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The Key of Solomon

(Clavicula Salomonis)

Edited by S. Liddell MacGregor Mathers
Revised by Joseph H. Peterson,
Copyright 1999, 2004, 2005. All rights reserved.
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INTRODUCTION by Joseph H. Peterson.
The Key of Solomon is the most famous and important of all Grimoires, or
handbooks of Magic. As A.E. Waite has stated (BCM, pg. 58) "At the head of all,
and, within certain limits, the inspiration and the source of all, stands the Key of
Solomon. ... Mr. Mathers' presentation of the Key of Solomon, which is still in print,
though the work of an uncritical hand, must be held to remove the necessity for
entering into a detailed account of the contents of that curious work. ... The Key of
Solomon can scarcely be judged accurately in the light of its English version, for the
translator, preternaturally regarding it as a highly honourable memorial of lawful
magic, has excised as much as possible the Gotic portions, on the ground that they
are interpolations, which is of course arbitrary."
Mr. Waite's harsh criticism is hardly justified. In fact, Mathers excised very
little. Actually, three of the four significant excisions are operations dealing with
love magic (Colorno, chapters 11-13: The experiment of Love, and how it should be
performed; The experiment or operation of the fruit; Of the operation of love by her
dreams, and how one must practice it. The fourth excision is chapter 14: Operations
and experiments regarding hate and destruction of enemies.)
It is true that the Mathers edition would not be considered critical by modern
standards of scholarship (but Waite's editions of various esoteric texts leave far more
to be desired than Mathers'). Especially wanting are a proper critical apparatus, an
analysis of the relation between manuscripts, and better utilization of the Latin and
Italian manuscripts. Nevertheless, this edition has stood the test of time.
Of course, none of the manuscripts used by Mathers qualify as "ancient" or
even "medieval"; the oldest is probably 16th century. There are however precedents
going back further, on which see Richard Greenfield's Traditions of Belief in Late
Byzantine Demonology.
Mathers' translation is almost entirely dependant on French Colorno
manuscript exemplars dating 18th century. These are represented by the Kings 288,
Harley 3981, and Sloane 3091 manuscripts. Kings 288 and Harl. 3981 indicate they
were translated by Abraham Colorno, which phrase is missing from Sl. 3091. Of
these Sl. 3091 and Kings 288 are easier to read. Abraham Colorno, a Jewish
engineer of Mantua (fl. 1578-1598), translated it into Italian. Kings 288 includes
some phrases which are missing from Harley 3981, so the former is probably not a
direct ancestor of the latter. Sl. 3091 likewise has some phrases missing from the
others, and regularly replaces "Amen" with "Ainsi soit-il" (so be it). Although
Mathers felt Sl3091 "has many errors of transcription," I have generally found it to
be the most correct of the Colorno group (i.e. between Sl3091, H3981, K288, and
In addition, Mathers made significant use of Lansdowne 1202, even though he
pronounces it "more concise in style." Its title page reads: "LES VRAIS
often coincides exactly with the Colorno manuscripts, which convinces me that it
was based mainly on a Colorno ancestor. However the frequent deviations and
elisions suggest to me that the editor was trying to make a more concise and
readable edition, which of course makes its authority less reliable. L1202 displays
simple mistakes in some of the Latin passages. It also regularly replaces "Amen"
with "Ainsi soit-il". Where K288 differs from H3981, L1202 generally seems to
follow the latter. Where Sl3091 differs from the others, L1202 generally follows it.
However, L1202 can't be a direct ancestor of Sl3091 since it contains elements
missing from the latter, such as the missing Psalm and "Anefeneton" from book 2
chapter 17. Nonetheless, it is safe to say that L1202 is derived from a closely related
Also heavily used by Mathers was LES VRITABLES CLAVICULES DE
SALOMON, Traduites de l'Hebreux en langue Latine Par le Rabin ABOGNAZAR
(Lansdowne MSS 1203.) Its inclusion by Mathers is puzzling because it is utterly
different in content from the other manuscripts (aside from a few of the pentacles at
the end of the manuscript) and really should stand alone as a separate text. Another
copy can be found in ms. fran. 25314 de la Bibliothque nationale.
Additional 10862 is primarily written in Latin, although the descriptions of the
pentacles are in Italian. It was written ca. 17th century. Mathers considered it his
oldest and sole Latin source, but makes only limited use of it. Contrary to what
Mathers wrote, I did not find it particularly difficult to read once I got use to the
orthography; likewise it has very few abbreviations: Besides using "&" for "per"
(particle and prefix) it frequently uses abbreviations for "-tur" and "-bus" which are
sometimes indistinguishable. It doesn't distinguish between u and v, and uniformly
uses an archaic form of the ae-ligature (e-ogonek). It is somewhat more succinct
than the Colorno manuscripts, so may preserve some earlier stage in the evolution of
the text. There are also frequent variations from the other manuscripts, many of
which are clearly errors. The nature of the mistakes leads me to believe that its
archetype was difficult to read. The pentacles are labelled with the appropriate
colors. The Latin sometimes corresponds closely with that in Aub. 24, however
some of the text differs considerably.
Article 2 of Ad. 10862 is an Italian manuscript titled Zecorbenei, overo
Clavicola dal re Salomone. This is no doubt a version of the Zekerboni (or
Secorbeni; also compare "Zecorbeni" in Aub. 24) and ascribed to Peter Mora (aka
Pietro Mora or Pierre Mora). In Ritual Magic (1949, pp. 135 f., p. 310) E. M. Butler
describes Mora as an "alchemist, black magician, said to be a Satanist and poisoner
who lived in Milan early in the seventeenth century, and burnt there after having
confessed (under torture) to those crimes..." Casanova seems to have possessed a
version of the same work under the name Zecor-ben or Zecorben. (Butler, loc. cit.,
Casanova, History of My Life, translated by Willard Trask, Volumes III & IV, 1967,
p. 200).
Sloane 1307 is in Italian, and is also ca. 17th century. Prayers and conjurations
are in Latin. It has much material not found in other manuscripts. Some of the
material however can be found in Ad. 10862 art. 2 ("Zecorbeni") mentioned above.
It is hard to read, except for the mystical names which are carefully done. It shares a
lot of readings with Sl. 2383 (see below). Sl. 1307 only has thirteen pentacles, and
much of the lettering in them is in Roman letters instead of the Hebrew found in
most other manuscripts.
For more details on the individual manuscripts, see the British Library
Manuscript catalogue. Also, see MAGIC AND EXPERIMENTAL SCIENCE by Lynn
Thorndike, Chapter XLIX: Solomon and the Ars Notoria.
Since Mathers' edition was published, many more manuscripts have been
uncovered, including the following:
H!rl. ""#$. %r&t&sh '&br!ry( H!rle&!n MS. ""#$. )&fteenth *ent+ry.
One of ! n+mber of Gree m!n+s*r&pt of ! te,t referre-
to !s The M!.&*!l Tre!t&se of Solomon. The *omplete te,t
h!s been p+bl&she- by Arm!n- Del!tte &n Ane*-ot!
Athen&ens&! /'&0.e( 1#23( pp. 4#3566".7 Its *ontents !re
8ery s&m&l!r to the Cl!8&*+l!( !n- &t m!y be the
prototype of the ent&re .enre. It h!s been -es*r&be- &n
R&*h!r- Greenf&el-9s Tr!-&t&ons of %el&ef &n '!te
%y:!nt&ne Demonolo.y /Amster-!m; H!ert( 1#<<7. Th&s
m!n+s*r&pt &s !lso -es*r&be- &n some -et!&l by Denn&s
D+l&n. &n the &ntro-+*t&on to h&s tr!nsl!t&on of the
Test!ment of Solomon( !s &t !lso *ont!&ns !n &n*omplete
8ers&on of the Test!ment. /&n Ch!rles=orth( The Ol-
Test!ment Pse+-ep&.r!ph!( >ol. 1(Ne= ?or( Do+ble-!y(
1#<4( pp. #4"5#<3.7
D4<< Cl!8&*+l! S!lomon&s f&l&& D!8&-. /Pr&nte- boo7 /n.p.(
6< p!.es. T&tle p!.e &s 8ell+m. Most of te,t &s &n
'!t&n( =&th port&ons !lso &n D+t*h !n- Germ!n /'!st
p!.e( !fter *on*l+-&n. Cl!8&*+l! S!lomon&s *ont!&ns !
l&st of the n!mes of Go-( &n Germ!n.7 Boo-*+t % on p!.e
4 h!s C>DEDDDC &n *enter( !n- the % h!s pr&!p+s on left
!n- r&.ht. Te,t *ommen*es =&th C%ene-&*t&o '&br&.
%ene-&*!t te '&ber P!ter F %ene-&*!t te l&ber )&l&+s...C
Te,t /p 2#7 *&tes A.r&pp!. P!rt of the D+8een
Colle*t&on. Un&8ers&ty of B&s*ons&n5M!-&son( Memor&!l
'&br!ry( Spe*&!l Colle*t&ons.
Sl. 24<4. %r&t&sh '&br!ry Slo!ne MS. 24<4. 13th *ent+ry. T&tle-
Cl!8&s l&br& se*retor+m. Not +se- by M!thers. $4 fol&os.
Th&s m!n+s*r&pt h!s no pent!*les. It &s ! sm!ll 8ol+me
/!bo+t " &n =&-e7 =&th l!r.e letter&n. !n- ! lot of
C=h&te sp!*eC. Br&t&n. 8!r&es from 8ery ne!t !n- le.&ble
to s*r!=l&n.. Only p!rt of the se*on- boo of Cl!8&*+l!
S!lomon&s &s represente-. It sh!res m!ny elements =&th
Sl. 4<63 /see belo=7( &n*l+-&n. some Chr&st&!n elements
not fo+n- &n the other m!n+s*r&pts /s+*h !s the Te
De+m7. It !lso l!*s some of the Chr&st&!n elements
fo+n- &n Sl. 4<63( so &s &mport!nt &n +n-erst!n-&n. the
Chr&st&!n&:!t&on /or -e5Chr&st&!n&:!t&on7 of the te,t.
The '!t&n of Sl. 24<4 -oes not !.ree =&th th!t of Sl.
4<63. It &s not *le!r to me !t th&s t&me =hy. Perh!ps &t
&s !lso !n &n-epen-ent tr!nsl!t&on. Sl. 24<4 !lso sh!res
m!ny elements =&th Sl. 14@3.
A+b. 26. The %o-le&!n '&br!ry( A+brey MS. 26. D!te- 1$36. T&tle-
Ge*orben& s&8e Cl!8&*+l!e S!lomon&s l&br& I> &n H+&b+s I
De Pr!ep!rement&s( II De I,per&ment&s( III De
Pent!*+l&s( I> De Art&b+s. Br&tten by John A+brey =ho
note-; CA MSS ne8er yet pr&nte-( th!t I *o+l- he!re of.
S+m A+brey 1$36( M!y #. The boo from =hen*e I
tr!ns*r&be- th&s =!s =r&tt by !n It!l&!n( !n- &n ! 8ery
.oo- h!n-.C 1@4 fol&os. In '!t&n !n- In.l&sh. The
=or-&n. of th&s &s often &-ent&*!l =&th A-. 1@<$2( b+t
l!*&n. m!ny of the m&st!es fo+n- &n the l!tter. The
te,t &s !lso f+ller th!n &n A-. 1@<$2( !n- &s some=h!t
*loser to the Colorno m!n+s*r&pts. The te,t &s
re!rr!n.e- &n ! more lo.&*!l or-er. It &s e8&-ent th!t
the m!n+s*r&pt he =!s *opy&n. from preser8e- !n e!rl&er
ortho.r!phy( s&n*e he freH+ently preser8es !n- &s
o**!s&on!lly e8en seen to *orre*t the ol-er forms; )or
e,!mple( fol <18 he =rote C!-&+roC( then *orre*te- &t to
C!-J+ro.C He !lso freH+ently preser8es the ol-
form of the !e l&.!t+re( !n- other !r*h!&sms.
M&*h. 23$. %o-le&!n '&br!ry M&*h!el MS. 23$. $2 fol&os. The t&tle
re!-s Cl!8&*olo -& S!lomone Re -9Isr!el f&.l&o -e D!8&-.
%o+n- =&th Hebre= MS. Pr!yers !n- *onJ+r!t&ons !re &n
'!t&n( b+t freH+ently e,h&b&t s&mple m&st!es /e...
Cs&ne mon!C for Cs&ne mor!C7. There !re other pl!*es
=here &t seems to represent the or&.&n!l te,t more
!**+r!tely th!n A+b. 26 or A-. 1@<$2( for e,!mple the
l&st of Seph&roth &n *h!pter ". The te,t &s m+*h
!bbre8&!te- *omp!re- =&th the other m!n+s*r&pts.
B 'on-on( Bell*ome Inst&t+te MS. 6$$<. Cl!8&*+l! &n
It!l&!n !n- '!t&n; pre*e-e- by 9Tre t!8ole -& '&8&o
A.r&pp!9 #$ p!.es F "3 fol&os. )ol&o. C&r*! 133". >ery
*!ref+lly =r&tten !n- le.&ble.
A-. 4$$36. %r&t&sh '&br!ry( A--&t&on!l MS. 4$$36. T&tle- The Key of
Kno=le-.e. M&-5 to l!te51$th *ent+ry.
Sl. 4$6". %r&t&sh '&br!ry( Slo!ne MS. 4$3". 13th *ent+ry. Seems to
be b!se- solely on A-. 4$$36.
Sl. 4<63. T&tle- The Cl!8&*le of Solomon( re8e!le- by Ptolomy the
Gre*&!n. D!te- 1"32( m!&n. &t one of the e!rl&est
m!n+s*r&pts of the Key of Solomon. It *ont!&ns !
prolo.+e =h&*h *orrespon-s =&th M!thers9 Intro-+*t&on
/of Iohe Gre8&s7 from A-. 1@<$2. Th&s m!n+s*r&pt !lso
h!s stron. Chr&st&!n elements. Pr!yers !n- *onJ+r!t&ons
!re &n '!t&n.
A1$"" D!te- 1$"". Pr&nte- e-&t&on t&tle- Cl!8&*+le of Solomon(
H+!rto( 12" p!.es. Ment&one- &n No+8e!+, M0mo&res
-9H&sto&re( -o Cr&t&H+e( et -e '&tt0r!t+re( p!r M.
l9Abb0 -9Art&.ny( >ol. 1( P!r&s( 136#. p. 4$543. C&te-
by B!&te( %CM( p. $@( n. 1.
)!*s&m&le p+bl&she- by Goll!n*: !s Sepher M!phte!h
Shelomoh /%oo of the Key of Solomon7 /O,for-( 1#167.
The m!n+s*r&pt -!tes to !ro+n- 13@@. G. S*holem e-&te-
the te,t &n 9Some So+r*es of Je=&sh5Ar!b&* Demonolo.y9(
&n Jo+rn!l of Je=&sh St+-&es( ,8& /1#$"7. It *ont!&ns !
l!r.e n+mber of Gree /s+*h !s S!b!oth7( '!t&n( !n-
It!l&!n elements. Also h!s Chr&st&!n elements( s+*h !s
the +se of ! *ross p+t &n holy =!ter /fol. 43!( *&te- by
Rohrb!*her5St&*er &n 9A Hebre= M!n+s*r&pt of Cl!8&*+l!
S!lomon&s( P!rt II. &n the %r&t&sh '&br!ry Jo+rn!l( >ol.
21( 1##"( pp. 142.7 It &s prob!bly /!s S*holem p+ts &t7
! l!te !-!pt!t&on of ! 9'!t&n /or r!ther It!l&!n7
Cl!8&*+l! te,t of the ren!&ss!n*e per&o-9 /&b&- p. $.7.
Or. $4$@. 13th or 1<th *ent+ry. Des*r&be- by Cl!+-&! Rohrb!*her5
St&*er &n 9M!phte!h Shelomoh; A Ne= A*H+&s&t&on of the
%r&t&sh '&br!ry9 &n Je=&sh St+-&es K+!rterly( 8ol. 1
/1##4E#6( p. 2$4523@.7
Or. 163"#. %r&t&sh '&br!ry Or&ent!l MS. 163"#. "4 fol&os. Pro8e- to
be ! *ont&n+!t&on of Or. $4$@. Des*r&be- by Cl!+-&!
Rohrb!*her5St&*er &n 9A Hebre= M!n+s*r&pt of Cl!8&*+l!
S!lomon&s( P!rt II.9 &n the %r&t&sh '&br!ry Jo+rn!l(
>ol. 21( 1##"( pp. 12<514$.
Ros. 12. %&bl&othe*! Rosenth!l&!n! &n Amster-!m. 1<th *ent+ry
tr!ns*r&pt from ! *opy by J+-!h Pere: /'on-on( 132#7.
%&bl&othLH+e -e l9Arsen!l( no= &n*orpor!te- &nto %&bl&othLH+e -e
N!t&on!le. 1<th *ent+ry. T&tle re!-s 'es Cl!8&*+les -e R!bb&
S!lomon. Ment&one- by Gr&llot -e G&8ry &n B&t*h*r!ft( M!.&* M
Al*hemy( /Ne= ?or; Do8er( 1#41( esp. pp. 462 !n- f&.+re 41".7
Also ment&one- by B!&te( %CM p. "# n 2.
%&bl&othLH+e -e l9Arsen!l( no= &n*orpor!te- &nto %&bl&othLH+e -e
N!t&on!le. 1<th *ent+ry. T&tle re!-s '&8re -e l! Cl!8&*+le -e
S!lomon( roy -es H0bre+,. Th&s &s !nother e,!mple of the Colorno
*l!ss of m!n+s*r&pts. Ment&one- by Gr&llot -e G&8ry &n
B&t*h*r!ft( M!.&* M Al*hemy( /Ne= ?or; Do8er( 1#41( esp. pp.
1@451@$ !n- f&.+res 3"( 1$2( 411( !n- 416.7
%&bl&othLH+e -e l9Arsen!l( no= &n*orpor!te- &nto %&bl&othLH+e -e
N!t&on!le. 1<th *ent+ry. T&tle re!-s 'es 8r!&s Cl!8&*+les -+ roy
S!lomon( tr!-+&tte -e l9h0bre+ p!r Arm!-el. Th&s seems to be
rel!te- to '12@2. Ment&one- by Gr&llot -e G&8ry &n B&t*h*r!ft(
M!.&* M Al*hemy( /Ne= ?or; Do8er( 1#41( esp. pp. 1@451@$ !n-
f&.+res 3$( <1( !n- pl!te f!*&n. p.. 1@<.7
%&bl&othLH+e -e l9Arsen!l( no= &n*orpor!te- &nto %&bl&othLH+e -e
N!t&on!le. 1<th *ent+ry. It too *ont!&ns ! prolo.+e
*orrespon-&n. =&th M!thers9 Intro-+*t&on /of Iohe Gre8&s7 from
A-. 1@<$2. Th&s t&me the 8!r&!t&on of the n!me &s*. It
!lso *!lls the H+&ll n&fe CArth!meC !n- *onfl!tes &t =&th the
r&t+!l n&fe. Ment&one- by Gr&llot -e G&8ry &n B&t*h*r!ft( M!.&*
M Al*hemy( /Ne= ?or; Do8er( 1#41( esp. pp. 1@451@$ !n- f&.+re
%&bl&othLH+e -e l9Arsen!l( no= &n*orpor!te- &nto %&bl&othLH+e -e
N!t&on!le. 1<th *ent+ry. T&tle- 'es 8r!&s T!l&sm!ns( pent!*les(
et *er*les. Ment&one- by Gr&llot -e G&8ry &n B&t*h*r!ft( M!.&* M
Al*hemy( /Ne= ?or; Do8er( 1#41( p. 461 !n- f&.+re 414.7
%&bl&othLH+e -e l9Arsen!l( no= &n*orpor!te- &nto %&bl&othLH+e -e
N!t&on!le. 1<th *ent+ry. T&tle- Geerbon& /*omp!re CGe*orbene&C
&n A-. 1@<$2 !rt. 2 !n- CGe*orben&C &n A+b. 267 !n- !s*r&be- to
Peter Mor! /!! P&etro Mor! or P&erre Mor!7. Also .&8es !
8ers&on of the Se!l of Solomon. Ment&one- by Gr&llot -e G&8ry &n
B&t*h*r!ft( M!.&* M Al*hemy( /Ne= ?or; Do8er( 1#41( pp. 11@(
1<3( 42"( !n- f&.+re <2.7
%&bl&othLH+e -e l9Arsen!l( no= &n*orpor!te- &nto %&bl&othLH+e -e
N!t&on!le. 1<th *ent+ry. T&tle- '&8re Se*on- -e l! Cl!8&*+le -e
S!lomon( o+ le 80r&t!ble Gr&mo&re. Ment&one- by B!&te &n %CM( p.
"#( n. 2.
%' Slo!ne 4$6A ff.
%' Slo!ne 4<@" ff.
A partial stemma probably looks like this (where is a Latin prototype, is
an Italian translation by Colorno, and a French Colorno prototype). is a
Christianized Latin prototype.
P1$61 Another )ren*h 8ers&on =!s re*ently p+bl&she- &n P!r&s(
t&tle- Cl!8&*+les -e S!lomon /P!r&s; G+tenber.( 1#<@7.
IS%N 2316614@32. 131 p. ; &ll. en no&r et en *o+l.(
*o+8. &ll. N 24 *m F &ntro-+*t&on p!r )r!nOo&s R&b!-e!+
D+m!s ; 1$ p. Repro-. en f!*5s&m. -+ m!n+s*r&t &nt&t+l0
C'! Cl!8&*+le -e S!lomonC( 1$61( !y!nt !pp!rten+ P l!
b&bl&othLH+e -e St!n&sl!s -e G+!Qt!.
P1<2" Another )ren*h 8ers&on =!s re*ently p+bl&she- &n P!r&s(
t&tle- Cl!8&*+les -e S!lomon( 1<2" /P!r&s; Tr!Je*to&re(
1##37. IS%N 2<61#3@42#. Unfort+n!tely &t h!s no
&nform!t&on =h!te8er re.!r-&n. the or&.&n!l te,t. It &s
not -epen-ent on M!thers9 e-&t&on( !n- seems to be
*losely rel!te- to Sl. 4<63. It *ont!&ns ! prolo.+e
=h&*h *orrespon-s =&th M!thers9 Intro-+*t&on /of Iohe
Gre8&s7 from A-. 1@<$2. Th&s t&me the 8!r&!t&on of the
n!me &s )o: Groe* /*omp!re*7. It h!s no
pent!*les. It *!lls the H+&ll n&fe CArth!meC /p. <<(
#@7N *omp!re th&s =&th K2<< 9!rt!8e9 *orrespon-&n. to
9!rt!8+s9 &n the '!t&n m!n+s*r&pts. Also l&e Sl. 4<63(
or!t&ons !re &n '!t&n =&th s&m&l!r =or-&n.( pl+s &t h!s
stron. Chr&st&!n elements.
Sh!h I-r&es Sh!h p+bl&she- ! p!rt&!l e-&t&on &n h&s Se*ret
'ore of M!.&* /Ne= ?or; C&t!-el Press( 1#"<7.
De '!+ren*e I *!nnot be.&n to *on8ey my *ontempt for '.B. -e
'!+ren*e !n- h&s bootle. e-&t&on of th&s =or( =h&*h he
ret&tle- The Gre!ter Key of Solomon /Ch&*!.o( 1#167.
%es&-es t!&n. *re-&t for M!thers9 =or( he h!s m!-e
m!ny !lter!t&ons to the te,ts &n or-er to promote h&s
m!&l5or-er b+s&ness. As !n e,!mple( he !ltere- the spell
&n *h!pter # by &nsert&n. C!fter b+rn&n. one5h!lf
te!spoonf+l of Temple In*ense.C He e8en &nserte-
or-er&n. &nform!t&on -&re*tly &nto the te,t.
P!rt&*+l!rly &ron&* &s h&s Gre!t %oo of M!.&*!l Art(
H&n-oo M!.&* M In-&!n O**+lt&sm /1#1"7 =h&*h &s ! r&p5
off /!.!&n =&tho+t !*no=le-.ement7 of )r!n*es %!rrett9s
The M!.+s( or Celest&!l Intell&.en*er /1<@17( =h&*h &n
t+rn &s ! r&p5off of A.r&pp!9s O**+lt Ph&losophyR
%elfon- T&tre/s7 ; Cl!8&*+les -e S!lomon STe,te &mpr&m0T E
S'! Gr!n-e *l!8&*+le P tr!8ers les
&ntro-+*t&on p!r )r!nOo&s R&b!-e!+ D+m!sT
P+bl&*!t&on ; SP!r&sT ; P. %elfon-( 1#32
Impr&me+r E )!br&*!nt ; $15AlenOon ; &mpr. Corb&Lre
et J+.!&n
Des*r&pt&on m!t0r&elle ; 131 p. ; &ll. N 24 *m M
f!s*. -9&ntro-+*t&on /22 p.7
Colle*t&on ; S*&en*es se*rLtes
Note/s7 ; Repro-. en f!*5s&m. -+ ms. -e 1$61
&nt&t+l0; V'! Cl!8&*+le -e S!lomonW.
X '! *o+8. porte en pl+s; Vo+ le >0r&t!ble .r&mo&re
se*ret+m se*retor+mW. X Rel.; 6#("@ )
A+tre/s7 !+te+r/s7 ; R&b!-e!+ D+m!s( )r!nOo&s.
Perth+&s T&tre/s7 ; Cl!8&*+les STe,te &mpr&m0T-e S!lomon
S Y T( 80r&t!ble se*rets SAs&*AT -es se*rets(
r080l!t&on -es op0r!t&ons m!.&H+es
P+bl&*!t&on ; P!r&s ; SPerth+&s(T( 1#$$
Des*r&pt&on m!t0r&elle ; In51$ /1" *m7( #$ p.( &ll.
1< ). SD. '. <$265$$T
Th&s e-&t&on
This edition is still a work in progress, and feedback is welcome. I am
especially interested in hearing of additional Latin and Italian manuscripts.
I have omitted Mathers' diagrams from this e-text, since they are available in
low cost edition from Weiser I have however, supplied examples from various
manuscripts for comparison purposes.
The corrections to Mathers' translation are based on my research; these have
all been documented in the footnotes. Some of the lists of mystical names are fairly
arbitrary, but I have tried to show enough examples from multiple manuscripts in
order to demonstrate the wide variability. This variability makes it difficult to
construct a more complete stemma with the manuscripts available to me.
In keeping with all of the manuscripts, I have expanded the frequent lists of
Psalms to include the opening words. Since different editions of the Psalms have
different numbering schemes, this is less subject to misinterpretation.
Finally, I have removed all of the material from L1203, since it does not
belong to the Key of Solomon proper, and is available in its entirety -- and in context
-- in a separate edition.
The pentacles are perhaps the biggest puzzle on the textual tradition of
Clavicula Salomonis. Unfortunately Mathers does nothing to elucidate or even
acknowledge the puzzle. The order of the pentacles varies widely from manuscript
to manuscript. The oldest manuscripts only identify some of them with the planets,
and it is apparent that attempts have been made in later manuscripts to identify the
rest with planets too, and to reorganize them accordingly. Gollancz' Hebrew
manuscript shows nine pentacles in a section titled "Concerning the sanctity of the
nine Kandariri (talismans), (revealed unto King Solomon)" (48a-49a). Perhaps these
are the nine mentioned in the text where the spirits are conjured "by the nine medals
or pentacles which we have among our symbols." These nine do not appear in the
Oriental manuscript. There is a series of 24 pentacles in the Greek manuscript; they
are reminiscent of those in Gollancz, but by no means identical. Some of the
pentacles found in the manuscripts used by Mathers are also reminiscent of the
Greek and Hebrew ones, but many are clearly late inventions based on Agrippa,
Archidoxes, and other sources. Mathers seems to have narrowed those in his edition
to exclude most of these clearly later ones. To give some sense of the state of these
pentacles I have included many examples in my editions of L1202 and L1203.
Another area of confusion is the proliferation of ritual implements. The Greek
manuscripts seem to only have a single knife. Some of the proliferation of weapons
is no doubt due to errors in transcription and translation. For example, where the
Latin manuscripts mention a quill knife (artavus), the Italian translator glosses this
as a small pruning hook (lartavo o falcetto), which Mathers mistranslates as
"scimitar AND sickle." It is clear from the drawings that only one implement is
being referred to.
Conspicuously absent is the Ring of Solomon, which figures prominently in
folklore, as well as the Testament of Solomon, the Magical Treatise of Solomon, and
the Lemegeton or Lesser Key of Solomon. Although it is mentioned in one of the
conjurations, its construction and use is not otherwise mentioned.
Another curiosity involves the magical wand. Although prominent in most
Clavicula manuscripts -- not to mention folk literature and the Greek Magical
Papyri -- it is conspicuously absent from the Greek, Hebrew, and English
The Key of
Solomon the K&n.
/Cl!8&*+l! S!lomon&s7
No= f&rst Tr!nsl!te- !n- I-&te-
from An*&ent M!n+s*r&pts &n the
%r&t&sh M+se+m
S. '&--ell M!*Gre.or M!thers
A+thor of CThe K!bb!l!h Un8e&le-(C
CThe T!rot(C M*.
Re8&se- e-&t&on by Joseph H.
Peterson( *opyr&.ht 2@@".
Pref!*e /by e-&tor7 11. I,per&ment of lo8e( !n-
Intro-+*t&on from A--. MSS.
T!ble 1; Pl!net!ry ho+rs
T!ble 2; M!.&*!l n!mes of
the Ho+rs !n- An.els
T!ble 4; Ar*h!n.els( An.els(
Met!ls( D!ys( !n- Colors for
e!*h Pl!net
1. Con*ern&n. the -&8&ne
lo8e =h&*h to pre*e-e
the !*H+&s&t&on of th&s
2. Of the -!ys( ho+rs( !n-
8&rt+es of the pl!nets
4. Con*ern&n. the !rtsN
*onstr+*t&on of the *&r*le
6. The *onfess&on
". Pr!yer !n- *onJ+r!t&ons
$. !n- more potent
3. An e,tremely po=erf+l
<. Con*ern&n. the pent!*les
#. I,per&ment *on*ern&n.
th&n.s stolen
1@. I,per&ment of
ho= &t sho+l- be performe-
/om&tte- by M!thers7
12. I,per&ment or oper!t&on
of the fr+&t /om&tte- by
14. The oper!t&on of lo8e by
her -re!ms( !n- ho= one m+st
pr!*t&*e &t /om&tte- by
16. I,per&ment of see&n.
f!8o+r !n- &nfl+en*e
/ZM!thers *h!pter 1"7
1". I,per&ments to be m!-e
re.!r-&n. h!tre- /om&tte- by
1$. Oper!t&ons of mo*ery
!n- s*orn
13. I,tr!or-&n!ry
e,per&ments !n- oper!t&ons
1<. Con*ern&n. the holy
pent!*les or me-!ls
Pent!*les of S!t+rn
Pent!*les of J+p&ter
Pent!*les of M!rs
Pent!*les of the S+n
Pent!*les of >en+s
Pent!*les of Mer*+ry
Pent!*les of the Moon
Pref!tory note
1. At Bh!t Ho+r !fter the
Prep!r!t&on of All Th&n.s
Ne*ess!ry( Be Sho+l- %r&n.
the I,er*&se of the Art to
14. Con*ern&n. the pre*epts
of the !rt
16. Of the pen( &n( !n-
1". Of the pen of the
s=!llo= !n- of the -o8e
2. In Bh!t M!nner the M!ster
of the Art Sho+l- Keep(
R+le( An- Go8ern H&mself
4. Ho= the Comp!n&ons or
D&s*&ples of the M!ster of
the Art to Re.+l!te
!n- Go8ern Themsel8es
6. Con*ern&n. the )!st&n.(
C!re( !n- Th&n.s to be
". Con*ern&n. the %!ths( !n-
Ho= They Are To %e Arr!n.e-
$. Of The G!rments An- Shoes
Of The Art
3. Of Pl!*es Bhere&n Be M!y
Con8en&ently I,e*+te The
I,per&ments An- Oper!t&ons
Of The Art
<. Of the n&fes( s=or-(
H+&ll n&fe( &ron pen( short
l!n*e( =!n-( st!ff( !n-
other &nstr+ments of m!.&*!l
#. Of the form!t&on of the
1@. Con*ern&n. &n*ense(
s+ff+m&.!t&ons( perf+mes(
o-o+rs( !n- s&m&l!r th&n.s
=h&*h !re +se- &n m!.&*!l
11. Of the =!ter( !n- of the
12. Of the l&.ht( !n- of the
1$. Of the bloo- of the b!t(
p&.eon( !n- other !n&m!ls
13. Of 8&r.&n p!r*hment( or
8&r.&n p!per( !n- ho= &t
sho+l- be prep!re-
1<. Of =!, !n- 8&r.&n e!rth
1#. Con*ern&n. the nee-le
!n- other &ron &nstr+ments
2@. Con*ern&n. the s&len
21. Con*ern&n. !strolo.&*!l
22. Con*ern&n. *h!r!*ters
24. Con*ern&n. s!*r&f&*es to
the sp&r&ts( !n- ho= they
sho+l- be m!-e
)r!.ment from Il&ph!: 'e8&
K!b!l&st&* &n8o*!t&on of
Solomon from Il&ph!: 'e8&
In presenting this celebrated magical work to the student of
occult science some few prefatory remarks are necessary.
The Key of Solomon, save for a curtailed and incomplete copy
published in France in the seventeenth century, has never yet been
printed, but has for centuries remained in manuscript form inaccessible
to all but the few fortunate scholars to whom the inmost recesses of the
great libraries were open. I therefore consider that I am highly honored
in being the individual to whose lot it has fallen to usher it into the
light of day.
The fountain-head and storehouse of Qabalistical magic, and the
origin of much of the ceremonial magic of medival times, the 'Key'
has been ever valued by occult writers as a work of the highest
authority; and notably in our own day Eliphaz Lvi has taken it for the
model on which his celebrated 'Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie'
was based. It must be evident to the initiated reader of Lvi, that the
Key of Solomon was his text book of study, and at the end of this
volume I give a fragment of an ancient Hebrew manuscript of the Key
of Solomon, translated and published in the Philosophie Occulte, as
well as an invocation called the 'Qabalistical Invocation of Solomon,'
which bears close analogy to one in the First Book, being constructed
in the same manner on the scheme of the Sephiroth.
The history of the Hebrew original of the Key of Solomon, is
given in the introductions, but there is every reason to suppose that this
has been entirely lost, and Christian, the pupil of Lvi, says as much in
his Histoire de la Magie.
I see no reason to doubt the tradition which assigns the
authorship of the 'Key' to King Solomon, for among others Josephus,
the Jewish historian, especially mentions the magical works attributed
to that monarch; this is confirmed by many Eastern traditions, and his
magical skill is frequently mentioned in the Arabian Nights.
There are, however, two works on black magic, the Grimorium
Verum, and the Clavicola di Salomone ridolta, which have been
attributed to Solomon, and which have been in some cases especially
mixed up with the present work; but which have nothing really to do
therewith; they are full of evil magic, and I cannot caution the practical
student too strongly against them.
There is also another work called Lemegeton or the Lesser Key
of Solomon the King, which is full of seals of various spirits, and is not
the same as the present book, though extremely valuable in its own
In editing this volume I have omitted one or two experiments
partaking largely of black magic, and which had evidently been
derived from the two goetic works mentioned above; I must further
caution the practical worker against the use of blood; the prayer, the
pentacle, and the perfumes, rightly used, are sufficient; and the former
verges dangerously on the evil path. Let him who, in spite of the
warnings of this volume, determines to work evil, be assured that evil
will recoil on himself and that he will be struck by the reflex current.
This work is edited from several ancient MSS. in the British
Museum which all differ from each other in various points, some
giving what is omitted by the others, but all unfortunately agreeing in
one thing, which is the execrable mangling of the Hebrew words
through the ignorance of the transcribers. But it is in the pentacles that
the Hebrew is worse, the letters being so vilely scribbled as to he
actually undecipherable in some instances, and it has been part of my
work for several years to correct and reinstate the proper Hebrew and
magical characters in the pentacles. The student may therefore safely
rely on their being now as nearly correct in their present reproduction
as it is possible for them to be. I have therefore, wherever I could,
corrected the Hebrew of the magical names in the conjurations and
pentacles; and in the few instances where it was not possible to do so, I
have put them in the most usual form; carefully collating throughout
one MS. with another. The chapters are a little differently classed in
the various MSS., in some instances the matter contained in them
being transposed, &c. I have added notes wherever necessary.
The MSS. from which this work is edited are: -- Add. MSS.,
10,862; Sloane MSS., 1307 and 3091; Harleian MSS., 3981; King's
MSS., 288; and Lansdowne MSS., 1202 and 1203; seven codices in all.
Of all these 10,862 Add. MSS. is the oldest, its date being about
the end of the sixteenth century
; 3981 Harleian is probably about the
middle of the seventeenth century
; the others of rather later date.
1. The
entry l&sts
th&s !s 13th
*ent+ry. 5JHP
2. H!rley
4#<1 &s
*ent+ry. 5JHP
Add. MSS. 10,862 is written in contracted Latin, and is hard to
read, but it contains chapters which are omitted in the others and also
an important introduction. It is more concise in its wording. Its title is
short, being simply 'The Key of Solomon, translated from the Hebrew
language into the Latin.' An exact copy of the signature of the writer of
this MS. is given in figure 93.
The pentacles are very badly drawn.
4. M!n+s*r&pt
t&tle re!-s
Cl!8&*+l!( e,
Hebr[o &n
The s&.n!t+re
!ppe!rs to
re!- 9Ib!+
Abr!h!m.9 It
=!s =r&tten
*!. 13th
*ent+ry. It
&s bo+n- =&th
!n se*on-
*opy &n
Cl!8&*ol! -!l
Re S!lomone.C
)&.+re #4( from A-. 1@<$2( fol. <@8.
3981 Harleian MSS.; 288 King's MSS.; and 3091 Sloane MSS.,
are similar, and contain the same matter and nearly the same wording;
but the latter MS. has many errors of transcription. They are all in
French. The conjurations and wording of these are much fuller than in
10,862 Add. MSS. and 1202 Lansdowne MSS. The title is "The Key of
Solomon King of the Hebrews, translated from the Hebrew Language
into Italian by Abraham Colorno, by the order of his most Serene
Highness of Mantua; and recently put into French." The pentacles are
much better drawn, are in coloured inks, and in the case of 3091
Sloane MSS., gold and silver are employed.
1307 Sloane MSS. is in Italian; its title is 'La Clavicola di
Salomone Redotta et epilogata nella nostra materna lingua del
dottissimo Gio Peccatrix.' It is full of black magic, and is a jumble of
the Key of Solomon proper, and the two black magic books before
mentioned. The pentacles are badly drawn. It, however, gives part of
the introduction to 10,862 Add. MSS., and is the only other MS. which
does, save the beginning of another Italian version which is bound up
with the former MS., and bears the title 'Zecorbenei.'
1202 Lansdowne MSS. is 'The True Keys of King Solomon, by
Armadel.' It is beautifully written, with painted initial letters, and the
pentacles are carefully drawn in coloured inks. It is more concise in
style, but omits several chapters. At the end are some short extracts
from the Grimorium Verum with the seals of evil spirits, which, as they
do not belong to the Key of Solomon proper, I have not given. For the
evident classification of the 'Key' is in two books and no more.

