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The The The The Raid


of Mordred England Tyrant

10 10 10 10 11 11 11 11 12 12 12 12 14 14 14 15 16 17 17 18

Life in Arthur's Petty

Land and the King Are One Taxmen on Dartmoor of War of Opinion

Casualties A Difference Merlin A Land

in Chaos

Part 3: Heroes and Monsters

New Character Class Equipment The Fey Society The The The The The The The Clans of the Fey Lobeholders Silverkiels Giantsteppers Stonegrinders Green Knight (de Hautdesert)

New Monsters Lady of the Lake Beast (Beast Glatisant)

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Power Wraith Questing

Part 4: The Campaign Camelot

Arthur's The The The Introduction 04 Camp Clearing of the Wise of Bur Castle-Keep of Bur Forest

The Tower The

Lake of Niniane Ideas Your Players Quest Started Grail Getting The

Part I: The Legend Foundation The First Telling

The Vulgate Cycle

of Arthur

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21 22 27 37 38 41 41 44 44 44 45 47 48

Morte d'Arthur Modern Part Approaches Fall Thus Arthur in the Stone and Far Rise of Camelot

Part 5: Merlin's Appendix


2: The Before The

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The Story

King Arthur
Merlin Mordred


57 57 58 59 60 Knight 61 61 62 62 63


Morgan Lancelot The

Ie Fey du Lac and Meleagant

Morgan Ie Fey Sir Lancelot du Lac


08 08 09 09 09

Sir Galahad, the


Parsifal Merlin's

and the Fall of Camelot Ruin an Heir for the Grail

Sir Parsifal, the Brave Sir Tristam of Lyoness

Conceiving The Quest

Sir Gawaine, the

Pure of Heart

Sir Gareth of Orkney

In Ancient of fear. With the return noble, rightful name This dark, England, a tyrant king holds the land in the grip and the threat holds of the the of the might of a magical sorcerer, sword this fiend the claim of a long-dead

the good,

and the true

in his sway, squelching villain's

the will of the people is Arthur. is Camelot moody,

and denying The

heir to the throne.

as you've


seen it: Arthur it

and dangerous. Now,


Pendragon to the brink

was the greatest of ruin, is The is still Few to and ends. to change, Morgan

hero England

had ever known. and his name uttered tyrant's strong, power though.

he has brought

as a curse.

have the courage defy his edicts, many that met with That arms horrible

do have Fey remains Arthur's foe, but Mordred run in a different is no longer direction. Everything is not the torn by civil from places you her

has begun against

though. Mordred,


man has taken bastard claimant

up son by to

this tyranny:


agent, and her schemes 1, MORDRED Camelot you might

his half-sister, Arthur's fervent throne, attempts and a rebellion

Ie Fey. As the only true to rally knights despite to take shape it. Mordred to his banners, that

is at once familiar

and foreign. is a land

he has begun has begun to crush

to his cause, the king's all a new

read will be recognizable you think war and in search

and yet new. This

you know. This of heroes.

has summoned one day soon,

And they will come

who are loyal to England continually answered, king will sit on the throne. But deep in the Forest plans for the future Mordred the throne insidious

and this call is

not expect.


Ie Fey has her own Both Arthur and to any final claim Camelot. England examining her before

to Use this Book

sourcebook the Arthurian and its various of the legend Part characters, 3 features detailing myth, interpretations. the dark and a new game monsters, a short for running through a dark in Ancient Everything is here. Part its historical you need 1 details roots setting. for player to run a campaign

of Br, Morgan

I, MORDRED is a d20 System

of the kingdom. and neither

will have to deal with can be made, plans.

is aware of her

Part 2 features

the recasting

lens of the I, Mordred



THE FALL AND RISE OF CAMELOT is a of one of the greatest characters rotting onto Mordred legends from from in Western the Arthurian Here, Arthur solely still like to and Ie within.


and information

I, MORDRED: re-imagining Culture. myths Camelot with topple

new interpretation adventure characters license

of the Fey. Part 4 is a guide An appendix

an I, MORDRED campaign, and Part 5 contains

to get you started. from the myth follows.

All of the familiar has fallen a petty into tyrant

are here, but they are recast decline, holding Excalibur.

in new roles.

of the key All of the material in Part for

3 and the Appendix

purposes. your So sharpen banner.

is designated

Open Game Content

to rally to Mordred's

has become

his power would

the fabled Arthur's

sword, regime,

sword needs

and get ready you.

but his motivations not thirst

are justice Morgan



of the land,

for power.

The This and how it has developed enduring part

myth legends

and characters' turns. Oftentimes, the story

origins (for

and motivations the Grail)

making and then

180-degree move His of The on

de Troyes example, never

will introduce

a key element one.

of Arthur
is one of the most civilization. at its origins looks in Western



to another penchant



the previous

for uncompleted

tales led to the creation

of the book

over the centuries.



and 1230, another collection Chretien known books: by no less characters of three of poems de Troyes' than four as Lancelot en and confused Lancelot Propre, theology role is of and a dark brother in the introduces suggested (who into to complete Compiled

The dates number originated, took written presents differemt The First recorded. story of King Arthur that was passed and his magical Its origins orally down sword, Excalibur, back to the 5th Century. of generations. how much There between details. Telling de Troyes poems first recorded the tale of King Arthur Table 1170 fashion in a long and 1190. to Chaucer's that go are is not between and dozens and plot Lancelot their The of nature, story are in a Celtic where until the tale or if any of it it was finally Each but vastly

Between emerged unfinished other

attempting storylines.


for an unknown in truth,


The Vulgate Cycle (also of composite It is comprised a strong the Grail Most

It is not certain of it is based major endured versions

Prose) is a miasma conclusions. Cycle introduces the tale not greatly Christ, who knight Chretien' Galahad, Grail that reduced, and guilt affair. appears called

place at all, but the story are three the 12th

Le Queste del Saint Graal, and Le Mort de Roi Artu. The Vulgate element of Christian work. into Merlin's found in Chretien's is introduced

of the legend

and 16th


a tale with

the same basic premise

is revealed confusing

to be the Cup Lancelot's


is the role of Mordred, of Meleagant, youngest

to be a composite Phelot, grudge against

Chretien Pendragon series Collectively,

and Gawaine's Arthur

and his Knights these poems Tales with and complex with guilt

of the Round

bore a hateful

and Camelot who finds who of a funeral

of short

sometime dozens

s version).

It is The Vulgate Cycle that as the knight de Troyes, it as part to Camelot to Chretien glimpsed returning leads

read in a similar story lines, about

son of Lancelot, only before which

The Canterbury interwoven not burdened figure elements fashion Each quest representative in all directions.

of characters, threads and Guinevere is a key stronger books. on a

as opposed Parsifal

In this version, the forces and magic modern tales

procession In the end, conclusion, version Morte

to get married. to a satisfactory and most popular

love, Merlin has much or comic

the story

is still not resolved us to the third

representing of chivalry not unlike of Chretien's or to perform

and the Grail in a serialized

of Christianity.

of the tale. D 'Arthur Century, what an English is perhaps is, in many Mallory dose knight named Thomas version of the

and is told

soap operas centers and

In the 15th Mallory Although Each previous attempt He adds including Merlin's little

on a knight then



the best


a deed


to court

of the legend,

the daunting

and exciting makes

Morte D'Arthur. stronger to a resolution. a great

to tell what happened. tale spans roughly two years in the life of the king and his reign laden amount humor compared later with of when with retellings. the considerable and is a

this version two works, to define a much-needed on Arthur's a war with that

ways, a rehashing a much and come

the characters

of action,


deal of time


all over the world, However, he also reduces much Grail of the in The Vulgate Quest, fall sapping

the Romans.

role to an even greater also rushes through



had still been present Galahad's to return

Cycle. Mallory seemingly from that grace Arthur

in a hurry

to the tale of Arthur's

and his war with Mordred. and Mordred a heroic and bloody death

It is in this version on the battlefield, hand. together joins at the other's Lancelot - always

kill each other in which

each dying Mallory Guinevere but eternally

At times, stories

also adds an ending in the service apart.

step all

of the Church

over each other with plotlines never resolved,

Modern Approaches
The 1981 story has been retold Perhaps numerous times since in nearly Boorman's as its all Arthurian every medium. principle films the best known Boorman the standatd is John

Part Rise
This story tale, where the roles deals with The second the events concerns

2: The



of Camelot
portion diverges of the book setting. from deals Here, part with the vision of the

film, Excalibur, which inspiration. created

uses Morte D'Arthur against which

set out to tell an epic, and,

the I, MORDRED to concentrate

in so doing,

the popular

are measured. the other most famous film tackling comedy the myth often rendition those of is the

on the latter first part of this

Perhaps irreverent dismissed follows



and Mordred The

have switched segment time.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail. While as parody, earlier


of hero and villain. that England

the British


have led up to the current as it is now.


of the tale,



have attempted is perhaps novel. to approach T.H. White's which part, the myth, classic, which him the The cycle Before




Several most

novelists famous

of which

England was not always ruled by a tyrant. It was at one time a veritable paradise. Here is how it came to be as it is today.
Arthur of the land were at war. They hold of their small fiefs. the others. His name fought However, The latter the these natives goal: each

Once and Future King. This of the myth, on Arthur's day be king. Marion feminist center version concerns throne Zimmer retelling Bradley's She is best known childhood

tells the whole training

for its first

focuses to one

and Merlin's

All of the warlords other savagely one was greater Pendragon, power warlords one land, than

to claim

The Mists of Avalon features is not so despicable thrust behind

was Uther He possessed

of the tale, with Morgan and the main acting

Ie Fey at the in this the of the book

and his ally was the wizard, and an incubus. army against Urher and of the sun. The fought

Merlin. union

of the action. of the story, three women to manipulate

was the son of a woman of the Earth could men formed and foreigners, a powerful not stand. crushing


as powers


the other Merlin's

the men - the traditional central figures in the drama - in a struggle between the old religion (Druidism) and Christianity. Stephen novels Here, Atlantis, through most The the legend faithful Grail R. Lawhead's that Merlin Arthur. bring The Pendragon Cycle is a series back from to forge research makes story. theme in modern film and times it to its Celtic a unified into this origins. of of England the origins series one of the the last refugees of

and defeated

any who opposed

one king. to defy the Pendragon Gorlois' army stymied urging, banner. the he Uther in agreed,

At last, only one man chose Despite would-be needed called exchange and Uther Uther's king, might, refusing He traded Duke

the myth

is descended Lawhead's

to allow him the final victory At Merlin's Duke the Duke a vast amount Gorlois

and he attempts in Celtic

to lay claim a truce. for fealty

to the throne. to Uther

of land


as king.

to the original is a common

was crowned

King of all England. Following coronation, and Gorlois feast their alliance. despite by both with the the Uther held a


literature. Spielberg's


it is adapted


as in Stephen Tolkien's

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. Other metaphorically such as in J.R.R.

is used more
The Hobbit.

to celebrate

Other modern into receives past theme

elements settings.

of the The


frequently sword

resurface Luke Skywalker

in a boy

However, claims hood other, lived. feast, caught Duke's captivated was he that begged

magical lightsabre return


a king is evident his father's The

in Star Wars when of a mythic such

men of brotherthe truce During Uther sight of the So her to Uther beautiful with Merlin the

and emerges

as a champion from the R.

of the Rebellion. to right in modern


the wrongs fantasy The Chronicles

of the present literature

is a common as Stephen

was to be short-

Donaldson's King Arthur Western archetypes

of Thomas


and the Knights that resonate with

of the Round story creator

Table permeate built on alike.


It is a powerful

wife, Igraine.

and audience


her to love him. When Merlin refused, Uther fell

to his lust. He broke his truce with the Duke, and the


. two parties were once again at war.

The winner would win the right to attempt to free the sword. The man who could draw the sword from the stone would rule all England. All of Britain's greatest warriors came to the tournament including Sirs Ector and Kay and the youthful Arthur, who squired for his father and brother. However, when it was Kay's turn to participate, he discovered his sword was missing. Ashamed at having forgotten his brother's weapon, Arthur hurried back to the family's tent to retrieve it only to find that it had been stolen. Despondent, the young squire spotted Excalibur lodged in the stone. Thinking quickly, he withdrew it easily and returned, presenting the artifact to Kay. Arthur's triumph was immediately discredited as a mistake. However, Merlin appeared and instructed Arthur to return the sword to the stone and to try again. Arthur did so, once again drawing the blade out easily. Many knights swore fealty to Arthur as the true king, but not all were so easily swayed. Sir Urienes and Sir Cuthbert both refused to acknowledge Arthur's claim to the throne, and they assembled their armies against him. As the battle culminated, Arthur faced Urienes and defeated him with Excalibur. Rather then finish his foe, he spared the knight's life. Consequently, Urienes at last accepted Arthur and joined the rest of the noble knights in joining Arthur at his father's great keep, Camelot, forming an allegiance that would come to be known throughout the land. The enigmatic Merlin joined this fledgling royal court, acting as advisor just as he had to Arthur's father. The wizard counseled Arthur to unite his knights around a round table where all would be equal since there ' was no head or foot.

To stop the bloodshed, Merlin relented. He agreed to enchant Uther so that he would look like the Duke. In this disguise, Uther could then sneak into the castle, pose as Igraine's husband, and have sex with her. However, he made the king swear that any child conceived from the union would belong to Merlin, not Uther. Burning with destructive lust and heedless of the consequences, Uther agreed. Merlin enchanted Uther, and the king rode to Gorlois's castle in the guise of the Duke. There, he raped Igraine without her ever knowing it was a man other than her husband who shared her bed that night. After he had spent his passion, he returned home, leaving Igraine sleeping and pregnant. Upon his return, he learned that the Duke had been killed in battle. With no one left to stop him, Uther returned to the Duke's castle, claimed Igraine as his queen, and married her. Several months later, Igraine gave birth to a baby boy, whom they named Arthur. Their joy was short-lived, though. Merlin appeared and forced Uther to make good on his bargain. The wizard took the sleeping child from his mother's arms and left the castle. He delivered Arthur to an upstanding knight named Sir Ector and bade him to raise the child as his own son. No one was ever to know the truth. Ector agreed and raised Arthur with his own son, Kay. Shortly thereafter, Uther became sick from a mysterious illness. He perished only a few days later. The land was without a king again and plunged into war.

The Sword

in the Stone

gland's warlords once again ring each other in a mad quest Uther's vacant throne, Merlin searched for some means by which to bring about peace. He watched the bloodshed from his cave on the southern shore and used his magic to ind a sign that would give him me clue as to how to resolve the emma. Eventually, he made his to a long-forgotten undernd lake. Here, he communed ' with the Lady of the Lake, an ancient spirit and the guardian of Excalibur, the Sword of Kings. The wizard obtained the sword from her and took it to the Forest of Br. There, he lodged it in a stone the size of a cart and enchanted it so that only the hand of Uther Pendragon's true heir could free it. Once finished, he whispered into the dreaming ears of all of England's noble knights that there would be a tournament in three days. 7

Arthur crushing

Ie Fey ruled with an iron fist, his knights all who opposed him. After allegiance forgiveness young woman swore rooting out and king.

The Upon

Swordbridge, meeting

and the queen,

Meleagant though, in him.

five years of war, the to the young

Lancelot love with They secret another, from Merlin unspoken felt both kept

fell madly Guinevere their one

and dangerously and she with a

last of the opposition In the aftermath, came forth She was a radiant Guinevere, peace in return

the daughter and bold

of the last of the warlords for her father. named He offered after and soon


to beg Arthur's and the king took for her hand.

even from both horrible

suffering guilt. and

to her at once. She agreed,

saw their desire sympathy for them.

they were married. In the darkness watched before, married doing. lingered learning Merlin destroy guise smell everyone knowledge Uther Her of the forest, scowling Igraine, living Pendragon though, with another hatred. woman years Gorlois, in so Fey people, and to in the - and could her magical

the wedding her mother, in the woods, their magic, for the death with

Twenty Arthur

and disgust though. He was determined undo not the

had deceived

her father,

He said nothing,

and created with

name was Morgan,

and for many the mystical Uther Combining

years she had


and blaming of her father.

Pendragon she schemed

allow lust to kingdom he'd built as

her thirst

for revenge, She came long

her half-brother. of a friend accepted her ambitions. Morgan into

to the court lost sister who

it had with Merlin noticed,

Uther. the only who noticed he travel their secret desire. Morgan Tristam, what she this news to against

the king's her except

was not

for Merlin,

Ie Fey also spied it. She told her agent, and suggested Meleagant, and his court. Lancelot The married his cousin, Arthur who had long

to Bur and relate held a grudge

As time passed, of Camelot. whispered the seeds opportunity angered deceit

became numerous in Arthur's itself Sir Tristam

a fixture

in the Royal

Court and she

She stayed of discontent presented named

close to the king and queen, ears in an attempt paradise. of Lyoness. of a bold about

to sow the but easily the loss

In the meantime, lady-in-waiting. Galahad's attacked would, time turret. sword urged Camelot, Lancelot

Lady Elaine, struck. While

the queen's his men her he in hoped

Eventually, Sir Tristam

two had a son: Galahad. Meleagant Guinevere

On the day of and spirited

in the form



he kidnapped in the Forest dashed arriving with

was loyal to the king, but he was also bitter of his castle peace. Morgan mold and watching and his betrothed, used his anger into with suspicious Lady Isolde, given away in marriage Sir Tristam to seal a breach

away to his tower the forests

of Br. As Morgan at the Tower Guinevere Still pure crossed

who had been appeal to

away to save his queen. carry the lovely a surface his quarry.

He crossed of Br just into the of a he

in the kingdom's always at her side

on horseback, a bridge him from forward

and her own sultry eyes.

to see Meleagant However, separated his steed leap. he faced rushed into

her loyal watchdog,

like the blade

of heart,

and successfully

the bridge


du Lac
from France. Aboard was one of the Lancelot was of to one du knights in the world, shined pure. To his great of his sword. the legendary sorrow, When

in a single Once stabbed Meleagant seen again unable Guinevere unwittingly inside,

Later, a ship arrived Lac. His armor unequivocally found Arthur test after

Meleagant the forest Court. their themselves

in mortal


and and was not and

the dark knight by Arthur's consummated damning

in the chest,

splitting with Lancelot

him open. emotion and of Br,

like silver,

and his heart

to save himself

he had never he heard knights and to he came

Overcome passion

a king worthy and his Knights mettle. Arthur that unable knight's another their

to resist

each other

any longer,

of the Round them forth


in the Tower

He fought rode to defeat magic sword Lancelot

each of Arthur's all. Angered with Excalibur

and Camelot.

and defeated the foreign

at Lancelot's

impudence, demanded However, the other than

During pursued chased could

and the Fall of Camelot

their them, return begging a knight. from Br, Lancelot Parsifal. and Guinevere For three were so he by a scruffy lad named Lancelot Both days he


face him in combat. the king was forced Arthur shattered

him alone, with

draw on Excalibur's bitterness,

to beat Lancelot. his enhanced expressed

to take him to Camelot of them laughed at him, blood them boy. of noble a stable

blow, but rather

become that

joy. At last he had found


one had to be born Undaunted, where he became

to take up all the

a king to serve.

the knighthood. way to Camelot,

the boy followed

Certain continually them. meet

that Finally,

Lancelot spread Guinevere

and Guinevere rumors demanded of Truth:

had sinned, with that regard Morgan's knowing was certain without

Morgan champion a that that corrupt. the in her

Merlin's Merlin labored magical

Ruin was furious to create. combat, with Morgan He pulled determined Foolishly, he arrived, wizard for corrupting what he had her to of


to the two of

her aside and challenged him to meet Merlin Morgan

hers in a Contest

no liar can win against Despite

to be rid of her once and for all. her at the remains for him met her as she was waiting they were able to to remain closed

just man on the field of battle. Lancelot Tristam Moreover, power eventual was Morgan's of Excalibur vindication, creature to assist

She agreed, Meleagant's requested. with defeat a cadre

and instructed tower. When

was the false one, Guinevere no one had ever beaten she challenged dawn.

and therefore Lancelot Morgan, him. Thus,

equally secure

of her loyal Fey. Together, they enchanted the door


the powerful

and seal him in the tower.

and the duel

To be certain, for 100 years.

was set for the following However, Arthur his affair as a result, some struck time

in the night, with


dreamed Feeling not defeat

that over Tristam

Merlin body to guide

was not quite and passed England's into

defeated, the realms ftom

though. beyond beyond

He abandoned life. There, death.

his he swore

him down



with the queen he fled into

and sure he could the forest


and was not seen again. Conceiving In Camelot, heavily an Heir Arthur fell into childless, altogether. despair. Morgan First He began moved to drink in exile to play her a He saw

and lost interest of revenge. him into

in ruling.



and the royal couple masterstroke from vision, her half-brother dropping fierce

She contrived

to steal the kingdom she gave Arthur sleep.

a heavy and troubled in the hand

the kingdom man with reign Arthur The

fall, he saw Excalibur at the hands

of a young He also and a new

eyes, and he saw Lancelot's of this youth


saw his own death in Camelot. awoke, evil woman

sweaty that

and dazed. into dazed



used the same

enchantment of Guinevere. had happened, from

Merlin slipped

had cast on Uther her brother's and drunk

to fool Igraine. bed in the guise of what a son

Arthur, made

and forgetful conceived

love to her. Morgan threw

the union

and then Soon,

off her disguise rejoicing, be born, and Merlin

and laughed and returned and Arthur had inflicted

at the king. would

She rode out of Camelot, her son would his father

to her Fey people. on her family. The Many Quest for

pay for the crimes

the Grail and Arthur's to control in wine and fell into Galahad, with into despair, now a as a fat and at his of came to kingdom the land, became more

years passed,

decayed. The next morning, prepared with no champion King Arthur. hand boy, Parsifal, unable to defend With her honor, and Morgan He his because, Tristam drowning debauchery. praying grown wretched servants hate him.

In place of wisdom sword people his misery The for deliverance. man, watched tyrant,

and strength,

he used his army

and his magical Guinevere prepared volunteered queen's as king, to face the justice of the royal court a smirk, when

her cuckolded and determined honor.

husband, stable Arthur,

to raise Tristam's

in victory in combat knighted

the scruffy

fear and horror commands

came forward. to defend Parsifal.

the once great

king declined barking

to face Sir Tristam

to act on her behalf stable

and punishing

the smallest

he had to serve as judge, Arthur exiled Guinevere Camelot,


Even the knights

won easily, overmatching no choice, distant was undone. land of Ireland.

the untrained without

boy. Left with in the or queen,

to a nunnery honor

Years after dream, time, though,



betrayed vision.

him with: This


had another it was Merlin

who whispered

in his sleep. The time when kingdom beacon Then, Riddle Upon Camelot


ancient Arthur



him an earlier plenitude, peace

Now, former

Mordred glory.

is assembling Behind

an army of any who will see a returned to its and the of the Fey, his mother, The war is only

was the most

beautiful a shining

and idyllic and glorious had become. the

weak and cowardly and righteous promised return just beginning.

king fall and the land him are a legion Before Knights.

in the world. of light

saw greenery, that Camelot

and joy. Then

he saw the Grailin the darkness faded, Merlin


him lies Camelot

of the Grail

as the vision


him to unravel

of the Throne. awakening, that he summoned the remaining the dream Knights of

Life in Arthur's
At one time, The Land

was idyllic. are is more One thorough Arthur than became disinterested even she despondent. in virtuNot so anymore.

the Round Convinced of Christ instructed Tristam, The Grail

Table and explained

to them.

life in England and the King revenge

he must have the Grail - the legendary Cup to solve the Riddle of the Throne, Arthur his knights to find it for him. Galahad, Parsifal, Gawaine, and Gareth them exchanged time looks of disbelief. and their this to none of At dawn, rode out had been lost since unguarded. return Galahad to Camelot knights immemorial,

Morgan realizes.

Ie Fey's The


of the land are tied and he became

to its king. When

he was forced ally anything When produce. winters there that miserable Arthur

to exile Guinevere,

king commanded Camelot Arthur, them

to find it, even at the risk of leaving attempted until to explain that him and declared it was found. in the kingdom quest.

His will to rule eroded,

but wine and his own dissatisfaction. the land too gave up its will to began to drop seasons off rapidly. set in. Before and the people he hopes Longer long, were as growing

but the king chastised could

this happened, Harvest and shorter wasn't enough


the five greatest on what


they all believed

to be a doomed

to go around, and that Not

The Return of Mordred

Years passed
did not return, maintain warlords spoils with no end to the Quest. Arthur control land. watched their her son, Mordred, of magic and and the and childless, He and reign tutelage greedily, The Grail Knights of to and they found few leads on the existence and his

as their king. This

has forgotten marriage, of the Grail.

is the Riddle

of the Throne to rediscover destroy

with people

the return

only did Morgan

her half-brother's

she doomed

the land and its

the cup. Eventually, even token began

grew too weak and sickly over the kingdom, themselves


to fight


over the few

The Petty Tyrant

left in the broken

Arthur cannot lashes At some his fault, unable him the secrets for his father He grew strong marriage corrupt not blind

and too drunk perceives

to see the solution the effects And yet their

for himself, pleas that this he is

In the Forest

of Br, Morgan

nevertheless reach

of his fall. He is

grow while her Fey People Morgan overlong fearless, kingdom. Mordred instilled


to his people's


and the art of war. He absorbed

him. So sorry

does he feel for himself believes himself that

in her son hatred he realized

out at any who dare to point level deep in his soul, Arthur but he is unable it. to forgive to acknowledge he turns barks them orders foolhardy when tribute,

out his shortcomings. for it and, thus,

grip he held on the land. and, eventually, With Arthur's

his place in his father's to the throne.

long-dissolved claim end Arthur's

had the only legitimate conspired to finally

Consequently, outward. them then people

his rage and his self-loathing at his knights. and dangerous citing




set the land to rights. Morgan magical gave him a suit of armor and an capable any coat or with anticipation, rode to Camelot time and met half-spear

to undertake chastises

missions that right them.

and the to

they fail. He demands his blood failed he has somehow at himself,

give him proper

enchanted mail. Flush Mordred for the his father encountered man, weakly

rule, even when The guilty. angrier

he knows

of penetrating

he becomes the crimes demanding

the less he is willing he believes himself he becomes him. There he shares crueler is a and he


acknowledge and more bottomless cannot

of which

to be

As this inner

conflict of those

escalates, around


in court. a broken

old clutching that

pit in his soul created

by his sorrow,

find anything

to fill it. Hence,

his misery.

fat and sallow, at Excalibur.

