A f r esh tAk e on south A meri cA n c ui si ne in A n ew ki nd of di ni ng experi enc e .

In Sout h Am e r I cA , fo od I S m or e t h A n j u St A S o u r c e o f no u r I S h ment. I t I S A gAth er I ng p o I nt, A re ASon to c e l e b r At e , A h I Story-m A ke r . I t I S th e c o mm o n th r eA d I n A c u ltu r A l tA p eStry wov en f or thouSAndS of y e A r S by A fr I cA n , A m e r I cA n- I nd I A n, AS I A n A nd eu r o p eA n I nf lu enc eS .

At nAzcA kI tch e n , our m e n u I S A dI ve r S e , r ef I ned S electI o n o f S o u th A m er I cA n d I S h eS . f r o m f r e Sh roASte d chI cke n A n d fr e S h ce vI ch e , to AcA I b r eA k fASt b ow lS A nd S p ec I A lty c o f f ee b lend S , nA zcA kItche n IS A fr e S h tA ke on t h e t r A dI t I o nA l c u I S I ne th At h AS d ef I ned S o u th A mer I cA’S h I Sto ry. A n d wIth e ve ry b I t e , you’l l fI n d t h At I t I S A h I Sto ry wo rth r ep eAtI ng.

Aji AmArillo Hummus
Hummus witH yellow cHili pepper drizzle, served witH pita crisps, carrots, and celery

dres s i n g s : soutH a me ri ca n vi na i gre tte , ci la ntro -ra n cH , cra nb e rry-b le u cH e e se , H on e y musta rd

Grilled HAlloumi CHeese
Halloumi cHeese, grilled and served witH cucumber, carrot and criolla salad, and cool cucumber sauce for dipping


AmeriCAno sAl Ad
romaine, green leaf, and baby spring mix topped witH radisHes, carrots, cucumbers, grape tomatoes, boiled egg and criolla add grilled chicken


10 9.5

roAsted PePPer- CHeddAr diP
roasted red peppers blended witH cHeddar cHeese and sundried tomato, topped witH Jack cHeese, peppers, garlic and seasonings and served witH pita crisps

7 BABy KAle & romAine sAl Ad
leaves topped witH roasted red peppers, carrots, feta, avocado, pepitas, onions, Jack cHeese, cumin and mustard seed dressing add grilled chicken

11.5 10

FisH CeviCHe
peruvian style fresH cevicHe made-to-order witH red onions, Jicama, cucumber, aJi-mangolime dressing, garnisHed witH sweet potato and criolla (10-minute preparation)

10 tAlon CHiCKen sAl Ad
romaine, green leaf, and baby spring mix witH peruvian-style delicately sHredded cHicken, radisHes, carrots, cucumbers, egg and grape tomatoes

stArter sAl Ad
romaine, green leaf, and baby spring mix, grape tomatoes, grilled corn, salsa and criolla


nAzCA roAsted CHiCKen
after marinating for 24 Hours, fresH, all-natural cHicken is roasted to moist perfection and brusHed witH our medium rocoto pepper sauce roasted Half cHicken flame-grilled butterfly cHicken breast

PAPAs FritAs
cut potatoes fried to a golden cruncHy exterior witH a warm soft center


11 12 11

Butternut squAsH medley
butternut squasH, red onion, cranberries, almonds and red peppers witH a splasH of brown sugar and Hint of cinnamon


Butter leAF-FisH tACos
fresH fisH grilled and paired witH cabbage on a butter leaf lettuce wrapper witH cHipolate-aioli drizzle and aJi amarillo sauce, served witH lime and a mango relisH

quinoA sAl Ad 11
quinoa paired witH broccoli, tomato, feta, pepitas, yellow and red peppers, pecans, and black olives tossed in taHini glaze


trAditionAl FisH tACos
fresH fisH grilled and paired witH cabbage on tortillas blended witH corn and flour (mitad y mitad) and topped witH cHipolate-aioli drizzle and aJi amarillo sauce, served witH lime and a mango relisH

roAsted Corn
fresH sweet corn on tHe cob, roasted to perfection


FisH CeviCHe
peruvian style fresH cevicHe made-to-order witH red onions, Jicama, cucumber, aJi-mango-lime dressing, garnisHed witH sweet potato and criolla
(10-minute preparation)


