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Inside the Ward 11 Report ...

Epic War of 1812 Battles Fought in Streetsville

Councillor Carlson with young constituents at the Mississauga War of 1812 Re-enactment event

The Redcoats firing rifles during a re-enactment battle against the Americans

American soldiers returning fire against their British foes during one of the re-enactment battles

This year marks the historic Bicentennial of the War of 1812. Two centuries ago, the United States was at war with Great Britain and our country was the battleground. As a colony of Great Britain, Canada was invaded numerous times by the Americans. The War of 1812 represents a significant chapter in the history of our country. The War of 1812 also holds special significance and importance in the history of present-day Mississauga. While the battles of the War of 1812 were primarily fought in the Niagara region, more than 10% of Mississaugas population left behind their farm homesteads and families to fight for their country. To celebrate and commemorate the historic bicentennial of the War of 1812, volunteer members of the Bread &

Honey Festival group, under the leadership of Duncan Willock, organized a spectacular Mississauga War of 1812 Re-enactment event on the island at Streetsville Memorial Park on September 15-16, 2012. The group was awarded a grant of $64,500 from the federal government to commemorate this historic national milestone. This event featured exciting live re-enactments of the battles fought between American, British, Militia, and Native forces. British, Native, and American forces were encamped on the island. Thousands of spectators witnessed the loud blasts of cannons and rifles during the live re-enactments. Between the exciting battles, spectators were able to speak with the re-enactors, who explained what life was like in 1812. The

event also featured period entertainment, such as brass bands, the York Regency Dancers, historical displays, presentations, a drum corps, and a Sutlers Market, with vendors selling reproductions of goods from the era. The festivities concluded with a bang on Saturday at dusk with a stunning fireworks display. This event was a great success! I would like to thank all of the event volunteers and participants for their hard work and dedication in organizing this event. A special thanks to the Federal Government (Brad Butt MP), Mississauga Recreation (Heather Coupey), and all the generous donors who paid for the fireworks.

War of 1812 Flag Raising Ceremony

To pay a special tribute to Streetsvilles founder and War of 1812 participant, Mr. Timothy Street, Councillor Carlson arranged a special commemorative service in the Streetsville Memorial Cemetery. City Staff worked very hard to restore the graveyard and Timothy Streets gravesiteadding a small garden and flag pole. On September 29th, War of 1812 re-enactors, together with

the Royal Canadian Legion Colour Party and Navy League Cadet Band raised a Union Jack in Timothy Streets honour. Mayor McCallion, MP Brad Butt, and dozens of local residents attended the ceremony, reception, and tour of the cemetery, with re-enactors telling the story of veterans of the War of 1812 who are buried there. A commemorative Union Jack was presented to Ms. Mary Rutledge, a direct descendant of Timothy Street and lifetime local resident.

The Navy League Cadet Band playing at the War of 1812 Flag Raising Ceremony

Re-enactment actors getting ready to raise a Union Jack to honour Timothy Street

George Carlson

Fall / Winter Report

Councillor Ward 11

Mississauga Food Bank Needs You!

The Mississauga Food Bank (MFB) operates the central food distribution system which supports 65,000 Mississaugans each month. A large number of seniors and children receive support through seven neighbourVIC JOHNSTON COMMUNITY CENTRE hood food banks. Nearly 2 million pounds (900,000 kilograms) of food are distributed annually. Over this (Lobby & Arena) holiday season, please drop off your food donation at 335 Church Street ~ Streetsville any Fire Hall or local grocery store. The Mississauga January 1, 2013~ 12noon-2pm Food Bank receives 93% of its funding from the community. If you are able to make a financial donation, Meet & greet Councillor George Carlson, MP Brad Butt, and MPP Bob your dollars go to work right here in Mississauga. Delaney at Vic Johnston CC. Bring your ice skates and enjoy free Every dollar given pays for three meals! You can skating! Everyone is welcome! Refreshments, door prizes, and fun! donate quickly and securely online at the MFBs Please bring non-perishable food items for the food bank. website: For further information, or to volunteer, please call 905F OR MORE INF ORMATION , PLEASE C ALL 905-896-5011 270-5589.



