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Mozingo Lake Rebranding Concepts

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Detailed Research

This report was prepared by Northwest Missouri State Universitys Advanced Advertising class in the Fall term of 2012. It is one in a series of three reports created for the rebranding project.

TABLE OF CONTENTS Client Summary ....................................... 2 Competition ........................................... 44 Target Market .................................... - 49 State Park Industry ................................ 91 Branding/Tourism Advertsing .............. 97 Web Site ............................................... 113 Social Media ......................................... 148 Publicity ............................................... 171 Media Strategy ..................................... 182


Client Summary


Mozingo Lake is a 1,000+ acre reservoir on the Mozingo Creek branch of the One Hundred and Two River and was constructed in 1992 as the primary drinking water supply, flood control, and recreational reservoir for the city of Maryville, which owns and maintains the body of water (fall 26). Mozingo has a large variety of activities to choose from as far as outdoor adventures go. Mozingo offers fishing, boating, camping, RVing, cabin rental, youth camp, equestrian and walking trails, hunting, golfing, various annual events and more. The Maryville Daily Forum reports that revenues for Mozingo have been increasing (see 7/12/12 article in Current Media News) and the park continues to expand to meet the demands of visitors (see 9/13/12 article). Meanwhile, the Mozingo Advisory Board is considering constructing a hotel on the property, and commissioned a feasibility study, which showed promising prospects for such a venture. The study, conducted by the Inn Development and Management Group, did, however, indicate a problem in the area of marketing, referring to Mozingos current efforts as amature. This is why out class has taken on this project to study Mozingos current positioning in the eyes of its visitors and to recommend potential improvements to its branding and advertising efforts. Mozingo would be utilized by more people simply if more people knew about the facility. Rebranding Mozingo Golf Course and Mozingo Lake into one entity would bring unity to the entire location. There are


currently three different websites providing information regarding Mozingo to the public refers to the Online Presence section later in this report (p. 14). Marketing regionally and not just solely locally would bring in customers from surrounding areas. People would begin to recognize Mozingo having one logo, which represents the entire 1,000 acres. Social media has a huge impact on todays society. Taking advantage of Twitter and Facebook are essential for making people aware of Mozingos message and offerings. Adding both local and regional signage would make a huge impact on Mozingos success by notifying the public of its whereabouts. An important note to mention regarding this plan is that there must be a balance maintained between Mozingo becoming a regional tourist destination and a recreation area for the local community. Marketing Mozingo in a more efficient way is the key to success. Implementing some, if not all, of the ideas the NWMSU Advanced Advertising class will make all the difference for Mozingo. Client Analysis Mozingo Lake Park: Mozingo is located just 3-5 miles east of Maryville, Missouri just off Highway 136 on Liberty Road; construction began in 1991, when a dam was created across Mozingo Creek Valley through federal funding. This caused the impoundment area to begin filling up with water, which would eventually go on to merge multiple existing farm ponds and create the long and narrow shaped Mozingo Lake. The main activities were completed in


1992 and the lake reached full pool by 1996. Major facilities were added from 1997-2001 and the surrounding 2,000 acres of land became a recreational area, which along with the lake created a 3,000 total acre park with 26 miles of shoreline ( The lake and recreation area are named after the John Mozingo family, who settled in the area in the 1830s. At that time the Mozingo creek was high due to flooding and two of the sisters, ages two and 19, both drown. Lake facilities include three paved boat-launch ramps (2 of which are handicapped accessible) for fishing, pleasure boating, jet skiing, water skiing, as well as a beach for lake swimming (there is no lifeguard on duty): Fishing: In 1992, when main construction was complete existing farm ponds in the impoundment area were stocked with pan fish and catfish, but new fish continued to be introduced up until 1996 ( In 1993, bluegills were stocked, catfish and bass were introduced the following year, and in 1996 the Missouri Department of Conservation introduced walleye to further enhance the fishing opportunities. The Conservation Department continues to maintain the lake and has helped create one of the best sport fisheries in northwestern Missouri. The lake is considered by many to be a crappie fishermans paradise in the spring and fall (Fall 27) and a great destination for bass fishing year round. Maximum depths are about 40 feet with an


average depth of 20 feet with many submerged brush piles, rocky points, expensive weed-lines and beds, and road beds with shallow codes, standing brush, and timber ( According to the Missouri Department of Conservation the RSD of fish over 12 inches has grown from 2.76 in 2011 to 11.48 in 2012. The RSD number for fish between 10 and 12 inches long has decreased from 85 to 68, while the PSD number of fish more than eight inches long has grown slightly. (Murphy, Trophy fish population grows at Mozingo Lake, 2012) The Missouri Department of Conservation even highlights on their site that each fish population Mozingo has is in good condition, also stating that, Channel Catfish are stocked annually and Walleye are stocked bi-annually. (Missouri Department of Conservation ) This department also handles the permits necessary for anglers to fish in Mozingo Lake; they cost $7.00 and can be purchased online. They are for fish, frogs, mussels, clams, turtles, crayfish and live bait and may be purchased by residents and nonresidents for multiple days. (Missouri Department of Conservation ) Multiple fishing tournaments are held almost weekly from early spring through mid-November and according to Mozingo brochures require a reservation and $25 Tournament Fee. Typically a bass fisherman would see a five bass limit of 18


pounds or more. One tournament was held on Mozingo Lake where the winning weight for a five bass limit was over 23 pounds in the big bass was over 8 1/4 pounds. Fishing Permits are also required at Mozingo and can be purchased by contacting Maryville Public Safety for a listed price of $25 (Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure). o Fishing Tournaments: o 2010-2011 season 48 total tournaments generating $1,200 in total revenue o 2009-2010 season 59 total tournaments o 2008-2009 season 54 total tournaments o 2007-2008 season 54 total tournaments o 2007 season 59 total tournaments o 2006-2007 season 58 total tournaments o 2005-2006 season 48 total tournaments o 2004-2005 season 45 total tournaments o 2003-2004 season 31 total tournaments o 2002-2003 season 28 total tournaments o 2001 season 9 total tournaments o 2000 season 16 total tournaments o 1999 season 18 total tournaments o 1998 season 8 total tournaments


o Elks Kids Fishing Tournament No Charge per City Council Clubs from the following states and towns are as follows: o Lincoln, NE; Omaha, NE; Levenworth, KS; Richmond, MO; Shawnee, KS; Hamburg, IA; St. Joseph, MO; Council Bluffs, IA; Kearney, MO; Ft. Leavenworth, KS; Kansas City, KS; Gladstone, MO; Barnard, MO; Trimble, MO; Horton, KS; Maryville, MO; Bellevue, NE; Clarinda, IA o American Bass Anglers Division #59 facilitates draw-style tournaments across parts of northwest Missouri and southwest Iowa as qualifiers to the national championship tournament of the parent organization. ABA sponsored three one-day and one two-day tournaments in 2011 (April 9, June 19, July 30, and August 20-21). o N2It Fishing sponsors six one-day and one two-day fishing tournaments as well. o An annual childrens fishing tournament is held at the Mozingo Lake city ramp during the summer. There are two age divisions for young anglers; 1-9 or 10-15 and many prizes are provided for competitors. Everyone needs to bring their own fishing gear including rods, reel and tackle while bait worms will be provided. (


Boating: Boating passes are required and are available through the Maryville Public Safety Department or at the Mozingo Information Center located within the Park. The speed limits are 20 mph within the park and 40 mph on the water with a 28 foot maximum boat and pontoon length ( Maryville Parks, Activity & Recreation Program Guide 24). Boating Fees include (Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure):

Boating Passes Non-Motorized Motorized Boat Slips RV Campers Only

Daily $5.00 $8.00 $7.00

Seasonal $35.00 $45.00

Mozingo Lake Boating Rules are as follows (Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure): o All vessels operating on Mozingo Lake must display the appropriate permit (daily/seasonal pass) and the correct state information. o All watercraft shall be launched from a designated boat ramp only. o Watercraft in excess of 28 feet in length is prohibited.


o Personal watercraft operation and water skiing are permitted only after official sunrise and must be off water at sunset. o Personal watercraft operators/passengers are required to wear a protective wetsuit between October 1 and May 15 and must have appropriate approved PFD on. o Any boat towing a skier or tuber must have a skier down flag on board. The skier down flag shall be displayed only when a person is in the water (down), and the engine of the vessel is running. This is to include swimmers from the boat. o All watercraft operating within 50 yards of a vessel displaying a skier down flag shall do so at idle speed. o No motor craft vessel or watercraft shall be operated within 100 feet of any dock, pier, occupied anchored boat, or buoyed restricted area at a speed in excess of slow, no wake. o No person shall operate any boat, vessel, ski, or watercraft while in possession of an open alcohol container. o Personal watercraft may only be operated on the lakes main ski zone where the clearing of trees and hazards has taken place.

- 10 -

o Swimming from vessels is prohibited on the lake with the exception being the buoyed area located at the southeast end of the lake by the golf course. o Boat and other watercraft operators must have all other approved licenses for the state waterways. Lake Threats and Issues: Drought Effects: With the combination of little-to-no precipitation and extreme heat, lakes and ponds are shrinking daily. However, this is good news for fisherman and anglers, because if ponds or lakes are deep enough to allow fish to survive, the larger fish are likely to get even bigger. The drought has caused water levels to drop below vegetation lines, where smaller prey fish take cover from their predators. This forces the smaller fish into the deeper water among their predators. Prey becomes more vulnerable without the cover of vegetation. Predators will have more chances for a meal resulting in larger fish for Mozingo Lake. (Murphy, 2012) Mozingo Lakes water levels have dropped 30 inches from its average level this time of year. Erosion: Since Mozingo lays North and South, there is a constant North wind during the winter and a South wind in the summer. This has resulted in the constant deterioration of the shoreline over time.

- 11 -

Mozingo Lake Park also includes, but is not limited to, the following Recreation and Amenities: Camping both RV and primitive, two playgrounds, five cabins, two fish cleaning stations, walking trail, permitted hunting areas on the northern end, sand volleyball court, several covered picnic shelters, handicap accessible fishing dock, outdoor physical fitness and leadership training facilities, firewood ($5/bundle), laundry services, and changing rooms, outside showers, and potential snack bar at the swimming beach (Maryville Parks, Activity & Recreation Program Guide 24). Camping: Mozingo Lake offers a variety of camping methods including an RV park, primitive campgrounds, and available cabin rental ( The peak season begins April 1 and lasts through October 31 (Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure). o RV Park: Includes 70 padded sites located near the lake and provides water, electricity, showers and restroom facilities, a dump station and a playground for young campers (Fall 28). Camping Fees for RV Campers are $20/day during peak season and $18/day in the off-season (Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure). As of July an additional 20 RV campsites have also been made available designed for horseback enthusiasts located on the west side of the lake. The new sites are located near a

- 12 -

bathhouse and the equestrian trail (Brown, 2012). While most of the RV grounds are first come, first serve there are now 20 spaces, an increase from the original five ( (Brown, City creates more reserved sites at Mozingo, 2012), that can be reserved in advance (sites 76-95) according to the following regulations ( Reservations shall be made no more than thirty (30) days prior to the first day of reservation. Reservations made for an upcoming weekend (Friday and Saturday), shall not be accepted beyond the Tuesday prior to said weekend. Check out time for reserved RV spaces are at 5:00 pm. Any vehicle occupying space beyond that time shall be charged another days fee. Reserved RV spaces will be available until 6:00 pm of the date reserved, at which time it will become available to the public. Reservations will be made at a rate of $25.00 per day and shall be paid at the time reservations are made. Reservation fee will be non-refundable. Signs shall be posted at the designated sites by City, denoting reservations requirements and availability.

- 13 -

All regulations within this Chapter related to general RV camping, shall apply to reserved RV spaces.

o Primitive Campgrounds: 50 tent camping sites are available on a first come, first serve basis and are located in a more secluded, wooded area between the RV Park and cabins (Fall 28). Camping fees include $10/day during peak season and $9/day in the off-season (Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure). o Cabins: For campers more interested in a modern experience there are five cabins that vary in size located near the RV Park and right on the waters edge (Fall 28). The cabins opened in 2005 and are either one or two bedrooms, providing accommodation of anywhere between six and 12 people, and all contain double beds, basic bedding, cooking utensils, fireplaces, fully equipped kitchens, covered porches and great lake views. Cabin rentals reservations are accepted and recommended, especially in the summer season, prior to the target reservation date along with a required deposit ( Check in time is at 3:00 pm while check out is at noon and cabin fees are listed as the following (Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure):

- 14 -

Cabins 1, 2, & 3 (One bedroom, sleeps total of 6 people) Days Sunday Thursday Friday Saturday Holiday Peak Season $80.00/night $100.00/night $100.00/night Off-Season $60.00/night $75.00/night $75.00/night

Cabin 4 (Two bedrooms, sleeps total of 10 people) Days Sunday Thursday Friday Saturday Holiday Peak Season $120.00/night $140.00/night $140.00/night Off-Season $100.00/night $115.00/night $115.00/night

Cabin 5 (Two bedrooms, sleeps total of 12 people) Days Sunday Thursday Friday Saturday Holiday Peak Season $140.00/night $160.00/night $160.00/night Off-Season $120.00/night $135.00/night $135.00/night

Youth Camp: The Mozingo Lake Youth Camp was added in 1998 and is available to groups and individuals on a rental basis and can be reserved by contacting City Hall. Offerings include youth cabins, a bathhouse, fire rings, a multipurpose building, shelters, and various walking trails. This unique combination of rustic cabins with modern kitchen and dining facilities make the camp

- 15 -

popular for 4H groups, Boy and Girl Scouts, and church groups (Maryville Parks, Activity & Recreation Program Guide 25). Youth Tent Camping is also available at $1.00/person and trails to MOERA lead back to the cabins. Alcohol and Smoking are prohibited in the Youth Camp area at all times. (The City of Maryville) o Youth Cabin Rental Fees (Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure):

Cabin Size

Fee per Cabin for Youth Group

Fee per Cabin for Family Use $50.00/night $60.00/night

12 person Cabin 16 person Cabin

$30.00/night $40.00/night

*The 16 person Cabin includes a refrigerator and microwave

o Multipurpose Building: located at the Youth Camp this includes a commercial kitchen, 11 tables, 100 chairs, restrooms, and is ADA accessible. A $200 deposit is required and rental fees are as follows (Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure):

- 16 -


$50.00 first day, $20 per day after

Non-Profit Organizations All Other Organized Functions

$100.00 per day $200.00 per day

o Shelter Fees: Shelter Half Day (8:30am 3:30pm or 4:00pm 10:30pm) Kiwanis Shelter Phillips Shelter $15 $30 $20 $50 $20 $50 Full Day

Pride Lions Shelter $15 Host Lions Shelter $30

o Equestrian and Walking Trails: Mozingo Lake offers 1.3 miles of permanent concrete walking trails along with over 2 miles of primitive trails along the Eastern shore near the Youth Camp. There is also 2.5 miles of walking trail located on the west side of Mozingo Lake as well as an Equestrian

- 17 -

Trail extending over seven miles. These primitive trails are designed for horseback riding, off road bicycling, and walking/running and provide a large parking area, multiple picnic opportunities throughout the trail system, and beautiful views of the lake and the scenic nature surroundings (Maryville Parks, Activity & Recreation Program Guide 24). Park Supervisor Grant Evans hopes the trail and new campsites will pay off for the Lake and bring in more equestrian people. "We hope to expand the trail a little bit every year," Evans said. "I don't know if it will ever go all the way around the lake because there are some difficult spots. But we hope to continue extending it" (Murphy, 2012). o Hunting: Hunting, under statewide permits, seasons, methods, and limits, is permitted in Mozingo Park in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 12 of the Wildlife Code of Missouri (City of Maryville, 2012). Hunting is restricted to a specific area of Mozingo Lake generally described as the area located north of 245th Street on the west side of the lake and north of 230th Street on the east side of the lake. However, the area of authorized hunting as depicted on the official map referred to in this section shall be controlling (City of Maryville, 2012). Hunting permits

- 18 -

from the Missouri Department of Conservation that range from $2.00 to $225.00 (Missouri Department of Conservation ). The following species can be found at Mozingo Park and are allowed to be hunted during seasons specified by Chapter 12 of the Wildlife Code of Missouri: Waterfowl (with non-toxic ammunition only), woodcock, dove, rail, snipe, pheasant, quail, rabbit, squirrel, deer (bow hunting only), turkey (bow hunting only), bullfrogs and green frogs (only by hand, hand net, atlatl, gig, snagging, snaring, grabbing, or pole and line) (City of Maryville, 2012). Single-Projectile Firearms Prohibited. It is considered unlawful for any person to use, carry, possess or discharge a single-projectile firearm anywhere in Mozingo. Subject to the provisions of Section 212.090(A) (City of Maryville, 2012). Shotguns. Hunters may not use any weapon other than a shotgun or bow to hunt upon the property at Mozingo Park. It shall be unlawful to use any singleprojectile weapon or single-projectile ammunition at Mozingo Park. (City of Maryville, 2012) Trapping. It shall be unlawful for any person to set or possess in Mozingo Park any metal, plastic or

- 19 -

wooden traps unless authorized by the City Council through a special use permit. If trapping is authorized, trappers must comply with Chapter 8 of the Wildlife Code of Missouri. (City of Maryville, 2012) Tree Stands. Portable tree stands may be placed at Mozingo Park only from (September 1 -- January 31). The stands must be identified with the full name and address of the owner and shall be removed from Mozingo Park by February first (1st). The use of any item which will damage the ground, trees or foliage of Mozingo Park is prohibited. (City of Maryville, 2012) According to Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure the following Rules and Regulations are enforced throughout Mozingo Lake Park: Motor vehicles may only be operated on designated roadways and parking areas. Firearms, bow and arrows and air guns are prohibited. All pets must be on a leash, no longer than 6 feet. Glass containers and cans are prohibited on the swim beach. Camping is permitted in designated areas only. No more than one RV per campsite.

