uLaunchELF v3.



Basic guide to using UlaunchELF LaunchELF makes it possible to move, copy, rename and delete files to and from different media; Hard Drive, Memory Card, CD/DVD ROM, and USB, from a minimal and functional interface. Launchelf is able to be run from MC, HDD,CD & DVD. .

Main Screen

Once you have LaunchELF running the first time, you may see an error message " Failed to load LAUNCHELF.CNF", dont worry, Launchelf will create it for you. At this screen we can launch an app by pressing the assigned keypad button. If you have a default assigned, it will automaticaly launch the assigned app in the time specified. If this is your first time using launchelf, the menu will be empty, so press select to open the settings screen.

Settings Screen

This is where you can configure launchelf for keypad assignment, screen settings, network settings, ect...

Keypad Assigning Default - assign an elf to run after a selected amount of time if you want to launch other apps (default is set at 10) If you want an app to run immediatly, set the time-out to 0. O thru Start buttons- you can assign elfs from the
• •

Move the keypad up or down to select the key you want to assign. Press O (default) to edit.

Select the media where the app is[ MC (slot1 & slot2), HDD,CD,USB MASS & MISC.] Misc is where you can assign FileBrowser, PS2Browser,PS2Disc, & Ps2Net • Press O to enter the media, then navigate to the elf you want to assign. ( pressing square will toggle between "show only elfs" or "show all files") • Press O to assign it, you will then return to the settings screen • Repeat to assign another elf to a key

Timeout- Length of time (secs) to wait until DEFAULT program is run (default setting is 10) Disc Control- Stops the disc from spinning (v7 users & swaptrick users) Print only Filename- Removes the file path from the app assigned in Main Menu Screen Settings: Here you can customize launchelf a little: COLOR R: - Adjust red value for color detail (0 - 255) COLOR G: - Adjust green value for color detail (0 - 255) COLOR B: - Adjust blue value for color detail (0 - 255) ( 0=Darker - 255=Lighter) (0-0-0=Black - 255-255-255=White) There are 4 sets: • set1= Background • set2=Border & logo • set3=Menu Selection • set4=Text
• • •

Screen X - Adjusting this value will cause the screen to move left and right. Screen Y -Adjusting this value will cause the screen to move up and down. Interlace - Turn on/off interlaced display. Return - Saves & returns to main screen Default Screen Settings - Sets the screen settings back to default settings.

Startup Settings RESET IOP - Reset Input/Output Processor when LaunchELF starts. Some programs require an IOP reset to be performed before being run. If you experience problems loading a specific program, try enabling this option. Number of CNFs- Number of profiles LaunchELF should use If you wish to have more programs than buttons on the main screen, increase the number of config files here, then use LEFT and RIGHT at the main menu to switch between them. Key Mapping - Select O = OK, X=CANCEL or O = CANCEL, X = OK (requires restart to take effect) Return - Accept changes and return to main screen Network Settings IP Address- Allows you to set your PS2 IP address

Netmask- Allows you to set your subnet mask Gateway-Allows you to set your default gateway (usually your router or your PC) Adjust settings by using D-Pad to move between number sets, then add or subtract using X or O. Save settings when finished. Saved location will appear above the window. OK- Saves & returns to Main Screen Cancel- Return to Main Screen without saving

FileBrowser Screen

mc0:/ - Displays contents of memory card in slot 1 mc1:/ - Displays contents of memory card in slot 2 hdd0:/ - Displays partitions located in the PS2 HDD cdfs:/ - Displays contents of current CD or DVD inside the PS2 CDVD-ROM mass:/ - Displays contents of USB memory device host:/ - Displays contents of the networked host volumes (available only in File Manager Mode) MISC:/ - (available only in Button Mapping Mode)
• • • •

FileBrowser-Displays this screen PS2Browser-ExecuteSony PS2 browser (rom0:OSDSYS) from ROM

PS2Disc -Execute a Playstation 2 disc in the CDVD-ROM drive (parse SYSTEM.CNF, run target ELF) PS2Net- starts FTP server and PS2NetFS Circle: enters selection Triangle: moves up a level X button: puts a mark next to the file selected Square: puts a mark next to all files displayed L1 & L2: MC Title mode; display the savename ( title ON) or display the folder name( title OFF) [folders with an icon.sys will have a savename only] R1: Displays the Context Menu Select: Returns you to the Main Screen

Context Menu

To display the context menu, select a file or directory in the file manager, then press R1.
• • •

Copy - Marks the selected file or directory to be copied. Cut - Marks the selected file or directory to be moved

Paste - Performs the copy or move operation on the item marked using Copy or Cut respectively to the current directory

mcPaste - For copying the MC to a non-MC (for backup) and back to MC from non-MC.(a file is added to the non-MC to assure all file attributes remain intact when restoring back to the MC as original)
• • • • •

Delete - Deletes the currently selected file Rename - Changes the currently selected file or directory's filename. New Dir - Creates a new directory in the current directory. Get Size - Displays the file size of the currently selected file.

The context menu can be performed on multiple items. Use the X Button to select multiple files at once, then access the context menu with R1. To copy a game save,press L1 or L2 to enable Title ON. Select the game save you wish to copy, then open the context menu and select Copy. Browse to the location you wish to copy the save, then open the context menu again and select Paste. This should be enough for you to learn the basics of UlaunchELF. Visit our forums if you need more information. I made an Icon for the MC, for LaunchELF. Just put the 2 files "icon.sys" & "ulaunch2.icn" in the folder with the BOOT.ELF. Doesnt work in 'badata folder' .mainly for BOOT folder for dev1 booting.

It will have this on all sides of a 3D Cube. The savename will say " UlaunchELF " in the PS2 Browser uLaunchELFicon.rar