Citizen Satisfaction Survey

This year, Mississauga residents provided feedback to the City via the 2012 Citizen Satisfaction Survey. Residents rated their satisfaction with City programs and services and the value for services. Here is a snapshot of what we heard from residents: - 95% of residents rate their quality of life as excellent or good and 96% are satisfied with Mississauga as a place to live - Residents are satisfied with most programs and services offered. Fire and emergency services tops the list, with 90% expressing satisfaction. 75% of residents are pleased with the Citys library services and parks and forestry services, and 73% are satisfied with recreation services - Residents identify transportation issues such as congestion (20%) and inadequate public transit (15%) as the Citys top challenges - Mississaugas parks and natural spaces are heavily used, with residents visiting a Mississauga park, trail or natural area about 29 times in the past year. - 77% of residents are satisfied with the safety of parks and open areas; 76% are satisfied with the maintenance and upkeep of parks as well as the provision of outdoor places

- 60% of residents are satisfied with the value for taxes that they receive. 52% favour cutting services in order to maintain or reduce taxes, while 48% favour increasing taxes in order to continue to maintain or improve services - Residents are strongly committed to environmental protection (83%), and support funding initiatives that would protect the local and global environment, especially air quality (82%), use renewable energy (79%), and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (76%). - Residents are satisfied with road services, with 80% satisfied with street lighting; 73% satisfied with snow removal, road safety (71%) and pedestrian-friendly roads (69%). - 66% of residents have not taken part in City public engagement. Only 18% participated in City surveys and 15% participated in public meetings - 42% of residents have had contact with the City in the past year. Residents most often accessed the City website (35%), or communicated via email (29%) - Residents contacted the City for a variety of reasons, including community and recreation programs (11%), taxes (9%), garbage pickup (9%) and parking (8%)

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you and your family! We wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year! Sincerely, Your Ward 11 Team

Peel Climate Change Strategy

Over the coming decades, Peel Region can expect an increase in annual and seasonal temperatures, changes in annual and seasonal precipitation, and an increase in the number of extreme heat days. Frequent extreme weather events are also anticipated. In an effort to proactively mitigate, address, and adapt to the effects of climate change in Peel Region at the local level, Mississauga has partnered with other local authorities to develop and actively implement a comprehensive climate change action plan called the Peel Climate Change Strategy. Our climate change strategy aims to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases emitted to our atmosphere and reduce the vulnerability of our natural and human systems to climate change effects. Through the strategy, our City and its partners commit to addressing 6 key climate change goals: Proactive and Responsive Planning and Leadership - Effectively address climate change impacts on our communities through existing and future plans, policies, procedures, technologies, and education programs Actions to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Mitigation) - By 2050, reduce partners corporate and community net emissions by 80% below 1990 levels through various actions; this will be tracked by a greenhouse gas monitoring system Targeted and Proactive Adaptation Actions - Improve Peels resilience to the local impacts of climate change Making the Shift to a Green Economy - Build on and support the green economic initiatives underway Increasing Awareness and Level of Engagement Throughout Peel - Increase community awareness and level of engagement about climate change and support local actions that can be undertaken to reduce GHG Ongoing Research and Adaptive Risk Management - Continue to expand our understanding of climate change strategies, science, and technologies for GHG reduction and climate adaptation For more information about our new Peel Climate Change Strategy, please check out the Region of Peels Climate Change Strategy website at

George Carlson

Fall / Winter Report

Councillor Ward 11

Meadowvale Village Electrical Rebuild

Enersource has begun upgrading the existing electrical distribution system in Meadowvale Village to provide better power reliability to the village. The area being upgraded is located along Second Line, north of Old Derry Road, along Old Mill and Pond Street to the east. The current distribution system, installed in 1957, is outdated. The new system will be up to current electrical code standards and will provide reliable power. The cost of this project is approximately $405,000 and is funded from the Enersource Capital Budget. The upgrade work began in September and will take approximately three months to complete. The work will consist of installing new wooden poles of similar height, removing old wooden poles, transformers, power lines, secondary overhead cables, and associated hardware. The existing cobra head streetlight fixtures will be reinstalled until a suitable replacement light fixture can be found. During construction, occasional power interruptions will occur due to the transferring of hydro lines, and residents will be notified in advance. All areas that are disturbed by the construction will be restored to their original condition at the completion of this project. In order to ensure safe and reliable hydroelectric service, tree trimming may be required on City and privately owned trees. Residents will be notified in advance. If you have any questions about this project, please contact, Karen Ras, Director of Corporate Relations at 905-283-4275, or Steve MacDougall, Construction Supervisor at 905-283-3971.