6. Th&s
m!ter&!l &s
t&tle- '&8re
/C%oo 4C7
!n- '&8re
/C%oo 6C7.
1203 Lansdowne MSS. is 'The Veritable Keys of Solomon
translated from the Hebrew into the Latin language by the Rabbin
Abognazar (?Aben Ezra).' It is in French, exquisitely written in
printing letters, and the pentacles are carefully drawn in coloured inks.
Though containing similar matter to the others, the arrangement is
utterly different; being all in one book, and not even divided into
prob!bly h!-
&n m&n- the
s*hol!r 9Ibn
I:r! /1@#25
11$37 !+thor
of the Sefer
H!shem. The
=o+l- of
*o+rse h!8e
to be
&*( s&n*e
Abo.n!:!r &s
-epen-!nt on
l!te so+r*es.
The antiquity of the planetary sigils is shown by the fact that,
among the Gnostic talismans in the British Museum, there is a ring of
copper with the sigils of Venus, which are exactly the same as those
given by the medival writers on magic.
Where Psalms are referred to I have in all instances given the
English and not the Hebrew numbering of them.
In some places I have substituted the word AZOTH for 'Alpha and
Omega,' e.g., on the blade of the knife with the black hilt, Figure 62. I
may remark that the magical sword may, in many cases, be used
instead of the Knife.
In conclusion I will only mention, for the benefit of non-
Hebraists, that Hebrew is written from right to left, and that from the
consonantal nature of the Hebrew Alphabet, it will require fewer letters
than in English to express the same word.
I take this opportunity of expressing my obligations to Dr. Wynn
Westcott for the valuable assistance he has given me in the
reconstruction of the Hebrew pentacles.
London, October, 1888.
From Add. MSS. 10862, 'The Key of Solomon,
translated into Latin from the Hebrew idiom.'
1. Th&s &ntro-+*t&on &s
!lso fo+n- &n Sl. 14@3(
Sl. 4<63( !n- the pr&nte-
te,t t&tle- '! Cl!8&*ol!
-el Re S!lomone /)&ren:e(
11<@7 !! Gr&mor&+m
>er+m. M!thers &nserts
the Prel&m&n!ry D&s*o+rse
from '12@4 before th&s.
Treasure up, O my son Roboam! the wisdom of my
words, seeing that I, Solomon, have received it from the
Then answered Roboam, and said: How have I
deserved to follow the example of my father Solomon in
such things, who hath been found worthy to receive the
knowledge of all living things through (the teaching of) an
angel of God?
And Solomon said: Hear, O my son, and receive my
sayings, and learn the wonders of God. For, on a certain
night, when I laid me down to sleep, I called upon that
most holy name of God, IAH, and prayed for the ineffable
wisdom, and when I was beginning to close mine eyes, the
angel of the Lord, even Homadiel,
appeared unto me,
spake many things courteously unto me, and said: Listen O
Solomon! thy prayer before the most high is not in vain,
and since thou hast asked neither for long life, nor for
much riches, nor for the souls of thine enemies, but hast
asked for thyself wisdom to perform justice. Thus saith the
Lord: According to thy word have I given unto thee a wise
and understanding heart, so that before thee was none like
unto thee, nor ever shall arise.
2. Sl14@3; COm!-&elCN
Sl4<63; CR!:&elC. 5JHP
And when I comprehended the speech which was
made unto me, I understood that in me was the knowledge
of all creatures, both things which are in the heavens and
things which are beneath the heavens; and I saw that all
the writings and wisdom of this present age were vain and
futile, and that no man was perfect. And I composed a
certain work wherein I rehearsed the secret of secrets, in
which I have preserved them hidden, and I have also
therein concealed all secrets whatsoever of magical arts of
any masters; any secret or experiments, namely, of these
sciences which is in any way worth being accomplished.
Also I have written them in this Key, so that like as a key
openeth a treasure-house, so this (Key) alone may open the
knowledge and understanding of magical arts and
Therefore, O my son! thou mayest see every
experiment of mine or of others, and let everything be
properly prepared for them, as thou shalt see properly set
down by me, both day and hour, and all things necessary;
for without this there will be but falsehood and vanity in
this my work; wherein are hidden all secrets and mysteries
which can be performed; and that which is (set down)
concerning a single divination or a single experiment, that
same I think concerning all things which are in the
Universe, and which have been, and which shall be in
future time.
Therefore, O my son Roboam, I command thee by
the blessing which thou expectest from thy father, that
thou shall make an ivory casket, and therein place, keep,
and hide this my Key; and when I shall have passed away
unto my fathers, I entreat thee to place the same in my
sepulchre beside me, lest at another time it might fall into
the hands of the wicked. And as Solomon commanded, so
was it done.
And when, therefore (men) had waited for a long
time, there came unto the sepulchre certain Babylonian
philosophers; and when they had assembled they at once
took counsel together that a certain number of men should
renew the sepulchre in his (Solomon's) honour; and when
the sepulchre was dug out and repaired the ivory casket
was discovered, and therein was the Key of Secrets, which
they took with joyful mind, and when they had opened it
none among them could understand it on account of the
obscurity of the words and their occult arrangement, and
the hidden character of the sense and knowledge, for they
were not worthy to possess this treasure.
Then, therefore, arose one among them, more
worthy (than the others), both in the sight of the gods, and
by reason of his age, who was called Ioh Grevis
, and
said unto the others: Unless we shall come and ask the
4. I th&n th&s &s
*orre*t( b+t the n!me &s
8ery &n-&st&n*tly =r&tten
&n the MS.( =h&*h &s
interpretation from the Lord, with tears and entreaties, we
shall never arrive at the knowledge of it.
-&ff&*+lt to -e*&pher. In
!nother *opy of the
Cl!8&*le &t &s =r&tten
Iroe Gre*&s( b+t I th&n
th&s &s !n error. 5S'M.
A-. 1@<$2 !*t+!lly seems
to re!- CIoL Gr!e*+sC
/Ioe the Gree7. G> re!-s
CJroe Gre*oCN In Slo!ne
Ms. 4<63 &t &s *le!rly
ren-ere- !s CPtolome+s
the Gre*&!nC Th&s se*t&on
&s !lso .&8en &n P1<2".
Therefore, when each of them had retired to his bed,
Ioh indeed falling upon his face on the earth, began to
weep, and striking his breast, and said:
6. '!t. *+b&*+l+s
/be-room7. 5JHP
What have I deserved (above others), seeing that so
many men can neither understand nor interpret this
knowledge, even though there were no secret thing in
nature which the Lord hath hidden from me! Wherefore
are these words so obscure? Wherefore am I so ignorant?
And then on his bended knees, stretching his hands
to heaven, he said:
O God, the creator of all, thou who knowest all
things, who gavest so great wisdom unto Solomon the son
of David the king; grant unto me, I beseech thee, O holy
omnipotent and ineffable Father, to receive the virtue of
that wisdom, so that I may become worthy by thine aid to
attain unto the understanding of this key of secrets.
And immediately there appeared unto me,
the angel
of the Lord, saying:
". 9M&h&9 &n MS.( b+t
prob!bly ! sl&p for 9+nto
h&m(9 9e&.9 5S'M
Do thou remember if the secrets of Solomon appear
hidden and obscure unto thee, that the Lord hath wished it,
so that such wisdom may not fall into the hands of wicked
men; wherefore do thou promise unto me, that thou art not
willing that so great wisdom should ever come to any
living creature, and that which thou revealest unto any let
them know that they must keep it unto themselves,
otherwise the secrets are profaned and no effect can
And Ioh answered: I promise unto thee that to none
will I reveal (them), save to the honour of the Lord, and
with much discipline, unto penitent, secret, and faithful
Then answered the angel: Go and read the Key, and
its words which were obscure throughout shall be manifest
unto thee.
And after this the angel ascended into Heaven in a
flame of fire.
Then Ioh was glad, and labouring with a clear
mind, understood that which the angel of the Lord had
said, and he saw that the Key of Solomon was changed, so
that it appeared quite clear unto him plainly in all parts.
And Ioh understood that this work might fall into the
hands of the ignorant, and he said: I conjure him into
whose hands this secret may come, by the power of the
creator, and his wisdom, that in all things he may, desire,
intend and perform, that this treasure may come unto no
unworthy (person), nor may he manifest it unto any who is
unwise, nor unto one who feareth not God. Because if he
act otherwise, I pray God that he may never be worthy to
attain unto the desired effect.
And so he deposited the Key, which Solomon
preserved, in the ivory casket. But the words of the Key
are as follows, divided into two books, and shown in

$. M!thers &nserts the
Intro-+*t&on from '12@4
!t th&s po&nt. The f&rst
of these t!bles &s fo+n-
&n the Ge*orben&
m!n+s*r&pt bo+n- =&th A-.
1@<$2( &n M23$( Sl14@3(
!n- the '!ns. MSS. The
se*on- t!ble 55 n!mes of
the ho+rs 55 &s fo+n- &n
'12@4 /p. 137( !n- &s
!pp!rently b!se- on
Hept!meron. Comp!re =&th
the l&sts of !n.els !n-
-emons &n the M!.&*
Tre!t&se of Solomon
/H!rle&!n MS. ""#$7 5JHP
t to
Mer*. J+p. >en. S!t. < 1 S+n. Moon. M!rs.
Moon. M!rs. Mer. J+p. # 2 >en. S!t. S+n.
S!t. S+n. Moon. M!rs. 1@ 4 Mer. J+p. >en.
J+p. >en. S!t. S+n. 11 6 Moon. M!rs. Mer.
M!rs. Mer. J+p. >en. 12 " S!t. S+n. Moon.
S+n. Moon. M!rs. Mer. 1 $ J+p. >en. S!t.
>en. S!t. S+n. Moon. 2 3 M!rs. Mer. J+p.
Mer*. J+p. >en. S!t. 4 < S+n. Moon. M!rs.
Moon. M!rs. Mer. J+p. 6 # >en. S!t. S+n.
S!t. S+n. Moon. M!rs. " 1@ Mer. J+p. >en.
J+p. >en. S!t. S+n. $ 11 Moon. M!rs. Mer.
M!rs. Mer. J+p. >en. 3 12 S!t. S+n. Moon.
S+n. Moon. M!rs. Mer. < 1 J+p. >en. S!t.
>en. S!t. S+n. Moon. # 2 M!rs. Mer. J+p.
Mer*. J+p. >en. S!t. 1@ 4 S+n. Moon. M!rs.
Moon. M!rs. Mer. J+p. 11 6 >en. S!t. S+n.
S!t. S+n. Moon. M!rs. 12 " Mer. J+p. >en.
J+p. >en. S!t. S+n. 1 $ Moon. M!rs. Mer.
M!rs. Mer. J+p. >en. 2 3 S!t. S+n. Moon.
S+n. Moon. M!rs. Mer. 4 < J+p. >en. S!t.
>en. S!t. S+n. Moon. 6 # M!rs. Mer. J+p.
Mer*. J+p. >en. S!t. " 1@ S+n. Moon. M!rs.
Moon. M!rs. Mer. J+p. $ 11 >en. S!t. S+n.
S!t. S+n. Moon. M!rs. 3 12 Mer. J+p. >en.
Table of the Magical names of the Hours, and of the angels who rule them,
commencing at the first hour after Midnight of each day, and ending at the ensuing
Ho+rs. S+n-!
1. ?!yn . . R!ph!e
An!el C!ss!el M&*h!el G!br&e
2. ?!nor . . G!br&e
G!m!el R!ph!el S!*h&el An!el C!ss&e
N!sn&! . .
G!br&el G!m!el R!ph!el S!*h&e
6. S!ll! . . S!*h&e
An!el C!ss&el M&*h!el G!br&el G!m!el R!ph!el
S!-e-!l& . .
G!m!el R!ph!elS!*h&el An!el C!ss&el M&*h!e
Th!m+r . .
G!m!el R!ph!el S!*h&el An!el C!ss&el
3. O+rer . . An!el C!ss&e
M&*h!el G!br&el G!m!el R!ph!e
Th!&n0 . .
An!el C!ss!el M&*h!el G!br&e
#. Neron . . G!br&e
G!m!el R!ph!el S!*h&el An!el C!ss&e
1@. C!ss&e M&*h!e G!br&el G!m!el R!ph!el S!*h&e An!el
?!yon . . l l l
11. Ab!& . . S!*h&e
An!el C!ss&el M&*h!el G!br&el G!m!el R!ph!el
12. N!th!lon
. .
G!m!el R!ph!elS!*h&el An!el C!ss&el M&*h!e
1. %eron . . M&*h!e
G!m!el R!ph!el S!*h&el An!el C!ss&el
2. %!rol . . An!el C!ss&e
M&*h!el G!br&el G!m!el R!ph!e
4. Th!n+ . . R!ph!e
An!el C!ss!el M&*h!el G!br&e
6. Athor . . G!br&e
G!m!el R!ph!el S!*h&el An!el C!ss&e
M!thon . .
G!br&el G!m!el R!ph!el S!*h&e
$. R!n! . . S!*h&e
An!el C!ss&el M&*h!el G!br&el G!m!el R!ph!el
3. Netos . . G!m!el R!ph!elS!*h&el An!el C!ss&el M&*h!e
T!fr!* . .
G!m!el R!ph!el S!*h&el An!el C!ss&el
S!ss+r . .
An!el C!ss&e
M&*h!el G!br&el G!m!el R!ph!e
1@. A.l! . . R!ph!e
An!el C!ss!el M&*h!el G!br&e
11. C\err! .
G!m!el R!ph!el S!*h&el An!el C!ss&e
S!l!m . .
G!br&el G!m!el R!ph!el S!*h&e
Table of the Archangels, Angels, Metals, Days of the Week, and Colours
attributed to each Planet.
D!ys. S!t+r-!y.

Th+rs-!y. T+es-!y.

S+n-!y. )r&-!y.

Be-nes-!y. Mon-!y.

Ar*h!n.el T:!phH&el

T:!-&Hel Kh!n&!el

R!ph!el H!n&el

M&*h!el G!br&el

An.el C!ss&el

S!*h&el G!m!el

M&*h!el An!el

R!ph!el G!br&el

Pl!net S!t+rn

J+p&ter M!rs

S+n >en+s

Mer*+ry Moon

Met!l 'e!-

T&n Iron

Gol- Copper

Mer*+ry S&l8er

Colo+r %l!*

%l+e Re-

?ello= Green

P+rple or
M&,e- Colo+rs
These tables have been collated and compared
with various examples of both MS. and printed. They
are to be used thus: -- Supposing the student wishes to
discover the properties of the hour from 12 to 1 o'clock
p.m. on a Tuesday, let him look in the 'Table of the
Planetary Hours,' and having found the hour marked 1
in the column headed 'Hours from Midnight to
Midnight,' he will see in the column headed 'Hours from
Sunset to Sunset,' on the same line the figure 8, showing
it to be the eighth hour of the day; and in the column
headed Tuesday, the name Mars, showing that it is
under the dominion of the planet Mars. On consulting
the 'Table of the Magical names of the Hours,' etc., he
will find under the number 1, the name Beron, and in
the column 'Tuesday,' the name of the angel Zamael
over against it on the same line, showing that the ruler
of the hour is the angel Zamael, and that its Magical
name is Beron. Further, on referring to the third Table
he will see that Tuesday is under the rule of the planet
Mars, whose Archangel is Khamael, angel Zamael,
metal iron, and Colour Red. Similarly it will be found
that the hour from 10 to 11 p.m. on Saturday is the sixth
hour of the night, under the dominion of the Sun, that its
Magical name is Cerra, and that the angel Michael
rules it; while Saturday itself is under the dominion of
the Archangel Tzaphqiel, of the angel Cassiel, of the
planet Saturn, and that the metal lead and the colour
black are applicable to it.
The ensuing text is taken from the following MSS.,
3. Remo8e- from th&s
e-&t&on. 5JHP
collated and compared with each other.
Sloane MSS. 1307; Sloane MSS. 3091; Harleian MSS.
3981; Add. MSS. 10862; King's MSS. 288; Lansdowne
MSS. 1202.
Extracts have also been made from Lansdowne MSS.
1203, which differs considerably from the others in
general arrangement, though containing very similar

In cases where the MSS. varied from each other I have
taken the version which seemed most likely to be
correct, in some cases mentioning the variant readings
in footnotes. I have also, wherever it was possible to do
so, corrected the Hebrew names in the incantations, for
these were in some cases so marred as to be hardly
recognisable; e.g. Zenard, written for Tzabaoth, etc.
Solomon, the son of David, King of Israel, hath said
that the beginning of our Key is to fear God, to adore him,
to honour him with contrition of heart, to invoke him
all matters which we wish to undertake, and to operate
with very great devotion, for thus God will lead us in the
1. 12@2 '!ns-o=ne MSS.
om&ts the *on*l+-&n. p!rt
of th&s senten*e. 5S'M
right way. When, therefore, thou shalt wish to acquire the
knowledge of magical arts and sciences, it is necessary to
have prepared the order of hours and of days, and of the
position of the Moon, without the operation of which thou
canst effect nothing; but if thou observest them with
diligence thou mayest easily and thoroughly arrive at the
effect and end which thou desirest to attain.
thou wishest to make any experiment or
operation, thou must first prepare, beforehand, all the
requisites which thou wilt find described in the following
chapters: observing the days, the hours, and the other
effects of the constellations which may be found in this
1. Th&s f&rst p!r!.r!ph
&s om&tte- &n 14@3 Slo!ne
MSS.( !n- &n 1@<$2 A--.
It is, therefore, advisable to know that the hours of
the day and of the night together, are twenty-four in
number, and that each hour is governed by one of the
seven planets in regular order, commencing at the highest
and descending to the lowest. The order of the planets is as
follows: ShBThAI, Shabbathai, Saturn; beneath Saturn is
TzDQ, Tzedeq, Jupiter; beneath Jupiter is MADIM,
Madim, Mars; beneath Mars is ShMSh, Shemesh, the Sun;
beneath the Sun is NVGH, Nogah, Venus; beneath Venus
is KVKB, Kokav, Mercury; and beneath Mercury is
LBNH, Levanah, the Moon, which is the lowest of all the
It must, therefore, be understood that the planets
have their dominion over the day which approacheth
nearest unto the name which is given and attributed unto
them -- viz., over Saturday, Saturn; Thursday, Jupiter;
Tuesday, Mars;
Sunday, the Sun; Friday, Venus;
Wednesday, Mercury; and Monday, the Moon.
2. The *on*l+-&n. p!rt of
th&s senten*e &s from
'12@2. K2<<( H4#<1( !n-
Sl4@#1 en- the senten*e
=&th Cet !&ns& -es
!+tresC /!n- s&m&l!rly
for the others7. 5JHP
The rule of the planets over each hour begins from
the dawn at the rising of the Sun on the day which take its
name from such planet, and the planet which follows it in
order, succeeds to the rule over the next hour. Thus (on
Saturday) Saturn rules the first hour, Jupiter the second,
Mars the third, the Sun the fourth, Venus the fifth,
Mercury the sixth, the Moon the seventh, and Saturn
returns in the rule over the eighth, and the others in their
the planets always keeping the same relative order.
4. The rest of th&s
senten*e &s &n '12@2
only. 5JHP
Note that each experiment or magical operation
should be performed under the planet, and usually in the
hour, which refers to the same. For example: --
In the days and hours of Saturn thou canst perform
experiments to summon the souls from Hades, but only of
those who have died a natural death. Similarly on these
days and hours thou canst operate to bring either good or
bad fortune to buildings; to have familiar spirits attend
thee in sleep; to cause good or ill success in business,
possessions, goods, seeds, fruits, and similar things, in
order to acquire learning; to bring destruction and to give
death, and to sow hatred and discord.
The days and hours of Jupiter are proper for
obtaining honours, acquiring riches; contracting
friendships, preserving health; and arriving at all that thou
canst desire.
In the days and hours of Mars thou canst make
experiments regarding war; to arrive at military honour; to
acquire courage; to overthrow enemies; and further to
cause ruin, slaughter, cruelty, discord; to wound and to
give death.
The days and hours of the Sun are very good for
perfecting experiments regarding temporal wealth, hope,
gain, fortune, divination, the favour of princes, to dissolve
hostile feeling, and to make friends.
The days and hours of Venus are good for forming
friendships; for kindness and love; for joyous and pleasant
undertakings, and for traveling.
The days and hours of Mercury are good to operate
for eloquence and intelligence; promptitude in business;
science and divination; wonders; apparitions; and answers
regarding the future. Thou canst also operate under this
Planet for thefts; writings; deceit; and merchandise.
The days and hours of the Moon are good for
embassies; voyages; envoys; messages; navigation;
reconciliation; love; and the acquisition of merchandise by

6. M+*h of these
fore.o&n. &nstr+*t&ons &s
om&tte- &n the 1@<$2 A--.
MSS.( b+t .&8en &n !
-&fferent =!y &n the
ens+&n. p!r!.r!phs. 5S'M
Thou shouldest take care punctually to observe all
the instructions contained in this chapter, if thou desirest to
succeed, seeing that the truth of Magical Science
dependeth thereon.
The hours of Saturn, of Mars, and of the Moon are
alike good for communicating and speaking with spirits; as
those of Mercury are for recovering thefts by the means of
The hours of Mars serve for summoning souls from
especially of those slain in battle.
The hours of the Sun, of Jupiter, and of Venus, are
adapted for preparing any operations whatsoever of love,
of kindness, and of invisibility, as is hereafter more fully
shown, to which must be added other things of a similar
nature which are contained in our work.
". In the )ren*h 9-es
Infers(9 &n the '!t&n
9Infer&s.9 5S'M.
So '12@2. In K2<<( H4#<1(
!n- Sl4@#1 th&s senten*e
re!-s C'es He+res -e M!rs
! !peller 'es !mes -e
*e+, H+& ont 0t0 t+0sC
/The ho+rs of M!rs ser8e
to s+mmon the so+ls of
those =ho =ere &lle-7.
A+b26 !n- A-1@<$2 re!-
CHor!e !+tem S!t+rn& s+nt
!ppropr&!t!e !- e8o*!n-!s
!n&m!s !b Infern&s( eor+m
t!nt+mmo-o( s*&l&*et H+&
n!+!l& morte -ef+n*t&
s+ntC /%+t the ho+rs of
S!t+rn !re s+&t!ble for
e8o&n. so+ls from Hell(
th!t &s to s!y( only
those =ho -&e- ! n!8!l
-e!th7. 5JHP
The hours of Saturn and Mars and also the days on
which the Moon is conjunct
with them, or when she
receives their opposition or quartile aspect, are excellent
for making experiments of hatred, enmity, quarrel,
discord and other operations of the same kind which are
given later on in this work.
$. ConJ+n*t&on me!ns
be&n. &n the s!me -e.ree
of the Go-&!*N oppos&t&on
&s be&n. 1<@ -e.rees( !n-
H+!rt&le #@ -e.rees !p!rt
from e!*h other. 5S'M
3. '!t. '&sE'&t&s !lso
me!ns le.!l !*t&on or
l&t&.!t&on. 5JHP
The hours of Mercury are good for undertaking
experiments relating to games, raillery, jests, sports, and
the like.

The hours of the Sun, of Jupiter, and of Venus,
particularly on the days which they rule, are good for all
extraordinary, uncommon, and unknown operations.
<. K. 2<< !--s; Cet -e
*hoses H+& p!r!&ssent
!-m&r!bles( obser8!nt
prem&erement to+t *e H+e
no+s -&rons -9+ne telle
m!t&ere -!ns les
*h!p&tres &*& b!sC /!n-
th&n.s =h&*h !ppe!r
!-m&r!ble( f&rst
obser8&n. !ll th!t =e
=&ll s!y on the m!tter &n
the *h!pters belo=7. 5JHP
The hours of the Moon are proper for making trial of
experiments relating to recovery of stolen property, for
obtaining nocturnal visions, for summoning spirits in
sleep, and for preparing anything relating to water.
The hours of Venus are furthermore useful for lots,
poisons, all things of the nature of Venus, for preparing
powders provocative of madness; and the like things.

#. '12@2 &nserts the
t!bles of the ho+rs of
the -!y !n- n&.ht !t th&s
po&nt. MS. pp. 35<. 5JHP
But in order to thoroughly effect the operations of
this art, thou shouldest perform them not only on the hours
but on the days of the planets as well, because then the
experiment will always succeed better,
provided thou
observest the rules laid down later on, for if thou omittest
one single condition thou wilt never arrive at the
accomplishment of the art.
1@. H 4#<1 om&ts the rest
of th&s senten*e. 5JHP
For those matters then which appertain unto the
Moon, such as the invocation of spirits, the works of
necromancy, and the recovery of stolen property, it is
necessary that the Moon should be in a terrestrial sign,
viz.: -- Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn.
For love, grace, and invisibility, the Moon should be
in a fiery sign, viz.: -- Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius.
For hatred,
discord, and destruction, the Moon
should be in a watery sign, viz.: -- Cancer, Scorpio, or
11. '12@2 h!s th&s
p!r!.r!ph !n- the
pre*e-&n. one J+mble-. 5
For experiments of a peculiar nature, which cannot
be classed under any certain head, the Moon should be in
an airy sign, viz.: -- Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius.
But if these things seem unto thee difficult to
accomplish, it will suffice thee merely to notice the Moon
after her combustion, or conjunction with the Sun,
especially just when she
quits his beams and appeareth
visible. For then it is good to make all experiments for the
construction and operation of any matter. That is why the
time from the New unto the Full Moon is proper for
performing any of the experiments of which we have
spoken above. But in her decrease or wane it is good for
war, disturbance, and discord. Likewise the period when
she is almost deprived of light, is proper for experiments
12. &.e. Ne= Moon. 5S'M
of invisibility, and of death.
But observe inviolably that thou commence nothing
while the Moon is in conjunction with the Sun, seeing that
this is extremely unfortunate, and that thou wilt then be
able to effect nothing; but the Moon quitting his beams
and increasing in Light, thou canst perform all that thou
desirest, observing nevertheless the directions in this
Furthermore, if thou wishest to converse with spirits
it should be especially on the day of Mercury and in his
hour, and let the Moon he in an airy sign,
as well as the
14. In A--. MSS. 1@<$2N
9or &n !n e!rthy s&.n( !s
h!th been before s!&-.9
A+b. 26 re!-s l&e=&se.
thou then unto a secret place, where no one
may be able to see thee or to hinder thee, before the
completion of the experiment, whether thou shouldest
wish to work by day or by night. But if thou shouldest
wish to work by night, perfect thy work on the succeeding
night; if by day, seeing that the day beginneth with the
rising of the Sun (perfect thy work on) the succeeding day.
But the hour of inception is the hour of Mercury.
16. The follo=&n.
p!r!.r!phs to the en- of
th&s *h!pter !re only
fo+n- &n the '!t&n
8ers&on( A--. MSS. 1@<$2.
It &s more !**+r!te to
s!y th!t these p!r!.r!phs
&n A-. 1@<$2 *orrespon-
to the open&n. p!r!.r!phs
of the ne,t *h!pter. A-.
1@<$2 *ont&n+es =&th Cthe
*onstr+*t&on of the
*&r*le.C It &sn9t fo+n-
&n A+b. 26( b+t most of
th&s m!ter&!l &s *o8ere-
&n boo 2. 5JHP
Verily, since no experiments for converse with
spirits can be done without a circle being prepared,
whatsoever experiments therefore thou wishest to
undertake for conversing with spirits, therein thou must
learn to construct a certain particular circle; that being
done surround that circle with the circle of art for better
caution and efficacy.
If thou wishest to succeed, it is necessary to make the
following experiments and arts in the appropriate days and hours,
with the requisite solemnities and ceremonies contained and laid
down in the following chapters.
Experiments, then, are of two kinds; the first is to make trial
of what, as I have said, can be easily performed without a circle,
and in this case it is not necessary to observe anything but what
thou wilt find in the proper chapters. The second can in no way be
brought to perfection without the circle; and in order to accomplish
this perfectly it is necessary to take note of all the preparations
which the master of the art and his disciples must undertake before
the circle.
1. Slo!ne MSS.
4@#1 s!ys(
9%efore they
*ome to the
*&r*le.9 5S'M
M!thers &s
follo=&n. '12@2(
=h&*h re!-s
C!8!nt -e f!&re
le *er*leC
/before m!&n.
the *&r*le7.
Sl4@#1( K2<<(
!n- H4#<1 !ll
re!- C8&enne !+
Cer*leC /*ome to
the *&r*le7. 5
Before commencing operations both the master and his
disciple; must abstain with great and thorough continence during
the space of nine days from sensual pleasures and from vain and
foolish conversation; as plainly appeareth in the Second Book,
Chapter 4. Six of these nine days having expired, he must recite
frequently the prayer and confession as will be told him; and on the
seventh day, the master being alone, let him enter into a secret
place, let him take off his clothes, and bathe himself from head to
foot in consecrated and exorcised water, saying devoutly and
humbly the prayer, 'O Lord Adonai,' etc., as it is written in the
Second Book, Chapter 2.
The prayer being finished, let the master quit the water, and
put upon his flesh raiment of white linen clean and unsoiled; and
then let him go with his disciples unto a secret place and command
them to strip themselves naked; and they having taken off their
clothes, let him take exorcised water and pour it upon their heads
so that it flows down to their feet and bathes them completely; and
while pouring this water upon them let the master say: 'Be ye
regenerate, renewed, washed, and pure,' etc., as in Book II.,
Chapter 3.
being done, the disciples must clothe themselves,
putting upon their flesh, like their master, raiment of white linen
clean and unsoiled; and the three last days the master and his
disciples should fast, observing the solemnities and prayers marked
in Book II., Chapter 2.
2. Th&s
p!r!.r!ph &s
om&tte- &n
'!ns-o=ne MSS.
12@2. 5S'M
Note that the three last days should be calm weather, without
wind, and without clouds rushing hither and thither over the face of
the sky. On the last day let the master go with his disciples unto a
secret fountain of running water, or unto a flowing stream, and
there let each of them. taking off his clothes, wash himself with
due solemnity, as is rehearsed in Book II. And when they are clean
and pure, let each put upon him garments of white linen, pure, and
clean, using the prayers and ceremonies described in Book II. After
which let the master alone say the confession. The which being
finished, the master in sign of penitence will kiss
the disciples on
the forehead, and each of them will kiss the other. Afterwards let
the master extend his hands over the disciples, and in sign of
absolution absolve and bless them; which being done he will
distribute to each of his disciple the instruments necessary for
magical art, which he is to carry into the circle.
4. Note the
9holy &ss9 &n
the Ne=
9Greet ye one
!nother =&th !
holy &ss.9 5S'M
The first disciple will bear the censer, the perfumes and the
spices; the second disciple will bear the book, papers, pens, ink,
and any stinking or impure materials; the third will carry the knife
6. M!thers re!-s
C!n- s&*leC
/follo=&n. the
and the quill knife
of magical art, the lantern, and the candles; the
fourth, the Psalms, and the rest of the instruments; the fifth, the
crucible or chafing-dish, and the charcoal or fuel; but it is
necessary for the master himself to carry in his hand the staff, and
the wand or rod. The things necessary being thus disposed, the
master will go with his disciples unto the assigned place, where
they have proposed to construct the circle for the magical arts and
experiments; repeating on the way the prayers and orations which
thou wilt find in Book II.
)ren*h MSS7( b+t
see %oo 2
*h!pter 3( notes
1 !n- 2. Note
%oo 2 !lso s!ys
th!t the m!ster
*!rr&es the
st!ff OR the
=!n-. It !lso
s!ys /*h!pter #7
th!t the
-&s*&ple =ho
*!rr&es the pen(
&n( !n- p!per
sho+l- st!n-
to=!r- the I!st.
When the master shall have arrived at the place appointed,
together with his disciples, he having lighted the flame of the fire,
and having exorcised it afresh as is laid down in the Second Book,
shall light the candle and place it in the lantern, which one of the
disciples is to hold ever in his hand to light the master at his work.
Now the master of the art, every time that he shall have occasion
for some particular purpose to speak with the spirits, must
endeavor to form certain circles which shall differ somewhat, and
shall have some particular reference to the particular experiment
under consideration. Now, in order to succeed in forming such a
circle concerning magical art, for the greater assurance and
efficacy thou shalt construct it in the following manner: --
Take thou the knife or quill knife,
consecrated after the
manner and order which we shall deliver unto thee in the Second
Book. With this knife or quill knife
thou shalt describe, beyond
the inner circle which thou shalt have already formed, a second
circle, encompassing the other at the distance of one foot therefrom
and having the same centre.
Within this space of a foot in breadth
between the first and the second circumferential
line, thou shalt
". M!thers re!-s
Cn&fe( the
s&*le( or the
s=or- of m!.&*!l
!rt.C A-. 1@<$2;
trace towards the four quarters of the Earth,
the sacred and
venerable symbols of the holy letter Tau.
And between the first
and the second circle,
which thou shalt thyself have drawn with
the instrument of magical art, thou shalt make four hexagonal
and between these thou shalt write four terrible and
tremendous names of God, viz.:
S)&.+re 2. M!.&* *&r*le from m!n+s*r&pt A-.
1@<$2( fol 16r.T
SC&r*le from M23$.T
CGl!-&+m( +el
Ar*l!++m Ss&*T.C
Gl!-&+s &s
synonymo+s =&th
ens&s /s=or-7(
b+t %oo 2
*h!pters 3 !n- <
eH+!te &t =&th
Ar*l!8+s &s !
m&st!e for
!rt!8+sN l!ter
the m!n+s*r&pt
re!-s !r*t!++s(
=h&le other
m!n+s*r&pts re!-
!rt!8+s /)ren*h
9!rt!8o97. It &s
!n +n*ommon term
me!n&n. H+&ll
n&feN M!thers
follo=s the
m!n+s*r&pts &n
th&s !s
Cs&*le.C See
!lso %oo 2(
Ch!pter <. Th&s
se*t&on -oes not
o**+r &n A+b.
26. 5JHP
SC&r*le from The M!.&*!l Tre!t&se of Solomon(
Del!tte( op. *&t.( p. 2".T
$. M!thers;
n&fe or =&th
the s&*le of
!rt. 5JHP
3. &.e. t=o
*&r*les en*lose-
bet=een three
l&nes. 5S'M
<. &.e. =&th&n
the f&rst
*&r*le. 5S'M
#. &.e. the fo+r
*!r-&n!l po&nts
of the *omp!ss.
1@. The letter
T!+ represents
the *ross( !n-
&n 1@<$2 A--.
MSS. &n the
-r!=&n. of the
*&r*le( the
Hebre= letter &s
repl!*e- by the
*rossN In 14@3
Slo!ne MSS. by
the T or T!+5
Cross. 5S'M
11. &.e. &n the
o+ter *&r*le(
bo+n-e- by the
se*on- !n- th&r-
l&nes. 5S'M
12. 1@<$2 A--.
MSS. &s the only
*opy =h&*h +ses
the =or-
he,!.on!l( b+t
the others sho=
fo+r he,!.r!ms
&n the -r!=&n.N
&n the -r!=&n.(
ho=e8er( 1@<$2
.&8es the
he,!.r!ms forme-
by 8!r&o+s
of t=o
tr&!n.les( !s
sho=n &n )&.+re
2. 5S'M
Note the
ment&one- by
M!thers. M!thers
.&8es the n!mes
&n Hebre=
these !re !lso
.&8en &n A-.
1@<$2 b+t &n
*orr+pte- form
/see belo=7.
The =or-s &n the
m&--le( COr&en.C
/I!st7( CMer&-.C
/So+th7 CO**&-.C
/Best7( !n-
/North7 &n-&*!te
the or&ent!t&on
of the *&r*le
rel!t&8e to the
*omp!ss. Note
!lso the
M&*h. 23$ sho=s
the Hebre=
letter T!+ &n
pl!*e of the 6
8ers&on of the
-r!=&n. +ses
both *rosses !n-
T!+s.7 '&e
H!rl. ""#$( the
s+rro+n-&n. th!t
h!s pent!.r!ms
/or pent!lph!s7
&n pl!*e of the
tr&!n.les of A-.
1@<$2. These !re
bet=een the
s!*re- n!mes
the sH+!re
&nste!- of
repe!te- <
t&mes( M23$ !n-
B sho= the 12
perm+t!t&ons of
the 6 letters;
/So+th7 IH>H
/I!st7 HI>H HIH>
HH>I( /North7
/Best7 HHI> H>IH
H>HI. The
*&r*les for the
*ensor pots
/Coll!C &n '!t&n
!n- It!l&!n7 !re
-r!=n =&th
-o+ble *&r*les
!s &n M!thers.
The s!*re- n!mes
Il( A-on!y( J!h(
!n- A.l! !re
-r!=n bet=een
the *&r*les /!s
&n K&n.s 2<<7.
They !lso sho=
the entr!n*e !n-
p!th to the
*&r*le /Cstr!-!
per entr!re nel
s&m&l!r to H!rl.
""#$. The fo+r
-&re*t&ons !re
!lso note- 55
/North( So+th(
I!st( Best7.
The m!.&* *&r*le
&n the M!.&*!l
Tre!t&se of
Solomon !lso
pent!.r!ms. It
!lso sho= !n
entr!n*e to the
*&r*le( =&th the
m!.&* n&fe
blo*&n. &t.
/See %oo 2
*h!pter , =here
the m!.+s &s
-&re*te- to
pl!*e the n&fe
+pr&.ht &n the
.ro+n- !t h&s
feet.7 Ins&-e
the *&r*le &s

