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ArkiBoard Tips 15 1.

What type of street comes from a collector street to an individual property and provides access to an abutting property? a. cul-de-sac b. minor street c. marginal access street d. arterial street 2. Which slope does not drain well and needs to be paved. a. 1% b. 2% c. 3% d. 4% 3. What is the ideal slope for a play area? a. 1-2% b. 3-7% c. 8-15% d. above 16% 4. What is considered most legal? a. column footing projecting 500mm from the property line to highway b. zocalo wall c. column footing projecting 250mm to the adjacent property line d. firewall on three sides of the property 5. What would you recommend to use as a traffic separator below Arcades? a. bollards b. fountain c. planting strips d. fence 6. An architect needs to show his client the entirety of the project in full 3D and realistic form. What is the best way to do this? a. animation b. scale model

c. perspective d. manual sketch 7. How do you specify pipes? a. inside diameter b. outside diameter c. gauge d. weight 8. As Project Manager for a 3-storey residence, you were told by the Owner that he would like a finish on his fence to still show the CHB. What would you tell your foreman/mason to tidy up? a. soleras b. kostilyahes c. palitada d. kostura 9. What type of window admits 95% of air? a. casement b. sliding c. awning d. louvers with 150mm width blades 10. For a hospital operating room with double doors, which is the most appropriate? a. deadbolt b. knob type door lock on one side and deadbolt at the other side c. no lock, double swing door d. double swing door with hydraulic mechanism to close the doors automatically at the top of both leaves