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Blood Prince of Wallachia Impalement

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While was

Vlad's much



impaled Woodcut


can be verified, Huber,

the setting 1499.



by Ambrosius

Ceausescu pursued such Vlad-like policies as executing people for possession of two or more oranges ("hoarding citrus fruit"), receiving or performing abortions, or heating their homes in winter. The current government has tried again to make Vlad a tourist attraction with restorations of his castle and palace. There's also talk of a Vlad-themed amusement park near Brasov (Kronstadt), scene of some of his greatest crimes.


System TM supplement allowing players to explore the reality behind the legend. It is not a book for children; if anything, Vlad's legend pales beside the horror of his actual deeds. Consider yourself warned; parts of what follows are fairly disturbing. But it actually happened. All of the incidents involving the character of Vlad in this book are based on actual events. The story takes place in Wallachia in 1456, three years after the fall of Constantinopledepictedin LAST DAYS OF CONSTANTINOPLEnd two after the events of GREENLAND a SAGA (both d20 supplements also published by Avalanche Press). VLAD THE IMPALER can be combined with those two adventures in a continuous campaign, or played separately. Some non-player characters from the earlier adventures re-appear. To provide some local flavor, the book adds several new prestige classes and monsters from Balkan lore and history. Dracula's vampirism as shown in modern books and movies is a Western invention; here we present the vampire legends as people of the time saw them in all of their fear and horror. As in our other historical supplements, this is intended to show the 15th Century as its people saw it without the benefit of hindsight. Magic is very real, though not as powerful as in fantasy campaigns. The adventure is designed for characters of 8th through 10th level. Fantasy races are not appropriate for this setting; for full enjoyment players should use human characters of European origin. In addition to the special sidebar boxes and the specially demarked text, all of the material in Part 3 and Part 4 is designated Open Game Content for license purposes.

Introduction For more than five centuries, the nameof Vlad III Tepes
Kazikli, also known as Dracula (Son of the Dragon) or the Impaler, has inspired fear and loathing in people around the world. Easily history's most renowned Romanian, Vlad the Impaler set a standard for evil deeds which has been approached since but never equaled. While recent decades reek with the names of murderous lunatics like Hitler, Milosevic, Bin Laden, Karadzic, Stalin or Arkhan, there's never been another quite like Vlad. We tell our children there are no monsters, but we lie. The monsters are out there, they just wear a human face. Vlad's sheer joy in inflicting painful death seems beyond mortal capability, and, as a result, he's often been portrayed as something other than human. Rather than accept that we are capable of such things, we invent superhuman monsters to shift the blame. But Vlad was perfectly human. The first fictionalized account of the Wallachian prince's horrible crimes came in 1491, just fifteen years after his gruesome death. This early German pamphlet made no effort to show Vlad as anything other than a bloodthirsty ruler - vicious but quite human. Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula launched Vlad Tepes and vampirelegendsinto lasting fame. In more recent years, Vlad has been the subject of several films, including at least one purporting to tell the true story. In Romania, the communist regime made him a nationalist hero for having fought the Turks. While Stoker's novel and films arising from it were banned for slandering a Romanian icon, the government built a number of fictional sites mentioned in the book, including Dracula'scastle and
the hotel, Golden Krone, complete down to the same dinner











the Impaler.

menu enjoyed by Stoker's characters.Dictator Nicolae

Image artist

of Vlad from unknown.

Schloss Ambras,


Late '400'S,

Murad usual Sultan's hand release, Janos

II. But Vlad fire, giving agents Vlad, Hunyadi over young


to have waged as to his true the prince

war without motives, Upon with


suspicion imprisoned Vlad against

and the him to his crusade of his eldest

and forced

and Radu joined the Turks

as hostages. and, together in several Murad both captors lover

the Devil battled father's a thorough

the Hungarian-led

son, Mircea, Despite hostages. court their

the Ottomans treachery, education

campaigns. the

did not execute at the Ottoman the Sultan. and probably at this time. lessons,

Both younger

boys learned

to speak and read Turkish Radu became Vlad and

and received

in Bursa

and in the field with his Turkish Mehmet


came to identify the future hated them, Sultan



he appreciated

the military

it was here that he came to know and love the art of impalement. In 1444, attempt Venetians, Albanians out, began Vlad, blamed To understand at the time circumstances discussed Vlad, was. This that in Part 2. Prince of Wallachia probably Emperor into itself to fight went to Germany inducted without under of the Dragon. Vlad took as an infant his father, This feudal rest and a dragon or in Romanian. known one first section has to look examines him. at who he was, climate is life and the Wallachia general defeat. murdered installed Dan, throne. Mircea how he came to be in his station, helped create and what the political Vlad's His native the Christian to throw Genoese, nations out Serbs, made their last concerted A coalition the Ottomans Christian army. The of and on luck ran generals

the Turks

of Europe. and put of Varna, the allied

Wallachians, port Vlad


won repeated


the run. But at the Bulgarian and the Turks to bicker, probably with annihilated reason, and the elder

and Hunyadi

fell out.




the Impaler

the Hungarian for the Christian Angered, Vlad's Hunyadi cousin, him and

on the Wallachian Pro-Hunyadi nobles capital tortured him alive his father. the pretender their Dracula, two Hungarian fled Hunyadi. crusader Janos His minions killed the rival again Vlad less than Vlad before The by overdragged city of him, back to the

when society without banner

Wallachian Born in 143 I, Vlad Holy Roman Vlad, also named Sigismund the Turks He rode "the Wallachian Targoviste, then Turks buried alongside throwing hostage, months Danesti seized Stephen, At this 1430's he

the Order

pledged surrender,

and the elder at least became Vlad at first. known

this responsibility as Dracul,

very seriously
"the dragon,"~ As the younger as "The Little


and thus

to his people devil" manhood,


can also mean grew into

and imposing who lasted

he became


or "Dracula." brothers, Radu, the Handsome, served and as a page

Vlad had two younger Mircea, known as Vlad, also named at the court (elder brother Mircea.

the Monk, Emperor the

and one older John VIII probably during


clan once the throne. Prince point,

At least

one of the boys Emperor 1430's, repeatedly their

of Byzantine during

Paleologus Vlad. the

to the court

of his cousin of Moldavia. the sources in Moldavia Stephen. military

Vlad the Devil.

of the Byzantine


CONSTANTINOPLE) Vlad Dracul sides fought

diverge. place strategy

All agree


Vlad Janos

had to

the Turks heading

leave his refuge his protector, Hunyadi,

after a palace coup briefly overthrew him alongside and fighting the Turks.

but sensed changed

momentum and fought

way. In 1438, the Turkish





to happily first The

impale but



murderers the last. until


be the

to suffer, reign

they were far from lasted for six years, Radu Vlad took

of terror Vlad

a Turkish role in


Vlad Tepes is the central

character of the adventure

finally prince. Christian

defeated During plans

and put

in his place a leading joining fortress Vlad

as the new a coalition of of of Giurgiu

the interim, to re-take he captured

Constantinople, and others. noses the Turkish

included in this book and may also feature, prominently in further stories you craft yourself. Though he has committed unspeakable crimes, Vlad should come across as an extremely charming, friendly nobleman. A bad accent out of a B-movie would not be appropriate; Vlad is an educated and cosmopolitan man, at home in many situations. It should be very easy to like this man, thus making his acts that much more horrible.

of Poles, and sent Hungary much age's military Danube fortresses responded to retreat. Unable peasants. enraged harbored military authority. sight. almost most

Hungarians, the garrison's as proof his Turkish sophisticated The

Venetians, 23,809 hosts, siege

At the head Matthias had learned

his Wallachians,

to King

of his determination. trains


and his army marched several more

had one of the corps the Sultan Vlad of down

and a skilled


Wallachians towns

to the Black Sea, taking and sacking with a massive invasion

Turkish Turkish forcing

Vlad is aware that others find his hobbies disgusting, and this only encourages him. He draws amusement from the discomfort of others and rarely shows anger; he will order a peasant impaled with the same expression and tone of voice he'd use to inquire after a guest's preference in wine. Insecure at heart, Vlad will answer anything he sees as a challenge impalement Though to his authority with the immediate of the offender.

and villages.


of Wallachia,

to stand Intended

up to the Turks tactics men including to frighten

in open mass the Turks,

battle, these

Vlad instead

resorted of

to scorched-earth the Sultan's


who then Vlad

fell prey showed

to diseases some real

in the rotting He could night Sultan killed trust

corpses. none

skill but a complete A daring assault Mehmed, The

unwillingness of his nobles but it marked

to delegate out of his himself point capital their

the prince is unquestionably evilone of the most evil beings in human history - he does not consider himself so and would be truly surprised to find himself counted thusly. Vlad believes in God, and considers himself a righteous upholder of God's will. God has placed Vlad in

led by the Impaler abandoned wilderness. distraught herself

the high

of Vlad' s campaign. and Vlad fled into Vlad's


the Transylvanian wife became

dominion over the lesser beings of Wallachia, who are there for Vlad's enjoyment. To fail to exploit this opportunity would be a rejection of God's gift, and the prince would never be so ungracious as to reject such a fine reward. While Vlad does not make too great a show of religion it goes against his arrogant nature to acknowledge any being as supreme over him he would certainly call himself a good Christian.

At one point slender

over the family's from a rocky cliff


of escape

and threw

However, against for that join

Vlad Hunyadi

is known His brother,

to have harbored fury over Mircea's sources Radu, claim

a serious death he went


for the murder him. Some

of his father

and especially may well instead to court. During

of Mircea.

have unhinged his younger the Turkish alongside and this prince,

at the Turkish he'd trained overthrew

siege of Constantinople, the janissaries with whom taken Vlad

he may have fought as a teenager,

is the premise

in LAST DAYS OF the rival Danesti and proceeded Hunyadi's creature,

A fanciful rendering of Vlad's night attack on the Sultan's camp.


In 1456,

II November,

to her death. Vlad when mish fight. seems Vlad's with


chronicles young

do not

record lost mercy,

her name, during and the

and But a skir-

to have been beloved the Turks, king

even less interested son became lost much

in her loss. of his will to

the prince

He threw

himself responded

on Matthias' by tossing

at later. and the
Some may later suffer historians from some

will come sort with

to believe that Vlad He dysfunction.

Hungarian Visegrad known During seems king retake control Old, After

Vlad into prison would become

in northern for Vlad-style his time

Bosnia, horrors

a city which

of sexual female

of its own five centuries Vlad came to know ruler. troops named places him would Radu Basarab several Matthias to his

certainly with several Thus, in the Vlad the

is obsessed breasts and



in prison, from that

female despite arts will prince's

and genitalia. maintains charm and

Yet he has fathered multiple mistresses. ability to given allow undoubted

to have charmed released Vlad signaling

the Hungarian prison Hungarian prince

In 1474,


and married in Wallachia,

his great of seduction, women


help Vlad had lost Laiota, the

he should in disaster, you this should

be reluctant though probably

his throne.

Back home switched

lure strange

to his bed. An attempt end

to seduce

to a rival Danesti and the two men fighting alongside convinced mercenaries re-entered troops control quickly Most 200

probably personality attempting before of later

times. crusade he was by

a character of no return A number erotic is no the than his

to advance on him

to a point or her. the but men It's homothere beyond more during

Matthias against plus

on an anti-Turkish that the Turks. Hungarian His again. and supporters left behind Vlad again, Backed coalition

Vlad depictions


in Croatia,


his new father-in-law

emphasize mythos,

the man to lead the fight Hungarian-paid troops, defeated and Vlad Things deserted, Vlad's Less than new Turkish Turks throne. Vlad took Radu's

overtones evidence likely boyhood that

of the that symbolism Vlad


and Moldavian Bucharest,

Vlad of was

preferred impalement. sexually captivity.

his old domains. outside of Wallachia once once


the new capital,


in Turkish

fell apart left. and only cousin,

the Hungarians Wallachian veterans


of Vlad's Moldavian after outside to put

then by faced the heads flanking not of the players the janissary Just several into what sites the Bosphorus, ground, became the arm of the sea and the head was lost is (and tourist parade a

Stephen, army just

as a bodyguard Bucharest. Radu

stayed Once

by the prince.

two months troops

his last coronation,

had sent Without

on the Wallachian who had Vlad had to levies power, several prince. Vlad,

a chance unreliable During furiously wound, troops

to hire the mercenaries military knights noble

been the backbone call on the highly to resist nobles Moldavians Wallachian Despite attackers point, head's kickball Turks. the attack. and their fought turncoat the mortal before either identity a Turk

of his former

in the waters. known; income) Vlad's though

of the rest of the Impaler grave. for another 200 years, his

and feudal The but with a

vie for the claim

the battle, on their to defend Vlad from


of hosting descendants not especially

Dracula's ruled ("The


Wallachia Little

well. Princes

of his line included and Mihnea, them the Islamised, replaced with favor

ran the Impaler


a lance.

sons Vlad Tepeles the Cocoon of Greek gave before courtiers

Impaler") finally

the Bad

managed chopped After soldiers

to kill five of his At some off his head, the

as well as Peter, the Lame, Mihnea, the Turks then in great

and Alexander, with family


loss of blood.

or a Wallachian

the Sultan.

and it was sent the trophy

to Constantinople. and displaying form vigorous The

confirming used popular

it for a few days, Mehmet it to play with the of polo kick sent

to his janissaries. a dismounted especially


it sailing

over the

Impalement More people. Turks, this often Done than The anything practice else, Vlad when is remembered for impaling out by the pole into blades. leave victim kill have the time, feet deep, rather

Vlad instill

prides "The

himself Little adventure. not their

on being Impaler," into quality tiny

a good is about

father family

and tries values.


his young of this During engage mice, is quite

son with


Vlad old at the whenever situasmall sticks. in this

Tepeles, time tions. Impaler birds, Vlad field possible,

five years his father dangerous Vlad

is an ancient tapping cavity

one. As carried a stout, narrow several but

He accompanies battle time or other together,

and by Vlad rectum. skill,

he and his minions inserted between


consists exiting with

of carefully the chest

and the Little

the victim's

It is then

in father-son taken with

bonding creatures

by impaling on sharpened accomplishments skills

the shoulder pain. water organs,

and other

it will not kill the victim, in excruciating their skills internal of this days to die. Drinking passers-by

his eldest's

him or her to dangle can take several the victim victims them water. by rupturing The

