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International Institute of Information Technology,Hyderabad Email:, Contact no.

: +91-8886794332,+91-7802031617 Academic Record: Course of Education:

Year 2009 2011 Degree Secondary school Higher Secondary School Bachelor of Technology Institute/Board Vidya Vihar School GHSEB(Gujarat) Utkarsh Vidyalaya, Vadodara. GHSEB(Gujarat) IIIT-Hyderabad Subjects English, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Studies, Sanskrit Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, English Programming, Mathematics, Systems and Architectures, Software Engineering, Basic and linear Electronics, Sciences and Humanities, Signals and Systems, Probability and random processes ,Embedded Hardware and Software design Score 92.15% 76.00%


(Currently In second year)

Programming and Scripting: C(Advanced), C++, ARM Assembly(Advanced),Python (basic),bash Operating System: GNU/Linux, Win32 Hardware Description Language: VHDL Embedded : Xilinx IDE, ATMEL, PIC, Arduino, USART, USB, SPI, Xbee,I2C Testing: Multisim, Simulink, MATLAB, Octave, LabVIEW, ModelSim. Libraries: OpenCV, PCL (Point Cloud Library)(learning), ROS (Robot Operating System)(learning) Familiarity with LATEX, HTML.

Training and Internship: Summer Internship with Technophilia Systems. (2012) Worked on Image processing in MATLAB and Experienced with basic robotic programing and Embedded System development Summer training with iCarnegie Program conducted by Carnegie Mellon University Course: Robotics and Embedded C Training with IANT Institute in Programing Language: Course: Advanced C and C++ Projects: Title: Chest microphone based Phonocardiogram on FPGA (Currently Working) Guide: Dr. Shubhajit Roy Chowdhury IIIT Hyderabad Description: The project entails the development of a chest microphone based phonocardiogram for automated diagnosis of potential cardiac diseases. The device enables detection of cardiac abnormalities in early stages of the disease. The system analyzes acoustic

information of the heart to provide diagnostic decisions in real time using MEMS microphone. Highly parallel algorithms are implemented on FPGA for real time processing. Title: NAYANiX Operating System for Blind People (Currently Working) Guide: Dr. Madhav Krishna IIIT Hyderabad Description: NAYANiX is an Interface between the blind user and the computer. This OS takes data or command from blind user through braille keyboard or typewriter and do necessary operation. The output is displayed on braille display. This project is selected for NI-YANTRA 2012 (Embedded system design contest) conducted by the National Instruments (India). Title: Path Finder A Pseudo Driver (2011-2012) Guide: Vinay Mittal IIIT-Hyderabad Description: This system can drive a mobile vehicle from given source point to the destination point without any user input and also tracks the vehicles current position. Title: Rakshak Security System (2011-2012) Guide: Vinay Mittal IIIT-Hyderabad Description: Rakshak is a basic hardware implementation of security system. This system doesnt work with any implemented standard algorithms, it is totally hardware implemented , very cheap and it consumes very low power. Title: Color Tracker (2011-2012) Guide: Dr. Madhav Krishna IIIT-Hyderabad Description: Built a colour tracking robot using two techniques - one using onboard and overhead camera. The image captured was processed in MATLAB and the microcontroller used was Arduino UNO. Title: Anti-touch Screen. (2011-2012) Guide: Vinay Mittal IIIT-Hyderabad Description: A 2D array of seven-segment displays showing random numbers was assembled and a separate display showed the random number to which we pointed out in the array. Used light sensors (LDRs).

Achievements: Selected for the second round of NI-YANTRA embedded system design contest , 2012 conducted by National Instruments. (NAYANiX- Operating System for Blind People). Secured an All India Rank of 8960 in the prestigious examination IIT-JEE11. Secured an All India Rank of 3245 in AIEEE11 with a state rank of 67 (Gujarat). Secured an All India Rank 256 in National Science Olympiad (NSO) organized by Science Olympiad foundation (SOF) in the year 2010. Secured an All India Rank 125 in International Mathematics Olympiad (IMO) organized by Science Olympiad foundation (SOF) in the year 2010. Selected for the NSDC (National Science Day Celebration) at Physical Research Laboratory.