- 20 -

Fires are permitted in designated fire rings only and must be attended at all times.

Fireworks are prohibited at the following areas: swim beach, parking lots, trails, roadways, and the Youth Camp.

Quiet hours are enforced between 10:30 pm and 6:00 am. No four wheelers or ATVs allowed in the park.

Mozingo Lake Golf Course This award-winning 18-hole municipal golf course, located one-half mile from the campgrounds along the eastern banks of Mozingo Lake, was designed by Donald Sechrest and opened in 1995 along the banks of Mozingo Lake. The course is 7,137 yards long and is a par 72 course with a rating of 73.5 and a slope rating of 134 on Rye crass (Mozingo Lake Golf Club). Mozingo has been mentioned in Golf Digest as a role model for municipal golf courses ( and USA Today as the best moderately priced golf course in Missouri (Fall 27). Both publications claim Mozingo is the best course to play for under $50 in the state of Missouri (Mozingo Lake) and according to Ron Whitten, a Course Critic for Golf Digest as major municipalities get into the business of building and running golf courses --- they should study Mozingo Lake as a role model. It is a modest budget, well-maintained operation with an eye on the bottom line (The City of Maryville). This public course is wide open with no out of bounds stakes and plenty of room to drive the ball allowing a wide range of golfers with varying skill sets the opportunity to enjoy a round, practice, or

- 21 -

shop at the pro shop. Mozingo golf course website also offers email list sign up, online store, birthday club membership, tee time calendar providing specials and online booking, and available gift cards. There is also an ESpecials Club, providing emails for exclusive coupons, discounts, special events and tee time specials (Mozingo Lake Golf Course). Dress Code: Mozingo Lake Golf Course's dress code is fairly relaxed and casual. Men must have sleeves on shirts. Women cannot wear halter-tops or swimwear. Mozingo Pro Shop: The shop caters to the needs to multiple skill levels; equipment and clothing from the top brands can be found for everyone from beginners to pros (specialty orders are available by request). Located at the top of the hill the pro shop can be seen from nearly everywhere on the course due to the iconic grain elevator that has been converted into part of the club house ( The Pro Shop also carries many customized items with the Mozingo Lake logo and houses a snack bar where golfers can purchase snack food and beverages (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Course revenue for the fiscal year to date (beginning in October) is $30,000 above the previous year and above average by $27,000. (Murphy, Golf profits up at Mozingo Lake, 2012). The mild winter and early spring played a large role but the biggest jump in revenue came from merchandise sales. Pro Shop Manager and Golf Professional, Payton Whitworth, believes an improving economy has motivated

- 22 -

customers to spend a little more on balls, gloves, clubs and other gear. As if that's not enough, the total amount of rounds played between October 2011 and April 2012 beat the previous year by over 1,500 rounds and surpassed the three-year average by more than 1,200 rounds. The profit made from green and cart fees is up $12,000 and $10,000 respectively, while the driving range and snack bar are also seeing an increased cash flow. (Murphy, Golf profits up at Mozingo Lake, 2012). Practice Facilities: The course has a large practice putting and chipping green located near the club house as well as a natural grass driving range available to golfers. Individual lessons are also offered, at $40.00 for a 45 minute session or a series of three sessions for $100.00, and available by appointment only. Driving range fees are $3.25 for a small bag of range balls, $5.00 for a large bag, and $75.00 for 20 large bags (Maryville Parks, Activity & Recreation Program Guide 22). Mozingo Course Fees: listed below are the various fees for the golf course. Tee times are encouraged and can be set up either online, up to two weeks in advance for a maximum of four players, at or by calling the club house. A rain-check length of up to six months is available, which allows golfers to reschedule tee times in the case of bad weather (Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure):

- 23 -

Green Fees 18 Holes or All Day Monday Thursday 18 Holes or All Day Friday Sunday or Holidays 9 Holes Monday Thursday 9 Holes Friday Sunday or Holidays Cart Fees 18 Holes 9 Holes Individual Yearly Monday Friday Individual Yearly Monday Sunday Couple Yearly Monday Sunday Trail Fee (Use of privately owned carts) Daily Yearly Student Rates (23 & Under) 18 Holes 9 Holes $18.00 $12.00 $15.00 $300.00 $15.00/person $10.00/person $370.00 $450.00 $625.00 $14.00 $16.00 $22.00 $25.00

Special Junior Golf Offer Any Junior Golfer 13 and under may play for free when accompanied by an adult (21 & over)

- 24 -

Seasonal Passes: A variety of seasonal passes are available including a 10-round Golf Punch Card for $185, a 10-round Cart Punch Card for $120, Spring/Fall (January-April) (SeptemberDecember) Cart Pass for $180, Early Bird Special (Monday-Thursday before 10 am, cart included) for $29.00, and a Weekend Twilight (Friday-Sunday 5 pm-dark, cart included) for $24.00 (Maryville Parks, Activity & Recreation Program Guide 22).

Punch Cards: Consists of 10 rounds and expires December 31st. The golf card costs $185.00 while the cart card is only $120.00 (Mozingo Lake Golf Course, 2012).

Membership Opportunities: Multiple forms of membership are available to those who are passionate about gold and want to join the Mozingo community, the following table found in Mozingo brochures, online, and in the City of Maryvilles 2012 Parks, Activity & Recreation Program Guide shows the affordable options that are available:

Memberships Single (Monday Friday) Single (Monday Sunday) Couple (Monday Sunday) Senior (60+) (Monday Friday) Senior (60+) (Monday

Golf Only $400.00 $605.00 $800.00 $350.00 $525.00

With Cart $770.00 $1,055.00 $1,425.00 $720.00 $975.00

- 25 -

Sunday) Students (23 & Under) May 1 August 31 (Monday Sunday) $190.00 ---

Golf Leagues: Mozingo offers leagues for all types of skill levels so any golfer can join (Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure): o Senior Men (50 and over): Weekly teams are formed through a blind draw prior to the Tuesday morning shotgun starts during the 28 weeks of golf, allowing for different teams every week (Maryville Parks, Activity & Recreation Program Guide 23). Costs include:
Golf (non-member) Golf (member) Cart Golf and Cart (per week) $234.00 $0.00 $156.00 $24.00

$2.00 weekly fee for available coffee and donuts

o Ladies (18 and over): Players form their own teams and shotgun start 9 holes. Since the 14 weeks of golf on Tuesday evenings is non-competitive beginners are very welcome (Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure). Costs include:

- 26 -

Golf (non-member) Golf (member) Cart Prize Fund

$234.00 $0.00 $66.00 $10.00

o Mens (18 and over): Players form their own teams of six in this 14 week competition and four golfers play every Wednesday night in a handicapped 2-person scramble. Points are accumulated weekly and a champion is awarded at the end (Maryville Parks, Activity & Recreation Program Guide 23). Costs include:
Golf (non-member) Golf (member) Cart Prize Fund $99.00 $0.00 $66.00 $25.00

Mozingo Junior Golf Program: Mozingo encourages young golfers to participate in their weekly Junior Golf Program where golfers are welcome to play the course Wednesday mornings and receive instruction on the practice green and driving range at no cost. Those who attend receive a t-shirt and play in the Mozingo Junior Masters

- 27 -

Tournament with available prizes and a party at the end of the summer. Tournaments: Every year Mozingo Golf Course plays host to a variety of tournaments including the Memorial Day two-person SBA (Scramble-Best Ball-Alternative Shot) with 18 holes flighted, Northwest Missouri two-man best ball with 36 holes flighted, a twoperson Labor Day Shamble with 18 holes flighted and the Mozingo Open which consists of 36 holes flighted and scored on individual stroke play (Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure). Affordable group rates and assistance are also offered and available by contacting the club house for those interested in planning their own outing, event, or tournament.

Annual Mozingo Lake Events: 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular: The City of Maryville puts on an annual fireworks display on the Mozingo Lake Dam each Independence Day with fireworks beginning at dusk. Viewers can watch the show from the parks surrounding area and are encouraged to take advantage of Mozingos offerings. Mozingo Haunted Campgrounds: Each October around Halloween members of the community come trick-or-treat at the lake dressed up in their spookiest costumes. Campers decorate their camp/RV

- 28 -

sites and receive prize awards by participating in the Best Halloween Site Contest. Flag Day: City Hall stores old flags brought to them by community members and saves them to be burned during the Mozingo Flag Burning Ceremony held every year on June 14th near the Phillips Shelter house (Maryville Parks, Activity & Recreation Program Guide 27).

Public Safety: The City of Maryville provides security both on-shore and off-shore at Mozingo Lake Park and Golf Course. The Lake Patrol is well versed in water rescue and recovery. Additionally, they work closely with the Department of Conservation to ensure that Mozingos abundant wildlife and fish population are well preserved and protected (City of Maryville). Mozingo Advisory Board & Staff: Advisory Board: A committee of city employees and residents make up what is called the Mozingo Advisory Board; they are responsible for discussing and making decisions regarding the park. o Members: Daniel Billings, Bob Cooper, Michael Graham, Ed Higdon, Alan Langley, John Gustafson, Mike Thompson, Leslie Schulte, Dale Mathis. Full Time Staff: o Ron Darnell Superintendent, Mozingo Golf Course

- 29 -

o Grant Evans Mozingo Lake Manager o Payton Whitworth Club House Manager/Golf Professional Ten-Year Plan This proposal is to be used for consideration by the Maryville City Council and Administrative Staff for 10- year planning at Mozingo Lake Park and Golf Course. The items identified are to be considered on a year to year basis as funds come available to meet the on-going needs of the facility (The City of Maryville). o General Improvements: o Roads o Fish Cleaning Stations o Facilities (Lake Area) o Camping o Parking- Overflow (camping) o Equestrian Camping o Golf Cart Barn o Restaurant rental land use, private enterprise o Marina- very strong policies, private enterprise (bid out?) o RV Park Improvements (add sewer?) Add Spaces

o Tent Camping (enhanced beds) o Shower Houses (build more)

- 30 -

o Cabin (more) o Trails (equestrian, biking, hiking) o Boat Docks o Fishing Piers o General Maintenance: o Furniture (cabins)

o Fixtures o Road Maintenance o Ongoing- equipment needs o Docks- upkeep o Cleaning Stations o Mowing o Repair Shelters and facilities o Road Repairs o Shower Houses (plumbing and fixture upkeep) o Holding Tanks- Pumps for park o Expand Station o Computer Software (use and tracking) Data collection (zip and email)

o Golf Course o Course Equipment o Public Safety Equipment

- 31 -

o Marketing:

Lake Patrol Water Rescue Land Patrol

o Regional o Trade-specific publications o Working with other community marketing groups Chamber Nodaway County Economic Development Northwest Missouri State University Park Board

o Mozingo Newsletter o Event connect o Facebook page development o Materials o Identify trade magazines Trailer Life Rand McNally Boating? Fishing? Golf Digest?

o Regional o Direct- past consumers

- 32 -

o Targeted o Enhancement of Special Use: o Equestrian o Attracting Corporate Events o People Powered Events Boat Drag Races Sailboat Racing Ski-show

o Camp Quality type programs (long-term capital investment) o Wedding Pier or Shelter at strategic point

According to the City of Maryville website, a proposed lodge and conference center is also currently being considered. An online survey is provided to help evaluate the market for such facility (The City of Maryville). A Hotel Market Analysis was also conducted in November of 2011 to further explore the potential of this idea. Results show that this market area would be an attractive location to hold meetings and conference events if a modern facility were available. Also, 2010 competitive market performances show an increase in lodging demands and recommend a 70-room select service lodging facility with additional flexible meeting space. This would provide a response to the lack of quality facilities within the market and leverage destination/resort appeal for Mozingo Lake Park.

- 33 -

The following additions were also mentioned during the recent client meeting with Mozingo staff and City of Maryville leadership: o Additional boat dock o Additional cabins (potentially built by Northwest Technical School) o New bath house located at the 20 RV sites available for reservation o Scout Cabin (sleeps 30) and Storm Shelter at the Youth Camp o Consideration of additional cabins and RV expansion is also taking place

Online Presence: Available information regarding Mozingo Lake Park and Golf course can be currently found on five different websites not including social media outlets:,,, and However, details found within these sources are not consistent and not up to date. Currently, there are three different Mozingo Facebook pages and a Twitter account none of which is being run properly or under the supervision of anyone associated with Mozingo Lake or the City of Maryville. There are many videos about Mozingo available on YouTube, but no channel or videos actually produced by the client. Additionally, there was a single mention in campground and RV sites for Mozingo Lake Campground on the Missouri Department of Tourism website (Mozingo Lake Campground).

- 34 -

Current Media News 09/14/12 Maryville Daily Forum: Chlorine out, 'chloramination' in at water plant SEARCH Maryville is changing the way it purifies water by switching from the sole use of chlorine as a purification agent to chemical compounds known as chloramines. Chloramination is a commonly used disinfection method that purifies water safe for drinking, cooking, bathing, lawn care and other uses. Chloramination is performed by adding ammonia to chlorinated water. When ammonia is added to chlorine to produce chloramines it lessens the amount of free chlorine in drinking water. Free chlorine produces unhealthy chemical compounds. This makes the water safer for most people to use, but dialysis patients need to be concerned. Dialysis patients may safely use chloriaminated water for drinking and bathing. However, the Chloramines are dangerous when they are passed directly into the blood stream. Patients with home equipment should contact their physicians or dialysis centers regarding proper dechloramination methods. 09/13/12 Maryville Daily Forum: Mozingo Budget Dips into Reserves

- 35 - SEARCH Maryvilles City Council is reviewing recommendations from the Mozingo Lake Park Advisory Board with regard to a new budget plan for the 3,000 acre recreation area. It is estimated there is a $2 million dollars worth of expenditures and revenue just under $1.9 million dollars. Beginning October 1 of 2012, city manager Greg McDanel estimates they will spend about $160,000 on renovations. A few additions to Mozingo Lake will be a new cabin near the golf course and also a new bathhouse for the camping area. The cabin will cost an estimated $60,000 while the bathhouse will cost approximately $40, 000. Mozingo is also in need of new asphalt, which will cost around $50,000, a $35,000 dock replacement, and $45,500 for golf course maintenance equipment. The Mozingo board advisory also recommends spending $25,000 on marketing and advertising for the establishment. 09/11/12 Maryville Daily Forum: BRUSH volunteers head for Mozingo SEARCH BRUSH stands for Beautifying Residences Using Student Help. Since 2004 a group of students volunteer bi-annually to clean up local facilities around Maryville. Usually the chores have involved repairing or painting

- 36 -

older homes. This year, student crews stained and painted five cabins at Mozingo. Typically for BRUSH the fall project is the biggest of the year. There are smaller projects taken on in the spring. Organizations, such as Greek organizations, on campus typically provide volunteers. The materials are often donated by local businesses, as well as equipment and supervision. Since 2004, forty-eight properties have been cleaned up and repaired through the BRUSH program. 09/05/12 Northwest Missourian: Council looks to fill Mozingo Advisory Board positions before October deadline There are currently three positions open on the Mozingo Advisory Board, and no applications have been submitted. The deadline for applications is October 1. Depending on the status of applicants, the issue of whether to renew previous board members or appoint new ones will be brought before the council on September 24. 08/21/12 Nodaway News Leader: Mozingo board meets, hears from city staff The Mozingo Advisory Board held a meeting August 20 to hear about the renovations at Mozingo Park and to meet the new Assistant City Manager, Ryan Heiland. Along with Heiland, City Manager Greg McDanel

- 37 -

discussed the partnership with NWMSU and a marketing class which will be helping them with their advertising this fall. McDanel also set the date of September 6 to discuss the Mozingo portion of the city budget. Also in attendance was Mozingo Golf Course Superintendent Ron Darnell reviewing the golf course and how its sales went up 950 games from 2011. Maryville Public Safety Sgt. Rick Smail talked about how there was only one accident over the whole summer. Mozingo Manager Grant Evans updated the members about the new equestrian RV sites as well as other renovations currently undergoing. However, Board President Ed Higdon is concerned about the equestrian trails because the horses are ruining the dams. He is worried the horses will get into the walking trails, which is a safety hazard. Evans and the Missouri Department of Conservation are currently working together on a matching grant for $60,000 for water quality improvements. Board Member Dan Billings informed the group that the Bass Pro Shop had shot a television segment on Mozingo Lake. Bass Pro Shop had many positive comments to say about Mozingo. 08/17/12 Maryville Daily Forum: Drought could boost fish size at Mozingo Lake SEARCH

- 38 -

The drought this summer has turned out to be a good thing for anglers in the Midwest region. Since lakes and ponds are shrinking daily, prey fish such as bluegill are forced into deeper water with predators like largemouth bass. So basically, the big fish are just getting bigger. Mozingo as well as many other lakes in Missouri will see a fish size-increase. The drought will all around improve ponds. Most people complain ponds have too much vegetation, but with water levels being so low, most of the vegetation will die in the winter freeze. It is suggested that pondowners deepen their ponds to at least eight feet to let their fish have a fighting chance in the heat from the summer months. The weaker fish will be weaned out, while the stronger fish get bigger, thus creating more competition. The number of trophy sized fish is increasing every year at Mozingo. 07/12/12 Maryville Daily Forum: City sales tax revenues show solid gain From December 2011 to May 2012, sales taxes by the city have exceeded $900,000 for the first time since 2008. The sales tax increase is about 8%. Because of the devastating storms from 2011, a local waste hauling company has enlarged and expanded. Other kinds of municipal government are up as well. For example, Mozingo Lake Park is the high point in the citys financial picture. Revenues have grown from just under

- 39 -

770,000 in 2011 to over 960,000. Cabin rentals at Mozingo have also rebounded after decreasing over the past few years. Both camping and golf fees have increased as well. 05/24/12 KQ2 Saint Joseph: Crews Battle Mozingo Lake's Deteriorating Shoreline The local Saint Joseph news station covered a story about Mozingo and how its getting bigger and bigger. Over that time, visitors have noticed the lake has been getting larger. The erosion is taking its toll on the lake because of all the boat traffic. The city says the shoreline has been deteriorating. "The lake lays straight North/South, we get the North wind in the wintertime, and the summertime, so the wave action just pounds on them most of the time," says Grant Evans, Lake Park Manager. To fix the problem the city uses riprap, a type of rock, to fight deterioration. The problem is though, it's a costly operation. "It's very effective. It's just we have 26 miles of shoreline, and to try to do it all, there's just no way to do that," Evans says. The city has been looking for cheaper alternatives. They have been placing trees and brush along the shoreline to slow the water movement. If management is unable to slow the deterioration, it could create some larger problems. 04/25/12 Maryville Daily Forum: Golf profits up at Mozingo Lake

- 40 - SEARCH The Mozingo Golf Course has increased revenue by $30,000 since last year. There are a few factors that helped the course do so well. The mild winter and early spring helped bring in revenue. However, the biggest jump in revenue came from merchandise sales. The number of tournaments and outings scheduled for the peak season is about the same as it was in the last few years. Green fees are up $12,000, and cart fees are up $10,000. Representatives of Mozingo Golf Course would even like to start adding a few more tournaments. 04/04/2012 Maryville Daily Forum: City creates more reserved sites at Mozingo SEARCH The Maryville City Council signed off on Mozingo quadrupling the number of reserved RV sites and implemented a new fee structure. The most noticeable change for most campers is the new sites. These sites are near the new equestrian trails on the western end of the establishment. An additional 15 sites were added to the five Mozingo already provided. Cost for a reserved site is $30 a day during the peak camping season, which began April 1 and continues through the end of November. The non-peak fee is $25. First-come, first-served camping cost $20 a day during the peak months and $18 in the off-season.