The Taxmen
As the land suffered, Suddenly, functioning, began could 10 give. so did the coffers of the king. Arthur than it it was difficult to keep his army fed, his castle Consequently, the land for more


he demanded heir.

the king abdicate to him, its rightful Arthur promised balked, war.

the throne

and his wine plentiful.

and Mordred

to raise taxes, squeezing

Sir Kay, Arthur's given Instead cleaning With steal. a cadre Collectively, have begun these

adopted soldiers asking

brother became

and tax collector, known


pinched king's dying

and distributed physicians of Camelot,

to the starving

and destitute. to treat


of soldiers

to help him in his duties. as the Taxmen. Sir Kay and his men after village and are put to death. has set no gold to for the money, village who resist

are kidnapped Br, Salisbury, continued

and taken Leicester

the ill and

and Dartmoor.

of simply the coffers

And to Arthur's


the rebels seem to

to take it, storming dry. Those

vanish in the wind when their raids are complete. At last someone resentful Mordred's and, with Kay than folk have joined Casualties Unfortunately, his actions hopes with in his costs just the people from banner. the Grail have what Now, the Taxmen, tyranny Knights In the Forest they villagers have yearned for: to


or no money, he takes

vast poverty where any food

and starvation

to lead them. of Arthur's

have the courage and warlords to rally to

in, most returning With


in Ireland,

Kay has found or livestock it to his men. comes through burning sickness. bodies

hide supplies

and knights have begun


he can find,

it to Camelot and cold run almost find funds, afraid

or feeding inevitably unchecked

of Br, an army many to strike.

is gathering, of those who


Famine rather

not returned,

and plague collecting

the kingdom.

feel now is the time of War while Mordred have made with

and his Taxmen back to Camelot. Both Arthur time anger,

themselves to carry

the ills of the common

is moving the king's

to liberate forces being nearly rescued.

England, he always not in

life difficult

for the very people

Sir Kay and his predecessor, to the Grail to relent. They

Sir Gareth Quest), them

of Orkney

to save. A battle the lives of some peasants of what up and cause because

(who was reassigned

have pleaded again. outlet Mired for his

of the villagers have learned some of them

have suggested taxing that has

he give the villages

Consequently, may show

to fear the Taxmen Mordred to be slaughtered

to rest and grow before and having commands England the king

they will take, but because the crossfire. Similarly, from

own self-loathing they take all that to give and then Unfortunately, of nobles to their stances, suggested ters them Raid

no suitable

as Arthur slipping

can feel away what

take whatever

is left when that is gone. only the richest and owing made have anything, willing tributes once the daughand sell to pay.

the kingdom all dictators Higher swift become England. more often righteous, for small taxes, and grim

him, he has done

in his situation his grip. law, and have martial

they have tax immunity to the king. Under they take

do: he has tightened

the circum-


Sir Gareth

transgressions a fact of life in

To defy the king is risk that Mordred suffering. of Opinion itself is plagued and conflicting one problem son: he's pure of useful may be than not does not but his war is terrible

of the peasants to anyone


an extraordinary pay dividends. causing

on Dartmoor began overtaxing. tribute his campaign to the Last winter, to in to back then sent him back to for the

Mordred of terror king's wring through him. They Taxmen Camelot king: as Kay's

in reaction men attempted

A Difference The rebellion There's

out of Dartmoor, rode snow with the and effective instructions. encampment, the Taxmen in seemingly can be from They are than people thus Rather of his men and a message shall be free. Where He rides collected gold, from

with indecision visions. of heart. revenge, far. But he has begun than bring them raided among with Morgan's

the son of Arthur

the blowing butchered with

an army of Fey warriors

As an instrument he's proven supplies them to defy his mother's

but left Kay alive. Mordred the heads of England

back to their Rather

the people

he distributes physicians,

the people.

Since then, the raids have continued. found, thin steal more soldiers so can Mordred's air with their and return weapons Food weapons. forces.

kill Arthur's

he forces to suffer.

to tend to the

the king has caused

the Fey at his side. They the goods and their supplies


the king's

All of this is contrary everything wants to doing II

to Morgan's While

plans. Mordred

She has ruined but she still and that's the is well on his way

to the people. caravans

her half-brother that, he is giving

has ever created, the people hope,

and use it to purchase the king's

to take his throne.

last thing consuming England that If Mordred

Morgan to suffer


So black

is her hatred, that she wants Arthur he loved some that it takes

so allall of to know and ruled. of the sting

A Land Something Arthur's scattered camp he

in Chaos has to give soon. people defenses across are weakened the known larger, Mordred now. The It is early summer, are starving with senses world. the Grail that thirst and the time Knights still to build his

her desire

for revenge

at her hand. destroyed There

She wants

she utterly

the land

for war is ripe. The

and overtaxed. mount he needs for revenge move against in the

is able to act as savior,

out of her victory. Worse, upon other

is still a chance

for redemption. When completely is growing more difficult to of her assistance. has plans signs doubt.


of the rebellion. satisfaction long lost


are rallying However, that,

to his cause. his rebellion

his army a little demands son before remains England

but Morgan's to preserve

had only the Fey to support her for his success. to challenge to realize large enough

him, he depended the king without he has become neither is showing further

king must

if he wants

his rule, but he

in his wine. on the edge of final ruin. everything both needs sides heroes, The but coming battle hope to

As he has come break with strain, Merlin Despite Merlin uncertain approached being

for her to manipulate. the other, casting England's

At the moment, but the alliance future into


may well destroy to save. The be seen if enough

of the conflict

land desperately

it remains

of them can stave off the imminent



by Morgan Arthur

and the Fey years ago, as best he can. He has he has become The great wizard has

has continued of Arthur's

to advise fitness

Part 3: Heroes ana Monsters

This section offers players for their and GM's campaigns.

him less and less because to reign.

not given up on his friend Ironically, Merlin Camelot whether Arthur has begun

yet, however. to speak of his contact This with beasts tained Game from within Content.



new options

A new Character Class, the Noble appears followed by several legendary Mythos. All of the material is designated conOpen of the book


and more claims

in recent


news has set are the to the pause be, but no

the Arthurian this portion

and the rest of England Arthur's ravings return. of a drunk spread hand

afire. No one is certain with Merlin has begun guides further the wizard's

of communion the rumor Merlin

or if they portend that

As a result,

New CharacterClass
The following class is a standard of a character's PC Class career. and may be taken at the beginning

once again Morgan

of the king, giving to the rebellion. convinced evidence and, thus, that

Ie Fey is

it cannot

Noble Knight
More than a mere Fighter, and upright from the nobility humility, their these warriors are the most They of the early portions Once sovereign, chivalrous are drawn their knighted, swearing A Noble agent Round waiting Despite conflict claim tyranny the lawful Camelot, individuals honor, in all of England. and service.

she has been able to gather to support the rumor

her claim, has continued

and spend

to gain credence.

lives learning to uphold Knight virtually Table. Now, to see what

they dedicate

lives to their

the law in his name. a Paladin. Prior Knights before Lawful. He or she is less an to the Fall of were members aren't, and some there they choose support of the are a side. him as Mordred neglect and

is not quite than all Noble some

of the Church

a lord.

are, some

will happen of being that

the restriction here. Those ruler

is no inherent

side with Arthur Those

of England.

who support to rule through heir.

the king has lost the right and see Mordred

as the lawful Knight's

In the old days, a Noble varied. - either Now,


were many


they seem to surround

one goal: find Mordred

to kill him or join him.




d1o at 1st Level: Animal Handle Swim, (4 + Int Modifier) Level: Balance, Heal, Climb, x 4 Craft, Jump, Ride, at Each Additional Empathy, Animal, Use Rope Proficiency: Noble Knights are proficient of armor Weapons and all forms 4 + Int Modifer

As they are sworn lord, they cannot


to uphold be Neutral Knights


the law in the name or Chaotic. have the following


of their Class
3 - I.

Skill Points Skill Points Class Sense Weapon Skills: Diplomacy,

Class Features:


at a rate

on Table


Weapon character The

Focus: Lance Feat: gains the Weapon may choose

Upon Focus whether

reaching to focus


Level, the a light or


Feat for free for lance. with

and Armor


with all Simple and shields. Starling Special Gold:

and Martial 6d6 x 10 Noble That must

heavy lance. Aura effects Will

of Courage
Saves against




is now immune a +4 within Morale

to the to

of Fear. He or she may grant Fear to all those


Restriction: blood.



be born must


10 feet of him or

uncommon Thus, creation

is, the character take this Character at all. Noble

be a member at character train for

her at will.

of the nobility a character


only they can aspire be taken

to knighthood. Class Knights









or her


to all Saving (Su):

Throw The

attempts character Bonus


this point

forward. he or the

or it cannot

Pure of Hearl she is immune character gains

is so virtuous spells.


years before Additionally,

they are knighted. Noble Knights must be Lawful in Alignment.

to all Sleep a + 2 Class

and Charm


to all Will Saves.

Table 3-1: Noble


+2 +3

Class Features
+0 +0 Class Features Bonus Feat Weapon Focus: Lance

Base Attack Bonus

+1 +2

+0 +0

3 4 5 6 7 8 9

+3 +4 +5 + 6/ + I +7/+2 + 8/ + 3 +9/+4

+3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6
+7 I +7 +8 +8 +9 +9 +10 +10 +11 +11 +12

+1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3
+3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6

+1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3
+3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6 Bonus Feat Bonus Feat Bonus Feat Bonus Feat Pure of Heart Bonus Feat Bonus Feat Aura of Courage

Noble Grace

+ 10/ + 5
+ 11/+6/+ + 12/+7/+2 +13/+8/+3 + 14/+9/+4 +15/+10/+5
+ 16/ + I 1/ + 6/ + I + 17/ + 12/ + 7/+ 2

11 12 '3 '4 '5 16 '7 18 '9 20

+ 18/+ 13/+8/+ + 19/+ I 3/+9/+4 +20/+

14/+ 10/+5


their hands a great deal when speaking a useful distraction should they decide to weave an illusion. Many wanderers in the Forest of Br have become lost forever or


3- 2: Restricted Equipment

been driven


mad as a result

of the

Fey's phantasms, fashioned,

and villagers goods.

are leery of oddly

The following items are not available in an I, MORDRED campaign: Simple


them when they come to trade their handmade Morgan

Javelin Light Crossbow Punching Sickle Dagger

In her youth,

left the court Pendragon,

of her

stepfather, King Uther

lost in the depths she made came upon marveled
and at the

and became Frightened, sound and

of the woods.

her way to the nearest an encampment




Heavy Pick Light Pick Rapier Sap Scimitar Trident

of the Fey. She

at the size

of the camp, at the gardens, of the weird-looking folk

them and was shortly thereafter.



she approached

their fold


many years she lived with


them, learning In return, and later



Hand Crossbow Kama Nunchaku Repeating Crossbow Shuriken Alchemist's Inkpen Spyglass Water Sled Clock Fire

skills and their

Pendragon England they'd

she shared

with Arthur with

them her hatred for Uther

and convinced them that, under the rule of so corrupt a

never be safe from
was allowed

family, After



a year, Morgan

to partake

in the Wicker Man Festival, a month-long

celebration of Silvanis, Morgan and, on this occasion, she met the great and fearsome

Class Mounts

Tools and



Kits: Gear:

Green Knight.


He recognized
living amongst



she was,a his


liar and sneak, but did nothing

his people.

to stop her from

She respected To him,

rule as King of the Fey, and he didn't became of the human of humanity and, therefore, inconsequential. kingdom. was a blink

care what

in the eye of history

Not all equipment from
players. item Restricted items may not be purchased.
the standard

are listed

game is available to on Table 3 -2. Any such


The Fey organize themselves in clans,

holds one tier in an hierarchical are the most the general are master caste Lobeholders powerful comprise



of these
The virtually all


and control

The Fey
The Fey are an ancient racethat dwells in the darkest reaches of the Forest of Br.Longbelieved be a myth by the to people of Camelot, they were discovered to be very real in the last twenty years thanks to Morgan and her son, Mordred. The Fey worship a god called Silvanis, a Celtic deity with power over nature, and they believethat de

interests of the Fey. They

that The determines Lobeholders

a sort of ruling body direction of the nation at large.

artisans, extremely intelligent,

and keenly The

observant. hold the second tier in Fey Society. Their


mastery people

of combat and devotion to the defense of their has earned them the respect of all others among their
Silverkiels chafe under the caste system, despite

- the Green Knight (seebelow) - is his earthly extension. Due to their devout belief in Silvanis, and their heathen mastery of illusionarymagic,the Fey are shunned many of Camelot's more refined denizens.

race. The

their position




it. While

they have




an undercurrent

of dissatisfaction within

their ranks makes it always possible.

Beneath the Silverkiels While

Many yearsof inbreeding and hard living havemade the Fey a strange sight to behold. They have gangly limbs, narrow features, luminescent eyes, and long, pointed ears. They use

in the

are the
hold little social



power among the Fey, they are valued

for their command of

espionage. decisions other


in information The caste

brokering that allows

and in theft, the Fey to make

they contribute

key intelligence system

as a people.


are also fanatically

loyal to the existing clan beside invaluable

the Lobeholders. at the top.

- much more so than any This makes them an

Fey Racial
All Fey possess the following


ally to those

At the bottom Stonegrinders, nation. Despite they are almost the Giantsteppers, Even among who must work

of the Fey social who provide their history universally most reviled


are the labor for the and animals. those clan of the Fey, more than

Ability Scores: + 2 Charisma, -2


of the general

as the oldest as little

by the Lobeholders against

who see them for a living

Size: BaseSpeed: Low Light Vision (Ex):

Medium 30 ft. The Fey can see twice as far as a human in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, or other low-light conditions. retain the ability to distinguish between texture, and size. color, detail, They

the magical

Fey, class prejudice is prominent.

The Fey believe that the caste system Because on Earth, prefer they see the Green there is little encourage it because it protects threat Knight their that impetus

is the will of the Old God. as his living The atop position embodiment Lobeholders Fey society, God's them. Will In and

to change.

and they thus angry truth, worship The hatred most system. that to claim

the doctrine

of the Old to support

as well as the implied to encourage the Green as long

de Hautdesert will become care how the Fey rule to pay him tribute

the Giantsteppers Knight doesn't as they continue


him as a god. and respected Phelot, Silverkiels system urges make no secret of government, any course Mordred Phelot. Morgan, Ironically, attempts off taking Phelot he found to make the the throne with does a King Arthur, of their the




All Fey can cast the following spells three times per day in addition to any other spells to which they may have access:

for this antiquated vocal member, Morgan deter would vociferously

and their of action in his quest and this

his clan to overthrow

opposes aiding from

the Fey from of England with

the throne

Daze, Dancing Spell Immunity (Ex):


has set her at odds With

the venomous behind

and Ghost Sound. Fey are immune to Illusion and Sleep spells. They receive

the rest of the Silverkiels Instead,

not dare to make a move. for opportunities good youth without more Mordred Within political sixteenth leader before Neither Neither The believe human that foil in Mordred.

he bides

his time,


to sow discontent. He carefully be better he would The

the aid of the Fey and offers knights. growing the clans power. increasingly themselves, Thus,

to help him recruit to bear fruit with his Fey allies. receives equal

2 Racial Bonus to Saving Throws versus Enchantment spells and their


plan has begun uncomfortable each member


Fey receive

a + 3

every individual individual

gets one vote in clanon a clan member's is recognized This as clan rule is also the revolution

wide matters.

The right to vote is conferred No single Knight. of age or experience.

birthday. regardless it starts: Morgan has joined

Racial Bonus to all Hide and Wilderness Lore checks.

Average Height: Average Weight: Challenge Rating:

5'7" 100 lbs.

will of the Green

In this way, he prevents

he is the only Fey chieftain. nor Mordred observes the Fey caste into one. system.

I +


a clan or married


of the Fey is a close-knit bivouac known darkest extended family. All of in the task in 15

Each of the Fey clans them which Forest coexist in a huge is located

only as the Camp, underbrush for a different

in the deepest,

of Br. Each clan is responsible

Fey society, The Clans

and each takes are described

its responsibility detail

very seriously. below.

in greater

The Lobeholders

Lobeholder Clan Traits

All Lobeholders have the following traits in addition to the ones they have for being Fey.


Lobeholders They

are the Fey's are smarter

master than They

craftsmen, the average

priests, Fey, units from as they of a to set up

and artisans. reclusive

and short-tempered. and dwellings. habit of tugging

live in family underground name stems ear lobes

five to seven and commonly their workshops clan-common appraise They status, This an object. the other with clans them

burrow Their


Usually Chaotic Neutral

Cleric, Druid, Wizard Loremaster, Sorcerer,

at their


as lesser, openly.

subservient and food

beings, high and


do not consort only causes

As a result

of their



Intelligence, + 1 Wisdom Lobeholders may take the following Skills as Class Skills in addition to those from their Character Classes: Alchemy, Appraise, Balance, Bluff, Climb, Craft, Handle Animal, Hide, Spellcraft, Wilderness Lore.

they receive

the best dwellings

in the Camp. military them. Thus, as possible.

the resentment

of the Stonegrinders


the Silverkiels strength, they keep their The their consult Lobeholders authority others

to grow. Due to the Silverkiels' remarks dictate and jibes as infrequent policy

the Lobeholders

do not want to provoke

for all of the Fey, yielding In matters of policy, knowledge with they does the

only to de Hautdesert. This typically is confined

only when their own considerable issues.

not suffice. Silverkiels

to conferring

on military



All Lobeholders may cast the following spells three times a day: Charm Person and Hypnotism. Twice per day, the character may
cast Hypnotic Pattern

and Minor Image. The Lobeholder may cast Suggestion once per day. Caster Level is equal to the Lobeholder's Dice. Hit

Clan Color:

Lobeholders can

Clan Bonus:

Appraise any object to within 1% of its value on a successful Skill check. If the roll fails the character is within 10% of its actual value.

Master Craftsman

of the Fey - A Lobeholder


The Silverkiels
The Silverkiels are the warriors protecting and brigands. skilled of the Fey. They the Camp They from brook are forever alert and watchful, eyes of outsiders refusing Silverkiels combat, Silverkiels only observe Giantsteppers Stonegrinders of the Camp, Stonegrinders to barter the prying The of the Fey in army. and they or alongside that the strata the Classes:

no nonsense,

or make deals with

interlopers. of Mordred's system,

are the most

and dangerous

and they make up the bulk are not interested members them

Giantstepper Alignment:

Usually Neutral Rogue, Sorcerer


in the caste Service

it when

of the Lobeholders in combat indifferent the barbaric

are watching. has made often and they resent receive.


to the social treatment

Abilities: Skills:



Giantsteppers the following Class Skills: Empathy,

may take Skills Animal as



Spell-casting (Sp):

traits in following have the All Silverkiels to the ones they have for being Fey: addition Good Usually Chaotic Alignment: Fighter, Ranger Classes: Abilities: + 1 Dexterity may take the Silverkiels skills: Skills as Class following to the Skills in addition their ones from Class: Bluff, Character Information, Gather Ride, Sense Intimidate, Motive. Spell-casting (Sp): Silverkiels following times may cast the' spells three

Concentration, Diplomacy, Gather Information, Hide, Heal, Speak Language. Three times per day a Giantstepper may cast Change Self and Sleep. He or she may also cast Invisibility and Misdirection twice per day and Hold Person once per day.

Clan Clan

Color: Bonus:

Green All Giantsteppers double their Speed no cost.


per day: Color



They may cast Blur and Mirror Image twice per Displacement day and once per day. Clan Clan Color: Bonus: Black Silverkiels Weapon free. receive Focus the Feat for

The The

Giantsteppers Giantsteppers brokers. sense are the Fey's They thieves, spies, worldly and and

information well-traveled have the best This

are the most

of all the Fey People, of humor. the caste staggering to the ancient them, quiet. system

and, as a result,

clan observes with shown their

with an almost of the The by the system they feed

religious Lobeholders disregard the Silverkiels peace by keeping information Lobeholder about masters

zeal. They

lick the boots

enthusiasm. social Still, but they preserve to their

enrages Silverkiel regularly.




The Green Knight (De Hautdesert)

Size: Huge Elemental

S tonegrinder

Clan Traits

Hit Dice: 24d8 Hit Points: 224 Initiative:

+ 120

Stonegrinders have all of the following traits in addition to their Fey Racial Traits: Alignment: Classes: Abilities: Skills:
Any Chaotic Cleric, Fighter, Sorcerer

- I (Dex)

Speed: 20 feet AC: 22 (-2 Size, - I Dex, + I 5 Natural) or 17 (-I Dex, +8 Full Plate Armor) (when polymorphed) Attacks: Slam +27/+22/+17/+12 melee (2d10+16) Battle Axe + 31/+26/+201+ 15 (ld8+ 14) Face/Reach: 10 feet by 5 feet 1 15 feet or 5 feet by 5 feet 1 5 feet (when polymorphed) Special Attacks: Animate Trees, Earth Mastery, Push Special Qualities: Elemental, Polymorph Self or

+ I Strength
In addition to those of their Character Class, Stonegrinders may take the following Skills as Class Skills: Craft, Ride, Spellcraft, and Wilderness Lore. Three times a day a Stonegrinder can cast Nystul's Magical Aura and Nystul's UndetectableAura. Twice a day the character can cast Leomund's Trap and Magic Mouth. He or she can cast Illusory Script once a day. Bronze Stonegrinders gain one Metamagic Feat for free.



Saves: Fort + 19, Ref +7, Will +9 Abilities: Cha 20 Str 33, Dex 8, Con 21, Int 16, Wis 12,

Skills: Hide -9*, Intimidate +20, Knowledge (Nature) +18, Listen +16, Spot +18, Wilderness Lore +25 Feats: Alertness, Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Critical (Battle Axe), Improved Critical (Slam), Power Attack, Sunder, Weapon Focus (Battle Axe) Climate/Terrain: Organization: Any Forest Unique 18

Clan Color: Clan Bonus:

Challenge Rating: Treasure: None. Alignment:



The 5 tonegrinders The Stonegrinders are the are the body of the Camp, other clans. Stone grinders Fey laborers who founded in their background, often their clan's origins. most common of the Fey. They and are less specialized than the take their name from the original their society, and take great pride reminding higher-caste Fey of

De Hautdesert - the Green Knight - is a unique Earth Elemental. In addition to the usual powers, he also has a few special ones of his own. He is attuned to the forest, and thus is a sort of tree elemental. In his usual form, he appears as an enormous oak tree, reaching some 30 feet in height. In this aspect, he resembles a treant, but he is no plant. He is from beyond this plane of existence. The Green Knight is a force with which to be reckoned in the dark depths of the Forest of Bur. He is the leader and king of the Fey and a master of trickery. He has no opinion regarding the impending war for the human throne since he is certain that he will continue to reign in the wilds unchallenged. Even Morgan Ie Fey is frightened of him, and she bows to his power over the woods (though she seeks some way to master him). The Fey are convinced that he is the last remaining "Old God," ruling the wilds as the One True God rules the faith of the humans. He resides deep in the darkest heart of Bur, where he plots his next prank against Arthur's questing knights. He is full of mirth at all times, although his humor is often cruel. No one knows how old he is, and none dare to ask.

As a result of their low station, the Stonegrinders do the lion's share of the work, eat the least appetizing food, and live in filthy hovels and diseased conditions on the outskirts of the Camp. Despite their misery, they rarely complain.

