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his website Spatial Energy Coherence (SEC) Technology is Patent Pending: 61254675, by Dr.
Ronald Stiffler Replication by Panacea-bocaf. Building the 'Spatial Gate,' by Panacea-bocaf.

Energy Conversion by Articulated Transfer (ECAT) by Dr. Stiffler.

Spatial Energy Coherence article by Dr. Stiffler at

Tests of his circuit at

Tests of his circuit at

Discussion of the SEC at

Discussion of the SEC at

Discussion of the SEC at

YouTube videos:

Videos at

Videos at Follow Dr. Ronald R. Stiffler on

Hydrogen Production with the SEC and ONE DIODE!
More on the SEC Hydrogen generator. REPLICATIONS: I was able to concoct something together from seemingly incompatible parts (see attached images). spatial_gate_1.jpg ; spatial_gate_2.jpg ; spatial_gate_3.jpg It… appears that my Spatial Gate produces AC, as indicated by the glow of both electrodes on the neon bulb. Current consumption, in mA, is shown on the DMM in each individual photo. cool_white_spatial_gate_1.jpg ; cool_white_spatial_gate_2.jpg ; cool_white_spatial_gate_3.jpg ; cool_white_spatial_gate_4.jpg ; cool_white_spatial_gate_5.jpg

The incandescent bulb is a 4W night lamp; the fluorescent is also 4W with a large 10K resistor for heat dissipation. Picture at PhotoBucket, PICTURE, PICTURE, PICTURE As L1 L2 L3 per : From the power rail to the collector. From Collector to Load tunable.

PRECAUTIONS: DON’T use aluminum for the SEC! ; I have taken precautions for the devices as i leave them unattended. I have heard others say that after a few days the captret just fizzles out and that caps can be damaged. In the video I had it running of a 1.5v battery which works pretty well but on 3v it is very bright so that means there is a lots of unseen U/V light but make sure you take precautions with these germicidal tubes as U/V light is not good for living things [OR, your eyes].

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