- 41 -

02/08/12 Grant Evans new Mozingo Lake Manager The new park manager, Grant Evans, joined Mozingos team in February of 2012. He has expressed a great deal of hope for the facility and how great the renovations are going to be. He is a bearcat alumnus and has a lot of experience in the outdoor recreational field. He expresses hope in the Youth Camp and how it should be utilized more. I think it will cater to the equestrian use and primarily weekend users," Evans said.

- 42 -

Works Cited Brown, Tony. Chlorine out, 'chloramination' in at water plant. Maryville Daily Forum. Sept. 2012:Print. Brown, Tony. City sales tax revenues show solid gain. Maryville Daily Forum. July 2012:Print. Brown, Tony. City creates more reserved sites at Mozingo. Maryville Daily Forum. April 2012:Print. Brown, Tony. Mozingo Budget Dips Into Reserve. Maryville Daily Forum. Sept.2012:Print. Fishing Report for Sept. 13. Kansas City Star. Sept.2012:Print. Fall, Jim; Reven, Luke. Recreation and Tourism. Maryville: Greater Maryville Chamber of Commerce: 26-29. Print. Maryville Parks, Activity & Recreation Program Guide. 2012. Print. Mozingo Lake Golf Club. N.p. n.d. Web. 4 Sept. 2012. Mozingo Lake Park & Golf Course Brochure. 2012. Print. Homepage. CG Inspired Web Design, 2009. Web. 4 Sept. 2012. Homepage. 1-2-1 Marketing, 2012. Web. 4 Sept. 2012. Murphy, Jesse. BRUSH volunteers head for Mozingo. Maryville Daily Forum. Sept. 2012:Print. Murphy, Jesse. Drought could boost fish size at Mozingo lake. Maryville Daily Forum. Aug.2012:Print. Murphy, Jesse. Golf profits up at Mozingo Lake. Maryville Daily Forum. April.2012:Print. Nodaway News Leader. Mozingo board meets, hears from city staff. Nodaway News Leader. Aug. 2012: Print. Rash, Alex. Council looks to fill Mozingo Advisory Board positions before October deadline. Northwest Missourian. Sept 2012:Print. Shulte-Smith, Amanda. Grant Evans new Mozingo Lake Manager. Northwest Missourian. Feb. 2012:Pri

- 43 -


- 44 -

In order to fully understand the competition Mozingo faces we have studied similar destinations in this region. We have looked into lakes and campgrounds within a 200-mile radius and golf courses within a 90-mile radius. Comparing the destinations to what Mozingo soon hopes to be, we have narrowed it down to five locations that pose the greatest threat. The top five facilities represent the greatest threat to the Mozingo Recreation Area is: Big Lake (Mound City, MO), Lake of Three Fires (Bedford, IA), Basswood Resort (Platte City, MO), Smithville Lake (Smithville, MO), and AOK Campground (St. Joseph, MO). These competitors were chosen based on several requirements including: golf course, camping options, facilities/amenities, distance, price, and overall quality. Competitive Analysis The following facilities that include a lake, camping options and a nearby golf course represent the greatest amount of competition within a 75 -mile radius of Mozingo Recreation. Big Lake (Mound City, MO) Lake of Three Fires (Bedford, IA) Basswood Resort (Platte City, MO) Smithville Lake (Smithville, MO) AOK Campground (St. Joseph, MO)

- 45 -

The initial competitive search began with lakes and campground within a 200 mile radius, and golf courses within a 90 mile radius. These results were then narrowed down based on distance from Mozingo, distance between golf courses and lakes/campgrounds, amenities offered, and pricing. Big Lake in Mound City, Missouri represents the greatest competition to the Mozingo Recreation Area. Big Lake is 37 miles from Mozingo and has the same fish stock in its waters. Big Lake is slightly smaller than Mozingo (625 surface acres VS. 1,000 surface acres), and matches Mozingo in the amenities offered (beach, boating, playgrounds, shelters, etc.). Additionally, Big Lake has a restaurant for its visiting patrons, giving it a slight edge over Mozingo. Mound City Country Club boasts an 18-hole course, and is within 10 minutes of the camping area at Big Lake. The course is slightly higher in pricing than Mozingo ($3.11 per hole VS. $2.89) and has a lower course rating. Additionally, Mound City Country Club has a pro shop and driving range available to fit every visitors needs. Given these factors, it is clear Mozingo holds a slight edge in the golf department. The second biggest threat to the Mozingo Recreation Area is Lake Of Three Fires in Bedford, Iowa. This state park is only 26 miles away from Mozingo, and has more than 3 times more acreage than Mozingo. The lake is only 1/10th the size of Mozingo, but what it lacks in size it makes up in amenities. Lake Of Three Fires has all the amenities of Mozingo, and also offers kayak &

- 46 -

paddle boat rental, mountain trails, cross country skiing trails, and snowmobile trails and much more. Located just three miles away from the campgrounds is the Bedford Golf Course. This 9-hole course barely compares to Mozingo in quality, but is also significantly cheaper to play 9 holes ($20 VS $26). Additionally, the Bedford Golf Course has neither a pro shop nor driving range, giving the Mozingo Golf Course a definite advantage. The third largest competitive threat to Mozingo is Basswood Resort located just 69 miles away in Platte City MO. The resort features a series of large ponds for fishing only stocked with the same fish found at Mozingo. The privately owned parks facilities have a more elegant feel and include a lodge, restaurant, cabins, and deluxe cabins. Basswood has 155 full hook-up RV sites that include water, electric, water, sewer, cable TV, and Wi-fi. The golf course a few minutes outside Basswood matches Mozingos course in challenge, quality, and amenities, though the price is significantly higher ($3.65 for Shiloh springs VS $2.89 at Mozingo). Overall Mozingo Recreation Area is a better place for sportsmen and outdoor enthusiast whereas Basswood is more of a deluxe vacation destination. The fourth biggest competition is Smithville Lake in Smithville, Missouri. This lake is 75 miles away from Mozingo and is a well-known tourist destination with strong marketing efforts. Smithville Lake is also more than seven times larger than Mozingo, and has 777 campsites compared to

- 47 -

Mozingos 94. This lake has more of a party cove feel, rather than the quiet get-a-way brand that Mozingo is trying to achieve, which explains why it is so far down the list. Additionally, there are two 18-hole golf courses near the lake branded as Paradise Pointe Golf Complex. These two courses are just barely below Mozingo in course rating, and are a dollar cheaper per round. Additionally, there is a driving range available, but no pro shop. Based on these facts it appears that Smithville has a slight advantage in nearly every department. Finally, the fifth largest competitor to Mozingo is AOK Campground located just 44 miles away in St. Joseph, Missouri. AOK campground has several large ponds in close vicinity, technically classifying them as a lake, but they do not compare in size to Mozingo. Though there is no boating or a beach, there is a pool and restaurant for patrons. Mozingo also has almost two times the number of RV sites available, but all of AOKs sites can be reserved and have full hook ups (water, electric, sewer) available. Mozingo is cheaper in both primitive and RV camping by more than 25%. Additionally, two golf courses exist within a 15 minute drive of the campgrounds. Moila Country Club is comparable to Mozingo in course rating, and identical in price. It also offers both a driving range and pro shop, making it almost dead even with Mozingo Lake Golf Course. Fairview Golf Club is nearly identical in course rating, but is slightly higher priced than

- 48 -

Mozingo. There is a practice range available, but no pro shop, giving Mozingo a slight edge over Fairview Golf Club. Map The map below shows the location of the five biggest competitors to Mozingo Lake.

Lakes The top five lakes in competition with Mozingo are Lake of Three Fires, Big Lake, Smithville Lake, Lake Panorama, and Lake Icaria. The standings for the lakes were based on distance from Mozingo, facilities, lake size, branding, and activities available.

- 49 -

Competitive Analysis The following lakes represent the greatest competition to Mozingo Lake within a 200 square mile radius: Lake of Three Fires Big Lake Smithville Lake Lake Panorama Lake Icaria

Lake of Three Fires is easily Mozingos largest source of competition based on location and offerings. At a mere twenty-six miles from Maryville it would compete as a stopping point for those traveling through this region. Lake of Three Fires State Park is very similar to what Mozingo aims to be and offers many of the same activities and facilities that Mozingo offers now or plans on offering soon. The State Parks lake covers only 85 acres of water, but what the lake lacks in size is more than made up for by the incredible variety of things to do in the surrounding area. The lake offers a lodge, cabins, camping, RV, fishing, equestrian trails, picnic areas, hiking trails, boating, paddle boating, kayaking, cross country skiing, mountain trails, playgrounds, snowmobile trails, and much more. Like Mozingo, it has the something for everyone charm. Lake of Three Fires has merchandising (hats, shirts), but appears to lack an organized website apart from listings of Iowa State Parks. (DNR Iowa)

- 50 -

Located thirty-seven miles from Maryville in Craig, Missouri Big Lake is also a source of major competition. Big Lake includes 625 surface acres and is filled with all the fish Mozingo has to offer. Big Lake State park has a lodge, cabins, camping, RV, playground, beach, restaurant, and many of the same activities as Mozingo (boating, fishing, hiking, etc.). (Missouri State Parks) Similar to Lake of Three Fires, the state park seems to lack a strong marketing plan of its own and relies on State Park listings. Smithville Lake is well known destination that is over seven times the size of Mozingo and has over 175 miles of shoreline. It includes two beaches, two marinas with boat rentals, 777 campsites, dockside restaurant, golf complex, shelters, and has amenities for just about any lakeside activity imaginable. (Clay County, MO) The reason this lake is listed third in competition standings though is that it is almost too big for Mozingo to try to compete with. Smithvilles large size and amount of bustling activity doesnt match Mozingos small friendly get-away charm. Also, Smithville is located near Kansas City seventy-five miles away from Maryville and closer to competing with lakes such as Blue Springs Lake, Lake Jacomo, and even the Lake Of the Ozarks. Lake Panorama is the largest private lake development in Iowa. It is located 119 miles away from Maryville and includes 1,400 surface acres. The lake resort includes lodging, camping, RV, conference center, three private beaches, golfing, boating, fishing, trails, and a restaurant. (Lake Panorama)

- 51 -

Much of what this lake has to offer as far as activities is similar to Mozingo, but what really sets it apart is its branding. The lake has its very own decently organized website with an obvious sunshine and fun type tone to it. Lake Icaria is only forty-nine miles away from Maryville and covers 650 surface acres. It includes a marina with boat rentals, beach, concessions, ski zone, cabins, camping, RV, picnics areas, trails, and fishing. Lake Icaria is stocked with the same species of fish as Mozingo. (Lake Icaria)

- 52 -

- 53 -

- 54 -

Golf Courses The five golf courses that pose the greatest risk to Mozingo Lake Golf Course are as follows: Duncan Hills Golf Course (Savannah, MO), Clarinda Country Club (Clarinda, IA), Mound City Country Club (Mound City, MO), Moila Country Club (St. Joseph, MO), and Fairview Golf Club (St. Joseph, MO). These courses were chosen based on a varied of factors including: Number of holes, cart rental, greens fees for 9 holes on the weekend, amenities, price per hole with a cart included, and membership requirements. Competitive Analysis The following golf courses within a 90-mile radius assume the greatest threat to Mozingo Lake Golf Course: Clarinda Country Club Mound City Country Club Duncan Hills Golf Course Moila Country Club Fairview Golf Club These courses were chosen as direct competition for Mozingo Lake Golf Course based on a variety of factors including: number of holes, distance, greens fees for 9 holes, membership requirements, amenities, cart rental & price, challenge level, and price per hole with cart included.

- 55 -

The golf course that poses the greatest threat to Mozingo Lake and Golf Course is Duncan Hills Country Club. Duncan Hills 18 hole course is 27.7 miles from Mozingo in Savannah, Missouri (Conde' Nast, 2012). It is cheaper in weekend greens fee ($20.00 cart included) pricing as well as price per hole ($2.22) (Duncan Hills Golf Course, 2011). Duncan Hills has a course rating of 68.9, which is pretty comparable in the northwestern part of Missouri. Additionally, a pro-shop offers all the materials a golfer would need. The second major threat to Mozingo Lake Golf Course is the Clarinda Country Club located 29 miles north of Maryville in Clarinda, Iowa. The Clarinda Country Club is an 18 hole course with a rating of 64.6 (Conde' Nast, 2012). This course is cheaper in both greens fees ($14.00) and price per hole ($2.44) (Clarinda Country Club). The Clarinda Country Club also has a practice facility and a 150 sq. ft. pro shop. Additionally, there are no membership requirements to play the course. The next threat to Mozingo Lake Golf Course is the Mound City Country Club in Mound City, Missouri. This 18 hole course is 33.2 miles southwest of Mozingo (Conde' Nast, 2012). This country club is also slightly higher in pricing than Mozingo- $18.00 weekend greens fees, $10.00 cart rental, or $3.11 per hole (Mound City Country Club, 2012). Additionally there are no membership requirements to play the Mound City Country Club and a driving range and pro shop are available.

- 56 -

Moila Country Club is the fourth course that poses a threat. Located near the center of St. Joseph, Missouri (39.9 miles away from Mozingo) this 18 hole course is almost identical to Mozingo Golf Course's pricing structure$18.00 weekend greens fees (slightly higher than Mozingo), $8.00 cart rental (slightly lower than Mozingo), or $2.89 per hole with cart (an identical match to Mozingo) (Moila Country Club, 2012). Moila offers a driving range and pro shop, and doesnt require a membership to play. Additionally, it boasts a course rating of 68.2, which is pretty comparable in the northwestern part of Missouri (Conde' Nast, 2012). The final threat to Mozingo Lake Golf Course is Fairview Golf Club also located in St. Joseph, Missouri. Fairview is 41.6 miles away from Mozingo, and boasts a course rating of 72.2 (Conde' Nast, 2012). This course is slightly more expensive to play than Mozingo- $19.00 weekend greens fees and $8.50 cart rental, or, $3.06 per hole (Parks, Recreation, & Civic Facilities, 2011). Fairview also offers a driving range & pro-shop, and has no membership requirements.

- 57 -

- 58 -

- 59 -

- 60 -

Campgrounds & RV Parks The five campgrounds and RV Parks which pose the greatest threat to Mozingo Lake are: Smithville Lake (Clay County, MO), Eugene T. Mahoney State Park (Ashland, NE), Big Lake (Mound City, MO), and AOK camping (St. Joseph, MO). These five campsites and RV sites were chosen based on factors which include: distance from Mozingo, camping sites, RV sites, full hook ups, nightly costs per camping site, and nightly cost per RV site. Competitive Analysis Smithville Lake Clay County, Missouri Eugene T. Mahoney State Park Ashland, Nebraska Big Lake - Mound City, Missouri AOK - St. Joseph, Missouri Lake of Three Fires State Park Bedford, Iowa

Smithville Lake is about 1 hour and 26 minute drive from Maryville, Mo. Smithville Lake charges a daily vehicle entry fee of $5.00 and another $10.00 entry fee for all boats. Smithville Lake is larger than Mozingo Lake; it is 7,200 acre lake with more than 175 miles of shoreline. Mozingo Lake is only 26 miles of shoreline. Smithville is 20 miles from downtown Kansas City, making it accessible for a lot of people. Smithville includes 2 swim beaches, 777 campsites, reservable shelters, 2 full marinas including boat rentals, 1 sailboat only marina, and one dockside restaurant. Mozingo has 3 paved

- 61 -

fishing ramps for boats, reservable shelters, one beach, and fish cleaning stations. There are 362 campsites at Camp Branch section of Smithville Lake. There are camp and RV sites and several include electrical hook-ups. There are 415 campsites at Crows Creek located by Highway E by Smithville Lake. These sites are for campers and RVs with several of the sites include electrical and water hook-ups. This is over 700 more camping spots than Mozingo Lake offers. Camping in Mozingo is only $5.00 compared to the $14+ that Smithville offers. Many of the campsites are located near a walking trail; shower and laundry facilities are located on the campsite grounds. Camping is first come first serve unless groups want more than ten camp sites they can call and reserve the spots. Camping fees include Electric $18, Electric and Water $20 it is $5.00 a day for a vehicle and $10 for a boat. Season fees include $40.00 for vehicle and $80.00 for boat only. This compares to Mozingo because Mozingo Lake prices are $9.00 for primitive camping and $18.00 for RV camping. ( ) Mahoney State park is a 2 hour and 20 minute drive from Maryville, Mo. Attractions include a Family Aquatic Center with a wave pool, three water slides, lap pool, and a concession stand. This is open Memorial Day weekend thru Labor Day weekend. Admission is $8 for adults and $7 for children (ages 3-12).