New Monsters
The following monsters are presented for addition to your campaign. Most are drawn directly from Arthurian myth. One - the Power Wraith - is a new creation based on Merlin's transformation and designed to enhance the setting. 18

De Hautdesert frequently polymorphs himself into a human wearing shining green plate armor. It is in this form that he generally chooses to approach human beings. He is particularly fond of chasing human women. While so disguised, he wields a + 3 magical battle axe. The Green Knight is a wild card in the power struggle for England and, regardless of the Fey People's loyalty to Morgan, should de Hautdesert command them to return to the forests, they will obey. This is one more reason Morgan seeks some means master him. As for Mordred, he is frightened of the Green Knight, having once seen his shift from elemental to human form. He is one more reason why Mordred would like to be less reliant on the Fey. Combat: The Green Knight is happy to battle in either of his two forms, though the elemental one gives him the most natural advantages. In human form he relies on his battle axe. As an elemental he simply beats his opponents into submission with his huge branches. In both guises, he will Animate Trees both to help him and to terrify his foes. Animate Trees (Sp): The Green Knight can Animate Trees within a 300 foot range at will. He can control up to 10 trees at once. It takes a tree a full round to uproot itself, but once it does so, it can move at a Speed of 10 feet. It otherwise fights as a trean t. Earth Mastery (Ex): If both his opponent and he are touching the ground, de Hautdesert gets a + I Attack and Damage Bonus. If his target is flying or in water, the Green Knight suffers a -4 penalty to both attacks and damage. Elemental: Immune to Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, Stunning, Critical Hits. Cannot be Flanked. Polymorph transform plate mail not count and

Hit Points: 3 55 Initiative: + 6 (Dex)

Speed: 20 ft., Swim 90 ft. AC: 23 (-2 size, +6 Dex, +9 natural) Attacks: Slam +25/+20/+ Face/Reach: 10 ft. by 5 ft./I5 I 5/+ 10 Melee (2d1O+ ft. I 3)

Special Attacks: Water Mastery, Drench, Vortex Special Qualities: Elemental, Damage Reduction Fire Immunity, Telepathy, One with the Land Saves: Fort + 22, Ref + 16, Will + 10 Abilities: Str 28, Dex 22, Con 2 I, Int 13, Wis 16, Cha 16 Skills: Listen + 26, Spot + 26, Scry + 12 Feats: Cleave, Great Cleave, Improved Cleave, Power Attack, Sunder, Improved Critical (Slam) Challenge Rating: Alignment: II 15/ + 3,

Lawful Good

The Lady Of the Lake, protector of Excalibur, is an Elder Water Elemental with a singular mission: to keep the rightful ruler of England on the throne. She is purely good, unable to misrepresent herself or the kingdom, and she and Merlin are forever at odds over his loyalty to the misguided Arthur. She is omniscient and fearless. In the end, she will attempt to guide the forces of magic and nature to depose Arthur through Mordred. It is she who controls the whims of Excalibur, and determines whom it will serve. She appears to her rare visitors as a beautiful, yet indistinct woman floating at the bottom of her subterranean lake. None have ever defeated the Lady in combat, and, although benign, she will battle in mortal combat with any who come to her in violence. are touching water, she gains a + I bonus to both her attack and damage rolls. However, she suffers a -4 penalty if both she and her target are landbound. Drench (Ex): The Lady of the Lake can extinguish any nonmagical flames of Large size or smaller. She can dispel magical fire by touching it as though she had cast Dispel Magic as a 30th Level Caster. Vortex (Ex): If she is submerged in water, the Lady can

Self (Sp): Three times per day, de Hautdesert can himself into a human wearing luminescent green and wielding a battle axe. Transforming back does towards his three times per day limit.

Water Mastery (Ex): If both the Lady and her opponent

Push (Ex): The Green Knight can start a Bull Rush without provoking an Attack of Opportunity. He must be in elemental form to use this ability.

The Lady of the Lake

Size: Huge

Elemental 150


Hit Dice: 30d8+



herself into a whirlpool once every ten minutes.

She can maintain this state for 15 rounds during which time she maintain a maximum height of 60 feet. Creatures caught within the vortex must make a Reflex Save at DC 32 or suffer 2d8 points of damage. An additional Reflex Saving Throw is necessary to avoid being swept up in the powerful currents. Those who fail are caught in the whirlpool and automatically take damage every round. Those with the Swim Skill can attempt a Skill check to escape.The DC is 32. Telepathy (Ex): The Lady of the Lake communicates through a special form of Telepathy. She has a continual link with Excalibur, and it is in this fashion that she communicates with the sword and directs it. Excalibur is completely devoted to her and does whatever she asks. She rarely speaks to those who come before her. Most often, she plants an idea in their minds and allows them to sort it out for themselves. On occasion, she will speak telepathically to others, but she prefers to limit this sort of contact. Resisting telepathic communication with her is possible, though difficult. A Will Save at DC 19 is required to block her thoughts. One with the Land (Ex): Like the Green Knight, the Lady of the Lake is tuned to the land in her case,all of England. She is a part of every lake and river in Britain, and will make appearances within them if she wishes to confront someone directly. Her link to the land allows her to know all of what happens within it. It is in this fashion that she guides the

employing Special Wraith Attacks


Power raith cannotattack unless W its magical abilities.

Attacks: retains The Power the Special,

of the base crearely on physical

It also has its abilities.

ture unless those contact.

spell-casting Special Special

Qualities: have any they Qualities

Power Wraiths

had in life. In addition, they acquire the ones listed below.



Power Wraiths

can only be hit from the

Material Plane by magical weaponswith an enchantment of + 3 or higher. This

Special Quality does not apply

on the

Ethereal Plane.

Dragon Manifestation (Su): Because is it incorporeal, a PowerWraith can only attack using magical spells, and The creature may circumvent
cannot affect anything on the physical plane of existence. this limitation by choosing to take on the material form of a dragon. This is an enormous strain on the Power Wraith, and the form can only be maintained for one hour for every five Hit Dice the creature has. A Power Wraith can only manifest once per week.

land's destiny through Excalibur and the king who wields it. Because she knows everything that happens in England, she can offer instructions on what should be done next. This also makes her a great source of information for those with the courage, wisdom, and means to contact her.

Power Wraith
Power Wraith is a template that can be added to any humanoid Druid character of at least 15th Level (hereafter, the "base creature"). Any character meeting the prerequisites has the option of accepting this template should their Hit Points ever fall to O. The creature's type changes to Undead. Otherwise, it uses all of the base creature's Special Abilities and statistics, except as noted below. Hit Dice: Increaseto d12. Speed: Power Wraiths maneuverability. fly at a speed of 30 feet with perfect

When in dragon form, the creature's size is Large, it gets a + 8 Natural AC Bonus, its movement increases to 40 feet,
it can fly at 150 feet with Poor maneuverability, and it has

a Face/Reachof 5 feet by 10 feet/IO feet. Dragon

Manifested Power Wraiths gain a + 5 bonus to Strength, Penalty to Dexterity, and +4 bonus to Charisma.


The PowerWraith gains the following Attacks while manifested: I Bite for 2d6, 2 Claws for Id8, 2 Wings for Id6, and I Tail Slap for Id8. The Bite usesthe full attack
bonus, Claws are at -5 to hit, Wings are -5 to hit and deal

half the creature's Strength Bonus instead of the full bonus, andthe Tail Slap is at -5 to the attack roll but deals I and
Strength Bonus in addition to its normal damage. The Power Wraith also acquires the ability

1/2 times the creature's


AC: Sameas

the base creature but only during ethereal

encounters. Power Wraiths can only be hit by magical weapons and spells from the Material Plane.


Fire in a 40-foot cone. The damagefor this

Breath Weapon is 1od8. The creature otherwise retains all of its abilities.It is also vulnerable in this state. While manifested as a dragon, the Power Wraith can be hit and killed normally.

The PowerWraith retains the attacks of the base

creature, although those relying on touch have no effect. The creature also retains its Druidic magic. Damage: Against Ethereal creatures, a PowerWraith usesits basecreature'sdamageratings. Against non-ethereal creatures, the 20

SpellResistance (Su): While theycanbeaffectedfrom the

Material Plane

by magic, Power Wraiths are still resistant to

magical effects.


have an SR of 20 as a result.
Wraiths can cast the spell,

Attacks: melee Level is the

Slam (1d4)

+11/+6 or Snake-spit



or Bite +11/+6 and Poison)




Telekinesis, once per round creature's Turn Dice. (Su):

as a free action.


Face/Reach: Special

5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet Fearsome Roar, Poison, Snake-spit Vision

Attacks: Qualities: Fort +7,


A Power Wraith

has +6


Special Saves:

Darkvision Ref +8, Will

60 feet, Low-Light +6 15, Int 6, Wis + 5,


of Xanadu
into Spell, cost.








Abilities: Skills: is has Move

Str 2 I, Dex 16, Con Hide + 5, Intimidate + 5

18, Cha 23

can whisper granting the Divine no experience it wants the vision Saves: Abilities: having receives Skills:

the ear of a being This Vision, with Second, to dream than

on the material power works First,

plane, to what + 8, Listen there Silently

him or her a vision.

similar chooses

two exceptions. the Power Wraith about, and then

Feats: None. Climate/Terrain: Organization: Challenge Any Forest Solitary 5

the target rather

the mortal

the Power Wraith.


as the base creature. as the base creature score to Charisma. with the exception Undead, of it and it

Rating: None. Usually 7-12


Treasure: Alignment:

no Constitution a + 4 Bonus Same

due to it being

Neutral HD (Large), 13-18


Advancement: as the base creature.



Feats: Same as the base creature. Usually Solitary. Base creature's + 4 wooded areas but can reside anywhere. Climate/Terrain: Organization: Challenge Treasure: Alignment: Advancement:



or Questing

is a strange

creature sighted

that within


the forests the body

of England.

It is frequently has the head and the to

the Forest

of Br. This


and neck of a snake, of a deer. It generally Questing appearance Beast

of a lion, and the legs and feet or hungry. quarry Though

Rating: None Any

does not like to be encountered cornered to provoke humanity, of knights

will dash away if it isn't makes

does little

its terrible looking

it a frequent


as the base creature.

make a name The which Questing sounds

for themselves. Beast is named for the horrible of 40 hounds cacophony even the bravest roar it makes, pursuing of knights or to is extremely

QuestingBeast (BeastGlatisant)
Size: Large Magical Hit Dice: 6d10 + Beast 12 (45)

like the baying their and can reduce

"questing" frightening quivering Combat:

after children. When

prey. This


+ 2 (Dex)

Speed: 60 feet AC: 15 (- 1 Size, + 3 Dex, + 3 Natural)


to fight, Usually, good

the Beast Glatisant prefers by using its Fearsome cowers When Roar in fear, the target its escape.



fear into ability

its opponents makes

(see below).

and the monster

this does-

n't work it will attempt to use its Snake-spit attack or to bite its opponent. The beast can also make a Slam attack by charging Roar its foe. All creatures from within 30 feet of the must make a of Fear as

Fearsome Questing Will though


Beast that cast by a 6th

can hear it when Level Spell-Caster.

it roars

Save at DC

19 or suffer

the effects

Snake-spit (Ex): The

fangs venom at a range must

Beast Glatisant can spit venom Save at DC


its for

of 40 feet in a line. Any creature

hit by the

make a Reflex

13 or be Blinded

I d6 rounds. Poison Failure is also 21 (Ex): causes Id4 Any creature must the target Damage points hit by the Questing Saving Id4 Throw of Damage Secondary to suffer points Beast's SnakeI I.

spit attack Constitution

make a Fortitude from

at DC

the Poison.

of Constitution



4: The Campaign
section of the book ideas offers for the and as well elements Grail. information and campaign overviews plus of Bur on Arthur's of Camelot


Patrols Knights)
Humanoid explorations of the Arthurian Camelot Located Camelot walled granite water. groups near Bodmin is King Arthur mall of brickwork Myth

background England GM. Detailed the Forest of some

(3rd Level Noble

Size: Hit Dice: Hit Points: Initiative: Speed: AC:
Medium 3d10+9 23

are given unanswered

such as the Quest

for the Holy

+ 1 (Dex) 20 feet 20 (+ 1 Dex, +8 Full Plate Armor, + 1 Small Steel Shield) Heavy Lance + 8 melee (ld8+4) or Light Flail +7 melee (ld8+4)

on the southwestern Pendragon's structures

tip of England, - a sprawling with ambitions

castle-keep and turrets

to reach the sky. The by a moat roughly


walls, composed

of the same huge is filled with murky in face the northern


bricks as the rest of the village and castle, are surrounded 15 feet deep. The moat the perimeter opens mans A drawbridge from Knights of three. patrol every 20 minutes


5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet (10 feet with Lance) None. None. Fort + 6, Ref + 3,

of the mall, and a pair of archers Within

each of the six turrets. set in a pair of rows. monument with rampant

Special Special

Attacks: Qualities: Saves:

the walls are a dozen heavy buildings the royal standard interloper. jugglers, of Camelot. trades

In the back acres sits the castle itself, a hulking a facade depicting and mauling courtyard merchants a cowering where beggars,

of a gold dragon, them

Will +

The dual rows of buildings Between is a massive and other Arthur's blacksmiths,

make up the Village ply their


Str 18, Dex 13, Con 16, Int 11, Wis 12, Cha 13 Balance +4, Diplomacy +4, Heal +4, Intimidate +4, Jump +4, Swim +4 Ride +4,

in a sprawling




Mounted Combat, Ride-by Attack, Spirited Charge, Weapon Focus (Heavy Lance) Lawful Neutral on Heavy Points and and

Notes: These knights Warhorses. The mounts can attack with Id6+4 points + 1 melee for

are mounted have 35 Hit at They

2 hooves of damage.

+ 6 melee

can also bite at

+ 1d4 + 2


of damage. The
does unless

rider cannot attack while the horse he makes a Ride check at DC 10.


men patrol Patrols, and destitute basic The trade

this market

as well (use the stats are on foot), or tossing structures below. carrying

for the Knight off the diseased a different

but the soldiers

to the dungeons courtyard and is detailed

them out into the moat. houses

Each of the dozen



of Truth

Marketplace of the village's beggars, the grounds poisons, area is composed Although any item of all makes their of a menagerie Arthur's can be found and varieties, trades, here, and and of

The bulk vendors, patrol including information.

Arthur's subjects believe that in single combat no man who is untrue or unjust can defeat one who is pure in thought, word, and deed. When Morgan's lover, Sir Tristam Queen Guinevere of being young Sir Parsifal to of Lyoness, accused unfaithful and faced her guilt, a new

and performers. constantly, weapons practicing harlots,




and pickpockets loathsome from

are at work

here day and night, many a nave visitor Although corruption criminal through, Arthur

tradition was born in Camelot. Every year on the anniversary of Tristam's victory, a tournament is held to resolve disputes any who hold a grudge through combat, or feud may enter and this

has been parted

his or her money. the lie elsewhere, center for have wandered close-up.

makes weak attempts marketplace

at controlling a profitable agents stronghold

just outside

his door, his real concerns even Mordred's

and this has made Camelot's activity. At times, disguised

test of arms. Known as the Contests the tournament is one of the most days of the year.

of Truth, celebrated

by the chaos and bustle

of the ever-busy

trade, so that they may spy on Arthur's

From all over England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, men travel to face one another in the courtyard of Camelot. All decisions are final, and two knights who've battled in a Contest of Truth may never again confront one another here. The contestants are free to choose their manner of combat, and everything from sword duels to jousts to pugilism is acceptable to settle a score. King Arthur himself judges veranda of his castle-keep. all battles from the


Size: Dice:

Medium 2d10+4


Hit Points: Initiative: Speed: AC:

19 + 3 (Dex) 3

16 (+3


It is dangerous, though, to have the king as the judge of one's dispute. Arthur's pain at the memory of having to exile Guinevere bleeds through his drink on this day, and he often issues extremely harsh and cruel punishments for those that lose. He longs to inflict his pain on Lancelot. Failing that, the poor sods who lose on this day, feel his wrath. Virtually all who participate know this, and savor the opportunity to see Arthur's cruelty inflicted on their foes. Those who fail, though, often wish they had made peace in some other fashion. The Contests of Truth are preceded by a full day

Dex, +3 StUdded Leather Armor) Longbow + 6 ranged (ld8) or Longsword (ld8+2) +4 melee
5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet None. None. Fort Will +5, Ref +3, + 2


Face/Reach: Special Special Attacks: Qualities: Saves: Abilities:

of feasting and join the festival.

revelry, and all are welcome to Mordred and Morgan use this

Str 15, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 14 Climb +10, Jump +9

as an opportunity to case Camelot and partake of the wares and foodstuffs of their rival. Only Merlin, in his undead state, is aware of their presence. A handful of Fey have joined the Contests in the past, usually pitting an angry Stonegrinder against a member of a higher Fey caste.

skills: Feats: Alignment:

Weapon Focus (Longbow) Lawful Neutral


In addition purchased night: acrobats. annual

to the illicit,

any legitimate rations


desired fruit

can be



is a kindly or a beggar

man always outside


in robes, often

his vow

here as well from perform a betting clowns,

and fresh dancers,

to horses day and and match

of poverty


He is bald and toothless, He shuns as works


and tack. Entertainers jugglers, Oftentimes Contests

in the marketplace

for a madman or Adept, offer The

the walls of his church, the spells of the Cleric of Lucifer and will not class.



and he rarely leaves as a result. condemning them sanctuary Armory is a small, and grounds. run secretly narrow to any character

man can find a boxing to wager, and there

or a test of strength

on which

is also the

of a magic-using

of Truth.

The Guard Houses

Heavily strategic locked intervals guardhouses along leading into Camelot's six turrets turret sit at is sixty Anyone to ninety the walls on either side. Each

The Armory weapons marketplace as a brothel varying beds, There church in the entire an antediluapart. has of porridge


once guards


to house of the for use for a bowl else.

and armor

for the common by Sir Gareth

and archers

It has since been converted of Orkney. themselves and nothing selling

feet in height caught days' snooping hard time

and is manned around

by a pair of longbow the guardhouse

archers. is subject

Ten girls of


ages are here at all times, and a lice-ridden each enclosed by a linen

in the dungeon.

bed. The shack is filled with such partition,

The Temple of Saint Peter

The Temple diseased, vian priest holes of Saint Peter is the only public is often by Father village, and, as a result, and pilgrim, filled to capacity is decrepit with the poor,

is no joy to be found fleeting pleasure,

here. The men who visit find only and the women from which who provide they cannot it have escape.

the most

fallen into a pit of misfortune

and sick. Overseen

Peter Pious,

the parish youngsters

and falling the ceiling

The Livery Stables

The Livery is an open stable to any willing Regis Argot. to pay the Regis is well his the eyes and will try "loaning" will right requisite known to cheat customer's charge. notice hand 10 silver any stranger horse As a result, the missing to the owner, by charging willing any character thumb

The pews are creaky and moist in it, and careless stained holes in its ancient shot bullets

with damp-rot,

have punched with stones

ugly, jagged and sling-

glass windows

for his bad breath

and wandering

over the long years of its service

to the kingdom.

his fee, then who looks

to anyone

to pay back twice closely on Regis'

and forefinger

The Wages of Sin

The price of a harlot depends upon her beauty and her background. Plain girls and those of common birth who have been working for some time can be purchased for a mere 5 silver. A beautiful woman or one who is a "new arrival" can cost as high 2 gold. To lay with an uncommon lady who has fallen on hard times will set a customer back 10 gold. Such are the tastes in Arthur's corrupt kingdom. The more beautiful something is, the greater the desire to defile it and, hence, the greater Partaking the cost to do so. of the charms of Sir Gareth's women

- the price of trying to cheat a Welsh knight. Any character who entrusts his or her mount to the Livery Stables regarding The The with Smithy Smithy is a hulking of metal Inside, metal, shop dozens pound weapons whose inhabitants and the smell and forge quality wares fill the air of acrid suits and are and quality. Caradoc, nosell for of and their faces a 10% chance Regis the character that it won't be there when he or she returns. will have a sudden case of amnesia

and his or her mount.

the clanging smoke. They smelt

on metal

furnace armor. regarded armor

of blacksmiths raw steel, of excellent



as the best

in the kingdom,


the arms

of the king and his men. All of their

twice the usual price and are considered The owner of the Smithy when the Grail is a former Quest

of Masterwork knight named

is not without its hazards. All who lay down with the brothel's prostitutes must make a Fortitude Save at DC 10. Failure saddles the character with a social disease. The incubation time is 24 hours and the character takes 1d3 points of temporary Constitution Damage. The character also takes 1 point of permanent Charisma Damage because the disease causes him to become covered they heal. in scabs that leave scars when

who retired madness nonsense behind weapons depose The



Arthur's days long with quality they will glory.


and old age publicly. is supplying Camelot grim soot, The

He is a gruff, Mordred

businessman and armor

who has put his adventuring in the hopes that one day soon

him. Secretly, Caradoc

the mad king and return reflects its owner's smeared

to its former outward iron air inside drop Only

Smithy black from

appearance: hinges, and dead the is almost

it is all heavy brick massive weekly 24 unbreathable

with doors.

steel double black lung

to an outsider,

and workers maladies.

and similar

enormous pitchy inside, grunt


and smelting greets

pots within

light frown

the dank

and Just

interior, Caradoc

and the smiths himself

on visitors. with a


customers of a visitor.

and sets to haggling the clothing Tavern ana

over his wares, his eyes always

Jericho (3rd Level

Size: Dice: Points:

Scurlock Wizard)
Medium 3d4 + 6 15 + 1 (Dex) 3

appraising Pellion's A mainstay Camelot. himself,

and equipment Inn


of the village, Inside, the first spirits,

Pellion's floor

is the oldest bustling laugh,

business with tends what

in those

is always a booming variety Grotas

Hit Hit

who seek good and wenches advertised Nickoladis his hand Meals



and literally.

Pellion bar, is with

a big-bellied

man with comely

Initiative: Speed: AC: Attacks: Face/Reach:

of the most as "the

serve his customers. prepares Pellion's son,


In the back, a hunched

Fey named


1 Dex) + 1 melee

best eats in the kingdom." watching

acts as a peacekeeper, resting on his mace. "family style" The beaver

over the tavern

Dagger (ld4)

are served often

at long banquet food is indeed



5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet Spell-casting None. Fort Will + 3, Ref +2, +4

strangers and some

seated side by side. Pellion believes this promotes very good, pie. Pellion found make a stop here even if it is out of their stew or mutton his spirits and strangers have often very gently. rooms The price a hand, bill



peace in his establishment. travelers way to sample out the hard Upstairs equipped of a single those the famous way that

Special Qualities:
Saves: Abilities:

makes his own beer and wine, he waters

Str 10, Dex 13, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 12

is the inn, which with feather beds night's


of ten small quilts. and Pellion

and sheepskin looks


rest is 6 silver, if the lodger point unable chores servitude


Alchemy + 12, Knowledge (Arcana) + 1O, Spellcraft + 8

meal in the price will be forced and exhausting The deems duration

ill. On the other the most

who find themselves at sword domestic of this

to pay an outstanding possible


to perform


Brew Potion, Craft Wondrous Item Neutral

to clear the debt. as Pellion

is as long

it necessary. House Scurlock a densely oddities, of Esoterica is known packed room throughout Camelot for his His and facade from a disciple due to his something of

Scurlock's Jericho shop, pickled Pellion's of Merlin master's dispute

Notes: Jericho has a smarmy personality that most people find repellent. He attempts to win over anyone he meets with his "vast magical knowledge" while foisting his questionable goods on them. He is more cautious around true magicians because, while he does seek to cheat them too, he also knows that their wrath can be terrifying. He doesn't wish to make a permanent enemy of any real wizard.


equipment is located

and his outrageous full of blank across for its brilliantly to have once to finish

prices. spell books painted been

the marketplace

and is remarkable but was unable untimely this claim, arts. have been a great here. He engages that are supposed many

and unnerving

air. He claims disappearance. and Jericho

his training knows

No one has been able to clearly

the magical If he could his talent potions person

magician, largely


he is wasting and magic Those to convince true them that his exorbitant prices are fair. of spell impotent, the price. of finding cause one inher-

in the sale of trinkets or enhance adventure

to ward off evil spirits,

spellcasters Scurlock's wrong.

who come does stock

to him find themselves a fair number

to fall in love with another, that Merlin of his items describe. caters their or won in some

sexual prowess. in a far land that

disappointed. components, or just plain anything shop. Whatever

He claims ited from

are rare commodities

but a great many of them are worthless, There is only a 30% chance seeks when is three times a true magician is available he or she enters

he can only vaguely Most of his business

to the common charms


of enough

the standard


He sells them

and performs


The Poor House

The poor house stinking, beggars, is a large common straw drunks, mattresses house filled wall to collects structure, set into a wall with and poor and

Jericho (3rd Level

Scurlock Wizard) (coned)

penniless making There

and vagrants.


and stagnates

in the corners

of the clay and brick just slots

the sick sicker, are no windows or a cruel

and the conditions in this structure, conscious more

even filthier. can drop than

While Jericho does have some things of real magical value (mostly spell components) the vast majority of his wares are junk. This includes the potions and wondrous items he crafts. He uses second-rate components and takes shortcuts when crafting them. While he has managed to make functional Magic Items using shoddy goods, they never seem to work right. Any item purchased from him has a 50% chance to fail, and all of his creations have half as many charges as a properly constructed item. Jericho guarantees his wares only if they are used correctly, and, when they fail and someone complains, he claims that his instructions were not followed as prescribed. knowledge is strong enough average purchaser. His magical to befuddle the

the walls where few cents, Sadly, there the former. The mattresses

a socially

passer-by of the latter

and self-satisfied many

one can urinate.

are a great

are all rotting stopping the common a rogue piece

and smell

of those across

who've the floor What

died in

on them

in the past.

Fat, gray rats skitter of some morsel

the dark of night, ard or sniff little be guarded possessions closely,

to chew on the feet of a drunkof food. lodgers of this hell have must by the desperate life spilling of of Camelot's over a mouthful

at the remains

or they will be stolen

and mad. Many out of a jagged food or a single "citizens"

has died on this floor, of copper. Far too many

rip in his or her stomach,

sleep here each night.

