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Vision Mission Statement History of Ideas World of IDEAS Values Fiber to Fashion What makes Ahead of Retail Network Retail Outlets Franchising at IDEAS Organization Chart Products Men’s, Women’s and Home Fashion Company plan Conclusion

Our aim is to provide a distinctive cozy shopping environment with attractive décor. and fulfills their home and personal needs.Ideas Vision Ideas strives to be an international brand that cares for its customers Demand for the seasonal publication at the has established it as a mainstay of Gul Ahmed brands. high quality. . modern designs a consistent availability of high quality products and new product innovations. Consumer exclusive.

Mission Statement To deliver value to our partners through innovative technology and teamwork. Fulfill our Social and Environmental responsibility. .

.! We aim to enrich our customers with unmatched shopping experience and create value for every segment that we serve. . At Ideas® by GulAhmed we endeavor to make an impact each day.World of IDEAS We foster a culture where our people are determined to deliver with excellence at the highest integrity and optimum service standards.

Envisioning the needs of customers and the growing trend towards the retail industry. the company decided to diversify into the retail sector in 2003. reach and nationwide goodwill the company has developed an extensive chain of stores across the country.History of IDEAS Gul Ahmed has been an exporter of textiles for the past many years and with its vast experience. . aiming to bring its customers an unbeatable shopping experience now having more than 40 nationwide outlets Ideas is looking for new destinations to serve its awaiting customers. Ideas® by Gul Ahmed is the retail venture of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd.

Values Integrity Passion Creativity Teamwork .

The store also features limited edition lawn and cotton designs in fresh trendy colors. Gul Ahmed’s tradition of quality and style provides an elegant taste of creatively designed home textile ranges in a vibrant palette of colors. the company decided to diversify into the retail sector in 2003. . patterns.From Fiber to Fashion Ideas® by Gul Ahmed is the retail venture of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd. At Ideas®. textures and embroidery styles. . Visualizing the needs of customers and the growing trend towards the retail industry. fabrics.

From Fiber to Fashion .

From Fiber to Fashion .

What makes Ahead of First ETP(Effluent Treatment Plant in Textile Sector First Rotary Printing Machine in Pakistan First Textile Mill to Register Carbon Credit Largest Embroidery Facility Dedicated to Home Textiles The Rest Using CAD/CAM Machines to apply latest latest design techniques First yarn mercerizing Facility First to install Caustic recovery unit in Pakistan textile sector An Extensive chain of Retail Outlets all Over Pakistan .

Retail Network .

. In the last year eight new outlets were opened reaching a total of 36 outlets. Overall Pakistan outlets are 39. We will continue to expand our retail operations and would aim to increase the number of shops beyond 40 in the coming year.Retail Outlets We are pleased with our performance in the local retailing landscape.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who can become our business partners in the cities where currently we don't have our presence. Ideas by Gul Ahmed is synonymous with the finest quality in Fabric. . Apparel.Franchising at IDEAS Ideas by Gul Ahmed is an Iconic name in the Fashion Retail Industry of Pakistan and is owned by one of the biggest textile houses in the country. Home Textile. Shoes & Bags. Accessories.

IDEAS by Gul Ahmed Organogram Human Resources Accounts Procurement Development Product Apparel Product Home Textile Product Shoe Warehouse & Logistics .

      Home Women wear Women’ Accessories Menswear Men’ Accessories Kids wear (Recent addition to the divisions.) .Products Gul Ahmed's fine textile products represent a unique fusion of the century old traditions of the east and the latest textile technology of the west. Currently Ideas is offering its valuable product is four major divisions.

Home Bed Linen .

Home Bed Linen Bed Linen (Kids & Teen) The spring collection of Ideas by Gul Ahmed brings an exclusive range of bed linen for adults and kids. . The elite and inspiring Bed linen designs in pure cotton and polyester cotton will lift your heart this season.

Home Curtains .

From floral to demure that will give your bathroom a chic and charming look.Home Accessories Bath Accessories Distinctive and elegant bath sets are available in the new collection. bathroom slippers and much more waiting for you all inside Ideas stores. . New collection of towels.

Home Accessories Decoration Accessories A classy range of exclusive vases and photo frames of glass. . leather and ceramic for the embellishment of your home or ideally giving a gift to your loved ones this spring.

Women Fashion .

Women Accessories .

Men’s Fashion .

Men Accessories .

Kids wear .

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. For this we are adding nine new energy efficient generators to replace our existing old gas generators. With the addition of these generators the total Company wide generating capacity does not increase but there will be a significant saving of gas consumption which is a precious energy resource of the country and also helps in reducing the cost.Company Plan Power House The Company has plans to strengthen its utilities infrastructure.

IDEAS by Gul Ahmed is one of the Pakistan Largest exporters & Retailer Home Textile Goods. It must follow its current strategy in future too. The Largest Exporter in Pakistan. it has only 10% penetration in Dubai. However. It enjoys sound financial position & high profits from this sector. Ideas by Gul Ahmed has high penetration in Pakistan & All over the world .Conclusion Today. Customers have 100% faith(trust) on Ideas product. . It has been recognized by the Government of Pakistan as a Golden Super Star Textile .

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