The old playground equipment in Meadow Green Park is currently being replaced

New Improvements to Meadow Green Park

The City is undertaking improvements to Meadow Green Park, located at 6595 Falconer Drive. This park is approximately 3.96 ha in area and consists of a playground, tennis courts, multi-purpose pad, ball diamond, walking pathway network, water services, tree plantings, and various other amenities. Improvements to Meadow Green Park began in late October and will be completed in November 2012 (with additional plantings in May 2013). Approximately $200,000 has been allocated for this project. The improvements include: - Senior (5-12 years) play structure: spiral slide, fire pole, horizontal ladder, Infinity Wings climber, Standing Spinfinity, counter, and transfer station for more accessibility - Junior (2-5 years) play structure: double wide plastic slide, elbow slide, lean-out monkey seat, steering wheel, store counter, and animal crawltunnel - Swings: 4 belt seats, 2 tot seats, 1 accessible swing seat, 1 tire swing - Stand-alone play pieces: bulldozer spring toy, ATV spring toy, Solo spinner - A sandbox and wheelchair accessible protective surfacing - A brand new dedicated park parking lot with 30 parking spots, including 2 spots which are accessible. If you have any questions about this project, please contact Bill Montague, Project Coordinator at or 905-615-3200 ext. 3676.

Wooden hydro poles in Meadowvale Village that are currently being upgraded as part of Enersources electrical distribution system upgrade in Meadowvale Village

Streetsville Watermain Replacement

The Region of Peel will be replacing some of the watermains and sewers in Streetsville this coming spring. The existing system and infrastructure is aging and requires replacement to provide the required level of service (flow and pressure), reliability, and water quality. As part of this project, the Region of Peel will be constructing more than 3,000 metres of watermain, including water services and fire hydrants, as well as 960 meters of sanitary sewers and services. Local streets that will be affected by this project include: - Church Street from Main Street to Ontario Street and through to Ellen Street - Water Street - Wyndham Street Reid Drive from Queen Street South to 14 Reid Drive Church Street from Reid Drive to Main Street Mill Street Queen Street South from Reid Drive to Old Pine Street Old Pine Street

A Public Information Centre about this project was held on September 25, 2012, at the Vic Johnston Community Centre. If you would like more information about this project, please visit the Regions website and click on the link for Streetsville Watermain Replacement. If you have any questions, please contact the Project Manager, Dan Bennington, at 905-7917800, ext. 7917 or

It Takes a Team to Clean a Village... Over 150 community volunteers joined together to clean up downtown Streetsville. Over 2 tonnes of garbage and recyclables were picked up in a few hours. Many thanks to our local Cadet Corps, the B.I.A., Streetsville Lions Club, Streetsville Rotary Club, local Scouts, and Kingdom Glory Ministries for all the hard work!

Councillor Pat Mullin, Chair of the CVC, presents an Award of Distinction to Councillor Carlson for his environmental work in the Credit Valley Watershed

Councillor Carlson Receives Honours

Councillor Carlson received two recent honours for his service to our community. He received both an Award of Distinction for his environmental work in the Credit Valley Watershed and a Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal for his long service to our local Cadet organizations. Im honoured to receive these recognitions for protecting the environment and promoting the Cadet program in our community. George received the Diamond Jubilee from local MP, Brad Butt.

Councillor Carlson, MP Brad Butt and the volunteer cleanup crew in Streetsville

George Carlson

Fall / Winter Report

Councillor Ward 11

Issues in Brief
New B.I.A. Manager We are pleased to welcome Angela Trewartha as the new General Manager of the Streetsville B.I.A. Angela Trewartha grew up just outside of Streetsville and has spent a lot of time in the area, attending the Bread and Honey Festival, Santa Claus Parade, and other local events for many years. Angela hopes to bring fresh new ideas to the BIA, including using social media and new communications technologies to promote the Village. Angela Trewartha, the new General She would also like to host more Manager of the Streetsville B.I.A. events to bring people from around the city and the GTA to enjoy Streetsville. Angela can be reached at 905-858-5974 or New Traffic Signals at Joymar Dr. and Britannia Rd. W. New traffic signals were installed at the busy intersection of Joymar Drive and Britannia Road West. The new traffic signal will help with peak traffic volumes and make it safer for cyclists and pedestrians crossing in this area. The signal was installed just before the start of the new school year. Second Line Bridge Update As you may be aware, the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) has plans in place for the expansion of Highway 401, from the Highway 410/403 interchange to east of the Credit River. This expansion will involve the permanent removal of the Second Line West vehicle bridge over Highway 401. The City is looking into incorporating a pedestrian / cyclist overpass as part of the MTOs widening project. To date, the MTO has not received any funding for the highway construction, so no time frame has been established for this project.