Jericho has a Wand of Hold Person he keeps up his sleeve for emergencies. It is the only Magic Item of command Spell-casting the a-Level true value that he possesses. The word is "stop," and it has 3 7 charges. (Sp): In addition spells, Jericho knows to knowing all the following:

The Baths
The bathhouse castle-keep holes baths, to tote deposit known, tubs There itself. is the oldest structure in the village box with beside steam the It is a low, flat limestone in the steam eager on the forest's destitute

in its bird-splattered tended

roof. For generations,

the business coin are

of the rich has been conducted by frail youngsters from a spring Tenders, hot water

of the mineral edge, and children

to make a quick

Isf Level: Charm Person, Expeditious Retreat, Hold Portal, Magic Missile, Nystul's Magical Aura, Protection from Evil, Unseen Servant 2nd Level; Arcane Endurance, Invisibility Treasure: Hidden bed, Jericho has savings. The chest Lock, Bull's Strength,

it here. The

as these

sleep and live here as well, resting

in the emptied

at the end of the day. are six tubs, to relax feuds. are, each fashioned members and hammer about The the Tenders out from deals tile and mortar, society and people They they however, in the can be they are will frequent dowry for land,

beneath a large

a trap door under chest containing with runes

his his

and the well-heeled the baths or stock, long-running but they village bribed be killed revealing their The or to bring

of Camelot

is covered

so as to

the end of costly pretend best-informed of society. information information,

make a potential thief think that it is magically trapped. Any spellcaster will instantly recognize them as bogus. The chest is locked Arcane Lock spell. If it can be opened, 700 pieces of silver inside. The wealth is tied up in his business. with there an are

to hear nothing,

in fact,

regarding to provide

the movements useful whose

rest of Jericho's

if the person or the owner

of the bathhouses


treachery. baths are owned middle-aged court. and quietly to demonstrate of power. While elite, his low birth and illiteracy and operated by Gringamore, of a better barks orders in the the in charge to join his crude realizing an life in at of

obsequious the Tenders corridors power language his dreams.

man who dreams He constantly that

the halls of Arthur's his establishment

he is firmly

begs to be included with

he is rich enough combined keep him from



The Home knights castle-keep hours those bribed Kingdom

of the Village - is the castle-keep of the Round Table and its famous as well as Excalibur, is separated from wall. The the Sword the village gate is guarded each armed to those or those the guards Floor - and of the of King Arthur Pendragon. of Camelot and daring of Kings, the by a ten-foot-high twenty-four with a heavy a they recognize, brandishing can be Gallery.


castle-keep Floor,


of three


the Ground


the Second centerpiece

and the Dungeon

of Camelot.

Ground Floor Gallery

Once inside
Gallery: have business be knights, bustling king's stables, torches the gate, visitors sawdust-floored collect of chaos. through floor with and newcomers menagerie court and cavort From time the massive the crowd enter of those wizards, the who woulda the a large,

the king. Aspiring throng

brick-and-mortar crossbow. writ from

and hangers-on and noisy

here, creating to time, the oak and metal toward

a day by three arriving to allow upon

Guardsmen, Arthur's leader. into

They will only allow passage orders, However, a foreign

Guardsmen careless light

ride in through


thundering all ground

of who may be under rooms.

hoof. Wall-mounted


the Ground


Guardsmen (5th Level Warriors)

Size: Hit Dice: Hit Points: Initiative: Speed: AC:
Medium Humanoid 5d10+ 13 46 + 3 (Dex) 30 feet' 16 (+ 3 Dex, + 3 Studded Leather Armor) Halberd + 7 melee (ld10+2) or Longsword +7 melee (ld8+2) 5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet None. None.

turrets, manned by a pair of Guardsmen with longbows (use the same stats for regular Guardsmen but substitute a longbow for the halberd). In the southeastern turret is the entrance to the concealed staircase to the second floor, and in the northeastern one is a staircase to the Dungeons of Camelot. These stairwells are functional, wooden steps. The Stables

row upon row of wooden stalls, each fitted with a trough and food bucket. At any given time, up to thirty warhorses are housed here including
stables contain a year).



own mount (he hasn't ridden this fine beast in The floors are covered in straw, sawdust, and heaps of dung nearly Augean in scope. Many a
has found never again. to wander lesson

vagabond begging The

himself cleaning this mess as Camelot's streets broke and

Face/Reach: Special Attacks: Special Qualities:


Behind a
The funds stacked Arthur's
his agents

iron floor


is the Treasury leather Once



Saves: Fort +6, Ref +4, Will + 3

are collected into heavy to ceiling.


sacks, per


in aisles, tax master

to count



Str 15, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 14

and stepbrother,

Sir Kay, instructs

It is guarded at all times

by 12 Guardsmen.


Climb + 10, Jump + 10, Ride +6 Feats: Alertness, Toughness Lawful Neutral

The Common




Once a bustling center of activity and revelry, the common dining room has fallen into disuse and decay. Initially a feasting place for the staff, guards, and visitors of the castle, the cavernous with lukewarm ary. The and echoing chamber stands room

mostly on the


small conclaves of servants and guards eating hurried,

meals here. It is the largest
arched ceilings statu-

ground floor with high


are seemingly
crystal chandeliers,


out of the marble


floor. The Royal Staircase


now creak the rats

under the weight

of years in here, could



and cobwebs. Whispers

carry like
entire from staff The within.

shouts Now


once upon
sounds ground

a time,

In the midst of the bedlam in the Gallery is a massive marble spiral staircase winding its way up to the second floor and curving down into the menacing darkness of the Dungeon of Camelot. Once a wonder of exquisite craftsmanship and royal elegance, the Royal Staircase has become a chipped, dirty reminder of Camelot's fading glory. It is stained with blood, wine, and boot waste, and has become quite slippery. For this reason, Arthur and his men more often use the concealed staircase within the turret.
Anyone Dexterity unfortunate attempting to climb the Royal Staircase must Failure Id6 points make causes a the check at DC to spill 7 to keep their footing. the hard steps for


hear the joyous

emanating assorted

it is a breeding

for diseased

and giant cockroaches.

and guards Kitchens to the dining

At any time of day, 1-10 will be here,eating quietly.

Similar mostly boiling,

room they serve, the kitchens are

deserted and quiet. A rare pot of stew may be

or a chicken might be roasting over the open pit in the center of the floor, but it is otherwise silent. A lone cook
galley, muttering about the wood-burning

mans the large, well-equipped ovens,


of damage.

dullness of his job. Within are five giant



Within the ground floor castle walls are the entrances to each of the four turrets. They are identical to the village's 28

a countertop spanning the length of the room, and all manner of crockery and brass cookware hanging from hooks in the ceiling, most of which is in disrepair. In the center of the floor is the aforementioned cooking pit, once

used to cook entire decades eaten long ago. Along variety sides entire hard the south

pigs. It is six feet deep, scorched

by of meals

room. frames

The wounded

and bleeding

are strapped

to bare wooden the ceiling. of the Sick originating or cadre agitated Sarcien, and taken on a of

of use, and filled with the dust and bones

to die in agonizing in wrought-iron cloth come the screams from

pain, and the mad and feeble gibber cages that hang from hang from the walls mostly deformed becomes executioner, man of Middle curved killing blade He has never

nonsense wall is a large, walk-in cheeses, grain pantry dried filled with a Heavy House insane to muffle

mats that are one foot thick of the dying. Anyone throughout the village,

of foodstuffs; food fallen The stored

sacks, kitchen is little

and salted

The victims born

of beef and venison, Fey Camp times

and kegs of beer and wine. There to feed the With of use for most away forgotten. are long gone.

is enough

in the unused there

in the Dungeon is brought blood-letters or defends the Moor, Eastern

of Camelot. and alchemists.

for one year, wasting on Camelot, days of huge banquets

here to be "pacified" or herself, Sarcien the king's is a huge a massive loincloth. instead slash

by the king's

If a "subject"

the facilities.

himself intercedes.

The Poor Room This doors Arthur Common the vermin





foyer a group

off the Common of beggars them

Dining arrive


was once

wearing prisoner the spot

only a blood-soaked back to the dungeon, with a beheading

used when


at the castle's Room and and

the victim

seeking would

a meal and warmth. allow remaining Room. live within from Now it.

To show his benevolence, and parties in the

of his blade.

in to wait in the Poor the feasts it is home

Second Floor Upon floor, emerging the Second

from Floor from the Royal Gallery Camelot's Staircase greets onto the second eye. A floor of the visitor's first Most - the

eat the scraps that


only to refuse



its noisy

and dirty art treasures. owing

for Arthur's houses floor, Chambers furnaces, infernos the king's wind. shop hulk (second within The floor), the is

companion, these cleaning,

it displays but many

The heat source Furnace through protecting Room with blacksmith, ragged this domain, Arthur's men. Room

have become

somewhat of them


to lack of

six giant roaring and into

each of which bedchambers, Furnace of a man

are still magnificent

ten feet by ten feet. The the brick him from Aclegis, coveralls creating

send heat

the bleak winter and forging a brawny most

also acts as a smithy

for the king's of for

and hearty

and a soft voice.

He is the master and armor

of the weapons

The Armory Next manner mounted mans take what Common The The beds, man Castle long, king to the Furnace of weaponry racks. the armory, Room is the common here, hanging are suits employed armory. from All wallcan

is housed

On the floor and anyone from

of armor.

No one

as a Guardsman

they please Barracks barracks

the walls.

common room anchored underneath Guards thankless

are the home and here,

of the Guardsmen. sets of sturdy bunk and the men will for each from 2-20


of one hundred the bottom

to the floor, sleep days in shifts reign.

a footlocker Guardsmen their exhausted time,

bed. The

of protecting

wine-sodden bunks.

and his failing

At any given

be snoring The The hearty people. leprous Sick

away in the sagging House is a horror

and ancient

Sick House of warriors The limbs

to all but the most pious and kind slashed, in the blood piles

sturdy of holy


and the most is awash

tile floor wounded,

of the diseased rotting, and Sarcien, the Moor, intercedes. of the 29

and mortally

and crushed,

lay in stinking

in every corner

echoes rooms

of Camelot's on the second


past glory. level.





comes restore

here to mourn the chamber.


for his lost friend,




From hidden Arthur. slides

its exterior, behind With aside

Merlin's door

Chambers known timed

do not appear only to Merlin

to exist, and sleep and

Hidden laboratory, table, rests anyone the dust massive

and separated a dense a tray of obscure



Chambers and benches. devices

is his private On each and tools of all and

a secret a carefully


of tables

tap at the wall, the door and surprisingly bed, soft thickness. while decadent sheets These

and alien-looking Beakers, everywhere. There Along

to reveal a plush quilts

on brass


vials, oils and potions is no sign that of time, one wall, a in a long period tomes

chamber, goose-down become

complete moth-eaten

with a four-poster of prodigious and worn time,


are scattered has entered is inches oaken thick

too have has not

this vault houses

out by age. Merlin


been here in some

and Arthur,

he occasionally


and canticles

in every


known bunk, dragons.

language. stacked with The

In a far corner astral projection

is a hunched books,

and rumpled "myth" of

better fight misery choicest

position. each other morsels.

When like Even

the food dogs in relief

is tossed from

to them, for misery,

they the is

high with door

even more

all of them Merlin's spell and can

as they


concerned Chambers

and the ancient the lab from with a Knock



in Camelot. and houses Pantry the fine ingredients vegetables three high of Arthur's daily jams,

can only be opened by magical

only be detected


Foodstuffs This shack Stacks

Royal Dining
Opening Royal Endless gold crystal chairs The Dining banquet and chandeliers edges,

archway, of finished upon the magnificence as opulent. wood, The gilded cut of perfectly room. and stained of the Hall can only be described dozens

feast. barrels jellies, bread shelves.

of beef, pork,

veal, and venison of loaves of wagon

sit alongside of yeasty wheels rest and stacked

off of a marble tables dozens

of pickled are stacked Rounds in the barrels

and jars of imported on cheesecloth-lined in smooth

and condiments.

Thousands the size

of cheese covered

decorate gold linen

the cavernous occupants, nameplates.


red wax,

are cut to fit specific with fresh places are always

of wine and ale reach

for the ceiling

and are labeled the year, with silver goblets silver and gold and the servants their The best livery. Royal Hall

one on another.

set, every day of and clean Cutlery dressed of in each plate,

This Knights Quest empty rooms,

Knights' chamber that

Quarters houses nine small, richly furnished all of stand The bed, rack. sparse feather

and plates.

is set beside are always

apartments the occupants

are home Table. have been 10 years. with contain

to the remaining Unfortunately, They thick now away on the Grail gray dust. a thick

of the Round for nearly while

is another mental in this yet, or spoken every

sign of No of room

King Arthur's one has feasted matters of state in a decade, day, the places sumptuous Quest


and are lined small, a chest

of drawers, filled with

and an armor each effects. room, (his knight's In Sir

and meal


each bed is a heavy locker

are set, and a is prepared Grail who have court

personal Galahad's gold loom wrapped cloth bottom rest

for the returning Knights, been away from

a valuable only heiris of The

cross from


for over nine years.

The Royal Kitchens

in a piece of his locker.

and hidden

in the false are identical

Unlike kitchens Royal activity. places braziers crockery

the common of the first Kitchens Three and many simmers and hum brass with most floor, with fireoil-burning warm. lamb potent Silver stew, and kegs of of potables line the floor. grill embers, In charcoal-burning char the

of the rooms

and impersonal.


Set just Room is a glorified are high-backed carpeted south through House's mounted corner, caged in dense to the first cage, Portas in the village, waiting and thickly

off the Throne Court, Along Behind the Antechamber three chairs. of its walls The floor in the is room.

keep it always

of the Royal

the finest the center with upon which


of the room savory

is a giant

royal purple. floor, (once

one chair

a heavy iron grate day. scents marble work waft

set over its ever-burning steaks

a hole the size of a pea is drilled the work From madmen. his vantage point

all the way in a ceilingof in of to


to perfection

of one of the Sick opponent

day after Appetizing another apprentices one. The street strange these Only

an outspoken listens


the kitchen's artisanship. to prepare from

open perfect

archway, and for no meals


who has been driven

mad by years


of master


the Dungeon the dignitaries England. a head for game,

of Camelot), and statesmen mixing

to the conversations his interviewer


sent to face the King of he challenges with lies or spouting

King Arthur leftovers This Many

and Sir Kay sample are thrown

the delights. to the of a waiting to get a

If ever questioned, and riddles.

endless beggars. victuals.

the turrets gather

the truth

has resulted of the destitute queue

in the formation that beforehand



up hours


The Waf' Room


the Sword of Kings

Excalibur is a magical sword that is imbued with the very essence of the land itself. It serves the true king and none other. While the blade can be wielded by someone else, it will not confer any of its powers upon that person. Excalibur is an intelligent following traits: Attack/Damage Bonus: Int: Wis: Cha: Ego: Alignment: Primary Abilities: weapon with the

Set off the Antechamber and Royal Throne Room, the War Room is walled in obsidian bricks covered by tapestries depicting war, victory, the Resurrection, and the glory of Excalibur raised high over the head of a likeness of Uther Pendragon. In the center of the room is the legendary Round Table, which measures 15 feet in diameter and is fashioned from stained black wood engraved with the royal standard of a rampant dragon devouring a frightened intruder. Around it are twelve hulking, heavy iron chairs also bearing the Royal Standard of Camelot. Arthur often comes here alone to relive the days of his glory, when the entire civilized world rejoiced in his name and rule. He sits in his chair, speaking to faces and friends only he can see, kisses the hand of his lost Guinevere, and converses with Merlin (who actually is there, though Arthur hardly knows it). The Round Table last sat in session on the day that Arthur made the Grail Quest a royal decree, sending the last of his great knights out into the world on a wild search that may never end. Arthur allows no one to enter this tomb of past glory without his permission (which he rarely gives), and those who do so are severely punished. The Throne Room and Royal

+5 22
19 24 29 Lawful Good Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative


Power: Bull's Strength

Throne and the Honor of England

Special Purpose: Defend the


Special Purpose Power:


In addition to its other powers, the sword communicates telepathically, both with its wielder and with the Lady of the Lake. Excalibur is completely devoted to the latter. She guides its actions, and all that it does, it does in her name. It is she who determines who its rightful wielder is, and the sword will not convey its powers upon anyone else. Arthur has not wielded the legendary weapon in over a decade. Thus, he does not know that it no longer recognizes him as the rightful king and that he no longer has the benefit of the sword's magic. Combat Reflexes: The wielder has free use of the Combat Reflexes Feat so long as he fights with Excalibur. Improved Initiative: The true King of England benefits from the Improved Initiative Feat at will when Excalibur is by his side. Bull's Strength (Sp): Once per day, the wielder can cast Bull's Strength upon himself. Fear (Su): When acting in defense of the throne or the honor of England, Excalibur inflicts Fear upon those it hits. Any creature struck by the blade must make a Will Save at DC 14 or fall under the effects of this power. The effect lasts for Id4 rounds.

The centerpiece of the Castle-Keep is the grand and foreboding Throne Room and Royal Court of Camelot. It is here that mad King Arthur spends his long days in a stupor of alcohol and despair, pretending to listen to his court advisors (such as the money-hungry Sir Kay), and ignoring the requests and pleas of visiting dignitaries. Often, Merlin comes here in ethereal Power Wraith form and watches his fallen pupil destroy the kingdom while he futilely tries to sway Arthur's drunken decisions. The floors of the throne room are covered in hand-woven carpet that matches the Antechamber's floors, and the walls bear the same exquisite tapestries as the War Room. A fireplace twice the height of Arthur himself blazes against the south wall, and pillars eight feet around support the heavy brick ceiling in every corner. Minstrels from around the kingdom come to play for the king, and, once every Sunday, the finest bards in Britain compete for his attention in a duel of song and story. Arthur's jester, a foolish lad named Dagus, cavorts and dances for the delight of the king, who never smiles at his comedian. Dagus has even gone as far as to bloody himself in an attempt to crack Arthur's despairing face but has met with no success. The throne itself is a mighty seat, fashioned from the ivorywhite bones of the last known dragon in England and covered in sheepskins. It stands a full three feet off the floor, adding a dimension of gigantic height to the once-imposing king. At his side is Excalibur sheathed in a fine red leather scabbard and coated with a thick layer of dust. On rare occasion, Arthur uses it to gesture, but he never bares its majestic blade, thereby reducing the mighty sword to the status of glorified scepter. 32

Any who attempt retribution. at all times room in true within danger, will defend to materialize Secret Room secret specific sliding

to attack

the king and another

ate met with around

swift the room into too to be ability the

The Smoke Stacks

This stacks
through methods

Ten Guardsmen it is occupied, 2 rounds the king

are stationed breaking

sooty venting
the and


houses waste from

four the

towering furnace

black room


smoke out

20 will rush out. Merlin Arthur


of a fight if necessary.

roof. is only




be entered shimmies up



conventional the stacks

If he believes enemies.


he will use his Dragon and attack doors the king's





themselves boring



of scalding of Arthur's


per round


or by Room.

a hole in the wall


or the State

are set into private operate is rapped Merlin's They

the western bedchamber Quarters,

and eastern and the War as the when a

walls, leading door

to Arthur's concealing pattern

The Armory
All of the weaponsof
Knights of what can be found and stained. simply require of the Many quality once used by the Noble are stored here. Like much are tarnished the treasures and King Arthur himself

respectively. tapping

in the same manner activating on the surface

of the portal.

in Camelot,

The StateRoom
Once an important an escape, center should of political his reign intrigue, the State Room of Camelot to fund pieces door Arthur Approximately

of the weaponshere

a good cleaning,

but they remain reminder kingdom's fall.

is now a storeroom

for riches


by Arthur

ever be overthrown. of coins, jewels, and various

gold worth



are hidden


here behind Room.

a heavily barred
is growing should in


off of the Throne

knows that a revolution

of Br, and he intends ever be stormed. beyond nor is he aware once Mordred Chambers

led by Mordred

the Forests the castle plans


to steal away by night

He knows nothing
to defend




the veil of death

the kingdom

at any cost,



own intention



a bid for the throne.



off of the Throne Room, Arthur's

are dressed hall in the same opulence


bedchambers as his dining and the Royal Court. down

and decadence

A king-sized

The Drowning Pool

If a traveler takes the RoyalStaircase downward from the First Floor Gallery, he or she enters
the dreaded
reeking pit

bed clothed



and soft

sheets sits in the center of the room,

draped length similar

and dank
of death

and decay.

of Camelot,

by a sheer

of thin




All rooms in are lit with burning wall-

to a scrim.

mounted In roughly hot spring

with the

torches. the center known

boiled and

of the dungeon,
bleached bones

a natural



as the Drowning

Pool chokes

and empty


are scattered

victims. pink

The water

all over the room,



of its many tainted a from years of service as a torture

is poisonous



Any who fall into the

Saveat DC 15to
water. Those who time for this

stained from spilled


and stinking repeatedly chamber pots

Drowning Pool must makea Reflex

avoid swallowing any of the putrid fail avoid becoming ill. The incubation

must then make a Fortitude Save at DC I3 to

and late night

fits of malaise and self-pity. Once every night, Merlin sleeps here, trying futilely




visit in Arthur's


illness is only one hour, after which the character takes Id3 points of Temporary Constitution



in a dream

as he

Damage. Two hours later, he or she also suffers Id3 points Temporary Dexterity Damage.


to warn



When Sarcien, busies criminal

he is not inflicting the Moor, himself element, with


up in the Sick House, here. The king's executioner of its pleasure. the kingdom

The Along posts known

Cemetery the western and wire. The as the pauper's and then of mounds wall, a patch into victims grave, with (which and the rest of the mulch-covered and fenced are tossed Each numbers into earth a pit to

can be found

the task of purging

a job in which he takes far too much

has been converted

a graveyard

off with pit is filled

of Sarcien and buried. quicklime currently

The Cells
The thick moist attention not afraid them dungeon is home dark. to 25 cells, each five feet by five feet, The doors are iron crafted rats. almost locks. These a foot Inside, the are fight beasts the and completely and bound carpet

capacity in a series


and sod, resulting

15). The

with masterfully of huge albino

stench of death is so thick here that it is impossible between the Cemetery comes to within

to differentiate but, once a visitor

of soil and human of the prisoners

decay has attracted and will

of the


of legions

five feet of the fence, he or she must make a

check at DC 10 to avoid being overcome

in the cells

by the smell.

for food. 34



in a round

spent vomiting,

and no other actions

be taken until


that after


The character

is considered


3 rounds

he or she leaves

the Cemetery.

The Black Chapel

Built closely at the behest furnished of Morgan church Ie Fey, the Black Chapel to the gods of darkness room for the dungeons, to a desecrated of Saint Peter. and Sarcien. howl rips Merlin will is now home is a and dedicated a storage room

Saur, Morgan's
Size: Initiative:



the spirits altar The that

of evil. Once previously

+ 5 (+

1 Dex,

this perpetually Black Chapel

dark little

belonged is unknown

to the Temple

+ 4 Improved Initiative)

to all save Morgan and agonized Moor himself.

Speed: Hit Hit Dice: Points: AC: Attacks: Face/Reach: Special Attacks: Special Qualities: Saves:

50 feet 4d8 40 14 (+1 Dex, + 3 Natural) Bite +7 (1d6+4)

5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet

On the coldest through occupants, not enter named cruel, Saur against shortly tributed no longer that Arthur


a mournful chilling under the fearsome

+ 12

the church, including the chapel

the blood

of the dungeon's even while safe is a Shadow Mastiff eyes out

any circumstances, in the darkness When

in the Ethereal of her Camelot Sarcien guards

Plane. Hiding sanctuary. feeds


Saur, left behind

by Morgan

to keep prying

he is feeling prisoners



to the beast. in her plot altar is an ancient it here Through and it conHe she likely

Bay, Trip Shadow Fort Will Str Con Wis Blend, Scent

one of Morgan's Sitting



on the desecrated

Fey artifact

- the Orb of Despair. Morgan placed after Arthur was forced to exile Guinevere. Arthur's sense of self-loathing, heavy drink towards needs never his fall into


it, she enhances has become

and madness. now, that

+7, Ref +5, + 5 17, Dex 13, 17, Int 4, 12, Cha 13 +8, + 7

so despondent comes

and alcoholic out of his stupor.


it, but she maintains

it here to make certain

Listen +8, Spot Wilderness Lore Dodge, Improved Initiative Neutral Evil

Bay (Su): When Saur barks, all creatures except Evil Outsiders must make a Will Save at DC 13. Those who fail panic for 2d4 rounds. However, once a creature has heard Saur's Bay, it is immune to its effects for one day thereafter, regardless of whether it made its Saving Throw. Trip (Ex): If Saur hits with his Bite can attempt to trip his opponent Action without making a Touch invoking an Attack of Opportunity. attempt fails, the opponent cannot attempt to trip Saur. Attack, he as a Free Attack or If the Trip react and

Shadow Blend (Su): So long

full daylight, Saur can vanish receiving 9/10 Concealment. spell can negate this ability.

as he is not


into the shadows, Only a Daylight


of Despair

always occupied, giving the Moor an audience for his depraved pleasures.

The Orb of Despair

This sinister Magic
can destroy an otherwise confident individual. It works upon the target's emotions, making him or her feel despondent. It is made of onyx and measures six inches in diameter.

The Gallows


To activate it, the user must place it within 200 feet of the intended target. Then he or she speaks the name of the person to be affected. The victim is allowed a Will Save at DC 18 to resist the Orb's influence. If it is successful, the target character is unaffected. On a failure, though, the character suffers from despair. He or she suffers a -2 Morale Penalty to Saving Throws, attack rolls, Ability checks, Skill checks, and weapon damage rolls. The effects last for as long as the character is within the range of the Orb. If he or she leaves, the Orb's influence is broken, but as soon as he or she is back in range, the character must again make a Will Save to resist the effects. The Orb of Despair can only affect one person at a time. When a new person's name is spoken to it, it ceasesto function against its old target. Until such time as new target's name is spoken, it haunts the current target any time he or she is in range of its power. Caster Level: Prerequisites: Market Price: Weight: 10th Craft Wondrous Item, Emotion 80,000 7 lbs.