/the te!*her9s
lo*!t&on7 !n-

/the -&s*&ples9
lo*!t&on7 5JHP
Between the East and the South the supreme name IHVH,
Between the South and the West the essential
Tetragrammatic name AHIH, Eheieh;--
Between the West and the North the name of power ALIVN,
And between the North and the East the great name ALH,
Which names are of supreme importance in the list of the
and their sovereign equivalents.
14. The
Seph&roth !re
the ten
em!n!t&ons of
the De&ty. The
eH+&8!lents !re
the -&8&ne n!mes
thereto. See my
Un8e&le-. 5S'M
A-. 1@<$2 &s the
only one to .&8e
these n!mes &n
*h!r!*ters /see
f&.+re belo=.7
M!thers follo=s
the )ren*h
=h&*h seem to
*onf+se the
p!r!.r!ph. A-.
1@<$2 re!-s;
Cbet=een the
I!st !n- the
So+th( the
s+preme n!me
Hebre=N &t -oes
not loo l&e
IH>H. Dr!=&n.
loos l&e I&&n
/A7T. %et=een
the So+th !n-
the Best the
essent&!l n!me
Ss&*T SHebre=
loos l&e IH>H(
-r!=&n. re!-s
Ilo!T( !n-
bet=een the Best
/o**!s+s7 !n-
the North
/!H+&lo7 the
n!me SA'I>N(
-r!=&n. re!-s
IhyT Il&son
Ss&*T( !n-
bet=een the
North !n- the
I!st the n!me
SA'H( -r!=&n.
Ilo!( =h&*h &s
the most
/.r!8&ss&m+s7 &n
the !n*&ent
Seph&tos Ss&*T
or s+per&or
7.C The =or-&n.
&n K&n.s 2<<
/!n- s&m&l!rly
'12@27 &s m+*h
Cbet=een I!st
!n- So+th
bet=een the
So+th !n- Best
IheyeN bet=een
Best !n- North
Ileyon /H4#<1;
Ilyon7( !n-
bet=een North
!n- I!st Iloh!.
SThe Hebre= letter&n. per A-. 1@<$2( fol 14r.T
Furthermore, thou shalt circumscribe about these circles two
squares, the angles of which shall be turned towards the four
quarters of the Earth; and the space between the lines of the outer
and inner square shall be half-a-foot. The extreme angles of the
outer square shall be made the centres of four circles, the measure
or diameter of which shall be one foot. All these are to be drawn
with the knife or consecrated instrument
of art. And within these
four circles thou must write these four names of God the most holy
one, in this order:
16. A-. 1@<$2;
!r*l!8oN K2<<(
&nstr+ment. 5JHP
the East, AL, El;
At the West, IH, Yah;
At the South, AGLA, Agla;
And at the North ADNI, Adona.
1". The MSS.
8!ry !s to the
po&nt =here!t
e!*h n!me &s to
be pl!*e-( b+t I
th&n the !bo8e
=&ll be fo+n- to
!ns=er. 5S'M
A-. 1@<$2 .&8es
these n!mes &n
*orr+pte- Rom!n
!n- Hebre=
*h!r!*ters( b+t
they *orrespon-
to I!stZI'(
K&n.s 2<< re!-s(
CP l9or&ent Il(
P '9o**&-ent
A.l!( !+ M&-&
I!h( !+
A-on!yC /!t the
I!st I'( !t the
Best A.l!( !t
the So+th I!h(
!t the North
A-on!y7( b+t the
*orrespon-s =&th
A-( 1@<$2 /see
f&.+re 2 from
K&n.s 2<<
'12@2 te,t !n-
-r!=&n. !.ree
=&th CP '9Or&ent
A.l!( !+ M&-&(
A-on!y( P
'9O**&-ent( Il(
!+ Septentr&on
AhC /!t the I!st
A.l!( !t the
So+th A-on!y( !t
the Best Il( !t
the North Ah7.
The *&r*les &n
Sl. 14@3 !n- A-.
4$$36 !re H+&te
The follo=&n.
p!r!.r!phs /+p
to C'et the
m!ster no= !r&se
!n- pl!*e +pon
h&s he!- !
*ro=nC7 !re not
fo+n- &n A+b. 26
or A-. 1@<$2.
S&m&l!rly M&*h.
23$ &s m&ss&n.
the s!me
m!ter&!l( e,*ept
for the l&st of
Ps!lms !n- the
pr!yer CI
besee*h thee( O
'or-C. 5JHP
Between the two squares the name Tetragrammaton is to be
written in the same way as is shown in the plate. (See Figure 2.)
While constructing the circle, the master should recite the
following Psalms:

/Ps2ZKJ>27 K+!re frem+er+nt .entes /Bhy -o the
he!then r!.e....7
/Ps"4ZKJ>"67 De+s &n nom&ne t+o s!l8+m /S!8e me(
O Go-( by thy n!me....7
/Ps112ZKJ>1147 '!+-!te p+er& Dom&n+m /Pr!&se ye
the 'or-. Pr!&se( O ye ser8!nts of the 'or-7
/Ps$$ZKJ>$37 De+s m&sere!t+r nostr& /Go- be
mer*&f+l +nto +s....7
1$. M!thers;
CPs!lm &&.N
Ps!lm l&8.N
Ps!lm *,&&&.N
Ps!lm l,8&&.N
Ps!lm ,l8&&.N
Ps!lm l,8&&&.C
M&*h. 23$ l&sts
2( 63( !n- $<
only. 5JHP
/Ps6$ZKJ>637 Omnes .entes pl!+-&te m!n&b+s /O
*l!p yo+r h!n-s( !ll ye people7
/Ps$3ZKJ>$<7 I,s+r.!t De+s et -&ss&pent+r /'et
Go- !r&se( let h&s enem&es be s*!ttere-....7
S/Ps"@ZKJ>"1T M&serere me& De+s se*+n-+m m!.n!m
/H!8e mer*y +pon me( O Go-( !**or-&n. to thy

13. Th&s only
!ppe!rs &n Sl.
4@#1. 5JHP
Or he may as well recite them before tracing the circle.
The which being finished, and the fumigations being
performed, as is described in the chapter on fumigations in the
Second Book, the master should reassemble his disciples,
encourage them, reassure them, fortify them, and conduct them
into the parts of the circle of art, where he must place them in the
four quarters of the Earth, encourage them, and exhort them to fear
nothing, and to keep in the places assigned to them. Also, the
disciple who is placed towards the East should have a pen, ink,
paper, silk, and white cotton, all clean and suitable for the work.
Furthermore, each of the companions should have a new sword
drawn in his hand (besides the consecrated magical sword of art),
and he should keep his hand resting upon the hilt thereof, and he
should on no pretext quit the place assigned to him, nor move
After this the master should quit the circle, light the fuel in
the earthen pots, and place upon them the censers, in the four
quarters of the Earth; and he should have in his hand the
consecrated taper of wax, and he should light it and place it in a
hidden and secret place prepared for it. Let him after this re-enter
and close the circle.
The master should afresh exhort his disciples, and explain to
them all that they have to do and to observe; the which commands
they should promise and vow to execute.
Let the master then repeat this prayer: --
Bhen =e enter here&n =&th !ll h+m&l&ty( let Go-
the Alm&.hty One enter &nto th&s *&r*le( by the
entr!n*e of !n etern!l h!pp&ness( of ! -&8&ne
prosper&ty( of ! perfe*t Joy( of !n !b+n-!nt
*h!r&ty( !n- of !n etern!l s!l+t!t&on. 'et !ll
the -emons fly from th&s pl!*e( espe*&!lly those
=ho !re oppose- +nto th&s =or( !n- let the
!n.els of pe!*e !ss&st !n- prote*t th&s *&r*le(
from =h&*h let -&s*or- !n- str&fe fly !n- -ep!rt.
M!.n&fy !n- e,ten- +pon +s( O 'or-( thy most holy
n!me( !n- bless o+r *on8ers!t&on !n- o+r
!ssembly. S!n*t&fy( O 'or- o+r Go-( o+r h+mble
entry here&n( tho+ the blesse- !n- holy one of
the etern!l !.esR Amen.
After this, let the master say upon his knees, as follows:
O 'or- Go-( !ll po=erf+l !n- !ll mer*&f+l( tho+
=ho -es&rest not the -e!th of ! s&nner( b+t
r!ther th!t he m!y t+rn from h&s =&*e-ness !n-
l&8eN .&8e !n- .r!nt +nto +s thy .r!*e( by
bless&n. !n- *onse*r!t&n. th&s e!rth !n- th&s
*&r*le( =h&*h &s here m!re- o+t =&th the most
po=erf+l !n- holy n!mes of Go-.
An- thee( I
*onJ+re( O I!rth( by the most holy n!me of ASHIR
IHIIIH enter&n. =&th&n th&s *&r*le( *ompose- !n-
m!-e =&th m&ne h!n-. An- m!y Go-( e8en ADONAI(
bless th&s pl!*e =&th !ll the 8&rt+es of He!8en(
so th!t no obs*ene or +n*le!n sp&r&t m!y h!8e the
po=er to enter &nto th&s *&r*le( or to !nnoy !ny
person =ho &s there&nN tho+.h the 'or- Go-
ADONAI( =ho l&8eth etern!lly +nto the !.es of the
1<. Sl. 4@#1
!--s( Cet p!r le
nom -e D&e+
ben&s ^ terreN
Je te *ons!*re _
terreC /An- by
the n!me of Go-
IMANUI' I bless
yo+( O I!rthN I
*onse*r!te yo+(
O I!rth7 5JHP
!.es. Amen.
I besee*h thee( O 'or- Go-( the !ll po=erf+l !n-
the !ll mer*&f+l( th!t tho+ =&lt -e&.n to bless
th&s *&r*le( !n- !ll th&s pl!*e( !n- !ll those
=ho !re there&n( !n- th!t tho+ =&lt .r!nt +nto
+s( =ho ser8e thee( !n- rehe!rse noth&n. b+t the
=on-ers of thy l!=( ! .oo- !n.el for o+r
.+!r-&!nN remo8e from +s e8ery !-8erse po=erN
preser8e +s from e8&l !n- from tro+bleN .r!nt( O
'or-( th!t =e m!y rest &n th&s pl!*e &n !ll
s!fety( thro+.h thee( O 'or-( =ho l&8est !n-
re&.nest +nto the !.es of the !.es. Amen.
Let the master now arise and place upon his head a crown
made of virgin paper,
on the which there must be written (with
the colours and other necessary things which we shall describe
hereafter), these four names AGLA, AGLAI, AGLATA,
AGLATAI. The which names are to be placed in the front, behind,
and on either side of the head.
1#. M!thers
re!-s Cof p!per
/or !ny other
follo=&n. K&n.s
2<<( b+t A-.
1@<$2 re!-s Ce,
C!rt! >&r.&ne!C
/from 8&r.&n
p!per7( '12@2
re!-s C-e p!p&er
8&er.eC. A-.
1@<$2 .&8es the
n!mes !s CA.!l!
Hebre=T( A.!l!
Hebre=T( A.!l!t!
S*orr+pt Hebre=T
A.!l!t! S*orr+pt
Hebre=T. '12@2
re!-s; CCes
H+!tre Noms sont
A.l! !+ -e8!nt(
A.l!t! !+
-err&re( A.lon(
A.l!t!y( -es
-e+, *ot0s -e l!
T`te.C 5JHP
Furthermore, the master ought to have with him in the circle,
those pentacles or medals
which are necessary to his purpose,
which are described hereinafter, and which should be constructed
according to the rules given in the chapter on pentacles. They
should be described on virgin paper with a pen; and ink, blood, or
colours, prepared according to the manner which we shall hereafter
show in the chapters on these subjects. It will be sufficient to take
only those pentacles which are actually required, they should be
sewed to the front of the linen robe, on the chest, with the
consecrated needle of the art, and with a thread which has been
woven by a young girl.
2@. A-. 1@<$2;
Pent!*+l!( s&+e
M23$; Cpent!*ol&
o *!n-er&eCN
C!n-er&es o+
Me-!&llesCN K2<<
!n- Sl4@#1;
CPent!*+les o+
Me-!&llesC. 5JHP
After this, let the master turn himself towards the eastern
quarter (unless directed to the contrary, or unless he should be
wishing to call spirits which belong to another quarter of the
Universe), and pronounce with a loud voice the conjuration
contained in this chapter. And if the spirits be disobedient and do
not then make their appearance, he must arise and take the
exorcised knife of art
wherewith he hath constructed the circle,
and raise it towards the sky as if he wished to beat or strike the air,
and conjure the spirits. Let him then lay his right hand and the
knife upon the pentacles or medals, constructed of, and described
upon virgin paper, which are fastened to or sewn upon his breast,
and let him repeat the following conjuration upon his knees:

21. A-. 1@<$2;
22. '12@2 !n-
Sl. 4@#1 re!-(
Cs!y the
*onJ+r!t&on &n !
lo= 8o&*e(
f!*&n. I!st.C
A+b26. re!-s
s&mple( Cs!y the
O 'or-( he!r my pr!yer( !n- let my *ry *ome +nto
thee. O 'or- Go- Alm&.hty( =ho h!s re&.ne- before
the be.&nn&n. of the !n- =ho by th&ne
&nf&n&te =&s-om( h!st *re!te- the he!8ens( the
e!rth( !n- the se!( !n- !ll th!t &n them &s( !ll
th!t &s 8&s&ble( !n- !ll th!t &s &n8&s&ble by !
s&n.le =or-N I pr!&se thee( I bless thee( I !-ore
thee( I .lor&fy thee( !n- I pr!y thee no= !t the
present t&me to be mer*&f+l +nto me( ! m&ser!ble
s&nner( for I !m the =or of th&ne h!n-s. S!8e
me( !n- -&re*t me by thy holy n!me( tho+ to =hom
noth&n. &s -&ff&*+lt( noth&n. &s &mposs&bleN !n-
-el&8er me from the n&.ht of m&ne &.nor!n*e( !n-
en!ble me to .o forth therefrom. Inl&.hten me
=&th ! sp!r of th&ne &nf&n&te =&s-om. T!e !=!y
from my senses the -es&re of *o8eto+sness( !n-
the &n&H+&ty of m&ne &-le =or-s. G&8e +nto me(
thy ser8!nt( ! =&se +n-erst!n-&n.( penetr!t&n.
!n- s+btle he!rt( to !*H+&re !n- *omprehen- !ll
s*&en*es !n- !rtsN .&8e +nto me *!p!*&ty to he!r(
!n- of memory to ret!&n them( so th!t I
m!y be !ble to !**ompl&sh my -es&res( !n-
+n-erst!n- !n- le!rn !ll -&ff&*+lt !n- -es&r!ble
s*&en*esN !n- !lso th!t I m!y be !ble to
*omprehen- the h&--en se*rets of the holy
=r&t&n.s. G&8e me the 8&rt+e to *on*e&8e them( so
th!t I m!y be !ble to br&n. forth !n- prono+n*e
my =or-s =&th p!t&en*e !n- h+m&l&ty( for the
&nstr+*t&on of others( !s tho+ h!st or-ere- me.
O Go-( the )!ther( !ll po=erf+l !n- !ll mer*&f+l(
=ho h!st *re!te- !ll th&n.s( =ho no=est !n-
*on*e&8est them +n&8ers!lly( !n- to =hom noth&n.
&s h&--en( noth&n. &s &mposs&bleN I entre!t thy
.r!*e for me !n- for thy ser8!nts( be*!+se tho+
seest !n- no=est =ell th!t =e perform not th&s
=or to tempt thy !n- thy po=er !s &f &n
-o+bt thereof( b+t r!ther th!t =e m!y no= !n-
+n-erst!n- the tr+th of !ll h&--en th&n.s. I
besee*h thee to h!8e the &n-ness to be f!8or!ble
+nto +sN by thy splen-o+r( thy m!.n&f&*en*e( !n-
thy hol&ness( !n- by thy holy( terr&ble( !n-
&neff!ble n!me IAH( !t =h&*h the =hole =orl- -oth
tremble( !n- by the fe!r =&th =h&*h !ll *re!t+res
obey thee. Gr!nt( O 'or-( th!t =e m!y be*ome
respons&8e +nto thy .r!*e( so th!t thro+.h &t =e
m!y h!8e ! f+ll *onf&-en*e &n !n- no=le-.e of
thee( !n- th!t the sp&r&ts m!y -&s*o8er
themsel8es here &n o+r presen*e( !n- th!t those
=h&*h !re .entle !n- pe!*e!ble m!y *ome +nto +s(
so th!t they m!y be obe-&ent +nto thy *omm!n-s(
thro+.h thee( O most holy ADONAI( =hose &n.-om
&s !n e8erl!st&n. &n.-om( !n- =hose emp&re
en-+reth +nto the !.es of the !.es. Amen.
After having said all these words devoutly, let the master
arise, and place his hands upon the pentacles, and let one of the
companions hold the book open before the master, who, raising his
eyes to Heaven, and turning unto the four quarters of the Universe,
shall say:
O 'or-( be tho+ +nto me ! to=er of
!.!&nst the !ppe!r!n*e !n- !ss!+lt of the e8&l

24. Comp!re
Ps!lm $@.6;
CH+&! f!*t+s es
spes me! t+rr&s
fort&t+-&n&s !
f!*&e &n&m&*&C
/ZKJ>$1.4; )or
tho+ h!st been !
shelter for me(
!n- ! stron.
to=er from the
enemy7. 5JHP
After this, turning towards the four quarters of the Universe,
he shall say the following words:
These be the symbols !n- the n!mes of the
*re!tor( =h&*h *!n br&n. terror !n- fe!r +nto
yo+. Obey me then( by the po=er of these holy
n!mes( !n- by these myster&o+s symbols of the
se*ret of se*rets.
The which being said and done, thou shalt see them draw
near and approach from all parts. But if they be hindered, detained,
or occupied in some way, and so that they cannot come, or if they
are unwilling to come, then, the suffumigations and censings being
performed anew, and (the disciples) having anew, by especial
order, touched their swords, and the master having encouraged his
disciples, he shall reform the circle with the knife of art, and,
raising the said knife towards the sky, he shall as it were strike the
air therewith. After this he shall lay his hand upon the pentacles,
and having bent his knees before the most High, he shall repeat
with humility the following confession; the which his disciples
shall also do, and they shall recite it in a low and humble voice, so
that they can scarcely be heard.

26. So !s not to
&nterfere =&th
the -&re*t&on of
the =&ll5
*+rrents of the
m!ster. 5S'M
O 'ORD of He!8en !n- of I!rth( before thee
-o I *onfess my s&ns( !n- l!ment them(
*!st -o=n !n- h+mble- &n thy presen*e. )or
I h!8e s&nne- before thee by pr&-e(
!8!r&*e( !n- bo+n-less -es&re of hono+rs
!n- r&*hesN by &-leness( .l+ttony( .ree-(
-eb!+*hery( !n- -r+nennessN be*!+se I
h!8e offen-e- thee by !ll &n-s of s&ns of
the flesh( !-+lter&es( !n- poll+t&ons(
=h&*h I h!8e *omm&tte- myself( !n-
*onsente- th!t others sho+l- *omm&tN by
s!*r&le.e( thefts( r!p&ne( 8&ol!t&on( !n-
hom&*&-eN by the e8&l +se I h!8e m!-e of
my possess&ons( by my pro-&.!l&ty( by the
s&ns =h&*h I h!8e *omm&tte- !.!&nst Hope
!n- Ch!r&ty( by my e8&l !-8&*e(
fl!tter&es( br&bes( !n- the &ll
-&str&b+t&on =h&*h I h!8e m!-e of the
.oo-s of =h&*h I h!8e been possesse-N by
rep+ls&n. !n- m!ltre!t&n. the poor( &n the
-&str&b+t&on =h&*h I h!8e m!-e of the
.oo-s *omm&tte- to my *h!r.e( by
!ffl&*t&n. those o8er =hom I h!8e been set
&n !+thor&ty( by not 8&s&t&n. the
pr&soners( by -epr&8&n. the -e!- of
b+r&!l( by not re*e&8&n. the poor( by
ne&ther fee-&n. the h+n.ry nor .&8&n.
-r&n to the th&rsty( by ne8er eep&n. the
S!bb!th !n- the other fe!sts( by not
l&8&n. *h!stely !n- p&o+sly on those -!ys(
by the e!sy *onsent =h&*h I h!8e .&8en to
those =ho &n*&te- me to e8&l -ee-s( by
&nJ+r&n. &nste!- of !&-&n. those =ho
-em!n-e- help from me( by ref+s&n. to .&8e
e!r +nto the *ry of the poor( by not
respe*t&n. the !.e-( by not eep&n. my
=or-( by -&sobe-&en*e to my p!rents( by
&n.r!t&t+-e to=!r-s those from =hom I h!8e
re*e&8e- &n-ness( by &n-+l.en*e &n
sens+!l ple!s+res( by &rre8erent beh!8&o+r
&n the Temple of Go-( by +nseemly .est+res
there!t( by enter&n. there&n =&tho+t
re8eren*e( by 8!&n !n- +nprof&t!ble
-&s*o+rse =hen there( by -esp&s&n. the
s!*re- 8essels of the temple( by t+rn&n.
the holy Ceremon&es &nto r&-&*+le( by
to+*h&n. !n- e!t&n. the s!*re- bre!- =&th
&mp+re l&ps !n- =&th prof!ne h!n-s( !n- by
the ne.le*t of my pr!yers !n- !-or!t&ons.
I -etest !lso the *r&mes =h&*h I h!8e
*omm&tte- by e8&l tho+.hts( 8!&n !n-
&mp+re me-&t!t&ons( f!lse s+sp&*&ons( !n-
r!sh J+-.mentsN by the e8&l *onsent =h&*h
I h!8e re!-&ly .&8en +nto the !-8&*e of
the =&*e-( by l+st of &mp+re !n- sens+!l
ple!s+resN by my &-le =or-s( my l&es( !n-
my -e*e&tN by my f!lse 8o=s &n 8!r&o+s
=!ysN !n- by my *ont&n+!l sl!n-er !n-
I -etest !lso the *r&mes =h&*h I h!8e
*omm&tte- =&th&nN the tre!*hery !n-
-&s*or- =h&*h I h!8e &n*&te-N my
*+r&os&ty( .ree-( f!lse spe!&n.(
8&olen*e( m!le-&*t&on( m+rm+rs(
bl!sphem&es( 8!&n =or-s( &ns+lts(
-&ss&m+l!t&onsN my s&ns !.!&nst Go- by the
tr!ns.ress&on of the ten *omm!n-ments( by
ne.le*t of my -+t&es !n- obl&.!t&ons( !n-
by =!nt of lo8e to=!r-s Go- !n- to=!r-s my
)+rthermore I h!te the s&ns =h&*h I h!8e
*omm&tte- &n !ll my senses( by s&.ht( by
he!r&n.( by t!ste( by smell( !n- by to+*h(
&n e8ery =!y th!t h+m!n =e!ness *!n
offen- the *re!torN by my *!rn!l tho+.hts(
-ee-s( !n- me-&t!t&ons.
In =h&*h I h+mbly *onfess th!t I h!8e
s&nne-( !n- re*o.n&se myself !s be&n. &n
the s&.ht of Go- the most *r&m&n!l of !ll
I !**+se myself before thee( O Go-( !n- I
!-ore thee =&th !ll h+m&l&ty. O ye( holy
!n.els( !n- ye( *h&l-ren of Go-( &n yo+r
presen*e I p+bl&sh my s&ns( so th!t m&ne
enemy m!y h!8e no !-8!nt!.e o8er me( !n-
m!y not be !ble to repro!*h me !t the l!st
-!yN th!t he m!y not be !ble to s!y th!t I
h!8e *on*e!le- my s&ns( !n- th!t I be not
then !**+se- &n the presen*e of the 'or-N
b+t( on the *ontr!ry( th!t on my !**o+nt
there m!y be Joy &n He!8en( !s o8er the
J+st =ho h!8e *onfesse- the&r s&ns &n thy
O most m&.hty !n- !ll po=erf+l )!ther(
.r!nt thro+.h th&ne +nbo+n-e- mer*y th!t I
m!y both see !n- no= !ll the sp&r&ts
=h&*h I &n8oe( so th!t by the&r me!ns I
m!y see my =&ll !n- -es&re !**ompl&she-(
by the so8ere&.n .r!n-e+r( !n- by th&ne
&neff!ble !n- etern!l .lory( tho+ =ho !rt
!n- =ho =&lt be for e8er the p+re !n-
&neff!ble f!ther of !ll.
The confession having been finished with great
humility, and with the inward feeling of the heart, the
master will recite the following prayer:
O 'or- !ll po=erf+l( etern!l Go- !n-
f!ther of !ll *re!t+res( she- +pon me the
-&8&ne &nfl+en*e of thy mer*y( for I !m
thy *re!t+re. I besee*h thee to -efen- me
from m&ne enem&es( !n- to *onf&rm &n me
tr+e !n- ste!-f!st f!&th.
O 'or-( I *omm&t my bo-y !n- my so+l +nto
thee( see&n. I p+t my tr+st &n none bes&-e
theeN &t &s on thee !lone th!t I relyN O
'or- my Go- !&- meN O 'or- he!r me &n the
-!y !n- ho+r =here&n I sh!ll &n8oe thee.
I pr!y thee by thy mer*y not to p+t me &n
obl&8&on( nor to remo8e me from thee. O
'or- be tho+ my s+**or( tho+ =ho !rt the
Go- of my s!l8!t&on. O 'or- m!e me ! ne=
he!rt !**or-&n. +nto thy lo8&n. &n-ness.
These( O 'or-( !re the .&fts =h&*h I !=!&t
from thee( O my Go- !n- my m!ster( tho+
=ho l&8est !n- re&.nest +nto the of
the Amen.
O 'or- Go- the !ll po=erf+l one( =ho h!st
forme- +nto thyself .re!t !n- &neff!ble
=&s-om( !n- *o5etern!l =&th thyself before
the *o+ntless !.esN tho+ =ho &n the b&rth
of t&me h!st *re!te- the He!8ens( !n- the
I!rth( the se!( !n- th&n.s th!t they
*ont!&nN tho+ =ho h!st 8&8&f&e- !ll th&n.s
by the bre!th of thy mo+th( I pr!&se thee(
I bless thee( I !-ore thee( !n- I .lor&fy
thee. %e tho+ prop&t&o+s +nto me =ho !m
b+t ! m&ser!ble s&nner( !n- -esp&se me
notN s!8e me !n- s+**or me( e8en me the
=or of th&ne h!n-s. I *onJ+re !n- entre!t
thee by thy Holy n!me to b!n&sh from my
sp&r&t the -!rness of I.nor!n*e( !n- to
enl&.hten me =&th the )&re of thy B&s-omN
t!e !=!y from me !ll e8&l -es&res( !n-
let not my spee*h be !s th!t of the
fool&sh. O tho+( Go- the '&8&n. One( =hose
Glory( Hono+r( !n- K&n.-om sh!ll e,ten-
+nto the of the Amen.
O 'ORD Go-( Holy )!ther( Alm&.hty !n-
Mer*&f+l One( =ho h!st *re!te- !ll th&n.s(
=ho no=est !ll th&n.s !n- *!n -o !ll
th&n.s( from =hom noth&n. &s h&--en( to
=hom noth&n. &s &mposs&bleN tho+ =ho
no=est th!t =e perform not these
*eremon&es to tempt thy po=er( b+t th!t =e
m!y penetr!te &nto the no=le-.e of h&--en
th&n.sN =e pr!y thee by thy S!*re- Mer*y
to *!+se !n- to perm&t( th!t =e m!y !rr&8e
!t th&s +n-erst!n-&n. of se*ret th&n.s( of
=h!te8er n!t+re they m!y be( by th&ne !&-(
O Most Holy ADONAI( =hose K&n.-om !n-
Po=er sh!ll h!8e no en- +nto the of
the Amen.
The Prayer being finished, let the Exorcist lay his
hand upon the pentacles, while one of the Disciples shall
hold open before him the Book wherein are written the
prayers and conjurations proper for conquering,
subduing, and reproving the spirits. Then the Master,
turning towards each Quarter of the Earth, and raising his
eyes to Heaven, shall say:
O 'or-( be tho+ +nto me ! stron. to=er of
ref+.e( from the s&.ht !n- !ss!+lts of the
I8&l sp&r&ts.

1. Comp!re =&th Ps!lm
$@.6 /KJ> Ps$1.47; C)or
tho+ h!st been ! shelter
for me( !n- ! stron.
to=er from the enemy.C
After which let him turn again towards the four
quarters of the Earth, and towards each let him utter the
following words:
%ehol- the symbols !n- n!mes of the
*re!tor( =h&*h .&8e +nto ye fore8er terror
!n- fe!r. Obey then( by the 8&rt+e of
these holy n!mes( !n- by these Myster&es
of Myster&es.
After this he shall see the spirits come from every
side. But in case they are occupied in some other place,
or that they cannot come, or that they are unwilling to
come: then let him commence afresh to invoke them after
the following manner, and let the exorcist be assured that
even were they bound with chains of iron, and with fire,
they could not refrain from coming to accomplish his
2. There &s !n
In8o*!t&on be!r&n. the
t&tle of 9The
K!b!l&st&*!l In8o*!t&on
of Solomon(9 .&8en by
Il&ph!s '08&( =h&*h
-&ffers &n m!ny po&nts
from the one .&8en
!bo8e( tho+.h resembl&n.
&t &n some p!rt&*+l!rs.
'08&9s &s more e8&-ently
*onstr+*te- on the pl!n
&n-&*!te- &n the 9S&phr!
Dt:en&o+th!(9 *. III.N
Annot!t&on a "( s+b. a
<( #N =h&le the one
!bo8e more follo=s th!t
l!&- -o=n( &b&-. a "(
s+b. a 4. I see no
re!son to s+ppose th!t
'08&9s &s +n!+thent&*.
It =&ll be note- by the
K!b!l&st&*!l re!-er(
th!t the !bo8e
*onJ+r!t&on rehe!rses
the -&8&ne n!mes
!tt!*he- to the ten
Seph&roth. 5S'M
O ye sp&r&ts( ye I *onJ+re by the po=er(
=&s-om( !n- 8&rt+e of the sp&r&t of Go-(
by the +n*re!te -&8&ne no=le-.e( by the
8!st mer*y of Go-( by the of Go-(
by the .re!tness of Go-( by the +n&ty of
Go-N !n- by the holy n!me of Go- IHIIIH(
=h&*h &s the root( tr+n( so+r*e( !n-
or&.&n of !ll the other -&8&ne n!mes(
=hen*e they !ll -r!= the&r l&fe !n- the&r
8&rt+e( =h&*h A-!m h!8&n. &n8oe-( he
!*H+&re- the no=le-.e of !ll *re!te-
I *onJ+re ye by the &n-&8&s&ble n!me IOD(
=h&*h m!reth !n- e,presseth the
s&mpl&*&ty !n- the +n&ty of the n!t+re
-&8&ne( =h&*h Abel h!8&n. &n8oe-( he
to es*!pe from the h!n-s of C!&n
h&s brother.
4. In the )ren*h(
9mer&t! -b0*h!pper.9
M23$; CH+o- et&!m Abel
nom&n!+&t et mer+&t
e+!-ere m!n+s fr!tr&s
s+& C!&m.C A+b. 26(
re!-s C... H+o- et&!m
nom&n!+&t Seth( et
mer+&t e8!-ere m!n+s
fr!tr&s s+& C!&mC /=h&*h
SITH h!8&n. n!me-( he
=!s fo+n- =orthy to
e8!-e the h!n- of h&s
brother C!&n.7 A-. 1@<$2
re!-s C... H+o- et&!m
'eter /A7 nom&n!+&t( et
mer+&t e+!-ere m!n+s
P!tr&s s+& C!&mC /=h&*h
'eter /A7 h!8&n. n!me-(
he =!s fo+n- =orthy to
e8!-e the h!n- of h&s
f!ther C!&m.7 5JHP
I *onJ+re ye by the n!me TITRAGRAMMATON
=h&*h e,presseth !n- s&.n&f&eth
the .r!n-e+r of so lofty ! m!Jesty( th!t
No!h h!8&n. prono+n*e- &t( s!8e- h&mself(
!n- prote*te- h&mself =&th h&s =hole
ho+sehol- from the =!ters of the -el+.e.
6. A+b26 re!-s CJeo+!
Iloh&mCN M23$; CJeo+P
IloymCN Sl4@#1; CJeho8!
IloymCN K2<< !n- '12@2;
CJeho8!h IlohymCN A-.
1@<$2; CJe( Ho+!(
Ilo&!.C 5JHP
I *onJ+re ye by the n!me of Go- I' stron.
!n- =on-erf+l( =h&*h -enoteth the mer*y
!n- .oo-ness of h&s m!Jesty -&8&ne( =h&*h
Abr!h!m h!8&n. &n8oe-( he =!s fo+n-
=orthy to *ome forth from the Ur of the
I *onJ+re ye by the most po=erf+l n!me of
I'OHIM GI%OR( =h&*h sho=eth forth the of Go-( of ! Go- !ll po=erf+l(
=ho p+n&sheth the *r&mes of the =&*e-(
=ho seeeth o+t !n- *h!st&seth the
&n&H+&t&es of the f!thers +pon the
*h&l-ren +nto the th&r- !n- fo+rth
.ener!t&onN =h&*h Is!!* h!8&n. &n8oe-( he
=!s fo+n- =orthy to es*!pe from the s=or-
of Abr!h!m h&s f!ther.
". '!t. .l!-&+s.
I *onJ+re ye !n- I e,or*&se ye by the most
holy n!me of I'OAH >A5DAATH(
=h&*h J!*ob
&n8oe- =hen &n .re!t tro+ble( !n- =!s
fo+n- =orthy to be!r the n!me of Isr!el(
=h&*h s&.n&f&eth 8!nH+&sher of Go-N !n- he
=!s -el&8ere- from the f+ry of Is!+ h&s
$. A+b26 re!-s CIloh!
>!n.!!-!tCN M23$; CIloh!
+!n.!-etCN K2<<( Sl4@#1(
!n- '12@2 re!- CIloh!
>!n.!-!tCN A-. 1@<$2;
CIlo! >!.!-!tC. 5JHP
I *onJ+re ye by the most potent n!me of
ADONAI TGA%AOTH( =h&*h &s the Go- of
!rm&es( r+l&n. &n the He!8ens( =h&*h
Joseph &n8oe- !n- =!s fo+n- =orthy to
es*!pe from the h!n-s of h&s brethren.
3. More +s+!lly the n!me
&s !ttr&b+te- to the
se8enth Seph&roth. 5S'M
A+b26 re!-s; CA-on!y
Ge+!othCN K2<< !n-
Sl4@#1; CIl A-on!y
Ge8!o-CN '12@2; CIl(
A-on!y( Gen!r-CN A-.
1@<$2; CA-on!y Ge+!hotC.
Th&s p!r!.r!ph &s not
fo+n- &n M23$. 5JHP
I *onJ+re ye by the most potent n!me of
=h&*h e,presseth p&ety(
mer*y( splen-o+r( !n- no=le-.e of Go-(
=h&*h Moses &n8oe-( !n- he =!s fo+n-
=orthy to -el&8er the People Isr!el from
I.ypt( !n- from the ser8&t+-e of Ph!r!oh.
<. A+b26; CIlohym
Ge+!-CN Sl4@#1; CIloym
Ge8!othCN K2<<; CIlohym
Ge8!o-CN '12@2; CIlho&m
Gen!r-CN A-. 1@<$2;
CIlo&m Ge+or-.C 5JHP
I *onJ+re ye by the most potent n!me of
=h&*h s&.n&f&eth -o&n. .oo- +nto
!llN =h&*h Moses &n8oe-( !n- h!8&n.
str+* the Se!( &t -&8&-e- &nto t=o p!rts
&n the m&-st( on the r&.ht h!n- !n- on the
left. I *onJ+re ye by the most holy n!me
of I'
CHAI( =h&*h &s th!t of the '&8&n.
Go-( thro+.h the 8&rt+e of =h&*h !ll&!n*e
=&th +s( !n- re-empt&on for +s h!8e been
m!-eN =h&*h Moses &n8oe- !n- !ll the
=!ters ret+rne- to the&r pr&or st!te !n-
en8elope- the I.ypt&!ns( so th!t not one
of them es*!pe- to *!rry the ne=s &nto the
'!n- of M&:r!&m.
#. K2<<( Sl4@#1( '12@2(
A+b26 re!- CS!-!yCN A-.
1@<$2; CS&-!y.C 5JHP
1@. %oth th&s n!me !n-
9Sh!--!&9 !re !ttr&b+te-
to the N&nth Seph&r!(
!n- 1 h!8e therefore p+t
the t=o &n8o*!t&ons &n
the s!me p!r!.r!ph. 5S'M
Inste!- of CI' CHAIC
A+b26 !n- A-. 1@<$2
re!-s CIloyCN M23$;
CIlo+mCN K2<< !n-
Sl4@#1; CIlohymCN '12@2;
Ilho&m.C 5JHP
'!stly( I *onJ+re ye !ll( ye rebell&o+s
sp&r&ts( by the most holy n!me of Go-
ADONAI MI'IKH( =h&*h Josh+! &n8oe-( !n-
st!ye- the *o+rse of the S+n &n h&s
presen*e( thro+.h the 8&rt+e of
&ts pr&n*&p!l Im!.eN !n- by
the troops of !n.els =ho *e!se not to *ry
ADONAI I'OHIM TGA%AOTH /th!t &s( Holy(
Holy( Holy( 'or- Go- of Hosts( He!8en !n-
I!rth !re f+ll of thy Glory7N !n- by the
ten !n.els =ho pres&-e o8er the ten
Seph&roth( by =hom Go- *omm+n&*!teth !n-
e,ten-eth h&s &nfl+en*e o8er lo=er th&n.s(
11. The Ar*h!n.el( =ho
&s *!lle- !lso the
Pr&n*e of Co+nten!n*es.
A+b. 26 /fol 3"r7 re!-s
CM&tt!tronCN K&n.s 2<<
!n- '12@2 re!- M&tr!tonN
A-. 1@<$2 re!-s
Cm&t!t&+mC or
CPerm&t!t&+m.C 5JHP
12. Th&s p!ss!.e
&ll+str!tes the -e.ree
of *orr+pt&on of the
m!n+s*r&pts( !s none of
the *opy&sts seems to
h!8e !ny .r!sp of the
K!bb!l!h. M23$ seems to
be the most *orre*t
here; CChe-er *o*hmP
b&nc Ghe-+lc Ghe++rP
t&fere- ne:!*h ho- Jeso-
e M!l*+-CN A+b26;
CHeoe-er( Hoem!( %&r&!(
Ghe-+l!( Ghe++r!(
T&phere-( No-( Ne::!*(
Jesso-( et M!l&+-CN
A-1@<$2; CS...Te-er(
Hoem!( %r&*!( Ghe-+l!t(
Gher*+r!( T&f&re-(
H!-mer:!el( Iesso-( et
M!l+&-CN H4#<1; CHe-er(
Noem!( %&r&!( Ghe-+l!(
Th&pheret( No-( Ne::!*(
Jesso-( et M!l*ho8eCN
Sl4@#1; CHe-er Noem!(
%&r&!( Ghe-+l!(
Th&pheret( No-( Ne::!*(
Thesso-( et M!l*ho8eCN
K2<<; CKe-er( Noem!(
%&r&!( Ghe-+l!(
T&pheret( No-( Ne::!*h(
Ihesso-( et M!l*horeCN
'12@2; CHe-er( Ros&n!(
%r&!( Gl!-+l!( Th&pher!(
No-( Ne::&!*( Chesso-(
M!leho8eC. M23$
re.+l!rly re-+*es -o+ble
*onson!nts( so &t seems
l&ely th!t the n&nth
or&.&n!lly re!-
CJesso-C. 5JHP
I *onJ+re ye !ne=( O sp&r&ts( by !ll the
n!mes of Go-( !n- by !ll h&s m!r8ello+s
=orN by the he!8ensN by the e!rthN by the
se!N by the -epth of the Abyss( !n- by
th!t f&rm!ment =h&*h the 8ery sp&r&t of
Go- h!th mo8e-N by the s+n !n- by the
st!rsN by the =!ters !n- by the se!s( !n-
!ll =h&*h they *ont!&nN by the =&n-s( the
=h&rl=&n-s( !n- the tempestsN by the
8&rt+e of !ll herbs( pl!nts( !n- stonesN
by !ll =h&*h &s &n the he!8ens( +pon the
e!rth( !n- &n !ll the !bysses of the
I *onJ+re ye !ne=( !n- I po=erf+lly +r.e
ye( O Demons( &n =h!tsoe8er p!rt of the
=orl- ye m!y be( so th!t ye sh!ll be
+n!ble to rem!&n &n !&r( f&re( =!ter(
e!rth( or &n !ny p!rt of the +n&8erse( or
&n !ny ple!s!nt pl!*e =h&*h m!y !ttr!*t
yeN b+t th!t ye *ome promptly to
!**ompl&sh o+r -es&re( !n- !ll th&n.s th!t
=e -em!n- from yo+r obe-&en*e.
I *onJ+re ye !ne= by the t=o T!bles of the
'!=( by the f&8e boos of Moses( by the
Se8en %+rn&n. '!mps on the C!n-lest&* of
Gol- before the f!*e of the Throne of the
M!Jesty of Go-( !n- by the Holy of Hol&es
=here&n the KOHIN HA5GADU' =!s !lone
perm&tte- to enter( th!t &s to s!y( the
I *onJ+re ye by h&m =ho h!th m!-e the
he!8ens !n- the e!rth( !n- =ho h!th
me!s+re- those he!8ens &n the hollo= of
h&s h!n-( !n- en*lose- the e!rth =&th
three of h&s f&n.ers( =ho &s se!te- +pon
the Ker+b&m !n- +pon the Ser!ph&mN !n- by
the Ker+b&m( =h&*h &s *!lle- the Ker+b(
=h&*h Go- *onst&t+te- !n- pl!*e- to .+!r-
the Tree of '&fe( !rme- =&th ! fl!m&n.
s=or-( !fter th!t M!n h!- been -r&8en o+t
of P!r!-&se.
I *onJ+re ye !ne=( Apost!tes from Go-( by
h&m =ho !lone h!th performe- .re!t
=on-ersN by the He!8enly Jer+s!lemN !n- by
the Most Holy n!me of Go- &n )o+r 'etters(
!n- by h&m =ho enl&.hteneth !ll th&n.s !n-
sh&neth +pon !ll th&n.s by h&s >ener!ble
!n- Ineff!ble n!me( IHIIIH ASHIR IHIIIHN