(seasonally available)

yuKon G old mAsHed PotAtoes 16
fresH yukon gold potatoes seasoned witH garlic and butter and drizzled witH a delicious peruvian aJi sauce


HAnGAr steAK
argentinian style, marinated fresH steak, grilled and served witH yukon gold masHed potatoes

Cole sl Aw


CHiPotle- CHiCKen sAndwiCH
grilled fresH cHicken breast topped witH sautéed peppers, mozzarella, and bacon, served on our amazon cruncH bun witH lettuce, tomato, cHipolateaioli drizzle and criolla


fresH-cut cabbage, Jicama, peppers and onions tossed in a sweet dressing

seAsonAl veGetABles
sautéed seasonal vegetables



mild HerB
A blend of pArsley, Aji peppers, citrus, sAge And oregAno with A touch of chili powder

steAK sAndwiCH
marinated fresH Hangar steak, topped witH sautéed peppers, mozzarella, Jicama slaw, tomato and Homemade steak sauce, served on our amazon cruncH bun

12 medium ro Coto PePPer
Aji peppers And seAsonings with A hint of heAt from rocoto peppers, pAprikA , red pepper And A dAsh of chipotle pepper

Andes BurGer
blended akausHi and argentinian grass-fed beef witH avocado masH, rocoto pepper-cHeese paste and our amazon cruncH bun


tAlon CHiCKen wrAP
peruvian-style delicately sHredded cHicken, delicately sHredded and served witH a tangy yogurt sauce and a spicy, cHili-Jam sauce, leaf lettuce, almond slices and criolla

Hot ro Coto - CHiPotle
the rocoto sAuce with An extrA Addition of chipotle pepper for A dArker, sAvory heAt

Fou nt i A n dr i n Ks
coke, diet coke, coke zero, sprite, dr pepper, root beer, lemonade

2 .5

s e rve d 6 : 30 a m - 11 a m

PeriCo BreAKFAst wrAPs
prepared witH scrambled eggs, cHeddar cHeese, cilantro, onions and roasted peppers • cHorizo, egg and yukon potatoes • bacon and egg • spinacH, egg and bacon • roasted kale, egg and pepitas (vegetarian)


Fr es H Br e w e d i C e d t e A Bot t le d d ri n Ks
inca cola cane sugar dr pepper coconut water

2 .5

3 8oz 3.5 3.5 3.5 1 2oz 3.5 3.5 3.5 3.5 16oz

ACAi Bowl
classic brazilian blend of acai, granola, sliced bananas, seasonal fruits and a maplemaraculla drizzle


Fr es H j u i C e s
fresH squeezed oJ passion fruit lime orange passion fruit

GrAnol A & milK
Homemade mix of rolled oats, Honey, pecans, sunflower seeds and cinnamon


Fr es H Col A d o s
a blenD oF FresH Fruit, milK anD iCe

yo Gurt Bowl 4.5 4.5 4.5 4.5
soutH-american version of tHe greek disH witH Honey, granola, sliced bananas, seasonal fruits, and maple-maraculla drizzle


passion fruit & mango mango, orange & passion fruit strawberry banana pineapple & passion

steel Cut oAtmeAl
C oFFee & s P e C i A lt y d r i n Ks
nazca Heritage House blend regular or decaf Hot cHocolate


1.5 2 .5 1 2oz 2 .8 2 .8 3 .3 3 .3 3.5 2 sGl 1.7

2 3 16oz 3.5 3.5 4 4 4.3 2 .5 dBl 2

House toasted, steal cut oats served warm witH toasted nuts

FresH Fruit Bowl
seasonal, fresH-cut fruit


e s P r e s s o B e v e r AG e s
*all espresso beverages are maDe witH nazCa Heritage blenD

latte cappuccino vanilla latte mocHa caramel latte americano

FrenCH mACAro ons
cHoose tHree flavors - raspberry, pistacHio, caramel fleur de sel, and passion fruit


raspberry and passion fruit carrot cake witH goat cHeese


espresso sHot

A d d - ons
flavor reg/sugar free espresso sHot organic soy milk

.5 .8 .6

sACHer torte
ricH cHocolate cake layered witH passion fruit ganacHe


exCellent Beer And wine seleCtions AvAil ABle

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