Which Little Elf? ... a game of Who’s Who!

Can you match each little elf to his or her 2012 accomplishments? A. This little elf won three 1st place blue ribbons at 4-H Fall
Fest! In his spare time, he enjoys creating with Legos and writing his own musical compositions. Elf _____ Maddie, age 14

B. In 2012, this little elf traveled with the church youth to
Georgia, took a summer acting class, volunteered as a puppeteer with the library, went to 4-H Challenge camp, worked in the church nursery as a teacher’s assistant, and vacationed in Florida. Despite her full schedule of extracurricular activities, she still managed to learn how to solve for x in math. C. Over the past year, this little elf has read more than 150 novels! She doesn’t always have her nose stuck in a book, though. She also won a parish level 4-H speaking contest and learned to make a pot of coffee strong enough to please the Daddy Elf. D. This little elf has learned to sew! She modeled her winning apron and skirt in the 4-H spring fashion show. She also spent a lot of time in the past year working as a “mother’s helper” for a family with four young kids. E. During the past twelve months, this little elf won 1st place in a state level 4-H speaking contest, was elected president of the 4-H club and surpassed the Mother Elf in height.

Elf _____ Joel, age 12

Elf _____ Megan, age 11

Elf _____ Nathan, age 11

Elf _____ Julia, age 9

Merry Christmas ... from our family to yours!
It happened one day this past year, but I missed it. I can’t tell you exactly when it happened. All I know is that it did. ~Last Christmas, Joel was shorter than me. This year he is taller than me by a half inch or so.~
Now it’s Christmastime again. Time to decorate with bright lights and glittery ornaments. It’s the season for caroling loudly, baking with real butter and remembering everyone we hold dear. There will be celebrations with feasting and presents topped with big bows. And if I am not very careful as I go about enjoying all of the splendor of the season, I’ll miss Christmas too. Even the old Grinch knows Christmas is about much more than the tinsel and trimmings, sweet goodies in the kitchen, or the cards in the mailbox. Christmas cannot be bought in a store nor found stuffed in a stocking. Yet somehow, year after year, I find it far too easy to become so focused on finding the perfect gift for everyone on my list that I forget the only gift that has ever mattered has already been given. Tucked away beneath all the wadded up wrapping paper, there’s a baby boy wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in the manger. Please ... don’t miss Him, for if you do then you’ll have missed Christmas altogether.
“You can never truly enjoy Christmas until you can look up into the Father’s face and tell him you have received His Christmas gift.” ~John R. Rice With many wishes for bright and happy 2013, Jon & Paige Hamilton Maddie, Joel, Megan, Nathan and Julia

Elf A: Nathan; Elf B: Maddie; Elf C: Julia; Elf D: Megan; Elf E: Joel

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