- 62 -

On site there is a lodge which offers 40 guest rooms with baths and 16 rooms which have lofts. The lodge also houses a restaurant, a gift shop, and meeting rooms. The restaurant can also cater meals for group activities. Other attractions include miniature golf, a driving range, tennis and basketball courts, softball fields, horseback trail rides, fishing, picnicking, hiking, 70-foot observation tower, nature conservatory, hiking and biking trail and waterway. There are 149 camping sites with electrical hook-ups. These camping sites are reservable one year in advanced. There are also 54 reservable cabins which include linens; tableware and basic cookware are provided. Each cabin has air conditioning/heat, fireplace, TV, refrigerator, range, outdoor deck and grill. There are 40 lodge rooms with air conditioning and heat, wireless Internet, telephone, TV and a private bath. Lodge rooms have two queen beds each and the loft lodge rooms have 2 queen beds and a queen size sofa sleeper. Mozingo Lake offers 5 of the 70 RV spaces available for reservations. There were only campsites mentioned for Mahoney. Mahoney offers a lot more leisure activities such as tennis, basketball courts, softball fields, observation tower, and nature conservatory that Mozingo Lake does not offer.( Area_No=273 )

- 63 -

Big Lake in Mound City is located 41 minutes away from Maryville, Mo. It is considered a top competitor for Mozingo Lake because it is a short drive from Mozingo. Big Lake is a state park. The park hours consist of sunrise to sunset, year-round. It currently has eight cabins, 5 duplexes, and 12 motel rooms. Mozingo is looking into getting a hotel/lodge. There is fishing allowed in the lake which consists of bass, catfish, crappie and blue gill. These are all fish that can be found in Mozingo Lake. There is one boat launch in the park which is free. Mozingo Lake has three paved boats ramps. There are several picnic shelters and tables available just like Mozingo. The camping site includes a dump station, modern restrooms, laundry facilities, and showers. Mozingo also has these luxuries. Firewood is sold at the park store at Big Lake just like it is sold at Mozingo. Big Lake regulations and fees include no more than 2 pets per campsite, and two-night minimum stay on the weekend. A basic campsite is $13 onseason with a $21 charge for electricity at the campsite. This is a $3.00 higher charge than Mozingo Lake offers. AOK camping is about a 48 minute drive from Maryville, Mo. With camping at AOK there is a fee of $25.00 a night with a limit of 6 people. Mozingo Lake has camping sites for $9.00 a night. For a tent (with no hookup) the fee is $15 for one person. Swimming is also an option at AOK and is $5.00 per person or free for a paid guest. Compared to Mozingo which is free, Mozingo Lake has the better offer. AOK offers year-round camping

- 64 -

with 53 full hook-up sites, and 23 scenic acres. 17 of those sites have hookup to cable. AOK includes a swimming pool, restrooms with showers, laundry room, recreation areas, and a private lake for enjoyment. They do allow pets at the camp site. Lake of Three Fires is a State Park located in Iowa, which is a 40 minute drive from Maryville. There is 85 acres of land and the park has a lodge that can be rented for a fee, a large picnic area, two large picnic areas which can be reserved online. This is comparable to Mozingo because Mozingo Lake also has picnic areas. There are two modern campgrounds which provide 140 campsites. 30 of the 140 sites have electrical hookups. Restrooms, shower facilities, and trailer dump stations are also available just like at Mozingo. There is also an equestrian campground which has 22 camp sites 8 of which have electrical hookups, and 15 holding posts. The cabins hold 4 people and equipped with A/C, microwave, refrigerator, and stove. Mozingo Lake has 50 primitive camping sites. On the North side there is a 220 acre public hunting area and on the south border there is a 160 acre public hunting area. There are also specified hunting locations at Mozingo Lake.

- 65 -

- 66 -

- 67 -

- 68 -

Works Cited Clarinda Country Club. (n.d.). Retrieved September 19, 2012, from

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- 69 -

Target Market

- 70 -

Due to the variety and offerings of Mozingo, there are several different audiences to consider for marketing purposes. There are several different audiences to consider for Mozingo. Weve broken them down into these segments; Golfers, RVers/Campers, Anglers and current Mozingo visitors, and studied a general profile of each to better understand who visits Mozingo and why. The demographic similarities found between golfers, anglers and RVers/campers is dominated by males, at about 75% overall. On average the participants are between the age of 35 to 65 years. Participants in all the activities are predominantly Caucasian. A big difference was found in the area of average household income. The golfing and Rving/camping segments, the average income is between $50,000 to $100,000. The Fishing household income is $25,000 - $100,000. This bracket is incredibly broad, meaning income isnt a major factor in fishing as much as golfing and camping. An important finding is that all segments have a lot in common when it comes to interest. The psychographic similarities found in golfers, RVers/campers, anglers are as follows: Enjoy travel Enjoy outdoors Hiking Camping Sight seeing Fishing Biking Boating Walk/run/jog

- 71 -

Current Mozingo visitors were analyzed mostly for geographic data but we also studied demographic elements of visitors.

Golfing enthusiasts represent a fairly clear target market. Of the nearly 30 million golfers, 75% are male and 84% have either attended college, graduated, or have post graduate degrees. Between 10% and 11% of the U.S. population plays golf at least once a year, and this statistic soars to nearly 20% when examining major metropolitan cities. This can be contributed to the fact that metropolitan cities have a higher density of well-paying jobs giving American golfers an average household income slightly over $80,000 (Golfer Demographics). While golfers tend to be affluent, you can find players at every income level. Household incomes over $100,000 make up the largest income bracket of the target audience (Golf Digest, 1998). Participation rates for incomes between $25,000 and $60,000 range between 8% and 20%, but when income levels rise to $150,000, the participation rate increases to about 30% (Amari, Golf Courses & Country Clubs in the US, 2012). Golfers tend to seek out a luxurious type of experience with all of the products and services they buy. In a lot of the research and brand development for Golf Digest Publications, the golf market tends to outspend even the most generally affluent people when you are looking in categories like travel, automobiles, and real estate, says Jon Last, Golf Digest's Vice President of Corporate Marketing (Formichelli, 2008).


The average age for golfing participants is 37 years with 44% of the consumer segmentation are 40 years old or older (Amari, Golf Courses & Country Clubs in the US, 2012). Consumers who are over the age of 50 account for 26% of the total golf market. This industry segment has more time to spend on recreational activities due to the majority of them entering retirement. Over half of golfers have some level of college education, 40%+ are managers, professionals, or executives and more than 90% own their own homes. As stated before, a large portion of the market is part of the Baby Boomer generation. People of this generation control 70% of Americas total net worth and account for 40% of overall consumer demand (Spread Your Advertising Message to Proven Demographic). For these reasons, it is assumed that people in this age demographic have more discretionary money to spend on hobbies such as golfing and travel. Research shows that golfing enthusiasts spend a significant amount of money on golf participation and equipment every year. Golfers spend $17 billion annually golf equipment and participation. They play an average of 58.1 rounds in a year, and spend an average of $311 on golf related apparel a year (NGF Publications). Golfing enthusiasts also have interest in travel. Golfers spend an average of 6.4 days on vacation. The average cost of these vacations is


$2800. While on vacation, golfers play an average of 9.5 rounds of golf (NGF Publications). Golfers are often broken down further into three groups, each with different attitudes and behaviors. These groups include Avid Golfers who play 25+ rounds per year, Core Golfers play 8-24 rounds per year, and Occasional Golfers play 1-7 rounds per year.


Demographic U.S. Population (Age 18+) HH Income Homeowners Married At least 1 Child in Home Men Gender % Average Age Between Ages 18-49 A.S., B.S. or Graduate Degree

Avid Golfers 8,200,000 $82,800 92% 79% 17%

Core Golfers 7,900,000 $79,900 91% 78% 32%

Occasional Golfers 13,500,000 $77,700 87% 78% 42%

69% 56.3 years 48% 58%

75% 44.5 years 29% 55% 44% 70%

65% 37 years 64% 60% 46% 77%

Managers/Professionals/Executives 32% Employed Full-time Women Gender % Average Age Between Ages 18-49 A.S., B.S. or Graduate Degree 31% 58.2 years 21% 45% 49%

25% 53.0 years 38% 48% 33% 45%

35% 44.5 years 68% 53% 35%

Managers/Professionals/Executives 26% Employed Full-time




Golfers Demographic Summary Age Range: 35-70 Gender: 75% male Average HH Income: $80,000 Ethnicity: White


Golfer Income Segmentation

$83,000 $82,000 $81,000 $80,000 $79,000 $78,000 $77,000 $76,000 $75,000 Golfer Incomes Avid Golfers Core Golfers Occasional Golfers

As shown in the graph above, it is obvious that avid golfers are the ones with the largest amount of income. Golf is an expensive sport, therefore it makes sense that the individuals that do it the most often have a higher amount of income.

Golfer Gender Segmentation

80% 70% 60% 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% Male Female Avid Golfers Core Golfers Occasional Golfers

According to the graph above, males dominate this sport. The interesting part of this graph, males make up a higher percentage of core golfers and females, a higher percentage of occasional golfers.


Golfer Age Segmentation

20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Under 18 18-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 Over 60 Golfer Age Segmentation

According to the graph above, the highest percentage age group for golfers is between the 30-39 years of age and the lowest percentage is the 50 59 age group. Golfers Psychographic Summary Investing Travel Luxury vehicles Home improvement Have a credit card Employed by white collar jobs Gardening/yard work Walking Cooking Wine/Beer/Alcohol drinking Listening to Music Watching TV/Movies Casino Gambling Hiking/Camping Live primarily in the city and suburban areas


RV Enthusiasts and Campers

The Baby Boomer generation is expected to be wealthier and to live longer than any generation thus far. In result, making them a prime target


for the RV lifestyle. Also, the Baby Boomers grew up in a time period where Boy Scouts were at the height of popularity, resulting in an appreciation for the outdoors and outdoor activities. According to the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association, one-tenth of vehicle owners in this age group also own an RV. (Amari, R) According to IBIS World, and estimated 11% of households (33.7 million) Americans participated in camping in 2011. Of the 33.7 million Americans 75% used RVs, 12% used tents and 11% utilized log cabins available for rent. (Outdoor Foundation) Camping attracted about 44 million participants and campers averaged over 13 camping days each in 2009 according to Outdoor Foundations 2010 special report on camping. The majority of campers choose public camping grounds, 73% of car/backyard campers and 70% of RV enthusiasts (Outdoor Foundation). Americans spend over 597.8 million days camping, causing this activity to impact multiple targets and inspire them to crossover and participate in other outdoor actions (Coleman and the Outdoor Foundation). The two top driving forces behind camping are fun and relaxation, and the number one reason campers dont camp as often as they would like is due to lack of time or money for equipment. (Outdoor Foundation) Within a 50-mile radius of Mozingo, the money spent on camp fees was $18.12 on average and $1,575,982 total, while money spent on camp equipment was less at $4.96 on average and $431,455 total (Missouri


Small Business & Technology Development). Within a 50-mile radius of Mozingo, the average amount spent on the purchase of RVs and Boats is $272.29 and $23,681,576 total. Within a 100-mile radius of Mozingo, the average amount spent on the purchase of RVs and boats is 257.17 and $298,886,183 total. (Missouri Small Business & Technology Development)

RV Enthusiasts Demographics

Female 24% Hispanic 5%

Asian 3%


African American 2%

Male 76%



70's + 16% 50's 28%

over $150K $100K - 6% $150K 12%

less than $50K 29%

60's 56%

$50K $100K 53%

According to the previous charts it is apparent that the highest age range for RV enthusiasts are 60 69 years of age. The majority of RV enthusiasts


make between $50,000 and $100,000 per year. Males dominate this market as well as Caucasians.

Camping Enthusiasts Demographics

Female, 24%

Ethnicity Asian
3% Hispanic 5%

African America n 2%

Male, 76%

Caucasio n, 90%

6 - 12 yrs 17%

45+ yrs 33%

less than $25K 12%

$100K + 25%

18 - 24 yrs 12%

$25 49,999 23%

$75K $99,999 15% $50K 74,999 25%

25 - 44 yrs 38%

According to the charts above, camping enthusiasts are most popular in the 25 44 years age group and the income tends to not play as big a role in camping other than those that make less than $25,000 camp less often,


followed by campers that make $75,000 and $99,999 per year. Caucasian males dominate this market.

RV Enthusiasts Psychographics
Favorite Activities When Traveling: 93% Sightseeing 72% Scenic Byways 59% Outdoors/Hiking/Walking 58% Local Events & Festivals 43% Dining Out 40% Fishing 36% Shopping 30% Bicycling 19% Boating 16% Golfing 13% Motorcycling/ATVing 8% Geocaching (RV Life) What Toys RV Enthusiasts Own: 87% Computer/Laptop 75% GPS Device 63% Bicycles 54% Tow Vehicle 52% Fishing/Hunting Equipment 31% Boats/Kayaks/Canoes 29% Golf Clubs 20% Motorcycles/ATVs 18% Metal Detectors 7% Snow Sports Equipment


Camping Psychographics
Other sports and leisure activities taken part in while on camping trips: 91% Hiking 56% Fishing 53% Running/Jogging 32% Bicycling (Mountain) 28% Kayaking 28% Boating 26% Climbing 12% Rafting 12% Triathlon 9% Hunting 8% Snorkeling 1% Scuba Diving (Outdoor Foundation) 42% Trail Running 40% Canoeing 34% Bicycling (Road) 8% Skiing (Alpine) 6% Wakeboarding 6% Snowshoeing 4% Stand-Up Paddling 4% Surfing 4%Skiing (Cross-Country) 2% Snowboarding 1% Sailing

One of Mozingos greatest attractions is its lake, anglers travel to freshwater fish at Mozingo. Studies show 10.7% of freshwater anglers are willing to travel over night to a fishing destination, while 46.2% of this market travels just 15 to 20 miles 14.4% of the market travel 2 hours


(Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, 2012). This special report on boating and fishing also stated that recreational fishing attracted over 48 million people annually that included one billion outings in 2008, which means each participant spent 21.6 days on average with fishing related activities. The findings in this report suggest there is a significant popularity in the activity and good reason to reach out to the angler population. The report offered the following demographics

African America n 7%

Asian/Pa cific Islander 3%

Other 3% $100,00 0 26%


less than $25,000, 14%

Hispanic 5% $75,000 to $99,999 14%

$25,000 to $49,00, 26%

Caucasia n 82%

$50,00 to $74,999, 21%

6-12 yrs, 14% 13-17 yrs, 9% Female, 33%


45+ yrs, 36 37%

, 18-24 yrs 9%

Male, 67%

25-44 yrs, 31%


According to these facts, the largest population of anglers are made up of Caucasian males, 45 years of age or greater with an average income between $25,000 and $100,000, respectfully (Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation, 2012). Findings went on to state that while 2.1% of anglers participated in no other outdoor activities that 77.9% of them did. This suggests participation in fishing has a large emphasis on participation in other outdoor activities. It is important to know what your target audience is interested in besides fishing. Knowing key psychographics helps define a target audience more specifically.

Psychographics information was drawn from an article by the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (Foundation): Freshwater fishing Saltwater fishing Fly fishing Fishing with family Family oriented Do not mind getting dirty Patient Adventurous Goal oriented Relaxed Organized Down to earth Relationship oriented Dress casually Concerned about the direction of society Like to spend free time at home Buy clothes for comfort Try to keep up with developments in technology Reading Travel Movies Sports Cooking Gardening Boating Hunting Camping (backyard/car/RV) Running/jogging/trail running Bicycling Canoeing Backpacking Wildlife viewing Hiking


Different attributes possessed by those who enjoy fishing: Leisure seeker o Freedom from responsibility o Spend time alone o Look for fishing that requires little skill level Thoughtful loners o Slow paced and restful experience o Spend time alone Family folk o Spend time with family and friends o Want a connection to nature and water o Appreciate laughter and fun when fishing Thrill seekers o Want to have fun with friends while fishing o Appreciate a challenge when fishing o Achieve a sense of accomplishment when theyve improved their skills


Geography Using visitor reports supplied to us by Mozingo (see copy of report after bibliography), we plotted visitors on the mas below:

50 mile radius 100 mile radius 150 mile radius

RV campers Tent campers Cabin Rental

The map shows where the visitors to Mozingo are from and how far they travel to Mozingo. The smallest ring on the map (green) represents a 50 -mile radius from Mozingo, the medium sized ring (pink) represents a 100-mile radius from Mozingo and the largest ring (yellow) represents a 150-mile radius. Each pin dropped on the map represents the zip code in which visitors have come from. The red pins represent RV campers, the red pins represent tent campers and the yellow represents those who have stayed in the Mozingo cabins.


50 45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0

38 12 12

49 23


50-mile radius

RV Camping

100-mile radius

Tent Camping

Cabin Rental

150-mile radius

The Graph above indicates how many of RV camping, tent camping, and cabin rental visitors Mozingo has from the 50, 100, and 150-mile radius from Mozingo during the year of 2011. The majority of Mozingos visitors for RV camping, tent camping and cabin rental come from the 100-mile radius.