th!t ye *ome &mme-&!tely to e,e*+te o+r
-es&re( =h!te8er &t m!y be.
14. M23$; CIheye esser
IheyeCN Sl4@#1 !n- K2<<;
CIheyetsser IheyeCN
'12@2; CCheye(
Assereye.C 5JHP
I *onJ+re ye( !n- I *omm!n- ye !bsol+tely(
O Demons( &n =h!tsoe8er p!rt of the
Un&8erse ye m!y be( by the 8&rt+e of !ll
these Holy n!mes;d ADONAI( ?AH( HOA( I'(
!n- by !ll the Holy
n!mes of Go- =h&*h h!8e been =r&tten =&th
bloo- &n the s&.n of !n etern!l !ll&!n*e.
16. I h!8e m!-e these
n!mes !s *orre*t !s
poss&bleN !s &n !ll the
or&.&n!l MSS. the Hebre=
&s m+*h m+t&l!te-. These
n!mes !re some of them
or-&n!ry t&tles of Go-N
others M!.&*!l !n-
K!b!l&st&*!l n!mes
*ompo+n-e- from the
&n&t&!ls of senten*es(
et*.N !n- others
perm+t!t&ons of other
n!mes. 5S'M
Re.!r-&n. MT:PT: /or
MAGPAG7( see Goll!n*:(
%oo of Prote*t&on(
Intro-+*t&on( p. ,,,.
Th&s n!me !lso o**+rs &n
%oo 2 !s !n !ltern!te
re!-&n. &n Sl. 14@3.
A+b26; CA-on!y( J!h( Il(
Is( Iloh! A.hel&on( N!(
Iloym( Ihe&e( M!ron(
C!ph+ Inn+m( I+en( A.l!(
Goy( Ime-( Je&!(
Ar!*&t!( J!+!( Iss+(
H!*!+!( Mess&!h( Ism!
M!le*he( Ire:( K+:+(
M!sp!l( Il S!-!yCN M23$;
C!-on!y J!h >!h Il Ilo!
Il&on he Iloym Iheye
m!ron C!phe* Jes+ss&m+m
!+em A.l! e,orh em!e&m
Jey! !r!n&! &!+!
ho*h!+no mes&!tem!
mel*he ero: !+:+ m!lp+:
Il s!-!&CN Sl4@#1;
CA-on!y( I!h( H+( Il(
Iloh!( N.el&on( N+(
Ilohym( theye( M!ron(
C!ph+( Iss+( Imn+m(
I8en( A.l!( I:or( Imoe-(
Iey!( Ar!r&t!( Io8!(
H!*!8o( Mess&!h( Som!(
M!l*h0( Irel( I+s+(
M!lp!r( Il( S!-!yCN
A-1@<$2; CA-on!y( I!h(
Hoel( Il( Iloh( N! /A7( Ilo&n(
Ihe&e( M!*on( C!ph!(
Inn+m( I+ref( A.l!( Gor(
Imet( Cer!( An!*&o(
'!+t( Iss+( A*!+t(
M!ss&!h( Ism! M!le*h&(
Irey( %+:+ /A57( M!:pol(
Oss!-!yCN K2<<; CA-on!y(
I!h( H+( Il( Iloh!(
N.el&on+( Ilohym( Iheye(
M!ron( C!ph+( Iss+(
Inm+m( I8en( A.l!( I:or(
Imoe-( Iey!( Ar!r&t!(
Io8!( H!*!8o( Mess&!h(
Iom!s( M!l*h0( Irel(
Is*+s!( M!sp!r( Il(
S!-!gCN '12@2; CA-on!y(
J!+( H+sset( Iloh!(
N.hel&on( N+( Iloh&m(
Iheye( M!ron( C!ph+(
Iss+( Imm+m( I8e+( A.l!(
I:or( et p!r les Noms -e
D&e+ 0*r&ts !8*e Ss&*T
-+ s!n. en s&.ne
-hAll&!n*e H+& sont
Imo!-( J!h&!( A8!r&t!(
Jo8!( H!*!8o( Mess&!h(
Jom!( M!l*he( Iret(
Illo:!( M!lp!: M S!-!y.C
I *onJ+re ye !ne= by these other n!mes of
Go-( most holy !n- +nno=n( by the 8&rt+e
of =h&*h n!mes ye tremble e8ery -!y;d

th!t ye *ome H+&*ly !n- =&tho+t !ny -el!y
&nto o+r presen*e from e8ery H+!rter !n-
e8ery *l&m!te of the =orl- =here&n ye m!y
be( to e,e*+te !ll th!t =e sh!ll *omm!n-
ye &n the .re!t n!me of Go-.
1". I .&8e these n!mes
!s they st!n-( they -o
not !ll !ppe!r to be
Hebre=N some of them
s+..est the style of the
b!rb!ro+s n!mes &n the
Gr!e*o5I.ypt&!n M!.&*!l
P!pyr&. 5S'M
M23$; Cb!:+*h(
b!*+rebon( p!t!r&el
!l*h!e.hel( !H+!r+s(
homor&ons( ey( !bb!ton(
*he+on( *ebore oy(
:oym!s( *!ye ee*
!bb+m!*h& ert!.+n!le
hele*h Je:eCN A+b26;
C%+:+*( %!r+b!son(
P!th!+l( Ar*h&.hel(
AH+e*h!y( Homor&ons( Iy(
Abb!ton( Ch&+on( Cebeon(
O,( Goym!s( C!ye Ie+(
Ab+m!*h&( Ort!.+( H!:!(
Hele* Je:eCN A-1@<$2;
C%e:++( %!*+b+rs(
P!th!h+l( Ar*h&.hel(
AH+e*h!y( I&( Abb!tor(
Ch&+or( Cebeor(
Oy:or&m!s( C!ye( I+e(
Abb&m!*h&( Orb!yr&(
P!:!( Hebe*( TereCN
Sl4@#1( H; C%!:+*(
%!*+r!bon( P!t!*el(
Al*hee.el( AH+!*!y(
Homor&ons( Iy( Abb!ton(
Che8on( Cebon( OyGoym!s(
C!y( Ie0( Alb!m!*h&(
Ort!.+( M!le( Hele*h(
Ie:eCN K2<<; C%!r+*(
%!*+r!bon( P!t!*el(
Al*hee.hel( AH+!*!g(
Homor&on( Iy( Abb!ton(
Che8on( Cebon( Oy:oym!s(
C!y( Ie0( Alb!m!*h&(
Ort!.+( N!le( Hele*h(
Ie:eCN '12@2; C%!:+r(
%!r!bon( P!t!*el(
Itheo.el&el( A.n!*&(
Homor&on( I+( Abb!ton(
Ithenon( Cehon( Oy(
Gem!s( C!y( Ce*(
Abb!m!lh&( Ort!.&el(
N!l*he( Se*he::e.C
M!thers; C%ARUC(
A%I'ICH /or HI'ICH7(
If they then immediately appear, it is well; if not,
let the master uncover the consecrated pentacles which he
should have made to constrain and command the spirits,
and which he should wear fastened round his neck,
holding the medals (or pentacles) in his left hand, and the
consecrated knife in his right; and encouraging his
companions, he shall say with a loud voice:

1. A-1@<$2 !n- Sl.4@#1;
C! some=h!t ele8!te-
8o&*e.C 5JHP
Here be the symbols of se*ret th&n.s( the
st!n-!r-s( the ens&.ns( !n- the b!nners(
of Go- the *onH+erorN !n- the !rms of the
!lm&.hty One( to *ompel the !er&!l
poten*&es. I *omm!n- ye !bsol+tely by
the&r po=er !n- 8&rt+e th!t ye *ome ne!r
+nto +s( &nto o+r presen*e( from
=h!tsoe8er p!rt of the =orl- ye m!y be &n(
!n- th!t ye -el!y not to obey +s &n !ll
th&n.s =here&n =e sh!ll *omm!n- ye by the
8&rt+e of Go- the m&.hty One. Come ye
promptly( !n- -el!y not to !ppe!r( !n-
!ns=er +s =&th h+m&l&ty.
If they appear at this time, show them the pentacles,
and receive them with kindness, gentleness, and courtesy;
reason and speak with them, question them, and ask from
them all things which thou hast proposed to demand.
But if, on the contrary, they do not yet make their
appearance, holding the consecrated knife
in the right
hand, and the pentacles
being uncovered by the removal
of their consecrated covering, strike and beat the air with
the knife as if wishing to commence a combat, comfort
and exhort thy companions, and then in a loud and stern
voice repeat the following conjuration:
2. '!t. C.l!-&+sCN It!l.
C&l *oltelloCN )r. Cle
*o+t!+C. 5JHP
4. A+b. 26 !n- A-. 1@<$2
!-- C&n the leftC. 5JHP
6. Th&s *onJ+r!t&on &s
!lmost &-ent&*!l =&th
one .&8en &n the
'eme.eton( or 'esser
Key( ! -&fferent =or(
!lso !ttr&b+te- to
Solomon. 5S'M
Here !.!&n I *onJ+re ye !n- most +r.ently
*omm!n- yeN I for*e( *onstr!&n( !n- e,hort
ye to the +tmost( by the most m&.hty !n-
po=erf+l n!me of Go- I'( stron. !n-
=on-erf+l( !n- by Go- the J+st !n-
+pr&.ht( I e,or*&se ye !n- *omm!n- ye th!t
ye &n no =!y -el!y( b+t th!t ye *ome
&mme-&!tely !n- +pon the &nst!nt h&ther
before +s( =&tho+t no&se( -eform&ty( or
h&-eo+sness( b+t =&th !ll m!nner of
.entleness !n- m&l-ness.
". M!thers &s follo=&n.
K2<< !n- H =h&*h re!-(
C!8e* to+tes sorte -e
-o+*e+rs et -e
C&8&l&t0CN '!t. Comn&
!ff!b&l&t!teC /!ll
The =or-&n. &n '12@2 !n-
Sl4@#1 !.!&n !.ree;
Cto+te sorte -e *&8&l&t0
et *o+rto&s&eC. 5JHP
I e,or*&se ye !ne=( !n- po=erf+lly *onJ+re
ye( *omm!n-&n. ye =&th !n-
8&olen*e by h&m =ho sp!e !n- &t =!s
!n- by !ll these n!mes; I' SHADDAI(
$. A+. 26; C>os &ter+m
e,or*&:o !tH+e potenter
*ontestor( !* 8!l-e
&mpero per e+m H+&
-&,&t( et f!*t+m

=h&*h s&.n&fy Go- the h&.h !n- !lm&.hty(
the Go- of Isr!el( thro+.h =hom
+n-ert!&n. !ll o+r oper!t&ons =e sh!ll
prosper &n !ll the =ors of o+r h!n-s(
see&n. th!t the 'or- &s no=( !l=!ys( !n-
for e8er =&th +s( &n o+r he!rt !n- &n o+r
l&psN !n- by h&s holy n!mes( !n- by the
8&rt+e of the so8ere&.n Go-( =e sh!ll
!**ompl&sh !ll o+r =or.
est ...C /I !.!&n
e,or*&:e yo+( !n-
potently *onJ+re yo+(
!n- .re!tly *omm!n- yo+
thro+.h h&m =ho spoe(
!n- &t =!s -one...C 5JHP
3. Th&s p!ss!.e presents
!n &nterest&n. p+::le.
M!thers &s b!s&*!lly
follo=&n. the Colorno
*l!ss of m!n+s*r&pts(
e8en tho+.h the phr!se
Cthe Go- of Isr!elC
&mpl&es the or&.&n!l
Hebre= &n*l+-e- CI'OHI
ISRAI'C. The *omplete
phr!se CGo- the h&.h !n-
!lm&.hty( the Go- of
Isr!elC /'!t. Dom&n+s
De+s e,*els+s omn&potens
De+s Isr!el7 m&.ht be
ren-ere- &n Hebre= !s
A+b26( A-1@<$2( A-4$$36(
!n- Sl4<63 !re !ll
*loser to the p+rporte-
A+b26; CA-on!y(
O.hel&oSnT( S!-!y(
Isr!el( H+o- est Dom&n+s
De+s e,*els+s omn&potens
De+s Isr!elCN A-1@<$2;
CA-on!y( O.hel&on(
S!-!y( Iser!el( H+o- est
Dom&n+s De+s e,*els+s
Omn&potens De+s Isr!elCN
A-4$$36; ADONA?( A'OI(
/*orre*t to ADONA?(
SADA?7 Sl4<63; CA-on!y(
heloe( heloym( S!b!oth
S!-!y( H+o- est -om&n+s
-e+s e,*els+s et
omn&potens re, Isr!el.C
The prototype of the
Colorno *l!ss of
m!n+s*r&pts prob!bly
re!-( CI' SHADDAI(
M23$; Cet s!-!y Iloym
Ilo! Ge+!o- Iheye esser
Iheye J!h tet!.r!m!ton
s!-!y H+o- est -om&n+s
-e+s e,*els+r omn&potens
-e+s &sr!elCN Sl4@#1;
CIl( S!-!y( Ilohym(
Iloh0( Ge8!oth( Ilym(
Asser( Iheye( J!h(
Tet!.r!m!ton S!-!yCN
'12@2; CIl( S!-!y( J!h(
Iloh&m( Iohe( Gen!r-(
Ile&n( Asser( I*he( T!-(
Tetr!.r!mm!ton( S!-!yCN
K2<<; CIl( S!-!g(
Ilohym( Ilohe( Ge8!o-(
Il&m( Asser( Iheye( I!h(
Tretr!.r!mm!ton( S!-!gCN
H4#<1; CIl( S!-!g(
Ilohym( Ilohe( Ge8!o-(
Ilym( Asser( Iheye( I!h(
Tet!.r!m!ton( S!-!gC.
Come ye !t on*e =&tho+t !ny h&-eo+sness or
-eform&ty before +s( *ome ye =&tho+t
monstro+s !ppe!r!n*e( &n ! .r!*&o+s form
or f&.+re. Come ye( for =e e,or*&se ye
=&th the +tmost 8ehemen*e by the n!me of
IAH !n- ON( =h&*h A-!m sp!e !n- he!r-N by
the n!me I'( =h&*h No!h he!r-( !n- s!8e-
h&mself =&th !ll h&s f!m&ly from the
Del+.eN by the n!me IOD( =h&*h No!h he!r-(
!n- ne= Go- the Alm&.hty OneN by the n!me
AG'A =h&*h J!*ob he!r-( !n- s!= the '!--er
=h&*h to+*he- He!8en( !n- the !n.els =ho
!s*en-e- !n- -es*en-e- +pon &t( =hen*e he
*!lle- th!t pl!*e the Ho+se of Go- !n- the
G!te of He!8enN !n- by the n!me I'OHIM(
!n- &n the n!me I'OHIM( =h&*h Moses n!me-(
&n8oe-( !n- he!r- &n Horeb the Mo+nt of
Go-( !n- he =!s fo+n- =orthy to he!r h&m
spe! from the %+rn&n. %+shN !n- by the
n!me AIN SOPH( =h&*h A!ron he!r-( !n- =!s
!t on*e m!-e eloH+ent( =&se( !n- le!rne-N
!n- by the n!me TGA%AOTH( =h&*h Moses
n!me- !n- &n8oe-( !n- !ll the pon-s !n-
r&8ers =ere *o8ere- =&th bloo- thro+.ho+t
the l!n- of I.yptN
!n- by the n!me IOD(
=h&*h Moses n!me- !n- &n8oe-( !n-
str&&n. +pon the -+st of the e!rth &t
be*!me .n!ts &nfest&n. men( *!ttle( !n-
be!sts of b+r-en of I.yptN
!n- by the
<. Some MSS. !--( 9et
f+rent p+r&f&0s.9 5S'M
A+b. 26 !--s Cet
*omp+tr!er+ntC /!n-
rotte-7N A-. 1@<$2
m&sre!-s C*ompos+er+ntC
/they h!8e *ompose- 7
#. So A+b26. =h&*h re!-s
Cet per*+t&ens p+l8erem
terr[ f!*t[ s+nt
*&n&f&*es &n hom&nes( et
bo8es( et &+ment!
Ae.ypt&or+mC. Th&s
re!-&n. &s !lso
s+pporte- by M23$ !n-
A-. 4$$36. Th&s &s b!se-
on I,o-+s <;13; Cet
e,ten-&t A!ron m!n+
8&r.!m tenens
per*+ss&tH+e p+l8erem
terr!e et f!*t& s+nt
s*&n&fes &n hom&n&b+s et
&n &+ment&s omn&s p+l8&s
terr!e 8ers+s est &n
s*&n&fes per tot!m
terr!m Ae.ypt&C /!n-
n!me( !n- &n the n!me PRIMATON(
Moses n!me- !n- &n8oe-( !n- there fell !
.re!t !n- se8ere h!&l thro+.ho+t !ll the
l!n- of I.ypt( -estroy&n. the 8&nes( the
trees( !n- the =oo-s =h&*h =ere &n th!t
*o+ntryN !n- by the n!me IAPHAR( =h&*h
Moses he!r- !n- &n8oe-( !n- &mme-&!tely !
.re!t pest&len*e be.!n to !ppe!r thro+.h
!ll the l!n- of I.ypt( str&&n. !n-
sl!y&n. the !sses( the o,en( !n- the sheep
of the I.ypt&!ns( so th!t they !ll -&e-N
!n- by the n!me A%ADDON =h&*h Moses
&n8oe- !n- spr&nle- the -+st to=!r-s
he!8en( !n- &mme-&!tely there fell so
.re!t r!&n +pon the men( *!ttle( !n-
flo*s( th!t they !ll -&e- thro+.ho+t the
l!n- of I.yptN !n- by the n!me I'ION =h&*h
Moses &n8oe-( !n- there fell so .re!t
h!&l !s h!- ne8er been seen from the
be.&nn&n. of the =orl- +nto th!t t&me( so
th!t !ll men( !n- her-s( !n- e8eryth&n.
th!t =!s &n the f&el-s per&she- !n- -&e-
thro+.ho+t !ll the l!n- of I.ypt. An- by
the n!me ADONAI( =h&*h Moses h!8&n.
&n8oe-( there *!me so .re!t ! H+!nt&ty of
lo*+sts =h&*h !ppe!re- &n the l!n- of
I.ypt( th!t they -e8o+re- !n- s=!llo=e- +p
!ll th!t the h!&l h!- sp!re-N !n- by the
n!me of PATHION(
=h&*h h!8&n. &n8oe-(
there !rose so th&*( so !=f+l( !n- so
terr&ble -!rness thro+.ho+t the l!n- of
I.ypt( -+r&n. the sp!*e of three -!ys !n-
three n&.hts( th!t !lmost !ll =ho =ere
left !l&8e -&e-N !n- by the n!me ?ISOD(
!n- &n the n!me ?ISOD( =h&*h Moses
&n8oe-( !n- !t m&-n&.ht !ll the f&rst5
born( both of men !n- of !n&m!ls( -&e-N
A!ron stret*he- o+t h&s
h!n- =&th h&s ro-( !n-
smote the -+st of the
e!rth( !n- &t be*!me
.n!ts &n m!n( !n- &n
be!stN !ll the -+st of
the l!n- be*!me .n!ts
thro+.ho+t !ll the l!n-
of I.ypt.7 The )ren*h
m!n+s*r&pts m&sre!-
'!t&n C*&n&sC /!shes(
)r. C*en-reC7( &nste!-
of '!t&n C*&n&fesC
/.n!ts7. M!thers re!-s
C!n- str&&n. +pon the
-+st of the e!rth both
men !n- be!sts =ere
str+* =&th -&se!se.C
Some MSS. s+bst&t+te(
9les hommes f+rent
re-+&ts en *en-re( *omme
!+ss& les boe+fs(
bet!&l( et tro+pe!+, -es
I.ypt&ens.9 5S'M
1@. So M23$( A+b26(
Sl4@#1( H4#<1( !n- K2<<.
A-. 4$$36 re!-s
CPh!&*onC. Th&s senten*e
&s m&ss&n. &n A-. 1@<$2.
M!thers follo=s '12@2 &n
11. Th&s &s often
!n- by the n!me of ?ISHIMON( =h&*h Moses
n!me- !n- &n8oe-( !n- the Re- Se! -&8&-e-
&tself !n- sep!r!te- &n t=oN !n- by the
n!me HISION( =h&*h Moses &n8oe-( !n- !ll
the !rmy of Ph!r!oh =!s -ro=ne- &n the
=!tersN !n- by the n!me ANA%ONA( =h&*h
Moses h!8&n. he!r- +pon Mo+nt S&n!&( he
=!s fo+n- =orthy to re*e&8e !n- obt!&n the
t!bles of stone =r&tten =&th the f& of
Go- the *re!torN !n- by the n!me IR?GION(
=h&*h Josh+! h!8&n. &n8oe- =hen he
!.!&nst the Mo!b&tes( he -efe!te- them !n-
.!&ne- the 8&*toryN !n- by the n!me HOA(
!n- &n the n!me HOA( =h&*h D!8&- &n8oe-(
!n- he =!s -el&8ere- from the h!n- of
Gol&!thN !n- by the n!me ?OD( =h&*h
Solomon h!8&n. n!me- !n- &n8oe-( he =!s
fo+n- =orthy to !s for !n- obt!&n &n
sleep the &neff!ble =&s-om of Go-N !n- by
the n!me ?IAI( =h&*h Solomon h!8&n. n!me-
!n- &n8oe-( he =!s fo+n- =orthy to h!8e
po=er o8er !ll the -emons( poten*&es(
po=ers( !n- 8&rt+es of the !&r.
=r&tten PATHTUMON &n
s&m&l!r *onJ+r!t&ons(
b+t the MSS. before me
!.ree &n .&8&n. th&s
form. 5S'M
A+b. 26 !n- A-. 1@<$2
both re!- Ph!teonN M23$;
CP!ntheonC. 5JHP
%y these( then( !n- by !ll the other n!mes
of Go- !lm&.hty( holy( l&8&n.( !n- tr+e(
=e po=erf+lly *omm!n- ye( ye =ho by yo+r
o=n s&n h!8e been *!st -o=n from the
Impyre!l He!8en( !n- from before h&s
throneN by h&m =ho h!th *!st ye -o=n +nto
the most profo+n- of the !bysses of Hell(
=e *omm!n- ye bol-ly !n- resol+telyN !n-
by th!t terr&ble -!y of the so8ere&.n
J+-.ment of Go-( on =h&*h !ll the -ry
bones &n the e!rth =&ll !r&se to he!r !n-
l&sten +nto the =or- of Go- =&th the&r
bo-y( !n- =&ll present themsel8es before
the f!*e of Go- !lm&.htyN !n- by th!t '!st
12. Note th&s ment&on of
the r&n. of Solomon(
tho+.h there &s no r&n.
-es*r&be- !mon. the
r&t+!l &mplements. 5JHP
14. A+b. 26; no8em
Cilestes K!n-er&!s. Th&s
prob!bly *orrespon-s to
the n&ne K!n-!r&r&
/t!l&sm!ns7 fo+n- &n
Goll!n*:9 Hebre=
m!n+s*r&pt /fol. 6#!7.
Th&s senten*e &s not
)&re =h&*h sh!ll *ons+me !ll th&n.sN by
the /Cryst!l7 Se! =h&*h &s no=n +nto +s(
=h&*h &s before the f!*e of Go-N by the
&n-&*&ble !n- &neff!ble 8&rt+e( for*e( !n-
po=er of the *re!tor h&mself( by h&s
!lm&.hty po=er( !n- by the l&.ht !n- fl!me
=h&*h em!n!te from h&s *o+nten!n*e( !n-
=h&*h !re before h&s f!*eN by the
!n.el&*!l po=ers =h&*h !re &n the He!8ens(
!n- by the most .re!t =&s-om of !lm&.hty
Go-N by the Se!l of D!8&-( by the R&n.