Across from the Cemetery is the Gallows Square, an open space occupied by three gallows. They were built by convicted criminals long ago, and Sarcien keeps them in perfect working condition. The wooden platforms cast a formidable shadow in the flickering light, and all "clean" executions (those deemed worthy of an honorable death by King Arthur) are carried out here. Sarcien keeps the trapdoors of the gallows open, creating an eerie squealing sound that sends shivers up the spine of all those who pass through the depths his domain. The support beams of the gallows are scarred with hash marks running their length, a record of the lives left behind in the grip of the hangman's swinging rope. Sarcien is very proud of the ancient and well-used platforms. He brags to the condemned that, had he not fled in the night, Lancelot himself would have swung from the same ropes about to be used on them. This brings, at best, a cold comfort to the men and women who have died in his wicked clutches. Sarcien's Quarters

Wedged between cellblocks on the northern wall is the private living space of Sarcien the Moor. The large room is furnished sparsely with unrefined and functional equipment. The walls are bare, and the floor is hard and cold. Sarcien is only here when sleeping, which is rare. The only personal item is a large, rough-hewn bookcase filled with works in his native Moorish tongue. Most of the volumes are concerned with warfare and methods of information extraction, and are old and moth-eaten. Morgan's Vault

Torture Chamber
In the southwestern corner of the dungeon are the vast and bloodstained boundaries of the Moor's Torture Chamber. This is Sarcien's favorite room in the castle, and it is a collection of racks, stocks, glowing braziers filled with red-hot pokers, iron maidens, and a bed of nails. The closest to his icy heart, though, is a series of swinging chains fitted with three-inch metal hooks. After being hoisted up, most victims reveal all they are concealing. Some simply scream. Either is fine with Sarcien. It only matters that they feel pain. Along the western wall are ten pairs of wall-mounted shackles, and at least half are 36

Long abandoned, Morgan's Vault was once the home and study of Arthur's half-sister and archenemy. It is filled with heavy gothic furnishings and dozens of glass figurines, each the size of a chess piece. Although believed to be used in some arcane rite of cursing, the figurines are in fact the only items remaining from her childhood, inherited from her mother, Queen Igraine. The knickknacks are exhibited on a series of low tables carved from an obscure ebony stone, each one displayed in its own crystal dome. Upon her flight from the castle, Morgan took only one with her, a carving of the Green Knight that she carries on her person at all times. In a large chest of drawers along the west wall is all of the fine clothing she left behind. Gowns of varying valuable materials, tiaras, slippers, and corsets are jumbled here, along with maps of the Forest of Br.


that the Challenge widely. After

Ratings rolling party.

only one

of the

creatures you

on the chart should below,

can vary modify

the table
You can

an encounter, Unless stated


it to suit your





is encountered. the encounter




by the

adding creature powerful A few further Fey:

additional to make for your of the

ones. Alternatively, it more powerful. party, you might



If the encounter consider on the listed re-rolling. table below. the creature

is too


listed These


explanation. Roll d%. On


a result On

of 01-65,

is a

Silverkiel Rogue. results that the

Fighter. 86-95


it is a Giantstepper Wizard. The there of this Character entry 96-00 assumes one


a Lobeholder Sorcerer. and the that level the

in a Stonegrinder Fey You more encountered. This is 3 rd Level can adjust

is only encounter Level

of them. by adding the Fey

or changing


Green dragon should Wolf

Dragon: would make Pack:

is a juvenile more needs the

specimen. powerful, a bigger this

An older and you

be considerably it so if your parry on

challenge. pack has can be

As presented (roll increased 1 d 3).

table, Challenge

7 -9 members



by adding



to the pack.

The Forest
Located three



in theForest
On the result


of a "1," roll a d2o


of Bur

of Bur
days' ride from Camelot is the Forest of Bilr Die Roll

and consult Creature Assassin 2 Basilisk Brown Bear

the table

and ancient trees. The land - 200 miles of dense vegetation is hilly within the forests with deep crevasses and chasms that seem to drop up many dwell human swarm in shadow the wind. away into an unwise The nothing. traveler. trees, These Beasts some out pits thick have enough are swallowed and variety to blind older woods stifling mysterious forgotten Traveling best taste than of every size of which

Challenge Rating

3 5 4 3 3

here, and clouds everywhere. history, year-round,

of insects enough

3-5 6 7 8 9
10 11

Cockatrice Fey Giant Giant Green Questing Shambling Treant Unicorn Wild Wolf Boar Pack COnstrictor Owl Dragon Beast Mound Snake

rise up high blotting surviving

to keep the that skills the

the sun and

5 3 7 5 6 8 3 2 6

It is here on the great

frontier by using

Fey live and work,

by the rest of humanity. through the Forest flesh pleasure upon of Bilr is hazardous and creatures with at a

13 14 15-17 18-20

and lethal for human

at worst.


and blood

rely on the arrogance and the Fey and cheating 4-1

of the civilized take a certain those moving through

for survival

and prosperity,

in misleading them.

who happen

For every day spent occurs.

the Forest

of Bilr, roll on Table

to determine

if an encounter


The Located home outer

Camp in roughly quality the center arranged of the forest is the Camp, of buildings circles. The houses of the from and is

planks castes. shingles packed placed twenty prepare Children their

collected The roofs of mud into tight,



and the waste molded with are sealed

of the higher and cast pine tar. Inside, 50 to 100, Beds are as many of to used as

are made or clay that miserably along

of hastily

of the Fey. It is composed circle is home The The

of a succession concentric

Stonegrinders willy-nilly

dwell in groups

of anywhere unsanitary at night mat.

from with

of varying

in three circle houses


to the Giantsteppers,

the second

the floor

the Silverkiels, Lobeholders. Camp home The shack Morgan apart the circles.

and the inner Stonegrinders clearing

is the domain set slightly Fey meetings.

of the apart

Fey sharing house meals. serve adults empty

one large floor is a giant

In the center cauldron

dwell on the fringes is known as the Heart

each common


in seven large common center to all of the most Camp among from is also home those

important to Mordred,


the age of 12, eating and scraping the pot (such At 12 they become

only what for drippings


do not finish, bellies. the rights Stonegrinder

who lives in his own His mother set

to fill their members a full-grown (which

full clan as they are) to vote of

of the Giantsteppers.


and privileges except reaching


in the Camp

as well in her own house

for the right the age of 16). of a common This

the circles.

they gain upon

The CommonHousesof the Stonegrinders

The seven houses of the Stonegrinders made of mothare large, roughly and termite-eaten 38 constructed bunkhouses

Food is collected a clan within for the leftovers

by all members of the higher

house, of


a clan with each Stonegrinder castes.

house element


competition mind The The helps themselves

combined and joining


a general

downtrodden from asserting

frame society. that way.


among Morgan The



He is highly Camelot


for his defiance of

keep the Stonegrinders the higher in their respect with are clever


views about and Mordred. amassed scattered arsenal This

and his open

levels of their domination

Lobeholders Stonegrinders


for the assault amongst makes delight

on Camelot

are stored for nervous, them that

have great

for the Silverkiels a passion, from outside


in the barracks, safekeeping. "Master to them. and the Silverkiels Mordred"

the Silverkiels the Lobeholders in reminding the future

will help them Giantsteppers to their The These

in any way they can. Conversely, and Lobeholders of a threat

they hate the only coming the Camp.

take great

aid in the event

has entrusted

of the kingdom

Homes masters

of the Giantsteppers of Fey deceit the same, houses and stealth Common reside Houses. in dens half Although are conditions Each of the clan, personal unit items. with The The Dens of the Lobeholders are master passed on from hand artisans, They intellectuals, that Knight and the a than in rivals to himself. of allowing

the size of the Stonegrinders' they look considerably Giantstepper each with The every home community. openly from the items, Giantsteppers gross among often their vote amount referring opinions to their much healthier home a clean bunk contributing Food, home an ironic refuse clothing, to home


the Giantsteppers' comfortable. to store 20 to 40 members clan as a cohesive

leaders They anyone that into outwit Their combat,

of Fey government. have held the upper can remember, Although or using clans.


they hold for longer

and more

holy mandate

the Green

in the Camp

and a locker

and they have no intention no match sheer their charisma, expansive


view their

to change. submission the other

for the Silverkiels browbeating intelligence

to the general weapons, with

well-being and tools

of the are shared

they rule through

no question among

of returning

arrangement to marry The

a clan of thieves. the clan, resulting in a them, The they will

dens are small, Each member




10 to 20 of arcane

outside This

Lobeholders, items. as a bookcase Despite to them into secret regard servants their

and they are filled and a worktable. hatred

with all manner

of inbreeding. to them

has led to slight delight


of a den has his or her own bed, as well

its members.

Silverkiels as "the

in teasing disputes." that

Family," as "domestic

and disregarding

of the Lobeholders, of intellect. or amongst The their

the Silverkiels marry whom they

defer only no

in Fey politics are so close own detriment goals.

in matters


Giantsteppers Lobeholders' The The Barracks Silverkiels defense

to the Lobeholders if doing

the Silverkiels of their as beasts

own clan, making they enjoy see them opinions

so will serve the


for the Stonegrinders, Although for their the Lobeholders or spying.

of burden.

the devotion as simple in any matter marry

of the Silverkiels are a clan of level-headed of all Fey gives them They warriors them. warriors the second whose highest are a tier

of the Giantsteppers, not regarding into stealth

and have no respect

An outsider

may never

staunch similar quietly when member This with

the Lobeholders. Hut of the Camp, and shake. from Morgan The Ie Fey resides interior in books, Morgan tomes, in a can lay and magic of the

in the caste

system. group,

wear feral war paint of Scotland. against

at all times They a single Morgan's are careful

to the Highland deadly disagreeing with

and even the Lobeholders A slight as an insult to defense from features archers. equipment of the Clan. preparation. only among despise their to all.

On the outskirts shabby and covered

hut of thatch

is dirt-floored

of the clan is viewed approach is built roof The

in rugs woven with

any material

single-minded metal bands. with

is reflected turret

in their manned are bunk anywhere is a at

her hands canticles, room with

on. The walls are shelved filled

barracks. all times furnished beds from

Each barrack

heavy logs and fortified a small Inside, the barracks houses

the vast knowledge glass cauldron,

of illusionary centerpiece

she has collected is a huge some arcane

over her years here. The transparent brew. Morgan's battle, Hut ready witch

by two Silverkiel functional of weapons. for food marry

always bubbling

such as triple In the center

and racks used

Each barracks

Any intruders spell that come of with assault alerts prepared


will activate to defend resides

an Alarm her lair of the

20 to 40 members

her to the coming for magical embittered

of strangers.

She will here most

cauldron The


own clan or that as effete fitness to wed a

all she has. The spending on Camelot. House simple

the Stonegrinders. Giantsteppers bent There on ruling have been

They and think Silverkiels

the sycophantic snobs of their to do so.

the time,

the rest with Mordred

as he plans

of the Lobeholders who have chosen

the Fey regardless is rare. is a member

Mordred's Mordred's

Lobeholder, The sinister into

but this Phelot

yet distinct circle. house,

dwelling Built Mordred's

stands home

in the midst of a is a

of the Silverkiels,

having is 39

of the Giantsteppers' Stonegrinder common

on the foundations


the clan many

years ago, and his home

Lobeholders, Camelot through



they have some While


plan to see


of which his mother's

he is not aware. vehemence.

He has begun he shares than in her schemes.

her hatred He suspects and he his purand of

of his father, he sees self-motivation





that allied pose,

she is no more with both

fit to rule England


Every year, on the first Solstice, the Fey begin

day of the Summer their celebration of

is coming

to believe that that is her long term goal. He remains her and the Fey so long that While their loyalty he has moved as it suits is to herself

Silvanis's creation of the trees and of the earth giant's reign over the forests. It is held in the Clearing of the Wise, lasts for one month, and culminates with the sacrifice of a Fey virgin typically drawn from the Stonegrinder clan. This fair is a pagan rite of unbound animal lust and fury. It is only during the Wicker Man Festival that all four Fey clans come together in disregard of their caste system. The sacrifice takes place within the confines of a fifty-foot wicker shell molded and bound into the rough shape of a man, which is ignited with the victim inside. An orgy of feasting and carnal pleasure precedes this ritual with the zeal hitting its zenith during the sacrifice. It is at this festival that de Hautdesert makes his rounds, meeting his followers, hearing complaints, judging contests of arms and livestock, and feasting. Afterwards, he slips away back to his decrepit keep in the darkness of the woods.

but he recognizes Hence, their to his cause. forces

not to him. knights increasing motive Upon things though, Mordred's Sitting along

to rally other this under the king's,

disaffected the guise his real

he does independent

and weakening

is to make himself meeting strictly most Mordred businesslike. knights Kennels

of the Fey and Morgan. time, many find him to keep him,

for the first makes After

cold and distant.

He rarely

friends, fighting

preferring alongside

find he warms

up to them.

the row of Stonegrinder shed that houses these Mordred's dogs raised (Faith,

Common himself, Honor,

Houses and each is

is a

large wooden war dogs. named water, Human Mordred's They among done is equipped

pack of trained etc). The kennel

Mordred with

for a virtue

Chastity, is allowed

two large basins;

one for food,

one for

and only Mordred Encampment human the trees, army tents

to feed his pets.

is mustering



the Camp. camp was This

have pitched

and set up a standard phase, such tents and both that


only one of which with The

was cut down.

early in the recruitment responded again.

the Fey and it has never room where

the forest dilapidated and varnish wreck with shingles peeling corrupt letting falling reign, from the roof, and paint Mordred, forever plotting to the eyesore. The pays no attention into a crumbling a smoldering is here 60 maps in search resting entertains of a seat. In a corner rarely alone allows,

displeasure are pitched

been attempted creating from the exterior. it degrade

a slightly welcome

disorganized the humans

layout. into the Camp, do not their common to make are happy one for an long but

the end of his father's state of his dwelling, Inside, hearth, stretched percent weakness loosely visitors, the house across

Fey would about

Mordred complain cause camp when

will not hear of it, and the recruits this arrangement. Arthur, They Despite than the humans are more into

is a cozy affair the northern poring


of deposing outside Mordred

fear the Fey and are content

a wall dedicated of his time,

to Fey wines,

and a map of Camelot


of Morgan. summons

wall. Mordred over strategic

the Fey community, them some

and few of them the Camp to him. Most

or when

in the defenses on a man-sized preferring

of the kingdom's stand. Mordred his time

of them

has to deliver


are his bed, broken

and sagging, to spend

and his armor,

the day when

the war will be over so that alliance.

they can put

end to this unholy

The Heart

and plotting. regarding will for

If a newcomer Camelot's invite making expression patience intense Mordred them answers.

to the Camp

has vital information wine, and then presence Phelot some alike nervous


or the state

of the king, Mordred grill the visitor the Fey, among with tests

At the hub of the Camp's clearing business clan sends Mordred, gatherings, with known is conducted five members to speak voicing Morgan,


of dwellings a raging meetings.

is a small Fey Each delegates clan. war at these can at times bonfire. These

him or her in, offer friend almost young and enemy

to the Fey as the Heart. here around to attend on behalf opinions

All important

He is an unwavering and angry warrior remarks. into

his unblinking Mordred's the calm,

are authorized

of the rest of their about the coming

daily, seeking

way to shake

and Phelot strong

are always present

a rash act. having lived with of the 40

does not trust

the Fey despite

the Camelot,

and the din of disagreement

for years. In particular,

he is suspicious

be heard

at the edge of the Camp.

During common Camp

the Wicker feasting thus becoming



the Heart left behind version


as a the fervor

and none that This reign giant

are sure how it came to exist, but the Fey believe earth giant's keep. the giant's of in lived thousands of this belief. time, Man of years before the Fey began of their The annual became wicker with Silvanis Knight. himself even de Hautdesert. celebration

area for those a miniature of the Wise. Grounds

to guard of the pagan

it was once the site of an ancient

in the Clearing The Training

As a result nature. Mordred's revolutionary hand-to-hand Various While humanthe Fey has forces Over

to observe

over the forests

as part Festival.

the two celebrations 50-foot the giant representing the Green

one, resulting man used the wicker and, by

On the fringe train shaped riddled allowed his plans


of the Camp, assault

in the Wicker this pagan fashioned extension, from

every day, practicing and mounted targets with sword used are spread slashes to train

swordsmanship, techniques. along

orgy represents the trees his representative,


the edge of the woods, holes. months regularly, the Fey. Mordred

and arrow together from in recent

and humans

less and less of that to separate himself

as he furthers


Housed They


two of the Stonegrinders' with 50 healthy of raids brigands sure that mounts on the villages passing through into

common tethered outside

houses Camelot in fine

is a large stable and from Mordred shape, Visitors Any who happen forest


are the spoils defeating has made ready

the forest. battle.

his men keep the horses

at any time

to lead them


the Camp with





are welcomed

openly, offered

food and shelter the utmost respect.

for as long In the the a laden

as they require, meantime, visitor, positive with

and treated planning

the Fey conspire opinion of them. that

to rob, trick, to send Many

and confuse the Camp after

all the while goods or riches

him or her away with but smiling, long and illusionary celebrating an On (and unaware they've

have entered until

and left penniless has taken place good times,

of the robbery departed The

due to fine drink, people


Fey are a festive arrival a bonfire flirt with with

outwardly, drinking,

outsider's occasion, will openly eyes) feast. that Those choose declaring challenged accepted Harvest,"~ This


and dancing. his tankard "Queen partner

will be raised a male guest, visitors

as well, and Fey maidens keeping named until of the at the finds

full. Female kind

are often

and become

the most be going,"' they enjoy



of revelry

takes place

the visitor

he or she "must who find that

and returns

to the road. may Upon is The Tower of Bur of Bur is an antiquated, It was built defeat during and crumbling that, crumbling ever since. relic of a time Empire of of Aside It was the

Fey life too much a wise decision. fearsome

to stay, but this

is not always

The Tower long past.

his or her intention can defeat Fey society. a place among of the south circular is floored clearing

to stay forever, this challenger,

the visitor he or she is

the time

of the Roman at the hands it was the home the kidnapped prominent Sir Lancelot.

to a duel by one of the Fey's into If not,

warriors. Morgan

and has sat wretched site of Merlin's Morgan Meleagant. Guinevere from

If the newcomer won herself The Located the Wise, woods. needles

and imprisonment

he or she is killed.

and the Fey, and, before

the Fey in exactly Wise of the Camp clearing with soft

this fashion.

It was here that he brought itself. the tower in Arthurian is composed

Queen and sto-


and lost his duel with the gallant is the most England. of powdery


seven miles a perfectly ground and sod. The The

is the Clearing of the and decaying

of pine

ried structure The tower

in the heart

and rapidly Moss

dissolving grows in the

is as old as the forest


shale and soapstone

the color

of sadness.


crevices, turret. skeletons litter storm

and ivy climbs It sits in a patch

the exterior, of brambles Fallen

strangling and thorns,

the tower's and roof slates

cast a Forbiddance

spell around

the door. The 60-f00t

cube extends

dot the approaches. all around topple the sagging

and shattered Haunted

50 feet inside the tower, but it also operates for 10 feet outside the door. Only a character oj Lawful Evil Alignment can approach the door. All others must make a Will Save at DC Alignment. Those who are Lawful take 3d6 points but non-Lawful 21 or take damage based on their and those who are Evil but non-Evil

the ground might

it, and it looks structure. defeat

as if a strong by the and feel. It is the it

twin tragedies Guinevere's seems Legends rogues place, tower's cross others powerful cursed

of Merlin's sin, the whole

and Lancelot's

place has a spooky

out back onto the Swordbridge.

oj damage upon failure

of damage if they fail and are hedged All other characters take 6d6 points Throw, he or she may never Forbidden. Those

site of the corruption

of Arthur's

rule, and, as a result,

and are hedged out back onto the Swordbridge. his or her Saving is permanently with

to all who see it. hidden riches have brought heroes and the to Fey's

and decaying ever entering trying The away before

a character another with

ever fails

of fantastic from the world

attempt characters contend

one. The character

over to this desolate

who do manage the door, which

to make it through is enchanted

the spell zone must still an Arcane in through

own hazards.

but all have been turned cold heart. magic from that Those sealed too. Gaining The the Swordbridge, entering

Lock spell. the top

few who did not perish to gain access. up inside Merlin

It is possible
of the tower,

to scale the walls to climb

but this approach has its

were unable

The DC

it prevents

to Climb

the wall

is 30 because, while

there are plenty

of handholds,

the crumbling
climber fails Entrance which guards the character attained.

shale of the surface makes them doubly unsure.

a check, he or she has a hold crumble to the ground


a the

away, causing checks to

to fall


20 feet

height he or she had


A character

must make three successive Climb

or she gains

entrance enough

to the Tower being

of Br, stands in half. Any inflicts 2d8

it to the top.

on each successful


ten feet tall by one foot to cut a human points touching DC 20 will

wide. It is sharp Inside Once doors tower's to remnants Merlin's This the inside, distant from Doom room Unable trapped to escape None the greatest of magicians, of the Fey's allowing his dry since this Tower a vast, dusty side. The hall leads to a series of closed rooms

attempt to cross it on foot oj damage it, though

to the creature a Reflex Save at

on either

hall stretches

all the way to the of these interesting

back wall. The previous eras.

vast majority

halve the damage. Although to

are non-descript,

but a few of them

do contain

it is only 30 feet across, attempting cross it must be done slowly attempt round to minimize the damage. Moving faster doubles the damage. survives the bridge, getting into the tower is no easier. than 10 feet per

half-round himself. body he accepted and anyone which


a character

Merlin magic, mortal time, robes, skeleton

due to the power the tower

To keep Merlin

inside for all eternity, Morgan had her Fey companions

the form entering

of a Power Wraith, have entered

to perish.

this room

will find Merlin's red, black, but retain staff shod their with

still clothed

in his flowing

and purple
brilliance. brass

are old and rat-chewed him is a bronzewood tarnished a fully from

The power quickly. It

of Petrification
can end a struggle blue ray when its

Resting bindings. without


It is slightly


sat here for years Staff oj Fire, which has

of this wand emits an ice

care, but it remains


command word make a Fortitude

is spoken. Those struck must Save or turn to stone as though

14 charges remaining. Around his wrists are iron bracers. These too look worn from neglect, but they are Bracers of Armor +5. Finally, tucked up his left sleeve is a wand made oj polished at the end with leather. This is Merlin's has 32 charges remaining. bone and wrapped and it Wand oj Petrification,

under the effects of a Flesh to Stone spell. The DC for the Save is 20. A Wand of Petrification has 50 charges when fully charged.

The Haunted
Caster Level: I I th


of Avalon
final resting place is another and held the to decipher it once Now,


Craft Wand, Flesh

to Stone 24,750

Just across the room from Merlin's faded sigil is inscribed its meaning, power, door Inside, litter 42 perhaps is unlocked a scatter the floor, keeping

half round room identical in size and shape. An ancient

on the door. It is impossible suggests trapped that inside. something ajar. furniture retain and bits what appears of glass to be but its size and shape



and standing



and the walls

dried coffin.



the center of iron,

of the room it, there

is a human-sized fam-

It is made

and the seal of the Pendragon is an inscription:

ily is painted

on the lid. Beneath HERE LiES UTHER



in the

U ther Pendragon)
Size: Initiative: Speed: Hit Dice: Hit Points: AC: Attacks:


Medium Undead + 1 (Dex) 30 feet 8d12 76 15 (+1 Dex, + 3 Natural) Slam + 3 melee (1d4+ 1 and Energy Drain) 5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet Energy Drain, Create Spawn Undead

ENGLAND DESERVED BETTER Merlin Tower Uther begged their was not the first of Br. Morgan married them society. her mother. She slipped enemy that Morgan castle being entombed shortly adopted abducted Morgan after into him and told him destroy his all

fled Gorlois's after

She fell in with the Fey, and back into her home and poisoned

for a favor shortly

the king. Then, brought that

as he died, her Fey friends him, and that

him to the tower. As he lay dying, had wrought.

it was she who had killed he and Merlin would suffering he could Morgan after

she would

She also told him that she sealed Lock spell upon

never end. Then

him in the coffin, it so that

Face/Reach: Special Attacks: Special Qualities:

and one of her Fey cast an Arcane not escape. wasn't done, The though.

She had another

of her a Wight. (prior to visit his the walls come


cast a Create


spell on her stepfather him into would Occasionally

he expired. Merlin king.

spell transformed to escape his tomb. Morgan speak

He has been unable to sealing the former of his coffin son's kingdom.

in the tower), She would

to him through

Saves: Fort +1, Ref +2, Will + 5 Abilities: Str 12, Dex 12, Con -, Int II, Wis 13, Cha 15 Skills: Climb + 5, Hide + 8, Listen + 16, Move Silently + 16, Search, +7, Spot +8 Lawful Evil

and tell him just how she was destroying

In addition quite escape, desire show with mad.

to a Wight's



of all life, Uther for decades, his prison, unable a he will only with to kill anyone

is to

He has lain in this casket thoughts If he is released He will simply in contact. 6 Encounter.

and his black to destroy. no gratitude.

are consumed from attempt

Feats: Blind-Fight Alignment:


he comes

If he survives

the encounter, he Uther

will attempt

to leave the tower in search of Morgan. Defeating

Energy Drain (Su): Any living creature hit by Uther's SlamAttack receivesoneNegative Level. The DC to removeit is 16.
Create Spawn (Su): Any human that Uther slays becomes a Wight under his control in 1d4 rounds.

is a Challenge Rating

The Food Storage

Entering DC

Save at

this room forces the character to make a Fortitude

10. Those who fail are Nauseated for ld3 rounds and cannot last living inhabitant, Meleagant. and putrid, The foodstuffs and the stench that

enter. This place hasn't been updated since Lancelot slew the tower's once stored here are rotted

Undead: Immune to mind-influencing effects, poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning and disease. Not subject to Critical Hits, Subdual Damage, Ability Damage, Energy Drain, or death from Massive Damage.

they give off is nearly overpowering.

