Poor hygiene is the failure or deficiency of good health and clean living habits be it environmentally or personally.

This type of living can cause diseases and affect the well being of one’s health and may sometimes result in the loss of life. The effects of poor hygiene on the population are normally or usually of a negative nature. The world’s population is decreasing in number through loss of life and manly result in loss of life and mainly in bad health as an end result. A large number of infants die every year because of dirty living habits, such as littering or disposing of litter on the wrong places, and poor sanitation. The world's population has been left facing challenges in the curing of diseases such as cholera, typhoid and sometimes diarrhoea . these diseases require people to be treated quickly. In some parts of Zimbabwe the government is responsible for the treatment of the infected victims , this tends to put a load on the country’s budget since Zimbabwe is still developing. At times the working class may be infected by these diseases caused by not adhering to good hygiene, and may die at times leaving behind orphaned children that may also suffer from malnutrition diseases such as kwashiorkor that also lead to death in infants, this puts a strain on the growth of the world’s population growth.

COMMENTS AND SOLUTIONS; ARTICLE 1: Prevention is the first main cure for cholera. Cholera can be prevented by adhering to good hygiene. If people practice good hygiene the risk of cholera will never be seen or if so, it may be seen on a smaller scale. Consuming dirty food, drinking dirty water, living in a dirty environment and not adhering to the standard and level of hygiene puts people on risk. With early treatment cholera can be cured, when a person is infected there are two (2) main ways that they can be treated with.1; fluid replacement 2; antibiotics. Fluid replacement is an oral rehydration solution which is a pre-packaged mixture of sugar and salt to be mixed with water (salt n sugar solution) and must be taken in large amounts. This is done to replace the fluids lost through diarrhoea. Antibiotics are or is a medicine that can kill the bacteria. The number one(1) prevention motto is boil it, cook it or forget it, this motto simply implies that one should never consume dirty water and food must never be consumed raw. Avoiding contaminated water and food is also a very good prevention method. a community should always make sure that it’s sanitation and water system is advanced at all times in order to prevent diseases caused by poor hygiene. Cleanness is closer to godliness. So why not practice good hygiene to save lives.. people should always adhere to good hygiene in order to prevent the cure of deadly diseases.