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GREENING OUR IT FLOOR Keeping America OnLine

Raised Access Flooring, ITs Physical Platform:
Responding to demand over the past 50 years, access ooring manufacturers have stamped out, welded and installed over 100 million square feet of ooring for the US market.

The dot com boom exhausted domestic manufacturing capacity and created a pipeline for Chinese manufacturers to the Raised access ooring has been supporting US. There are now roughly 60 businesses producing raised oor panels in China. our technical and IT installations for ve Only one domestic Access Floor decades. What began as structural steel beams and solid steel plates has become a manufacturer remains (under foreign ownership). system of 2x2 welded steel isotropic panels and supportive understructure A huge inventory of existing material consisting of pedestals and cross braces. combined with an economy demanding value and a ready workforce has created opportunity.

Recovery and Reinvestment

Well before green was a buzzword, Access Floors OnSite was founded on a premise of environmental, social and scal responsibility:
In the standard business model for an Access Flooring Contractor/Vendor, the goal is to sell and put in place as many new 2x2 panels as possible. A oor panel whose surface has worn out would be replaced by an entirely new panel with a factory fresh oor covering. The structural access oor panel and the wear surface are viewed as an homogenouse single product. The fact is, the panel and the wear surface are separate, produced by two completely different manufacturing concerns and (in the standard business model) bonded together by the Access Floor Manufacturer to be packaged, trucked, delivered handled and installed by their dealer. Emerging from the original business model and driven by the 24/7 needs of the FAA/ Enroute Air Trafc Facilities, Access Floors OnSite developed a new business plan. Armed with new technology and a service driven approach, Access Floors OnSite developed procedures and a culture that is truly green at its core. We focus on the remanufacture of existing American made products. We execute the work at the source of the material. The virtually new product can be installed right back where it came from or shipped off to be installed elsewhere. The concept is simple, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly. Ancillary benet: OnSite services provide what has emerged as our nest virtue, new J-O-Bs in every locality in which we work. tel. 866-984-9991

Mobile Operations
Enabled by our factory on wheels Access Floors OnSite has been returning structurally sound top quality raised access oor panels back into service for over a decade :
mobile ops

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In a footprint extending from Fairbanks, AK to Miami, FL, Access Floors OnSite has been delivering its unique brand and service based product for a business demographic that includes: Government Agencies, Fortune 500 Businesses, DOD Facilities, Network Operation Centers, Satelite and Telephone Communication

sites, Technical labs, Hospitals and of course, Webfarms and server rooms. Consider that the worlds largest consumer, the US Government. Acres of installed access oor sites are being vacated, de-comissioned or discarded every day, making available material that needs to be put back into service and an oportunity to put people back to work

Since 1997, Access Floors OnSite has been in the business of Recovery and Reinvestment in American products, the global environment and local jobs. Whether you are leaving an old site, building a new one, or upgrading your existing data center, contact Access Floors OnSite.


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tel. 866-984-9991