The Bunk House

Once a barracks for Rome's legions, Meleagant used this room as a jail. Several sets of rusty shackles anchored to the walls hang quietly. The beds have long since been removed, replaced by stocks, an iron maiden, and a brazier. A pair of

It is clear that this place was a kitchen long ago, though it looks to have fallen into a state of disrepair when Meleagant was still alive. A massive fireplace dominates the north wall, and a cauldron big enough to fit a human-sized creature

steelrings is set into the floor.A successful


Strength check at


is required to pull open the vault doors and reveal a dry well
feet deep.

It's impossible to determine if the well simply

dried up over time, or if Meleagant deliberately emptied it so that he might use the space to incarcerate someone. 43

rests little

in its ashes.


cauldron to having looks

is rusted, rusted

and it leans through been a spit

a is




Started that your claim PC's guy" are fighting on it

to the left owing What over it. from them, the ceiling pulling Quarters oaken

on part

of its bottom. suspended Dangling These unhinge

to have once

I, MORDRED presumes
Mordred's there

side. He is the "good

in all of this since However, under

is he who has the rightful are numerous down hanging chains. crash. are a variety through, them and a strong with a great pull will circumstances. The first is a standard will fight door bound Here toll. The in iron locks again, frame though, is the only as living age and in battles Mordred's ongoing against Arthur's tyranny. Mordred doesn't enough humans part with to the still have war in the

to the throne.

of ways to play the campaign


too have rusted

warfare type. The characters

Meleagant's Behind posh disuse shape quarters a thick

space in the tower, and bedchambers. have taken (though their it needs Meleagant's clothes

once used by Meleagant

is still in decent but the feathers of the mattress remain. from is

to be refinished) and the cloth personal stands nightstand. return. effects Aside

the bed have all molded, moth-eaten. filled with rotted of the clothes seems

A wardrobe

in the corner.

A gold signet the destruction

ring sits on a beat-up as though


and the mattress, he might

it is as he left it and almost

Fey, so he is fighting moment. He can't Camelot parties. tasked The attack raiding constantly high action

a predominantly put a large enough

guerilla army

war at the to small

on the field to using

At the top of the Tower shown on the Tower by archer's surrounded the brick. lust with

of Br is the turret It is an open with Lancelot Arthur mounts murder defeated

(it is not slots cut into his

and instead

has resorted


yard of brickwork Meleagant,

PC's are one such party, and they are with raiding supply trains, attacking the government officials. This players is a like and is ideal if your

It was here that Guinevere.

tax collectors, lots of combat. You can modify and suspense Camelot

and kidnapping style of campaign

and here he also betrayed line of the forest, of Camelot. The Hidden Lake from of Niniane human

by consummating distance, the walls

It gives

a perfect

view of the tree

and in the great

this approach of trade within

a bit and add more first victim. and tax collection They


if you have the characters routes to a kidnap their party thumb. under

infiltrate might using their

to learn

schedules, home times have visitors, time of in is somewhere underground, Many pilgrims to these body. at which information Another knights attached all others. looking on them Mordred's remaining does not actually worthy. Others to those exist in that to contact thrilling Arthur report The Lady knows The all who seek her, claim

or to get close

eyes is the Lake of Niniane,

even be regulars



secretly sovereign.

the Lady of the Lake. The water and only Merlin past centuries, happened upon in its perfectly the lake itself still and quiet she will form the offending It's said that one particular there appears glory hunters time

to wage war against approach is to have your Arthur's chafe lost

is privy to its whereabouts. and wandering Unbeknownst or polluted, body it, taking blue waters.

be aristocrats They



are under characters

may be closely like he is with and are to has his eye the makes who will for if

to rest and drink

or bathing

to him, but he is abusive The for an opportunity at all times. rebellion ones with court closely. intrigue, police He's already.

and cruel

this treatment but Arthur

is made unless party. a fearsome

up of the Lady's provoked liquid

She will remain and strike

to defect, Thus,

too many

of his subjects

for herself

he's watching sneak away. This of loyalists

They'll and then

have to find a way to make the suspense

the Lake of Niniane location. she finds body

the rebels

and you can heighten comprised to him. could be spies directly

and she goes to those in any suitable

has a secret any infraction

is no Lake of Niniane. are true.

Lady of the Lake simply she wishes

of water

Alternatively, Perhaps and make note to Mordred

the characters

for Mordred. of Arthur's report plans back and raids. intrigues. It relies

see. Both stories Campaign The following

they are positioned so that is usually

to keep track Then

Ideas section Legend offers undefined suggestions for I, MORDRED matters Avalon, from and Quest,

of his defenses. he can plan

they must it are court it.

his counterattacks

Both The

this option action

and the one before to drive

campaigns, the Arthurian Arthur's

including death.

and unresolved

low in this type of campaign.

such as the Grail

on suspense

and role-playing


Another attempt Fey. They also spend allies. Morgan, against

approach to root must some they'd him?

marries out a plot engage time lends

the ideas of heavy action of Mordred, against that their element the PC's lord from raiding of action) among

and subwithin the to

his dreams God Table Bounding

and became from



it was a sign from state.

tle intrigue.

As confidants

must missions

to lead the kingdom Knights

back to its once glorious

his bed, he gathered

the last of his Round

in the frequent sniffing

aid in the war (which

but must Mordred's is

out trouble that

- Galahad, Parsifal, Gawaine, Gareth, and them at once to find this relic. Tristam - and dispatched Although doubtful both of Arthur's vision and of their chance for success, to court they agreed to undertake decreed the quest and save the not return land. As motivation, has declined The Arthur that they could

If they were to discover Mordred Could that after

the principle on their

source hands.

have a real quandary


they persuade

his own mother them? be in charge

was plotting she would-

until one of them found to an even greater of the Round and Wales. from

it. In the years since, Camelot

they do so in such a way that

degree, and the king with it. Table have searched rumors, of angry separated all over They

n't find out and come Along to step or knight directed characters' knuckle enemy forced enemy The name. abound Arthur. defeated decides by Merlin find out a similar

five Knights Ireland,

line, they could to the cause. party

of "recruiting" has decided and lords the lord they will be Some may

England, and faced Highlanders


are now in Scotland. Scottish

new members

In this case, Mordred knights that to request

have followed

countless to disease, Sir Gareth that

dead ends, hordes hunger the Grail

and false leads, At one point, from the drunk and in the

up pressure

on the uncommitted will be sent cause.


of the land. The

and infighting. was somewhere has assumed on through them all.

join Mordred's to convince under. Some

If he does not, those who resist. PC's cannot

the unsavory others, Shetland dying leader,

of Orkney

him of the error may not. The Because a noble. Mordred Arthur, After choose

of his ways. The may make a deadly afford to have may be is an the party

convinced Islands, forcing of smallpox.

job is to strongarm

and he has been there Sir Galahad brethren plagues

ever since, the

the role of

of the latter. to kill such of the land. could could other Merlin

his valiant and fear that

any of the uncommitted

hopelessness Their King, current

all, an ally of Arthur

lead takes them

to the Castle

of the Fisher them Lancelot, himself to his best the of the on to some tidbits swing

a legendary

place they have yet to find. Joining is the returning and prove his wrongs Kings

characters They that

also be sent

on a quest Grail rumors

in Mordred's (see below) continue soon to to aid

on this leg of the journey determined friend, long Grail, other to to right Arthur, and that hero.

be sent after errand.

the Holy

or on some

For instance, that it can't

and his son, Sir Galahad.

It is said that

is still alive and will return be since fighting He sends him in the Tower for sure since matter. might

line of Fisher Galahad The

have been the protector



she and the Fey Arthur backed

one day they will pass this honor is determined final result even the illiterate

him and sealed he has to know is a whole if it is true. to learn you could to Arthur

of Br. Mordred the PC's

to be the new protector and mad for possible of their quest forces could be given. in

and questions of information. on alert,

different They

try investigating

the Tower

the tide of the revolution,

and Mordred's

are always

of Br, conversing Camelot Finally, service They They of this


the Lady of the Lake, or infiltrating

ready to go to war should the legend Knights them short. of the Grail

the word

the truth. run your campaign with the characters their lord. of in

Approaching several appears Castle of the Grail away. Have is growing

can be accomplished players characters

ways. First

you can have your themselves. so your leads

take on the role right time

but still on the side of the angels. attempting have heard under lord is ruled to redeem (or they

In this

Each of these players

case, they are continually remember know that the days when disconsolation. ill humor, England their

in the Appendix follow of the Fisher

can get started upon them that

if they are young) by the bottle

to try to find the mysterious

King Arthur

was a paradise. and by his him

King and impress

If they can simply this quest the king's deposes

find a way to relieve the land once to of Mordred

he will be able to right or even Merlin malady

and for all. Perhaps Guinevere some or Lancelot clue to curing

will lead them before

in search

and his army

of rebels

him once and for all.

The Grail Quest

For most of the last
decade, five Noble Knights

by King Arthur

have scoured

the countryto

side for the Grail - the cup fabled

to have belonged being

Jesus Christ,
catch speared

used at the Last Supper and later to

pouring from his side after Arthur centurion. saw the cup in 45

the blood

by a Roman

If they want to play their accomplish He too has had a vision. able to restore trusted Arthur's group balance of knights

own characters If he can locate

there are two ways to for Mordred. he will be a before the Grail,

Actually resolved Mordred. return land. real good respective acceptable or that

finding the issue. John

the Grail Lancelot the Quest Boorman

is up to the GM. came the closest to aid Arthur find


never it, and the

this. The first is to have them working to the land. Thus, (the PC's) type of approach

to finding the Grail restoring of their

but he abandoned to Arthur's because armies)

in his war against

he has dispatched

has Sir Parsifal is unable

to find the Grail

side with the king

it in Excalibur, but it does no to finish battle. the Grail (and most cannot

men do. This

allows you to set up a as

race against the original

time where your players Grail Knights,

will feel they have to hurry hurrying

He and Mordred

kill each other that

to beat their rivals. Of course, to no purpose. Secondly, become he might second since

if their leads are as dubious

in an apocalyptic

It's therefore be found search for it

they may find themselves

for you to decide with the source rumors that

Each clue leads only to a dead end. be working for Arthur. for his knights against time" Perhaps he sends brings he has or a forth his

it does not exist. A constant material.

but fruitless

they could impatient believe quest. This them

is in keeping Table 4-2 search. true. what They

with waiting

to return,

offers that

you can give your are exactly that.

PC's They

in their may be based on

to all be dead. Thus, before


the rumors

too has a "race

feel to it,

may not be. That's

up for you to decide

they must

find the Grail


you have determined location.

is the Grail's

army to Camelot.



4-2: Grail QuestRumors

Roll Id20 for information when the character asks anyone about the quest. The below are not just clues. Some of them are simply responsesto questions regarding the Grail.

Die Roll
I 2 3 4 5 6-9 10 11-13 14




has sent

his best knights

on a wild goose
for years. Quest.


The Grail Knights are all dead and have been Sir Lancelot
The Grail has joined is a

his fellow knights on the

is insane.



is weak and King Arthur

No information. Sir Galahad has found the kingdom.

the Grail and with

it seeks

to overthrow

Respondent has information but demands divulging it. Roll again to determine what Queen

to be paid before he or she knows. from

Guinevere has the Grail and keeps it hidden

men somewhere

15 16 17 18 19 20

in her nunnery in Ireland.

Sir Gareth is dead of the pox, and only he knew the Grail's Merlin hid the Grail from Arthur using magical
he knew its location. Only one of absolute purity can even touch
means, and only

the Grail; those


are not will Those The that

die instantly.

from the Grail will



grow old, and never die.

as she did Excalibur.

Lady of the Lake

the Grail just

who does.

has an accurate

clue or can direct

the party

to a person


If the characters determine individual drinking does wisdom Arthur Specific sort what

do actually happens next.


the Grail, they'll then renew drinks if Arthur them it, but

you'll need what?

need to to take Does the the cup, If to rule? on this Drinking


it back to the person will surely from

who assigned drink from it simply If Mordred effect restore than Grail finding automatically

to find it. That the land as it from does? claim

the Grail

The Holy Grail

from the Grail of Good

in Excalibur, or does to do it himself? drinks, powers will that

give the monarch

has the following Alignment:

removes any


on any character

will it have a different



all damage


his rightful the questions

of the Holy the Grail's

are provided has on the

instantly health.
Fills the


the character

to perfect

page, but you will have to answer of impact campaign. on the Avalon At the end of Mallory's each other. unseen that, Following and mystical one day when

of exactly what land and



a sense

of hope

and renewal. are cured.

Permanently Permanently Grants

Any depressions

or malaises

Morte d'Arthur, Mordred his death, island Arthur called needs Avalon with

and Arthur


is sent sailing

off to an

. .

increases increases

character's character's

Charisma Wisdom Natural AC

+ 2. +2.


a permanent

the suggestion he will


of + 2. natural lifespan


him the most, kingdom. appears

arise and return

to save his beloved

Avalon is a Celtic myth that Mallory into his epic. Its source

to have incorporated who is the Lord He resides (literally, which Sea. go is in Thus, there in "the

Extends character's 10+ IdI0 years.

The character may





is the god, Avallon,





level is equal

of the Dead. Ynys Avallon

Isle of Avallon"), lies in the Western This after Arthur's symbolic heroism is where their journey

to the character's Hit Dice. Once all three uses have been cast, this ability vanishes. The ability can be used at will, and the spells can be saved for years, but it can only be used a maximum of three times. of drinking



A character can only gain the benefits from the Grail once. Characters Evil, not Alignment the Grail. is

of his great and importance of Britain. the legend the villain will if and

of Neutral (in relation to Good or Law or Chaos) Alignment have their changed to Good by drinking The change is permanent. from

the mythology In this setting, turned With Arthur drunk land Mordred he is slain? Arthur

on its ear a little. the hero,

still go to Avalon He may be a and a tyrant

Evil characters suffer 10d6 points of damage and Id3 points of Permanent Wisdom and Charisma Damage if they drink from the Grail. They also age 2d10 years instantly. Such characters can suffer this effect multiple times.

now, but the and peace

he was a hero who united and brought he needs himself from prosperity though, to redeem drinks to it. Perhaps, somehow first.

If he Grail,

It may be possible be another be deceased ends that players suggest is where quest to find a means that

to travel unto itself to travel

to Avalon since After

while alive. This would Some all, one usually of the Dead. That would

would have leghas to

the Holy humor.

the characters

he will be cleansed to his former decide for about this if there happen. Should setting? Table? Knights the other

and restored You can ways are other What characters Mordred The of the


to journey he wards Knights

to the Land the Holy from

the Fisher

King lives in Avalon, Grail.

and that give the


to find a way, especially the myth.

if they are play-

in the legend? go in this other Round

ing the Quest


Part 5:
Following characters that Mordred throne. some adjustments some If that's to it. should warriors be Noble Knights or they

He simply operation.

doesn't However,

have enough he does advantage Silverkiels


to spare that

for this of even should


the element to help, but,

is a sample of Levels adventure for 7- I 0. It assumes

surprise the odds unless Mordred It takes point time) with Upon some rolling is dotted expected for them interesting,

and the tactical a bit. Several forbids it. the PC's

of the terrain volunteer


ask for this sort

of assistance,

the PC's are rebels working for in his guerilla war against the not the case, you'll need to make

the characters their them

a week to reach


rendezvous encounters days things

to spring to keep the caravan. arriving tactical hills. with From

trap. You may roll random on their toes and to keep

while they are in the Forest or you can simply

of Bur (three

At least Fighters.

of the party needs regardless However,

Mordred Thus, work,

who can help

him take

go straight

to the encounter

the throne. actually capable good

of which a Cleric

side for which

for Mordred to the group

to want them, for the more

they need to be will make a aspects of magical

at the location they discover The particular towards by this the crest, advantages. This trees

the Silverkiels that spot it does countryside the top. The

deemed indeed is made caravan where


in combat. addition

or a Wizard

for the ambush,

offer up of hill and is the travel

the scenario.

has a very steep the foot

Merlin He's Morgan consumed matters Doing body has decided a serious threat that Mordred to everyone has grown too strong. makes Arthur to his father's rule now, and that in the land. With

to pass

hill near the party

is easier. down Meanwhile, they'll

will be able to fire exposed. them, and the the trees and the elevation. to approach will slow them while

on the caravan,


will be completely

Ie Fey a danger into

they'll have 9/10 Cover from guarding the caravan In short, mounts charge the hill, which attacks.

by disconsolation, his own hands. been

he has felt the urge to take

For the knights expose should PC's, their hillside them

have to climb to more

so has not when Morgan

easy since him. named

he had to give up his He has whispered Angus McGinnis to convince gave Arthur north Merlin into who

the defenders use of on the


be able to get their lances unless

up the hill to engage to make effective them, meeting

the dreams fool Once to craft

of a mad wizard a magical trap

it will be next to impossible the heroes instead of near the top. to conceive extent, works that what

lives on the North

Sea. He managed Merlin

the crazy a vision

for Mordred caravan Mordred." people

and his army. to acquire sent the Finally, "a

the item was finished, in the war against every night

Allow your would


of any plan the sorts best

for ambush The

they you

instructing new weapon he arranged headed

him to send a trade until

like. To a certain recommend If they it to stop then them Still, terrain onto supply the ambush traps.

of characters

have will determine Silverkiels servants.

for them. sit atop death

king the vision north.

he at last relented.

the party a wagon send

the hill behind

to have Mordred's

hear of a rich caravan

the cover of the trees lead pack animals, causing should engaging Silverkiels. do. The safe)

and rain down

on Arthur's into The to the chaos, party before to

can en flame it should

or two or kill the

The plan is for Mordred's discover themselves. trap right its purpose, In that to Mordred


to capture that

the caravan, for the from

the caravan the trouble. according decide effective

and then

go seek the weapon

and deal with combat players riding

way, he hopes

they will deliver harm

wait for the knights in melee let your makes to come

to gain the hilltop what

since he will not suspect

his own men.

they want not as and

it equally


The Arthur instructs to bring foodstuffs, needed England. route, route that both the task


TheSecret aravan C
opens traders to make with into perhaps Mordred the north to replace assigning He has heard Merlin. never the PC's that Mordred arrives and contains of along the the caravan. to seek the alliance

for them


the hillside

adventure has sent them

swooping Arthur's reach

the caravan. train arrives the morning have plenty after the PC's to rest is standing recover presents. the for

of capturing wizard,

site. They'll

of time

of a powerful

and set their the caravan's quickly knights behind them Knights If the PC's

When it does, unless the party The knights

sure the caravan

out in the open, they will be able make a free initial attack, catching defenders Flat-Footed. to meet attempt the death the caravan. and move any challenge from above leaving the party strategy, rounds

its booty riches,

back to the Camp. and medicines, army spies

It allegedly

all of which

are desperately

by Mordred's

and the people places Mordred

Giantstepper and the Silverkiels would

have learned ambushes.

the caravan's The plan calls for apologizes.

will ride up to met them, to protect to reach the crest

a few Guardsmen three are six Noble and four

have suggested for which

It takes as escort

make for good

of the hill. There

the PC's

to be outnumbered,

of 5th Level assigned


Guardsmen The That's They killed, going fight latter what

(use the stats have no desire the knights

for the Guardsmen to fight are there at first Mordred's for in their

in Camelot). minions. opinion. are all are knights and

will give resistance but the moment to the death. Such

even if the knights as though loyalty the PC's The to Camelot

Knight (5th Level

Size: Hit Dice:

Escorts Noble
5d10+ 45

it looks is their

to win, they give up and beg for mercy.

Humanoid 15


its mad tyrant. The food Chests present 10,000 supplies Among with caravan present is a treasure a total trove of supplies. or an army pieces There is enough

Hit Points:

to feed a village

for a month. of gold are also worth another and other

containing in addition gold. with ease.

of 5,000

Speed: AC:

2 (Dex)

to fine linens

and jewelry

20 feet
21 (+2 Dex, +8 Full Plate Armor, + I Small Steel Shield) Heavy Lance + 9 melee (1d8+3) or Longsword + 8 melee (1d8+3) 5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet (10 feet with Lance) None. None. Fort + 6, Ref + 3,


will be able to buy weapons

the other note:

treasures signet.

on the caravan, opens

is a letter

sealed Attacks:

the king's

If the party

it, they discover

the following

The letter is part of Merlin's trap. Any character


Special Special

Attacks: Qualities: Saves:

Will + Abilities:

Str 17, Dex 15, Con 17, Int II, Wis 12, Cha 13 Balance +4, Diplomacy +4, Heal +4, Intimidate + 8, Jump +4, Ride +8, Swim Combat, Attack, Charge, Focus Lance) Neutral +4




Mounted Ride-by Spirited Weapon (Heavy

who readsit
why not pose This may is



must make a Will Save at DC 20 or fall under the influence of a

Suggestion spell. The as Arthur's exactly thought adamantly The their trick idea. what knights Merlin suggestion wants them is very simple: to do. Party them and steal the weapon for Mordred? members

Notes: These knights are mounted on Heavy Warhorses. The mounts have 35 Hit Points and can attack with 2 hooves at + 6 melee and Id6+4 points of damage. They can also bite at + I melee for + Id4+2 points of damage. The rider cannot attack while the horse does unless he makes a Ride check at DC 10.

get the idea to do it anyway, in their heads who misses the Saving Throw

but the spell is meant

to put the

and cause it.

to do it. Any character plan and

will think it is a grand

the players up with stealing think

support undertaking here them is to make come subtly that outside Mordred


it is is a good mission, back with

If they

it on their the weapon


encourage but it might

idea. It is technically impress weapon. the ultimate

the scope

of their

if they can come




If no one falls under the spell's influence, and they do not undertake the mission on their own, they should follow through on their orders to return the stolen goods to the Camp. Once Mordred has seen the letter, he will conceive of the plan himself and send the PC's after the weapon.



Medium Humanoid 24 + 3 (Dex) 30 feet 13 (+3 Dex) Dagger +4 melee (1d4+2) 5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet Spellcasting None.



Meeting theMacGinnises

Hit Dice: 5d4+ 10

Hit Points: Initiative: Speed: AC: Attacks: Face/Reach: Special Attacks: Special Qualities:

Among the other supplies is a map of the caravan route. The party will have no trouble following it to Angus McGinnis's home on the North Sea. It takes several more days to make the journey, and, as they go, the weather grows considerably fouler. Temperatures drop, the wind picks up, and a cold rain beats down upon them on and off for days. The sky is overcast and threatening, and, while it never rains for more than an hour, its does so several times a day. By the time they reach Angus's home, the characters are drenched, cold, and miserable. Angus MacGinnis lives in an inhospitable part of the world. The North Sea churns outside his door, and the wind off the water is bone-chilling most of the year. Even now in the summertime, it is unpleasant with the temperature rarely rising above 50 degrees and the wind chill making it feel much colder. His tower is a black aberration rising off jagged rocks and overlooking the sea and looks as though it might collapse into the water at any moment. The truth is, it is sturdily built but unattractive. It is some 50 feet in height, and there is only one path that leads up the steep precipice to its gate. All other approaches are impassable due to the large jagged rocks that surround it on all sides. The door is made of oak and banded metal. It is locked from the inside. Wood-burned onto it is Angus's standard of an angry griffon adorning a shield. Knocking loudly is the only way to get the attention of the inhabitants, but doing so results in loud complaints. Shouting and grumbling can be heard from within even over the roar of the sea. After a few moments of this, the PC's will be able to hear someone thumping over to the door, and a small peephole opens. Gruffly, a man asks what the characters want. Any response that involves seeing Angus on business of the king will be sufficient, but the man on the other side of the door doesn't seem happy about it. He shuts the peephole and then unbars the door, admitting the characters. The doorman is an old man with wild hair that looks as though it hasn't been combed in years. He instructs them to follow him and then shuffles off down a short hallway. He stops in a large round antechamber, tells the party to wait there, and leaves via a door on the opposite side. After a minute or two, Angus's apprentice, Winston Applegate, comes in through the door by which the grumpy old man left. He appraises the characters, looking them up and down with a highly snooty look on his face. He shows disapproval unabashedly, and appears to be offended by the 50

Saves: Fort + 3, Ref +4, Will + 5

Abilities: Skills:

Str 14, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 19, Wis 12, Cha 13 Alchemy +4, Concentration + 12, Knowledge (Arcana) + 16, Scry +4, Spellcraft + 16

Feats: Empower Spell, Enlarge Spell, Heighten Spell Alignment: Chaotic Good

Notes: Winston is an extremely talented and often likable wizard. He can joke with just about anyone and acts warmly towards those he considers his friends (which are a great many more people than actually return the sentiment). However, he is extremely arrogant about his own abilities, and he will not tolerate anyone who doesn't acknowledge his abilities as superior. Sadly, to get around this foible, numerous people have told him what he wants to hear, and now he believes it fervently. However, his bravado is not a defense mechanism against any self-loathing. As the saying goes,he's not conceited, he's convinced.

very presence blonde a little

of the characters. rests


is tall, has long, and a face that seems

he folds punches

the letter

and puts

it in his sleeve.