50-mile Radius According to the 2012 Mozingo demographics report, as of 2010 the population in the 50-mile radius is 218,522; in 2015 the population is expected to be 217,664. The average Household income in the 50-mile in 2010 was $41,629 and in 2015 it is expected to be $48,529. The median age in 2010 was 39.4 and is expected to be 39.8 in 2015. In 2010, 49.6% of the population was male and 50.4% was female. In 2015, the male population is expected to be 49.8% and the female


population is expected to be 50.2%. In 2010, the population was 94.5% white, and in 2015 it is expected to be 94.1% (Esri Business Analyst). 100-Mile Radius According to the 2012 Mozingo demographics report, as of 2010 the population in the 100-mile radius is 2,934,178; in 2015 it is expected to be 3,032,902. The Household income in 2010 was $54,356 on average and in 2015 it is expected to be $61,557. The median age in 2010 was 37.1 and in 2015 it is expected to be 37.3. In 2010 the population was 49.1% male and 50.9% female. In 2015, the population is expected to remain unchanged. In 2010, the population of the 100-mile radius was 81.9% white, and in 2015 it is expected to be 81.2% white (Esri Business Analyst). 150-mile radius According to the 2012 Mozingo demographics report, in 2010 the population in the 150-mile radius is 5,518,285, and in 2015 it is expected to be 5,733,643. The Household income in 2010 was $53,824 on average and in 2015 it is expected to be $60,934. The median age in 2010 was 35.2 and in 2015 it is expected to be 36.8. In 2010, the population was 49.3% male and 50.7% female. In 2010, the population of the 150-mile radius was 84.8% white, and in 2015 the population is expected to be 83.9% white (Esri Business Analyst).


Works Cited
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State Park Industry


To assist in understanding our competition with state parks, these explanations of state parks, city parks and national parks show the similarities and differences between each. State parks have their own operations that is managed and supported by each individual state law. The Missouri State park system was created in 1917 to preserve natural landscapes and landmarks while allowing visitors and recreational activities in the area. (Resources, 2009) State parks have their own operations and are managed by each states laws. Many state parks are funded locally; however the funding has been cut due to tight budgets. (Kaczanowska)City parks, such as Mozingo, have a roughly estimated 373 million visitors annually. These estimates include regional and private parks. (Kaczanowska) State parks are made up of three different organizations: National Parks Service, which has 384 national parks with over 440 campgrounds and 29,000 RV sites. Just this organization alone brings in 286 million visitors annually. USDA Forests Service, which has over 4,300 campgrounds in 155 forest US Army Corps of Engineers, which has 2.375 campsites. (Kaczanowska) Even with the number of visitors visiting state parks the recession left its mark on them, budgets were cut, hours were cut as well, making the possibility of revenue from visitors harder to obtain. With the budget cuts


fromthe government there has been a push toward self-sufficiency through more marketing, pricing reevaluation, and privatization is expected to boost revenue. (Kaczanowska)The green movement and proponents of eco-tourism are expected to bolster visitor numbers.( Kaczanowska) Mozingo tries to stay updated on state park procedures and at times implements ideas that have worked for state parks. New at Mozingo this season will be a campsite host program similar to that used in Missouri's state parks. Hosts are RVers who receive a free campsite in exchange for welcoming paying campers and making sure they are aware of park fees and regulations. (Murphy, Mozingo's new horse trail camp site almost ready) Industry Performance There is an increase in involvement in many forms of outdoor recreation, such as bird watching, hiking, camping, fishing and other water based sports, there has been a decrease in hunting,( National and State Parks) all of which Mozingo offers. There is also the threat of a future decrease in outdoor recreation among youth. More youth are interested in the technology that is offered to them than in the past. (National and State Parks) With the economy projected to improve the rest of the year 2012 and into the beginning of 2013 visitors to parks are expected to have an increase amount of disposable income. This means they will be able to spend more at the parks they visit on souvenirs and be able to visit parks more often, which the parks will benefit from. (National and State Parks) The chart below shows the


increase of disposable income projections and the increase of local and state government investment into parks and other government funded organizations. In 2015 the disposable income of households, and government funding of organizations are projected to drop slightly.

(National & State Parks 6)

Competition Parks compete on location, facilities, and their natural attractions, like Yellowstone National Park with Old Faithful, and Big Oak Tree State Park in Missouri that has a hardwood forest that goes untouched. Some people look for parks that have good restroom g=facilities, which others look for parks that have a hotel on site or nearby. With the varying attractions between state and city parks there isnt a strong sense of competition between parks. (National & State Parks) The major competitors for city and state parks is outside competition. With the new technology available, such as video games that allow the user to workout in their own home, with the WiiFit or the Xbox Kinect. Technology isnt the only


competition, there is also amusement parks, many different kinds of sporting events, and television. With the projected recovery of the economy, consumers are more likely to return to the more expensive activities above. (National & State Parks)


Works Cited Kaczanowska, Agata. National and State Parks in the US. March 2012. Web. 3 September 2012. Murphy, Jesse. "Mozingo's new horse trail camp site almost ready." The Maryville Daily Forum 1 September 2012: 2. Web. "National & State Parks." 2012. Report. 16 September 2012. <>.


Branding/Tourism Advertising


In an attempt to understand the tourism landscape, we researched an abundance of tourism related advertising, including trends and messages. The idea was to avoid tourism clichs in logo design, signage and general advertising. Compiled in this report were examples to take into consideration when we were completing work for you as well as clichs for us to avoid replicating. In general, tourism advertising consists of messages directed toward travelers. From our research observations we have concluded most tourism advertising consists of a process that tries to persuade people to a particular destination. From our research we found that tourism advertising, similar to Mozingo, is common in both traditional advertisements and online advertisements. Traditional advertising that is common for tourism, according to our research, includes outdoor, print and television. We found a strong use of outdoor advertising in tourism, such as our examples of billboards, painted barns and even in-hole golf course inserts that can be viewed later in our report. Through our research of advertising trends we also found that different social media platforms contribute to the online presence of tourism advertising. We included a wide range of tourism advertising examples across multiple mediums to provide possibilities and ideas to you as we work to try and conclude what would be best for Mozingo. In our research, studying tourism advertisements for destinations similar to Mozingo we found message trends to be service and product oriented. From our research of golf courses, lakes, resorts, RV campgrounds, tent campgrounds and combinations of those, the overall messages in the tourism advertisements


are that of relaxation, family oriented, leisure and vacation. These concepts also came up in our client meeting and focus group panel, revealing our research is relevant to the work we have ahead. Clichs within the tourism advertisements we studied are abundant. Common colors, shapes and graphics appeared often. Brown, blue and green are in almost every logo or advertisement. Circles and badge-like shapes are also common on park and state park logos. Logos also include graphics and small illustrations of mountains, various animals, lakes, hills, the sun and also golf flags and boats. We think some of these visuals are useful for recognition with the destination, but some are too commonly used to be affective for a park to stand out and differentiate itself from its competitors. About Tourism Advertising: Tourism advertising is directed toward audiences everywhere and targets potential travelers, current travelers and future travelers. In the research we found, tourism advertisements are distributed by tourism ministries or government-owned private sector enterprises as a channel for communicating directly to the public. Tourism advertising sometimes goes as far as encouraging spending money and spending more time at the destination. Tourism advertising is primarily focused in outdoor advertisements and print advertisements, but is also common digitally. Tourism advertising has taken off in the digital world through various social media platforms and through tourism websites. With social media, visitors can experience the community from anywhere in the world, and truly get a feel for the towns personality. Best of all it


allows individuals and families the ability to get caught up in the enthusiasm locals have for their own town. An example of how social media has impacted advertising in a small town is reflected with Lake Arrowhead, California. Lake Arrowhead, CA has a population of 10,000 and only a small percentage of county tax dollars, the town had no extra money in their budget for advertising. The town has always been a tourist destination, but it was difficult for them to compete with the wealth of attractions in Southern California. So, they turned to social media to get the word out (Santos). Eventually their social media plan took off and became successful. From a branding perspective, a logo is a representation of who the company is. A logo gives the company a chance to make a statement that will leave a lasting impression in the viewers mind about who they are. We want people to associate a logo with the unique character and essence of Mozingo Lake and Golf. Studying logo ads of other lake and golf entities is highly significant to understanding the dos and donts of designing the perfect logo for Mozingo Lake and Golf because we observe commonalities and clichs. A clich is something that must be avoided because it is an element that has been overused to the point that it is no longer meaningful. Clich advertisements become quite predictable and make it hard to achieve the intended effect. The most frequently used style of logos make it harder to draw the attention of the target audience. The use of original logo designs would be more likely to draw attention, because some people will take more interest in things they have never seen before, rather than something that is recognizable. No matter how often an ad is run, if it is


uninspired, dull, boring, and mediocre the audience will ignore it (Morgan and Pritchard). If a logo is recognizable it could also leave room for the consumer to associate the design with a bad experience or a product that they dont like. Clich logos can also be associated with corny; we dont want Mozingo to project a corny image so we will stay far away from commonly used themes. The more unique the logo, the more likely it is to be remembered by the target. The uniqueness of a logo is important because when someone thinks about Nike as an entity, they immediately see that famous swoosh, the same could be said of a million other brands such as Coca-Cola and Apple (Johnson, 2012). Many of the logos and advertisements we studied include obvious, typical, simple graphics and similar color patterns. Lake logos and advertisements are mostly blue, green and brown, and also have images of water and trees as the main graphic. It would be a good idea to stay away from blues, greens and browns as they are in almost all of the logos and advertisements for various parks, lakes, and golf courses. It would also be a good idea to stay away from obvious and typical graphics on logos and advertisements to prevent them from looking too clich. Overview of Tourism Advertising Clichs: The more unique a logo, the more memorable it will be Avoid obvious and typical images depicting an activity Trees for parks, water for lakes, golf balls for golf Avoid colors of blue, green and browns The more unique a logo, the more memorable it will be












Works Cited Johnson, Joshua. 5 Clich Logo Design Trends to Avoid. 20 January 2012. Design Shack. <>. Morgan, Nigel and Annette Pritchard. Advertising in Leisure and Tourism. 02 May 2009. Scribd. <>. Santos, Stacey. Small Town Tourism, Big Social Media. 2012. <>. Steele, Joanne. Rural Tourism For Your Small Town. Yes You Can! 30 August 2012. <>.


Web Site


Currently Mozingo Lake Recreation Area has three to four separate websites housing different information about the parks and available activities, and each sporting a different brand identity. The re-branding of Mozingo into a single comprehensive entity applies to all possible marketing faucets- including the web.,,, and some parts of will be merged together as a single web entity utilizing the domain name This name was chosen based on market research collected from both an in-person and online survey. More than 75% of those polled said that Mozingo Lake and Mozingo Lake Recreation Area were the best names to describe the entire Mozingo complex. It is known that URLs need to remain relatively short; therefore was chosen as the domain name. will include content from all four websites. The most important information and tasks on each of the three sites will be reorganized and republished in a more user-friendly structure. New content and functionality will be added to increase the user experience, and decrease the workload of Mozingo employees. Additionally, the repurposed content should be re-written with search engine optimization in mind. It is imperative that appear in search engine results page to become a regional travel destination. Inserting


specific keywords in certain areas of the Meta tags, website code, and actual content can ensure that begins to rise in search rankings. A Usability test was conducted on and navigation prototype of in an effort to better understand how visitors interact with the websites, and what their main tasks/objectives would be. Testing participants were qualified based on their representation of the three core target markets of Mozingo: RVers, Golfers, and Anglers. These participants were posed with introductory questions and tasks to complete on each of the websites. Data such as completion rate, time of completion, and verbal feedback was collected and analyzed to identify major usability issues with both sites. Three major issues were identified with, and four major usability issues were found on the navigation prototype. Solutions have been sculpted for these issues, and will be implemented on the new comprehensive site. The new website will be built on WordPress, a free content management system. WordPress is intuitive to the not so tech savvy, and within a short time an individual can quickly teach themselves how to add, edit, and update all content and features on the website. This content management system also supports multiple themes to change the visual layout of the site and widgets and plugins to add extra functionality. URL Recommendation It is recommended that the new comprehensive website be built on the domain This domain name was chosen based on market


research gathered from an in-person survey distributed to Maryville residents/visitors, and an online survey open to anyone. Each survey posed the question, Which of the following names best describes the entire Mozingo complex? More than 75% of both surveys chose Mozingo Lake or Mozingo Lake Recreation Area, with the majority deciding on Mozingo Lake Recreation Area (47%). Segmenting these surveys by age, location, and household income to close in on the target market reveals that 54% of the Mozingos target prefers the name Mozingo Lake Recreation Area. It is common web practice to have domain names as short as possible. Longer domain names are harder for customers to remember, take longer to type, and can often result in misspelling. Additionally, longer domain names require much more room on print advertisements and outdoor signage. For these reasons, it is recommended that Mozingo Lake Recreation Area is shortened down to the URL: This URL has been secured for a 12-month period through, where a 12-month hosting plan was also purchased. Related Passwords are as follows o Username: mozingolake o Password: 3000Acres File Transfer Protocol (FTP) o Username: mozingolake o Password: dppAf0aE! WordPress Log In ( o Username: Admin o Password: dppAf0aE

These passwords are also included in the client versions of this projects plans book.


Analysis Current Content Much of the content that will be included in the new website will be republished from existing content on,, and The following pages will feature repurposed content from the previously named sites: Course Information Rates & Membership Golf Lessons Gift Cards Request a Tournament Golf Mailing List RV Camping Cabins Primitive Camping Youth Cabins Hunting Fishing Boating Newsletters Overview Mozingo Board Parks Regulations Getting To Mozingo Additionally, these pages can be identified on the flow chart above by the recycling symbol on each. Each piece of content listed above represents vital information and that most visitors will be seeking or doing on the website. It is imperative that this content be included on the new site.


New Content Pages that do not have the recycling emblem are pages that require new content to be added, and may possibly need updated. The addition, of these pages and content blocks would further user interaction on the site, increase their understanding of the content being presented, and overall increase their web experience. The first piece of content that is recommended to be added is a working tee-time scheduling system. The current system does not work and requires users to go through several steps including registering for a user name before they find out they need to call to reserve a time. This has a severe negative impact on the user experience; therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have a working tee time scheduling system. The next piece of content that can greatly increase the user experience on the site and cut down on overall workload at the city is a camping reservation system. This system will allow for reservations for primitive spots, RV spaces, and cabin rentals. This system will work via an email form with the following options: Name, phone number, email address, preferred RV space/cabin/primitive spot, and the dates of the reservation. Additionally, an overall calendar of events taking place at Mozingo would enhance the website. This calendar would be comprehensive and include all events taking place at Mozingo; from golf and fishing tournaments to 4th of July


celebrations. This particular content addition will require someone to update the information via a widget in the back end of the website. The final functionality piece missing is an online store. This store will sell golfing gift cards, t-shirts, hats, and other promotional items directly pertaining to Mozingo. Instead of paying $69.99 to secure an SSL for the domain name, this store will be hosted on a third party site; likely A SSL connection is used to secure and encrypt credit card numbers. Third party sites like Zazzle offer the same functionality, without any major costs. Platform Recommendations It is recommended that be built on a content management system. Content management makes the web more usable. They break down the barriers of website creation, make it much easier to launch a site, and allows for easy content updates. WordPress also formats webpages for viewing on mobile devices which is very important considering everyone in todays world has a mini computer in their pocket. CMSs are for the non-techies that want to make a big impact in the digital world. Additionally, most content management systems are free, or extremely cheap. Web firms typically charge anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000 to build a custom website depending on functionality, and the finished product is typically for more tech-savvy clients. Using a free content management system allows for a robust site to be built at a fraction of the cost it would take to hire a firm.


It is recommended that utilize the WordPress content management system. WordPress is a free, open source software that is simple enough for a personal site, and robust enough for a large e-commerce site. This content management system offers thousands of free themes and templates that you can download and use to change the visual aesthetics of the site with a few simple clicks. Additionally, WordPress allows for plugins and widgets to be installed, so reservation functionality can be added to the site with ease. A WordPress website has already been opened at and populated with the appropriate framework recommended above. Passwords are located in the URL Recommendation section of this report. Content Updates Content updates will be handled by multiple parties on All golfing information including updated course rates and tournament & event schedule will be handled by the golf professional at the clubhouse. At this time this person is Payton Whitworth. All other Mozingo pertinent information including newsletters, events schedule, and possibly a blog will be updated by a city employee, depending on who has the necessary content and is available to update the website. Recommendations It is recommended that remove all content regarding Mozingo Lake when the new site launches. Leaving the content up will result in duplicate content in multiple places, making it more difficult for users to find the exact


information they are searching for and making updating content overly burdensome. Additionally, Google has recently released an update to combat stolen or copyrighted material, which means duplicated content will be negatively affected in search engine results pages. can and should post links to the specific content on the new unified site. This can have a significant impact on the SEO of the new site, since .org links hold a high value in the search engine results algorithm. Additionally, the website can have pictures of Mozingo and its amenities that are linked to the new site, but it is recommended that no content appear on Recommendations It is recommended that all existing links on be altered to point to the new website: This will ensure traffic goes to the appropriate page, even if Mozingo no longer owns It also will aide in driving traffic to the new site, because this URL has a greater domain agetherefor a higher initial SEO ranking. Search Engine Optimization

Usability Test Executive Summary This usability study was conducted in an effort to further understand the end users of the website, how they interact with it, and what their main tasks on the site are. Nine participants representing Mozingos three main target markets


(Anglers ,RVers/Campers, and Golfers) interacted with a digital navigation prototype of the proposed and Their interactions were monitored and recorded by the testing administrator. These actions can help to better understand how possible site visitors will look for information and how the navigation should be structured to make their search as easy as possible. The Nine test subjects were chosen initially based on their interests in fishing, camping and camping. Subjects were then narrowed down and chosen based on their ability to represent an even distribution across major market demographics and weekly computer usage. Qualified subjects met with the test administrator for approximately 30 minutes each in their main place of computer use. Testing took place at the subjects main place of computer use, typically their residence, in an effort to ease test anxiety. Three participants tested Subjects were posed with 6 taskseach representing major task users may perform on the website. Key metrics such as task completion rate, navigation path, verbal feedback, and navigation label expectations were gathered from each testing participant. This data was then analyzed for issue trends, and ways to solve navigation problems. Three major issues were identified: Mislabeled page or misleading page titles, a tee reservation system that takes 5 steps before it tells you it is broken, and the site appears to be out of date. These issues can be resolved by


implementing the solutions detailed in the Major Findings & Recommendations section of this report. 6 subjects participated in the testing of Test subjects were posed with 6 tasks- each representing major task users may perform on the website. Key metrics such as task completion rate, navigation path, verbal feedback, and navigation label expectations were gathered from each testing participant. This data was then analyzed for issue trends, and ways to solve navigation problems. Four major issues were identified with MozingoLake.coms navigation: Navigation clarity, nearly empty or unused pages, redundant content that is confusing to the user, and missing content or links to appropriate content. These issues can be resolved by implementing the solutions detailed in the Major Findings & Recommendations section of this report. Testing Methodology Test Subject Qualifications Audience Type Golfers TOTAL (participants) 3 3 Computer Usage 0 to 10 hrs. wk. 11 to 25 hrs. wk. 26+ hrs. wk. TOTAL (participants) 1 1 1 3


Age 20-29 30-39 40-49 60-74 TOTAL (participants) 2 1 0 0 3

Gender Women Men TOTAL (participants) 0 3 3

Marital Status Single Married TOTAL (participants) 2 1 6

Household Income $20,000-$39,000 $40,000-$59,000 $60,000-$79,000 $80,000-$99,999 $100,000 + TOTAL (participants) 0 1 1 1 0 3

Participant Tasks Three participants met with the test facilitator individually for roughly 30 minutes each. Subjects were tested at their typical web browsing place in an effort to keep them as comfortable as possible and remove any test anxiety. Participants were qualified based on their alignment with Mozingo Golf Courses target market, as well as their computer usage and internet experience. Three participants are evenly divided between the three levels of computer usage: 0-10hrs per week, 11-25hrs per week, and 26+ hrs. per week. Additionally,


these 3 participants represent a fairly even distribution among age, marital status, and household income. Test subjects were posed with introductory questions prior to any site navigation. Following the browser navigation and introductory questions, participants were posed with six navigational tasks to perform on the prototype. The navigation prototype can be reviewed in the Appendix Section of this report. Data Collected The following data was collected during the usability study on Time per task Task completion rate Navigation path Navigation Label Expectations Verbal feedback Usability Score- calculated as user score per task over total users. Each user is assigned a score between 0 and 2 based on task completion o 0= Incomplete o 1= Complete, but with major indecision and difficulties o 2= Completed with ease Solution Appropriately label pages, buttons, and any other interactions users may have with the website.

