction lies at the heart of the solution. The solution’s administrative module enables the issuer to effectively service and monitor transactions conducted by customers. It provides, among other facilities:



Support for customer on-boarding data entry, approvals of customer, merchants and agents, updating actor status Post transactions (such as reversals, bonus payouts and other stand-alone financial service provider initiated transactions) Monitor entry level and periodic transaction limits for various customer categories and transaction types Subscription to periodic reports, views into customer transaction details, audit trail enquiries and limit enquiries are also supported

Finacle digital commerce has a layered security approach which makes the experience safe and secure. • • Transmission security is enforced through mutual authentication and SSL Application level challenges are addressed by One Time Password (OTP), restricted access, step-up authentication, non-repudiation, replay attacks , limits framework and session management • Data level security is achieved through the industry standard AES encryption • Two step approval for defined administrative activities

Host integration layer
The solution can interface with any existing backend host system using a robust host integration layer which enables Finacle digital commerce to work seamlessly with Finacle or non-Finacle backend systems.



Business benefits
Enhance customer loyalty
The ability to access multiple payment instruments using digital wallets enabled on cashless, electronic channels brings about transactional flexibility and convenience. Digital wallets created using the Finacle digital commerce solution eliminate the need for multiple instruments and ensure faster payments/checkout at POS locations. The convenience delivered by wallets linked to financial instruments ensures greater customer satisfaction and loyalty. their consumers. augmenting revenue and repeat purchases. The solution allows service providers to build, deploy and launch offerings within shorter times-to-market.

Extend the delivery channel cost effectively
With the agency services module in Finacle digital commerce, financial institutions can onboard and manage non-banking correspondents and agents. Telcos can achieve greater market penetration and expand their distribution network by enabling agency-based commerce. For retailers, the digital channel is an extended channel that enables instant monetization, higher conversion ratios and a single instrument of convenience. The resulting extended channel cost effectively serves customers from the urban to under-banked.

Unlock new revenue streams
Finacle enables financial institutions and telecom providers to deliver cashless commerce and value added services that open up new revenue streams. Retailers, on the other hand, can deploy the solution to deliver services on alternate channels, and deliver coupons, right-sell offers and discounts to



Finacle helps build tomorrow’s bank
Finacle from Infosys partners with banks, the world over, to accelerate innovation and unlock the value levers of their business. Leveraging digital money to power business growth and extend distribution reach has never been easier. Bring customers to tomorrow’s bank with Finacle digital commerce solution.





About Finacle
Finacle from Infosys partners with banks to transform process, product and customer experience, arming them with ‘accelerated innovation’ that is key to building tomorrow’s bank. For more information, contact nacle

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