He then


hair that too long

on his shoulders,

and asks if they would He tries tired

like to see the weapon.


for the rest of his head. if they are there business. to see Angus and then to deny

him in the arm and demands to tell her to be patient, him, arguing with he asks the characters If the characters ever more under she is a shrew is wholly

to see the payment. he relents. please begins With see cajoland it and a

He asks the characters asks them them about their an audience,

but she will have none of it. him until refuse, abusive. if they could Margaret It quickly He seems

He has no authority

She henpecks smile, the gifts ing them, obvious rassed that Angus first. that

and he won't if these

do so, but the less cooperative He has no cognizance the royal court of them. that he has and even the in all of He could up as from

they are, the more he will sneer at them. of the fact that, they claim Winston become smallest England will claim easily best Morgan will assert are knights be more to be, he should is a talented arrogant. opportunity. that, his mastery


becomes embar-


of the highest her thumb.

magnitude to stop


So talented

by her behavior,

but he does nothing

He is boastful

of his accomplishments arts given is no magician MacGinnis.

supports Short

her every position. of violence, there She's is no satisfying clearly accustomed enough is a powerful Margaret until that she has her own she

of the magical He feels there

who is his equal. if Merlin him in magical

not even Master combat.

seen the riches.

to getting wizard

were still alive today, Winston If any character at her name, without

way, and her husband


Ie Fey, he sneers duel,

calls her a charlatan, the Fey to back her. for him. She

and says she would In a one-on-one in no way deserves After his bragging

be nothing she would the honors has become

be no match

she has been accorded. overly might after that tedious, expect. Angus Despite This enters his is a Aside from his prowess at magic, Winston holds strong opinions on any number of obscure subjects. He is absolutely convinced of the rectitude of these positions, arguing with him about impossible to tell which of might be stepping on with Winston makes no secret of though, and begins politely and there is rio them. Worse, it's these opinions one a casual statement. it when it happens, explaining why he is


Wizard) (cont' d)

the chamber younger-looking madness, function completely speaking more Angus

accompanied than

by his wife, Margaret. and well-groomed. him. on the surface. his madness

He is much

(5th Level

the party clean-cut keeping

he remains of Margaret with

He appears It is only after becomes

calm and sensible him for awhile

obvious. smiles warmly at the characters, genuinely introduces by their himself presence. to

each of them, Afterwards, which flaming tightly a threat After tation draws Once point, causes

and seems he introduces their


his wife almost fault. Margaret

as an afterthought, as though has her cloak is very short,

her to scowl and glare at the PC's smiles. it. Winston only barely smiles look that She gathers

this were somehow around

red hair, and never her, hunches at anyone

right. As the argument escalates, he becomes more vituperative and will not back down from his opinion no matter what evidence is brought to the contrary. His self-righteousness knows no bounds. Sadly, Winston is a talented Wizard, and he may in a the

over a bit, and aims her gaze like

who meets Angus reminds Winston about,

a moment, at being with


is work his irriwith-

he needs

to be doing. ordered a final


some day be a great one. It's all lost, though, mire of arrogance and righteous conviction. Spellcasting 0-Level spells, (Sp): Winston In addition knows to all of

wanly, and then at the party.


the following:


has left, Angus party should

asks if they have something him the letter in opening would opening at this if the seal read his masif they the them so it. If they it, they may

for him. The have a problem. on the letter ter's words. were careful weren't, king's long


I sf Level: Change Self, Color Spray, Comprehend Languages, Enlarge, Erase, Grease, Mage Armor, Magic Magical Weapon, Message, Aura, Sleep Reduce, Nystul's

but if they were not careful He will know is broken. It is possible, not to break Angus

they are imposters to reseal

No loyal servant though, the seal when

the letter

2nd Level: Alter Self, Glitterdust, Hypnotic Minor Image, Laughter See

Blur, Darkness, Daylight, Pattern, Locate Object, Tasha's Hideous



have to fake it and simply has no reason give him one.

tell Angus" to doubt

instructions." as they don't

3rd Level: Explosive Runes, Illusory Script, Major Image, Secret Page, Sepia Snake Sigil, Shrink Item

If they give him the letter, he reads it over carefully asks them for the password. Assuming

and then correctly,

they answer


Margaret MacGinnis
(4th Level
Size: Hit Dice: Hit Points: Initiative: Speed: AC: Attacks: Face/Reach: Special Attacks: Special Qualities:

doesn't feel threatened by knights from Camelot. Moreover, she knows that the PC's need what Angus has made for them, and, since they don't know what it is, they can't just kill him. The MacGinnises have the superior bargaining position, and she refuses to relent as a result. When the characters concede, she tells Angus that if he knew how to run his businessbetter, he wouldn't need her. He acceptsthis in the sameway he acceptsher other insults. He assures her that she is correct and thanks her despite his obvious embarrassment.

Medium Humanoid

4d4 I3 +0 30 feet 10 Dagger+ 0 melee (ld4-2) 5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet

None. None.

Once they haveinspected the goods (and Margaret


Saves: Fort +1, Ref +1, Will + 3

plains about it being a paltry sum for her husband's work), Angus takes them up to his laboratory. Books are scattered everywhere, and there appear to be hundreds of vials and beakers filled with strange liquids. The place smells of exotic chemicals, and a bubbling cauldron in the fireplace helps contribute to the stench. Margaret trails behind, henpecking Angus about the cleanliness (specifically the lack of it) of his lab. Angus waves her away claiming she doesn't understand his work. He unlocks a chest, stoops over it, and then produces what appears to be a large, shining green egg. It's made of stone, but it's not clear what sort. It has a hinge and a seam twothirds of the way up the side, and Angus has a wild gleam in his eye as he hands it over. "Here it is,"~he says. "Perhaps my greatest creation."~ If the players ask what it is, he looks at them as though they were insane. He replies simply that it is the weapon. It is the only answer that he has, and his eyes continue to have a wild look in them. If asked how it works, he expounds for as long as he is allowed on various magical theories and technical information that makes no sense to the unenlightened. To tbose wbo bave tbe Spellcraft Skill or wbo are spellcasters tbemselves, it is only a little more understandable. Anyone wbo makes a knows tbat tbese are tbe ravings of a madSpellcraft cbeck at DC '5 man. What he says does not follow logically, and has no connection with any known magical theory. Those who fail the

Abilities: Skills:

Str 7, Dex II, Con ro, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 3 Craft +4, Handle Animal +8, Jump +6, Spot +6, Use Rope +4 Chaotic Neutral

Feats: Iron Will, Run Alignment:

Notes: Margaret

is the model shrewish wife.

She constantly dabbles in her husband's business even though she doesn't understand it, orders

him about when she isn't


the amount


attention she wants, and yells at anyone who challenges her ideas. She greatly suffers from a lack of self-confidence and compensates by making herself seem strong with her rabid attacks on all things with which she disagrees. She has a hair-trigger temper, and it is impossible to tell what will set it off. When she blows, though, shehasall the fury of anangered god. Those who are unfortunate enough to be the target of her ire would rather face an enraged dragon in battle. She continues in this unsocial behavior because her husband, Angus, does nothing to stop it. He allows her to vent even against him or his apprentice, Winston, thus perpetuating her childish temper tantrums. She, secure in the knowledge that few will challenge him due to his magical power, behaves as badly as she likes as a result.

checksimply think his ideas are

certain they wouldn't work.




are not

No amount of grilling will get any useful information out of Angus beyond him saying that Merlin himself showed him how it could be done. If he is askedhow to activate the item, he instructs them to pop open the lid (where the seam is). Inside there is a switch.

By pressing it forward, the weapon is activated. Anyone


makes a move to do so will be scolded by him with a "Not now! Do you want to kill us all?" He will not tell them how it works or what it does, though. If they press him, he says simply that Arthur knows. The conversation with Angus over the weapon should give the characters the impression that he doesn't really know what he's doing. He's clearly powerful, but he doesn't have


a strong that reality

connection with which them that

to this world. others


is going

on in of

head of his, it doesn't

seem to be related are familiar.

to any sense

He sends business that, chance advice now

on their they

way, thanking them luck

them there

for their can be no and than that,

and wishing for failure. from Merlin,

in the war. He is sure

Angus MacGinnis (15th Level Wizard)

Size: Medium Humanoid Hit Dice: 15d4+45 Hit Points: 85 Initiative: +2 (Dex) Speed: 30 feet AC: 12 (+ 3 Dex) Attacks: Staff + 8/ + 3 melee

have his goods, After and you just can't

all, he got his information do better

now can you?

The journey

3: Springing

tbe Trap
is as exciting random upon another as you would across of Arthur's the encounters

back to the Camp come

like it to be. You can generate England agents device uneventful or have the PC's that journey, moving

they may rob. Or you may just ahead to them

have it be an delivering

to Mordred. to experiment They fiddle with with it on their the lid, push way back, the switch, make it work. know they are in actually The what

If they choose nothing They that doing. does, with most Morgan and otherwise it's equally Between you ought sensible

happens. may suspect

can open

Face/Reach: Special Attacks: Special Qualities: Saves: Abilities: Skills:

5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet Spellcasting None. Fort



Ref +7,


it, but they cannot that they don't know

they have been had, but let them possible warning not to push what them

Str 13, Dex 15, Con 16, Int 16, Wis 5, Cha 12 Alchemy + 20, Concentration + 1 5, Craft + 1 5, Knowledge


the switch not to fool is to let

his laboratory

and him not divulging to be able to convince

the thing


1 5,

it. If they do so anyway, thing Ie Fey examine it.

the device

does nothing.

+ 1 3, Scry + 15 Combat Wand, Item, Enlarge Spell,

to do, you can tell them,

+ 15, Spellcraft

Feats: on the device, but it has Aura. To penetrate the

Brew Casting, Craft Spell,

Potion, Craft Wondrous

A spellcaster

may try to cast Identify Undetectable

been warded by Nystul's

the character

Saving reveal, pressing not The

Throw though,

must make a Will Save at DC '4. If the is successful, the character is able to determine that
spell does not Based on the to assume that
Notes: Everything


Spell, Heighten Spell, Scroll


the device casts Plane Shift on its target. The how it may be triggered. they got from the switch Angus, is the triggering information the case. device is actually triggered

Maximize Scribe

it's logical mechanism,

Angus is insane, makes he does


but this is

though perfect the logic He though,

he doesn't sense smiles others to him.

know Others


by Mordred.



have seems appears

trouble likable

following on the

of his

actions. warmly have

He and to say.

touches it, the weapon is activated. It castsa modified version of Plane Shift in a 500 yard radius. Everyone in the range of the


to be interested or not he listens,

in what

Whether the speaker ent when he nods Angus


on both appar-

device must make a Will Save at DC 20 or be instantly shifted out

and the situation, he values a given

and it is not always person's advice.

of phase. For those

appear not anyone to simply who made notice

who save themselves, vanish There


who fail who fail do white flash, and then all

Regardless, everything. though, and

and vice versa. Those is a bright, Throw disappears,


as though

he is absorbing things, the advice his wife

a difference.

has his own willing

way of doing to ignore drives

the Saving

he is perfectly to go his own

of everyone

is as it was before. Things yards there are not as they were, though. in a parallel If a person and reappears The It stays in radius. reaches The affected that characters 500 he

way. This

to distraction,

but him

she has learned into submission. to use what she this

to manipulate He weakness allows

him by brow-beating her unaware to manipulate to do that as she she has him into

exist out of time or she vanishes alternate reality.


is exactly

the limit

of the circle,

pleases learned doing

to shut

her up, blissfully wants.

on the opposite device thus

side. In short, to this off sealing

is no way to escape.

does not travel

in the real world,

the aperture.


This Morgan,

is Merlin's



He hopes of their army

to end the Mordred, from reality. Arthur,

struggle With friend When them from

for the throne gone, there

by simply


and a large portion can focus himself. arrive more

Angus MacGinnis

will be no one to challenge fully on saving

and Merlin

his longtime



Wizard) (cont' d)

Margaret is not the only one controlling him, though. He's been under the influence of Merlin for years. Knowing that he may one day need a powerful magical ally against Morgan, Merlin frequently visits Angus in his dreams whispering ideas into his ears. Because Angus doesn't realize that he could be so much more than Merlin, he takes these visions at their word as revelations from the source of all magic. A combination of Merlin's influence self-determination that cause repeatedly others missed and Angus's own pig-headed has led him to do the things to call him opportunities mad. to He has improve

the characters right

in the Camp, them after

Mordred after

will send he so of iniand is They it on their took

for them will want long. where acquire tiative upset. Mordred bring He'll

away. If he sent he wants went to know since

the weapon,

to see it immediately. also demand

If they went

own initiative, the goods

why the mission

an explanation the characters will praise happened. for their

(as will Morgan) gave them them Morgan scowls is simple. reduces for their until

up to

the weapon. She chastises defends

Mordred the PC's them. in camp,

if they tell him what

foolishness the fact that


motivation of initiative

need the supplies Mordred's Mordred then cocks doesn't when

and, despite

it may

the war to an end, this sort dependence assures on her. that

himself because Merlin has him chasing down some blind alley. Utterly convinced of his own ability to succeed under any circumstances, he ignores more sound advice from others, and follows his mad they take him. Spellcasting Level spells, dreams in whatever direction

the party

they did the right they present look. take it from a curious


and he

asks to see the weapon. his head and gives them look like a weapon. he does, it goes off.

When He'll

it to him, It certainly them, and,

(Sp): In addition to all of the 0Angus knows the following:

Mordred Throws. both

and Morgan Roll for them affected

automatically to maintain



Saving to have You in the story. you can have unaffected), trapped from to to some them them that

if you like, but you need the tension allowed),

Ist Level: Change Self, Charm Person, Comprehend Languages, Feather Fall, Hypnotism, Identify, Mage Armor, Magic Missile, Mount, Nystul's Magical Undetectable Aura, Obscuring Shocking Grasp, Sleep Magic Aura, Mist, Weapon, Nystuls' Shield,

of them

As for the PC's, can have them them them automatically to proceed Mordred,

you can take one of three fail (no Saving succeed from forcing Mordred Throw. may make here. them from Throw (they


are somehow them

or you can have them with

roll. It depends to find

on how you want their way out allow though,

If you want

2nd Level: Alter Self, Arcane Lock, Detect Thoughts, Fog Cloud, Ghoul Touch, Invisibility, Knock, Melf's Acid Arrow, Minor Image, Misdirection, Pyrotechnics, Whispering Wind 3rd Level: Clairaudience/Clairvoyance, Magic, Fireball, Greater Magic Waepon, Person, Major Image, Sleet Tongues, Vampiric Touch Storm, Dispel Hold

the inside,

have them

fail the roll. If you want the outside,

have to rescue impose

Save. If you don't the Saving party. of the characters to a split

really care or you want Bear in mind, it, and some

it to be random, may not, leading


4th Level: Dimension

Door, Dimensional Anchor, Evard's Black Tentacles, Charm Monster, Confusion, Hallucinatory Terrain, Scrying, Solid Fog Person, Mind Fog,

5th Level: Dismissal. Dominate Persistent Image, Passwall 6th Level: Analyze Dweomer, Mislead, Tenser's Transformation 7th Level: Banishment, Plane Shift






they won't Only when apparent discover coming they After

4: Escape
are trapped immediately aren't on the inside that as they They with Mordred, is wrong. realize they that something used

If the characters

try to leave the Camp

will it become to be. Let them only to just keep direction

S ilverkiel (4th Level Size: Hit Dice: Hit Points: Initiative:

Fighters Fighters)
Medium 4d 10 + 4 28 +7 (+3 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative) 30 feet 16 (+3 Dex, + 3 Studded Leather Armor) Longsword (ld8+ 5) + 8 melee Fey


this as it happens.

ride out of camp, change. They in which

ride back in. There ride away. several

is no perceptible

back to the same spot

no matter

incidents, research that within but given grasped While that traitors

others by Morgan

will have noticed what and the top was some They

too, and Lobeholder

Mordred Preliminary wizards has them after plan

will call a council indicates bound

to discuss

has happened. sort of trap that how right this was the or be killed. to

the weapon the Camp. that

Speed: AC:

are not certain disappeared that that agents certain

this was done, Mordred purpose. is sure dupes. either its true Morgan complete They're the mission If the party doubts suspicious them The that

the weapon

it, they have concluded no one is exactly deliver are either

was to have the characters they Either

it to Mordred, Arthur's they should

Attacks: Face/Reach: Special Attacks: Special Qualities:


way, she thinks or idiots, for escape.

5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet Spell-casting Spell Fort Immunity + 5, Ref +4,

and both

are damaging

and to plans

has been working they are traitors. situation. of them. Mordred

for Mordred Still,

for some



they seem to be to blame he is doubly and he allows

Will + 3

for the current

If they are hew recruits, has honor, though,


to speak for themselves. PC's may address threaten the council or attack, to their pleas. to death. in any fashion Otherwise, they see them Skills:

Str 16, Dex 16, Con 12, Int 13, Wis 14, Cha 14 Bluff +4, Climb +4, Handle Animal +4, Hide +7, Intimidate +4, Jump +4, Ride Lore + 4, Wilderness +7

fit. If they and attempt listens Mordred She chides desperate prove their Reluctantly, The battle. fight there which who players They

the Silverkiels When


to put them

the council Morgan is not. a Feats:

attentively Mordred tyrant

they are finished, in a war against the PC's of Truth. that

is convinced

they are not traitors, for being through agrees. one of two ways all fight combat. together too trusting She proposes a Contest

like Arthur.

innocence Mordred

may choose may either warriors, in single number faces Level

to fight against a champion

this a cadre to Alignment:

Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative, Weapon Focus (Longsword), Weapon Specialization (Longsword) Chaotic

of Silverkiel Morgan's are 4th is 6th

or they may choose of Silverkiels the champion.

Fey can cast the

If they choose to PC's, If the latter,

the former, all of

are an equal Level




one Fighter

following spells three times per Spray, Daze, Dancing Lights, Ghost Ventriloquism. and Mirror Displacement

day: Color Sound, and

Treat him like the

4th Level ones, but add two Hit Dice and the appropriate amount of Skill Ranks. The Then Fey fight they start after to yield, off fighting straight using until their the PC's magic. yields then The land a good fight solid blow. is to the death and can They're

Twice per day, they can cast Blur Image. They can also cast once per day.

or until Attacking causes choose better

one side yields. the offender

Yielding can be done as a Free Action. is dishonorable The PC's traitors.

Spell Immunity (Ex): Fey are immune to all Sleep and Charm spells. They get a + 2 Racial Bonus to Saving Throws against Enchantment spells.

a combatant but they'll

to lose the contest. to the death.

be judged


Once the
Mordred should Morgan


is settled


the party

wins), a all in, so they he reasons. the results

they need him to explain mean party fiber feat. Angus will take some doing.

how to undo wizard,

the magic. and just

This beating

is no him the

is satisfied be offered is unhappy,

and sets them a chance

to the task of finding themselves, argue against

is a powerful Once

way out of the trap.

It was they who got them to redeem but she cannot

he's been defeated, out of him.


can beat the information and will squeal

He has no moral

if he's beaten. kill him or don't with the answer. Lake several think to

of a Contest How puzzle Angus wanted someone real world.

of Truth. it is up to them, where Mordred but the key to the set off the trap. includes thought following Merlin that

If the characters inquire, they'll have will from omnipotence heard their


they go about is the location does things from Mordred Thus,

they can also question can provide of the present location part location. them have to find her first.

the Lady of the Lake. Her However, to It days ride Allow of the Roll one of the characters of Niniane. many random creatures

his own way, and that Merlin. sealed Despite might away forever,


the fact that Angus want open. went

lie in a treacherous for the party to the lake.

of the country

who used the device

to get back to the

he left a gateway the trap the gate's a Detect Magic tbrougb a cbaracter Morgan first

encounters magical bave no en route There,

as they fight

off horrid

At the place where energy discover signifying tbis witb

off is residual spell, but

location. or similar wbicb

Tbe PC's can easily

the Lady will appear return the weapon Then

to them. open word,

She tells them the lid, press "release." that

that the that to will

if tbey

they must switch, is done, attempt Indeed, Arthur to undo them.

to the site ofMordred's When returned Arthur


a Fey discovers

it. Furtber


and examination and It and


they must

reveals it to be a portal can pass. To qualify, barbor will find no ill intentions. cannot evil. Mordred

only one wbo is pure of beart because sbe is bis motber.

and speak

the command them, from

must be of Good Alignment cannot pass tbrougb to betray

the spell will be broken, to prevent Merlin learns These They They them

and everything though, doing what so.

the way it was. She warns

because be is plotting tbe otbers. qualifies to purify

tberefore fall

to a Good-Aligned

PC to breacb tbe aperture

has told Arthur that knights Mordred's

has transpired. have learned of knights stats as those and there

When of a way to stop that

some means of rescuing of the characters opportunity

the journey.


If none them
can make

due to ill intentions, themselves pC's so that you'll

give they need

the spell,

he will send a cadre have the same the caravan, than their clever



no one is of Good Alingment, and

were assigned them. though. as quickly

to protect are more attack When

are six of engage they them send

to cbange tbe conditions can get tbrougb, Morgan Once cannot.

of passage so tbat your

counterparts, at the first

but Mordred

the party two

at a distance, to regroup while the

as possible,

and retreat

they pass through exactly where is gone.

the gate, the characters they were, except The remains, Camp however. that and everyone The

will find everything in it has will have

sign of trouble.

of them

are killed,

themselves vanished. Cballenge

(save the trees) to find some Rating

a third off for reinforcements . . continue pursuIt. As the characters knights Guardsmen the knight attack who (same is necessary A cbaracter tbe figbt, pulls bim reach them rode stats


The weapon means


the site of the trap, with a squad Arthur's the party to spring as in the caravan

any remaining encounter) men from will and do

to free them.


tbe way out is a


of 10

8 obstacle.

off for help. to prevent may attempt but doing

Once Saving everyone ground. happened. They could

5: Rescuing

or if they made the magic. drop will see Mordred what their Those and to the

whatever the trap. pany making character reappear out the men what during

undoing and comAction, if such a

the characters Throws, around The

have escaped themselves, vanish

Mordred Round and

they will need to undo them

so is a Full to attack. Morgan, them

who were not trapped It's difficult

or ber vulnerable It only on and

However, a moment putting

and the weapon

it off, Mordred, takes


Fey to figure Arthur's

to tell immediately

may have

instantly. is going run.


will have to seek answers. and ask him how to undo to know what of The will to Margaret they are agents them


return and when

to Angus

on the

weapon's happened, Mordred, characters not attack sneak chance. Applegate characters



he'll demand to throw

Mordred grateful England's unhappy she's craft more such

thanks to them hope about

the characters for preserving alive. them Morgan trapping about Upon

for freeing the rebellion


He is but She's she but to it

he discovers

and keeping

he'll attempt them openly, her style.

out as traitors.

is unimpressed, at the moment. her in the first

will have to fight

him and Winston.

has no real say in the matter concerned a weapon.

but she will take the opportunity in the back if she gets the

place, enough

up and knife That's

one of them

a wizard

powerful smash

her recommendation, it so that

and Margaret

can be killed


impunity, Angus

but the since 56

Mordred cannot

has one of the characters be used again.

will have to be careful

to preserve

Contained re-imagined this section license below

for this setting.

of Camelot
from Game the legend material for in All of the

Unfortunately, ruler

he has no idea that the forces of magic view Mordred and corrupted reflects Knight throne.

(the Lady His and he sits

of the Lake and Excalibur) and heir to his fallen Evil Alignment Lawful

as the rightful grace,

are the characters Open

his fall from While upon

is designated


does not have the Noble

Class Feature, Pure of Heart, Excalibur any of its bonus.


for the same reason. special abilities

by his side, it does not confer

King Arthur Pendragon (18th Level Noble

him, including

its + 5 attack Arthur midable

and damage

Hit Hit Medium Dice: Points: Humanoid I8d10+54 15 8 + 2 (Dex) Aura He can grant a +4 + 1 Small Steel Shield) melee melee (ld8+2) Lance) (ld8+2) those Noble Saving within Grace Lance +21/+16/+11/+6

is a shadow self. Where and mighty, and withered belly hangs

of his once forhe was bold, he is now a old man. His legs,

fearless, slumped prodigious and his beard

over his stout

is long and unkempt. (Su): Arthur Will is immune Throws to Fear. to all

Initiative: Speed: AC: 21

20 feet (+ 2 Dex, + 8 Full Plate Armor, Heavy

ofCourage Morale



10 feet of him. (Ex): Arthur gains a + 2 Class Bonus to all


or Longsword Face/Reach: Special Special Saves: Abilities: Skills: Craft

+21/+16/+11/+5 5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet None. Aura of Courage,


(10 feet with

Attacks: Qualities: Fort Str Animal

Noble + 10


Merlin (18th Level Druid/17th Level Wizard/ Power Wraith)

Medium Undead

+ 16, Ref + 10, Will 15, Dex 15, Con Empathy

17, Int

17, Wis

15, Cha


Hit Hit

Dice: Points:

35d12 245 + 3 (Dex)

+ 12, Balance + 2 5, Handle +6 Reflexes,

+ 12, Climb Animal

+ 12, Motive

+ 12, Diplomacy +4,

+ 12, Heal

Initiative: Speed: AC:

+ 12, Intimidate + 12, Swim

+ 18, Jump Use Rope Combat Attack, Trample, (Longsword) Evil

+ 12, Ride

+ 18, Sense

50 feet 13* (+3 Staff Dex) +21/+ 16/+ 11/+6/+ 1 melee* (ld6+2)

Feats: Blind-Fight, (Longsword), Combat, Charge, Weapon Alignment: Notes: ruler become drunken longs Merlin's kingdom Arthur's in both which bottom and he's those fits been who Power Sunder, Focus

Improved Leadership, Attack, (Heavy Focus

Critical Mounted Spirited Lance),



Initiative, Cleave, Weapon


Face/Reach: Special Special Spell Whispers Saves: Abilities: Skills: Intuit Scry and Fort Str

5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet Spell-casting Damage Reduction, Turn Dragon Resistance Manifestation, +6,

Attacks: Qualities: Resistance


20, Telekinesis,

King Arthur that united haze. ghostly a petulant

is no longer England three and self-pitying

the great decades

and benevolent before. He has Knights Only the

of Xanadu + 16, Ref + 14, Will + 27

old man who lives in a of the Grail from back and save him. allowing forces. only by his experience him a force out with of the and of and Mordred

15, Dex 16, Con -, Int 25, Wis 22, Cha 22 + 32, Animal + 32, Handle + 32, Knowledge + 32, Swim Craft Wand, Spell, Spell, Spell, Still Good Magic Craft Enlarge Spell Empathy Animal + 32, Concentration + 32, Heal + 32, + 32, (Religion) + 3,2,

He awaits presence

the return to come by rebel

for his old friends to be overrun lack of chivalry leadership of a wine of crying known stand to be reckoned flask. when to order before than

Alchemy Direction

keeps Arthur

+ 32, Diplomacy Knowledge

(Arcana) + 32 Arms Spell, Spell,


+ 32, Knowledge

is balanced should

+ 32, Spellcraft

and combat,


he ever climb to violent

Feats: Brew Potion, Craft Casting, Ring, Scroll, Staff, Craft Empower Heighten Silent

and Armor, Item, Extend Quicken

Craft Combat


He is given his orders him.

outbursts or death


are questioned,

Spell, Spell,

Forge Scribe


the imprisonment of other

In his estimation, upstarts

is no different pretenders

the hundreds in the past.