!n- Se!l of Solomon( =h&*h =!s re8e!le-
+nto h&m by the Most H&.h !n- So8ere&.n
*re!torN !n- by the N&ne Me-!ls or
=h&*h =e h!8e !mon. o+r
symbols( =h&*h pro*ee- !n- *ome from
He!8en( !n- !re !mon. the Myster&es of
Myster&es or Se*rets of Se*rets( =h&*h yo+
*!n !lso behol- &n my h!n-( *onse*r!te-
!n- e,or*&se- =&th the -+e !n- reH+&s&te
Ceremon&es. %y these( then( !n- by !ll the
se*rets =h&*h the Alm&.hty en*loseth &n
the Tre!s+res of the so8ere&.n !n- H&.hest
B&s-om( by h&s H!n-( !n- by h&s m!r8ello+s
po=erN I *onJ+re( for*e( !n- e,or*&se ye
th!t ye *ome =&tho+t -el!y to perform &n
o+r presen*e th!t =h&*h =e sh!ll *omm!n-
fo+n- &n A-. 1@<$2. 5JHP
I *onJ+re ye !ne= by th!t most holy n!me
=h&*h the =hole Un&8erse fe!rs( respe*ts(
!n- re8eres( =h&*h &s =r&tten by these
letters !n- *h!r!*ters( IOD( HI( >AU( HIN
!n- by the l!st !n- terr&ble J+-.mentN by
the se!t of %A'DACHIAN
!n- by th&s holy
n!me( ?IAI( =h&*h Moses &n8oe-( !n- there
follo=e- th!t .re!t J+-.ment of Go-( =hen
D!th!n !n- Ab&r!m
=ere s=!llo=e- +p &n
16. Somet&mes( b+t !s I
th&n erroneo+sly(
=r&tten %!s5-!the!. I
&m!.&ne the =or- to me!n
9'or- of '&fe.9 5S'M
1". De+t. 11.$. A-.
1@<$2 m&sre!-s C)!t!m
!n- Al&r!m.C 5JHP
the *entre of the e!rth. Other=&se( &f ye
*ontr!8ene !n- res&st +s by yo+r
-&sobe-&en*e +nto the 8&rt+e !n- po=er of
th&s n!me ?IAI( =e *+rse ye e8en +nto the
-epth of the Gre!t Abyss( &nto the =h&*h
=e sh!ll *!st( h+rl( !n- b&n- ye( &f ye
sho= yo+rsel8es rebell&o+s !.!&nst the
se*ret of se*rets( !n- !.!&nst the mystery
of myster&es. AMIN( AMIN. )IAT( )IAT.
This conjuration thou shalt say and perform,
turning thyself unto the East, and if they appear not, thou
shalt repeat it unto the spirits, turning unto the South, the
West, and the North, in succession, when thou wilt have
repeated it four times. And if they appear not even then,
thou shalt make the sign of TAU
upon the foreheads of
thy companions, and thou shalt say:
1$. Or the Cross. 5S'M
%ehol- !ne= the symbol !n- the n!me of !
so8ere&.n !n- *onH+er&n. Go-( thro+.h
=h&*h !ll the Un&8erse fe!rs( trembles(
!n- sh+--ers( !n- thro+.h the most
myster&o+s =or-s of the se*ret myster&es
!n- by the&r 8&rt+e( !n- po=er.
I *onJ+re ye !ne=( I *onstr!&n !n- *omm!n-
ye =&th the +tmost 8ehemen*e !n- po=er( by
th!t most potent !n- po=erf+l n!me of Go-(
I'( stron. !n- =on-erf+l( by h&m =ho sp!e
!n- &t =!s -oneN !n- by the n!me IAH(
=h&*h Moses he!r-( !n- spoe =&th Go-N !n-
by the n!me AG'A( =h&*h Joseph &n8oe-(
!n- =!s -el&8ere- o+t of the h!n-s of h&s
brethrenN !n- by the n!me >AU( =h&*h
Abr!h!m he!r-( !n- ne= Go- the Alm&.hty
OneN !n- by the n!me of )o+r 'etters(
TITRAGRAMMATON( =h&*h Josh+! n!me- !n-
&n8oe-( !n- he =!s ren-ere- =orthy !n-
13. Also =r&tten
H&petonN !n- I bel&e8e
somet&mes repl!*e- by
An!pheneton( or
An!ph!,eton. 5S'M
1<. A+b26 !--s; CIt per
nomen I.eon( et &n
nom&ne I.eon per H+o-
J+st& res+r.entC /An-
thro+.h the n!me I.eon(
!n- &n the n!me I.eon(
thro+.h =h&*h the J+st
fo+n- -eser8&n. to le!- the Army of Isr!el
&nto the Prom&se- '!n-N !n- by the n!me
ANA%ONA( by =h&*h Go- forme- M!n !n- the
=hole Un&8erseN !n- by the n!me ARPHITON(
!n- &n the n!me ARPHITON( by =h&*h the
!n.els =ho !re -est&ne- to th!t en- =&ll
s+mmon the Un&8erse( &n 8&s&ble bo-y !n-
form( !n- =&ll !ssemble /!ll people7
to.ether by the so+n- of the Tr+mpet !t
th!t terr&ble !n- !=f+l D!y of J+-.ment(
=hen the memory of the =&*e- !n- +n.o-ly
sh!ll per&shN !n- by the n!me ADONAI( by
=h&*h Go- =&ll J+-.e !ll h+m!n flesh( !t
=hose 8o&*e !ll men( both .oo- !n- e8&l(
=&ll r&se !.!&n(
!n- !ll men !n- !n.els
=&ll !ssemble &n the !&r before the 'or-(
=ho =&ll J+-.e !n- *on-emn the =&*e-N !n-
by the n!me ONIIPHITON(
by =h&*h Go- =&ll
s+mmon the -e!-( !n- r!&se them +p !.!&n
+nto l&feN !n- by the n!me I'OHIM( !n- &n
the n!me I'OHIM( by =h&*h Go- =&ll -&st+rb
!n- e,*&te tempests thro+.ho+t !ll the
se!s( so th!t they =&ll *!st o+t the f&sh
therefrom( !n- &n one -!y the th&r- p!rt
of men !bo+t the se! !n- the r&8ers sh!ll
-&eN !n- by the n!me I'OHI(
!n- &n the
n!me I'OHI( by =h&*h Go- =&ll -ry +p the
se! !n- the r&8ers( so th!t men *!n .o on
foot thro+.h the&r *h!nnelsN !n- by the
n!me ON( !n- &n the n!me ON( by =h&*h Go-
sh!ll restore !n- repl!*e the se!( the
r&8ers( the stre!ms( !n- the broos( &n
the&r pre8&o+s st!teN !n- by the n!me
!n- &n the n!me MISSIACH( by
=h&*h Go- =&ll m!e !ll !n&m!ls *omb!t
to.ether( so th!t they sh!ll -&e &n !
s&n.le -!yN !n- by the n!me ARII'(
=&ll r&se !.!&n7 5JHP
1#. Th&s =or- &s .&8en
8!r&o+sly &n the MSS.(
!s Oneypheon(
On!yepheton( !n-
Done*epheron( et*. 5S'M
A+b26; On!,epheonN
Sl4@#1; One&pheonN K2<<;
OneypheonN '12@2;
Done*epheron. 5JHP
2@. Or Il&!. 5S'M
A+b26 .&8es the pre8&o+s
n!me !s Iloy( !n- th&s
one !s Ily!N K2<< .&8es
them !s Ilohym !n-
Iley!N Sl4@#1( '12@2
re!- Iloh&m !n- Ily!.
21. Bh!t &s s!&- here
refers symbol&*!lly to
the root&n. o+t of the
e8&l sp&r&ts( !n-
shells( from the
Un&8erse by K&n.
Mess&!*h( =h&*h &s
spoen of &n the
K!b!l!h. The K!b!l!h
somet&mes e,presses the
e8&l sp&r&ts by the
=or-s !n&m!ls( or
be!sts( !n- *reep&n.
th&n.s. 5S'M
=h&*h Go- sh!ll -estroy &n ! s&n.le -!y
!ll b+&l-&n.s( so th!t there sh!ll not be
left one stone +pon !notherN !n- by the
n!me IAHT(
by =h&*h Go- =&ll *!st one
stone +pon !nother( so th!t !ll people !n-
n!t&ons =&ll fly from the se!5shore( !n-
=&ll s!y +nto them *o8er +s !n- h&-e +sN
!n- by the n!me IMANUI'( by =h&*h Go- =&ll
perform =on-ers( !n- the =&n.e- *re!t+res
!n- b&r-s of the !&r sh!ll *onten- =&th
one !notherN !n- by the n!me ANAI'(
&n the n!me ANAI'( by =h&*h Go- =&ll *!st
-o=n the mo+nt!&ns !n- f&ll +p the
8!lleys( so th!t the s+rf!*e of the e!rth
sh!ll be le8el &n !ll p!rtsN !n- by the
!n- &n the n!me GIDIRIGA(
by =h&*h Go- =&ll *!+se the S+n !n- Moon
to be -!rene-( !n- the st!rs of he!8en to
f!llN !n- by the n!me SIPHIRII'(
by =h&*h
Go- =&ll *ome to Un&8ers!l J+-.ment( l&e
! Pr&n*e ne=ly *ro=ne- enter&n. &n tr&+mph
&nto h&s *!p&t!l *&ty( .&r-e- =&th ! :one
of .ol-( !n- pre*e-e- by !n.els( !n- !t
h&s !spe*t !ll *l&mes !n- p!rts of the
Un&8erse sh!ll be tro+ble- !n- !ston&she-(
!n- ! f&re sh!ll .o forth before h&m( !n-
fl!mes !n- storm sh!ll s+rro+n- h&mN !n-
by the n!me TAU(
by =h&*h Go- the
Del+.e( !n- the =!ters pre8!&le- !bo8e the
mo+nt!&ns( !n- f&fteen *+b&ts !bo8e the&r
s+mm&tsN !n- by the n!me RUACHIAH(
=h&*h Go- h!8&n. p+r.e- the he =&ll
m!e h&s Holy Sp&r&t to -es*en- +pon the
Un&8erse( !n- =&ll *!st ye( ye rebell&o+s
sp&r&ts( !n- +n*le!n be&n.s( &nto the
-epths of the l!e of the !byss( &n
m&sery( f&lth( !n- m&re( !n- =&ll pl!*e ye
22. A+b26; An&el. 5JHP
24. The ol-est MSS.
.&8es the !bo8e form( &n
the others &t &s *h!n.e-
&nto I!ph!t( T!ph!t( !n-
e8en J!phet. It &s
prob!bly ! *orr+pt&on of
A*h!- Un&ty. 5S'M
A-1@<$2; I!htN A+b26;
J!h!tN Sl4@#1; I!ph!tN
M23$( '12@2; J!ph!tN
K2<<; T!ph!t. 5JHP
26. Th&s &s !lso the
n!me of the !n.el of
>en+s. 5S'M
M23$; ArelN A+b. 26;
Ar&elN K&n.s 2<<; An!elN
'12@2; Ann!el. 5 JHP
2". So =r&tten &n the
ol-est MS.( the others
.&8e &t !s Ge-ees&!(
Ge-ee:&!( !n- Ge-e:&!s.
A-1@<$2; Ge-ere:!N M23$;
Ge-es&!N A+b26( Sl4@#1(
!n- H4#<1; Ge-ee:&!N
K2<<; Ge-ees&!N '12@2;
Ge-e:&!s. 5JHP
2$. Me!n&n. 9em!n!t&n.
from Go-.9 It &s
&n &mp+re !n- fo+l -+n.eons bo+n- =&th
etern!l *h!&ns of f&re.
*orr+pte- &nto
Sephos&el( et*.( &n the
M23$; Jephos&elN A+b26;
S!ph!s&elN Sl4@#1( K2<<(
H4#<1; Sephos&elN '12@2;
Sopho:&elN A-1@<$2;
S!ph!t&el. 5JHP
23. I!h!( &n 1@<$2 A--.
A+b. 26; Th!+N Sl4@#1(
M23$( K2<<( H4#<1( !n-
'12@2; T!+. 5JHP
2<. Me!n&n. sp&r&t of
I!h. 5S'M
A+b. 26; R+*h&!N K2<<;
M23$; Re*hy!N Re0h&!N
Sl4@#11( '12@2; Re*h&!.
%y these n!mes then( !n- by !ll the other
holy n!mes of Go- before =hom no m!n *!n
st!n- !n- l&8e( !n- =h&*h n!mes the !rm&es
of the -emons fe!r( tremble !t( !n-
sh+--erN =e *onJ+re ye( =e potently
e,or*&se !n- *omm!n- ye( *onJ+r&n. ye &n
!--&t&on by the terr&ble !n- tremen-o+s
of GOD !n- by h&s holy h!b&t!t&on
=here&n he re&.neth !n- *omm!n-eth +nto
the etern!l !.es. Amen.
2#. Th!t &s( the h&--en
!n- o**+lt .r!-es !n-
l&ns of em!n!t&on &n
the Seph&roth. The l!ter
MSS. h!8e p+t( by
m&st!e( 8o&, for 8o&es(
the ol-est '!t&n MS.
.&8es Sem&t&s. 5S'M
A+b26( A-1@<$2( !n- M23$
re!- Cper terr&b&les et
!bs*on-&t!s sem&t!s De&C
/by the fr&.hten&n. !n-
h&--en p!ths of Go-7.
%y the 8&rt+e of !ll those !fores!&-( =e
*omm!n- ye th!t ye rem!&n not &n !ny pl!*e
=here&n ye !re( b+t to *ome h&ther
promptly =&tho+t -el!y to -o th!t =h&*h =e
sh!ll enJo&n ye. %+t &f ye be st&ll
*ont+m!*&o+s( =e( by the !+thor&ty of !
so8ere&.n !n- potent Go-( -epr&8e ye of
!ll H+!l&ty( *on-&t&on( -e.ree( !n- pl!*e
=h&*h ye no= enJoy( !n- pre*&p&t!te ye
&nto !n- rele.!te ye +nto the K&n.-om of
)&re !n- of s+lph+r( to be there etern!lly
tormente-. Come ye then from !ll p!rts of
the e!rth( =heresoe8er ye m!y be( !n-
behol- the symbols !n- n!mes of th!t
tr&+mph!nt so8ere&.n =hom !ll *re!t+res
obey( other=&se =e sh!ll b&n- ye !n-
*on-+*t ye &n sp&te of yo+rsel8es( &nto
o+r presen*e bo+n- =&th *h!&ns of f&re(
be*!+se those effe*ts =h&*h pro*ee- !n-
&ss+e from o+r s*&en*e !n- oper!t&on( !re
!r-ent =&th ! f&re =h&*h sh!ll *ons+me !n-
b+rn ye etern!lly( for by these the =hole
Un&8erse trembleth( the e!rth &s mo8e-(
the stones thereof r+sh to.ether( !ll
*re!t+res obey( !n- the rebell&o+s sp&r&ts
!re tormente- by the po=er of the
so8ere&.n *re!tor.
Then it is certain that they will come, even if they
be bound with chains of fire, unless prevented by affairs
of the very greatest importance, but in this latter case they
will send ambassadors and messengers by whom thou
shalt easily and surely learn what occupies the spirits and
what they are about. But if they appear not yet in answer
to the above conjuration, and are still disobedient, then let
the master of the art or exorciser arise and exhort his
4@. A+b. 26; *+m .l!-&o
companions to be of good cheer and not to despair of the
ultimate success of the operation; let him strike the air
with the consecrated knife
towards the four quarters of
the Universe; and then let him kneel in the midst of the
circle, and the companions also in their several places,
and let them say consecutively with him in a low voice,
turning in the direction of the East, the following:
I *onJ+re !n- pr!y ye( O ye !n.els of Go-(
!n- ye *elest&!l sp&r&ts( to *ome +nto
m&ne !&-N *ome !n- behol- the s&.ns of
He!8en( !n- be my =&tness before the
so8ere&.n 'or-( of the -&sobe-&en*e of
these e8&l !n- f!llen sp&r&ts =ho =ere !t
one t&me yo+r *omp!n&ons.
This being done, let the master arise, and constrain
and force them by a stronger conjuration, in manner
%ehol- +s !.!&n prep!re- to *onJ+re ye by the
n!mes !n- symbols of Go-( =here=&th =e !re
fort&f&e-( !n- by the 8&rt+e of the h&.hest
one. Be *omm!n- ye !n- potently or-!&n ye by
the most stron. !n- po=erf+l n!me of Go- I'(
=ho &s =orthy of !ll pr!&se( !-m&r!t&on(
honor( .lory( .ener!t&on( !n- fe!r( th!t ye
-el!y not b+t th!t ye !ppe!r before
+s =&tho+t !ny t+m+lt or -&st+rb!n*e( b+t( on
the *ontr!ry( =&th .re!t respe*t !n-
*o+rtesy( &n ! be!+t&f+l !n- h+m!n form.
1. So M23$( A+26(
A-1@<$2; Cet &n
+&rt+te !lt&ss&m&
+os *on&+r!m+s !tH+e
+ob&s &mper!m+s per
potent&ss&m+m !tH+e
fort&ss&m+m nomen
-e& IlC '12@2 !n-
Sl4@#1 m&sre!- CItC
/!n-7 &nste!- of
CIlCN M!thers
follo=s K2<< =h&*h
&s f+rther remo8e-;
Cby the most stron.
!n- po=erf+l n!mes
of Go-.C 5JHP
If they then appear, let them see the pentacles, and say:
Obey ye( obey ye( behol- the symbols !n-
n!mes of the *re!torN be ye .entle !n-
pe!*e!ble( !n- obey &n !ll th&n.s th!t =e
sh!ll *omm!n- ye.
They will then immediately talk with thee, as a friend
speaketh unto a friend. Ask of them all that thou desirest, with
constancy, firmness, and assurance, and they will obey thee.
But if they appear not yet, let not the master on that
account lose his courage, for there is nothing in the world
stronger and of greater force to overawe the spirits than
constancy. Let him, however, re-examine and reform the
circle, and let him take up a little dust of the earth, which he
shall cast towards the four quarters of the Universe; and
having placed his knife upon the ground, let him say on his
knees, turning towards the direction of the North:
SHADDAI( 'or- Go- of !rm&es !lm&.hty( m!y =e
s+**essf+lly perform the =ors of o+r h!n-s.
!n- m!y the 'or- he present =&th +s &n o+r
he!rt !n- &n o+r l&ps.
These words having been said kneeling upon the earth,
let the master shortly after arise and open his arms wide as if
wishing to embrace the air, and say:
%y the holy n!mes of Go- =r&tten &n th&s
boo( !n- by the other holy !n- &neff!ble
n!mes =h&*h !re =r&tten &n the %oo of '&fe(
=e *onJ+re ye to *ome +nto +s promptly !n-
=&tho+t !ny -el!y( =herefore t!rry not( b+t
!ppe!r &n ! be!+t&f+l !n- !.ree!ble form !n-
f&.+re( by these Holy n!mes; ADONAI(
IHIIIH( ?OD HI >AU HI( =h&*h &s the .re!t
n!me of Go- TITRAGRAMMATON =r&tten =&th fo+r
letters( ANAPHODITION( !n- &neff!bleN by the
Go- of those 8&rt+es !n- poten*&es( =ho -=elt
&n the He!8ens( =ho r&-eth +pon the Ker+b&m(
=ho mo8eth +pon the =&n.s of the =&n-( he
=hose po=er &s &n He!8en !n- &n I!rth( =ho
sp!e !n- &t =!s -one( =ho *omm!n-e- !n- the
=hole Un&8erse =!s *re!te-N !n- by the holy
n!mes !n- &n the holy n!mes( IAH( IAH( IAH(
ADONAI TGA%AOTHN !n- by !ll the n!mes of Go-(
the l&8&n.( !n- the tr+e( I re&ter!te the
*onJ+r!t&on( !n- I *onJ+re ye !fresh ye I8&l
!n- rebell&o+s sp&r&ts( !b&-&n. &n the
!bysses of -!rness.
I *onJ+re( I !--ress( !n- I e,or*&se ye( th!t
ye m!y !ppro!*h +nto !n- *ome before the
Throne of Go-( the l&8&n. !n- the tr+e( !n-
before the tr&b+n!l of the J+-.ment of h&s
m!Jesty( !n- before the holy !n.els of Go- to
he!r the senten*e of yo+r *on-emn!t&on.
Come ye then by the n!me !n- &n the n!me of
SHADDAI( =h&*h &s th!t of Go- Alm&.hty(
stron.( po=erf+l( !-m&r!ble( e,!lte-( p+re(
*le!n( .lor&f&e-( 8&rt+o+s( .re!t( J+st(
terr&ble( !n- holyN !n- by the n!me !n- &n
the n!me of I'( IAH( IAH( IAH( =ho h!th
forme- !n- *re!te- the =orl- by the bre!th of
h&s mo+th( =ho s+pporteth &t by h&s po=er(
=ho r+leth !n- .o8erneth &t by h&s =&s-om(
!n- =ho h!th *!st ye for yo+r pr&-e &nto the
l!n- of -!rness !n- &nto the sh!-o= of
Therefore( by the n!me of the l&8&n. Go-( =ho
h!th forme- the he!8ens !bo8e( !n- h!th l!&-
the fo+n-!t&ons of the e!rth bene!th( =e
*omm!n- ye th!t( &mme-&!tely !n- =&tho+t !ny
-el!y( ye *ome +nto +s from !ll pl!*es(
8!lleys( mo+nt!&ns( h&lls( f&el-( se!s(
r&8ers( fo+nt!&ns( pon-s( broos( *!8erns(
.rottos( *&t&es( to=ns( 8&ll!.es( m!rets(
f!&rs( h!b&t!t&ons( b!ths( *o+rty!r-s(
.!r-ens( 8&ney!r-s( pl!nt!t&ons( reser8o&rs(
*&sterns( !n- from e8ery *orner of the
terrestr&!l e!rth =here ye m!y h!ppen to be
&n yo+r !ssembl&es( so th!t ye m!y e,e*+te
!n- !**ompl&sh o+r -em!n-s =&th !ll m&l-ness
!n- *o+rtesyN by th!t &neff!ble n!me =h&*h
Moses he!r- !n- &n8oe-( =h&*h he re*e&8e-
from Go- from the m&-st of the %+rn&n. %+sh(
=e *onJ+re ye to obey o+r *omm!n-s( !n- to
*ome +nto +s promptly =&th !ll .entleness of
A.!&n =e *omm!n- ye =&th 8ehemen*e( !n- =e
e,or*&se ye =&th *onst!n*y( th!t ye !n- !ll
yo+r *omr!-es *ome +nto +s &n !n !.ree!ble
!n- .r!*&o+s m!nner l&e the bree:e( to
!**ompl&sh s+**ess&8ely o+r 8!r&o+s *omm!n-s
!n- -es&res. Come ye( then( by the 8&rt+e of
these n!mes by the =h&*h =e e,or*&se yeN
=h&*h n!mes !re =r&tten &n He!8en &n the
*h!r!*ters of M!l!*h&m(
th!t &s to s!y( the
ton.+e of the !n.els.
2. The myst&*
!lph!bet no=n !s
the 9Br&t&n. of
M!l!*h&m9 &s forme-
from the pos&t&ons
of the st!rs &n the
he!8ens( by -r!=&n.
&m!.&n!ry l&nes from
one st!r to !nother
so !s to obt!&n the
sh!pes of the
*h!r!*ters of th&s
!lph!bet. 5S'M
Th&s se*t&on &s
m&ss&n. from A+b26.
M23$; CAn!y( Geth!(
Ter!my!( Arneth(
He.&e( Jon!(
SZpro]]+*hT( T&r!*h(
Jen!+( %!y!(
TheythCN H#<1;
CAn!y( Get!th(
Te,!m&n( Arnet(
Ne.&!( Jon!(
Prolh+*h( T&t!*h(
Jen!+( %eJ!( The&tCN
Sl4@#1; CAn!y(
Get!h( Te,!m&n(
Arnet( Ne.&!( Jon!(
Prot+*h( T&t!h(
.en!+( %eJ!( The&tCN
K2<<; CA!y( Get!h(
Te,!m&n( Arnet(
Ne.&!( Jon!(
Proth+*h( Tet!h(
Jen!+( %eJ!( The&tCN
A-1@<$2; CAn!+(
Ae*hel Sor He*helT(
Tr!ns&!( Amet(
Ne.&e( Ion!( Prof!e(
T&t!*he( Pen!+&(
%&&!( Te&bCN '12@2;
CAn!r( Gol!t(
Ne.&or( T!,!m(
In!jl( Jon!( Port!h(
'&t!h( Jen!n( %+&!(
'he+CN M!thers;
M!.&*!l Tre!t&se of
Solomon -e8otes !n
ent&re *h!pter to !
ser&es of fo+r
C!lph!bets of the
pl!netsC( resembl&n.
the C*elest&!l
!lph!betC( !n- +se-
for =r&t&n. on
t!l&sm!ns. 5JHP
Be then( by the J+st J+-.ment of Go-( by the
&neff!ble !n- !-m&r!ble 8&rt+e of Go-( J+st(
l&8&n.( !n- tr+e( =e *!ll ye =&th po=er( =e
for*e !n- e,or*&se ye by !n- &n the !-m&r!ble
n!me =h&*h =!s =r&tten on the t!bles of stone
=h&*h Go- .!8e +pon Mo+nt S&n!&N !n- by !n-
&n the =on-erf+l n!me =h&*h A!ron the H&.h
Pr&est b!re =r&tten +pon h&s bre!st( by =h&*h
!lso Go- *re!te- the =orl-( the =h&*h n!me &s
!n- by the l&8&n. Go- =ho &s one
thro+.ho+t the !.es( =hose -=ell&n. &s &n the
Ineff!ble '&.ht( =hose n!me &s B&s-om( !n-
=hose sp&r&t &s l&fe( before =hom .oeth forth
f&re !n- fl!me( =ho h!th from th!t f&re
forme- the f&rm!ment( the st!rs !n- the S+nN
!n- =ho =&th th!t f&re =&ll b+rn ye !ll for
e8er( !s !lso !ll =ho sh!ll *ontr!8ene the
=or-s of h&s =&ll.
4. So H !n- Sl4@#1N
A-1@<$2; CAr*+ronCN
M23$; CA R&metonCN
'12@2; CA:&netonC.
Come ye( then( =&tho+t -el!y( =&tho+t no&se(
!n- =&tho+t r!.e( before +s( =&tho+t !ny
-eform&ty or h&-eo+sness( to e,e*+te !ll o+r
=&llN *ome ye from !ll pl!*es =here&n ye !re(
from !ll mo+nt!&ns( 8!lleys( stre!ms( r&8ers(
broos( pon-s( pl!*es( b!ths( syn!.o.+esN for
Go-( stron. !n- po=erf+l( =&ll *h!se ye !n-
*onstr!&n ye( be&n. .lor&o+s o8er !ll th&n.sN
He =&ll *ompel ye( both ye !n- the Pr&n*e of
D!rness. Come ye( *ome ye( !n.els of
D!rnessN *ome h&ther before th&s *&r*le
=&tho+t fe!r( terror( or -eform&ty( to
e,e*+te o+r *omm!n-s( !n- be ye re!-y both to
!*h&e8e !n- to *omplete !ll th!t =e sh!ll
*omm!n- ye.
Come ye( then( by the *ro=n of the *h&ef of
yo+r emperors( !n- by the s*eptres of yo+r
po=er( !n- of SID( the .re!t -emon( yo+r
m!sterN by the n!mes !n- &n the n!mes of the
holy !n.els =ho h!8e been *re!te- to be !bo8e
yo+( lon. before the *onst&t+t&on of the
=orl-N !n- by the n!mes of the t=o pr&n*es of
the Un&8erse( =hose n!mes !re( IONII' !n-
by the ro- of Moses( by the st!ff
of J!*obN by the r&n. !n- se!l of D!8&-(
=here&n !re =r&tten the n!mes of so8ere&.n
!n- by the n!mes of the !n.els by =h&*h
Solomon h!s l&ne- !n- bo+n- yeN !n- by the
s!*re- bon-s by =h&*h ANAI' h!th en8&rone-
!n- h!th *onH+ere- the sp&r&tN !n- by the
n!me of the !n.el =ho r+leth potently o8er
the rest( !n- by the pr!&se of !ll *re!t+res
=ho *ry &n*ess!ntly +nto Go-( =ho sp!e( !n-
&mme-&!tely !ll th&n.s( e8en the =ere
m!-e !n- forme-N !n- by the n!me HA5KADOSCH
%IRAKHA( =h&*h s&.n&f&es the Holy !n- %lesse-
OneN !n- by the Ten Cho&rs of the holy
I'OHIM( KIRU%IM( !n- ISHIMN !n- by( !n- &n
the s!*re- n!me of t=el8e letters of =h&*h
e!*h letter &s the n!me of !n !n.el( !n- the
letters of the n!me !re A'IPH( %ITH( %ITH(
6. M23$; Son.el et
AonyelN H4#<1(
Sl4@#1; Son&el et
Aoen&elN K2<<;
Son&el et A!n&elN
'12@2; Jomel M
Arm&elN A-. 1@<$2;
Ionyel et Ifon&el.
Th&s se*t&on &s not
fo+n- &n A+b26 /+p
to CAn- =e *onJ+re(
obl&.e( !n- terr&bly
e,or*&se yeC7. 5JHP
". The rest of th&s
p!r!.r!ph &s not
fo+n- &n A-. 1@<$2.
Comp!re =&th !
Je=&sh mort+!ry
*h!rm p+bl&she- &n
J.A. Mont.omery
Ar!m!&* In*!nt!t&on
Te,ts from N&pp+r(
1#147; CB&th the
B!n- of Moses !n-
the Pl!te of A!ron
!n- the Se!l of
Solomon !n- the
Sh&el- of D!8&- !n-
the M&tre of the
Ch&ef Pr&est I
perform the spell.C
C&te- by R!y! Sh!n&
&n CA J+-eo5Pers&!n
T!l&sm!n&* Te,t&leC
&n Ir!no5J+-!&*! I>
/Jer+s!lem; 1###( p.
2"67. 5JHP
$. Bh&*h letters I
h!8e( =&th m+*h
*!re( *orre*te-( for
&n the MSS. the
letters !re J+mble-
to.ether &n hopeless
*onf+s&on( Seym &s
=r&tten for Sh&n(
Res for %eth( et*.
The n!me &s Ab( %en(
>e5R+!*h( H!5
K!-es*h( )!ther(
Son( !n- Holy
sp&r&t. There !re
t=o other n!mes of
t=el8e letters
freH+ently employe-(
HKD>Sh %R>K H>A(
holy !n- blesse- be
heN !n- ADNI HM'K
NAMN( the 'or-( the
f!&thf+l &n.N
bes&-es other forms.
A.!&n( M23$ seems to
h!8e the most
rel&!ble re!-&n.;
Che s&n -!le- *!ph
he *he- +!+ be-( n+n
n!yn bel- !lephCN
H4#<1; CH!( H0(
Seym( D!le-( Coph(
He( Th!th( 8!+( Res(
nem Jo-( G+&n( Res(
AlephCN K2<<; CH!(
H0( S!ym( D!leth(
Coph( He( Thet( 8!+(
Res( N+n( Jo-( G!yn(
Res( AlephC. 5JHP
%y these n!mes therefore( !n- by !ll the
other holy n!mes( =e *onJ+re ye !n- =e
e,or*&se yeN by the !n.el GICHII'N by the
!n.el DUCHII'N by the !n.el DONACHII'N !n- by
the .re!t !n.el MITATRON( =ho &s the pr&n*e
of the !n.els( !n- &ntro-+*eth the so+ls
before the f!*e of Go-N !n- by the !n.el
SANGARII'( by =hom the port!ls of He!8en !re
.+!r-e-N !n- by the !n.el KIRU%( =ho =!s m!-e
the .+!r-&!n of the terrestr&!l p!r!-&se(
=&th ! s=or- of fl!me( !fter the e,p+ls&on of
A-!m o+r foref!therN !n- by the !n.el MICHAI'
by =hom ye =ere h+rle- -o=n from the he&.ht
of the THRONI &nto the -epth of the l!e !n-
of the !byss( the s!me n!me me!n&n.( 9=ho &s
l&e Go- +pon I!rthN9 !n- by the !n.el ANII'N
!n- by the !n.el OPHII'N !n- by the !n.el
%IDA'II'N =herefore( by these !n- by !ll the
other holy n!mes of the !n.els( =e po=erf+lly
*onJ+re !n- e,or*&se ye( th!t ye *ome from
!ll p!rts of the =orl- &mme-&!tely( !n-
=&tho+t !ny -el!y( to perform o+r =&ll !n-
-em!n-s( obey&n. +s H+&*ly !n- *o+rteo+sly(
!n- th!t ye *ome by the n!me !n- &n the n!me
of A'IPH( DA'ITH( NUN( IOD( for =e e,or*&se
ye !ne= by the !ppl&*!t&on of these letters(
by =hose po=er b+rn&n. f&re &s H+en*he-( !n-
the =hole Un&8erse trembleth.
Be *onstr!&n ye yet !.!&n by the se!l of the
S+n =h&*h &s the =or- of Go-N !n- by the se!l
of the Moon !n- of the st!rs =e b&n- yeN !n-
by the other !n&m!ls !n- *re!t+res =h&*h !re
&n He!8en( by =hose =&n.s He!8en *le!nseth
&tself( =e for*e !n- !ttr!*t ye &mper&o+sly
to e,e*+te o+r =&ll =&tho+t f!&l+re.
An- =e *onJ+re( obl&.e( !n- terr&bly e,or*&se
ye( th!t ye -r!= ne!r +nto +s =&tho+t -el!y
!n- =&tho+t fe!r( !s f!r !s &s poss&ble +nto
ye( here before th&s *&r*le( !s s+ppl&*!nts
.ently !n- =&th -&s*ret&on( to !**ompl&sh o+r
=&ll &n !ll !n- thro+.h !ll. If ye *ome
promptly !n- 8ol+nt!r&ly( ye sh!ll &nh!le o+r
perf+mes( !n- o+r s+ff+m&.!t&ons of ple!s!nt
o-o+r( =h&*h =&ll be both !.ree!ble !n-
-el&.htf+l +nto ye. )+rthermore ye =&ll see
the symbol of yo+r *re!tor( !n- the n!mes of
h&s holy !n.els( !n- =e sh!ll !fter=!r-s
-&sm&ss ye( !n- sen- ye hen*e =&th th!ns.
%+t &f( on the *ontr!ry( ye *ome not H+&*ly(
!n- ye sho= yo+rsel8es self5op&n&on!te-(
rebell&o+s( !n- *ont+m!*&o+s( =e sh!ll
*onJ+re ye !.!&n( !n- e,or*&se ye
*e!selessly( !n- =&ll repe!t !ll the
!fores!&- =or-s !n- holy n!mes of Go- !n- of
the holy !n.elsN by the =h&*h n!mes =e sh!ll
h!r!ss yo+( !n- &f th!t be not s+ff&*&ent =e
=&ll !-- there+nto yet .re!ter !n- more
po=erf+l ones( !n- =e =&ll there+nto !.!&n
!-- other n!mes =h&*h ye h!8e not yet he!r-
from +s( =h&*h !re those of !n !lm&.hty Go-(
!n- =h&*h =&ll m!e ye tremble !n- H+!e =&th
fe!r( both ye !n- yo+r pr&n*esN by the =h&*h
n!mes =e *onJ+re both yo+ !n- them !lso( !n-
=e sh!ll not -es&st from o+r =or +nt&l the
A+b26 res+mes !t
th&s po&nt. 5JHP
!**ompl&shment of o+r =&ll. %+t &f per*h!n*e
ye yet sh!ll h!r-en yo+rsel8es( !n- sho=
yo+rsel8es self5op&n&on!te-( -&sobe-&ent(
rebell&o+s( refr!*tory( !n- *ont+m!*&o+s( !n-
&f ye yet res&st o+r po=erf+l *onJ+r!t&ons(
=e sh!ll prono+n*e !.!&nst yo+ th&s =!rr!nt
of !rrest &n the n!me of Go- !lm&.hty( !n-
th&s -ef&n&te senten*e th!t ye sh!ll f!ll
&nto -!n.ero+s -&se!se !n- leprosy( !n- th!t
&n s&.n of the -&8&ne 8en.e!n*e ye sh!ll !ll
per&sh by ! terr&fy&n. !n- horr&ble -e!th(
!n- th!t ! f&re sh!ll *ons+me !n- -e8o+r yo+
on e8ery s&-e( !n- +tterly *r+sh yo+N !n-
th!t by the po=er of Go-( ! fl!me sh!ll .o
forth from h&s mo+th =h&*h sh!ll b+rn ye +p
!n- re-+*e ye +nto noth&n. &n Hell. Bherefore
-el!y ye not to *ome( for =e sh!ll not *e!se
from these po=erf+l *onJ+r!t&ons +nt&l ye
sh!ll be obl&.e- to !ppe!r !.!&nst yo+r =&ll.
Th+s then( therefore( =e !ne= *onJ+re !n-
e,or*&se ye by !n- &n the holy n!me of IAH(
=h&*h &s &nterprete- !n- *!lle-
Go-N by the n!me !n- &n the n!me of IHIIIH
=h&*h &s the tr+e n!me of Go-(
9I !m He =ho &s9N by !n- &n the &neff!ble
n!me of fo+r letters ?OD HI >AU HI( the
no=le-.e !n- +n-erst!n-&n. of =h&*h &s
h&--en e8en from the !n.elsN by the n!me !n-
&n the n!me of I'(
=h&*h s&.n&f&eth !n-
-enoteth the po=erf+l !n- *ons+m&n. f&re
=h&*h &ss+eth from h&s *o+nten!n*e( !n- =h&*h
sh!ll be yo+r r+&n !n- -estr+*t&onN !n- by
the l&.ht of the !n.els =h&*h &s &n-le- !n-
t!en &neff!bly from th!t fl!me of -&8&ne
3. M!thers re!-s
CONC( b+t A+b. 26
!n- A-. 1@<$2 both
re!- CI!h( I!h(
I!h.C M23$( Sl4@#1(
K2<<( !n- '12@2 !ll
om&t the n!me. 5JHP
<. So M23$ !n-
A+b26N A-. 1@<$2;
CIhereCN M!thers
follo=s Sl4@#1(
K2<<( !n- '12@2 &n
re!-&n. CIHIIIHC.
#. So M23$( Sl4@#1(
K2<<( !n- '12@2.
A+b26 !n- A-. 1@<$2
both re!- CIs.C 5JHP
%y these then( !n- by other most holy n!mes
=h&*h =e prono+n*e !.!&nst yo+ from the
bottom of o+r he!rts( -o =e for*e !n-
*onstr!&n ye( &f ye be yet rebell&o+s !n-
-&sobe-&ent. Be *onJ+re ye po=erf+lly !n- e,or*&se ye( th!t ye *ome +nto +s
=&th Joy !n- H+&*ness( =&tho+t fr!+- or
-e*e&t( &n tr+th !n- not &n error.
Come ye then( *ome ye( behol- the s&.ns !n-
the n!mes of yo+r *re!tor( behol- the holy
pent!*les by the 8&rt+e of =h&*h the I!rth &s
mo8e-( the trees thereof !n- the !bysses
tremble. Come yeN *ome yeN *ome ye.
These things being thus done and performed, ye shall
see the spirits come from all sides in great haste with their
princes and superiors; the spirits of the First Order, like
soldiers, armed with spears, shields, and corslets; those of the
second Order like barons, princes, dukes, captains, and
generals of armies. For the Third and last Order their king will
appear, before whom go many players on instruments of
music, accompanied by beautiful and melodious voices which
sing in chorus.
Then the exorcist, or master of the art, at the arrival of
the king, whom he shall see crowned with a diadem, should
uncover the holy pentacles and medals which he weareth
upon his breast covered with a cloth of silk or of fine twined
linen, and show them unto him, saying:
%ehol- the s&.ns !n- holy n!mes by !n- before
=hose po=er e8ery nee sho+l- bo=( of !ll
th!t &s &n He!8en( +pon I!rth( or &n Hell.
H+mble ye yo+rsel8es( therefore( +n-er the
m&.hty h!n- of Go-.
Then will the king bow the knee before thee, and will
say, 'What dost thou wish, and wherefore hast thou caused us
to come hither from the infernal abodes?'
Then shall the exorcist, or master of magical art, with an
assured air and a grave and imperious voice, order and
command him to be tranquil, to keep the rest of his attendants
peaceable, and to impose silence upon them.
Let him, also, renew his fumigations, and offer large
quantities of incense, which he should at once place upon the
fire, in order to appease the spirits as he hath promised them.
He should then cover the pentacles, and he will see wonderful
things, which it is impossible to relate, touching worldly
matters and all sciences.
This being finished, let the master uncover the
pentacles, and demand all that he shall wish from the king of
the spirits, and if there are one or two spirits only, it will be
the same; and having obtained all his desire, he shall thus
license them to depart:
In the n!me of ADONAI( the etern!l !n-
e8erl!st&n. one( let e!*h of yo+ ret+rn +nto
h&s pl!*eN be there pe!*e bet=een +s !n- yo+(
!n- be ye re!-y to *ome =hen ye !re *!lle-.
After this he should recite the first chapter of Genesis,
'Berashith Bara Elohim, In the beginning, etc.'
This being done, let them all in order quit the circle, one
after the other, the master first. Furthermore let them bathe
their faces with the exorcised water, as will be hereafter told,
and then let them take their ordinary raiment and go about
their business.
Take notice
and observe carefully that this last
conjuration is of so great importance and efficacy, that even if
the spirits were bound with chains of iron and fire, or shut up
in some strong place, or retained by an oath, they could not
even then delay to come. But supposing that they were being
conjured in some other place or part of the Universe by some
other exorcist or master of the art, by the same conjuration;
the master should add to his conjuration that they should at
least send him some messengers, or some individual to
declare unto him where they are, how employed, and the
reason why they cannot come and obey him.
1@. Th&s p!r!.r!ph
&s not fo+n- &n A-.
1@<$2. 5JHP
But if (which is almost impossible) they be even yet
self-opinionated and disobedient, and unwilling to obey; in
this case their names should be written on virgin paper, which
he should soil and fill with mud, dust, or clay. Then he shall
kindle a fire with dry rue, upon which he shall put powdered
assafoetida, and other things of evil odour; after which let him
put the aforesaid names, written on parchment or virgin paper,
upon the fire, saying:
I *onJ+re thee( O *re!t+re of f&re( by h&m
=ho remo8eth the I!rth( !n- m!eth &t
tremble( th!t tho+ b+rn !n- torment these
sp&r&ts( so th!t they m!y feel &t &ntensely(
!n- th!t they m!y be b+rne- etern!lly by
This being said, thou shalt cast the aforesaid paper into
the fire, saying:
%e ye !**+rse-( -!mne-( !n- etern!lly
repro8e-N !n- be ye tormente- =&th perpet+!l
p!&n( so th!t ye m!y f&n- no repose by n&.ht
nor by -!y( nor for ! s&n.le moment or t&me(
&f ye obey not &mme-&!tely the *omm!n- of h&m
11. Bh&*h !re the
n!mes of the letters
of the Hebre=
!lph!bet( to e!*h of
=h&*h ! spe*&!l
=ho m!eth the Un&8erse to trembleN by these
n!mes( !n- &n 8&rt+e of these n!mes( the
=h&*h be&n. n!me- !n- &n8oe- !ll *re!t+res
obey !n- tremble =&th fe!r !n- terror( these
n!mes =h&*h *!n t+rn !s&-e l&.htn&n. !n-
th+n-erN !n- =h&*h =&ll +tterly m!e yo+ to
per&sh( -estroy( !n- b!n&sh yo+. These n!mes
then !re Aleph( %eth( G&mel( D!leth( He( >!+(
G!y&n( Cheth( Teth( ?o-( K!ph( '!me-( Mem(
N+n( S!meh( Ay&n( Pe( T:!--&( Koph( Resh(
Sh&n( T!+.

myst&* me!n&n. !n-
po=er &s !tt!*he-(
bes&-es &ts or-&n!ry
!ppl&*!t&on. 5S'M
%y these se*ret n!mes( therefore( !n- by
these s&.ns =h&*h !re f+ll of myster&es( =e
*+rse ye( !n- &n 8&rt+e of the po=er of the
three pr&n*&ples( Aleph( Mem( Sh&n(
-epr&8e ye of !ll off&*e !n- -&.n&ty =h&*h ye
m!y h!8e enJoye- +p t&ll no=N !n- by the&r
8&rt+e !n- po=er =e rele.!te yo+ +nto ! l!e
of s+lph+r !n- of fl!me( !n- +nto the -eepest
-epths of the !byss( th!t ye m!y b+rn there&n
etern!lly for e8er.
12. The l&ter!l
symbols of !&r(
=!ter( !n- f&reN
=h&*h !re *!lle- by
the Sepher ?et:&r!h
the three mother
letters. 5S'M
Then will they assuredly come without any delay, and
in great haste, crying: 'O our lord and prince, deliver us out of
this suffering.'
All this time thou shouldest have near thee ready an
exorcised pen, paper, and ink, as will be described hereinafter.
Write their names afresh, and kindle fresh fire, whereon thou
shalt put gum benjamin, olybdanum, and storax
to make
therewith a fumigation; with these odours thou shalt afresh,
perfume the aforesaid paper with the names; but thou
shouldest have these names ready prepared beforehand. Then
show them the holy pentacles, and ask of them what thou wilt,
and thou shalt obtain it; and having gained thy purpose, send
away the spirits, saying:
14. M!thers &s
follo=&n. Sl4@#1(
K2<<( !n- '12@2
here( ho=e8er A+b26
!n- A-1@<$2 both
re!- CS!n-!l+m
*&tr&n+m et r+br+m
et stor!*emCN M23$;
Cs!n-elo *&tr&no
s!n-olo rosso e
stor!*eCN Perh!ps
Cs!n-!l+m !lb+m
*&tr&n+m et r+br+mC
&s &nten-e- /!lon.
=&th stor!,7. 5JHP
%y the 8&rt+e of these pent!*les( !n- be*!+se
ye h!8e been obe-&ent( !n- h!8e obeye- the
*omm!n-ments of the *re!tor( feel !n- &nh!le
th&s .r!tef+l o-o+r( !n- !fter=!r-s -ep!rt ye
+nto yo+r !bo-es !n- retre!tsN be there pe!*e
bet=een +s !n- yo+N be ye e8er re!-y to *ome
=hen ye sh!ll be *&te- !n- *!lle-N !n- m!y
the bless&n. of Go-( !s f!r !s ye !re *!p!ble
of re*e&8&n. &t( be +pon yo+( pro8&-e- ye be
obe-&ent !n- prompt(
to *ome +nto +s =&tho+t
solemn r&tes !n- obser8!n*es on o+r p!rt.
16. The phr!se C!n-
m!y the bless&n. of
Go- ... obe-&ent !n-
promptC -oesn9t
!ppe!r &n A+b. 26 or
A-. 1@<$2( b+t &s
fo+n- &n M&*h. 23$.
Thou shouldest further make a book of virgin paper, and
therein write the foregoing conjurations, and constrain the
demons to swear upon the same book that they will come
whenever they be called, and present themselves before thee,
whenever thou shalt wish to consult them. Afterwards thou
canst cover this book with sacred sigils on a plate of silver,
and therein write or engrave the holy pentacles. Thou mayest
open this book either on Sundays or on Thursdays, rather at
night than by day, and the spirits will come.
Regarding the expression 'night,' understand the night
following, and not the night preceding the aforesaid days,

for indeed they are creatures of darkness who hate the light.
1". So. A+b. 26.
M!thers; CAn-
remember th!t by -!y
/the -emons7 !re
!sh!me-( for they
!re !n&m!ls of
-!rness.C A-. 1@<$2
om&ts the rest of
th&s p!r!.r!ph. 5JHP
As we have already made mention of the pentacles, it is
necessary that thou shouldest understand that the whole
science and understanding of our Key dependeth upon the
operation, knowledge, and use of pentacles.
He then who shall wish to perform any operation by the
means of the medals,
or pentacles, and therein to render
himself expert, must observe what hath been hereinbefore
ordained. Let him then, O my son Roboam, know and
understand that in the aforesaid pentacles he shall find those
ineffable and most holy names which were written by the
finger of God in the tablets of Moses; and which I, Solomon,
have received through the ministry of an angel by divine
revelation. These then have I collected together, arranged,
consecrated, and kept, for the benefit of the human race, and
the preservation of body and of soul.
1. A-1@<$2;
*!n-er&!sN M23$;
*!n-er&e. Th&s
p!r!.r!ph !n- the
pre*e-&n. !re not
fo+n- &n A+b. 26.
The pentacles should then be made in the days and
hours of Mercury, when the Moon is in an aerial
or terrestrial
sign; she should also be in her increase, and in equal number
of days with the Sun.
2. &.e. &n Gem&n&(
'&br!( AH+!r&+s(
T!+r+s( >&r.o( or
C!pr&*orn. 5S'M
It is necessary to have a chamber or cabinet specially set
apart and newly cleaned, wherein thou canst remain without
interruption, the which having entered with thy companions,
thou shalt incense and perfume it with the odours and
perfumes of the art. The sky should be clear and serene. It is
necessary that thou shouldest have one or more pieces of
virgin paper prepared and arranged ready, as we shall tell you
more fully later on, in its place.
Thou shalt commence the writing or construction of the
pentacles in the hour aforesaid. Among other things, thou
shalt chiefly use these colours: Gold, cinnabar or vermilion
red, and celestial or brilliant azure blue. Furthermore, thou
shalt make these medals or pentacles with exorcised pen and
colours, as we shall hereafter show thee. Whensoever thou
constructest them, if thou canst complete them in the hour
wherein thou didst begin them, it is better. However, if it be
absolutely necessary to interrupt the work, thou shouldest
await the proper day and hour before re-commencing it.
The pentacles being finished and completed, take a
cloth of very fine silk, as we shall hereafter ordain thee, in the
which thou shalt wrap the pentacles. After which thou shalt
take a large vessel of earth filled with charcoal, upon the
which there must be put frankincense, mastic, and aloes, all
having been previously conjured and exorcised as shall
hereafter be told thee. Thou must also be thyself pure, clean,
and washed, as thou shalt find given in the proper place.
Furthermore, thou shouldest have the quill knife or knife of
the art,
with the which thou shalt make a circle, and trace
within it an inner circle, and in the space between the two
thou shalt write the names of God,
which thou shalt think fit
and proper. It is necessary after this that thou shouldest have
within the circle a vessel of earth with burning coals and
odoriferous perfumes thereon; with the which thou shalt
fumigate the aforesaid pentacles; and, having turned thy face
towards the East, thou shalt hold the said pentacles over the
smoke of the incense, and shalt repeat devoutly the following
Psalms of David my father:

/Ps<ZKJ><7 Dom&ne De+s noster. Ss&* Dom&ne
Dom&n+s nosterT /O 'or- o+r 'or-....7
/Ps1<ZKJ>1#7 C!el& en!rr!nt .lor&!m De&./The
he!8ens -e*l!re the .lory of Go-....7

/Ps2$ZKJ>237 Dom&n+s &ll+m&n!t&o me! /The
'or- &s my l&.ht....7
/Ps21ZKJ>227 De+s De+s me+s resp&*e &n me.
/My Go-( my Go-( =hy h!st tho+ fors!en meA7
/Ps41ZKJ>427 %e!t& H+or+m rem&ss!e s+nt
&n&H+&t!tes. /%lesse- &s he =hose
tr!ns.ress&on &s for.&8en....7
/Ps"@ZKJ>"17 M&serere me& De+s se*+n-+m
m!.n!m. /H!8e mer*y +pon me( O Go-( !**or-&n.
to thy lo8&n. &n-ness....7
/Ps2<ZKJ>2#7 Afferte SZA-ferteT Dom&ne. /G&8e
4. )ollo=&n. A+b.
26; CArt!++m( 8el
.l!-&+m !rt&sC. A-.
1@<$2 re!-s
C!r*t!++m( !+t
.l!-&+m.C M23$ re!-s
C*on l9 !rt!8o -ell9
!rte hl *oltelloCN
M!thers follo=s
Sl4@#1( '12@2( !n-
K2<< &n re!-&n.(
Cs&*le or n&fe of
m!.&*!l !rt.C A-.
1@<$2 !--s(
C/tempere-7 =&th the
bloo- of ! .oose !n-
the J+&*e of !
p&mpernelC !s &n
%oo 2 *h!pter <.
A-. 4$$36 re!-s CA
nyfe re!-y &n .oses
blo-e( =h&*h =!s
m!-e on the -!y of
Mer*+ry.C 5JHP
6. Prefer!bly those
h!8&n. some
referen*e to the
=or &n h!n-. 5S'M
". I h!8e .&8en the
n+mber of the Ps!lms
!**or-&n. to the
In.l&sh( not the
+nto the 'or-....7
/Ps31ZKJ>327 De+s &+-&*&+m t++m Re.& -!.
/G&8e the K&n. thy J+-.ements( O Go-....7
/Ps"4ZKJ>"67 De+s &n nom&ne t+o s!l8+m me
f!*. /S!8e me( O Go-( by thy n!me....7

/Ps144ZKJ>1467 I**e n+n* %ene-&*&te Dom&n+m.
/%ehol-( bless ye the 'or-( !ll ye....7
Hebre= n+mbers. 5S'M
M!thers l&sts the
Ps!lms by n+mbers
only; CPs!lms 8&&&.(
,,&.( ,,8&&.( ,,&,.(
,,,&&.( l&.( l,,&&.(
*,,,&8(C =here!s !ll
the m!n+s*r&pts .&8e
the open&n. =or-s.
S&n*e the Ps!lms !re
n+mbere- -&fferently
&n -&fferent
8ers&ons of the
%&ble( M!thers9
metho- &s more
!mb&.+o+s. 5JHP
$. Not &n M!thers9
3. M!thers9 l&st
&n*l+-es Ps!lm 21
<. Not &n M!thers9
/)or ! *on8en&ent form of *&r*le =h&*h m!y be +se-
for prep!r&n. &nstr+ments !n- other th&n.s of the
s!me &n-( !s =ell !s for *onse*r!t&n. the
pent!*les( see )&.+re 4.7
)&.+re 4( from A-. 1@<$2( fol. <1r.
#. The f&.+re sho=s
the s!*re- n!me
A.gel &n the I!st
/l!belle- COr&enteC
&n the m!n+s*r&pt7(
S!b!ot &n the so+th
/CMe::o .&ornoC7(
Jeo8! &n the Best
/CO**&-ent!leC7( !n-
A-on!y &n the North
A+b26 h!s t=o
8ers&ons of th&s
*&r*le. The one on
fol. 1<8 &s l&e
th!t &n A-. 1@<$2.
The one on fol. 328
&s s&m&l!r( b+t !--s
&ns&-e the &nner
*&r*le the =or-s
CK+&s &n fort&b+s +t
t+ De+s
Tetr!.r!mm!tonC. It
!lso !--s ! th&r-
*&r*le !ro+n- the
others( =&th the
n!mes !n- symbols of
the fo+r K&n.s
bet=een the t=o
o+ter *&r*les;
Asmo-el &n the I!st(
Am!ymon &n the
So+th( P!ymon &n the
Best( !n- Ae.ym &n
the North.
M!thers .&8es the
n!mes &n Hebre=
*h!r!*ters. 5JHP
After th&s tho+ sh!lt repe!t the follo=&n. Or!t&on;
O ADONAI most po=erf+l( I' most stron.( AG'A
most holy( ON most r&.hteo+s( the A'PHA !n-
( the %e.&nn&n. !n- the In-N tho+
1@. M!thers re!-s
the A'IPH !n- the
TAU( b+t the
=ho h!st est!bl&she- !ll th&n.s &n thy
B&s-omN tho+ =ho h!s *hosen Abr!h!m thy
f!&thf+l ser8!nt( !n- h!st prom&se- th!t &n
h&s see- sh!ll !ll n!t&ons of the e!rth be
blesse-( =h&*h see- tho+ h!st m+lt&pl&e- !s
the st!rs of He!8enN tho+ =ho h!st !ppe!re-
+nto thy ser8!nt Moses &n fl!me &n the m&-st
of the %+rn&n. %+sh( !n- h!st m!-e h&m =!l
=&th -ry feet thro+.h the Re- Se!N tho+ =ho
.!8est the '!= to h&m +pon Mo+nt S&n!&N tho+
=ho h!st .r!nte- +nto Solomon thy Ser8!nt
these pent!*les by thy .re!t Mer*y( for the
preser8!t&on of So+l !n- of %o-yN =e most
h+mbly &mplore !n- s+ppl&*!te thy Holy
M!Jesty( th!t these pent!*les m!y be
*onse*r!te- by thy po=er( !n- prep!re- &n
s+*h m!nner th!t they m!y obt!&n 8&rt+e !n- !.!&nst !ll sp&r&ts( thro+.h thee( O
Most Holy ADONAI( =hose K&n.-om( Imp&re( !n-
pr&n*&p!l&ty( rem!&neth !n- en-+reth =&tho+t
m!n+s*r&pts !ll re!-
CAlph! et Ome.!.C
The K!b!l&st&* =or-
AGOTH m!y be
s+bst&t+te- for 9the
Aleph !n- the T!+.9
These words being said, thou shalt perfume the
pentacles with the same sweet scents and perfumes, and
afterwards having wrapped them in a piece of prepared silk
cloth, thou shalt put them in a place fit and clean, which thou
mayest open whenever it shall please thee, and close it again,
at thy pleasure and according unto thy will. We will hereafter
show thee the method and manner of preparing the aforesaid
place, of perfuming it with scents and sweet odours, and of
sprinkling it with the water and water-sprinkler of magical art;
for all these things contain many good properties, and
innumerable virtues, as experience will easily teach thee.
We have already said sufficient regarding the solemn
conjuration of spirits.

11. A-. 1@<$2; bon&
An.el& /of .oo-
!n.els7. 5JHP
We have also spoken enough in our present Key, 12. M!thers &nserts
regarding the manner in which it is necessary to attract the
spirits so as to make them speak. Now, by divine aid, I will
teach thee how to perform certain experiments with success.

here !n e,*erpt from
'12@4( CKno=( O my
son Robo!m( th!t !ll
the -&8&ne
s&.&ls ... =h&*h &s
=hy I *omm!n- thee
to be !ttent&8e to
!ll th!t &s
*ont!&ne- &n th&s my
My beloved son, if thou findest
any theft, thou shalt do as is hereinafter
ordained, and with the help of God thou
shalt find that which hath been taken
If the hours and days be not
otherwise ordained in this operation,
thou must refer to what hath already
been said. But before commencing any
operation whatsoever for the recovery of
things stolen, after having made all
necessary preparations, thou shalt say
the following oration:
A-on!& Iloh&m Asher H!5
Sh!m!&n >e5H!5Aret:( et*.
1. Th&s &s s&mply the Hebre= of the
pr!yer =h&*h follo=sN b+t &n the MS.
Co-&*es &t &s so m+t&l!te- !s to be
=orthless. 5S'M
M23$ m!y !.!&n be the le!st *orr+pt;
CAtt! mele*h Iloy !sser m!l!*h b!ss!m!ym
+erens!r !m!l!*h&m bonel +en.ose
ne!.n&m!ne *hes&- lem!n.!n !semo- b!r+*h
!-on!y Iloym eloe Sem!.roT !+r!!m
!r*!-&el -!**on l!ml&el m!l+n ey! Iloym
!y! !rn&s*r!ter +nen&! m!*h&! -e+r!-+m
G!*h&el -eol em!- e.em .em!s.C 5JHP
Tho+( O 'or-( =ho h!st m!-e
both He!8en !n- I!rth( !n-
h!st me!s+re- them &n the
hollo= of thy h!n-N tho+ =ho
!rt se!te- +pon the Ker+b&m
!n- the Ser!ph&m( &n the h&.h
pl!*es( =here+nto h+m!n
+n-erst!n-&n. *!nnot
penetr!teN tho+ =ho h!st
*re!te- !ll th&n.s by th&ne
!.en*y( &n =hose presen*e !re
the l&8&n. *re!t+res( of =h&*h
fo+r !re m!r8ello+sly
8ol!t&le( =h&*h h!8e s&,
=&n.s( !n- =ho &n*ess!ntly *ry
TGA%AOTH( He!8en !n- I!rth !re
f+ll of thy .lory9N O 'or-
Go-( tho+ =ho h!st e,pelle-
A-!m from the terrestr&!l
p!r!-&se( !n- =ho h!st pl!*e-
the Ker+b&m to .+!r- the Tree
of '&fe( tho+ !rt the 'or- =ho
!lone -oest =on-ersN sho=
forth I pr!y thee thy .re!t
mer*y( by the holy *&ty of
Jer+s!lem( by thy =on-erf+l
2. Sl. 14@3 !--s CADONA?C. 5JHP
n!me of fo+r letters =h&*h !re
?OD( HI( >AU( HI( !n- by thy
holy !n- !-m&r!ble n!me(
+nto me the po=er !n- 8&rt+e
to en!ble me to !**ompl&sh
th&s e,per&ment( !n- to *ome
+nto the -es&re- en- of th&s
oper!t&onN thro+.h thee =ho
!rt l&fe( !n- +nto =hom l&fe
belon.eth +nto the etern!l
!.es. Amen.
After this perfume and cense the
place with good scents and sweet
odours. This aforesaid place should be
pure, clean, safe from interruption or
disturbance, and proper to the work, as
we shall hereafter show. Then sprinkle
the aforesaid place with consecrated
water, as is laid down in the chapter
concerning circles.
The operation being in such wise
prepared, thou shalt rehearse the
conjuration necessary for this
experiment, at the end of which thou
shalt say as follows:
O !lm&.hty )!ther !n- 'or-(
=ho re.!r-est the He!8ens( the
I!rth( !n- the Abyss(
mer*&f+lly .r!nt +nto me by
thy holy n!me =r&tten =&th
fo+r letters( ?OD( HI( >AU(
HI( th!t by th&s e,or*&sm I
m!y obt!&n 8&rt+e( tho+ =ho
!rt IAH( IAH( IAH( .r!nt th!t
by thy po=er these sp&r&ts m!y
-&s*o8er th!t =h&*h =e reH+&re
!n- =h&*h =e hope to f&n-( !n-
m!y they sho= !n- -e*l!re +nto
+s the persons =ho h!8e
*omm&tte- the theft( !n- =here
they !re to be fo+n-.
I *onJ+re ye !ne=( ye sp&r&ts
!bo8e n!me-( by !ll the
!fores!&- n!mes( thro+.h =h&*h
!ll th&n.s *re!te- tremble(
th!t ye sho= openly +nto me
/or +nto th&s *h&l- here
present =&th +s
7 those th&n.s
=h&*h =e see.
4. A *h&l- employe- !s ! *l!&r8oy!nt &n
the oper!t&onN !s &s st&ll the *+stom &n
some pl!*es &n the I!st. 5S'M
These things being accomplished
they will make thee to see plainly that
which thou seekest. Take note that the
exorcist, or master of the art, should be
such as is ordained in the chapter
concerning the exorcist and his
companions; and if in this experiment it
should be necessary to write down
characters or names, thou shalt do that
which it is necessary to observe
regarding the pen, ink, and paper, as is
duly prescribed in the chapters
concerning them.
For if thou dost not regard these
things, thou wilt neither accomplish that
which thou desirest, nor arrive at thy
desired end.

6. Sl. 14@3 !--s ! se*on- *h!pter on
Cth&n.s stolen(C =h&*h &n8oes the
C8ener!ble &ntell&.en*e ASSAC =h&le
f!*&n. I!st. M!thers &nserts '12@4( *h!p.
2$ !t th&s po&nt. 5JHP
If thou wishest to perform the
experiment of invisibility, thou shalt
follow the instructions for the same. If it
be necessary to observe the day and the
hour, thou shalt do as is said in their
chapters. But if thou needest not observe
the day and the hour as marked in the
chapter thereon, thou shalt do as taught
in the chapter which precedeth it. If in
the course of the experiment it be
necessary to write anything, it should be
done as is described in the chapters
pertaining thereto, with the proper pen,
paper, and ink, or blood. But if the
matter is to be accomplished by
invocation, before thy conjurations, thou
shalt say devoutly in thine heart:
thro+.h h&m by =hom
ye h!8e emp&re !n- po=er o8er
men( ye m+st !**ompl&sh th&s
=or so th!t I m!y .o !n-
rem!&n &n8&s&ble.
And if it be necessary in this
operation to trace a circle, thou shalt do
as is ordained in the chapter concerning
circles; and if it be necessary to write
1. M23$; CJ!boles h!b!ron Iloy el&t n&.&t
.!rbeloy sem&t&on met&mol+*h l!b!l&ten!
neromobel *!lemere -!l+t& t&m!.+el
+&rs!.+el te+em&s serye Jerete b!r+*h!b!
!thono+!l b!r!*!bc er!&s*+mCN A+b26;
CS*!boles( H!b!ron( Iloy( Il&m&.&t(
G!bolt&( Sem&tr&on( Meth&onob!l(
N!b!n&tem( Ne:emob!l( C!lL( MethL(
%!l+t&( T&m!.+l( >&ll!.+el Te+emS&sT(
Sere&L( JenetL( %!r+*!b!( At!no+!l(
%or!*!b( I!r!t&nCN H; CS!boles( H!b!ron(
Iloy( Il&m&.&t( G!beloy( G!beloy Ss&*T(
Sem&t&*on( Met&nol!*h( C!b!n&ten!(
Neromobel( C!lem&te( D!l+t( T&m!.+el(
>&ll!H+el( Te8en&s( Ser&e( Jerete(
%!r+*h!b!( Athon!8el( %!r!*h!b!t(
Ir!t&*+mC A-1@<$2; CSe!boles( Arb!ron(
characters, etc., thou shalt follow the
instructions given in the respective

This operation being thus
prepared, if there be an especial
conjuration to perform, thou shalt repeat
it in the proper manner; if not, thou shalt
say the general conjuration, at the end of
which thou shalt add the following
Iloy( Il&m&.&t( Heremob+l*+le( Methe(
%!l+t&( T&m!.!l( >&ll!.+el Te+en&( 'e+re(
)erete( %!*+h!b!( G+r!t&mCN M!thers;
%ACUHA%A( GU>ARINC. Sl. 14@3 !--s the
s&n&ster element of &n8o&n. the
Cm&n&sters of &n8&s&b&l&tyC thro+.h
C'+*&fer yo+r pr&n*eC. 5JHP
2. A+b26 om&ts th&s p!r!.r!ph. 5JHP
O tho+ A'NIRAS(
m!ster of
&n8&s&b&l&ty( =&th thy
m&n&sters CHIROS( MA?TON(
*onJ+re ye by h&m =ho m!eth
I!rth !n- He!8en to tremble(
=ho &s se!te- +pon the throne
of h&s m!Jesty( th!t th&s
oper!t&on m!y be perfe*tly
!**ompl&she- !**or-&n. to my
=&ll( so th!t !t =h!tsoe8er
t&me &t m!y ple!se me( I m!y
be !ble to be &n8&s&ble.
I *onJ+re thee !ne=( O
A'NIRAS( Ch&ef
In8&s&b&l&ty( both thee !n-
thy m&n&sters( by h&m thro+.h
=hom !ll th&n.s h!8e the&r
be&n.( !n- by SATURII'(
th!t tho+
4. So A+b26( M23$( !n- Sl. 14@3. M!thers
follo=s Sl4@#1( K2<<( !n- H4#<1 &n
re!-&n. CAlm&r!sC. A-1@<$2; C!lm+!sCN
A-4$$36; CPener!sonC. 5JHP
6. M23$; C*her+s m!yton met!.&r elyros
-&one-&s +.emnos !b!-em per&berem
t!n.&!lem trent&-&m s+*e!ntos !beloy
bore- b&lb!m&n! *!stormy -etelCN A+b26;
CCheros( M!yton( Met!.&re( %&ros(
D&one-&s( >.emenos( Ab!-&n( Per&b+r&n(
T!n.e-&m( Trens&-&m( S!+!ntos( Abeloy(
%ore-( %el!m&t( C!str&m&( DesoeSlAT.CN
Sl. 14@3; CCheros( M!&ton( Met!.+e(
%&res( D&one-&s( >.em&nos( Ab!-on(
Per&b+t&n( T!n.e-em( Tres&-&m( S+**!ntes(
Ibelloy( %ore-( %ell!m&-( C!st&rn+(
DeteselCN Sl4@#1; CM!yton( Met!.y,(
Ibyros( D&on&-&s( U.+emenos( Ab!-em(
Per&ber&m( T!n.+&!lem( Trens&-em(
S+**!ntos( Abeloy( %ore-( %ell!m&!
C!storm&( -etelCN H4#<1; Cher+s( M!yton(
Met!.&,( Ibyros( Dron&-&s( U.+emenos(
Ab!-em( Per&ber&m( T!n.&!lem( Trenl&-em(
S+**!ntos( Abeloy( %ore-( %ell!m&!(
&mme-&!tely *omest th&ther
=&th !ll thy m&n&sters( !n-
!*h&e8est th&s oper!t&on( !s
tho+ no=est &t to be
!**ompl&she-( !n- th!t by the
s!me oper!t&on tho+ ren-er me
&n8&s&ble( so th!t none m!y be
!ble to see me.
In order then to accomplish this
aforesaid operation, thou must prepare
all things necessary with requisite care
and diligence, and put them in practice
with all the general and particular
ceremonies laid down for these
experiments; and with all the conditions
contained in our first and second books.
Thou shalt also in the same operations
duly repeat the appropriate conjurations,
with all the solemnities marked in the
respective chapters. Thus shalt thou
accomplish the experiment surely and
without hindrance, and thus shalt thou
find it true.

C!storm&( -etelCN K2<<; CCher+s( M!yton(
M!t!.&,( Ibyros( D&om&-&s( U.+emenos(
Ab!-em( Per&ber&m( T!n.&!lem( Trens&-em(
S!**!ntos( Abeloy( %ore-( %ell!m&!(
C!stormy( DetelCN A-. 1@<$2; CCheros(
M!&tor( T!n.e-em( Tr!ns&-&m( S++!ntos(
Abel!+s( %ore-( %el!m&t( C!st+m&(
D!b+elCN M!thers; CCHIROS( MAITOR(
". A-. 1@<$2( M23$( !n- Sl. 14@3; C-+*emC
/le!-er( !lso -+e7. Th&s p!r!.r!ph &s
not fo+n- &n Sl4@#1. 5JHP
$. M23$; Cs!t+rnel+m !r*h&elem -!n&elem
bel&e !s&emoheCN A+b26; CS!t+r&elem(
N!r*h&elem( D!m&elem( %ell&!( As&mone&CN
Sl. 14@3; CS!t+r&elem( H!r*h&!lem(
D!m&ele( %ell&!( Ass&mon!&CN H4#<1;
CS!t+r&el( Ar*h&el( D!n&el %en&e( AssemCN
K2<<; CS!t+r&el( Ar*h&el( D!n&el %en&el(
AssemeCN A-1@<$2; CS!t+relem( N!r*h&elem(
D!m&elem( %ell&!( As&monerCN M!thers;
3. A+b26 om&ts th&s p!r!.r!ph. 5JHP
But, on the contrary, if thou lettest
any of these things escape thee, or if
thou despiseth them, never shalt thou be
able to arrive at thy proposed end; as,
for example, we enter not easily into a
fenced city over its walls but through its

<. Sl. 14@3 !--s !nother short *h!pter on
&n8&s&b&lty here( =h&*h &n8ol8es m!&n. !
=!, &m!.e =&th the =or-s CAr.!t( S!et!mC
on the front. M!thers &nserts '12@4(
*h!pters 26( 2"( 23( 2<( !n- 2# !t th&s
po&nt. The f&rst one he !ppen-e- to th&s
*h!pterN the rest he n+mbere- 11516. 5JHP
1. Translation by Joseph Peterson. This
If you wish to undertake any
experiments of favor, influence, or love,
for possessing the love of any person,
whether man or woman, it is necessary
that the operator has prepared in such a
manner, as is said in the chapter
concerning the exorcist (Book II,
chapter 2). Then you may begin to
perform the said experiment, which you
may complete at any time that has been
noted, but if the time and day are not
mentioned, use those discussed in the
chapter on the hours. And if the
experiment requires an image of wax, or
any other material, you must prepare it
specially as described in the chapter on
the same (Book II, chapter 18).
Afterwards you should say the
following words over the matter
No.!( Jes( Asropol&m( Asmo(
Co+!+( Ge-[( >es!b!-!y( Ser&m(
Im&s( '&+!r&!( I+r&m( %!b+s(
J!s!tor( Jeh&( P&r+s( The+t(
>ereset( '!n&st!ro-( '!-on!y(
Ir&tret( >&lop!r!s( T!m&s(
Astrop&el( Ser&el( A**opon&el(
'+*ont!phor!s( '!t&sten(
Omor!tos( Ip&*h!rm!s(
Sophtor&m( P&ron&!s(
Sonotr!b!s( %&slor&+m(
Inop!son( Ne*opol&tes( >s&on(
Om!s( C!-os( Mo!s( Soph&n!(
chapter was omitted by Mathers, who considered
it unworthy of the rest of the text. He substituted
instead L1203, chapters 25: To hinder a
sportsman from killing any game.
Ad. 36674 contains an abbreviated version of
this chapter. It includes a conjuration which
begins "Venus, ester, Astropolyn, Asmo,
Mercurius, Jupiter, Saturnus," which corresponds
with "Noga Jes artphelem asmo corau sabcedes
sabaday" in M276. i.e. the English manuscript
recognizes Noga, Cocab, Zedeck, and Sabbathi
as the Hebrew names of the names of the planets
Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, and Saturn.
Also of interest, Aub24 includes the phrase "per
virtutem et potentiam Sanctissimi ADONAY
cuius MARCHUD sine fine" which corresponds
to "per virtu et per potenta del sanctissimo nome
ADONAY il MALCUD del quale sensa fine."
Ad. 10862 seems to translate the Hebrew
MALCHUD as it reads, "[per virtutem] et
potentiam Sanctissimi ADONAY cuius
Imperium sine fine" (throught the virtue and
power of the most holy ADONAY who RULES
without end).
Note also the invocation of the four kings of the
cardinal directions, given variously (generally
Oriens, Paymon, Egyn, and Amaymon). Aub24
and Ad10862 start with "O Oriens Rex egregio
qui in oriente regnas"; which might be translated
as "O Oriens, illustrious King, who rules in the
East." Ad36674 takes "egregio" (illustrious) as a
proper name and translates the passage as "O
thou orient king Eggye, which reineth and ruleth
in the East" M276 reads "O omnis rex egregie
Amos( Tr!tos( Som!( In!so(
Jesel( Aby( G!l&en( In!+&s(
Ast!rtem( Ast!n&m&n(
D!r!+&*&es( Aff!*+m( Ar!( Mel&( Art!b!el( %&l&!*h(
%on*&f!l( Os!+( Ar!r&( Ge+per(
M!-or( Ar&el( Ge+&et( Aln&n!(
'!t&sten( %elfer( Im+l:!r-(
A.l!to( Ton( Ily( Ph!te,&on(
Gel!tente( P+m!ton( T+*on(
N!str!sh&t( Mer&( Me!+el(
Gen&t+( 'erphor!m( C!r&bom(
S+.!m( A*en&-e( C!lrm&(
G!*men&( %ermon!( C!!.l!ot(
Tempt!tor( Somn&!tor(
I *onJ+re yo+( !ll yo+ m&n&sters
of lo8e !n- forn&*!t&on( h&m =ho
*!st yo+ -o=n to Hell( !n-
thro+.h !ll h&s n!mes =h&*h -!&ly
b&n- yo+( th!t yo+ *onse*r!te !n-
*onf&rm th&s =!, here present(
th!t &t m!y h!8e the -es&re-
8&rt+e =h&*h &t sho+l- potently
.!&n( thro+.h the po=er !n- m&.ht
of the most holy A-on!y( =hose
M!l+th /K&n.-om7 en-+res thro+.h
the !.es of the !.es. Amen.
Having completed these things,
form the image as described in the
experiment, and if it is necessary to
write on the image, use the needle or
quill pen and ink of the Art. If incensing
or other observances are required, see
the instructions in the relevant chapters.
And if an invocation should be made, let
qui in oriente regnas"; Sl. 1307 has "O Asmodee,
illustrious king who rules in the East"; Sl. 3091
and K288 read "O Asmode, Orient tres
reluisant" (O Asmodee, the East very glittering.)
In Sl. 1307 this is followed by another chapter
(chap. 9) on love magic, this one using a statue
of wax, invoking "Sichel, Richel, Moches, Aray,
Saiatri, Amacon, Enacon." This is followed by
(chap. 10), which includes "Esperimento d'
Amore toccando", "Esp. d' Amore mangiando",
and "Esp, d' Amore gettando" (experiments of
love using touching, eating, and throwing). -JHP
2. Added in Ad. 10862.
3. Aub24 and Ad10862 read Renquel, while
M276, Sl. 1307, K288, and Sl. 3091 all read
4. I apologize to my faithful readers, but I am
omitting part of this conjuration in response to
all the people who illegally redistribute my work.
Please curse them, not me. For a translation from
the French, see Skinner and Rankine, Veritable
Key of Solomon (Sourceworks of Ceremonial
Magic Series) London, 2008, pp. 311-13. -JHP
5. The phrase in [] is found in Ad. 1082. K288:
you will accomplish your desire.
it be as specified above, and at the end
of your conjurations, make the
fumigation, and hold the image over the
smoke, saying:
O Or&ens( -&st&n.+&she- &n. =ho
re&.ns !n- r+les &n the I!st(
=hose r+le !n- &n.-om h!- &ts
be.&nn&n. &n the *ent+ry( !n-
=&ll l!st +nt&l the en- of the
O P!ymon( m&.hty &n. =ho r+les
&n the =estern p!rt of the sy.
O I.ym( stron. &n.( =hose
&n.-om !n- r+le e,ten-s to the
&*y North.
O Am!ymon( most noble &n. =hose
-om!&n &s &n the So+th.
I po=erf+lly &n8oe !n- !r-+o+sly
&mplore yo+( thro+.h h&m =ho
spoe( !n- &t =!s -one( !n- =ho
=&th ! =or- !lone *re!te- !ll(
!n- =hom !ll the *re!t&on obeys(
thro+.h the se!t of th!t m!Jesty(
thro+.h h&s =&ll !n- h&s n!me(
=h&*h e,&ste- before the !.es
=ere *re!te-( !n- =ho &s
-es*r&be- &n fo+r letters( Io-(
He( >!+( He( !n- thro+.h !ll the
C!n-er&!s( !n- the&r 8&rt+es( !n-
thro+.h the emblems( !n- the
n!mes of the Cre!tor( so th!t
th&s &m!.e here present m!y be
!ppropr&!tely *onse*r!te- !n-
forme-( th!t &t m!y obt!&n the
-es&re- 8&rt+e. Thro+.h the most
holy n!me A-on!y( =hose 8&rt+e
h!s no be.&nn&n.( !n- =&ll h!8e
no en-.
This done, conjure again using the
conjuration specified in the experiment
itself, and if the woman arrives that very
hour it is well. If however she doesnt
appear, put the image under the head of
your bed, and within three days you will
see a great wonder, for the woman will
come to you at once, or else will send a
message to you.
If the image is painted, or
engraved in any metal, or cast in lead or
tin, let it be done as said, and if the
experiment requires characters or names
to be written or painted, use the paper,
needle, quill pen and colours (or else
ink), as described in the appropriate
places, observing the days and hours,
and all the necessary solemnities
required by the experiment.
If however the experiment
requires you to touch the loved-one, or
put some brief (short summary or letter),
or similar thing under the threshold or
other place which the woman must pass,
if the experiment requires some dust to
be made and strewn about, or requires
something to be drunk or eaten, make
sure to solemnly observe the hours ,
times, materials, and tools, as described
in the relevant chapters. Afterwards, say
the following oration over the dust to be
scattered, or things to be drunk or eaten:
In =h&*he8er p!rt of the =orl-
yo+ m!y be( !n- by =h!te8er n!mes
yo+ m!y be *!lle-( I *onJ+re !n-
!ppe!l to yo+( O -!emons =ho h!8e
the po=er to be o8ert+rn the
he!rts of men !n- =omen( thro+.h
the one =ho *re!te- yo+ o+t of
noth&n.( th!t th&s n&.ht yo+
&mme-&!tely *on8ene =&tho+t
-el!y( f!*e to f!*e( Se,ert&n.
yo+r &nfl+en*e /A7T o8er th&s
th&n.( th!t &t be*ome
*onse*r!te-( so th!t thereby &t
m!y !**ept the 8&rt+e of b&n-&n.
Sor .ently -r!=&n.T
!ll men !n-
=omen th!t I -es&re( =&th lo8e
for me.
Then perform those things
described in the experiment, and with
the experiment written with figures and
characters in the name of whichever
person, and such that she passes over it.
Once the characters, figure, image of
wax or other materials has been
prepared or inscribed, say over those
things the following conjuration:
I *onJ+re yo+ An!el( RenH+el Sor
Tel&el( pr&n*es of
lo8e( !n- =home8er of yo+r
m&n&sters th!t h!8e the po=er to
&.n&te p!ss&on for men !n- =omen(
!n- &n-le them =&th the f&res of
lo8e. I *onJ+re yo+( I s!y(
thro+.h h&m =ho s&ts !bo8e the
*her+b&m *ontempl!t&n. the !byss(
!n- thro+.h h&m =ho m!es the
=orl- tremble( !n- =hom !ll
obey( ........................
so th!t she =&ll *hoose me( !n-
f!ll &n lo8e =&th me( -es&res me(
ye!rn for me( b+rn for me( !n-
*!re l&ttle for !ll others( !n-
the =hole of her tho+.hts m!y be
!l=!ys on me.
Afterwards bury the experiment in
the crossroad, then complete the
experiment [and you will see the truth].
When you wish to perform the
experiment of the fruit, prepare the same
in the appropriate day and hour. But
must be a beautiful fruit, and spotless
(and when I say fruit, understand that I
mean any kind of produce).

You should therefore take it in
your hand in a secret place, and before
you pick it from the tree (if it still
requires harvesting), sprinkle it with the
water of the art. Then, in the secret
place, pick it, using incense, and saying
this oration over it.
1. Translated by JHP. This chapter was
omitted by Mathers, who substituted instead
L1203, chapters 27: How to make the magic
2. The text uses "pomum" in the chapter heading
and first part of the sentence, which can mean
any kind of fruit. The remark in parentheses uses
the word "fructus" which can mean any kind of
produce. The French manuscript K288 translates
Lat. "pomum" as "pomme" (apple): "et tout ce
que je dis de la pomme, je le dis pareillement de
toutes sortes de fruits, comme Poire, Pche" (and
whenever I say 'apple,' I mean any kind of fruit,
such as pear, peach).
3. Ad. 10862 adds: "write it with the needle, as
said in the first chapter."
O Go- !lm&.hty =ho *re!te- the
I!rth( !n- yo+ yo+rself
m!r8ello+sly l!bo+re- to m!e I8e
from A-!mhs s&-e( =ho J+st !s
she h!- .&8en h&m the fr+&t to
e!t( she *!+se- h&m to s&nN m!e
&t !lso th!t she =ho =&ll e!t or
to+*h th&s fr+&t( =&ll -o my =&ll
I *onJ+re yo+( O fr+&t( thro+.h
h&m =ho m!-e yo+( !n- thro+.h
these most s!*re- n!mes I'(
!n- thro+.h the three pr&n*es of
the !n.els of P!r!-&se( M&*h!el(
G!br&el( !n- R!ph!el( !n- thro+.h
!ll the he!8ens !n- host of
'&e=&se thro+.h the of
Go- !n- h&s &neff!ble n!mes(
n!mely( JOD( HI( >AU( HI( JAH(
JAH( I'( I'( I'( INSOPH( =ho
*re!te- !ll th&n.s( !n- e8en the
!.es &n the be.&nn&n. of the
!.es( m!e &t s+*h th!t she =ho
=&ll e!t or to+*h th&s fr+&t m!y
h!8e no rest( +nless she
*ompletely f+lf&ls my =&ll.
I *onJ+re yo+ l&e=&se O fr+&t(
thro+.h Kether( thro+.h Ho*hm!(
thro+.h %&n!h( !n- thro+.h !ll
the ten Seph&roth( !n- !lso
thro+.h !ll -emons of the
4. Aub24 continues with "De experimento
Gratiae et Impetrationis" (the experiment of
gratitude and favour), i.e. chapter xv.
&nfern!l !byss( th!t she /or he7
to =hom I =&ll .&8e or sho= yo+(
or h!8e to+*h yo+( m!y she be
&nfl!me- =&th the f&re of lo8e
for me( so th!t she =&ll not
rest( +nless she *ompletely
f+lf&ls my =&ll.
And if you have to write anything
on the fruit, follow the teachings of this

You can also make other
experiments of love, which involve
gazing at the sight and eyes of the
woman. In that case, such experiments
are prepared with the suitable hours and
times, as above.