Major Findings & Recommendations No. Issue 1. The site contains many mislabeled pages that mislead the user on their contents. Additionally, many of the buttons are somewhat confusing to the user The Reserve a Tee Time system is a 5 step process, including registering for an account, and is broken.


First and foremost, a working tee time system. Cutting out the user profile and just having a contact form with available times simplifies the registration process down to two steps, and requires a lot less effort from the


user. 3. The site appears out of date Update site with current course rates, newsletters, events, etc.

Detailed Findings Introductory Questions Testing subjects were posed with the following questions prior to beginning the usability tasks: Introductory Questions Have you heard of Mozingo Lake Golf Course? Are you familiar with How many rounds do you play per year? What is your typical way to reserve a tee-time? . Responses Two of the test subjects have played Mozingo, one test subject had never heard of the course. None of the participants have used Subject 1- 10-15 rounds per year Subject 2- 20-30 rounds per year Subject 3- 30-50 rounds per year One participant identified the course website as the primary way of reserving. The other two participants said they primarily used the phone to reserve tee times. One participant who used the phone said he was weary of online reservation systems because You typically have to pay in advance, and I may have to cancel and dont want to be charged. One participant said less than 3 times per year, one participant said roughly 10 times per year, and one subject said he had no home course.

How many times per year do you play at a course other than your home course?


Task 1 You and your friends want to play 18 holes at Mozingo. Reserve a tee time for the four of you. Number of participants Percent successful Usability Score 3 0% 0/6

Task Results 1 navigated to the tee reservation system via the path: Book Online-> Tee Time Specials. Then the test subject noticed the system was broken, and was unable to complete the task. (Score of 0) 2 participants accessed the tee time reservation system from the widget on the left of the home page. These participants then went through a 4 step process of signing up, logging in, finding a date, and then finding a time before realizing the system was broken. Subjects were unable to complete the task. (Score of 0)

Findings & Recommendations All participants were unsuccessful in reserving a tee time online because the system on is broken. It is highly recommended that a working reservation system be implemented and appropriately labeled Reserve a Tee Time. Currently, the only way to access the reservation system via the navigation is by clicking either: Policies and Information, Log in Now, or Tee Time Specials. All of these are in appropriate labels and do not clearly communicate that the page allows for reservations. Additionally, the current 4 step process needs to be cut down significantly. Using a simple form that allows for users to input their first and last name requires less technical functionality and is less work than signing up for a user name. Also, users may be weary of paying for tee times prior to playing, in case the weather doesnt cooperate or they have a more pressing engagement


Task 2 Find out the cost to play 18-holes with a cart on the weekend. Number of participants Percent successful Usability Rating 3 100% 6/6 Findings & Recommendations While all three test subjects completed this task easily, one commented that the top of the page said 2011 rates. It is highly recommended that all content stay up to date. If content rarely changes or is unable to be updated, dont put a date at the top. If content goes without being updated, users lose trust in the information they are receiving, and may look to other sources.

Task Results All 3 participants found the Course Rates page by hovering over Golf Course, and moving down to the page. This task was completed with ease by all. (Score of 6)


Task 3 Find out what time the 2012 Labor Day shamble starts. Number of participants Percent successful Usability Score 3 100% 4/6

Task Results 1 subject completed the task with significant difficulty by using the path: event info->calendar->back 1 year button->forward 1 year button->Back 1 month button (score of 1) 2 participants completed the task by hovering over outing and events tab, and moving down to events calendar. One participant clicked back one month and found the information easily, and One took the button path: back 1 year button->forward 1 year button->Back 1 month button. (Score of 2) (Score of 1)

Findings & Recommendations All participants were successful in this task, but two had significant difficulty due to the buttons on the calendar. Labels for these buttons would decrease confusion on which one moves forward or backward one month and the one that moves in year increments.


Task 4 Register yourself to receive specials and news updates from Mozingo Golf Course via Email. Number of participants Percent successful Usability Score 3 100% 6/6 Findings & Recommendations All test subjects completed this task with ease, but two expressed concerns about requiring their phone number. It is recommended that the phone number and address be removed. These are not necessary for a club that exists only online and markets via email.

Task Results 2 participants completed the task with ease by signing up for the especials club via the path: hover over amenities-> move down and click on e-specials club (Score of 4) 1 test subject completed the task by using the path: hover over news and links->Newsletters->especials club link. Task was completed with ease (Score of 2)


Task 5 You want to purchase a gift card for a friend. Find out how to do this and navigate to the checkout page. Number of participants Percent successful Usability Score 3 100% 3/6 Findings & Recommendations Prior to finding the Online Store where the gift cards are sold, all three participants first navigated to the page titled Gift Cards. This page allows users to check the balance of their gift cards, and should be labeled as such. Correctly labeling this page with the world balance will cut down on a great amount of user confusion. Additionally, since gift cards are the only thing sold in the online store, this page can be re-labeled to Gift Cards. This will aid in the reduction of user confusion from miss-labeled pages.

Task Results All 3 participants completed the task via the path: Gift Cards(card balance page) -> Online Store -> Gift Card Image- -> Select $100 Card->add to cart-> proceed to checkout. Participants had difficulty identifying the correct page and completing the task (Score of 3)


Task 6 You want to take golf lessons at the course, but you dont know who the golf professional is. Find out the instructors name and phone number. Number of participants Percent successful Usability Score 3 66% 4/6 Sample Recommendations It is recommended that contact information be kept in relevant areas, like the golf professionals contact information on the golf instruction page. Additionally, a search option would be incredibly helpful to users and has pretty much become a web standard.

Sample Findings 2 participants completed the task with ease by finding the golf professional via the path: Shop & Staff -> Contact. (Score of 4) 1 test subject gave up on the task after searching for more than 5 minutes. The initial path taken was: Golf Instruction -> Golf Shop & Staff->Golf Instruction -> Course Rates -> Shop & Staff. The subject searched intently on these pages until he was unable to find the information and gave up. Navigation Prototype Testing Methodology Test Subject Qualifications Audience Type Anglers RVers & Campers TOTAL (participants) 3 3 6 TOTAL (participants) 6 Computer Usage 0 to 10 hrs. wk. 11 to 25 hrs. wk. 26+ hrs. wk. 2 2 2


Age 20-29 30-39 40-49 60-74 TOTAL (participants) 2 1 2 0 8

Gender Women Men TOTAL (participants) 2 4 6

Marital Status Single Married TOTAL (participants) 3 3 6

Household Income $20,000-$39,000 $40,000-$59,000 $60,000-$79,000 $80,000-$99,999 $100,000 + TOTAL (participants) 2 0 2 0 2 6

Participant Tasks Six participants met with the test facilitator individually for roughly 30 minutes each. Tests were conducted at the users typical place for internet browsing- mainly their place of residence or office. Subjects were tested at their typical web browsing place in an effort to keep them as comfortable as possible and remove any test anxiety. A Screen shot of the home page can be reviewed in the Appendix Section of this report.


Participants were qualified based on their alignment with Mozingos target market, as well as their computer usage and internet experience. Six participants are evenly divided between the three levels of computer usage: 0-10hrs per week, 11-25hrs per week, and 26+ hrs. per week. Additionally, these 6 participants represent a fairly even distribution among age, marital status, gender, and household income. Test subjects were posed with introductory questions prior to any site navigation. Following the browser navigation and introductory questions, participants were posed with six navigational tasks to perform on the prototype. Data Collected The following data was collected during the usability study on Mozingolake.coms navigation prototype: Time per task Task completion rate Navigation path Navigation Label Expectations Verbal feedback


Major Findings & Recommendations No. Issues Solutions Change the label to be Camping and Lodging to clearly communicate section contents and allow for expansion when hotel does arrive. Include links to Park Regulations on pages such as: RV Spots, Fishing, Hunting, Boating, and Primitive Camping. Additionally, the Parks Regulations page should be in HTML, and include text anchor links to each main topic. Only have one Store page that exists in the main navigation. This page will link directly to the Zazzle store, which should be broken up into departments such as: Golf, T-Shirts, Hats, etc. Remove the Fishing Tournaments page because it contains redundant information that can already be found in the calendar, and is not utilized in finding event information.

1. Lodging navigation label communicates hotel to 83% of test subjects. 2. Location of park regulations for each entity is unclear to users, and park regulations PDF is long and hard to sort through

3. Users are confused when a store page is included in each site section as well as the top level navigation. They are unable to identify the appropriate place to purchase items online. 4. The Fishing Tournaments page is not utilized to find information about fishing events. Testers preferred the Calendar page that exists within the main navigation.


Detailed Findings Introductory Questions The following chart details the test subjects main navigation label expectations for Mozingolake.coms navigation prototype.
Participa nt No. 1. Lodgin g Hotel, campin g areas, RV spots Cabins, hotel Hotel, lodges Outdoor Recreatio n Fishing, hunting, boating

Golf Golf pricing, course map Golf informati on Course informati on, pricing Course info

Calendar Current events

About Lake history, general info

Press News releases

Store merchandise




Lake information History

PR releases News releases

t-shirts, hats


Fishing, boating, playgroun ds Primitive camping, fishing, regulation s, trails, picnic areas Fishing, hunting, boating

All events,

T-shirts, hats, golf towels


Cabins RV spots

Current events, adding events fishing tournament s Current events, hours of operation

About Mozingo, history

News releases , updates

Fishing permits, boat permits, local store information


Hours, course pricing, club rental, calendar Course informati on, pricing

Cabins, hotel, motel, campin g, RV spots Hotel, cabins, campin g

History, general information, maps and directions

News releases , news letters

t-shirts, maps, hats merchandise


Fishing, trails

Events, holidays

General information, board of directors

Press releases , news links



Task 1 You and your friends are planning a get-a-way weekend to Mozingo and you want to rent an RV spot for the four of you. Identify the main navigation label that houses cabin and rental information. Number of participants Percent successful Task Results -4 participants correctly identified Lodging as the navigation label for RV information. 2 participants incorrectly identified Outdoor Recreation the navigation label that holds RV information. 6 66% Findings & Recommendations The Lodging navigation label should be changed to something that clearly communicates outdoor camping. In the introductory questions, 83% of test participants indicated the Lodging category holds information about a hotel, which Mozingo does not have-yet. To clearly communicate to site visitors that the Lodging section holds information about all forms of camping, the navigation label should be changed to Camping & Lodging. An important thing to note is that keeping the word lodging in the title allows for the addition of a hotel category without restructuring the navigation.


Task 2 Your friends plan on bringing a cooler full of beer to the cabin, but you arent sure if alcohol is allowed on the premises. Which main navigation label would you click to begin finding this information? Number of participants Percent successful 6 66% Findings & Recommendations For this task test subjects identified a number of areas to find park regulations. To ease the users search for this information, it is highly recommended that the page for each entity at Mozingo with park regulations governing it include either: A) excerpts of park regulations directly pertaining to the presented information, or, B) A Link to the park regulations page where the top section includes anchor text at the top for each main topic. Implementing either of these options will ensure that when users want information, it is in the first place they look. Additionally, this will cut down on a great bit of user confusion when browsing the site for information.

Task Results 4 participants correctly identified the About section to find information about park regulations. 1 participant incorrectly identified Outdoor Recreation as the appropriate navigation label. 1 participant incorrectly identified Lodging as the appropriate navigation label to find park regulations.


Task 3 You want to contact the golf course to see if they offer club rental. Identify the main navigation tab that would allow you to email them. Number of participants Percent successful 6 100%

Task Results 6 participants correctly identified Golf as the main navigation label used to email the golf course.

Findings & Recommendations While 100% of participants were successful in this task, the indecision among 33% of subjects should not be overlooked. It is recommended that the contact page within the About navigation 2 successful participants also label have a drop down box allowing web pondered the option of About as visitors to set the email to the attention of a a way to email the golf course. recipient. Example: Attention: Golf Course, Attention: Campgrounds. Including the option to contact all Mozingo facilities from a number of contact forms on the site allows the user to reach out to Mozingo without having to search around for the appropriate contact form.


Task 4 You want to purchase golf towels from Mozingo for everyone going on the trip. Identify the main navigation label that would allow you to purchase these. Number of participants Percent successful 6 33% Findings & Recommendations The majority of subjects were unsuccessful in identifying Golf as the main navigation label that would hold the items for sale at the golf course. It is recommended that instead of having a shop or store for Golf, Lodging, and Outdoor Recreation, all items for sale online be held within a single main navigation label- Store. The Store navigation tab should link directly to the Zazzle online store. Within Zazzle, Different departments can be created to hold the varying items for each of Mozingos facilities. The removal of the store subpages from the golf, outdoor recreation, and lodging sections cuts down on the number of virtually empty pages and simplifies dropdown navigation. Additionally, it cuts out all confusion for the user on where to purchase items online.

Task Results 2 participants correctly identified Golf as the main navigation label used to purchase golf towels. 4 test subjects incorrectly identified Store as the main navigation label used to purchase golf towels.


Task 5 You heard a fishing tournament is taking place at Mozingo the same weekend you are visiting, and you dont want to have to compete for a fishing spot. Identify which page you think this information is kept on. Number of participants Percent successful 6 83% Sample Recommendations Based on test findings, the Fishing Tournaments page is unnecessary. This page can be removed, and the calendar will serve as a comprehensive calendar for all of Mozingos entities. The calendar page should clearly separate information for fishing, celebrations, and all other events by either: A) color coding calendar information, or, B) implementing calendar filter options to only show certain types of events.

Sample Findings 5 test participants correctly identified the Calendar page as the place they were likely to go to find event information. 1 test subject identified the Fishing Tournaments page as the appropriate place to find out fishing tournament dates.


Task 6 You are afraid your fishing boat might be too big to take out on the lake. Identify the page that would hold information about these regulations. Number of participants Percent successful 6 100%

Sample Findings 4 participants correctly identified Boating as the page that would contain boating regulations.

Sample Recommendations While all 6 participants were successful in finding the boating regulations, the 4 that used the path Outdoor Recreation->Boating were able to access the information much 2 participants identified Park quicker. Subjects who took the AboutRegulations via the path: About-> >Park Regulations tab had to search Park Regulations. through over 10 pages of a PDF to find the necessary information. To make this information easier to access and sort through, regulations pertaining to each Mozingo entity should be either: A) including excerpts from the regulations on each page that it pertains to, or, B) include links on each page to the park regulations page. The park regulations page should be in HTML format in case the user doesnt have the appropriate browser plug ins, and should include anchor text links to each main topic section.


Search Engine Optimization Introduction Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the art of gaining free traffic from search engines. Major search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo have complex algorithms in place to rank websites according to what a user is searching for. These search engines use website crawlers to analyze a sites Meta attributes, coding structure, and content and then determine their rankings based on keywords found within the site. The exact ranking algorithm is unknown, but there are a few time-tested tactics to improve search rankings. Additionally, these search engine sites often release information about recent updates to their ranking system. It is known that the following site attributes have an impact on your ranking: meta tags, image names, HTML tags, inbound and outbound links, social media usage, and the most important of all, content. Strategically placing important keywords in these places will positively impact your rankings on search engines. The more frequently a site appears in the top of the search rankings, the more visitors the site, and ultimately, the more visitors to Mozingo.