Alignment: *57


he has faced

Etbereal Plane only. Merlin cannot affect tbe Prime Material Plane.

Notes: Once the most feared person in all of England, Merlin has been forgotten by a great many. No longer a common sight by Arthur's side, they don't remember how he helped guide the king through difficult decisions. Others remember only too well and long for his return. Few suspect that Merlin has not really left them. He haunts Arthur's court and sends him dreams on a regular basis in a mostly vain attempt to guide the king from beyond the grave. At times, Merlin regrets letting his body perish and taking on the form of the Power Wraith. It makes it much more difficult for him to influence Arthur and watch over England's destiny. However, he is stronger than he used to be, and, though he has never used it, he does have the Dragon Manifestation ability. Merlin is heartbroken over Arthur's fall. He replays the sequence of events that led to it over and over in his mind, searching for clues of where he went wrong and what he should have done differently. At times he thinks he should have stepped in with regard to Lancelot and Guinevere. Other times, he believes he should have steered Arthur away from her altogether. Most often, he regrets not destroying Morgan Ie Fey when he first suspected her plans for revenge. Despite the king's tyranny, Merlin still believes that Arthur is the one. He just needs to find some way to reinvigorate him. He has thus contacted him more often, and Arthur has begun to speak openly in court about his dreams of Merlin. This has led some to conjecture that Merlin will return. The wizard does nothing to squelch such rumors. They are the closest thing to hope the land has. Spell-casting (Sp): Merlin knows all of the Arcane Spells. He is still limited in the number he can cast per day, but he knows them all. He also has access to any Divine Spell through his Druidic abilities. Damage Reduction (Su): Merlin's ghostlybodycanonly be hit from the Prime Material Plane with a magic weapon of + 3 or greater. All other weapons pass through him

harmlessly.He can be affected by spells.

Dragon Manifestation (Su): Once per week,Merlin can manifest on the Prime Material Plane for seven hours. When he does so, he gains a + 5 bonus to his , Strength, -1 penalty to his Dexterity, and +4 Charisma bonus. He also gains the following attacks: I Bite for 2d6, 2 Claws for I d8, 2 Wings for I d6, and I Tail Slap for I d8. Merlin also has a Breath Weapon - a cone of fire that extends 40 feet and deals 1od8 points of damage. Telekinesis (Sp): Merlin can cast Telekinesis once per round as a free action. His Caster Level is 35. Whispers of Xanadu (Sp): Once per day, Merlin can grant a vision to any sleeping subject. The ability operates just like the Divine Spell, Vision, except that there is no Experience cost.

Mordred (13th Level Ranger)

Size: Medium Humanoid
Hit Dice:



Hit Points: I 16
Speed: 20

+ 6 (+ 2 Dex, + 4 Improved Initiative)


AC: 21 (+2 Dex, +9 Magical Chainmail Armor)

Attacks: Face/Reach: Shortspear

+ 20/ + I 5/ + 8 melee (I d8 + 7)
by 5 feet


/ 5


Special Special



Qualities: Spell-casting, Track, Favored Enemies: Animals (+ 3), Beasts (+ 2), Magical Beasts (+ 1)
Saves: Fort

+ I I,

Ref + 6, Will + 6

Abilities: Str 18, Dex 15, Con 17, Int 17, Wis 14, Cha 16 Skills: Climb + 6, Concentration + 8, Handle Animal + 6,

Heal + 8, Hide + 10, Intuit

Knowledge (Nature)

Direction + 8, Jump

+ 6,

+8, Listen + 10, Move Silently + 10,


Ride + 6, Search + 6, Leadership,Mounted

Alignment: Chaotic

+ 6, Wilderness Lore + 6

Feats: Alertness, Improved Critical, Improved Initiative,


the rightful heir to Camelot and Morgan, and son of has spent his for the of Arthur

Notes: Mordred, the unnatural his father. entire


entire life preparing to take the throne

He is aware of his mother's bloodline, and, despite Pendragon

of England from
hatred his love for her, Mordred

is ever watchful of her schemes

and plotting.


only too well that, should he disagreewith her or

Morgan Ie Fey (17th Level Wizard [Illusionist])

Size: Medium Humanoid
Hit Dice: I 7d4+ 5I

deny her vengeance, he too will face her boundless and fearsome wrath. He suspects that she covets the throne for herself, and he does not intend to be her tool for very much longer. Mordred's youth amongst the Fey People was spent training for his eventual revolution, and, thus, he was robbed of any true childhood. Although schooled in chivalry and the ways of the noble knight, he has only rarely been outside the forests of his mother's people. When he does leave the woods, it is usually on a mission. Thus, despite his legitimate claim to the throne and his compassion for the suffering people of England, he is in many ways unfit to rule. He knows no true joy, and he is uncomfortable around people except when he is engaged in tactical planning or battle. Mordred is a tall, wiry young man with longish brown hair and piercing brown eyes. He is taciturn and stoic, rarely making small talk or socializing because his mind is forever set to tactics and war. Mordred is rarely seen out of his armor or unarmed. Magic Items: Mordred has two Magic Items that were gifts from his mother. He wears a +4 suit of chainmail armor. He also wields Kingslayer, a + 3 Chaotic Defender shortspear.

Hit Points: 99 Initiative: + 3 (Dex)

Speed: 30 feet AC: 17 (+ 3 Dex, +4 Ring of Protection) Attacks: Dagger +9/+4 melee (ld4+ I)

Face/Reach: 5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet Special Attacks: None. Special Qualities: Spell-casting Saves: Fort + 8, Ref + 8, Will + I 3 Abilities: Str 13, Dex 17, Con 17, Int 18, Wis 16, Cha 18 Skills: Alchemy + 26, Concentration + 26, Knowledge (Arcana) +26, Scry +26, Spell craft +26 Feats: Brew Potion, Craft Magic Arms and Armor, Combat Casting, Craft Wondrous Item, Empower Spell, Forge Ring, Maximize Spell, Silent Spell, Still Spell Alignment:

Chaotic Evil


(Sp): Mordred can cast two I st Level, two 2nd

Level, and one 3rd Level Ranger Spells per day.

Since the age of twelve when King Uther Pendragon slew her father and married her mother, Morgan has ached to destroy all he accomplished. She ran away from home shortly after Uther took her father's castle, fearing that he would kill her. She found her way into the Forest of Bur and eventually to the mysterious Fey people. After winning a place among them, she learned all that they had to teach about illusionary magic. She persuaded them to help her destroy Uther, and then turned her attention to his son. Everything ruinous that has happened to Camelot since then has Morgan's hand behind it. She helped orchestrate the failure of the king's marriage, she seduced him to conceive a son to take his throne, and she has used her magic to keep him mired in drink and despair. Her rage and thirst for revenge is bottomless, and she will not be satisfied until every last vestige of the Pendragon legacy has been wiped from the face of the Earth. In her heart of hearts, Morgan wants to destroy all of England. Though she has not admitted this to herself, she will never stand for Mordred to restore order to the land. If he does not rule over it as a corrupt and vile tyrant, she will destroy him too. After all, he is heir to the Pendragon line. Morgan was once among the most beautiful maidens in the kingdom. She has become withered and haggard, though, from her dark hatred and endless scheming. Her hair is thin and gray, and her once emerald eyes have faded to the murky pea-green color of swamp water. A sneering scowl is permanently etched on her face, and she wears old, dirty robes. On the rare occasions that she ventures from the Fey Camp, Morgan uses her illusory magic to assume the guise of a 59

seductive warrior, sneak enough

and beautiful depending

Fey maiden reaction court

or that

of a hulking She will to on occasion

Sir Lancelot

du Lac (14th Level Noble Knight)

on what

she is seeking. that Arthur

steal the face of a familiar into Camelot, see through her visage,


Size:Medium Humanoid
Hit Dice: 14d10+42
Hit Points: I 50 Initiative: + 2 (Dex)

but she fears look.

will somehow

and therefore,

never gets close

for him to get a good (Sp): Morgan

Spell-casting spells Level: 6, 4th 4, 8th Level: spells,

can cast the following 5, 6th Level:

number Level:


per day: o-Level: 3, 9th

4, 1st Level: 6, 2nd

Level: 6, 3rd 5, 7th

Speed: 20 feet

Level: 6, 5 th Level: the following: Change Armor, Nystul's

AC: 20 (+ I Dex, + 8 Full Plate Armor, + I Small Steel Shield)

Attacks: Heavy Lance +18/+13/+8 melee(1d8+3) or Longsword +171+12/+7 melee (1d8+3) Face/Reach:

Level: 2. In addition

to all the o-Level

she knows

1st Level: Alarm, Erase, Expeditious Hypnotism, Message, Protection Ventriloquism 2nd Level: Alter Darkness, Pattern, Image, Arrows, Undetectable

Self, Charm Feather Magic Magical Mist, Sleep,

Person, Fall, Hold

Color Portal,


5 feetby 5 feet1 5 feet (10 feet with Lance)


Special Attacks: None. Special Qualities: Aura of Courage, Noble Grace, Pure of Heart
Saves: Fort

Mage Mount, from Aura,

Missile, Aura, Silent

Magic Nystul's

Weapon, from Good,


Protection Image,

+ I 5, Ref + 9, Will + II

Law, Shield,

Abilities: Str 17, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 15, Wis 15, Cha 17

Skills: Balance
Self, Arcane Lock, Blur, Continual Glitterdust, Magic Wind Trap, Mouth, Protection Flame, Hypnotic Minor from Darkvision, Fog Cloud, Leomund's Image, Swarm,

+ 12, Climb

+ 12, Diplomacy + 12, Handle

+ 12, Jump + 12, Ride

Animal + 12, Heal + 12, Intimidate

+ 16, SenseMotive + 12, Swim + 12, Use Rope + 12

Feats: Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes,Improved Critical (Longsword), Mounted Combat, Power Attack, Cleave, Ride-by Attack, Spirited Charge, Trample, Weapon Focus (Heavy Lance) Alignment: Lawful Good

Invisibility, Knock, Mirror Summon



3rd Level: Blink, of Wind, Hold Lightning against Suggestion,

Dispel Magic, Displacement, Fireball, Gust Person, Illusory Script, Invisibility Sphere, Circle against Good, Steed, Magic Sepia Circle Snake Sigil, Image, Wall Curse, Charm Hallucinatory Lesser Phantasmal Monster, Emotion, Evard's Terrain, Illusory Wall, Geas, Minor Globe Pattern, Rary' s Phantom

Bolt, Magic Law, Major Wind

4th Level: Bestow Black Tentacles, Improved Mnemonic Invulnerability,

Invisibility, Enchancer

Killer, Rainbow

5th Level: Cloudkill, Dominate Person, Fabricate, Hold Fog, Mirage Nightmare, Persistent Seeming, Monster,


False Vision, Mind Arcana, Permanency, Image, Sending

Notes: Lancelot left Camelot on the eve of his scheduled defense of Guinevere's honor.Fully aware that one who is untrue is unable to defeat one who is just, he snuck away in the night rather than face the embarrassment of defeat. Full of shameand fear, he fled back to his father's abandoned keep in France and assumed the duties of the provincial lord and master. He lived quietly for many years, still wracked with guilt over his actions and unaware of the fate of his lover, Guinevere, or the sad state of affairs in Camelot. Then he heard of the Grail Quest and saw an opportunity for redemption. He is unable to face his old friend, Arthur, but he hopes to help save him. He returned to England

6th Level: Contingency, Geas/Quest, Invulnerability, and Wards, Suggestion, Permanent 7th Mass Mislead, Image, Programmed Blast Fireball, Image, Veil Globe of Guards

Level: Delayed Walk,

Forcecage, Mass Invisibility, Teleport from without Error


Spell Turning, Protection Weird

and joined his old brethrenin their search. e is immensely H proud of his son's, Galahad's, leadership of the Quest, and he hopes that the White Knight may one day forgive him. Aura of Courage (Su): Lancelot is immune to the effects of Fear.He can extend a +4 Morale Bonusto all within 10 feet of him for Savesagainst Fear. 60

8th Level: Demand,



9th Level: Shapechange,

Noble Grace(Su): Lancelot



his Charisma


to all


Pure of Hearl (Su): Immune to Sleep and Charm spells. Lancelot also gains a + 2 Class Bonus to Will Saves.

Notes: Sir Galahad is the son of Sir Lancelot and Lady Elaine. He was raised by his mother in the wake of his father's scandal and self-imposed exile and grew up in the royal court. Galahad's lifelong training as a Noble Knight kept him from refusing the Grail Quest, but in the long years of fruitless searching, he has begun to despair. He fears that he will never be able to redeem his king. Galahad has found it within himself to forgive his father, but he remains ashamed of him. He admires him for joining the Quest, and he is pleased that Lancelot has accepted his leadership, but he does not know what to say to him. Lancelot betrayed everything in which Galahad believes and helped bring about the ruin of the kingdom in the process. It is difficult for him to know what to say to his father in the wake of that kind of sin. He is deeply concerned about the suffering and misery he sees. All that he hears of Arthur's rule causes him to despair further. He has become increasingly convinced that the king is unfit to rule. Consequently, he is torn between his duty to find the Grail so that Arthur may be redeemed and the urge to leave the fruitless quest and join Mordred's army. Aura of Courage (Su): Galahad is immune to the effects of

Fear.He can extend a +4 Morale Bonus to feet of him for Savesagainst Fear.
Saving Throws.

all within


Noble Grace (Su): Galahadadds his Charisma Bonus to all

Sir (12th

Galahad, Level

the White Noble Knight)


Pureof Hearl (Su): Immuneto Sleep and Charm spells. Galahad also gains a + 2 Class Bonus to Will Saves.
Sir Parsifal, the Brave (loth Level Fighter)

Size:Medium Humanoid Hit Dice: 12d10+48 Hit Points: 130 Initiative: + 3 (Dex) Speed:20 feet AC: 20 (+ I Dex, + 8 Full PlateArmor, + I Small SteelShield) Attacks: Heavy Lance +17/+12/+7 melee (1d8+4) or Longsword +16/+11/+6 melee (1d8+4) Face/Reach: feet by 5 feet / 5 feet (10 feet with Lance) 5 SpecialAttacks: None. SpecialQualities: Aura of Courage,Noble Grace,Pure of Heart Saves:Fort + I 5, Ref + 10, Will + 12 Abilities: Str 18, Dex 17, Con 18, Int 15, Wis 16, Cha 17 Skills: Balance+9, Climb +9, Diplomacy +9, Handle Animal +9, Heal + 12, Intimidate +9, Jump +9, Ride +9, SenseMotive + 12, Swim +9, Use Rope +9

Size: Medium Humanoid

Hit Dice: 10d10+ 30 Hit Points: 8I Initiative: + 2 (Dex) Speed:20



I Dex, + 8 Full


Armor, +

I Small



Attacks: Heavy Lance +11/+6 Face/Reach:



Longsword + 10/ + 5 melee (I d8 + 3)

5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet (10 feet with Lance)

Special Attacks: None.


Qualities: None.

Saves: Fort +10, Ref +5, Will +4 Abilities: Str 16, Dex 14, Con 17, Int 14, Wis 13, Cha 16 Skills: Climb + 13, Handle Animal + 13, Jump + 13, Ride +13, Swim +13 Feats: Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Improved Critical (Heavy Lance), Mounted Combat, Power Attack, Cleave, Ride-by Attack, Spirited Charge,Trample,WeaponFocus (Heavy Lance) Alignment: 61 Lawful Good

Feats:Blind-Fight, Combat

Reflexes,Mounted Combat, PowerAttack, Cleave,Ride-by Attack, Spirited Charge, Trample, Weapon Focus (Heavy Lance)

Alignment: Lawful Good

Notes: Forests Knights

Parsifal poor

is a study

in determination with

and loyalty. the stories his youth,

He of the Parsifal on



Aura of Courage, Will +7



was born

and downtrodden

in a village

deep in the


12, Ref +7,

of Bur and grew up obsessed of the Round the forests, watching

Table. Throughout the knights and longed in following Tower.

Abilities: Skills: Animal Sense

16, Dex 15, Con + 6, Climb Heal +6, + 10, Swim Combat Charge,

17, Int

13, Wis

12, Cha


wandered their

ride through

Balance +6, Motive

+ 6, Diplomacy +6, Jump + 6, Use Rope Reflexes, Mounted

+ 6, Handle +6, Ride +8, + 6 Combat, (Heavy Ride-by Lance)

way to adventure he persisted Meleagant's on foot to become

to join them. Lancelot and Guinevere by his willingness Guinevere allowed


Finally, to follow Parsifal When

back from


Feats: Blind-Fight, Attack, Spirited

all the way to Camelot, a stable boy. stand in Lancelot's of Truth,




Alignment: place to defend Parsifal but earned Soon accepted knighted the after, he Notes: Round regrets court. moment


Neutral was one of the original lover of Morgan. He allowed Lancelot Looking association. one between triumph. think Knights Morgan of the to twist in Arthur's He in all to be his

no one else would honor

Sir Tristam the latter He found

the queen's the challenge respect became

in the Contest

Table and a former so that

He deeply

and lived his dream in Camelot most

as King Arthur

him. He was easily bested of many one of Arthur's

by Sir Tristam trusted

his emotions easily bested of England, He joined

he came to look

for failings seemed

for his courage.

and Guinevere. over the misery

and loyal knights.

the boy, Sir Parsifal, He doesn't the Grail

in what

of greatest

so anymore. and, while he doesn't share



Parsifal's loyalty or Lancelot's desire for redemption, he does hope that he can find the Grail and somehow make amends for his earlier doesn't damage Lancelot actions. He has learned He longs that righteousness of both always make one noble, that he has done. and Parsifal, the thought has crossed consider is just sort and seeks to repair some of the to beg forgiveness to do so. Arthur's to that rightly)

but he lacks the courage Mordred against


oj Truth

While tyranny seriously Mordred

of joining his mind,

he has flatly (somewhat pawns, again.

is immune


it. He believes another of manipulation

of Morgan's

and he won't

Parsifal unequalled


his place in the Grail Quest than

Quest Knights.


a zeal knights

by any of the other and his king more in Camelot.

He believes or die trying. low, Parsifal

fall for that

in the quest remaining Because privileges knights, the Noble

any of the other

Aura of Courage (Su): Tristam

Fear. He can extend a +4 Morale feet of him for Saves against

to the



He will find the Grail, in court


to all within


Fear. Charisma Bonus to all

he was not raised Knight. (such Knight

but was born of Arthur's the Class

is not a Noble

He is a Fighter. from

He has all the rank other Features of

Noble Grace (Su): Tristam adds his

Saving Throws.

as they are any more) Class.

but he does not benefit

Sir Gawaine, the Pure of Heart (12th Level Noble Knight)

Hit Hit Points: 93 Initiative: + 3 (Dex)
feet Humanoid

Sir Tristam of Lyoness(9th LevelNobleKnight)

Size: Medium Hit Hit Dice: Points: Humanoid 9d10+27 88 + 2 (Dex)

Dice: 12d10+36


AC: 20

Speed: 20 feet AC: Steel Attacks: 20 (+ 1 Dex, Shield) Heavy Lance +13/+8 melee melee (1d8+ 3) (10 feet with Lance) (ld8+3) or + 8 Full Plate Armor, + 1 Small


1 Dex, + 8 Full Plate Armor,

+ 1 Small Steel Shield)

Attacks: Heavy Lance +15/+101+5 melee (ld8+2) Longsword + 14/+9/+4 melee (1d8+2)


Face/Reach: 5 feet by 5 feet 1 5 feet

Special Attacks: None.


feet wi th Lance)

Longsword Face/Reach: Special

+ 12/+7

5 feet by 5 feet 1 5 feet None.

Special Qualities: Aura of Courage, Noble Grace, Pure of Heart Saves: Fort + 1 5, Ref + 11, Will + 11 62


Abilities: 16, Con Wis Skills: Climb +9, idate Ride Motive


15, Dex 14, I8 +9, Animal Intim+9, +9,

Speed: 20 feet AC: 20 (+ 1 Dex, + 8 Full Plate Armor, Attacks: Sword Heavy +7/+2 Lance melee + 8/ + 3 melee (1d8+2) (1O feet with Lance) + 1 Small Steel Shield) (1 d8 + 2) or Bastard

17, Int

13, Cha Balance +9, Heal +9, +9,

Diplomacy +9, Jump

+ 12, Handle

Face/Reach: Special Special Saves: Abilities:

5 feet by 5 feet / 5 feet None. Aura of Courage + 2

Attacks: Qualities: Fort Str

+ 12, Sense Swim +9 Com-

+ 1O, Ref + 3, Will 17, Dex 12, Con + 16, Jump +8 Fortitude, Weapon Evil is a swarthy he acted Arthur's into

Use Rope

16, Int +4, Ride

10, Wis

10, Cha


Feats: Blind-Fight, bat Reflexes, Combat,

Skills: +12,

Intimidate Use Rope

+ 10, Sense


Mounted Charge, Focus

Power Attack, Spirited Weapon Lance)

Feats: Cleave, Attack,


Mounted Focus (Heavy

Combat, Lance)


Sir Gawaine

with the wife

Cleave, Trample, (Heavy

Toughness, Lawful

Green Knight's

Alignment: Notes: referred

Sir Gareth Quest,

and rotund Prior

knight. to being strong-arm

He is often assigned man, taxes from and short him. to

Alignment: Sir Gawaine rode

Lawful joined

Good the Round asked Table Gawaine renowned through the effects illusions, of arms. at its inception of his king. to deliver Once After terms of by saw he and years of

to as "Arthur's his strength kingdoms


the Grail using lesser temper None

as the king's to intimidate using

in many

crusades Arthur

in the name

and girth and parishes,

and shake down

of loyal service, surrender the Green thought his host. through Green Gawaine and told never became Gawaine former with

any who resisted

will. He also collected his appearance submission changed

to the Fey King, Knight, Gawaine myriad Knight Gawaine, resisted horrific in a test and chastity,

de Hautdesert.

in the keep of of tests at the though, wife. he

for his purity a series of Fey wine, and laughed

to browbeat

any who refused from his former, Some

was put

are sure when Gareth brute,

fun-loving to an parallels

self to this soulless of Camelot "unnatural they don't Arthur's, refer When attraction"

but many attribute of Lancelot.

it to the fall point though

and the departure speak of such things and the other knights as a nobleman

In the end,

held by Gareth

for Lancelot, decline

was undone

by the advances to Camelot his standing of what finding

of the Green shamefaced Because "the Pure in court


openly. Gareth's


and downtrodden of his failure, of Heart," in the

are not sure how he can still and keep a straight Quest, Knights confident face. beat and Sir

his king of his undoing. His nickname,

to himself

recovered a mockery hopes greatness. the Cup

or his respect

he was engaged

in the Grail the Grail between

he frequently encountered. that it than

eyes of his peers.

information His sadism Gareth the true though, Aura

out of those led to a schism

he once was. the Grail will return him to his to do one him

he and Galahad,


eventually path.

left the Quest,

he was on they are,

He has no idea what Arthur and he doesn't Knight's him to suffer. Gawaine Morale Fear. adds his Charisma is immune Bonus


He is no closer

to finding

of Christ, he caused (Su):

care. He intends

and now the pox has got him. His days are numbered. of Courage (Su): Gareth is immune Bonus Fear. to the effects to all within of 10

day to return for the shame Aura

to the Green

keep and slaughter

Fear. He can extend to the effects to all within 10 of

a +4


of Courage

feet of him for Saves against

Fear. He can extend

a +4

feet of him for Saves against Noble Saving Grace (Su): Gawaine


to all

Throws. (Su): Immune to Sleep Bonus and Charm to Will spells.

Pure of Heart Gawaine

also gains

a + 2 Class


Text: F.S. Kessler Art Direction: and John R. Phythyon, Jr.

Sir Gareth of Orkney (7th Level Noble Knight)

Medium Humanoid

Peggy Gordon
Illustrations: Whitmer Jr. Terry Moore Strickland

Cover and Interior Layout: Christine

Hit Dice: 7d10+21 Hit Points: 73 Initiative: + 1 (Dex) 63

Editing: John

R. Phythyon,