An impaled will usually

and will proudly Vlad is best


his son's

to visitors with his and

and impaled or at least give

Though passion troops then


for his obsession morbid (Gypsies) but On at least

will implore

to kill them impaled.


he also has an equally cannibalism. captured Roma

less renowned


age are not able to

for forced have stewed

one occassion in large pots Vlad

save a man or woman The poles themselves light enough

who has been are usually being


the rest of the clan to eat the result. slice off the breasts and force in atrocities. horrible his her lover The fry them,

is also

seasoned a metal body

hardwood favored. upright rod long,

with thin,

known accused Vlad tyrant,

to have had his men of adultery,

of a woman to eat them. quintessential but the

cavalryman's metallurgy and strong The a vital organ As proper impaling victim through post-hole. disdains technique, also noted mothers: first bare breast A later sexual children mutilated vagina women never directs business, bleed Vlad pets horses pets, method,



European for days.

is not capable to hold

of making a human


if ever participates will commit

end of the pole is rounded and killing

and oiled,

to avoid penetrating

he has others

do his dirty work. He is no coward,

the victim

too quickly. are hard When

fact that others ultimate this much having immensely: others

acts in his name reinforces impalement large numbers to the ground their This chest. usually takes time and skill, and lances Vlad's on their They then men often take a shortcut. of people, they will hold the stake outright. on proper with impaling impaled nailed quite authority. to come by in quantity, exercise of power he obtains from the as he does it. commit as

He enjoys

the living

back and pound place

a heavy stake in a prepared The prince


kills the victim corners

act at his word from watching

this method having

and will become

angry with his men impalement Vlad nursing by the to their is impaled.

if he believes

they are cutting the offenders

themselves topless, carefully rope.

for a particular they are uniformly and the infant and secured

obsession stripped is then with

in place Vlad

age would issues.

say that

has some hatred

serious several women through ordering

psychoand legitimate sexually the impaled has

He bears

a profound a number of adultery, breasts

for women

above all for female Well-documented rather stripped, been than

sexuality. cases show rectum.

Yet he fathered him ordering impaled mutilated. He also enjoys for centuries. a person

and maintained for crimes

of mistresses


and their

His sick savagery But Vlad he always and sometimes

is one that

will not be equaled reported impaling to carry


his servants profusely. hates all living humans. and cattle and farm

out the actual

act. It is a messy

for the victims

always foul themselves

creatures, animals; families all lined

and is not


with house impale



men are also known they would manage impaled:

to impale probably

and small


if they could

it. It is not unknown parents, row. children,

for Vlad

to have whole animals,

up in a neat

This called

section home. deals

with Wallachia, on the land the land itself, that VIad people, its native



in the 15th century. National 13th Century, Mongols and often from a new invader engaged anyone the lower

Museum stormed

of Bucharest.
out of slaughter way. a

In the early Central of their When

A primer

Asia. The enemies Khan, they retreated region.

in wholesale Danube

and their



else who got in their a devastated and mostly

valley to elect

The Land
Located hard Land The in the mountains populated Vlachs to the 21 st Century Roman Dacia than retreated Called settlers had been a thousand into language their but retained Vlachs Roman more as Romanians of the region lost years to waves before mountain neighbors, else of heavily character. of Vlad's claim of Eastern by a tough Europe, people. Wallachia is a country of the people from

new Great depopulated Descendants now mingled Greek, groups empty Land

they left behind

of those with slowly Hunnish,


Hungarian, moved named out

farmers - their Roman ancestry Bulgarian, Avar, Mongol, Gothic, regained and other mountains lands south flocks Century. still looked to the ethnic to settle Wallachia, in nearby of sheep villages in could into the of their their

Tartar, plains.



descent known barbarian birth. valleys their

the ancient


as Dacia. invaders Roman

of the Vlachs, Some Known

and also set up a principality even further usually running in this

Moldavia. Macedonia the hills.

wandered as "Vlachs"


the harsh but little speech

and Greece, there

of the Carpathians. alive a Latin-derived Over heritage.

by their

area, their

they kept influenced

still be found Despite their

in the early 20th

the centuries neighbors



the Wallachians

by their

its Latin

Carpathians, There define

the region known people if asked, here."

as Transylvania, as the 21st people would

as their homeland. Century would and is a call themselves educated

Farmers Danube

here raise wheat bottomlands primitive; adaptation

as their good

primary harvests. plow

crop, The

and the rich technology made by a horse). while and stack even of grain. 40 miles for about hills, deep reds). its over a century the other

is no Romanian a nationality; or "from not a people,


they use is rather way here despite ago. Plowing husband-wife prods Adults children them. this The Harvesting

the iron in Western

has not performed or draft

"Christian," aware might language, Romanian

A few of the more Roman.


even call themselves or even Wallachian as ultimately

But Romanian any sort of

is a two-person team: is done one guides by hand, behind can turn pulling

job usually

and no one possesses national beholden language, Grammar but many a Romance could truly entered identity.

the plow, while

Even the nobles

the animal

it (an ox, mule, as is true with long-handled to tie it into and other over good begin

see themselves Romanian has diverged words words much Before The

to the King of Hungary. but over the centuries and structure Slavic and Hungarian it

in all of Europe. scythes, sheaves amounts about On despoilers,

is a Romance from

cut the ripe wheat follow When along system left alone

its roots. to Italian, into than

and many

are similar have crept more

by raiders

the vocabulary.

It is also pronounced language. establish southern political Serbian ethic, control Europe. order, Empire the than

primitive lower

like a Slavic

slopes before produce use.

of the Carpathians and continue their very good reaching some

the Wallachian new lands, Turks both of Islam are fearsome invaders. the Turks of survival Wallachia

settlers smashed


of the Danube

to rise gently summits. wines (usually

over their destroying religion Turks earlier against path Now The their leaders.

a new invader

100 miles vineyards Orchards for later Most



the region's and powerful Empire. Fired more

the growing Byzantine and kept By turns, in these stands kingdoms opponents and as their

are also common,

and many


dry the fruit

and the decaying

by the missionary staying power


by a warrior

of the Carpathians but harsh

are actually and rocky

in Transylvania. Soil Winters Wolves Some the habits but

These is poor; can be roam whisper die

with allies,

are beautiful terrible, that hard


the Wallachians desperate times.

have fought princes seek a

here, and the forests and people forests than the mountain

are dark regularly with wolves

and forbidding. die of exposure.

as their

no fear of humans. prey on people live here by choice, still

at a key moment to the north troops or money. have strong, to resist the Turks,

in its short expect Still,

history. freer skilled with and

far worse and many


Christian firm nation Should words

the Wallachians Wallachia


Few people Wallachians included

to stand its sister

against than with

but they are much militarily

see the mountains

as home.

The adventure This from time

later in this book armies route. that

is set in late summer. food is, stolen) golden in (that

of Moldavia they choose defense. Landscape which hot, Where hangs land.

is the time farms along

of year when the march staying

go to war since The sun shines

the Turks,

they can put

for men and horses the sky, humidity

can easily be requisitioned is low, and clouds

up a very strong Climate Despite actually rarely and

are few. It is a wonderful

to be alive. It's

way that's difficult.

the dread get excessively basin.

over the people,

Wallachia mild and in


a very pleasant

In summer,

the temperatures burned

and winters and green,

are relatively and there

the Danube destroyed, deep forests

they have not been

the fields as well.

are lush

are many


A peasant's a home. sleepers filled with long Wallachian loose bedclothes; is reserved The hearth together same usually couples indulge much by the people who live in it. Wallachia is typical

most This


possession of a wooden Within in poor

is a bed, the symbol frame to hold (and the the frame frame then nothing is a strawmost is simply complete of sheets.


consists though One

up off the ground. mattress, straw. rural households


are poor)this or two blankets know mattress,

filled the All feathers


for a down-filled

but this use of goose

for the boyars. home has two rooms: All members in poorer families a living area with the sleep all in the beds, but married to

and a bedroom. in the bedroom bed. More place

of the family households, have multiple room. young



all in the same regarding

As a result, people

have no shame without a part benefit away from

sex. Children must

are aware of who want sneak is as as the of others are highly

the act from away. Getting

a very early age, but

of marriage the constant



The People
A land is defined no exception.

of the shame when

and excitement Europeans,

of the affair

act itself. Wallachians, uncomfortable Villages strong lands, of social place is overwhelmingly organization, (and these of origin. nationalists, he will impale and are very Though will there them if Turkish than

like other

they are alone. walled, Instead, topped from though few can afford stakes to build by earthen to deter Rather

are usually stone works. often

Social Organization
Wallachia, rural. rare) The refer even those like all the neighboring village to their be hailed is the center village Wallachians

they are surrounded by sharpened or leaping a log with

embankments a gate,



over them. stakes

who leave home as their Stephen, the Great Romanian because

an opening

in the embankment

will be blocked attached

by a large wooden to it as a barrier. Manning militia swords,


VI ad and his cousin, someday is no Romanian Boyar and peasant they do not. The typical village build

of Moldavia,

as the first obey Vlad

the walls against bearing farm though will run reach

attackers some

will be a poorly-armed Boyars do not allow serfs and will issue In many villages, if Both of sparing their homes. while though



at any level of society.


to own weapons, the inhabitants

have armories wartime. their

pikes, and mail shirts rather

during than

is a miserable their homes of them and sticks who work a village

collection of wood, that times, but people

of hovels. constant are often ruins warfare found of

for the forest defend raiders

or the mountains a practice

Wallachians has destroyed living in huts damaged farmland, fields homes,

they are within Turkish slaughtering Wallachians tormentors steal with

so many of mud

and Wallachian villagers believe (whether abandon

have made themselves not fight,

or the tumbled the village lined the land walk out

who defend they should

buildings. and those a small

In normal

sits amid to their with

the lives of those

who do not resist. Christian

As a result,


by day. Such

has two streets

or Moslem) they"

will rape and


and a tavern. which is used by some consists fire burns the room out the

even in villages

spare." villagers are

Wallachians boyars of a single constantly lukewarm floor packed fire when

know room during

of the fireplace, but surrounding fall, winter, The

A village related patriarch. minor decides

is lead by its headman. to one another, The headman this man has little

Since power


in their


the typical an open hearth

peasant hearth. is built from

home The

is often

also the local beyond because judging anything he headman's issues,"

and spring,

keeping putting


and assigning practical matches bother

farmland power with

and very smoky. it inevitably leaks

up off the

can be overturned has more marriage never

on the boyar's and other these.

whim. The "women's

by a foot earth

or so to keep rainwater through

wife often to oversee


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his own peasants and secondly to ward off Turkish raiders.

supposed religion. With priests in low supply, many villages have come to rely on earthier spiritual leaders. The lautar is a Wallachian folk singer reputed to have great magical powers (see Part 3, page 3 I). Similarly, herbalists use the powers of plants to achieve their ends, which are sometimes medical but just as often inflicting pain and suffering on others. Wallachians like seeing their enemies brought low. See page 29 for more on herbalists. The Church does not approve of lautars or herbalists, but in most villages even the priest seeks their aid occasionally. For all other questions, the village must look to the local boyar, or noble. The boyar is usually responsible for several villages. He owns the land and everything on it including the people. These serfs may not leave the land without the boyar's permission. They are not strictly slaves in a legal sense- he cannot sell them off the land or kill them outright - but the line between slave and serf is very thin. Boyars prefer their serfs to make cash payments but few ever see currency. Serfs therefore contribute a large proportion of their crop to the local noble. In return, the boyar is expected to protect them from raiders, though few even make weak gestures toward doing so. A Wallachian boyar is more likely to draw his sword to enforce peasant obligations than against a foreign enemy. The boyar also oversees local justice, though this is becoming an ever-more dangerous occupation. Vlad the Impaler sees himself as a great lawgiver, and a boyar who renders a decision with which the prince disagrees may find himself riding a long wooden pole. Vlad randomly reviews cases from all over Wallachia, both for his own amusement and to reinforce his position of supreme authority. The boyar rarely resides in one of the smelly villages, instead setting up an independent estate at some location with easy access to all of his lands. Income from the peasants' labors is supposed to fund full equipment for the boyar (or his sons if he is an older man) to ride alongside his prince as an armored cavalryman. While outwardly similar in appearance to Western knights, Wallachian boyars spend little time honing their skills in the tournaments and other knightly events which obsess their French, English, and German counterparts. In practice, what little money can be raised from selling the produce of a boyar's lands goes to improving the estate and paying its garrison. Many boyars breed horses, which are major consumers of Wallachia's grain. If ignorant of arms, literature, science, and just about everything else, the typical Wallachian boyar's knowledge of horseflesh is without peer. Serfs are employed on these farms but are forbidden to ride. They perform the dirty work of feeding the animals, mucking out their stalls, and other hard labor. Only a well-born posterior may occupy a saddle. Wallachians ride Asiatic style, bending low over the horse's neck and spurring the mount forward in a straight line. Stronger boyars build their own castles, fortified stone places intended first and foremost to defend the noble from 12

Most date from the earliest days of Wallachian settlement

(the Mongols smashed almost all of the older fortifications) and are positioned to fend off invaders from the northeast. The boyar will employ a number of mercenary soldiers to guard the castle, often Wallachian farmboys with little military training but sometimes foreigners (chiefly Germans and renegade Turks) with some experience. The elite Italian and Swiss mercenaries are well outside their price range. Slavery is legal in Wallachia, though it is considered out of bounds to enslave a Christian. Captured Turks are often put

to work in fields, but, since the Wallachianslose most battles, the typical slave is Wallachian by birth. SomeWallachians fall into slavery through debt, and, in some villages, life is so
miserable that people actually volunteer for slavery, selling themselves in order to spare their families a slow death by starvation. A slave's child is not considered the owner's property; slavestatus ends with the slave's death.