It is recommended that target the following keywords and phrases listed below. These were chosen because keywords and phrases must align with the content being presented on the website, or no SEO value is gained. Additionally, targeting keywords with high amounts of competition or low amounts of local search volume will also prove futile. The perfect keywords have a low amount of competition, a high search volume, and align perfectly with a sites content. These top 10 keywords were chosen according to many of the factors stated above, but with a little added analysis. First, we only want to target people searching for keywords and phrases that are either within our target area, or are searching for our target area. Therefore, the word Missouri has been included in each key phrase to ensure Mozingo appears in localized searches. Additionally, these keywords were ranked according to their KOI, or Keyword Opportunity Index. KOI refers to a keywords ability to rise quickly in search engine rankings and its ability to assume a top position for those searched terms. Missouri Cabins Missouri Campsites Cabin rental in Missouri Golf in Missouri Missouri Hunting Cabins in Missouri Hunting in Missouri RV Parks in Missouri Missouri RV parks Camping in Missouri


Social Media


Executive Summary: Social media is an excellent way to stay in constant contact with Mozingos past, present and future visitors. With an active voice through various social media platforms, you can personally connect with the audience. Weve prepared an effective and manageable social media plan designed to meet Mozingos needs. With an organized and implemented social media plan, Mozingo Lake Recreation Area will be able to: Build personal relationships with visitors Drive traffic to the new website, Promote events, services and new logod merchandise

According to our survey research results, Facebook is already being utilized as a source of spreading the word about Mozingo.


Radio Newspaper Flyer/Pamphlet Mozingo Lake Web Site Mozingo Golf Course Web Site Announcements at Football Games Facebook Word of Mouth Other

89 83 38 37 63 7 42 197 9

32% 29% 13% 13% 22% 2% 15% 70% 3%

This research proves people are already talking about Mozingo on social media, specifically Facebook. Mozingo now needs to interact with people currently talking about Mozingo and also encourage more to begin talking about Mozingo. A social media plan for Mozingo Lake will allow visitors to interact and share their memories and times with other past, present and future visitors. It will also keep them updated on everything Mozingo has to offer. We strongly believe Facebook can be an effective and affordable means to stay in contact with your target audience for the long term. That is why our advertisements direct people to Facebook to post their photos and memories. We have built a Facebook page for you, and structured it in a way that allows all Mozingo offerings and interests to be housed at one Facebook account. This


will help solidify Mozingo as a single entity, but also allows individual interests, like golfing and fishing, to have individual areas, as needed. Mozingos Current Uses of Social Media: Mozingo currently does not actively use any particular social media platforms. There is a Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare page for the golf course and a Foursquare page for the lake. Postings to these social media sites were inconsistent and eventually died off completely in August of 2010. Recently, a new Facebook page for the golf course was created on October 3, 2012, but has not been updated since October 31. Facebook is an excellent way to communicate and engage with your visitors. With each new like on Facebook, you gain a fan. When fans of your Facebook page comment, share, or post to your page, they become engaged and are considered a part of the people talking about this. The higher this number, the more fan engagement your page has. Twitter is another effective way to communicate with your visitors. Twitter works by allowing anyone to follow your Twitter page. Your Twitter name is also called your Twitter Handle. When you send out a tweet, your followers will be able to see it on their home page. Foursquare works by having visitors check-in to your business when they visit. Foursquare is sometimes connected to a persons Facebook or Twitter, so


people who check-in to your business also share their check-in with their Facebook friends or Twitter followers. These are the social media platforms, and their logos, that have already been in use for Mozingo: Facebook Twitter Foursquare

Mozingo Lake Golf Course Facebook: Page name: Mozingo Lake Golf Course 310 likes 6 people are talking about this 340 people were here Last updated on August 9, 2010 Joined December 15, 2009 Page name: Mozingo Lake Golf Course (most recent page) 25 likes 3 people are talking about this Last updated on October 31, 2012 Joined October 3, 2012

Twitter: Handle: @MozingoLakeGolf 15 tweets Following 151 27 followers Created on December 19, 2009 Last tweet August 9, 2010 Last activity March 2, 2012

Foursquare: Link from Facebook with icon to Foursquare page


34 total people have checked-in (As of November 27, 2012) 275 total check-ins (As of November 27, 2012) Mozingo Lake Foursquare: 97 total people have checked-in (As of November 27, 2012) 158 total check-ins (As of November 27, 2012)

Competitive Analysis:




Big Lake (Mound City, MO)




Lake of Three Fires (Bedford, IA)




Basswood Resort (Platte City, MO)




Smithville Lake (Smithville, MO)




AOK Campground (St. Joseph, MO)

Yes Yes

No Yes (Golf course)


Mozingo Lake & Golf Course (Maryville, MO)

(Golf course)



Competitors current uses of social media: Big Lake State Park Foursquare: 16 total people have checked-in 18 total check-ins Lake of Three Fires State Park Foursquare: 13 total people have checked-in 16 total check-ins Basswood Resort Facebook: 1535 page likes 17 people are talking about the page 1153 were at Basswood Resort Page was last updated July 7, 2012 Page created on July 6, 2009 Foursquare: 33 total people checked-in 57 total check-ins Basswood Resort posts a variety of photos of guests during activities taking place at the campground. For example, there was a pickle eating contest and photos from that contest were uploaded to the Facebook page. On several occasions, discounts and coupons were advertised to Facebook fans. Many of the posts were updates on the current weather and other updates on what was going on around the campground. I noticed Basswood Resorts webpage included a social plugin that connects their webpage to the Facebook page, so a person can see who all likes the Facebook page and can easily click the link to go to the Facebook page.


Smithville Lake Facebook: 632 page likes 24 people are talking about the page 3051 people were at Smithville Lake The page was last updated on October 2, 2012 The page was created April 21, 2009

Foursquare: 381 total people have checked-in 547 total check-ins

The Smithville Lake Facebook page has an abundance of various images of the lake and its surroundings, along with people visiting the lake for activities. A weekly post of a shared link about the state-wide fishing report is posted. There are also many updates on activities and classes offered through the park. The park offered a photo contest to be submitted to the county park website to be used on the 2013 season passes. This is a great way to engage the audience to participate. Other posts on the Facebook page were detailing different events that will be occurring at the lake.


AOK Campground & RV Park Facebook 124 page likes 3 people are talking about this 140 people were at AOK Campground & RV Park The page was last updated October 1, 2012 The page was created May 17, 2005 Foursquare 17 total people have checked-in 19 total check-ins AOK Campground & RV Park posts photos of their campgrounds, hiking trails and the lake scenery. There is some engagement from their audience on their Facebook page for a few of the posts. The posts have tended to be added once or twice a week. Best Practices: Facebook makes it easy for group discussions. This is incredibly important in engaging current and future fans of the Facebook page. When people interact with your brand, you are building a community. This moves people from being passive observers to advocates (Stelzner). Facebook is a way to communicate with fans in a two-way dialogue. According to, it is vital to respond to questions and comments from your fans. More often than not, people just want to know youre listening (Peters). Facebook engagement will also allow the fans to feel a sense of ownership in Mozingo. When fans share their memories and photos of Mozingo with the Facebook community, they become invested in the brand. Updating regularly in social media is vital to maintaining an engaged audience. But, updating too often can annoy Mozingos fans. According to an article on, Engagement is highest when brands post four


to five posts a week with 71% higher user engagement and one-to-two posts a day is more effective than fewer or more posts per day with 32% higher like rates and 73% higher comment rates (Coffey). Constant monitoring of the Facebook page is crucial in keeping the fans updated on any concerns they have or to catch a potential problem early and address the issue. Acting quickly and responding to a crisis will assure fans Mozingo is there for them and is willing to answer their questions and help solve potential problems. All this points in the direction of appointing specific employees who are responsible for looking at these accounts regularly, responding to posts, and posting relevant activities and information. We think an intern from Northwest Missouri State University may be particularly useful here. Posting Recommendations: To have successful social media engagement, Mozingo should: Engage in real-time conversations Provide quick feedback Encourage audience participation Share memories/thoughts/photos Update regularly Post current information Monitor all activity


Engage in real-time conversations

Branson Golf engaged in real-time conversation by replying to a fans post. This comment shows the fans Branson Golf is made up of real people willing to engage and have an online relationship with its customers.


Provide quick feedback

This is an example of how important it is to communicate with your audience. Smithville Lake offered an answer to a question quickly, showing the Facebook page is not just about feeding information to the audience, but is willing to actively communicate with their fans in a timely manner.


Encourage audience participation

This is an example of how Smithville Lake is engaging their audience. They posted a photo of one of their trails and posted a question to go with the photo asking if the audience knew what the lake had to offer as far as trails go. As you can see, 31 people liked this post, one shared it and there ten comments.

Smithville Lake used Facebook to advertise its photo contest. Not only does this engage the audience on Facebook, but it also encourages them to participate in a contest where the audience can get something out of it. Offering contests like this can encourage more people to post comments and participate in the post.

Share memories/thoughts/photos

Another good strategy is to post photos that would capture the audiences attention. This photo shows these men caught these giant catfish at Smithville Lake. Posting a photo such as this can actually be used as an advertisement for fishing at the lake.

This is another example of an attempt at evoking an emotional response from the audience.


The AOK Campground & RV Park shared this photo in an attempt at engaging an emotional response from the audience. This could also be an idea for Mozingos visitors to share their own family photos from their trips to Mozingo.


Update regularly

Branson Golf updated its Facebook every couple of days. Posting and commenting every couple of days will keep Mozingo involved in the fans conversations and will encourage the fans to stay engaged in what Mozingo has to offer


Post current information

Table Rock Lake updated its Facebook with the current information on how the fishing is going and what the lake currently looks like in the fall. The photo also goes with the information posted and gives the fans a visual image of what they could currently be doing on the lake.


Monitor all activity

This post was made by the previous management staff when they learned they were being replaced by new people.

The new management of Basswood addressed the previous post and explained what was going on. This is an excellent example of monitoring all activity. The new management saw the post and decided to address the problem to clear up confusion and let the fans know not to worry.


Posting Posting to Facebook can be done by anyone with Admin privileges to the Facebook page. See the Passwords Page for access to your Facebook account. The Manager of the page can add and delete individuals. If multiple people are posting, the posts can be signed with the persons initials or name showing who wrote the post. Our suggestion is to have at least one person for the lake specifically, and at least one person for the golf course specifically. More employees can be added as needed. With one person posting for the golf course events and updates and one of the lake events and updates will ensure the most correct information is reaching the Facebook pages audience. At first, it will be more beneficial to start out slow and only have a few select people in charge of the Facebook page. Eventually, a Twitter feed can be introduced once the Facebook page is fully implemented. When Twitter is included it is important to have different posts for each. An effective social media posting plan is having two separate social media platforms posting separate material because each platform will reach a different target. Mozingo should update Facebook through updating status updates, adding events that are happening on the golf course and around the lake, photos should be included regularly and contests introduced on the page will engage the audience into participating. It is also a good idea to introduce and regularly mention the new web site, so the audience is aware of the change. Mentioning the web site on posts such as advertising cabin rentals, will assure the audience knows where to go to rent the cabins. Updating the Facebook


page with appropriate content is also crucial to this social media plan. Its important to be conversational and friendly, but still stay professional when posting material.

Summary of posting ideas for Facebook: Status updates Add events Include photos Ask questions Include contests Appropriate content Refer back to new website

Tracking Effectiveness: When implementing a social media plan there are ways to track the effectiveness of Mozingos social media engagement. This is a crucial step in discovering how people are reacting to Mozingos social media presence. Facebook Insights is built into the Facebook page and begins tracking data as soon as the page has 30 likes. It tracks Total Likes, Friends of Fans, People Talking About This, Weekly Total Reach, and Subscribers. Facebook Insights then breaks down each of those categories into a set of demographics and locations for those groups. Facebook Insights also analyzes each post and how effective it was with reaching the audience and how viral the post goes. We suggest Facebook Insights because it is built into Facebook, is easy to use and is free to use. These insight reports are generated automatically and can be exported for printing.


This is an example Facebook Insights screenshot of a Facebook Pages audience. Tracking recommendations: Facebook Insights

Conclusion: Mozingo Lake Recreation Area can benefit greatly from an organized social media plan. Several of Mozingos competitors listed in this report are actively using Facebook as a social media tool. These competitors are engaging, interacting, and updating their pages a couple of times per week with updates of what is happening around their establishment. There are many photos of visitors with fish they have caught, and also many photos of the establishments scenery. Smithville Lake has the biggest presence of these competitors on Facebook and is implementing some decent ideas on how to engage their audience. For example, contests will encourage the audience to become involved, especially if there are incentives involved. Mozingo can have an engaged audience, and successful


social media implementation if the Facebook page engages in real-time conversations, provides quick feedback, encourages audience participation, shares memories/thoughts/photos, updates regularly, posts current information and monitors all activity on the Facebook page. Helpful Resources: For further information on social media related questions there are many websites dedicated to engaging traffic and maintaining audience relationships. These are the most common websites:

Facebook Password: Your Facebook page can be found at User name/email = Password = 3000Acres


Works Cited Coffey, Matt. Why You Shouldn't Over Post on Facebook. 29 September 2012. Peters, Meghan. SMO vs. Engagement: Why They're Different and How You Can Rock Both. 13 November 2011. Stelzner, Michael. 3 Reasons Facebook Trumps Twitter for Business. 6 July 2010.




Rebranding any brand can be a monumental task. Not only do you have to change your logo on every sign, business card, and brochure, but you also have to manage your brands presence on the internet, and in your case, also in GPS systems. Since this is such a large task, weve begun the process for you here. Weve narrowed our focus to the most important area for Mozingo: Directory Sites, Map-Based Web Sites, Review Web Sites, GPS, and Calendars. What youll find in this report is the results of our analysis of how, or if, Mozingo is currently listed within these types of services. Most of what youll find here are charts that indicate the sites weve investigated, along with the status of Mozingos presence on those sites, and recommendations. What youll notice is Mozingo already has a decent presence in many important directories. But, those listings do not consistently refer to Mozingo in the same manner. In some cases, Mozingo is listed as Mozingo Park, or Mozingo Golf Club or Mozingo Golf Course. Our goal is to ensure that Mozingo has one name, one identity in all of these important areas to avoid confusion as well as reiterate it is one entity. Of course, we did not act on any of this information, because you have not yet decided to rebrand. But, if you do choose to do so according to our recommendations, at some point you can attack this list, and work on getting Mozingos name consistent, everywhere. There are directions for almost every


name change, or editing of any kind. We tried to make this process as stress-free as possible for you. Directory Sites: Since Mozingo has such a vast array of offerings, its already listed on a number of outdoor-oriented, resource-based directory web sites. For example, there are dozens of golf course directory web sites. Weve looked into the most popular of those web sites to see if, first, Mozingo is currently listed. We then studied how Mozingo might be listed, and have made recommendations for you, if necessary, to request any modifications to the listing to align with your rebranding campaign. In the charts attached, youll find several different categories of directory web sites: golfing, camping, fishing, and RVing. For each category, weve provided to you the results of our analysis, in chart form. Youll find the name of the web site, its URL, whether or not Mozingo has a presence on the site now, details about that presence, recommendations and information related to submitting a request to change your current entry in the directory. Map-Based Sites: Similar to directory sites, Mozingo also has a decent presence on mapbased websites. Its important to be listed on map sites because its a great way to be exposed to a new audience whenever they type in keywords such as camping or fishing. We picked the most popular and most utilized maps available to the public to research: Google maps, MapQuest, and Yahoo maps. Mozingo had a presence in all three; however it was listed under several different


names. Mozingo was listed as Mozingo Lake Golf Club, Mozingo Lake, and Mozingo Lake Golf Course. It is important to change the name to Mozingo Lake Recreation Area to create a uniform-type feel to the facility. We have also analyzed a website called This website broadcasts the most popular map-based sites and shows if Mozingo is found in those sites or not. It provides you the opportunity to fix or edit any piece of information about Mozingo for no charge. For each category, weve provided to you the results of our analysis, in chart form. In the chart youll find the URL, whether or not Mozingo has a presence on the site currently, how Mozingo is presented, and any directions regarding entry change, as well as recommendations. Review Web Sites: Mozingos presence is mostly unknown regarding review web sites. We researched the more popular websites used such as Trip Advisor, Yelp,, RV Park Reviews and a few others. Its important to know how Mozingo is being portrayed throughout the internet because people conduct research before they go on vacations. We want to get people talking to attract attention to Mozingo. Throughout these sites it became evident Mozingo was either not included or there were very few reviews. The good news is, the few reviews present were positive. In the research we included the following categories in the chart: URL, number of reviews, focus of the reviews, whether it was positive or negative feedback, how many people visit the sites and directions on how to edit any information found on these sites. A valuable tool we utilized in figuring out the


level of importance of the review sites was a website called It generates the amount of people who typically visit the review site. For example, Trip Advisor has approximately 16 million people using their website to plan vacations. Fortunately, these sites make it fairly simple to change or edit any information you may want to, typically free of charge. Calendars: Mozingos presence was relatively unheard of in regards to calendars outdoor related websites. We analyzed closely the Midwest Traveler,, Midwest Living and AAA Auto Club because they are used so frequently by vacationers. In the chart youll find the name of the website, the URL, and instructions on how to change or edit information in those calendars. For example, has a simple Add a listing button you can click to start the editing process. Its important for Mozingo to be included in various calendars so both local and regional visitors know when youre hosting special events or promotions. GPS: GPS is a very valuable piece of equipment for Mozingo. It is imperative Mozingo Lake Recreation Area is listed correctly throughout GPS devices. In Garmin, Mozingo is listed as Mozingo Lake Golf Course, as you can see from this URL. maryville%2Cmo+&country=US&submit=Search&lang=en&search_submitted=1 In


Navteq Mozingo is listed as Mozingo Lake Golf Club, so it can get confusing for people who arent extremely familiar with Mozingo Lake and its amenities. It is indeed possible to change and edit information in major GPS brands such as Garmin, NavTeq, and Tele Atlas. In fact, NavTeq lists Mozingo as "Ozingo" in one area, so submitting that change should be a high priority for Mozingo, not only because it's such a blatant typo, but because it appears NavTeq provides maps to other GPS manufacturers. To submit any error information, go to and that website will help you get the information correct. We highly recommend changing the wrong information found in GPS systems to make it easier for regional visitors to find Mozingo. GPS is a valuable tool to drive new and returning visitors to Mozingo. Travelers mark their favorite locations within their GPS systems to easily return again later. Likewise, travelers also use GPS to find new destinations, like golf courses and RV camping locations. So, we think it's important for Mozingo to not only be listed in the main GPS systems, but also to ensure that the listings are accurate, consistent, and complete. For example, in Navteq GPS systems, Mozingo is not listed in the "Recreation Area" or "Sports Activities" categories. It is listed twice in the "Recreation" category, but one listing appears as "Ozingo," clearly a problem. In Garmin, Mozingo is listed as Mozingo Lake Golf Course. (You can see the listing at this URL: In Navteq, Mozingo is listed as Mozingo Lake Golf Club, and it would be best to have all Mozingo references the same; we recommend, for example, the golf listings as: Mozingo Lake Recreation


Area Golf Course. This will establish the name of the entire complex and also make it clear that there is a golf facility available. It is indeed possible to change and edit information in major GPS brands such as Garmin, NavTeq, and Tele Atlas. As an important note, NavTeq provides maps to other GPS manufacturers, so submitting changes to them is a high priority. To submit any error information, go to and that website will help you get the information correct. You can request changes or additions to categories of Garmin devices at this URL: Below is a chart that indicates how Mozingo is currently listed on some major GPS systems. Please bear in mind that we were not able to check every brand or every updated map, so please use this as a rough guide to help you understand Mozingo's current GPS status. The following is charts to help place Mozingo into these review sites and GPS databases and to update Mozingos information in the databases Mozingo is already placed in.






