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Its hard to avoid getting sick when youre living in the dorms with hundreds of other students. Heres some ways you can beat the sickness before it even starts:
Get plenty of rest Drink lots of fluids Take a multivitamin every day Get plenty of extra rest if you are starting to feel sick

Avian Influenza/ Bird Flu


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Bird Flu F.A.Q.

WHAT ARE THE SYMPTOMS OF THE BIRD FLU? Symptoms of the bird flu mimic that of the influenza virus (common flu).
Cough Diarrhea Difficulty breathing ever over . Headache Malaise Muscle aches Runny nose Sore throat

IS THERE A VACINATION FOR THE BIRD FLU? A Food and Drug Administration approved vaccine has been purchased by the federal government. It will be distributed by public-health officials if the need arises. WHAT SHOULD I DO IF I THINK I HAVE THE BIRD FLU? The symptoms of the influenza virus (otherwise known as the flu) are very similar to those of the avian bird flu. If you are experiencing flu-like symptoms it is most likely the flu. However, if you suspect that you have the bird flu, you should seek medical attention immediately. IS THERE A DOCTOR ON CAMPUS? You can make an appointment with the universitys Health Center, which is located on campus. Hours are Mon-Fri, 8:00-4:30 It cost $10you can pay cash or put it on your student bill HOW WILL I BE NOTIFIED OF AN OUTBREAK OF BIRD FLU ON CAMPUS? Emergency email notifications will be sent to all students if an outbreak of the bird flu is discovered on campus.

WILL THE SICK BE QUARENTINED? Quarantined is a harsh way to phrase it. If an outbreak of the bird flu was discovered on campus, those who are infected would be roomed together to prevent the passing of sickness between students.

SHOULD I STOP EATING CHICKEN? Nofeel free to eat all the chicken you want! You cannot contract the bird flu from eating fully cooked poultry or eggs.

H O W M A N Y C A S E S O F T H E B I RD F L U H A V E B E E N R E P O RT E D I N T H E U .S . ? There has never been a highly pathogenic outbreak of H5N1 in birds of humans in the United States. (H5N1 is the strain of the bird flu that is highly contagious among bird populations). There have been small out breaks of H5N2 in the United States, but this strain is far less contagious and easily contained. There is no reason at the moment to believe that a bird flu pandemic will afflict the United States.

HOW DO YOU GET THE BIRD FLU? Humans catch the bird flu by coming into contact with infect birds, or infected bird droppings. It is possible for infected humans to spread the disease to other humansbut it is highly unlikely. ull/avianflu.2007-1.html