Wallachian boyars are the only ones allowed to own slaves, and they are also known to capture and enslavegypsies, a practice that will remain legal in Wallachia for another 400 years. The gypsy love of freedom makesthem very poor slavesindeed, and they will often sit down and refuse to work, glad to die rather than be a slave. Their status as
social outcasts makes them relatively easy to throw into bondage. Wallachian slaveryis of the chattel variety: slaves

are property, and their masters are allowed to do with them as they wish, including raping, beating, and killing them for sport. Giventhe hardlife many lead as free men and women, it takesseverecruelty to oppress a slave. The boyars manage.



Wallachia is a desperately poor country, though it has great potential (as has been the case for hundreds of yearsin the past, and will be for hundreds of years in the future). In the lowlands north of the Danube River, fertile soil produces bumper crops of wheat - if the farmers can manage to bring

it in before common horse though farms.

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25 if he's very lucky. marriage,


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children. Family life usually means the absence of love. The deaths of so many have given the people a fatalistic indifference to life; some believe this is what drove Vlad to impale them: simple death held no terror. It takes a lot to shock the typical Wallachian, and their monsters are frightening indeed. Because of the short lifespan, people are expected to take on adult roles far earlier than will be the case in . another 500 years. Girls are often hired out as maids at age six, and married at age 12. Puberty, however, generally hits later than will be true in the 21 st Century with 16 being .' the typical age of sexual maturity.

noble peasants. They do still retain the rights of the nobility: to assemble and advise the prince, to bear arms, and to render verdicts in disputes on their domain. No one takes these rights very seriously, though, and the higher boyars react quickly and decisively to crush attempts by their lesser kin to put on airs. The remainder of the boyars style themselves after Western knights and, during wartime, fit themselves and their retainers as armored horsemen. Only a select few can afford the

weapons,equipment, and animals, though. This



to war in full armor a social distinction, and, thus, the heavy horse remain in the Wallachian order of battle even as they have become less useful on the battlefield. the boyars rule Wallachia with one of their number serving as voivode, or chief This has not always been an hereditary title and, until the advent of Vlad Dracul, many saw their voivode as merely the first among equals. Vlad Dracul, impressed by his brief time at the Imperial Court, beganusing the German hereditary title, prinz, instead of voivode, implying their equivalence.Many boyars Traditionally, did not appreciate the imposition of hereditary rule by Vlad's dynasty and supported the rival Danesti clan.These were the men who conspired with Hunyadi to murder the elder Vlad and Mircea.
Vlad Tepes considers from his father. his father's on wooden murder,
poles, and

Boys also begin work very

young, hitting the fields at six. Those who are apprenticed to a trade begin their training at age seven. A teenager is expected to take on the full responsibilities of an adult man and is usually treated with as much respect as an older man of similar skill and accomplishment. Wallachians found in the army or working will almost always be younger than a party of . adventurers might . expect. They don't always look it since life is very hard and the strains show.

his tide hereditary and absolute, inherited

all boyars he could
death to found seek

He massacred
at Mircea's Vlad



and a few more for good measure. Any

themselves continues

who were even present

a handful of renegades he believes had a role in the murder. Otherwise, Vlad sees the boyars as a service class that should devote itself to administering and defending Wallachia under his unquestioned leadership. The surviving nobility mouth the
right radical

words of acquiescence, ut b
new idea. Most status consider

they Vlad's

do not

accept not


without . Oblige Wallachia sports a much larger noble class than in Western Europe. Perhaps as

rule illegitimate,


he was never elected by his peers,

the co-equal Vlad knows and enjoys they deserve. the boyars
feeding their

and he does

give them

hate him, cordially returns the emotion,

fear of him. He periodically

the power


much as 10 percent of the

population claims boyar heritage. Many of these people are noble in name only and cling to a tenuous existence in hopes of avoiding slipping into serfdom. Unlike serfs, however, they can own land, and the handful of independent Wallachian farms are worked by such

a few to emphasize

that he holds

of life and death

over all Wallachians both common and noble. Those most likely to resist the prince havelong since been killed, but the
Danesti pretender Basarab

and a handful of diehard supporters

still lurk in the Carpathians. Vlad has never managed to dig them out of their mountain hideouts, and he knows that boyars at his court are in league with his rival. Vlad considers

himself an excellentjudge of character ith some justification. w he makes sure all powerful boyars spend at least some time at court in Targoviste everyyear,so that he can

judge their loyalty to their prince. To the Wallachian boyar, heredity means little, but family ties are paramount. The head of a family holds the boyar title, but he is not necessarily the eldest member or the son of 14

the last patriarch. seize leadership. lot who value rely. They Wallachian payment The mean boyars engage boyars much speak

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and, unlike peasants for men, halfway wear the typical a long-tailed down homespun homespun flowers flax from but they (so that garb of the rural buttoning dyed their rough East in white shirt, usually with long wear silken a padded and help soften during frequently and In non-military originally

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it is in fact a pullover) brown. clothing linen sleeves designs. of cotton. as these skin.

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the Sultan.

fat. Women usually dress

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of foreign When

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a political

Wallachia, such as it is, is a man's world. A peasant woman is expected to marry early, serve her husband faithfully, bear many children, and then die quietly. A fatmet whose wife performs heavy labor is considered a failure; while most peasant women do such work, their husbands try to keep it from the prying eyes of neighbors. Nobles usually keep their women secluded, and they rarely appear even on social occasions. At home things are different: noble women can of course appear in front of serfs or slaves. All Wallachians are obsessed with prestige and their standing with their neighbors. Jealousy is rampant at all levels of society, and both men and women play this destructive game with equal abandon. A Wallachian delights in seeing a rival brought low: it is less important to win than to see others lose. They therefore seduce one another's spouses fairl y regularly. Noblemen have relations with common women, but this is considered an embarrassment best kept secret. A common man engaged in a sexual affair with a noblewoman risks death or worse. The victims of repeated foreign attacks, Wallachians dislike outsiders and consider them bizarre in any case. Adventuring women, therefore, will be seen as just that much more evidence of the strange ways of foreigners. If Wallachians meet a party of foreign adventurers that contains women, they are likely

to see this as an indictment of their husband or father's ability to maintain them and will offer at least veiled insults to male members of the party as a result. More sympathetic Wallachians may take pity on these unwanted women, perhaps offering their assistance in locating a suitable husband. In the time of Vlad Dracul, women participated in court functions just as in the rest of Europe. Women are rare at his son's court. The boyars do not know how to read Vlad's views on women, and so they keep their wives and daughters away from the voivode's palace. Vlad has never seemed to notice, and his own wife never appears in public. Whether Vlad wants women kept awayfrom public functions is unknown. As Vlad spent his formative years at the Sultan's court where women are sequestered in the harem, he may not have noticed anything peculiar. No one has ever mustered the courage to ask. Noble women take a stronger role away from Targoviste, often taking the lead in managing their husbands' estates. Officially such women have no legal standing, but, since boyars typically have no education and little skill in running an estate, no one makes an issue of it when a woman who is more or less competent at the job wields such power. Wallachian serfs believe female nobles to be far harsher than their male counterparts and dread events that leave the local boyar's wife in charge. A woman cannot manage an estate on her own account; she cannot by law own property at all. Marriages are usually arranged, at all levels of society. Clergy rarely officiate at these ceremonies. Instead, the bride and groom repeat promises of fealty in front of witnesses. Each family then pledges to treat the new in-law as they would their own son or daughter. Once the ceremony is complete, the woman passes from her father to her husband, literally as his property. Tradition holds that a husband may kill his wife for adultery without legal process - in effect, disposing of his property as he sees fit. Vlad has overturned this rule, though not out of kindness' sake: only the voivode has the power of life and death. Vlad hands down all death sentences, including those for adultery. However, if a man petitions the prince asking that his unfaithful wife be put to death, Vlad almost always agrees simply on the man's testimony. Vlad is known to believe women capable of most any treacherous act, and he has little trust in them. Rape is a crime in Wallachia, but here practice follows the rest of Europe. Unlike 21 st Century Western legal theory, rape is not seen as a form of assault. It is a property crime, and the victim is the woman's closest male kin. He is entitled to monetary compensation just as would be the case if a miscreant had damaged any other of his possessions. Since a serf owns no property, a peasant woman by definition cannot be raped. A slave, however, can be raped - her owner being the victim. 16

Southeastern European soldiers: foot such are

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civil and criminal, for generations representatives


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hear cases as they have they now do so as the rather than of their own. Vlad he will overby imposing mercy. miscreants swift the the of and

of the voivode reports


State is a complex one. Navigating it can be the nobles turn in Wallachia power things boyars power the hills flows from its prince That, his sight, since been with boyars or or the death at his pleasure. to be. Within willing to join boyar only have long at least, challenge is how the Vlad a finding for outsiders.

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Government All authority holding less true. voivode's their Vlad imagines Those absolute

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it is more impaled Basarab. pretensions, however, a

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He has been peasants. cannot

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Few of them

left a millennium in the middle would-be never been thieves touched.

ago. A golden of Targoviste's to challenge

on a pedestal tempting justice. It has

long to see the Impaler's lost prestige. To replace bureaucrats the boyars,

end so that

may reclaim


the Impaler's

Vlad relies on a paid cadre of mercenaries: His storm troopers collect 17

as well as soldiers.

Orthodox separation the state. religion of their Orthodox Christianity Metropolitan Orthodox Metropolitan's Orthodox though for quite advantage potentially Church Dracula appointed Many power conquest Religion institution anarchic kingdoms, of authority The that skilled power Vlad that right that intrigue the office politics. has accomplished has broken to name his legitimacy Church. far more Church something powerful rulers: the unquestioned This from assures the pulpit use of to his own not exist officials in Wallachia. of a Pope does Europe Under sorry of the 15th Century The conditions has no concept is a branch of of of church has a powerful faith; and state. Church

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the lack of authority, their own foothold is but already bordering a small exist both into go, that

papal price

representatives If that northern their The next step to pay. Powerful

hope means

to Vlad

in Wallachia. on Wallachia's practice Wallachia easier

Catholic border: with is to its prince As

the terrible

of life in Wallachia, seek an explanation follow the brought looked them to the church of the

communities the Saxons a devotion extend under

role as the people all Wallachians missionaries priests

and Szekely practices this


lot. Officially, Byzantine centuries

on fanaticism. of a strong is much praying of saints idolatry. that prayer. standard priests saint, deeds merely


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archbishop. who consider short focus of the the is the

in Constantinople Emperor The authority fall of the over been Vlad shattered faith.

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in Byzantine Orthodox

said than done.

and the Byzantine Constantinople priests some

as the living symbol

use of icons is repulsive

with the aid of these paintings clergy in Wallachia that saint the icon maintain

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To the south, the religious Empire. powerful the see the religious opportunity Some making Bosnia struggle factions frenzy heretics sect) In Wallachia, his hands. The wants Wallachia efforts Catholics Vlad firmly under Turkish Turkish Mehmet the ruler holds the church's fate in of Islam's

Moslem vacuum greatest to harvest

outsiders vacuum

recognize created

by the Turkish

souls and power.

of the Byzantine is by far the most in Europe: feudal system churches behind

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Christian the other Disgusted (the losing to Islam. is ripe

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success. Sultan, Mehmet and II war. He sees up to the' himself

Fatikh, missionary Roman bring as a danger. of Orthodox and wishes

is wary of religious control is setting against same

will not be questioned to the wealth More importantly, and propaganda to state

and gives him access Orthodox the Church's ends. Religious in Wallachia. The Roman Catholic

held by the Wallachian he can make network does authority

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Christianity to use this


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and Wallachia Wallachian

to heel. Christianity is a thin Almost of formal and would veneer there over a is a

In practice, mass God, priests

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Church Though

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and finds that no

He has forsaken the words indeed

all Wallachian training; be at a loss spell. users; as funds. are the

it highly European realm. Church. Wallachian Roman consecrated

dangerous. ruler

V has no love over the spiritual XI there of the and is no

and lack any sort of the liturgy between believe themselves their

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faith, establish

he considers worldly Emperor,

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to papal Church:

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who use magic Satan. to their families

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and its bishops

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by the Pope. 18

for drinking

and philandering.

Some even commit

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as seen by Eastern priests in their by their north


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Tradition contributions almost request their annual no right more inform of There Vlad

holds exclusively,

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the voivode his boyars The

may ask for voluntary of crisis consider (meaning, this to assist pay an have he will items. boyars then


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war). insists, their

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and vote a levy of money chief. head money, Vlad however, voivode grain, tax for himself horses,

and manpower every boyar The

of the Danube of parishes, some

for long, and remnants and

for brief periods priests remain authority. his


ago. A few literate

and his serfs. or troops


in a handful authority,

to limit the boyars,

in any respect. during

If he requires wartime,

of Constantinople's who might sending the clergy What question others

Vlad has weeded out most of those impaling The vast majority

and they will provide

the needed

back to Constantinople. Wallachian.

will be no discussion. doesn't need the money are trivial. from Again, Failure word. Vlad's the head tax, and the a regular in swift the

are themselves there


it is concentrated These usually control monks oppress held. by religious than those the usual They come adults fortified speak cruelties

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of who is in charge. has defied more than Vlad's covers

and the Serfs

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the serfs houses

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the Saxon

face even harsher self-righteousness Monasteries for religious society. usually

demands multiplies also own

expenses. is the levy of horses the beasts to mount light enough by any army no trouble his mercenary who supplies makes

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is useful upon Rosiori wagons horses himself

to the voivode his boyars, and Calarasi Draft

in wartime plus equip A boyar with

of the system. to free the monks

he makes

who supply horses

slaves, the better but have little

contemplation. of local events Most monks leave. Few the monasteries' population. many also form

copy holy writings interaction into to the monastery are accepted walls reside and read Latin at this of pagan-like and ask them relief Wallachians of the solstice, the sun's another most symbol notable

and keep chronicles with outside as children the orders. and never But within

and heavy cavalry.

