Design web overview

Overview The design web is a framework created specifically for people based designs by permaculture designer & author, Looby Macmanara. Its aim to illustrate the non-linear processes of design. The web has 12 anchor points, each focusing on a different area to build up a detailed, holistic picture of where we want to go and how we are going to get there. These anchor points can be visited in the sequence appropriate for the design. After each anchor point there are many directions you could move in. Where to go next is governed in part by what arises in each step. The design can become an intuitive movement for the designer, or a dance between the designer, the clients and the design where one step naturally leads on to another. I have found this design web massively beneficial in creating this Zone 00 design, as personal self-exploration and re-design is definitely a spontaneous mixture of emotions, patterns & thoughts. The design web helps to structure this creative flow & apply design to my life. Pause • Designed in dates for ‘time off’, booked leave from work • Re-designed journaling use & biotime diary • Integrated rest & rejuvenation into Health & Wellbeing design

Vision • Re-finding previous vision statements • Refining my own vision statement • Using the design questionnaire to gage my inner vision

Helps • Created Web of Support diagram • Internal Resources Audit • Flower essences & Crystal research

Vision – allow yourself to dream and create goals Pause – incorporate times of rest and rejuvenation

Helps – identify the things that are going to help

Reflection • Designed in dates for reflection & design review in 2012 overview • Re-designed journaling use & biotime diary

Reflection – evaluate progress

Limits – identify the things that might block your path or keep it small or slow it down

Limits • PESTLE analysis • Identified Limiting Beliefs & Strategies for intervention • Personal resilience strategy

Appreciation – focus on things to be thankful for

Appreciation • Created photo collage of all I appreciate

Patterns – identify the helpful and unhelpful patterns

Patterns • Used table to explore historical patterns & pattern observations from 2011 using PNI – Positive, Negative, Interesting format • Personal finances audit • Diet diary • Time diary • Design Analysis for personal needs

Momentum – how to keep going

Ideas – gather inspirations

Ideas • Created & completed Zone 00 design questionnaires • Divination & card reading – inner vision quest • Assimilated observations & ideas from learning journal • Undertook significant reading & research

Momentum • Identified positive energy & self care practices • Created rhythm of personal support & feedback diagram • Cycles of Support for 2012 diagram • Created arrow of focus diagram

Action – make a plan for getting things done

Integration – bring it all together

Principles – look through the lens of each one

Principles • Personal finances using 12 Holmgren principles • Principles applied to livelihood • Zone 00 Ecology & Principles analysis

Action • Created table of new habits to anchor & statements of intent • List of next actions for each area & general zone 00 design implementation • Wrote list of affirmations to honour • Designed ritual for Imbolc to dedicate intention to new design • Designed design implementation table with long & short term goals, next actions & benefits of journey

Integration • Created table linking all projects to explore beneficial connections • Identified realistic opportunities & prioritized • Created Venn diagram of project areas • Applied design & ethical criteria to aid project focus decision making • Created Zone 00 design pentagram

© Nicole Vosper, Wild Heart Permaculture 2012


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