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Cleaning & Repair service to GSV standard

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Lower costs, less effort, more accurate costing

Efficient staff deployment, cost control and quality these are the main reasons for turning to a proven service provider for the Cleaning & Repair of formwork and accessories. Our Cleaning & Repair service offers you a wealth of advantages. Theres no final on-site inspection, so you save the associated time, manpower and space. Work is not disrupted. You dont have to reserve working areas and tools for treatment of the formwork. You dont have to purchase any special cleaning and repair equipment that is uneconomical for your size of business. And you can assign your staff more efficiently to other tasks. With rented formwork, cleaning by the service provider shortens the rental period, as the equipment can be returned immediately at the end of the assignment. This saves money.

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You only have to take the employed formwork panels, props, beams and everything that goes with them to one of our service stations. This is where all the parts are inspected, cleaned and got back into shape. Experienced specialists swiftly accomplish this task by using special high-performance machines. If necessary, parts are repaired, welded or replaced with original replacement parts.


For all conventional formwork, rented or purchased

No matter whether the formwork that has to be cleaned is rented or purchased the benefits are obvious. Because you can only achieve perfect results with expertly cleaned and repaired forms. Good care also extends the formworks service life. The Cleaning & Repair services conform to the German GSV standard. We will, of course, re-line all the regular formwork of other manufacturers, too. The costs are fixed at the start of the project. If, for example, you rent formwork from us, the Cleaning & Repair of uncleaned equipment with normal levels of contamination account for 2.5 percent of the equipment rental price. Excluded from this are loss and damage caused by force.

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Control of costs l Cost savings l No final on-site inspection, so you save time, manpower and space l Rental period ends at end of formwork assignment l Efficient manpower deployment l Enhanced safety thanks to checks of function

Benefits across the board