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the bulk of Walla chi a's literate here is Greek, There though and Slavonic. time. beliefs remain among




also exports Wine trade

some the usual


Turkish also but nor or west

The language of Romanian Remnants as saints) sexual enemies. holidays a rabbit, Wallachia's Western The

of learning


to the south for this produce, possible. lands

have destroyed however. and other New have not begun

Byzantine fruit

is no written

and dried with

to Constantinople is no longer of these

Byzantine links


the Wallachians, re-dubbed crops, on their pagan by

the Turkish

who continue prowess,

to propitiate from

spirits for good disease,

(conveniently weather and vengeance

yet been


for their

have the Wallachians for new partners. What trade exists part thrown finished Vlad

to look

to the north

continue hiding return. of Vlad,

to celebrate red-colored They claim The to

the ancient these Easter as

is almost with some

exclusively Jews, Greeks, buy horses

in the hands


eggs in springtime are brought Egg Hunt

foreigners: for the most of Italians




here as Saxons) and a tiny handful and sell tools. hardware, caravans call the land

to welcome

of fertility. contribution

in. They goods, buys

and grain of military years,

will join the legend Civilization.

the Impaler



and iron

a fair amount

and is well-respected as a fair dealer. of gypsies, themselves, which 500 use cash, trade stud occurs "surplus" own
A modern Romanian

by the arms merchants In recent as they trade. the capital, It is no overgrown garrison. It fairs by is

Economy is a poorly-developed society, for another

or Rom some

Wallachia feudal

have entered


and conduct

it will remain instead

years. Very few people subsisting when gather to support there arrangements all. Boyars surpluses farms whether


Only called

Targoviste, a "city," than

on barter they their which in agricultural

but this is a purely

nominal more lacks the needs

designation. a village of Vlad's

(a gathering

the markets

and trade

is any actual

at all, of course),

and pay their cash.

taxes to the voivode grain and occasionally

in the form of horses,


to the Impaler.


that future place



in the rest of Europe. days. when But market they arrive.

"Stores" Instead

lie far in the trade to business licenses in all takes come

and Prussia's Vlad The is simply vast bulk


the Great

will be labeled, mass recruits,

"enlightened." murderer. peasant serfs men in the driving

here as in the rest of Europe. on market square Instead, individual


remembered of Vlad's direct

as an insane are local

days never Vlad


Targoviste. the main such


conduct personally as tribute.

conscripts Europe,

who serve as untrained the boyars perform thousands them to accompany

infantry. into battle.

As in Western These food,

of poorly-armed of campaigning preparing During



a percentage

the heavy labor cutting and making battles wood, camp.


the infrequent the peasant both sides often

pitched militia enemy's do this, never

of war in Wallachia, soldiers. When

are sent forward professional as is usually engaged. become

first to wear out the the case, the cavalry

Wallachian poorly but not some

peasant always.

infantry clubs boyars with

are sometimes and farm fit out a mail tools, foot over it. this at least

armed, of their

carrying Some followers jerkin

for war. Many shirt

Vlad rulers time. from makes

himself either useful or dangerous He is first the fearsome learned to neighboring and foremost generals the military view of of the arts discipline through his military strength. comes from

soldiers The more

wear a heavy leather experienced

also wear a heavy linen

pad under

a warlord Part he expects leadership Under hold crown.

and is considered of his legend from than tutors, other his troops.

one of the better Having

far more men are killed by the trauma of a heavy blow than by being pierced by a weapon. The tails of the mail shirt are designed These weapon They straps, hot to flop down well below men often usually carry also sport for these though infantrymen a round would hands move the waist, an iron shield weapon. to protect the crotch. preferred ed sword. with extra iron cap. The reinforced this kit is array. of This of

the Sultan's

he has a very different rulers. the prince equals. in a deadly noble,

is a heavy two-handrather do without

Christian feudal


the European ruler, of one's king that The

system, among

or king Many feud

is not with


an absolute the person

but the first ruler, with

nobles of the


and use both cannot

on their summer,

one can in fact be involved is no more than

extremely armored War with light pikes infantry Horsemen

in the Wallachian

and a mob

yet still be a loyal another the will of the noble rules supreme

subject class.


fast or far in full battle the Wallachians of the infantry Professional are unusual because

who can

the Turks

has taught and more

the value foot

only act in concert Among in effect While during taken the Turks, all Turks Turkish campaign from Orders most

cavalry, to ward

and more off enemy

are carrying soldiers The

the Sultan could season troops

to the point slaves. booty called


horsemen. force

be considered are irregulars, and compensated enemies, crime, without

the Sultan's only with fierce question. shames Vlad from utterly

like those

of Italy remains decide

and Germany an auxiliary battles

in Wallachia. charge.

to the colors military

it lacks the training cavalry

and cohesion

to stand

up to a determined in the Balkans. employ lance

the Sultan's a terrible

they are under one that

discipline. is considered Learning notions

are to be obeyed


On campaign, cavalrymen. rapidly. countryside inhabitants. European ranks from charge. Turks They

the Turks Armed scout to deny In battle, with

tens of thousands and bow, they army, to the enemy

of light very the the devastating of the

all Turks. drank in these years. and alien. What to on have but on is seen in

can move and terrorize into

generalship of absolute expects something


his tutors, obedience

ahead supplies they knights,

of the main hang around speed with offer

rule in his most the same many of them

impressionable find

He therefore his boyars, they consider Vlad's dictates, blasphemy.

his troops

the fringes


flinging them.

arrows Against the sheer stout infantry

the enemy infantry, of their the of their

legal and socially the prince Hundreds


resistance bordering

and using coming Should


superior with them enemies janissaries.

to keep the knights enemy force force resistance,

views as treason as vital

to grips overcome their

of impalements to Vlad it. Their sense

later, the boyars to their prince's survival, insistence

they usually

come to view obedience they still do not enforcing as a form by the horrible the power of insanity. European (burning, Austria's fashion 1700's

understand In this

have a hardened


of life and death rulers Maria

over his subjects is ahead

own in the Sultan's Like other to counter of Europe's some 20 Eastern finest men


of his time; rebels" breaking XIV

European light


Vlad employs The but Szekely as hussars. has raised

light provide Vlad

cavalry some hires

will be executing" and quartering, France's

the Turkish


drawing Theresa,

cavalry, known

on a wheel).


of these

for his forces

light cavalry

of his own from are organized Calarasi, lower chance become with fiercer Rosiori respond A typical in this sword to swing handful Hussars, nobility. to regain no assets battle close



the proper are never


These The the has men or Red to be them who

make use of heavier The direct them outside distance) cannon enemy paid cannon their march,
of their

siege cannon


for attacking

fortifications. catapults damage to walls at a and

in two branches, Young boyars outlet a good

which down

mixed. from


walls of this Large

age were built (the intended not extended siege guns into Unlike with

to resist

or Black Hussars, respectability beyond

only accept


assault. because

can do enormous trenches

on their

luck have a and this of young Rosiori, thought

the outworks barrier, The

and small

on the battlefield, for the energies bloodline. The and usually

the main

to keep the besiegers far enough to keep

a very popular are commoners

are normally out of range. cities gunners trouble. along them


can set up and pound in a matter who cast of who are very well fresh drag their days

by origin scout

or fortresses

submission Germans, the Turks,

cavalry. Calarasi to his person much

for Vlad, while tougher

he keeps

days. Vlad's for their

are mostly

for action. more

He considers fighters

more reliable

due to their social origin,

barrels heavy guns it allows


at the site of a siege, them.


the Wallachians this slows within

which during

to his orders hussar, region. based

quickly. or Wallachian, is uniformly are found the hussar A are curved on horseback. hussars


whether The chief

Szekely weapon while

to begin

siege operations


some of Europe's on the Turkish shield bows,


horse breeders This allows

is a lightweight at speed Most but

mounted Wallachian Vlad much








on the

scimitar. moving

besiegers. like to employ army The such Saxon mines, a corps uses cities of professional to tunnel are not under allowed miners enemy to work mining have refused

it one-handed carry but


A lightweight not armored, mail shirts. Boyars as fully Mercenary knight sword power knight's

and a lance these

complete horse,

the weaponry.

like the Sultan's men.

are unusual.

fortifications. to provide operations

of Transylvania

so as not

to slow their

a few wear


in the Transylvanian to show heavy does help up for three These not rely much The months of service are an knights, who

and there

are no local

are expected armored

in Wallachia.


troopers the noble

anachronism, are not noted wears

and VIad men-at-arms plate armor this

on them. Wallachian and a by a the a protected with


for a surplus on foot. His

of courage. and carries horse stop

a heavy lance is usually driven

for work while

mail skirt;

won't behind Hard

a lance

of a warhorse arrows. weapons, this

it, it is very useful training is necessary boyars mercenaries

for turning to master skills. across

aside Turkish

and few Wallachian lack, Vlad employs army

have such from

To remedy Europe.




skimming are usually the work. are paid plus not

off the best soldiers the dregs Some foot considered serve as soldiers: to protect are terribly weapons, through serve Vlad

for hire, those too bloodthirsty because they

in Vlad's quite but simply more

or unruly.

A number enjoy

of them

heavy cavalry, crossbowmen them from expensive, Vlad

common enemy does

and arquebusiers fast-moving normally

the pikemen trust them

cavalry. As firearms tend to gunpowder them

in the hands

of his Wallachians. as the professionals ignorance and their heavily wizards employed

Mercenaries loyalty

are less likely

to destroy

can be bought. hiring specialists the peasantry Turkish impressed just as to on in Europe mounted but His men also siege greatly in the

Vlad spends most claims advanced that

on his military, serve the Impaler.


and as a result


techniques adept employ effective

at Constantinople Vlad's These army

Vlad, and he is determined as the Sultan's. battlefield of wood. artillery:

to make his war machine is the first cannon damage, lightweight do little Vlad's

solid blocks

are highly

in demoralizing



Fortresses National

in Romanian Museum





of Bucharest.

Despite isolated. and Turks its almost Its position inherent poverty, struggles Wallachia between is far from stop the Christians woes. Things claims as their Within are very similar that much however, sovereign. German The Seven setders Cities have founded are mining gold output. towns towns, To keep here, looking and the Prince owes him of Wallachia The locals of Hungary on the map has made the poor it a frequent country's of the region fealty. for invaders, and the current have only heightened do not agree, lawful to King Matthias

the last century, as the "Seven of Siebenburgen. much



on a Hill
of Walla chi a lies Transylvania, by Romanian-speaking a mountainous people.

known name producing


giving domestic


its German

Just to the north

also inhabited

of Europe's





of Turkish Emperor as long funds


the King to put

of Hungary up with at bay. he certainly output of

and Vlad's

the argument: would binding regularly. claim to finance Carpathians and Dracula Those Their walls Saxons towns that

the Saxons that this

pay him the Turks. that the fact would

tribute. Vlad that

Saxon considers

lawyers provide this a of the

the Holy apparent could not

Roman insanity gold maintain farm

are willing as he keeps Vlad's

is simply proof subsidy

a subsidy he holds

they freely sway north payments

the Sultan

his wars with relationship, A wartime does not and can cite

Transylvanian Wallachia's Wallachians "Saxons," from Just

war machine:

his army economy.

on the meager

are due

only be paid as requested,

and native though most The to make

Transylvanians of rhem Saxons themselves to create in search across Europe among actually

call these originally from

Germans hailed and efficient, their mines. conception delving

request. as miners are mostly city dwellers. and by a a

not working are neat older

the Rhineland. as high help under fantasy Turkish spawn

are industrious wealthy "orcs," of riches. to found

and well-ordered; of ancient cities. with local granite; a brick platform A Saxon

as new settlements, buildings city is protected the area around The walls are and are of less On the dot the and their women attack

and have begun of ravenous Saxons deep The

they lack the clutter mark wall of well-dressed gate will be decorated thick with stone solid (unlike towns). farthest

tumbledown often

writers hordes legends

drew on the popular of indusrrious dwarves

so did these


the mountains

a wide fighting

on top of them constructions are also wooden stone. latrines

very act of moving are immigrants a high jealous. standard The seeing

new cities Since many they neighbors

the rubble-filled Watchtowers from These city gates, are open from stone that

winnowed residents retain highly

our the lazy and stupid

the Saxons. natives, their

prosperous sections locations smear and cities Inside, those because

or first-generation of vigor. This has made are seen as greedy of contempt as backward

rim of the walls.

to the sky below, of the walls. privies. Men,


and standoffish, for Romanian natives, an interact Most and

can be marked on the light-gray are assigned gates.

far away by the greenish It is not purely armies usually

and indeed civilization, (with most socially Saxons some

they have a fair degree the people colonists standard justification). higher

and barbarous enjoy do not



In contrast of living. and almost Romanian

to the illiterate Saxons never

of ease of access near their the streets


of the Saxon with

can read, and they

enormously are repelled

are paved class districts and many with miners discreetly regularly streets.


well-cut sections

gray There

granite while is an air


intermarry. of principle, let on.

cobblestones. of prosperity are boom do a brisk prostitutes establishments. and crews horses


in the richer in a Saxon businesses come enforce

are brick

by even the thought

of casual

sex with

a Romanian.

in working times, trade

are wooden.

will not speak

as a matter rarely

and happiness

mining are doing

city. These well. Taverns shares, of these of regulations, of and

the few who understand Seeking never this to keep the gold paid much attention alliance, burghers.

the language flowing into

his treasury, cities. They

Vlad pay


to spend all manner


to the Saxon bribery or warfare

operate of convicts

in the back rooms shovel

their protection
is through to the Saxon The made defense Here fealty their exact

money, he keeps the Turks away -


City police

is of no concern

away the leavings

on the paved

legal relationship cities claims Tepes' Vlad is vague upon claim inherited

between their him

the Wallachian Vlad's

prince father

At the center of finely-cut contains and force citizens,

of each city is the town stone sporting rooms, a tall clock an archive, and enforces poorly

and the Saxon the first of them lies Vlad protector. cities

and undefined. allegiance, the Order Sigismund this to Vlad. are many nobles driving settlers

hall - a large building tower. This building for officials, A small by a militia paid list of of free by

and his stout of the Dragon. Germans Vlad Therefore, owed Dracul




the arsenal patrols rules,

for the militia's the streets but


to lordship:

these made

the lengthy

to Emperor

Sigismund. are subject and 12th invited there

municipal the leading

the city is defended trained


who are invariably businessmen. hall, usually Saxons obtained their there

and officered

the Saxon Saxon things Pecheneg Hungarian with them Saxons nothing relationship are subject Vlad, from


differently. in the nomads kings

Hungarian Century,

see of them conquered the land by out the Cuman the east. The 300 years This later released The owing their which and


the town


it across Catholic

an open The

square, to are

is a cathedral. have recently well-made society. Most Saxons age that alone than

are Roman as befits

and are proud cathedrals

the sword

own bishops. is even a public

who had filtered German of the German to Sigismund of the kings

in from Emperor. and thus They

and beautiful, In Kronstadt,

the showpiece

of a wealthy

library. blocks. but this People more The is an prefer

the permission any fealty

of the people are wealthy does is to be lonely of their Romanians

live in crowded enough to afford too great and possibly fellows.

