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A Poem

By Anthony J. Fejfar

© Copyright 2007 by Anthony J. Fejfar

I walked through
The desert,
On yonder morn,
Spying chickens,
Shucking corn.

I walked by the Lake,

Water full,
Never a moment,
That could be dull.

I walked down the path,

Straight and true,
Forest Rain,
Forest Dew.

I walked on the first day,

Of creation shone,
Found many a Wizard,
Never a crone.

I walked on the first day,

Of creation real,
Trout fishing day,
Fishing Creel.


I walked on the first day,
On moonlit glenn,
Forest People,
Shone again.

I walked into town,

For all to see,
Nickel lemonaide,
My soul to feel.

I walked into paradaise,

Heaven’s gate,
Never a problem,
Never late.

I walked into Hell,

To see what’s what,
Fire and brimstone,
In a rut.

I walked into purgatory,

Open door,
A lot of praying,
Nary a snore.

I walked into Heaven,

For all to see,
Meaningful Happiness,