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Floor Coatings

Discover our wiDe range of epoxy proDucts, useD in applications such as inDustrial flooring anD waterproofing of swimming pools

ounded in 1996, Ktisis has quickly become a pioneer in the development of AFTER high technology floor coatings for industrial and commercial projects. Ktisis key to success is by establishing close links from the development of the products up to the end-users of the products. Floors are very sensitive to wear and tear and an improperly installed industrial floor can lead to significant operational problems. Therefore the choice of correct supplier and applicator of the materials is a crucial factor to ensure success. Ktisis advantage is that we can cater specifically to clients needs and can provide practical on-site support. We are based in Athens, Greece and we currently serve the markets of Southeastern Europe and the Middle East. In the following pages you can discover our wide range of solutions for all types of floor coatings.



Floor Transformation
With the correct technical expertise it is possible to transform old, worn-out and chemically impregnated floors into new operational hygienically safe and mechanically resistant floors. Ktisis can provide solution that will enable your productive facilities operating again in a matter of days.

Anti-slip systems
When working in areas where there is spillage of water, oils or other substances it is important to have the right non-slip surface that will protect workers from the danger of slipping. Ktisis can provide the right expertise for the construction of anti slip surfaces (R9 to R13). Our anti-slip solutions have been successfully installed in a variety of industries such as olive oil production, meat processing, fish cleaning.


industrial coatings
Three-component epoxy self-levelling mortar creates a smooth seamless surface that is resistant to mechanical and chemical abrasion. The Ktisofloor solution is a hygienically suitable solution for production in food, drink and pharmaceutical industry. The product has extraordinary strong mechanical and adhesive properties. Applied in factories, warehouses, laboratories, car parks, retail stores etc. Recommended thickness 3-4 mm

Three component epoxy mortar specially formulated for floors that are subject to extraordinary heavy mechanical stress and tear protecting the concrete from damage. Recommended for heavy industries such as steel, cable production, machinery assembly etc. Recommended thickness 4-6 mm

Two component epoxy paint suitable for light traffic and indoor use. Applied with a roller, KTISEPOX creates a slightly rough orange-peel like texture. Applied in warehouses, garages, storage rooms etc.

Two-component flexible polyurethane coating suitable for indoor installations. Applied in car parks, storage facilities, walkways.

Two-component durable elastic aliphatic deck coating appropriate for external surfaces due to its UV stability. Also serves as a protective top coat for existing epoxy or polyurethane surfaces. Appropriate for pool decks, open car parks, beach bars, terraces, balconies etc.

Two component epoxy coating suitable for protecting and waterproofing swimming pools from chemicals, water etc. Can be applied over existing tiles.

Lightmedium duty floor coatings

Complementary Products
The Ktisodur product range is a series of epoxy grouts used in filling cracks and holes but also for supporting and restoring constructions.

Transparent epoxy primer system (2-components) with solvents and very strong adhesive properties. The product is applied on surfaces that are to be coated with epoxy or polyurethane coatings. The product can also serve as a primer on metal or bituminous surfaces.

Transparent solvent-free epoxy primer system with strong adhesive properties. KTISEPOX PR SOLVENTFREE is applied on surfaces that are to be coated with epoxy or polyurethane coatings. The product is suitable for application on porous surfaces such as concrete and cement.

decorative systems
Glossy epoxy screed that creates an extraordinary decorative effect. Most colours on the RAL Scale can be provided (subject to minimum order). Applied in retail stores, bars, restaurants, pharmacies, and other areas of commercial interest. The product can be combined with various coloured flakes and granules for additional effects.

Water-based systems
Two component water based epoxy paint used in applications where the use of solvent based products is forbidden. Common types of application include sewers, drainage canals, floors and walls in poorly ventilated areas.

Transparent water based epoxy primer system (2-components) with very strong adhesive properties. The product is applied on surfaces that are to be coated with epoxy or polyurethane coatings. KTISEPOX HYDRO PR is also used as a sealant for surfaces prone to negative pressures from water and humidity.

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