apartment better,

to Vlad. model

are free subjects

of Hungary,

not put

a value on privacy. an outcast. bathe per week Saxons

To live frequently

to any intermediate on the growing only to their kings.

nobles. cities

of Western


the company neighborhood 23

of course,

has a powerful


to play on his side of

- often once common baths.

and do so in

Outside instantly Saxons functions pillage separate cluster Living language themselves Szekely intermarry neighbors, landed farms to their warrior knights Europe nobles

the cities, recognizable live in large, of barn and rape farmsteads together nearby, closely often



do manage well-kept "long houses,"


These Rural

are the the


and sometimes and so there here. come While

money-changing. is little cultural

But the Saxons leeway


by their well-made these


discarded for profit, businessmen Foreign mineral economic monopoly cousins Obuda there, Holy gold

old German-Christian


on banking for Jewish

combining holding known to

and home. that attends close

With people

the Wallachians have never they

off the Turkish


traders wealth.

here sweeping


despite gold look

the helps

region's power hold German trade crosses of From of the Saxon-mined the a

war. Thus, fields, for protection. horses

can afford

Transylvanian Europe, They and most attacks, with

to their

not needing

revolution as business plain recent or, until

the Saxons to their of this

in villages often raising

over the business. partners, Turkish

if the ground (cheh-klee). (Hungarian) as laborers socially.

permits, speak

are a

the people


as the Szekely related to Magyar Romanians or interact to learn bond

They Romanian Like their tongue. cities.

the Hungarian river craft Roman helps

in caravans

as far as the capital to Belgrade. Though the heartland

and consider peasant. Saxon The Szekely to ride a but do not

far superior employ them with

to the beknighted

communicate the Italian with

Empire finance directly instead.

via the Danube. Transylvania,


few Italians obtaining the gold

they refuse a symbiotic in time

the Romanian success, with the Saxon cavalry They consider from

communicate in Germany


are the model

of Szekely

and they

have formed

feed the towns, defense people,

and Szekely of need.

are pledged

themselves corner of own

the proud out


of the Hungarian this Szekely maintain profession. Romanians. help

who drove and brought

the barbarians and most


and civilization. commoners

are landowners,

own their

land as well. Those the respect However, Szekely As with inspire The direct to become dignity, high the Turks fantasy strongly

who do not but work with horses a simple best and Saxons, writers support local ruler gold paying into 500 farmhand is far beneath

of their peers for this is a very honorable a station left to the pitiable so will the Szekely years later. stand


the Saxon to interfere the royal

on Transylvania's because they do them. Vlad As long himself status and Ottoman Originally southern smashed Serbian Five years Turks a Central Europe knights the Christian ago, Sultan Asian people, 70 years Polje, the Turks ago. They of Serbia, the Field surged quickly the slaughtering into

relationship a strong pour without no claims part,

to the King

of Hungary

not want will escape appears has made For their freely fruits Roman common needs rare, but respects difference prevented splits There imported land,

with coffers,

as the Saxons

the Szekely


to the king. over them.

to have given no thought of lordship

to the Szekely

the Saxons lordlings when living

pay well for Szekely entry to their have little arrogance bonds. towns they feel the need.

produce to enjoy Szekely

and the are with



less than on Kosovo

of urban Catholic ground and, thus,

kingdom Mehmet

but otherwise Saxons. in their get along there urban cultural

in common

of the Blackbirds. the Conqueror Empire. using for them have served in as Part

the German-speaking

Yet the two peoples

have found is unusual The

II, now called

and interlocking In a turn equal.

well together. are social merchants usually aristocracy

Intermarriage of the Szekely instance,

("Fatikh"), led his troops in the conquest of Constantinople, capital of the Eastern Roman of the Turkish Christian against Serbs After the Turkish their genius fellow ranks for conquest Christians. for years, includes peoples to do most of the fighting Wallachians though not

otherwise Society, the Saxon


in European

the rural

as their has, in this when

in language the contempt

and culture

as commonly


a society

and Bulgars. a dramatic it their outside final battle (see LAST DAYS OF took Constantinople infantrymen probably served and Vlad and sent did as conscript


city and country. The Saxons them have to own allies. Jews on fine

are very few Jews in Transylvania. their German strongly ghettoes prejudices supported within a stance by their

CONSTANTINOPLE), made lines capital. by Vlad's

the Turks Wallachian

and forbid


rival Vladislav the Byzantine

II November capital,

in the trench

live in small

the cities,



well. The

fall of the last Roman world, Days. and many


shocked see this


are all hardened While given numbers cavalry "crazy them Islamic Turkish, converts Mehmet for the side: are Serbs choice called heads," from but


veterans them.

of several slaves, There azabs

campaigns. are huge or allots by are Most are also and light


as the herald

the janissaries farmland Yoruks draw of irregular

are the Sultan's to support foot soldiers and akinji.

the sipahis

of the Last Mehmet forcibly quarters centers. constant through these absolute continued Sultan Janos wars

began a number importing

of programs

to remake


called These what


to repopulate new palaces the empire Turks wars,

the long-deserted and administrative continues. Turks rich through

bashi-bazouks, the Sultan for battle.

of the city and building But the war to expand the Sultan Many seized there funds conquest. booty ruler, has been Hunyadi. most men but

no pay beyond captures.

the campaign's passion them. there

But they are fired and European

pay no taxes;

his government

crusading among

and are eager

individual Though enormous

have become and as a result is an pressure in 1453, led by

are a handful

of Arabs

in the Sultan's is still

are very popular. war. Since After fought Hunyadi died plunged

the Sultan popular

has also called princes and Bulgarians has sworn

a number with their

of his feudal knights


to his There prince, takes such


and infantry. These This ties; to their oath to break

the fall of Constantinople the Hungarian fighting, in 1454 Tens and crusaders Mehmet 1455. assault heavy

in large numbers. out of their loyalty obligation to Mehmet. or religious

men also

fighting of Serbia

draw no pay but appear who in turn precedence the a bond Behind impressed Wagons equipment, engineering deal with

and his troops In 1456 on Belgrade, of Turks preacher that followed. a serious personally suffered the next year

conquered Hunyadi's great perished, St. John Mehmet lopping arrow as he still Over last

over any national

off a Turkish and

is unthinkable. this array huge corps enemy come

At least without huge driving stockpiles is highly supply herds of food implements skilled

enough trains, of cattle plus

of an incentive. slaves arrows, and siege Turkish along to


on the Danube.

of thousands Catholic

the fanatic into the

Christians carry

and sheep.

Capistrano himself the head

as well in the plague fighting, but knight,

and all the other fortresses

of war. The rivers.

off a Serbian not

and also marches


to the thigh

and led no campaign

and to bridge


sit on a horse.

The People
the next Byzantine in these horsetail In 1461, areas In more few years, outposts wars. the Sultan's in Greece Anatolia. Serbs but armies conquered Empire constant under the Wallachian the of About crossed from Mongol there. across In most have armies. to build conquered recent by Turkish years, Mehmet of his is to arms, has settlers These nomads their word call themselves for "man" origin is only the Rom, The but Rom India through of coincidental. many a corruption The from from similarity or "people." is unknown, "Gypsies," followed in the wake of the advancing this practice up the population Just as Serbia the to a Turkish so does to keep under its but a since he is trying fifty years ago, a few caravans into Wallachia. they entered these people the locals, of wagons and mules descending in settling fairly aimlessly left by the the Danube the mountains, raids, Trading but with Like the Vlachs the vacuum had no interest they wandered and the Greek found summon fought

Trebizond success Sultan's troops.

in eastern

Mehmet and Bulgarians he did not

banner, he turned

his attention

to Wallachia.

the landscape.

discouraged new capital. be converted client Sultan Wallachia cooperative choosing. No civilians state, plan

to "Romania" Their call them

of "Egyptian." wandered little their Roma the Middle

East but left

to no traces passage. are easily from

own voivode

one of his

distinguished officially the Turkish the march, there are a number followers. include guard, plus cavalry. the tens These of The s Mehmet' local population dark swarthy extremely partially outsiders, them Roma


by their young

accompany army on though of camp troops personal janissaries, thousands armored

hair and eyes and skin. Their attractive, due to their They distrust with interacting are often

men and women

exotic looks. as little

of sipahi

as possible.

do not intermarry


with disdain


Wallachians for all unsolved of the Roma

have already petty common crimes.


a strong

Plows Roma find them

and household frequently seasonal horse work thieves, organize societal that caravans place puts


also often

come skills


the caravans. Some consider them.

for the gypsies,

who have become

the favorite

have horse-handling on Wallachia's though, horse

and can easily

scapegoat Stereotypes already caravan, rarely


to the 21st are fortune-tellers

Century in every however, few this These

and hesitate

to employ

exist most display

in the 15 th. There of them their totally into insight talent their charge

The gypsies very limited wagon vehicles. train The

themselves role. Each features move

in clans headed society, clan travels

by a patriarch. have a a not and to

fraudulent. future

A handful, events. but retain

It is a furiously

male-dominated usually

and women

have an undeniable knowledge Another dogs, entirely for their as a treat. others Roma to help common one that unfounded.

in a caravan, trying

for outsiders, own clan. claims that 500

brightly-colored fashion, Remaining the local

horse-drawn in one

in random from

gypsies years dog lard.

steal They

and eat is not dogs it plain rend

stay in anyone place Roma Related young drinking There their with can bring culture clans

for long.

too long inhabitants,

will still be heard Gypsies some adore the result of the dogs

later. This or eating

resentment great try to meet


on constant once

movement. per year, so that information

fat, spreading While

on bread

in gatherings and

are purchased caravans. thieves, their

for the pot,

men and women and dancing. is no "King the myth but own courses them,

can meet and choose as an excuse


are stolen are typically

and cooked accused their minor

by passing of being contempt crimes. petty

and goods which clans is they all Roma own, for stealing

can be traded,

for eating,

not always property

false. With

for civil authority, Among

of the Gypsies," of one. The and policies. clans


the Roma is a powerful their

enjoy setting bond clan.

do not shy away from from a Wallachian are also accused which their is patently their


are independent,

is held in common, as a benefit of kidnapping untrue.

and so they can rationalize to the entire children gypsies for other gypsy people.


they answer undoubted

to no one outside

to raise as their have a high people, it with regard

Despite the Roma They feudal infuriates finds do not horses cash, villages Roma

their do not system

usefulness time the voivode a separate only

in Wallachian since VIad as their

society, seized power. by the stand when They in most the greatly caravans he also


have had a very hard acknowledge themselves Vlad, who not engage for their

own bloodlines,


and would


not dilute Their from in front performing prostitutes where with rules hard

race by intermingling profligate women

others. This arises and do so step, a race of within


people borders.

unbounded This far worse.


are called gypsy

and wanton. dance with

or by any national

the fact that


impales atrocities unless in their

the Roma

of men for pay. And some in private than don't cash. sure of the religious to Islam They any other apply, European

do take the next people. However,


but has committed

for pay. But they are no more

typically or grain

in barter, coin their

they are obtaining payment than caravan

own use. Demanding Thus, Despite some this,

their encampments

they do a good job of creating and pleasure

an atmosphere

they often in hopes

have more of stealing They

can be had for those

will see in a lifetime. in the re-telling). subjects.

seek to attack (a treasure the gypsy


No one is really Roma. Moslem practices themselves of their While people. lands, with

background during their any Indian overwhelmingly to minister into armies,

of the sojourn religious identify to them. something but in

exaggerated do not tyrant

Few if any converted them

flee Wallachia. or his ignorant

will not be run

out by a mere

yet they did not bring to Europe. Catholic, though does little

as Roman

they have few priests

own and the church Roma They resist being


that will continue

for hundreds alongside

of years, they are not a pacifist their own people - preferably fight on foot with sword, carry weapons so that so as Over the now they wander. to disarm,

will fight,

and will hire out as mercenaries,

only if they can fight the men of their shield, years, anyone provide and short governments wishing weapons. not to alarm

own clan. They bow but often among have forced to hire them

do not whom them

the peoples

as soldiers

will also have to

Metal-working stands turn In wartime,

is another the Wallachian smiths

Roma boyars

specialty, find

and this is one that' themselves their forced to

them well in Wallachia, to gypsy

where few villages have blacksmiths. and overhaul weapons.

to sharpen


This Classes designated

to flesh Open out

two new Prestige the Wallachian Content. Classes and two NPC setting. in this It also features Part of the book is


Skills: Appraise, Handle

Balance, Animal,


Climb, Ride,

Craft, Sense Motive with Light all

Diplomacy, Weapon Simple




and Armor Proficiency: Boyars

and Martial Armors Boyar doesn't Weapons, and Shields. must this really first castle matter.

are proficient

and they may employ

some new Feats. All of the material Game

and Medium

Prestige Classes
The middling to their to extort nobility they hold their At least use their and goods bandits of Prince princes prince status that's steel from by providing weapons, military in and These service theory. armor knights While sovereign. money how it works horses, the peasantry.

the position. built, or stole

have a castle What's

before important

attaining is the


is one he or she purchased, over a fief and the character have no can take this accomplished

base of operations to draw followers

from which and soldiers.

to claim lordship Without a castle,

In practice, are actually Vlad holds

isn't a landowner, and those who don't own land legitimate claim to rule. Thus, before a character class, he or she must a coup, none get a castle. This is often by staging Until then, slaughtering of the benefits the current of this

armed the title


on the weak.

lord and his soldiers, for the character. class are available.
Boyars benefit

of Walla chi a and uses the in truth more crime his position under families the than right. in common now uniting has much

and then taking

the castle

(and the lord' s tide)

trappings is closer iron with that While skill, from short,

of Western to that

European The distant


of Russian

Class Features:
from indicated

In addition

to bonus


rule of Muscovy. the heads of an hereditary, it is easier

the following on Table One

Class 3-1.



they gain at a rate

of 21 st Century

organized monarch

ruling Boyars, with him

by divine it is not


of the advantages that this

of being

a landowning work the they make,

for nobles soldiers.

to become Those known

is the income cash.




for lesser

the might, to wrest completely.

the In

land and are taxed on the food and very rarely generate Income Every an income

they grow, the goods the Boyar's with

and the willpower its current a Boyar master,

have been supplanting

a fief away

month, below:

tax collectors


the character's

is less a noble Castle

and more

a warlord.