Media Strategy


Media Plan Executive Summary

Considering the focus of our class is to re-brand Mozingo Lake and make it an entity with one name, we think that it is most important to inform the local community once the new identity is chosen. For this reason, we chose to spend a substantial amount of money in local media. Our research indicated that the community feels a sense of ownership of Mozingo Lake, so it is important that the greater Maryville community is the first to be introduced to the new Mozingo Lake.

To that end, weve outlined a rebranding campaign media buy, where we recommend which media are the best to advertise in, and when the best time is to run those ads.

It is also important that the new Mozingo Lake logo be consistently advertised to the regional tourism community, so we have also created a longterm campaign that recommends specific publications to encourage visits from regional travelers. We also are choosing to have a booth at area Midwest trade shows, so that outdoor enthusiasts and leisure travelers from the Midwest region know about the re-branding and also about the attractions that Mozingo Lake has.


Rebranding: The main goal of this plan is to inform the local community about the new Mozingo Lake brand. To do that, we suggest local media such as Nodaway News Leader, Maryville Daily Forum, The Northwest Missourian, 95.9 KNIM, 97.1 KVLL, 106.7 KZLX, 90.5 KXCV. These media serve Maryville and the surrounding area local news and information. Both 90.5 KXCV and the Maryville Daily Forum each had a significant positive impact on the classs primary research after publicizing the survey, indicating the audience of each is actively interested in Mozingo Lake.

The driving demographic element is the geographic location of the target. Although introducing the new Mozingo Lake name, logo, and website to the local community and its is a crucial aspect of this plan, the other goal is an ongoing advertising and marketing plan. For this, we highly suggest local billboards which are effective for local and regional advertising. Billboards can help remind locals about Mozingo Lake offerings as they commute daily, but equally important, they'll inform travelers that Mozingo Lake exists, encouraging a visit. Along with billboards, we also suggest highway logo signs to direct the travelers to Mozingo Lake.


Long Term During the meeting with the client, we understood that there has been an approved bump in the budget for the rebranding efforts, which include all previous media mentioned. For the long term, we propose the following methods for the most efficient return on investment.

To specifically reach the target market based more on interests and hobbies than just geographic location, we suggest regional a regional tourism magazine; The Midwest Traveler/AAA Auto Club, website;, Facebook ads, Google Keyword, and Google Keyword Search. This media specifically targets individuals psychographic ally but by also taking into consideration geography. Billboards and Highway logo signs should also continue long term.

This plan recommends both a rebranding effort and long-term advertising recommendations. Executing the combination will jumpstart the new brand of Mozingo Lake and result in a positive return on investment for Mozingo Lake.

Media Type Priorities: The single, top priority media vehicle in this media plan is the outdoor advertising. Although other media vehicles had more money spent on them, the outdoor advertising is the media type that will reach the most local and regional

targets. We chose this media type as our priority, we believed that we gain the attention of more of our viewers with billboards and highway logo signs in the most cost effective way. Specific Rebranding Media Choices Outdoor Advertising Choices: Billboards- We chose to advertise using billboards because of the it allows Mozingo Lake to showcase its offerings and assets to those who are traveling in the region. The locations chosen for the billboards are strategically chosen by placing them at four different highways entering Maryville. All the billboards are a 12ft by 6ft billboard except for one, which is 24 ft by 10 ft. It will serve as a reminder to the locals that commute and as a way to inform and direct travelers and visitors of Maryville and Mozingo Lake. Each of the billboards are to run for a full year but we would suggest this be an advertising tool that Mozingo Lake continue to get the most return on investment.


Billboard: M 63-1-E is located on 71 highway, about a half mile west of Maryville and has a daily effective rate of 4,232. The total for installation and a 12 month contract is $1,374 which is approximately $0.89 per thousand people that view it.

Billboard: M 59-1 is located on 71 highway one mile west of Maryville and has a daily effective rate of 3,194. The total for installation and a 12 month contract is $2,274 which is approximately $1.95 per thousand people that view it.

Billboard: M 38-2-W is located on Highway 136 just east of Maryville with a daily effective rate of 8,465. The total for installation and a 12 month contract is $2,444, which is approximately $0.79 per thousand people that view it.

Billboard: M 37-2-W is located on highway 136 about three and a half miles east of 71 highway and has a daily effective rate of 8,465. The total for installation and a 12 month contract is $3,980 which is approximately $1.29 per thousand that view it.

Missouri Highway Logo Signs - Like billboards, these signs will serve as a reminder to the local community and it will show travelers and visitors


that Mozingo Lake and Recreation Area is a camping and attraction site located close to Maryville. This will also help to direct travelers and visitors to the Lake. We bought two different Missouri Highway Logo signs, one of them close to the Interstate 71 Northbound Maryville exit and the other one close to the Interstate 71 Southbound Maryville exit. We bought the signs for a 12-month period, which comes to a total of $1,700. We chose to advertise under Attractions and Camping to draw people in off the highway to visit Mozingo Lake. There are testimonials on the Missouri Interstate Logos website that tell about how the signs bring in visitors daily.

Radio Choices: KNIM- This is a Maryville based country music station. The content relates to our local targets interest. The age range of 25-65 listed in the SRDS book also aligns with the demographic elements of the target audience. Advertising Spots: We suggest one hundred, 30 second advertisements during the midday day part which totals at $1,400. KNIM is a local radio station that reaches not only Nodaway County but the surrounding counties for a total of 52,797 people (12+) in the market, showing this choice is cost effective due to the amount of


people the station has the potential to reach on a daily basis. The cost per thousand people that hear the ad is $3.31.

VILL- This is the Maryville classic rock station. While promoting the surveys on the VILL for the primary research, the class found that the survey results skyrocketed after being publicized over this radio station, proving those the listeners are actively interested in Mozingo Lake. This advertising spots would run during the four month period of the campaign. Advertising Spots: We suggest one hundred, 30 second advertisements during the midday which totals at $1,400. The VILL is a local station that reaches not only Nodaway County but also the counties the surrounding counties for a total of 52,797 people (12+) in the market, showing this choice is cost effective due to the amount of people the station has the potential to reach on a daily basis. The cost per thousand people that hear the ad is $3.31.

KXCV- This station provides in depth news, information and entertainment for 32 counties, which includes 73,751 (12+) people in the Midwest corners of Missouri, Iowa, Kansas and Nebraska, which geographically, is where we are targeting. Like, 97.1 the VILL, while promoting the surveys on KXCV for the primary research, the class found that the survey results boosted after being publicized over this station, proving those the listeners are actively interested in Mozingo Lake.


Underwriting Spots: One hundred spots of 30 second underwriting with KXCV during the morning day part totals at $1,500. The cost per thousand is $2.54.

KZLX- This station is the student operated radio station at Northwest Missouri State University. KZLX, a low power FM station, targets mainly the college market but also caters to the Maryville community for a total of about 13,000 listeners. Since the team also suggested advertising with the Northwest Missourian, which is also Student Media, Mozingo Lake will receive a five percent discount off of the underwriting spots for choosing two different Student Media outlets. Underwriting Spots: With KZLX we suggest package C of the Student Media Packages, which consists of eight 30 second ads Monday through Thursday, totaling 480 commercials per semester which makes the cost per thousand $0.l3, very cost effective.

Print Choices: Northwest Missourian- We chose the Northwest Missourian as one of our newspaper choices to advertise in because it has a targeted audience of Northwest Missouri State University students and local residents. Mozingo Lake officials expressed interest in attracting more college students, and this newspaper specifically targets that market. The Missourian has a


circulation of 4,000 papers that are distributed both on campus and throughout the community on Thursdays. Thirteen ads will run in both the broadsheet and the supplements of the Northwest Missourian. With 12 ads Mozingo Lake would receive a 20 percent frequency discount as well, which has been factored into the total. Large: A total of 10 column inches per ad, which is placed 10 times throughout the months of August, September, March and April. These ads are black and white and $62.50 each but when considering the amount of people that the ad has potential to reach the cost per thousand is only $0.01, which is cost extremely cost effective. New Student Guide: The New Student Guide is a supplement of the Northwest Missourian that is published distributed to the new incoming students in the summer and beginning of school year. With its focus on informing the new students about Northwest and Maryville, placing an ad in here is necessary. This ad is full color and is a quarter page sized ad at $122.80 with a cost per thousand of $0.02, proving this choice is cost effective. Survival Guide: Like the New Student Guide, the Survival Guide focuses on informing the market about the University and City of Maryville, to not just students but to residents and visitors. This is a full page, full color ad at $120 which is $0.02 per thousand, indicating this is a cost effective choice.


Maryville Daily Forum- This paper is local and many residents read this newspaper. Advertisements in this newspaper will draw the attention of local residents for Mozingo Lake. In the classs efforts to promote the survey that provided primary research for Mozingo Lake, the submissions of surveys jumped about 30 percent, proving the people who read the Daily Forum are actively interested in Mozingo Lake. We chose to run 18 ads on Wednesdays, which will serve as a reminder of activities to do for the upcoming weekend. Large: A total of 20 column inches per ad, which is placed four times (monthly) throughout the four month campaign, alternating with the smaller advertisements. Since this is a larger ad, we chose to display it in color. These ads are $275 each but when considering the amount of people that the ad has potential to reach the cost per thousand is only $0.06, which is cost effective. Small: A total of 10 column inches per ad, which is placed 12 times (weekly) throughout the four month campaign. These ads will be black and white and will alternate with the larger full color ads. These ads are $72 each for a total of $870. The cost per thousand is $0.02, which is cost effective.

Nodaway News Leader- The Nodaway News Leader is a little more of a regional publication than the Maryville Daily Forum or the Northwest


Missourian. Advertising in the News Leader will attract the Nodaway county residents outside of the city of Maryville. We chose to run 18 ads on Thursdays, which will serve as a reminder of activities to do for the upcoming weekend. Large: A total of 20 column inches per ad, which is placed four times throughout the four month campaign, alternating with the smaller advertisements. Since this is a larger ad, we chose to display it in color. A 20 column inch full color ad is $277 and the cost per thousand is $0.04, proving it is cost effective. Small: A total of 10 column inches per ad, which is placed 12 times throughout the four month campaign. These ads will be black and white and will alternate with the larger full color ads. A 10 column inch black and white ad is $75 but the cost per thousand is $0.01, proving it is cost effective as well.

Maryville Viewbook- We suggest advertising in the Maryville Viewbook because it serves as a guide of Maryville Mo. This supplement comes out every two years and will be published again in the summer of 2013. Due to the quality of the book , it has a longer shelf life than the other publications. We chose the back cover, the prime spot of this supplement. The total for the full color, full page ad with the back cover placement is


$3,800. This comes out to about $0.32 in cost per thousand, making this choice very cost effective.

Rebranding Media Plan Schedule: We chose to start an advertising campaign for Mozingo Lake and Recreation Area in March; the campaign will go on until June, with the exception of Student Media (Northwest Missourian and x106). We are advertising in these months mainly because this is the time that the target audience begins partaking in their hobbies and activities at Mozingo Lake. The Student Media will run during the school year with the exception of the New Student Guide which comes out in the summer during Summer Orientation to all incoming new students.

Justification of Rebranding Money Spent: We are recommending that a total of $ be spent on this campaign. The rebranding efforts focus more on getting the new name, logo and website out to the community, therefore this amount is for a one time (four month) plan. However, billboards and the highway logo signs are suggested to continue to run year after year for a better return on investment long-term.


On-Going Advertising Suggested Magazine Choices: Midwest Traveler/AAA Auto Club- We chose Midwest Traveler as our only magazine choice because of the content of the magazine. We believe that the content of the magazine aligns with the psychographic elements of our target. Midwest Traveler has sections about Midwest entertainment, living and travel destinations. Campers, RV enthusiasts and fishermen are interested in all of these topics. This publication is also a recommended publication of the Missouri Department of Tourism. The total cost for this advertisement is $12,606 with an overall cost per thousand of $1.82, which is extremely cost effective.

Missouri Traveler Guide - The content of the magazine matches with our target audience. We chose for Mozingo Lake to run a half page ad and with that comes a FREE brochure ad and one FREE highlighted listing. This
total comes to $8,670.00. The cost per thousand is $5.78.


Trade Shows: Kansas City Boat and Sport Show- We suggest a booth for Mozingo Lake because Lake Officials already attend this show and if they had a booth it would draw the attention of more potential visitors to Mozingo Lake. The Kansas City Boat and Sport show is January 10-13, 2013.The Kansas City Boat and Sport Show is an annual four-day event at Bartle Hall in Kansas City, Missouri. It attracts outdoor enthusiasts from the Midwest area. This year will mark the 59th year that the show has taken place. A booth at this show is $830.

Des Moines Boat Sports and Travel Show- We chose to design a booth for this trade show for the exact same reason as the previous two trade shows. The Des Moines Boat Sports and Travel show is January 18-20, 2013. The Des Moines Boat Sports and Travel Show takes place at the Iowa Events Center. The show will also have a variety of seminars, attractions, and exhibitors. A booth at this show is $900.


Omaha Boat Sports and Travel Show- we chose to design a booth for Mozingo Lake for the same reason as the Kansas City Boat and Sport Show. Also, the trade show attendees match the target audience psychographic-wise and demographically. The Omaha Boat Sports and Travel show is February 21-24, 2013. The Omaha Boat Sports and Travel Show takes place at the CenturyLink Center in Omaha. The show is currently in its 65th year. According to the press packet, the show has been deemed the Granddaddy of Em All, and will have a variety of outdoorsmen seminars and attractions. A booth at this show is $1,150.

Online Choices: Google Adwords - The following keywords were selected based on what the target audience might search to find Mozingo Lake or similar parks. Google Adwords will be used for more for a regional campaign because search results will come up based on relevance and distance. The Google Adwords total comes to $666. "golf courses in Northwest Missouri" "Northwest Missouri campgrounds" "Northwest Missouri lake" "Northwest Missouri fishing" "Northwest Missouri equestrian trails


On-Going Media Schedule We have chosen to advertise at the trade shows in January and February during each shows date. Online ads for Google and should run yearround to provide year-round information about Mozingo Lake. Advertising in the Midwest Traveler year round, in all six of their issues, is suggested as well, to ensure year round information to the target audience.

Justification of On-Going Advertising Money Spent We are recommending that a total of $ be spent on this continuous advertising plan. These are recommendations that we suggest Mozingo Lake not only strongly consider but continue to do in the future for a bigger return on investment.

Conclusion The overall plan suggests both a rebranding effort and long-term advertising recommendations. Executing the combination will jumpstart the new brand of Mozingo Lake and result in a positive return on investment for Mozingo Lake.


We chose to spend a substantial amount of money, $25,349.40, in local media. Our research indicated that the community feels a sense of ownership of Mozingo Lake, so it is important that the greater Maryville community is the first to be introduced to the new Mozingo Lake. As mentioned previously, we also feel a long-term advertising plan for Mozingo Lake is important once the new Mozingo Lake is introduced to the surrounding area. Spending $25,349.40 for a rebranding campaign is miniscule in comparison to the estimated return on investment which is calculated to be $399,166.99. Making this plan cost effective, and a smart step in the right direction for Mozingo Lake Recreational Area.








Rebranding Return on Investment







Additional Suggestion:
Cooperative Advertising with Missouri Division of Tourism Missouri Division of Tourism offers a partnership with qualified destination marketing organizations throughout Missouri to advertise and promote the states tourism hot spots. For those applicants that are approved, Missouri Division of Tourism, through its Cooperative Marketing Program, will reimburse tourism marketing and advertising projects up to 50 percent of the total campaign. On the application, the applicant must designate a certification level and a marketing designation. Mozingo Lake would be considered a Level one, or a Smaller Market DMO. A DMO is non-profit Missouri Corporation or government unit responsible for an actively engaged in the promotion and marketing of tourism in Missouri for a minimum of two years. Mozingo Lake would be considered a Leisure travel marketing designation since it advertises to attract the leisure traveler to the campsites, lake and golf course. If an application is approved and the MDT offers cooperative advertising, the Missouri tourism logo must be included on all marketing material that is funded by through the cooperative. Eligible small project marketing activities include: Print Media advertising Electronic Media advertising Internet advertising


Artwork, design, and production of ads (limited to 30% of the ad) Printing and production of direct mail pieces Trade show registration Booth acquisition Billboard lease and artwork production Development of tourism-exclusive website

Applications are reviewed and evaluated. An applicant must receive a 70% or above to be approved. The review standards are as follows: 50% Overall quality of project and budget 25% Extent to which this project expands current marketing efforts 25% Capability of applicant DMO to execute the proposed project