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1º ESO Basketball Exam. 25-05-09 1.

Find ten different words related to basketball in the following word search: C A R R Y S E C L I W Z H F M D O O I M S H O E Z R L U V K H F O U L I B R H E O U P N B B S T K Y O T E A M B G V Q O T R A V E L L I N G Q I A S X E A Q K I N M E R Ñ L O M E X B A C K B O A R D L

2. Can you remember how to translate the following words and expressions into English? Entrada a canasta: Pase de Pecho: Falta: Hacer dobles: Defensor: Pasar: Defender: Empujón: Empate: 3. Complete the following sentences: Another __________ is when a player stops dribbling and then starts dribbling again or _________ the ball with its two hands at once. We call this a _____________. Defenders should not block, _________, trip, ________ or hold the player in possession of the _________. In the triple threat position, the ______________ must be far from the _____________, so he can not steal it easily. The dribble is a ______________ movement of the arm. To do a good chest pass, place each __________ on either side of the ball and spread the _____________ evenly. Then, fully extend your __________ as you push the ball out from your _____________. Botar: Machacar: Tiro: Pase por encima de la cabeza: Posición de triple amenaza: Aro: Atacar: Contraataque: Falta:

your shooting ___________ should be in front of and under the ________ with the fingers pointed up. 1. forearm. When does a violation occur? 2. you can quickly dribble. 2. You have to control the ball with your fingers and not with your palms. Who plays forwards? And guards? Basic Skills. Who plays in the center? 3. ………………….. In the lay-up. The Basic Rules 1. 1. How long has a quarter? 5. Teams usually have two………………. In Two-Handed …………pass.and one…………. you want the pass to arrive at your receiver above the waist and below the shoulders. Triple-threat position: Here. knee and foot should be in a straight __________. What is double dribble? 4.two………………….. What is travelling? 3. 6. Name the two types of fouls: Translate the following actions: . How many teams are there in a game? 3. What happen if a game ends in a tie? The Court and Player’s position. When do you use control or low dribble? 4.or…………… 2. What is carry? 5. 1. 3.there is a movement of the arm. When do you use speed or high dribble? 5. you miss the defender’s hands.. your _________.When shooting. You should release the ball with a slight flick of your __________. They score points when a player shoots the ball into through the…………… 2.. How many quarters are there in a game? 4. Rules. ____________. In………………. In Two-Handed…………………pass.