( see below), Charisma

13 +, Intimidate

Skill: 8 Ranks Hit Die: d10 Skill Points per Level: 2 + Int Modifier

. . .

Level as indicated

Levell: 1,000 gold

Level 2: 3,000 Level3: 5,000 gold gold

Table 3-1: Level

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Boyar Class Features

+2 +3 +3 +4 +4 1 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7

+1 +2 +3 +4 +5 +6/+ +7/+2 + 8/ + 3 +9/+4
+ 10/ + 5

+0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3

+2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7

Class Features Income 1 Bonus Feat Overtaxing Income 2 Bonus Feat Overtaxing Income 3 Bonus Feat
Overtaxing 3

Bonus Feat


This money is available as cash or as its equivalency in foodstuffs or equipment, and it's key to maintaining one's position since it pays for the soldiers and the upkeep necessary to maintain the Boyar's operation. As the character gains in levels, his or her fiefdom increases. His or her power and majesty enable the Boyar to command others as vassals and to conquer those who resist.

can, or they'll seek help from one of the character's rivals. The former is easy enough to put down (though it does take time and expenses). The latter can be very dangerous. The peasantry usually agrees to serve the new lord if he or she can conquer the current one. Since this is a prime opportunity to expand their holdings, most lords agree if they have the resources to bring to bear.

Overtaxing (Ex): Sometimes, an operation is simply too expensive to be funded by the Boyar's regular income. In such cases,a tried and true solution is to overtax the peasants. This is a tricky tactic that must be used sparingly because it can backfire. You can't get blood from a turnip, as they say, and if you try too many times, the turnip gets angry.
Once every three months, the character can send out a gang of enforcers to wring more resources out of the peasantry. This mission yields funds in addition to the usual monthly income commensurate with the level of Overtaxing as indicated below: ~ Level,:

These hardy fighters represent the elite soldiers in Vlad's army. They are much more reliable than the conscripts he drafts for his campaigns and more loyal than the mercenaries he buys and the soldiers committed by his boyars. They come in two classes: the Calarasi or Black Hussars, and the Rosiori or Red Hussars. Both are formidable on the field of battle but each is a little different. The Black Hussars act primarily as scouts. They come from the lower nobility and are used as advance units to bring intelligence back and on the forward lines of battle. Red Hussars are common by birth and act as Vlad's personal bodyguard. Both groups are skilled horsemen, representing the elite of Wallachian cavalry. Requirements: BaseAttack Bonus: + 3, Mounted Combat Feat, Handle Animal Skill: 4 Ranks, Ride Skill: 8 Ranks, Black Hussars: Nobility (see below), Red Hussars: Common (see below) Hit Die: Black Hussars: dIO, Red Hussars: dI2 Skill Points per Level: Black Hussars: 4 + Int Modifier, Hussars: 2 + Int Modifier Red


~ Level 2: 5,000 gold ~ Level3: 7,000 gold It's important to realize that Overtaxing literally takes food out of the mouths of the peasants who grow it. This practice taxes the people to the level of extreme poverty. Some will starve since there simply won't be enough to go around. Naturally, that creates resentment in the unfortunates who are persecuted solely for reason of their being common. A Boyar who Overtaxes three times in a year can expect a revoIr. Either the peasantry will take up arms as best they

Class Skills: Animal Empathy, Balance,Craft (Red only), Handle Animal, Intimidate, Intuit Direction (Black only), Ride, Spot

Table 3-2:

Hussar Class Features

Fort. +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 Ref

I 2


3 4 5 6 7

+1 +2 +3 +4 +5 + 6/+ I +7/+2

+3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5

Will +0 +0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2


Ride-by Attack Feat

Courser'sFury I Spirited ChargeFeat SummonMount TrampleFeat Courser'sFury 2
BeheadFeat Equine Speed


+ 8/+ 3
+9/+4 + 10/+ 5

+6 +7

+6 +7

+3 +3

GracefulFall Courser'sFury 3


Weapon lances,

ana Armor scimitars,

Proficiency: small wooden

Hussars shields, choose

are proficient and light to become character Only Class. character Class. Prestige Class



Die: d4

armor. Black must cannot be common

Skill Points at 1stLevel: (2 + Int Modifier) x 4 Skill Points at EachAdditional Level: 2 + Int Modifier Class Skills: Alchemy,
Craft, Search, at Weapon or armor Gather (Arcana), Knowledge Spellcraft, and Armor proficiencies. Animal (Nature), Spot, Empathy, Handle Use Magic Concentration, Heal, Knowledge Lore (Apothecary), Wilderness Information, Animal, Device,

Restrictions: Hussars characters be a Boyar Class

Characters are from

may only

if they

the nobility. Red Hussars. this

The The

a Boyar or Aristocrat

to take this Prestige if taking

may become or Aristocrat Hussars on Table Spirited Feats



gain the following 3 -2. Charge, Trample,




have no weapon

a rate shown Ride-by Hussars Courser's has in this

attack. Both


and Behead: levels. and

gain these Fury:

for free at the indicated are skilled in battle. with their

Starting Gold: 5dlO gold

ClassFeatures: erbalists gain ClassFeatures a rate indicated H at

Hussars them


can accommodate ability,


For each level the character can make an additional

suffer a-2 to their

on Table 3 - 3. Specific
Cure Minor Wounds


are listed


his or her mount

ana its rider

(Sp): By


rubs and herbs,

respective though interruption




the animal combatant actions. this

otherwise without

fights causing

as any

it were a separate to the rider's

character can seal minor cuts and abrasions. This ability works exactly like the Divine Spell of the same name. The Herbalist can use this ability a number of times per day

equal ability The and, have become character or her. in touch gain a with can whistle 100 if it is within Brew lagers

to his or her class level. Poultice

SummonMount: Hussars with

greatly feet, Equine it. While Synergy attuned with their or otherwise


is the principal to harm


of the the vil-




the skill to brew elixirs that each other)

call for his or her horse, and come character that to him

can use (typically

is how this

it will respond

individual stays
Poultices Moderate, how quickly

in business. into three basic classes: Minor, and effective 3 3 designates has earned a a Table

Speed: The
mounted, Bonus

is now so much and the mount

are divided and Major.

his or her horse

he or she can move the Hussar


as one with

The more powerful it is classified.

that to

potion is, the higher

to Initiative. Hussar's sense of balance is so good check ld6 in battle. points

the brewing

of these elixirs may be learned.

that the character

GracefulFall: The
land softly

Each time the chart indicates succeeds may ignore fall. at a Riding the first

he or she now automatically if his or her mount the character from a standard Additionally, of damage

is dropped

new Brew Poultice ability, he or she selects one of the appropriate level. The individual poultices and their abilities
are listed There below. Poultices. Each is simple to concoct are four Minor

and is hired frequently.


character characters adventurers. campaigns. classes GM's are best left to NPC's. but to fill out They their in and of themselves, may use them generally


are interesting make poor Wallachian Herbalist Wallachians refuse they plants sexual friendly

~ Blessing: While often purchased for their own use, Wallachians do sometimes buy this as a gift for others. The person who consumes it benefits as though the Divine Spell,



cast upon

him or her. poultice works exactly like the

~ Cure Light Wounds: This Light Wounds. Caster

spell of the same name. It is, in essence, a Potion of Cure Level is the Herbalist's class level. potion to have no knowledge that Herbalists, potions are used there of medicine is such who use their Most to repel and stubbornly Instead, of are a ~ Curse: While desired has effect. Thus, the requested

to acknowledge rely on village to produce prowess people, others

a science.

a lot, this is a tricky


knowledge of these are not (see below) fellow in that

use. It must be imbibed by the intended

one usually buys victim into to trick intended

to have the it. It Curse.

and poultices. neighbors. call on both misfortune

the poultice and then consuming


evil beings, Wallachians Lautar


or to harm and often to inflict


works the sameas the Divine Spell, Bestow

and Herbalists Herbalists employ ends.

on their and wizards sciences elixirs

villagers. they strange Very

Like the Lautar Song of Power of the same name (seebelow), this poultice grants men greater sexual prowess.
~ Prowess:

are similar alchemy

to witches strange


and other the Herbalist spell-like

to achieve


is not a spell caster. abilities can be used

He or she at a distance.

who can't complete the act now can. Those who could have twice their former stamina. The target must apply the poultice to his body. The effects last for four hours. The Moderate Poultices are a little more powerful. Many of these

is a master


who concocts

to be consumed.

few of this class's

are also frequent requests.An Herbalist who can brew at



Table 3'-3: Herbalist

I 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20


Will +2
+3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 Brew Minor Poultice Poultice Brew Minor Poultice Poultice Class Features Cure Minor Wounds, Brew Minor Poultice Brew Minor Poultice

Attack +0
+1 +1 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5

Fort. +0
+0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 '

+0 +1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3

Brew Moderate

Brew Moderate

+ 6/ +
+7/+2 +7/+2 + 8/ + 3 + 8/ + 3 +9/+4 +9/+4
+ 10/ + 5 + 10/ + 5

+3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6

+3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6

+7 +8 +8 +9 +9 +10 +10 +1 +II

Brew Moderate


Brew Major Poultice

+ 6/ + I

Brew Moderate Brew Moderate

Poultice Poultice

Brew Moderate


Brew Major Poultice




three of these can keep himself ~ Cure Moderate name. Caster

or herself

in business Spell

indefinitely. of the same

Herbalist Caster indicates target effect

if it was consumed Level of the Herbalist the poultice

as a potion. if rubbed

It is 15 + the in as a paste. A failure Success the causes

Wounds: As the Divine

Level is the Herbalist's popular someone than though.

class level. choice, this poultice him or Allure to the

was not effective.


to fall hopelessly

in love with

the user. The

~ Love Potion: Another enables Song poultice the user to force trickier of Power her. It's a little

to fall in love with the Lautar's A key ingredient it must a potion. the skin

is permanent. ~ Protection from Evil: This character from poultice works like the spell to use it


(see below),

of the same ingests



who wishes

is a lock or strand There

of hair belonging Second, into

to the character be consumed this. The The second to ro

it and benefits

its effects

for 24 hours. elixir, works this poultice with this

who wishes by the target. first

to use the poultice. the concoction

~ Remove Disease: A very beneficial cures ability Spell diseases in about sought. name. special 8 hours' The time. poultice are highly of the same

are two ways to accomplish and rub it into This but effects it does much make tougher. gets a Will


is by brewing

like the Divine

is to brew it as a paste directly accomplish resist Once resist obviously,

of the target harder Throw

over his or her heart. the poultice's applied

is considerably the Saving

~ Repel Minor Undead:This the person poultice monsters who uses it from

blend emits

of herbs a scent The that

protects the undead

the undead.

By spreading

over the body, the character within

or consumed, The DC

the target

Save to

of 5 Hit Dice or less will not approach. 10 feet of the character.

Such creatures scent of

the effects.

is 10 + the Caster

Level of the 30

will not come

the poultice sometimes has a similar effect on the living. Finally, Major Poultices have truly profound effects. There are only two of these, though the GM could easily create more. ~ Cure Serious Wounds:This poultice works exactly like the Divine Spell of the same name. Caster level is equal to the Herbalist's class level. ~ RepelMajor Undead: As Repel Minor Undead except that undead of 6 to 10 Hit Dice are affected. Those of higher Hit Dice get a Will Save at DC 5 + the Caster Level of the Herbalist who created the poultice. An Herbalist can brew a number of Minor Poultices equal to his or her class level per day. The number of Moderate Poultices per day is equal to half the character's class level. rounding up. Herbalists can brew one Major Poultice per five class levels they have.

A Lautar, literally" singer," is a Romanian village storyteller who remembers great deeds, lineage, and other important information. He or she entertains at public occasions and is a crucial element at weddings and funerals. At these, the Lautar composes special songs for the event, commemorating the lives of the deceasedor giving special wishes to the newlyweds. The Lautar is also called upon to protect the village from evil and drive away dark forces, including the undead. Romanian villages also often have herbalists, who use the power of plants toward very similar ends. Lautar often also become herbalists themselves. Both men and women are Lautar,
in roughly equal proportions

one of the few segments


Wallachian society in which women hold an equal place. Lautar rarely use spells in the traditional sense, as their




Class Features
Forl. +0


Attack +0 +1 +1 +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5

Ref +0

Will +2 +3 +3 +4 +4 +5 +5 +6 +6 +7 +7 +8 +8 +9 +9 +10 +10 +11 +11 +12

Protection from Evil

I/Day/3Levels Turn/Rebuke Undead Songof Power Songof Power Songof Power Songof Power Songof Power
Create Standard Talisman

3 4 5 6 7 8 9


13 14 15 16 17 18 19

+ 6/+ 1 + 6/ + 1 +7/+2 +7/+2 + 8/ + 3 + 8/ + 3 +9/+4 +9/+4 + 10/+ 5 + 10/+ 5

+1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6

+1 +1 +1 +2 +2 +2 +3 +3 +3 +4 +4 +4 +5 +5 +5 +6 +6 +6

Songof Power CreateReliableTalisman Songof Power - CreateDependable alisman T Craft MagicArms

and Armor Feat

Songof Power


power below) some Though Lautar their Hit Skill Skill Class Craft,

lies in their can invoke time

songs. results

Singing in many

a Song A Song

of Power of Power

(see but takes

modifier attempt. raise

raising Thus,

(or lowering) a character with (base

the DC

of the Lautar's of 16 would


ways similar

to spells,

a Charisma

they rarely

are seen immediately. to have an effect. in some except

the DC

to 23 song another.