Horseshoe Park, a new community park located at 7150 Saint Barbara Boulevard

New Park Named Horseshoe Park

A local park in our community, located at 7150 Saint Barbara Boulevard, on the east side of McLaughlin Road, north of, Derry Road West, has been named Horseshoe Park. The park is approximately 1.43 ha (3.53 ac) in area and consists of a large wood lot on the west side, and a soccer field and playground near Saint Barbara Boulevard. Historically, Horseshoe Park was part of a 100 acre farm. The name was chosen due to the discovery of an old horseshoe during excavation of the park. Research revealed a historical connection to Hackney horse breeding at this location, during the early part of the 20th century by Joseph Tilt. Tilt was recognized as one of the premier breeders of Hackney horses, and his horse named Glenavon Renown won first prize at the 1927 Canadian National Exhibition. The origins of the Hackney horse began in England. They were bred for the purpose of carriage driving. The Hackney horse is known for its amazing high step while trotting, as well as its elegant style and speed. The recovered horseshoe that inspired the park name will be used as part of an interpretive sign in the park.

Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre

If youre thinking about starting or growing a small business, the Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre (MBEC) can help you. MBEC offers: - Free business information and resources - Free one-on-one business consultations - Free business plan reviews - Low cost business seminars and workshops - Low cost online business training courses - Young Entrepreneur programs, and more! MBEC is located on the 4th floor of the Mississauga Central Library at 301 Burnhamthorpe Rd. W. They are open Monday to Friday, from 9am to 5pm, and can be reached at 905-6154460 or

Mississauga 3-1-1
If you require assistance with City or Regional programs and services, help is only a phone call away with Mississaugas 3-1-1 customer service line. To access this service, dial 3-1-1 within city limits or 905-6154311 outside city limits. The call centre is open Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm. Language translation is also available upon request. 3-1-1 can assist you with the following services: - Animal shelter and adoption information - Boulevard maintenance and weed control - Building applications, complaints and permits, residential and businesses - Building records / plans / drawings requests - Catch basins, storm sewers, ditches, culverts - Committee of Adjustment - Construction subdivision/municipal servicing and development Agreements - Council agendas/minutes - Curb, sidewalk, boulevard damage and repairs - Encroachments - Events (City) and locations - Death registration - Fixed Location Business Operating Licences - Flooding from roads and creeks and preventative information and advice - Leaf pick-up program - Litter, dumping and vandalism - Marriage licences and civil ceremonies - Mobile Business Operating Licences - Municipal/Provincial/ Federal Election information - Ontario Building Code Inquiries - Parking enforcement and considerations - Parking ticket information and First Attendance appointment bookings - Parks maintenance, sports fields and programs - Pet licensing - POA (Provincial Offences Act) driving ticket information - Potholes, road and bridge maintenance - Property taxes - business and residential - Recreation and Parks general information - Snow removal on streets, sidewalks, bus shelters and park pathways - Spring roadway clean-up/street sweeping - Storm drainage, clean-up of roads, trees and creeks - Taxi training courses and registration information - Trades Business Operating Licences - Traffic lights and signs - Tree and shrub inspection, planting, pruning and fertilization (City owned) - Zoning general information and Certificate of Occupancy

Important Numbers

Aircraft Noise Complaints416-247-7682 Animal Services 905-896-5858 City (after hours) 905-615-3000 Courtneypark Library 905-615-4745 Catholic School Board 905-890-1221 Enersource (Hydro) 905-273-9050 GO Transit 416-869-3200 Health Line Peel 905-799-7700 Ministry of Health 905-275-2730 Mississauga Ambulance 905-844-4242 Mississauga Fire 905-615-3777 Mississauga Transit 905-615-4636 Park Lights (City) 905-615-4999 Parking Control 905-896-5678 Peel District School Bd. 905-890-1099

Peel Regional Police Poison Control Centre Recreation & Parks Region of Peel River Grove CC Safe City Mississauga Snow Removal Streetlights (Enersource) Streetsville B.I.A. Streetsville Library Transhelp Vic Johnston CC Waste Management Water Billing

905-453-3311 416-813-5900 905-615-4100 905-791-7800 905-615-4780 905-615-6272 905-615-7669 905-566-2718 905-858-5974 905-615-4785 905-791-1015 905-826-3011 905-791-9499 905-791-8711

Contact Your Ward 11 Councillor, George Carlson

300 City Centre Drive, 3rd Fl, Mississauga, Ontario L5B 3C1 Tel: (905) 896-5011 Fax: (905) 896-5863 E-mail: Website: Twitter: @CarlsonGeorge

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