1. Tr!nsl!te- by JHP. Th&s *h!pter =!s
om&tte- by M!thers( =ho s+bst&t+te-
&nste!- '12@4( *h!pters 2<; Ho= to m!e
the m!.&* *!rpet proper for &nterro.!t&n.
the &ntell&.en*es.. PGM >II.6@351@ .&8es
! spell to !ppe!r to someone !t n&.ht &n
-re!ms /%et:( p. 12<7.
This is an ineffable experiment if
you desire to enjoy
a lover in a dream.
Before beginning the conjuration on
behalf of the one you wish to dream of,
(operating in the hour mentioned in the
second book), observe that the sky is
clear. It may help to stand in your
chamber looking into the sky, at the
stars and the Moon, and humbly say in
your heart:
2. '!t; *o&re.
IAH( IAH( >A( >A( >A( IAH(
4. M23$; CA.l! Jo-( hL( +!+ he J!h J!h
J!h +!h +!h +!h J!h J!h J!h !n&st!ro-
O 'or-(
holy !n- !ll5po=erf+l )!ther
=ho *re!te- !ll( !n- no=s the
he!rts of men !n- =omen( I
besee*h yo+ thro+.h yo+r most
s!*re- n!mes ment&one- !bo8e
to &ll+m&n!te the he!rt !n-
m&n- of N.( so th!t she m!y
lo8e me !s m+*h !s I lo8e her(
!n- th!t she m!y be re!-y to
-o my =&ll. An- f+rthermore(
!s th&s present &m!.e l&es
=&th me( m!y N. feel th!t she
l&es &n s=eet embr!*e =&th me
&n ! -re!m.
lhA-on!y eloenm +e!n&.hl!o- lh!n+(
+lb!neno .!- ol!m.C M&*h!el S&-lofsy h!s
&-ent&f&e- th&s !s ! *orr+pt&on of
De+teronomy 2#;2<; H!n&st!rot l!5?H>H
/A-on!y7 Iloheyn+ 8eh!n&.lot l!n+
+le8!neyn+ !- ol!m /Con*e!le- m!tters
*on*ern the 'or- o+r Go-( b+t re8e!le-
m!tters *on*ern +s !n- o+r *h&l-ren
fore8er7. CR!bb&n&* te,ts often *&te th&s
8erse =hen !r.+&n. for *!+t&on &n
re8e!l&n. myster&es /!bb!l&st&* !n-
other=&se7 to the m!sses.C /Person!l
*omm+n&*!t&on7. App!rently th&s p!ss!.e
&s +se- for -&8&n!t&on &n -re!ms &n
pr!*t&*!l K!bb!l!h te,ts /e... Sefer
Gem!tr&ot( l!te 14th or e!rly 16th
*ent+ry7. See
ers@2.shtml. 5JHP
Afterwards, when you want to
perform the same experiment, put the
image under your pillow
recite again
the previous conjuration three times, and
you will see the result. And make sure
you observe everything that is laid out
in the first chapter of the second book.
6. '!t&n /A-. 1@<$27; pl+m&n!reN )ren*h
/K2<<7; l9ore&ller. 5JHP
1. Th&s *h!pter &s t!en from 1@<$2 A--.
In M!thers9 e-&t&on th&s *h!pter &s
n+mbere- 1". It !lso o**+rs &n A+b26( A-.
4$$36( !n- Sl. 14@3. M!thers ren-ers the
t&tle CDe I,per&mento Gr!t&[( et
Impetr!t&on&sC !s Cthe e,per&ment of
see&n. f!8o+r !n- lo8e.C 5JHP
If thou wishest to perform the
experiment of seeking favour and
influence, observe in what manner the
Experiment is to be carried out, and if it
be dependent upon the day and the hour,
perform it in the day and the hour
required, as thou wilt find it in the
chapter concerning the hours; and if the
experiment be one that requireth
writing, thou shalt write as it is said in
the chapter concerning the same; and if
it be with penal bonds, pacts, and
fumigations, then thou shalt cense with
a fit perfume as is said in the chapter
concerning suffumigations; and if it be
necessary to sprinkle it with water and
hyssop, then let it be as in the chapter
concerning the same; similarly if such
experiment require characters, names, or
the like, let such names be written as the
chapter concerning the writing of
characters, and place the same in a clean
place as hath been said. Then thou shalt
repeat over it the following oration:
O ADONAI( most holy( most
r&.hteo+s( !n- most !lm&.hty
Go-( =ho h!st m!-e !ll th&n.s
thro+.h thy mer*y !n-
r&.hteo+sness =here=&th tho+
!rt f&lle-( .r!nt +nto +s th!t
=e m!y be fo+n- =orthy th!t
th&s e,per&ment m!y be fo+n-
*onse*r!te- !n- perfe*t( so
th!t the l&.ht m!y &ss+e from
thy most holy se!t( O ADONAI(
=h&*h m!y obt!&n for +s f!8or
!n- &nfl+en*e. Amen.
This being said, thou shalt place it
in clean silk, and bury it for a day and a
night at the junction of four cross-roads;
and whensoever thou wishest to obtain
any grace or favor from any, take it,
having first properly consecrated it
according to the rule and place it in thy
right hand, and seek thou what thou wilt
it shall not be denied thee. But if thou
doest not the Experiment carefully and
rightly, assuredly thou shalt not succeed
in any manner.
For obtaining grace and influence
write down the following words:
MISHACH( A%IDNIGO( be ye !ll
present &n my !&- !n- for
=h!tsoe8er I sh!ll -es&re to
2. Th&s &n*!nt!t&on &s !lso .&8en &n 14@3
Slo!ne MSS.( p!.e 3$. 5S'M
Which words being properly
written as above, thou shalt also find thy
desire brought to pass.
1. Th&s *h!pter =!s om&tte- by M!thers(
b+t &s &n*l+-e- &n !ll the m!n+s*r&pts.
Tr!nsl!t&on &s from A.I. B!&te( %oo of
Ceremon&!l M!.&*( pp. 2#< ff. In pl!*e of
&t M!thers s+bst&t+te- '12@4( *h!pters
2#; Ho= to ren-er thyself m!ster of !
tre!s+re possesse- by the sp&r&ts. Sl.
14@3 !ppen-s ! se*on- e,per&ment =h&*h
&n8ol8es m!&n. t=o =!, &m!.es( =&th the
=or-s CAp!.!( It+l!*( D&( M!sC( !n-
CAs.!n( Art!n( Alben( Ap!*h&el( S!t!.el.C
Experiments upon enemies may
be performed in several ways, but,
whether with waxen images or some
other instrument, the particulars of each
must be diligently and faithfully
observed. Should the day and hour fail
thee, proceed as already laid down, and
prepare the image or instrument proper
to this effect in the order and manner
thereof. Fumigate with the proper
perfumes, and if writing be required on
the image, let it be done with the needle
or stylet of the art, as aforesaid. Next
recite the following words once over the
said image:-
ye m&n&sters !n- *omp!n&ons( I
-&re*t( *onJ+re( *onstr!&n !n-
*omm!n- yo+ to f+lf&l th&s
behest =&ll& n!mely(
str!&.ht=!y to *onse*r!te th&s
&m!.e( =h&*h &s to be -one &n
the n!me of N.( th!t !s the
f!*e of the one &s *ontr!ry to
the other( so the s!me m!y
ne8er more loo +pon !nother.
Deposit the image in some place
perfumed with evil odours, especially
those of Mars, such as sulphur and
assafoetida. Let it remain there for one
night, having duly asperged it,
observing the proper hour and time.
Do likewise when the experiment
is performed with characters and names,
by touching the lovers with words, or by
whatsoever other manner. But when the
experiment is made by giving something
to be eaten, the same must be performed
on the day and hour proper to this work.
All things being prepared, place
them before you, and say:
Bhere !re ye( SOMNIATOR( >SOR(
ye =ho so= -&s*or-( =here !re
yo+A ?e =ho &nf+se h!tre- !n-
prop!.!te enm&t&es(
I *onJ+re yo+ by h&m =ho h!th
*re!te- yo+ for th&s m&n&stry(
to f+lf&ll th&s =or( &n or-er
th!t =hene8er N. sh!ll e!t of
l&e th&n.s( or sh!ll to+*h
them( &n =h!tsoe8er m!nner(
ne8er sh!ll he .o &n pe!*e.
Give then whatsoever you please
to the person designated, but let it be in
the hour of Saturn or that of Mars,
observing all things needful for such
1. Th&s *h!pter &s .&8en &n 1@<$2 A--.
MSS. 4#<1 H!rle&!n MSS.( 2<< K&n.9s MSS.(
4@#1 Slo!ne MSS.( !n- 14@3 Slo!ne MSS.(
b+t &s =!nt&n. &n 12@2 '!ns-o=ne MSS.( !s
!re !ll the *h!pters of the f&rst boo
!fter Ch!p. <. 5S'M
M!thers t&tles th&s *h!pter CHo=
oper!t&ons of mo*ery( &n8&s&b&l&ty( !n-
-e*e&t sho+l- be prep!re-(C b+t I h!8e
follo=e- A+b26( A-1@<$2( Sl. 14@3( !n-
A-. 4$$36. Sl. 14@3 follo=s th&s *h!pter
=&th CIsp. *he +n G!llo t&r&+n! Tr!+eC
=h&*h &n8ol8es =r&t&n. ! *h!rm =&th
CT!rt!r( T!rt!rem( Ret&fer!C on 8&r.&n
p!r*hment. Th&s &s follo=e- by CIsp. *he
+n C!ne se.+&t& +n Cer+oC =h&*h &n8ol8es
=r&t&n. the n!me CD!lefC on 8&r.&n
p!r*hment. 5JHP
Experiments relating to mockery
and scorn
may be performed in many
ways. When thou shalt wish to practice
these experiments with regard to any
person, thou shalt observe the day and
the hour as we have already said. Should
it be necessary to write characters or
words, it should be done upon virgin
paper, as we shall show farther on. As
for the ink, if it be not specially
ordained in this operation, it is advisable
to use the blood of a bat with the pen
and the needle of art. But before
describing or writing the characters or
names, all the necessary rules should be
observed as given in the proper
chapters, and having carefully followed
out all these, thou shalt pronounce with
a low voice
the following words:
2. M!thers; Ctr&*s( mo*er&es( !n-
4. M!thers re!-s Clo+- 8o&*eC( b+t A+b.
26 !n- A-. 1@<$4 both re!- Cs+bm&ss!
+o*eC /lo= or s+bm&ss&8e 8o&*e7. Sl. 14@3
re!-s C8o*e sommell!.C K2<< re!-s C8o&,
b!sC /lo= 8o&*e7( !n- A-. 4$$36 re!-s
Clo=ly 8o&*eC. 5JHP
6. M23$; CAbb!* A-b-!* Ist!* A+-!*
h&ther !ll ye =ho lo8e the
t&mes !n- pl!*es =here&n !ll
&n-s of mo*er&es !n- -e*e&ts
!re pr!*t&*e-.
An- ye =ho
m!e th&n.s -&s!ppe!r !n- =ho
ren-er them &n8&s&ble( *ome
h&ther to -e*e&8e !ll those
=ho re.!r- these th&n.s( so
th!t they m!y be -e*e&8e-( !n-
th!t they m!y seem to see th!t
=h&*h they see not !n- he!r
th!t =h&*h they he!r not( so
th!t the&r senses m!y be
-e*e&8e-( !n- th!t they m!y
behol- th!t =h&*h &s not tr+e.
Come ye then h&ther !n-
rem!&n( !n- *onse*r!te th&s
en*h!ntment( see&n. th!t Go-
the Alm&.hty 'or- h!th
-est&ne- ye for s+*h.
Constr!* Co!* S*&sos Tr&st!tor -er&sor
-etr&st!tor In*!nt!torCN A+b26; CAbb!*(
Ab-!t( Ist!t( A+-!*( C!str!*( Co!*h(
'+sor( Tr&st!tor( Der&sor( Dest!tor(
In*!nt!torCN Sl4@#1; CAbb!* !b-!*( Ist!*(
!+-!*( Costr!*( Co!*( S+ses( Tr&st!tor(
Der&sor( Detest!tor( In*!nt!torCN H;
CAbb!*( Ab-!*( Ist!*( A+-!*( *ostr!*(
Co!*( S+se:( Tr&st!tor( Der&son(
-etent+tor( In*!nt!torCN K2<<; CAbb!*(
Ab-!*( Ist!*( A+-!*( C!str!*( Co!*(
S+ses( Tr&st!tor( Der&sor( Detest!tor(
In*!nt!torCN A-. 1@<$2; CAb!*( Al-!l(
I!t( A+-!*( '+str!*( '+sor( 'o*+*h(
T&st!tor( De*&sor( Dest!t+rC /b+t f&rst
=or- &s .&8en !s CAlb!*C belo=7N A-.
4$$36; CAb!*( Ab-!*( Ist!*( C!st!*(
A-!*h( C!st!s( C!ls!* /A7( l+sor(
Tr&+mph!tor( Der&sor( In*!nt!tor.C Sl.
14@3; CAb!*( Ab-!*( Ist!*( A+-!*(
C!str!*( Co!*( C+sor( Tr&st!tor( Der&sor(
Dest!tor( In*!nt!torCN M!thers; CA%AC(
". A+b26 !n- M23$; CTr&8&!tores et
*&r*+l!torsCN Sl. 14@3; Ctre**&!tor& et
C&r*+l!tor&C. The f&rst =or- prob!bly
me!ns Ctr&*sters.C CC&r*+l!toresC
/strollers7 .ener!lly me!nt tr!8ell&n.
fort+ne tellers or pe--l!rs. 5JHP
When this experiment is
completed in this manner in the hour
and time which we have shown and
taught, also the foregoing words
etc., should be
written with the pen as hereinafter
$. M!thers; CA%AC( A'DA'.C
ordained; but if the experiment be
performed in a different way, yet shalt
thou always say the aforesaid words,
and they should be repeated as before
If thou practicest these things in
this manner correctly, thou shalt arrive
at the effect of thine operations and
experiments by the which thou mayest
easily deceive the senses.
We have spoken in the preceding
chapters of common experiments and
operations, which it is more usual to
practice and put in operation, and
therein thou mayest easily see that we
have told thee sufficient for their
perfection. In this chapter we treat of
extraordinary and unusual experiments,
which can also be done in many ways.
None the less should those who
wish to put in practice the like
experiments and operations observe the
days and hours as is laid down in the
proper chapters, and should be provided
with virgin paper and other necessary
things. Having prepared a similar
experiment thou shalt say:
O Go-( =ho h!st *re!te- !ll
1. Th&s p!ss!.e &s fo+n- &n A+b26(
th&n.s( !n- h!st .&8en +nto +s
-&s*ernment to +n-erst!n- the
.oo- !n- the e8&lN thro+.h thy
holy n!me( SADONA?( !n-
thro+.h yo+r s!*re- n!me =h&*h
the se8en *ho&rs of !n.els
!ss&st&n. before yo+r f!*e(
e8er pro*l!&m =&th &n*ess!nt
!n- thro+.h these
holy n!mes;d IOD( IAH( >AU(
-o tho+( O
'or-( .r!nt th!t th&s
e,per&ment m!y be*ome tr+e !n-
8er&t!ble &n my h!n-s thro+.h
thy holy se!l( O ADONAI( =hose
re&.n !n- emp&re rem!&neth
etern!lly !n- +nto the !.es of
the !.es. Amen.
A-1@<$2( !n- Sl. 14@3. After CADONA?C Sl.
14@3 !--s C!n- thro+.h yo+r holy n!me
CHIN(C !n- !t the en- of the p!ss!.e &t
!--s Ce,*l!&m&n.( CADOS( CADOS( CADOS(
CADOS( I'O?M( SA%%AOTHC /&.e. Holy( holy(
holy( the Go- of Hosts7 5JHP
2. M23$; CJo- +!+ J!h p!los st!rfor
sp!:or G+*or Am!tor *re!torCN A+b26;
CJo-( He( J!h( >!+( P!l&s( T!f!r '!p!:or(
'!*or /G5A7( Am!tor( Cre!torCN A-1@<$2;
CIo-( I!h( Pol&s( >!+( '!b!nt( '!*&r(
Am!tor( Cre!torCN Sl4@#1; CJ!h( >!+(
D!los( T!for( S!p!:or( G+*or( Am!tor(
Cre!torCN H; CJo-( J!h( >!+ D!los( T!for(
S!p!:or( G+*or( Am!tor( Cre!torCN K2<<;
CJo-( J!h( >!+ D!los( T!phor( S!p!Jor(
In*or( Am!tor( Cre!torCN Sl. 14@3; CIo-(
U!+( P!los( S!f+r( S!p!:or( %++or(
Am!tor( Cre!torCN M!thers; CIOD( IAH(
This being done, thou shalt
perform the experiment, observing its
hour, [and then you may say the
following song:
!n- !ll yo+
sp&r&ts n!me-( *ome from
=h&*he8er p!rt of the +n&8erse
yo+ be( to !&- !n- !ss&st +s
&n th&s e,per&ment so th!t
4. So A+b26. Sl. 14@3; CAsmor&-!(
D&*t&el( On-!( )ress!&( %ess!y( N&st!m(
Ap!ss!m( Ir+sol!tos( Inetor&tos( Temf&el(
A+&nel( T!n.!( Dr!&( %&ron!t( )!*+lt!&m(
Abr!bn&m( S"@8T P!r!n&( Arbe&( Arf+s!(
Ast!r!CN A-1@<$2; CAm&*&-!( D&st&-!(
M!ess!y( %ess!y S%en!yAT( H&st!f(
Ap!ss!f( Ir+s+l+tos( In&tr&etos(
It!+fn!l( A+&s&el( T!n.!-&!*( R&:on!l(
S!*+lt!&m( Astr!b!&m( D!n+r&( Arbe&(
Ast!r!C. 5JHP
6. Th&s p!ss!.e &s only fo+n- &n A+b26(
Sl. 14@3( !n- A-1@<$2. 5JHP
thro+.h yo+ &t m!y be
*onse*r!te-( !n- stren.thene-(
!n- *onf&rme-( tho+.h =or-s be
om&tte-. Thro+.h the most
s!*re- n!me ADONA?( =ho l&8es
!n- re&.ns =&tho+t en-(
thro+.h the !ll the !.es of
the !.es.T

!n- tho+ sh!lt perf+me !n-
&n*ense !s &s l!&- -o=n &n the
proper *h!pterN spr&nl&n. =&th
e,or*&se- =!ter( !n- perform&n.
!ll the *eremon&es !n-
solemn&t&es !s =e sh!ll &nstr+*t
thee &n the se*on- boo of o+r
Key. SAn- &f the t&me &s not
spe*&f&e-( let &t be &n the -!y
!n- ho+r of Mer*+ry.T

". Th&s p!ss!.e &s !lso only fo+n- &n
A+b26 !n- A-1@<$2. In Sl. 14@3 th&s
*h!pter &s follo=e- by CIsper&ment& -&
'&.!re( et !ltroC =h&*h &n*l+-es re*&t&n.
the =or-s C)ens!( C+!( Ill!H( Amon+(C !n-
! *h!rm =&th CAsmo-e+s( Composs!s(
Am+ter( Somn&!tor( Tent!tor.C Th&s &s
follo=e- by t=o CIsper -& G&o*oC d the
f&rst =&th ! s&.&l( the se*on- +s&n. !
*h!rm =&th CAron( Tern&( Ab!r.C Th&s &s
follo=e- by CIsper. -f& st!t+! -& Cer!C
=h&*h &n*l+-es ! *onJ+r!t&on =&th the
=or-s CO As.!m( O Art!n( O Alben( O
P!*h&el( O S!t!.el( O >sor( D&l!p&-!tor(
Tent!tor( Somn&!tor( De+or!tor( Con*&for(
et Se-+*torC !n- &n8o&n. the fo+r &n.s
Amo-eo Ss&*T /&n. of the I!st7( P!ymon
/&n. of the Best7( I.&on /&n. of the
North7( !n- M!&mon /-om&n& nel
Me::o.&orno7. Comp!re =&th *h!pter 1"
!bo8e. Th&s &s follo=e- by !--&t&on!l
*h!pters of e,per&ments. 5JHP
The medals or pentacles, which we make for the purpose of
striking terror into the spirits and reducing them to obedience,
have besides this wonderful and excellent virtue. If thou invokest
the spirits by virtue of these pentacles, they will obey thee without
repugnance, and having considered them they will be struck with
astonishment, and will fear them, and thou shalt see them so
surprised by fear and terror, that none of them will be sufficiently
bold to wish to oppose thy will. They are also of great virtue and
efficacy against all perils of earth, of air, of water, and of fire,
against poison which hath been drunk, against all kinds of
infirmities and necessities, against binding, sortilege, and sorcery,
against all terror and fear, and wheresoever thou shalt find thyself,
if armed with them, thou shalt be in safety all the days of thy life.
Through them do we acquire grace and good-will from man
and woman, fire is extinguished, water is stayed, and all creatures
fear at the sight of the names which are therein, and obey through
that fear.
These pentacles are usually made of the metal the most
suitable to the nature of the planet; and then there is no occasion
to observe the rule of particular colours. They should be engraved
with the instrument of art in the days and hours proper to the
Saturn ruleth over lead; Jupiter over tin; Mars over iron; the
Sun over gold; Venus over copper; Mercury over the mixture of
metals; and the Moon over silver.

1. Th&s
p!r!.r!ph -oes
not o**+r &n
A+b26( A-.
1@<$2( Sl. 14@3(
or '12@2. 5JHP
They may also be made with exorcised virgin paper [with
the quill pen and ink of the Art],
writing thereon with the colours
adopted for each planet, referring to the rules already laid down in
the proper chapters, and according to the planet with which the
pentacle is in sympathy.
2. So A+b26 !n-
A-. 1@<$2.
M!thers om&ts.
A+b26 *ont&n+es
=&th Cor bloo-
or *&nn!b!r !s
portr!ye- &n the
e,!mple.C 5JHP
Wherefore unto Saturn the colour of black is appropriated;
Jupiter ruleth over celestial blue; Mars over red; the Sun over
gold, or the colour of yellow or citron ; Venus over green:
Mercury over mixed colours; the Moon over silver, or the colour
of argentine earth.

4. Th&s
p!r!.r!ph -oes
not o**+r &n
A+b26( A-.
1@<$2( Sl. 14@3(
or '12@2. 5JHP
The matter of which the pentacle is constructed should be
virgin, never having been used for any other purpose; or if it be
metal it should be purified by fire.
As regards the size of the pentacles it is arbitrary, so long as
they are made according to the rules, and with the requisite
solemnities as hath been ordained.