DC of 20 + Charisma

Modifier fall out

of + 3). This of fantasy from genres, leave song of love with

can be reversed

to make a person


ways to the bard to learn the craft

do not carry home village

or use weapons,

nor do they often

~ Bring the Rain: A frequent

enables the Lautar 24 hours soaking negative to cause the sky within falls harmlessly,

request a gentle

of farmers, rain completion.

this The rain The

a master.

to fall from causing rains. runoff,

Die: d4 Points Points at 1st Level: (2 + Int Modifier) at Each Additional Animal (Local x 4

of successful the ground consequences

but not

floods rainfall

or other lasts

of heavy

Level: 2 + Int Modifier Empathy, Handle History), Concentration, Heal, Knowledge Use Knowledge Spellcraft,

for 2d 1 0 hours. is a much after more forceful this song, mile storm version a violent area with

Skills: Alchemy, Gather Knowledge Knowledge

~ Call the Storm: This of Bring storm torrential There force. the Rain. moves front


Animal, Perform,

Two hours in, pounding Severe that

singing This

(Arcana), (Religion), Magic Weapon

a 50 square for game that


rain and other with is a 30% chance

ill effects. Winds

is considered purposes. the storm will

Device and Armor Proficiency: or armor. gold receive the following Class Features at Lautar are not proficient in

a Thunderstorm There

the winds

will be Windstorm has, he or for

the use of any arms Starting Gold: 5dlo Lautar

is an additional

30% chance winds could

also produce direction. hail from per day for every three Spell, were a Cleric the character levels character summoned. rains of song
reaching 2nd Level, the

hail. For every Class for stronger a 5th Level Lautar greater storm severe hired control lasts damage for

Level the Lautar alter

she can alter the chance Class Features: a rate designated Protection the Lautar Protection equal from from Thus, having The is usually on Table Evil 3-4.

or hail 2% in either the chance he or she Hail a whole and heavy This type village. or, any with the experienced

30% to 40% or to 20%. This Id1o

reflects hours.

(Sp): Once

over the storm to crops

has, he or she may cast the Divine Evil, as though Level.


can cause

and fields.

to his or her Class Undead gains must choose

to be used singing of this cast

against this song,

Turn/Rebuke character Lautar


~ Call theHerd: After more animal Animals. that rarely, The another effect subject having lasts as though the song. This

the Lautar with Speak

the ability cannot


to Turn be altered
is the

or Rebuke later.




can speak Spell,

he or she will Turn

or Rebuke,

the Divine

and this decision


one hour

per level of the Lautar

of Power







are best sought spell-like power, intended can easily Singing requires makes song There gains Lautar

and it is the reason Singing rarely the song, a Song Those

they are most of Power what

often calms is its level

~ Calm Animal: a panicked,

is an extremely or sick animal. meaning

effective The once dogs must state, of this reverts


that must

out by others. results. but the words to accomplish. interpret a Song

invokes detect the song



who hear it can often give away just Lautar however. process. rounds, completed, Another

be able to hear the song, cast, the song soothes pets

the Lautar into a docile rabid

be brought regardless song. The that

to the site of the disturbance. the beast under of what is going to likeable lasts for 2d6 the panic Otherwise, on around rounds,

However, it. Even after calm. somewhat find that

successfully can be

of the same

of Power

is an involved for Id4 Once

Doing during

so which may the

calmed effect caused state.

the influence which, the animal

the character a Perform Skill

to sing check

if the stimulus

he or she cannot

be interrupted.

the character

or rage remains, it remains but they

to that

at DC 20. The


add his or her Lautar takes effect.

level to the die roll. If successful, it fails.

~ Prowess: A popular request, Upon usual women. this hearing stamina. song this There from benefits song,

embarrassing sexually twice climax. who their achieve they can. Those no song that to benefit see no need

If not,

men who cannot

are eight general this Class Feature,


of Power. Each time the character a new song. A

he or she selects he or she knows.

were already

able can now complete is, unfortunately,

the act with

can sing any song

The Wallachians in climaxing.

do not believe


~ Allure: This of Power a Lautar). designated The target (at least The

is by far one of the most in terms of those falls hopelessly Thus, Charisma often


Songs of the person

any satisfaction to aid them

the sex act, and therefore

who seek the services in love with can use the song this is a hired


in the song. character's

the Lautar Modifier

~ The Well Runs Dry: This that this causes song a nursing is tantamount their mother infants.

is a particularly to stop Thus, lactating. since a child

cruel Note whose

curse that mother

for his or her own ends, but more


acts as an additional

to murder

the Wallachians

only breast-feed 32


provide milk will starve to death. Sadly, some poor

Prerequisites: Benefit:

Heal Skill: 8 Ranks

families with too many mouths to feed already will invite this curse upon themselves so as to retroactively prevent the addition of another child to the family.


(Sp): Sometimesa Lautar is not alwaysaround

and handy when you need one. For such times, customers often purchase Talismans. These minor magical devices are designed to replicate the effects of a Song of Power. They are small trinkets into which a Lautar may place any Song of Power he or she knows. When activated, the effects of the song are invoked. The problem is, Songs of Power are difficult to transfer, and that has the unfortunate side effect of making the devices somewhat unreliable. A Talisman has 25 charges when it is created. To use a charge, though, the wielder must make a Reliability Roll. He or she rolls a percentile die (d%) and then checks the result against the Talisman's general reliability. If the roll exceeds that number, the Talisman works like it is designed. If it is equal or lower, it fails to operate. A Standard Talisman fails to operate 30% of the time. A Reliable Talisman only has a 15% chance for failure. Dependable Talismans only fail 7% of the time. Creating a Talisman requires eight hours of the Lautar's time, during which he or she can take no strenuous action. The character can pause to eat or rest, but otherwise cannot engage in exertions. The raw materials are not expensive, but they are a little rare. Perfect wood, unflawed jewels, or finely polished metal are required to accept the Song of Power, but they are not the exceptional quality of materials typically required for the creation of magic items. This may be one of the reasons they fail so easily. Talismans are difficult to recharge. Doing so causes the item to regress one level in quality. Thus, a Dependable Talisman becomes a Reliable one. A Reliable Talisman becomes Standard, and Standard Talismans simply cannot be recharged. While it's possible that this is due to the crudeness of the raw materials, it's more likely that Lautar wish to keep their customers coming back for more services.

The character can attempt an amputation with a relative degree of success. This requires a Heal Skill check at DC 25. If successful, the limb is successfully removed and the wound cauterized to prevent further infection. If it fails, the patient bleeds to death.

Normal: Characters attempting an amputation without benefit of this Feat suffer a -4 Penalty the Skill check. Those to
who do not have the Heal Skill double that penalty to -8. For more information on when amputation is necessary, ee s "Grievous Bodily Harm" in Part 4.

Prerequisites:Power Attack,
Weapon, Base Attack Bonus Weapon of +4 Focus with a Slashing

Benefit: Characters with opponents in a fight for foes with a single stroke character rolls a potential usual to determine if the a third time. If the third
hit, the target

this Feat are extremely dangerous they are skilled at decapitating their
of their weapons. Whenever the

critical strike

hit, he or she rolls again as

is indeed critical. If it is, roll

also have resulted in a

result would
a weapon

of the strike

is beheadedand dies instantly.

that does Slashing

This Feat is only usable with than the character.


Damage, and it only works on creatures the same size or smaller opponents and those that are

immune Firearms

to critical

hits cannot be beheaded nor can creatures [General]

without a head.


The character is experiencedin the use of an arquebuse.

Benefit: The character can makenormal attack rolls with hand-held firearms. This Feat does not extend to large weapons such as cannon, which require the Gunnery Feat.


A character who uses a firearm without

being proficient

suffers a -4 penalty on attack rolls.

Gunnery [General]
The character

is trained in the use of field cannon for sieges.

Firearms Proficiency
character can make normal attack the character is educated




Benefit: cannon. cleaning,



rolls with
in the proper

Listed below are some new Feats for the Wallachian setting.

Additionally, maintenance,
A character

Severalof them are reprinted from AvalanchePress'sBLACK


and repair of such weaponry.

without the Gunnery Feat suffers a-6

but often necessary task


is the brutal

of removing a

shattered or severely injured limb either because it is ruined or to prevent the onset of gangrene.Amputation is a tricky business since it does harm to the patient. Anyone can do it, but performing the operation in such a way as to enable the victim to survive requiressomeskill. Characters with this Feat have some practice at it, thereby granting them a better chance of success. 33

on all attack rolls with such weapons. One without the Firearms Proficiency Feat suffers a -8 penalty. Note that a character can serve on a gunnery crew without this Feat with no penalty. So long as the characteris not in chargeof the aiming or the firing of the weapon, the penalty for untrained use of this Feat does not apply.

Part Four:
This myth. horrific section Here,

Even undead

the ancient creatures.


had tales

of blood-sucking

introduces you'll find


new monsters There combat. from Romanian saw it, in for the Content. as the Romanians are also rules Open Game

A person magic, Eastern almost grave

can become was born Orthodox certainly

a strigoi



if he or she used from believer faith) Earth is rejects the

a bastard, Church. damned does

or dies excommunicated An Eastern (converts to a strigoi's not decay. Orthodox fate. The strigoi to another

the vampire

not the Hollywood nature this portion Vampires Romanian or moroi. evil, but become condemned Moroi


who becomes the undead, if their

an apostate

of gunpowder

All of the material

of the book and folklore Moroi Other contains

is designated Undead many

and one can tell a potential body

in his or her lack of decay

Of course,

is also seen as a pre-requisite to the undead, and are always person will not always Orthodox Many belief: the very good to cross dark believe that it vital

for sainthood one's self when

in traditional rot. sex any or the initiating so that prostitute becoming of the cross

references after A good

and the very bad do not

walk the Earth after death, but

they do not all drink moroi to the horrors


both partners
results Even carefree such

but especially the woman

from the union hardened boyar Wallachian

one who is evil is not

child strigoi. most under Strigoi buried harm. those strigoi strigoi, they

will be spared the sign

of undeath. roam only cannot at night They fire or them moroi. most thus and will take a large eyes, the fearsome

the most young circumstances.

all fear the light shadows as in some in pain. animals cannot furiously dog, paint during

and thus

will make

can stand explode writhe Most moroi bark black

the day, but but

bear the direct

rays of the sun. This Torches

will not cause film versions, and firelight


to catch

have no fear of religious in consecrated In fact, villagers ground if a strigoi of its parish will instantly Thus, not must


They churches

can be without from night, to

it will make will also repel

and can enter church only

calls out names fall over dead be protected as a base

of villagers and become

hate all undead, cannot ride. at their white Dogs

the strigoi

(see below)

the bell tower

on a moonless is a church from for mass

of all. Horses

bear the touch also hate approach. circles This

of the undead, and fear moroi often to repel

themselves. make

no obstacle them lest murder. their steal

Peasants seems

holy buildings

on its head

to resemble

use of the building vampires, strigoi

and tie it near their creatures While


Like Western food of choice

feed on blood; mothers.

however, Strigoi

of the night. dogs are the enemy their of the undead, Cats are often owners when cats are evil creatures found fearing in their company a strigoi. such treachery. assisting

is the milk

of nursing

in league with the moroi. and will even betray Wallachians Moroi Moroi standard Constitution sleep, effects, ability undead Each detailed will harm the damage the fiend. creatures. paralysis, damage, creatures, must along with

as a rule do not like cats, Information Romanian are immune disease, effects, drain, moroi in some


are a special undead, score,

class of undead to the effects death critical cannot special effects, hits, drain.

monsters. no of poison,


they have a Hit stunning, ability

Die type of dI2,

necromantic damage, regular is killed. which repairs kill attacks Unlike

mind-influencing though,


and energy

be simply fashion, that Other

be dispatched it, but done Fast They all moroi Healing simply

the creature's

description. Healing doesn't until death that

have Fast

by any attack works

specifically for these

even past

heal damage

they are able to get

up and move Strigoi Strigoi vampires creatures legend,


are the original of literature to steal their and vampire

Romanian and film. vitality

version Drinking

of the classic the blood theme of other in human

is a common greatly pre-date


the Romanians.



the bedtooms a number not find

of such

women neck

by night but

to suckle show

at their them They if they

Hit Dice:

Increase to d 12. as the base creature. armor creature improves retains to + 6. all of its attacks from its previous and one Bite below:

breasts; attached cannot ability

of early woodcuts and blood a woman suckled

of vampires of farm

Same Natural

to the victim's human infant victims; once to death

to her breast. animals This or animal

will also feed on the milk to give milk


will lose the damns is be safely

Attacks: The
life. In addition, Attack

by a strigoi. milk

it gains

two Claw Attacks

the mother's given Women provable major Blaming secrets enormous starvation, that deny convenient them to babies stop factor), strigoi

by starvation, or goat's Louis

as wet-nursing cannot Pasteur.

as indicated

by the table

rare in Wallachia

and cow's in this

Small Medium Large

1d2 1d3 1d4

1d 1d4 1d6

age before milk poor little cover societies: choose stole

producing (the but, instead with

for many diet knowledge


scientifically being a things, little are an of is a to


of Wallachians

of such

the Wallachians

seek an other-worldly unwanted already to allow their them mother's

explanation. babies brink milk choice

If the creature alreadyhad Claw or Bite

whichever number is more favorable number or its previous one.

it uses

also helps

one of the dirtier on the

the new strigoi

they had

of pre-industrial burden and many excuse

to a family creature

Special Attacks: Strigoi haveany SpecialAttacks

to die. Claiming

an undead

to explain

away a conscious

sustenance. is killed for good and into They or just by a stake driven through by burning; a strigoi's either its heart, wood either head for good. severed act. for' recovered and must The of his or her of his or

in life. They also gain all of the abilities listed below. Unless otherwise noted, the Saving Throw against these abilities has a DC of 10 + half the strigoi's Hit Dice + its Charisma Bonus.