6. M!thers
&nserts !
se*t&on of '12@4
!t th&s po&nt;
CThe 8&rt+es of
the holy
pent!*les ...
ne8er -es*en-
&nto obl&8&on.C
and revere the most holy names of God which are
found in these pentacles and characters, for without this never
shalt thou be able to come to the end of any enterprise, nor to
accomplish the Mystery of Mysteries.
". The rest of
the *h!pter &s
from 12@2
'!ns-o=ne MSS.
Above all things, remember that to perform any of these
operations thou must be pure in body and mind, and without
blemish, and omit not any of the preparations.
This Key, full of mysteries, hath been revealed unto me by
an angel.
Accursed be he who undertaketh our art without having the
qualities requisite to thoroughly understand our Key, accursed be
he who invoketh the name of God in vain, for such an one
prepareth for himself the punishments which await the
unbelievers, for God shall abandon them and relegate them unto
the depths of Hell amongst the impure spirits.
For God is great and immutable; he hath been for ever, and
he shall remain even unto the end of the ages.
(1) Seven pentacles consecrated to Saturn = Black.
(2) Seven pentacles consecrated to Jupiter = Blue.
(3) Seven pentacles consecrated to Mars = Red.
(4) Seven pentacles consecrated to the Sun = Yellow.
(5) Five pentacles consecrated to Venus = Green.
(6) Five pentacles consecrated to Mercury = Mixed Colours.
(7) Six pentacles consecrated to the Moon = Silver.
STh&s &s the .ener!l pent!*le( *!lle- the Gre!t
/or Gr!n-7 Pent!*leT
1. Th&s pent!*le
!n- -es*r&pt&on
!re fo+n- only
&n M23$ !n-
A+b26. They !re
8ers&ons of
S&.&ll+m De&
Aemeth. 5JHP
At th&s po&nt
M!thers &n*l+-es
the CGr!n-
Pent!*le of
SolomonC from
'12@2 !n- '12@4
=&th the
[It should be written on sheepskin paper or virgin
parchment, the which paper should be tinted green. The circle
with the 72 divine letters should be red or the letters may be gold.
The letters within the pentacle should be the same red, or sky blue
everywhere, with the great name of God in gold. It serves to
convene all spirits; when shown to them they will bow and obey
I-&tor9s Note on
)&.+re 1. 55 The
Myst&*!l )&.+re
of Solomon.55
Th&s &s only
.&8en &n the t=o
MSS.( '!ns-o=ne
12@2 !n- 12@4.
It =!s .&8en by
'08& &n h&s et R&t+el
-e l! H!+te
M!.&e( !n- by
Ty*ho %r!h0 &n
h&s C!len-!r&+m
M!.&*+m( b+t &n
e!*h &nst!n*e
=&tho+t the
Hebre= =or-s !n-
prob!bly be*!+se
these =ere so
m!n.le- by
tr!ns*r&bers !s
to be
After m+*h l!bor
!n- st+-y of the
f&.+re( I
bel&e8e the
=or-s &n the
bo-y of the
symbol to be
&nten-e- for the
Ten Seph&roth
!rr!n.e- &n the
form of the Tree
of '&fe( =&th
the n!me of
Solomon to the
r&.ht !n- to the
leftN =h&le the
*h!r!*ters !re
&nten-e- for the
letters of the
Hebre= !lph!bet.
I h!8e(
therefore( th+s
restore- them.
Th&s f&.+re
forms &n e!*h
&nst!n*e the
front&sp&e*e of
the MS. referre-
to. 5S'M
/The !+thor of
the M!.&*!l
C!len-!r =!s
!*t+!lly Joh!nn
)&.+re 11.55 The f&rst pent!*le of S!t+rn.55 Th&s
pent!*le &s of .re!t 8!l+e !n- +t&l&ty for str&&n.
terror &nto the sp&r&ts. Bherefore( +pon &ts be&n.
sho=n to them they s+bm&t( !n- neel&n. +pon the e!rth
before &t( they obey.
)&.+re 11.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The Hebre=
letters =&th&n
the sH+!re !re
the fo+r .re!t
n!mes of Go-
=h&*h !re
=r&tten =&th
fo+r letters;d
IH>H( ?o-( He(
>!+( HeN ADNI(
A-on!&N IIAI(
?&!& /th&s n!me
h!s the s!me
N+mer&*!l 8!l+e
&n Hebre= !s the
n!me I'7 N !n-
AHIH( Ihe&eh.
The Hebre=
8ers&*le =h&*h
s+rro+n-s &t &s
from Ps!lm
l,,&&. #N 9The
Ith&op&!ns sh!ll
neel before
h&m( h&s enem&es
sh!ll l&* the
-+st.9 5S'M
The m!n+s*r&pts
-o not n+mber
the pent!*les(
!n- only the
'!ns. mss.
!ss&.n most of
them to pl!nets.
Th&s pent!*le &s
.&8en by
A.r&pp!( &n
OP4.11( Th&s &s
!lso the f&rst
pent!*le &n A+b.
26( A-. 1@<$2(
!n- M23$. In
B6$3@( &t &s
n+mber 13. The
th&r- n!me &s
.!rble- &n the
m!n+s*r&pts( !n-
none of them
e,h&b&t .oo-
ortho.r!phy. In
most of them the
th&r- n!me loos
l&e IRAH. In
M23$ &t loos
l&e IGAH or
I>AH. A-. 1@<$2
loos more l&e
IAR'. The 8erse
&n A+b26( M23$(
A-. 1@<$2( K2<<
et !l. &s &n
'!t&n /Ps31;#7
CCor!m &llo
Aeth&opes et
&n&m&*& e&+s
terr!m l&n.ent.C
A 8ers&on of
th&s pent!*le &s
!lso fo+n- &n
Gremo&re -+ P!pe
Honor&+s /1<@@7.
)&.+re 12.55 The se*on- pent!*le of S!t+rn.55 Th&s
pent!*le &s of .re!t 8!l+e !.!&nst !-8ers!r&esN !n- of
espe*&!l +se &n repress&n. the pr&-e of the sp&r&ts.
)&.+re 12.
I-&tor9s note.55
Th&s &s the
the most
perfect existing
form of double
acrostic, as far as
the arrangement
of the letters is
concerned; it is
mentioned in the
records of
medival Magic;
and, save to very
few, its derivation
from the present
pentacle has been
unknown. It will
be seen at a
glance that it is a
square of five,
giving twenty-
five letters,
which, added to
the unity, gives
twenty-six, the
numerical value
of IHVH. The
Hebrew versicle
surrounding it is
taken from Psalm
lxxii. 8, 'His
dominion shall be
also from the one
sea to the other,
and from the
flood unto the
world's end.' This
passage consists
also of exactly
letters, and its
total numerical
(considering the
final letters with
numbers), added
to that of the
name Elohim, is
exactly equal to
the total
numerical value
of the twenty-five
letters in the
square. -SLM
This is also the
second pentacle
in M276 and
Aub24, but the
third in Sl. 1307,
and the thirtieth in
Ad. 10862, and
number 18 in W.
The verse reads
"et dominabitur a
mari usque ad
mare et a flumine
usque ad terminos
orbis terrarum" In
Sl. 1307 the
etc. are all written
in Roman letters.
)&.+re 14.55 The th&r- pent!*le of S!t+rn.55 Th&s
sho+l- be m!-e =&th&n the m!.&*!l *&r*le( !n- &t &s
.oo- for +se !t n&.ht =hen tho+ &n8oest the sp&r&ts
of the n!t+re of S!t+rn.
)&.+re 14( from M23$.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The *h!r!*ters
!t the en-s of
the r!ys of the
myst&* =heel !re
*h!r!*ters of
S+rro+n-&n. &t
!re the n!mes of
the !n.els;d
Ar!+*h&!h( !n-
=r&tten &n
Hebre=. 5S'M
Th&s &s the
th&r- pent!*le
&n A-. 1@<$2 !n-
M23$( the s&,th
&n A+b26( !n-
n+mber 1# &n B.
The n!mes &n
M23$ re!-(
!n!:!*h&!C In
!ll *!ses the
n!mes !re .&8en
&n Rom!n
letters. 5JHP
)&.+re 16.55 The fo+rth pent!*le of S!t+rn.55 Th&s
pent!*le ser8eth pr&n*&p!lly for e,e*+t&n. !ll the
e,per&ments !n- oper!t&ons of r+&n( -estr+*t&on( !n-
-e!th. An- =hen &t &s m!-e &n f+ll perfe*t&on( &t
ser8eth !lso for those sp&r&ts =h&*h br&n. ne=s( =hen
tho+ &n8oest them from the s&-e of the So+th.
)&.+re 16( from M23$.
)&.+re 16( from A-. 1@<$2( fol <2r.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The Hebre= =or-s
!ro+n- the s&-es
of the tr&!n.le
!re from De+t.
8&. 6;d 9He!r(
O Isr!el( IH>H
A'HIN> &s IH>H
AChD.9 The
8ers&*le &s from
Ps!lm *&,. 1<;d
9As he *lothe-
h&mself =&th
*+rs&n. l&e !s
=&th ! .!rment(
so let &t *ome
&nto h&s bo=els
l&e =!ter( !n-
l&e o&l &nto
h&s bones.9 In
the *enter of
the pent!*le &s
the myst&*
letter ?o-. 5S'M
Th&s &s the
se*on- pent!*le
&n A-. 1@<$2(
the f&fth &n A+b
26( !n- n+mber
2@ &n B. The
8erse re!-s(
8est&ment+m et
&ntr!8&t s&*+t
!H+! &n
&nter&or! e&+s
et s&*+t ole+m
&n oss&b+s
e&+s.C The s!me
8erse &s fo+n-
on the tenth
pent!*le &n Sl.
14@3( b+t the
-r!=&n. &s H+&te
-&fferent. 5JHP
)&.+re 1".55 The f&fth pent!*le of S!t+rn.55 Th&s
pent!*le -efen-eth those =ho &n8oe the sp&r&ts of
S!t+rn -+r&n. the n&.htN !n- *h!seth !=!y the sp&r&ts
=h&*h .+!r- tre!s+res.
)&.+re 1"( from K&n.s 2<<( fol. 34r.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The Hebre=
letters &n the
!n.les of the
*ross !re those
of the n!me
IH>H. Those &n
the !n.les of
the sH+!re form
A'>H( Ilo!h.
Ro+n- the fo+r
s&-es of the
sH+!re !re the
n!mes of the
Roelh!&ph!r( !n-
No!ph&el. The
8ers&*le &s;d
9A .re!t Go-( !
m&.hty( !n- !
terr&ble.9 55
De+t. ,. 13.
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( !n-
n+mber 14 &n B.
The 8erse re!-s(
)ort&s Potens
De+s.C 5JHP
)&.+re 1$.55 The s&,th pent!*le of S!t+rn.55 Aro+n-
th&s pent!*le &s e!*h n!me symbol&:e- !s &t sho+l- be.
The person !.!&nst =hom tho+ sh!lt prono+n*e &t sh!ll
be obsesse- by -emons.
)&.+re 1$( from M23$.
I-&tor9s Note.55
It &s forme-
from myst&*!l
*h!r!*ters of
S!t+rn. Aro+n-
&t &s =r&tten &n
Hebre=; 9Set
tho+ ! =&*e-
one to be r+ler
o8er h&m( !n-
let S!t!n st!n-
!t h&s r&.ht
h!n-.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
)&.+re 1$( from K&n.s 2<<( fol. 348.
1@<$2( n+mber 46
&n A+b26( !n-
n+mber 16 &n B.
A+b. 26 l!bels
&t !s C!ll
bl!*C( =h&le
A-. 1@<$2 l!bels
&t !s re-
/rosso7. The
8erse &s from
Ps!lm 1@<.$
!**or-&n. to the
C*onst&t+e s+per
e+m pe**!torem
et -&!b+l+s stet
! -e,tr&s e&+s.C
)&.+re 13.55 The se8enth !n- l!st pent!*le of
S!t+rn.55 Th&s pent!*le &s f&t for e,*&t&n.
e!rthH+!es( see&n. th!t the po=er of e!*h or-er of
I-&tor9s Note.55
B&th&n the
pent!*le !re the
!n.els here&n &n8oe- &s s+ff&*&ent to m!e the =hole
Un&8erse tremble.
)&.+re 13( from K2<<( fol. 36r.
n!mes of the
n&ne or-ers of
!n.els( those of
s&, of them &n
or-&n!ry Hebre=
*h!r!*ters( !n-
the rem!&n-er &n
the letters
=h&*h !re no=n
!s 9The P!ss&n.
of the R&8er.9
These n&ne
or-ers !re;d 1.
Cre!t+resN 2.
BheelsN 4.
ARA'IM( ThronesN
%r&ll&!nt OnesN
)&ery OnesN $.
3. I'OHIM( Go-sN
Sons of the
Iloh&mN #.
Ker+b&m. The
8ers&*le &s from
Ps!lm ,8&&&. 3;
d 9Then the
e!rth shoo !n-
tremble-( the
fo+n-!t&ons of
the h&lls !lso
mo8e- !n- =ere
sh!en( be*!+se
He =!s =roth.9
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2. )or the
CP!ss&n. of the
R&8erC /'!t.
)l+8&&7( Abr!h!m
ben Me&r -e
%!lm&s. M&neh
A8r!m Z Pe*+l&+m
Hebr!e! +n! *+m
'!t&no n+per
e-&t!. Impress!
>enet&Js; In
!e-&b+s D!n&el&s
1"24( s&.. %$8.
Also see
A.r&pp!( OP4.4@
The 8erse re!-s(
C*ommot! est et
*ontrem+&t terr!
et f+n-!ment!
*ont+rb!t! s+nt
et *ommot! s+nt
H+on&!m &r!t+s
est e&s.C 5JHP
)&.+re 1<.55 The f&rst pent!*le of J+p&ter.55 Th&s
ser8eth to &n8oe the sp&r&ts of J+p&ter( !n-
espe*&!lly those =hose n!mes !re =r&tten !ro+n- the
pent!*le( !mon. =hom P!r!s&el &s the lor- !n- m!ster
of tre!s+res( !n- te!*heth ho= to be*ome possessor of
pl!*es =here&n they !re.
)&.+re 1<( from M23$.
I-&tor9s Note.55
Th&s pent!*le &s
*ompose- of
*h!r!*ters of
J+p&ter. Aro+n-
&t !re the n!mes
of the !n.els;d
T:e-eH&!h( !n-
=r&tten &n
Hebre=. 5S'M
Th&s &s the
f&fth pent!*le
&n A-. 1@<$2(
the se8enth &n
A+b26( !n-
n+mber 1" &n B.
)&.+re 1#.55 The se*on- pent!*le of J+p&ter.55 Th&s &s
proper for !*H+&r&n. .lory( honors( -&.n&t&es( r&*hes(
!n- !ll &n-s of .oo-( to.ether =&th .re!t
tr!nH+&ll&ty of m&n-N !lso to -&s*o8er tre!s+res !n-
*h!se !=!y the sp&r&ts =ho pres&-e o8er them. It
sho+l- be =r&tten +pon 8&r.&n p!per or p!r*hment( =&th
the pen of the s=!llo= !n- the bloo- of the s*ree*h5
I-&tor9s Note.55
In the *enter of
the he,!.r!m !re
the letters of
the n!me AHIH(
Ihe&ehN &n the
+pper !n- lo=er
!n.les of the
s!me( those of
)&.+re 1#( from M23$.
the n!me A%( the
)!therN &n the
rem!&n&n. !n.les
those of the
n!me IH>H. I
bel&e8e the
letters o+ts&-e
the He,!.r!m &n
the re5enter&n.
!n.les to be
&nten-e- for
those of the
f&rst t=o =or-s
of the 8ers&*le(
=h&*h &s t!en
from Ps!lm *,&&.
4;d 9Be!lth !n-
r&*hes !re &n
h&s ho+se( !n-
en-+reth for
e8er.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
fo+rth pent!*le
&n A-. 1@<$2(
the e&.hth from
A+b26( !n-
n+mber 1$ &n B.
The 8erse &s
from >+l.!te(
C.lor&! et
-&8&t&!e &n -omo
e&+s et &+st&t&!
e&+s m!net &n
s!e*+l&.C A+b26
!n- A-. 1@<$2
s!y &t sho+l- be
=r&tten =&th the
bloo- of ! b!t
/'!t. Cno*t+l!C(
=here!s the
m!n+s*r&pts re!-
/o=l7. S&n*e the
+s+!l '!t&n =or-
for b!t &s
th&s m!y be !
h&nt th!t the
)ren*h e-&t&on
=!s tr!nsl!te-
from the '!t&n(
not It!l&!n.
A+b26 !--s th!t
&t *!n !lso be
en.r!8e-. 5JHP
)&.+re 2@.55 The th&r- pent!*le of J+p&ter. Th&s
-efen-eth !n- prote*teth those =ho &n8oe !n- *!+se
the sp&r&ts to *ome. Bhen they !ppe!r sho= +nto them
th&s pent!*le !n- &mme-&!tely they =&ll obey.
)&.+re 2@( from M23$.
I-&tor9s Note.55
In the +pper
left h!n- *orner
&s the m!.&*!l
se!l of J+p&ter
=&th the letters
of the n!me
IH>H. In the
others !re the
se!l of the
Intell&.en*e of
J+p&ter( !n- the
n!mes A-on!& !n-
IH>H. 55 Aro+n-
&t &s the
8ers&*le from
Ps!lm *,,8. 1;d
9A son. of
-e.rees. They
th!t tr+st &n
IH>H sh!ll be !s
Mo+nt G&on(
=h&*h *!nnot be
remo8e-( b+t
!b&-eth for
e8er.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( n+mber 22
&n A+b26( the
f&rst &n B( b+t
the s&,th &n Sl.
14@3. The 8erse
re!-s( CH+&
*onf&-+nt &n
Dom&no s&*+t
mons S&on non
*ommo8eb&t+r &n
!etern+m H+&
h!b&t!t &n
H&er+s!lem.C In
A+b. 26( Hebre=
re!-s T:HK !n-
)&.+re 21.55 The fo+rth pent!*le of J+p&ter.55 It
ser8eth to !*H+&re r&*hes !n- honor( !n- to possess
I-&tor9s Note.55
Abo8e the
m+*h =e!lth. Its !n.el &s %!r&el. It sho+l- be
en.r!8e- +pon s&l8er &n the -!y !n- ho+r of J+p&ter
=hen he &s &n the s&.n C!n*er.
)&.+re 21( from M23$.
m!.&*!l s&.&l &s
the n!me IH(
I!h. %elo= &t
!re the n!mes of
the !n.els
A-on&el !n-
%!r&el( the
letters of the
l!tter be&n.
!rr!n.e- !bo+t !
sH+!re of fo+r
Aro+n- &s the
8ers&*le from
Ps!lm *,&&. 4;d
9Be!lth !n-
r&*hes !re &n
h&s ho+se( !n-
en-+reth for
e8er.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( the 2"th
&n A+b26( se*on-
&n B( !n- the
e&.hth &n Sl.
14@3. The 8erse
re!-s( C.lor&!
et -&8&t&!e &n
-omo e&+s et
&+st&t&! e&+s
m!net &n
s!e*+l&C 5JHP
)&.+re 22.55 The f&fth pent!*le of J+p&ter.55 Th&s
h!th .re!t po=er. It ser8eth for !ss+re- 8&s&ons.
J!*ob be&n. !rme- =&th th&s pent!*le behel- the l!--er
=h&*h re!*he- +nto he!8en.
)&.+re 22( from M23$.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The Hebre=
letters =&th&n
the pent!*le !re
t!en from the
f&8e l!st =or-s
of the 8ers&*le
=h&*h s+rro+n-s
&t( e!*h of
=h&*h *ont!&ns
f&8e letters.
These !re( then(
re*omb&ne- so !s
to form *ert!&n
myst&*!l n!mes.
The 8ers&*le &s
t!en from
I:e&el &. 1;d
9As I =!s !mon.
the *!pt&8es by
the r&8er of
Cheb!r( the
he!8ens =ere
opene-( !n- I
s!= 8&s&ons of
Iloh&m.9 In my
op&n&on the
8ers&*le sho+l-
only *ons&st of
the f&8e l!st
=or-s thereof(
=hen the
!n!*hron&sm of
J!*ob +s&n. !
pent!*le =&th !
senten*e from
I:e&el =&ll not e,&st.
Th&s &s the
s&,th pent!*le
&n A-. 1@<$2(
b+t the 2#th &n
A+b26( !n- the
th&r- &n B.
>erse re!-s C*+m
essem &n me-&o
*!pt&8or+m &+,t!
fl+8&+m Chob!r
!pert& s+nt
*!el& et 8&-&
8&s&ones De&.C
)&.+re 24.55 The s&,th pent!*le of J+p&ter.55 It
ser8eth for prote*t&on !.!&nst !ll e!rthly -!n.ers( by
re.!r-&n. &t e!*h -!y -e8o+te-ly( !n- repe!t&n. the
8ers&*le =h&*h s+rro+n-eth &t. 9Th+s sh!lt tho+ ne8er
)&.+re 24( from M23$.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The fo+r n!mes
&n the !rms of
the *ross !re;d
Ser!ph( Ker+b(
Ar&el( !n-
Th!rs&sN the
fo+r r+lers of
the elements.
The 8ers&*le &s
from Ps!lm ,,&&.
1$( 13;d 9They
p&er*e- my h!n-s
!n- my feet( I
m!y tell !ll my
bones.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
se8enth pent!*le
&n A-. 1@<$2(
!n- the fo+rth
&n B. The 8erse
re!-s( Cfo-er+nt
m!n+s me!s et
pe-es meos
omn&! oss! me!.C
In A+b26 &t &s
the 42n-
pent!*le( !n-
the 8erse re!-s(
Cfo-er+nt m!n+s
me!s et pe-es
meos( s*r+t!t&
s+nt omn&! oss!
me!( et
tr!-&-er+nt me
hom&n&b+s.C 5JHP
)&.+re 26.55 The se8enth !n- l!st pent!*le of
J+p&ter.55 It h!th .re!t po=er !.!&nst po8erty( &f
tho+ *ons&-erest &t =&th -e8ot&on( repe!t&n. the
8ers&*le. It ser8eth f+rthermore to -r&8e !=!y those
sp&r&ts =ho .+!r- tre!s+res( !n- to -&s*o8er the s!me.
)&.+re 26( from M23$.
I-&tor9s Note.55
*h!r!*ters of
J+p&ter =&th the
9'&ft&n. +p the
poor o+t of the
m&re( !n-
r!&s&n. the
nee-y from the
-+n.h&ll( th!t
he m!y set h&m
=&th pr&n*es(
e8en =&th the
pr&n*es of h&s
people.9 55
Ps!lm *,&&&. 3.
In A+b. 26 th&s
&s the 44r-
pent!*le. >erse
Cs+s*&t!ns !
terr! &nopem et
-e ster*ore
er&.ens p!+perem
+t *onlo*et e+m
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( &n =h&*h
the 8erse &s
m&ss&n.. In B &t
&s the f&fth
pent!*le. 5JHP
)&.+re 2".55 The f&rst pent!*le of M!rs.55 It &s
proper for &n8o&n. sp&r&ts of the n!t+re of M!rs(
espe*&!lly those =h&*h !re =r&tten &n the pent!*le.
)&.+re 2"( from '12@2( p.. 12<.
I-&tor9s Note.55
*h!r!*ters of
M!rs( !n- the
n!mes of the
fo+r !n.els;d
Is*h&el( !n-
Ith+r&el =r&tten
&n Hebre= !ro+n-
the pent!*le.
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( the n&nth
&n A+b26( !n-
n+mber $ &n B.
)&.+re 2$.55 The se*on- pent!*le of M!rs.55 Th&s
pent!*le ser8eth =&th .re!t s+**ess !.!&nst !ll &n-s
of -&se!ses( &f &t be !ppl&e- +nto the !ffl&*te- p!rt.
)&.+re 2$( from H!rl. 4#<1( fol. 338.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The letter H0(
&n the !n.les of
the he,!.r!m.
B&th&n the s!me
the n!mes IH>H(
IHSh>H ?ehesh+!h
/the myst&*
Hebre= n!me for
Josh+! or Jes+s(
forme- of the
or-&n!ry IH>H
=&th the letter
Sh pl!*e-
there&n !s
emblem!t&*!l of
the sp&r&t7( !n-
Iloh&m. Aro+n-
&t &s the
senten*e( John
&. 6;d 9In h&m
=!s l&fe( !n-
the l&fe =!s the
l&.ht of m!n.9
Th&s m!y be
!--+*e- !s !n
!r.+ment of the
!nt&H+&ty of the
f&rst fe=
myst&*!l 8erses
of the Gospel of
St. John. 5S'M
Th&s pent!*le &s
&n H!rl. 4#<1(
b+t &s not fo+n-
&n M23$( A-.
1@<$2( Sl. 4@#1(
'12@2( K2<<(
A+b26( or B. The
8erse re!-s CIn
&pso 8&t! er!t
et 8&t! er!t l+,
hom&n+m.C 5JHP
)&.+re 23;d The th&r- pent!*le of M!rs.55 It &s of
.re!t 8!l+e for e,*&t&n. =!r( =r!th( -&s*or-( !n-
host&l&tyN !lso for res&st&n. enem&es( !n- str&&n.
terror &nto rebell&o+s sp&r&tsN the n!mes of Go- the
!ll po=erf+l !re there&n e,pressly m!re-.
)&.+re 23( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. "38.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The letters of
the n!mes Ilo!h
!n- Sh!--!Q. In
the *entre &s
the .re!t letter
>!+( the
s&.n!t+re of the
Aro+n- &s the
8ers&*le from
Ps!lm l,,8&&.
14;d 9Bho &s so
.re!t ! Go- !s
o+r Iloh&mA9
Th&s &s the
tenth pent!*le
&n A-. 1@<$2 !s
=ell !s &n A+b.
26. >erse &s
!*t+!lly from 1
S!m 2;2; Cnon
est fort&s s&*+t
De+s nosterC
)&.+re 2<.55 The fo+rth pent!*le of M!rs.55 It &s of
.re!t 8&rt+e !n- po=er &n =!r( =herefore =&tho+t -o+bt
&t =&ll .&8e thee 8&*tory.
)&.+re 2<( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. "<r.
I-&tor9s Note.55
In the *enter &s
the .re!t n!me
A.l!N r&.ht !n-
left( the
letters of the
n!me IH>HN !bo8e
!n- belo=( Il.
Ro+n- &t &s the
8ers&*le from
Ps!lm *,. ";d
9The 'or- !t thy
r&.ht h!n- sh!ll
=o+n- e8en &n.s
&n the -!y of
h&s =r!th.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( the 26th
&n A+b. 26( !n-
the f&fth &n Sl.
14@3. In Sl.
14@3 the AG'A &n
the *enter &s
=r&tten &n Rom!n
letters. The
8erse re!-s
CDom&n+s !
-e,tr&s t+&s
*onfre.&t &n -&e
&r!e s+!e
m+n-&C 5JHP
)&.+re 2#.55 The f&fth pent!*le of M!rs.55 Br&te tho+
th&s pent!*le +pon 8&r.&n p!r*hment or p!per( be*!+se
&t &s terr&ble +nto the -emons( !n- !t &ts s&.ht !n-
!spe*t they =&ll obey thee( for they *!nnot res&st &ts
)&.+re 2#( from A+b26( fol. "18.
I-&tor9s Note.55
Aro+n- the
f&.+re of the
s*orp&on &s the
=or- H>'. The
8ers&*le &s from
Ps!lm ,*&. 14.55
9Tho+ sh!lt .o
+pon the l&on
!n- !--er( the
yo+n. l&on !n-
the -r!.on sh!lt
tho+ tre!- +n-er
thy feet.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
e&.hth pent!*le
&n A-. 1@<$2(
the 41st &n
A+b26( !n-
)&.+re 2#( from H!rl. 4#<1( fol. 3#r.
n+mber 42 &n B.
The 8erse re!-s(
CS+per !sp&-em
et b!s&l&s*+m
!mb+l!b&s etN
leonem et
M!thers9 !n-
most of the
m!n+s*r&pts sho=
! s*orp&on &n
the m&--le.
Comp!re '12@2(
p.. 161b. 5JHP
)&.+re 4@.55 The s&,th pent!*le of M!rs.55 It h!th so
.re!t 8&rt+e th!t be&n. !rme- there=&th( &f tho+ !rt
!tt!*e- by !ny one( tho+ sh!lt ne&ther be &nJ+re- nor
=o+n-e- =hen tho+ f&.htest =&th h&m( !n- h&s o=n
=e!pons sh!ll t+rn !.!&nst h&m.
I-&tor9s Note.55
Aro+n- the e&.ht
po&nts of the
r!-&& of the
pent!*le !re the
)&.+re 4@( A+b26( fol. "<8.
=or-s 9Iloh&m
Heber( Iloh&m
h!th *o8ere- /or
=r&tten &n the
se*ret !lph!bet
of M!l!*h&m( or
the =r&t&n. of
the !n.els. The
8ers&*le &s from
Ps!lm ,,,8&&.
1";d 9The&r
s=or- sh!ll
enter &nto the&r
o=n he!rt( !n-
the&r bo= sh!ll
be broen.95S'M
Th&s &s the
n&nth pent!*le
&n A-. 1@<$2(
!n- n+mbers 3
!n- 44 &n B. The
8erse &n '!t&n
re!-s C.l!-&+s
eor+m &ntret &n
*or-! &psor+m et
!r*+s &psor+m
)&.+re 41.55 The se8enth !n- l!st pent!*le of M!rs.55
Br&te tho+ th&s +pon 8&r.&n p!r*hment or p!per =&th
the bloo- of ! b!t( &n the -!y !n- ho+r of M!rsN !n-
+n*o8er &t =&th&n the *&r*le( &n8o&n. the -emons
=hose n!mes !re there&n =r&ttenN !n- tho+ sh!lt
&mme-&!tely see h!&l !n- tempest.
I-&tor9s Note.55
In the *enter of
the pent!*le !re
the -&8&ne
n!mes( Il !n-
?&!&( =h&*h h!8e
the s!me
)&.+re 41( A+b26( fol. "#r.
n+mer&*!l 8!l+e
=hen =r&tten &n
Hebre=. The
letters &n
Hebre=( !n- &n
the se*ret
!lph!bet *!lle-
the Celest&!l(
*ompose the
n!mes of
sp&r&ts. Ro+n-
the pent!*le &s;
d 9He .!8e them
h!&l for r!&n(
!n- fl!m&n. f&re
&n the&r l!n-.
He smote the&r
8&nes !lso( !n-
the&r f&.5
trees.9 55 Ps!lm
*8. 42( 44. 5S'M
Th&s &s the 46th
pent!*le &n B.
Th&s !lso
*orrespon-s =&th
the t=enty5th&r-
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( b+t the
-r!=&n. &s m+*h
s&mpler. The
8erse re!-s(
CPos+&t pl+8&!s
eor+m .r!n-&nem
*onb+rentem &n
terr! &psor+m
-estr+,&t 8&ne!s
eor+m.C 5JHP
)&.+re 42.55 The f&rst pent!*le of the S+n.55 The
*o+nten!n*e of Sh!--!Q the !lm&.hty( !t =hose !spe*t
!ll *re!t+res obey( !n- the !n.el&* sp&r&ts -o
re8eren*e on ben-e- nees.
)&.+re 42( from Sl. 14@3( fol. 11$8.
I-&tor9s Note.55
Th&s s&n.+l!r
*ont!&ns the
he!- of the
.re!t !n.el
Methr!ton or
Met!tron( the
8&*e5.erent !n-
of Sh!--!Q( =ho
&s *!lle- the
Pr&n*e of
!n- the r&.ht5
h!n- m!s*+l&ne
*her+b of the
Ar( !s
S!n-!lphon &s
the left !n-
fem&n&ne. On
e&ther s&-e &s
the n!me 9Il
Sh!--!Q.9 Aro+n-
&s =r&tten &n
'!t&n;d 9%ehol-
h&s f!*e !n-
form by =hom !ll
th&n.s =ere
m!-e( !n- =hom
!ll *re!t+res
obey.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( the 2$th
&n A+b26( n+mber
22 &n B( !n- the
ele8enth &n Sl.
14@3. The 8erse
re!-s( CI**e
f!*&em e&+s
f!*t! s+nt et
*+& omnes
*re!t+r!e.C In
'12@2 th&s
pent!*le &s
!ttr&b+te- to
M!rs. 5JHP
)&.+re 44.55 The se*on- pent!*le of the S+n.55 Th&s
pent!*le( !n- the pre*e-&n. !n- follo=&n.( belon. to
the n!t+re of the S+n. They ser8e to repress the pr&-e
!n- !rro.!n*e of the sol!r sp&r&ts( =h&*h !re
!lto.ether pro+- !n- !rro.!nt by the&r n!t+re.
)&.+re 44( from '12@2( p.. 141.
I-&tor9s Note.55
*h!r!*ters of
the S+n !n- the
n!mes of the
Reho-&!h( !n-
M!lh&el. 5S'M
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( the
ele8enth &n
A+b26( !n-
n+mber 2< &n B.
)&.+re 46.55 The th&r- pent!*le of the S+n.55 Th&s
ser8eth &n !--&t&on /to the effe*ts of the t=o
pre*e-&n.7 to !*H+&re &n.-om !n- emp&re( to &nfl&*t
loss( !n- to !*H+&re reno=n !n- .lory( espe*&!lly
thro+.h the n!me of Go-( Tetr!.r!mm!ton( =h&*h there&n
&s t=el8e t&mes *ont!&ne-.
)&.+re 46( from '12@2( p.. 142.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The n!me IH>H(
t=el8e t&mes
repe!te-N !n- !
some=h!t s&m&l!r
to D!n&el &8.
46;d 9My
&n.-om &s !n
&n.-om( !n- my
en-+reth from
!.e to !.e.9
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( the
t=elfth &n
A+b26( !n-
n+mbers 2# !n-
6@ &n B. The
8erse re!-s
CRe.n+m me+m
re.n+m omn&+m
s!e*+lor+m M
.ener!t&o me! &n
.ener!t&one M
/*omp!re =&th
Cre.n+m t++m
re.n+m omn&+m
s!e*+lor+m et
-om&n!t&o t+! &n
)&.+re 4".55 The fo+rth pent!*le of the S+n.55 Th&s
ser8eth to en!ble thee to see the sp&r&ts =hen they
!ppe!r &n8&s&ble +nto those =ho &n8oe themN be*!+se(
=hen tho+ h!st +n*o8ere- &t( they =&ll &mme-&!tely
!ppe!r 8&s&ble.
)&.+re 4"( from A+b26( fol. "<r.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The n!mes IH>H(
A-on!&( !re
=r&tten &n the
*enter &n
Hebre=N !n-
ro+n- the r!-&&
&n the myst&*!l
*h!r!*ters of
the 9P!ss&n. of
the R&8er.9 The
8ers&*le &s from
Ps!lm ,&&&. 4(
m&ne eyes th!t I
sleep not &n
-e!th( lest m&ne
enemy s!y( I
h!8e pre8!&le-
!.!&nst h&m.9
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( the
t=elfth &n Sl.
14@3( !n- n+mber
4@ &n B. Ps!lm
12;65"; &ll+m&n!
o*+los meos ne
+mH+!m ob-orm&!m
&n mortem /"7
neH+!n-o -&*!t
&n&m&*+s me+s
!-8ers+s e+m.
A**or-&n. to A-.
1@<$2( &t sho+l-
be *olore- sy
bl+e /*eleste7.
)&.+re 4$.55 The f&fth pent!*le of the S+n.55 It
ser8eth to &n8oe those sp&r&ts =ho *!n tr!nsport thee
from one pl!*e +nto !nother( o8er ! lon. -&st!n*e !n-
&n short t&me.
)&.+re 4$( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. $2r.
I-&tor9s Note.55
Ch!r!*ters &n
the 9P!ss&n. of
the R&8er9
form&n. sp&r&t9s
n!mes. The
8ers&*le &s from
Ps!lm ,*&. 11(
12;d 9He sh!ll
.&8e h&s !n.els
*h!r.e o8er
thee( to eep
thee &n !ll thy
=!ys. They sh!ll
be!r thee +p &n
the&r h!n-s.9
Th&s &s the
t=elfth pent!*le
&n A-. 1@<$2(
b+t the 4$th &n
A+b. 26. The
8erse re!-s
C!n.el&s s+&s
m!n-!b&t -e te
+t *+sto-&!nt te
&n omn&b+s 8&&s
t+&s &n m!n&b+s
port!b+nt te.C
)&.+res 4$ !n-
43 &n M!thers(
=h&*h he *!lls
The )&fth !n-
S&,th pent!*les
of the S+n( !re
not fo+n- &n
'12@2( b+t -o
o**+r &n A-.
1@<$2( K&n.s
2<<( !n- Sl.
4@#1. 5JHP
)&.+re 43.55 The s&,th pent!*le of the S+n.55 It
ser8eth e,*ellently for the oper!t&on of &n8&s&b&l&ty(
=hen *orre*tly m!-e.
)&.+re 43( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. $28.
I-&tor9s Note.55
In the *enter &s
the myst&*!l
letter ?o-( &n
the Celest&!l
Alph!bet. The
three letters &n
the 9P!ss&n. of
the R&8er9
=r&t&n.( &n the
!n.les of the
tr&!n.le( form
the .re!t n!me
Sh!--!Q. The
=or-s &n the
s!me *h!r!*ters
ro+n- &ts three
s&-es !re( &n my
op&n&on( from
Genes&s &. 1;d
9In the
be.&nn&n. the
Iloh&m *re!te-(9
et*.N b+t the
*h!r!*ters !re
s!-ly m!n.le- &n
the MSS. The
8ers&*le &s from
Ps!lms l,&,. 24(
!n- *,,,8. 1$;d
9'et the&r eyes
be -!rene- th!t
they see notN
!n- m!e the&r
*ont&n+!lly to
sh!e. They h!8e
eyes !n- see
not.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( !n-
n+mber " &n A+b.
26. >erse re!-s;
o*+l& eor+m ne
8&-e!nt et
-ors+m eor+m
semper &n*+r8!C
/Ps$<;267 ...
Co*+los h!bent
et non 8&-eb+ntC
/Ps146;1$7 5JHP
)&.+re 4<.55 The se8enth !n- l!st pent!*le of the
S+n.55 If !ny be by *h!n*e &mpr&sone- or -et!&ne- &n
fetters of &ron( !t the presen*e of th&s pent!*le(
=h&*h sho+l- be en.r!8e- &n Gol- on the -!y !n- ho+r
of the S+n( he =&ll be &mme-&!tely -el&8ere- !n- set
!t l&berty.
)&.+re 4<( from A+b26( fol. "#8.
I-&tor9s Note.55
On the !rms of
the *ross !re
=r&tten the
n!mes of Ch!s!n(
!n.el of A&rN
Arel( !n.el of
)&reN Phorl!h(
!n.el of I!rthN
!n- T!l&!h!-(
!n.el of B!ter.
%et=een the fo+r
!rms of the
*ross !re
=r&tten the
n!mes of the
fo+r r+lers of
the elements;
Ar&el( Ser!ph(
Th!rsh&s( !n-
Cher+b. The
8ers&*le &s from
Ps!lm *,8&. 1$(
13;d 9Tho+ h!st
broen my bon-s
&n s+n-er. I
=&ll offer +nto
thee the
s!*r&f&*e of
!n- =&ll *!ll
+pon the n!me of
IH>H.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( !n-
n+mber 41 &n B.
It !lso !ppe!rs
&n A+b. 26( fol.
"#8. >erse re!-s
8&n*+l! me! t&b&
host&!m l!+-&s
et &n nom&ne
Dom&n& &n8o*!boC
)&.+re 4#.55 The f&rst pent!*le of >en+s.55 Th&s !n-
those follo=&n. ser8e to *ontrol the sp&r&ts of >en+s(
!n- espe*&!lly those here&n =r&tten.
)&.+re 4#( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. $48.
I-&tor9s Note.55
*h!r!*ters of
>en+s( !n- the
n!mes of the
!n.els No.!h&el(
So*o-&!h /or
So*oh&!h7 !n-
N!n.!r&el. 5S'M
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( the
th&rteenth &n
A+b26( !n-
n+mber < &n B.
)&.+re 6@.55 The se*on- pent!*le of >en+s.55 These
pent!*les !re !lso proper for obt!&n&n. .r!*e !n-
honor( !n- for !ll th&n.s =h&*h belon. +nto >en+s( !n-
for !**ompl&sh&n. !ll thy -es&res here&n.
)&.+re 6@( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. $6r.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The letters
ro+n- !n- =&th&n
the pent!.r!m
form the n!mes
of sp&r&ts of
>en+s. The
8ers&*le &s from
C!nt&*les 8&&&.
$;d 9Pl!*e me
!s ! s&.net +pon
th&ne he!rt( !s
! s&.net +pon
th&ne !rm( for
lo8e &s stron.
!s -e!th.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( =here &t
&s -r!=n =&tho+t
!ny 8erse. In
A+b26 &t &s the
fo+rteenth( !n-
the 8erse &s
&nt!*t. In Sl.
14@3 &t &s the
f&rst pent!*le(
!n- &t h!s Rom!n
letters &n the
m&--le r!ther
th!n Hebre=. The
8erse re!-s(
CPone me +t
s&.n!*+l+m s+per
*or t++m +t
s&.n!*+l+m s+per
br!*h&+m t++m
H+&! fort&s est
+t mors
A**or-&n. to A-.
1@<$2 &t sho+l-
be re- /rosso7.
In B &t &s
pent!*le n+mber
#. 5JHP
)&.+re 61.55 The th&r- pent!*le of >en+s.55 Th&s( &f
&t be only sho=n +nto !ny person( ser8eth to !ttr!*t
lo8e. Its !n.el Mon!*h&el sho+l- be &n8oe- &n the -!y
!n- ho+r of >en+s( !t one o9*lo* or !t e&.ht.
)&.+re 61( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. $68.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The follo=&n.
n!mes !re
=r&tten =&th&n
the f&.+re;d
IH>H( A-on!&(
R+!*h( A*h&-es(
Mon!*h&el( !n-
De.!l&el. The
8ers&*le &s from
Genes&s &. 2<;d
9An- the Iloh&m
blesse- them(
!n- the Iloh&m
s!&- +nto them(
%e ye fr+&tf+l(
!n- m+lt&ply(
!n- replen&sh
the e!rth( !n-
s+b-+e &t.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( b+t the
4@th &n A+b. 26.
>erse re!-s
C-&,&t elo&m
*res*&te et
et replete
terr!m et
s+b&*&te e!mC
=h&*h &s !-!pte-
from Gen 1;2<;
&ll&s De+s et
!&t *res*&te et
et replete
terr!m et
s+b&*&te e!m.C
In Sl. 14@3 &t
&s the se8enth
pent!*le( !n-
n+mber 11 &n B.
The 8erse re!-s(
C-&,&t De+s
*res*&te et
replete terr!m
et s+by*&te
e!m.C 5JHP
)&.+re 62.55 The fo+rth pent!*le of >en+s.55 It &s of
.re!t po=er( s&n*e &t *ompels the sp&r&ts of >en+s to
obey( !n- to for*e on the &nst!nt !ny person tho+
=&shest to *ome +nto thee.
)&.+re 62( from '12@2( p.. 14".
I-&tor9s Note.55
At the fo+r
!n.les of the
f&.+re !re the
fo+r letters of
the n!me IH>H.
The other
letters form the
n!mes of sp&r&ts
of >en+s( e...;
d S*h&&( Il&(
Ay&b( et*. The
8ers&*le &s from
Genes&s &&. 24(
26;d 9Th&s &s
bone of my
bones( !n- flesh
of my flesh. An-
they t=o =ere
one flesh.9 5S'M
Th&s *orrespon-s
=&th the
pent!*le &n A-.
1@<$2( b+t the
-r!=&n. loos
-&fferent th!n
the Colorno
Th&s &s the 2<th
pent!*le &n
A+b26( =h&*h
resembles the
Colorno mss(
more *losely
th!n A-. 1@<$2.
In B &t &s
pent!*le n+mber
1@. The 8erse
re!-s CHo* est
en&m os -e
oss&b+s et *!ro
-e *!rne me!.C
)&.+re 64.55 The f&fth !n- l!st pent!*le of >en+s.55
Bhen &t &s only sho=e- +nto !ny person soe8er( &t
&n*&teth !n- e,*&teth =on-erf+lly +nto lo8e.
)&.+re 64( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. $"8.
I-&tor9s Note.55
Aro+n- the
*entr!l sH+!re
!re the n!mes
Iloh&m( Il
Geb&l( !n- t=o
other n!mes
=h&*h I *!nnot
-e*&pher( !n-
h!8e( therefore(
.&8en them !s
they st!n-. The
*h!r!*ters !re
those of the
9P!ss&n. of the
R&8er.9 The
8ers&*le &s from
Ps!lm ,,&&. 16;
d 9My he!rt &s
l&e =!,( &t &s
melte- &n the
m&-st of my
bo=els.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the 4"th
pent!*le &n
A+b26( !n- the
12th &n B. The
8erse re!-s(
C&nfl!mm!t+m est
*or me+m et
renes me&
*omm+t!t& s+nt
et e.o !-
n&h&l+m re-!*t+s
s+m.C /Ps32.217
None of the rest
of the pent!*les
o**+r &n A-.
1@<$2. 5JHP
)&.+re 66.55 The f&rst pent!*le of Mer*+ry.55 It
ser8eth to &n8oe the sp&r&ts =ho !re +n-er the
)&.+re 66( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. $$r.
I-&tor9s Note.55
'etters form&n.
the n!mes of the
sp&r&ts ?e!hel
!n- A.&el. 5S'M
Th&s &s the
th&r- pent!*le
&n A+b26( !n-
n+mbers 2" !n-
4$ &n B. 5JHP
)&.+re 6".55 The se*on- pent!*le of Mer*+ry.55 The
sp&r&ts here&n =r&tten ser8e to br&n. to effe*t !n- to
.r!nt th&n.s =h&*h !re *ontr!ry +nto the or-er of
N!t+reN !n- =h&*h !re not *ont!&ne- +n-er !ny other
he!-. They e!s&ly .&8e !ns=er( b+t they *!n =&th
-&ff&*+lty be seen.
)&.+re 6"( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. $$8.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The letters form
the n!mes of
%oel !n- other
sp&r&ts. 5S'M
Th&s &s the
fo+rth pent!*le
&n A+b26( !n-
n+mbers 2$ !n-
43 &n B. 5JHP
)&.+re 6$.55 The th&r- pent!*le of Mer*+ry.55 Th&s !n- I-&tor9s Note.55
the follo=&n. ser8e to &n8oe the sp&r&ts s+bJe*t +nto
Mer*+ryN !n- espe*&!lly those =ho !re =r&tten &n th&s
)&.+re 6$( from K&n.s 2<<( fol. <<r.
*h!r!*ters of
Mer*+ry( !n- the
n!mes of the
S!8!n&!h( !n-
Chom!h&el. 5S'M
In A+b26 th&s &s
the f&fteenth
pent!*le( !n-
n+mber 23 &n B(
!n- poss&bly
n+mber 4<. 5JHP
)&.+re 63.55 The fo+rth pent!*le of Mer*+ry.55 Th&s &s
f+rther proper to !*H+&re the +n-erst!n-&n. !n-
no=le-.e of !ll th&n.s *re!te-( !n- to see o+t !n-
penetr!te &nto h&--en th&n.sN !n- to *omm!n- those
sp&r&ts =h&*h !re *!lle- All!tor& to perform
emb!ss&es. They obey 8ery re!-&ly.
)&.+re 63( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. $38.
I-&tor9s Note.55
In the *enter &s
the n!me of Go-(
Il. The Hebre=
&ns*r&be- !bo+t
the -o-e*!.r!m
m!e the
senten*e( 9IH>H(
f&, tho+ the
>ol!t&le( !n-
let there be
+nto the 8o&-
The 8ers&*le &s;
d 9B&s-om !n-
8&rt+e !re &n
h&s ho+se( !n-
the Kno=le-.e of
!ll th&n.s
rem!&neth =&th
h&m for e8er.9
In B( th&s &s
pent!*le n+mber
21( =here the
8erse re!-s
CS!p&ent&! et
8&rt+s &n -omo
e&+s( et
s*&ent&! omn&!
rer+m !p+- e+m
&n s!e*+lor+m
s!e*+l&. In
A+b26 th&s &s
the s&,teenth
pent!*le( b+t
the 8erse re!-s(
CIt t+n* *o.no8&
esse &n me
*re!t+r!s( t!m
H+!e &n *oelo(
H+!m H+!e s+b
*oelo s+nt.C
)&.+re 6<.55 The f&fth !n- l!st pent!*le of
Mer*+ry.55 Th&s *omm!n-eth the sp&r&ts of Mer*+ry( !n-
ser8eth to open -oors &n =h!te8er =!y they m!y be
*lose-( !n- noth&n. &t m!y en*o+nter *!n res&st &t.
I-&tor9s Note.55
B&th&n the
pent!*le !re the
n!mes Il Ab( !n-
)&.+re 6<( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. $<r.
IH>H. The
8ers&*le &s from
Ps!lm ,,&8 3;d
9'&ft +p yo+r
he!-s( O ye
.!tes( !n- be ye
l&ft +p ye
-oors( !n- the
K&n. of Glory
sh!ll *ome &n.9
Th&s &s the 24r-
pent!*le &n A+b.
26. In A+b26(
the se*on- n!me
seems to re!-
4@#1; CR% IHC
The 8erse re!-s(
port!s pr&n*&pes
8estr!s et
ele8!m&n& port!e
!etern!les et
&ntro&b&t re,
/Ps24.3.7 5JHP
)&.+re 6#.55 The f&rst pent!*le of the Moon.55 Th&s
!n- the follo=&n. ser8e to *!ll forth !n- &n8oe the
sp&r&ts of the MoonN !n- &t f+rther ser8eth to open
-oors( &n =h!te8er =!y they m!y be f!stene-.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The pent!*le &s
! spe*&es of
)&.+re 6#( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. $<8.
of ! -oor or
.!te. In the
*entre &s
=r&tten the n!me
IH>A. On the
r&.ht h!n- !re
the n!mes IH>(
IH>H( A'( !n-
IHH. On the left
h!n- !re the
n!mes of the
!n.els; S*h&oel(
>!ol( ?!sh&el(
!n- >eh&el. The
8ers&*le !bo8e
the n!mes on
e&ther s&-e( &s
from Ps!lm *8&&.
1$;d 9He h!th
broen the .!tes
of br!ss( !n-
sm&tten the b!rs
of &ron &n
s+n-er.9 5S'M
follo=s K&n.s
2<<. It -oesn9t
!ppe!r &n '12@2(
M&*h 23$( Sl.
14@3( or A-.
1@<$2. Th&s &s
the se8enteenth
pent!*le &n A+b.
26. A+b. 26
re!-s CTh&s
pent!*le( !lon.
=&th the ne,t
fo+r !re
pent!*les of the
Moon. They ser8e
for *!ll&n.
sp&r&ts( the
n!mes of =h&*h
!re =r&tten
&ns&-e the
pent!*les. Th&s
one &s effe*t&8e
for open&n. !ny
-oors. It &s
p!&nte- =&th !
s&l8er *olor.C
)&.+re "@.55 The se*on- pent!*le of the Moon.55 Th&s
ser8eth !.!&nst !ll per&ls !n- -!n.ers by =!ter( !n-
&f &t sho+l- *h!n*e th!t the sp&r&ts of the Moon
sho+l- e,*&te !n- *!+se .re!t r!&n !n- e,*ee-&n.
tempests !bo+t the *&r*le( &n or-er to !ston&sh !n-
terr&fy theeN on sho=&n. +nto them th&s pent!*le( &t
=&ll !ll spee-&ly *e!se.
)&.+re "@( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. $#r.
I-&tor9s Note.55
A h!n- po&nt&n.
to the n!me Il(
!n- to th!t of
the !n.el
Ab!r&el. The
8ers&*le &s from
Ps!lm l8&. 11;d
9In Iloh&m h!8e
I p+t my tr+st(
I =&ll not fe!r(
=h!t *!n m!n -o
+nto meA9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n
A+b26( !n-
n+mber 22 &n B.
)&.+re "1.55 The th&r- pent!*le of the Moon.55 Th&s
be&n. -+ly borne =&th thee =hen +pon ! Jo+rney( &f &t
be properly m!-e( ser8eth !.!&nst !ll !tt!*s by
n&.ht( !n- !.!&nst e8ery &n- of -! !n- per&l by
)&.+re "1( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. $#8.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The n!mes A+b
!n- >e8!phel.
The 8ers&*le &s
from Ps!lm ,l.
14;d 9%e
ple!se- O IH>H
to -el&8er me( O
IH>H m!e h!ste
to help me.9
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n
A+b26( !n-
n+mber 24 /A7 &n
B. >erse re!-s
/Ps$#7 CDe+s &n
!-&+tor&+m me+m
&nten-e Dom&ne
!- !-&+8!n-+m me
fest&n!.C Hebre=
n!mes &n m&--le
re!- ADNI !n-
NDAPA'. Colors
!re spe*&f&e- !s
CC&r*le o+t=!r-
!:+re( *&r*le
&n=!r- .reene(
st!r !n- '!t&n
bl!*.C 5JHP
)&.+re "2.55 The fo+rth pent!*le of the Moon.55 Th&s
-efen-eth thee from !ll e8&l so+r*es( !n- from !ll
&nJ+ry +nto so+l or bo-y. Its !n.el( Soph&el( .&8eth
the no=le-.e of the 8&rt+e of !ll herbs !n- stonesN
!n- +nto =homsoe8er sh!ll n!me h&m( he =&ll pro*+re
the no=le-.e of !ll.
)&.+re "2( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. 3@r.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The -&8&ne n!me
Ihe&eh Asher
Ihe&eh( !n- the
n!mes of the
!n.els ?!hel !n-
Soph&el. The
8ers&*le &s;d
9'et them be
*onfo+n-e- =ho
perse*+te me(
!n- let me not
be *onfo+n-e-N
let them fe!r(
!n- not I.9 5S'M
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n
A+b26( !n-
n+mber 26 &n B.
>erse re!-s(
H+& H+!er+nt
!n&m!m me!m et
non *onf+n-!r
e.o; P!+e!nt
&ll& et non
p!+e!m e.o.C
Comp!re Jerem&!h
H+& perseH++nt+r
me et non
*onf+n-!r e.o
p!8e!nt &ll& et
non p!8e!m e.o.C
)&.+re "4.55 The f&fth pent!*le of the Moon.55 It
ser8eth to h!8e !ns=ers &n sleep. Its !n.el I!*h!-&el
ser8eth +nto -estr+*t&on !n- loss( !s =ell !s +nto the
-estr+*t&on of enem&es. Tho+ m!yest !lso *!ll +pon h&m
by Ab-on !n- D!l0 !.!&nst !ll ph!ntoms of the n&.ht(
!n- to s+mmon the so+ls of the -ep!rte- from H!-es.
)&.+re "4( from Sl. 4@#1( fol. 3@8.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The -&8&ne n!mes
IH>H !n- Iloh&m(
! myst&*!l
*h!r!*ter of the
Moon( !n- the
n!mes of the
!n.els I!*h!-&el
!n- A:!rel. The
8ers&*le &s from
Ps!lm l,8&&&. 1;
d 9'et Go-
!r&se( !n- let
h&s enem&es be
s*!ttere-N let
them !lso =ho
h!te h&m flee
before h&m.9
Th&s &s the
pent!*le &n A+b.
26( b+t the
se*on- &n Sl.
14@3. The 8erse
re!-s( CI,+r.!t
/]e,s+r.!t7 De+s
et -&ss&pent+r
&n&m&*& e&+s et
f+.&!nt H+&
o-er+nt e+m !
f!*&e e&+s.C
)&.+re "6.55 The s&,th !n- l!st pent!*le of the
Moon.55 Th&s &s =on-erf+lly .oo-( !n- ser8eth
e,*ellently to e,*&te !n- *!+se he!8y r!&ns( &f &t be
en.r!8e- +pon ! pl!te of s&l8erN !n- &f &t be pl!*e-
+n-er =!ter( !s lon. !s &t rem!&neth there( there =&ll
he r!&n. It sho+l- be en.r!8e-( -r!=n( or =r&tten &n
the -!y !n- ho+r of the Moon.
)&.+re "6( from K&n.s 2<<.
I-&tor9s Note.55
The pent!*le &s
*ompose- of
*h!r!*ters of
the Moon(
s+rro+n-e- by !
8ers&*le from
Genes&s 8&&. 11(
12;d 9All the
fo+nt!&ns of the
.re!t -eep =ere
broen +p ...
!n- the r!&n =!s
+pon the e!rth.9
Th&s &s the 23th
pent!*le &n A+b.
26( !n- the
n&nth pent!*le
&n Sl. 14@3. The
8erse re!-s(
C-&e Smens&sT
r+pt& s+nt omnes
fontes !byss&
m!.n!e et
*!t!r!*t!e *!el&
!pert!e s+nt.C
A+b. 26 !--s
Cs+per Terr!m.C
STh&s &s the en- of the holy pent!*les( &n !ll =h&*h I
h!8e( to the best of my po=er( restore- the Hebre=
letters !n- myst&*!l *h!r!*ters *orre*tly. I h!8e
f+rther .&8en ne!rly e8ery 8ers&*le &n po&nte- Hebre=(
&nste!- of &n the '!t&nN so th!t the o**+lt st+-ent
m&.ht not be &n*on8en&en*e- by h!8&n. to se!r*h o+t
the s!me &n ! Hebre= %&ble. The restor!t&on of the
Hebre= letters &n the bo-y of the pent!*les h!s been !
=or of &mmense -&ff&*+lty( !n- h!s e,ten-e- o8er
se8er!l ye!rs.T
SPent!*les from the Hebre= Key of Solomon /M!fte!h Shelomoh(
Or. 163"#( fol( 4"!7T
SPent!*les from the Gree Key of Solomon /H!rl. ""#$7T

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