A strigoi

Blood Drain (Ex): If the strigoi succeeds

out of its body, for strigoi-killing. the entire to the earth Theoretically, make Strigoi seven strigoi reborn mother become There believe often been known fresh

the ground. its heart. but burned

Fir is the preferred Cutting then

can also be killed it must


off will render

it insensible, it would

be staked

or have its heart

to be destroyed for a strigoi's such remain

be possible attempting if they their another to hear of such deaths. Wallachians

on a Bite Attack, it can make a Grapple Check to attempt to drain blood from the target. If the Grapple Check succeeds,it sucksblood from the victim, inflicting 1d4 points of permanent Constitution Damage for every round that the hold is maintained. The strigoi may convert this Constitution to Hit Points at a rate of 1d6 hit points per point of Constitution so drained. The strigoi's Hit Points cannot exceed its maximum total in this fashion.
Cat's Grace (Sp): Once per day,strigoi can cast the Cat's Grace spell. Command Cats (Su): Cats are evil creaturesin leaguewith

head to be re-attached no mention can find years, cannot human tongue strigoi

to the rest of its corpse,

but the legends an insane undetected The

of anyone redemption:

they can regain bear to remain land where cannot but after stand



in its home language live out a person


live in another

is spoken. the rest

the sounds

can otherwise their that

the moroi. They will servethese creatureswillingly. Three times per day,strigoi can summon a number of cats to come
to the their

her lifespan.

Any children

will themselves

aid equalto 1d4 + 1 per levelof the strigoi.

is no evidence Vlad meant corpses. said to "thirst to have settled When

or their this once

enemies he was to have Vlad many stand that he to of bread is appears

the Impaler metaphorically.

to be a vampire. though In at least asked

However, incident, amid a piece

for blood," down an officer corpse,

Strigoi speak the language of their feline servants and can command them to perform any task they like. Additionally, strigoi may ask for the assistanceof any cat they encounter. If the fiend succeeds at a Charisma Check, the cat will cooperate. All cats are favorably disposed towards the strigoi for purposes of modifiers to this roll.

to eat his lunch dipped

how he could

SpawnSu):This fearsome ( ability is the reason these

eat in such in the blood found

surroundings, of a nearby

the prince

ate it, and replied

simply by speaking the

are most reviled. They can murder whole villages names of their residents. To Create Spawn, a strigoi must ascend to the bell tower of a church on a moonless night. From this site, the beast need only speak the name of a church parishioner. That unfortunate must make a Fortitude Save or immediately fall over dead and rise as a strigoi under the command of the one who

it enhanced

his meal.

Strigoi Game Information

"Strigoi" the "base It uses as noted is a template Humanoid The creature"). here. that can be added creature creature's (referred type statistics to any Humanoid to hereafter and abilities as except changes to Undead. or Monstrous

it. This command lasts



the newly created

the strigoi


all of the base creature's

its sire in level or the one that created By means of this ability,

it is destroyed.




the will from any person upon whom it looks. The

creature makes a gaze attack except that employing this ability requires a Standard Action and those simply looking at the strigoi are unaffected. The target of the attack must make a Will Save or fall under the spell of the strigoi as though the fiend had cast Dominate Person. The range of this ability is 30 feet. Milk Drain (Ex): Like Blood Drain, if the strigoi succeeds on a Bite Attack, it may make a Grapple Check to drain the milk from the breast of a nursing mother. Success on the Grapple Check allows the strigoi to drain Id3 points of temporary Constitution for every round that it can maintain the hold. The creature can convert this Constitution to Hit Points at a rate of Id8 per point of Constitution drained. The strigoi's Hit Points cannot exceed its maximum total in this manner.
Summon Vukodlak (Sp):

Skills: Strigoi receivea + 8 Racial Bonus to the following Skills: Balance,Hide, Intimidate, Jump, Listen, Move
Silently, Feats: base Combat Search, Strigoi creature Reflexes,

and Spot.

get the following

does not already Dodge, Improved

Feats for free if the

Alertness, and Initiative,

have them:


Climate/Terrain: Organization: strigoi, Challenge Treasure: Alignment: Advancement: Strigoi


Strigoi Solitary,

can be found pair, gang (3-5)


or troop (1-2







Base Creature's

+ 4.

As the base creature. Always Chaotic Evil. type. that can be

By character

The vile vukodlak are frequent allies


One of the few good things

of strigoi. Three times per day, strigoi may summon 1d6 of these dread birds to serve and assist them. Special Qualities: In addition to any Special Qualities they may have had in life, strigoi gain the Undead Subtype and the following abilities listed below. Damage Reduction (Su): The forces of darknesshavemade the body of a strigoi very tough. It has Damage Reduction of 10/ + 1.
Darkvision (Su): 60 feet in range.
to kill,

said of strigoi is that they do have some natural weaknesses. can be used to preserve one's self in the face of these dread creatures. on Blood or Milk: Strigoi must feed regularly
They must drink blood at least nights to once themselves.

preserve every three not

or suffer horrible hunger pangs.

A starving

strigoi takes 2d6 points of damageevery night that it does feed. Human breast milk is a more powerful sustainer. A strigoi need only feed once a week if it can suckle at the breast of a nursing mother. Animal blood and milk suffices to sustain strigoi, but it is not as potent as human blood or milk. Strigoi drinking the blood of beasts must feed every night. Those drinking animal milk must feed every three days. Keep in mind that, once a strigoi drinks the milk of a nursing mother, she loses the ability to produce milk. Not only do any offspring starve to death, the strigoi must find a new source of food. Repelling

Fast Healing (Su): Strigoi are extremely difficult

their Points bodies per round under nearly any circumstances.


recover rapidly from wounds. They heal 5 Hit

Even if continue strigoi

they are reduced to fewer than 0 hit points, to heal. Fire damage is unaffected Resistance strigoi The rating (Ex): Further enhancing

by Fast Healing. their invulnerability, and

are resistant

to damage




for these Resistances

is 20.

Strigoi: Like other

presented torch that

moroi, holds



fire. Any

Turn Resistance (Su): Like all moroi, the clergy. Owing to their ability
have a Turn

strigoi do not naturally fear

to use a church


at bay.The strigoi must

Likewise, while cats

for their

make a Will

Save at a DC equal to 10 + the Charisma Modifier presents the torch.





+ 5.

of the character

Moroi Subtype: Immune disease, drain, (see death effects,

to poison, necromantic

sleep, paralysis, effects,


effects, critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, ability

are their allies, dogs hate them and will bark furiously at any strigoi. The fiend must make a Will Save at DC 12 to approach a dog or someone protected by one.

drain. Can only be killed by certain means "Killing Strigoi" below). Can be repelled by fire and
and energy same as the creature they

Strigoi hate the sun as much as other moroi, but, unlike traditional vampires, they cannot be destroyed by

barking dogs.

it. Strigoi


Saving Throws: Strigoi Savethe

were in life.

per round

to direct sunlight suffer Id6 points of and suffer from being Staggered.They

Abilities: Upon becoming strigoi, increase the base creature's Ability scores as follows: Strength +4, Dexterity +6, Wisdom +2, and Charisma +4. Strigoi get no bonus for Intelligence. They are as smart or as dumb as they were in
Because they

return to normal one round after escaping the sun. Strigoi can move about during the day with no penalties so long as they stay indoors or in the shadows. Tied to the Crave: Strigoi are tied to the graves in which they are buried and must return there every night. Those that do not suffer IdI2 points of damage per Hit Die each night that they do not return. They are also wracked with pain that

are Un dead,strigoi do not havea




leaves them
Strigoi those that

Staggered are reduced trapped, wanders this in which


they can find destroyed to get home


way home. manner, may find a source of but


kick in, allowing is a fine first it may be safely strigoi Decapitating on page 3 3. requires

it to eventually step. After


back to life. has been a be


be permanently unable by. problem, they

in this until

Beheading "killed" sleeping done. Feat

the strigoi

to less than

0 hit points

burned no attack

or staked. requires


themselves nourishment To circumvent themselves long sort coffin their Killing that they they in which

roll. It can simply

a waking


the Behead



build of their

coffins graves. into

for So a in


the dirt

as they are sleeping they were buried, home. day. The The of mobile (wherever graves every

completely strigoi still

on the soil of the grave the coffin return of not must to the sleeping

they can turn the effects

it is) to avoid


worst though.


of these




are virtually



a few means

by which

can be destroyed,

Wooden Stake through

vampire However, heart, then than attack appears the Romanian

the Heart: The classic

with is not stake into monster

means so easily must

of killing dispatched penetrate Only effective Bonus

to have originated Western one. The

the strigoi. the

as the traditional is death other

exit the body, assured. varieties

and be driven Fir wood and grants rolls.

the ground. to be more


a + 1 Circumstance


and damage this

Completing imposes the strigoi impaired stake points into



is not Penalty Flat-Footed,

easy. Hitting to the attack held,

the heart roll unless the 12 is

a -4 Circumstance is unconscious, so that of damage it can't be done from the heart Damage and out

or otherwise requires that

defend into


very well. To drive after the heart

the ground stake

to the creature a wooden

hit initially. After it only penalty attempt at a DC sleeping upon

is 1d4. in the creature, attack roll. The can check thus far. A done and -4

the first need is not to pull equal strigoi

hit, the stake be hit again imposed. the stake staking that blow with out.

is imbedded a standard This

On its action,

the strigoi of damage

requires over again wakes

a Strength from scratch.

to 10 + the amount must is staked being start delivered. always

If it succeeds, the first

up immediately

Where the strigoi nourishment reeks feeds from of rotting on breast dung. milk or blood, and enjoys the obru creature terrifying of gains This disgusting

Fire: Strigoi attack that A strigoi burning out burning A strigoi's the monster Decapitation: beast, though to the ground insensate that

are vulnerable is not subject is burned the same

to fire. It is the only to the effects to death of their is destroyed one might but, to destroy

form Fast

of Healing. by be done,

the night the living. Obru then dung. heaps.


forever. simply get the heart the creature. of hit points


effect heart.

may be achieved How

are much only if their



strigoi. obru onto

Only after dung

the most their with large

vile and and of amounts on these if their

the creature's the heart heart itself alone has.

evil men and women Criminals

become flung


of the body

is a good


if it could

corpse are often despised

is in contact people variety,

will suffice

piles after execution,

has one quarter

the number

and exceptionally

are also tossed

If they were particularly banal attorneys, writers among Disbarred found would

evil, and especially trivia-obsessed game

Beheading as though

a strigoi


permanently Decapitated killed. dead. They

kill the strigoi are fall

evil was of the petty, as obru. failed commonly Later times free-lance

they may walk the earth accountants, reviewers undead. and even see it as a are

it is the next best thing. they had been purposes, for all practical

and spiteful


If someone Fast Healing

the dung-eating in the fields

were to reattach

the head, however,

the creature's

use dung


valuable waste, garbage. flies buzz Most poor

resource. instead

Wallachians it into where stench

make little large, from they also hurl rises

use of animal piles heaps, at the and large them. their household

Obru Game Information

Size: Medium Undead
Hit Dice: 3dI2
Speed: AC:

shoveling villages

reeking these though squat

edge of their

A powerful about


on the banquet own outhouse, and instead

laid before

+ 5 (+
30 feet

I Dex,

+ 4 Improved



have their dung heap.

the desperately at the edge of

lack even this amenity

the village Obru strigoi, buried, wander dung their them. indulge

18 (+ I Dex,

+ 7 Natural) (I d6 + 2 and Disease) or Dung

hate the living, they would the Earth nightly misery, They

and wish to spread to their which grave they hunger




+2 ranged

Slam + 3 melee
(see below)

they are not tied heap

had they been Neither They are they may eat and sprang. pangs.

not have become from as they choose. intolerable dung known spite that


Face/Reach: Special Special

5 feet by 5 feet/5 Disease, Damage Hurl

feet Dung, Stench 10/+ I, Fast Healing Subtype

tied to the dung

Attacks: Qualities:


they must of the living onto preferring


or suffer they hurl people are rarely lives.

To spread

5, Fire Resistance
Saves: Fort

5, Turn Resistance

+ 2, Moroi
II, Wis Listen

at the homes

will chase


in an attempt they

to rub dung enjoyed during

+ I,


+ 2,

Will + 5
-, Int +7, 14, Cha +4, Lore 17

to kill the living,


Abilities: Skills: Silently

14, Dex + 5, Intuit Search +9,

13, Con Direction Spot

in the petty


Hide +6,

Move +9

misbegotten Killing through immense themselves heart remedies The buried it into enough together suffice, obru require An obru process anyone to feast frenzied, As with Wallachia value their food even while Horses grains their horse waste, prejudice obru

+ 5, Wilderness

an obru with pain

is difficult

at best.

Simply their

running black through Romanian

one the creature hearts the folk




a sword

or other


will cause a stake

but will not kill it. With to dung, the heart, running two traditional




Challenge Treasure: None.

Solitary, Gang (2-4),


or Pack (5-12)

or burning


to kill vampires,

will have no effect. pieces stuffed unless which must under with with the chunks garlic. Hacking is insane back will also As an would this

will die if it is cut into and its mouth the parts, time. corpse mess is sufficient enough by itself

Alignment: Advancement:

Always CE
5-6 HD (Medium)
attack without moroi, they provocation are afraid any living to inflict thing

separately pieces given though is a sodden, a substantial denied attempting


to re-assemble

will grow the body its skin,

Combat: Obru


can. Like other

of dogs and will

the entire repulsive blaze.

be consumed.

retreat from them, but otherwise they attempt their pain on any creature they meet.


will slowly take years


away, though exist a creature becomes dung

this of desire

can apparently

and no records

to dispose need

of such

by starving their will become

it. The longer

they go without,

the greater to consume endure

They begin by hurling dung (see below) at their opponents until they close the distance and attack with their Slam Attack. They have no compunction about killing those they are attempting to humiliate. So great is their misery and fury, they will continue attacking anyone who fights back.
(Ex): Opponents hit by the obru's

on feces. Their




and they will ultimately strigoi, the obru legend

any risk to feed. in reality. boyars who When supplies serfs.

has its origin nobles, they do their

Hurl Dung ability (seebelow) may become Feverfrom the refuse. The character must
Fortitude Save at DC 12. The incubation


Filth a successful

is a land livestock people

of horse-breeding far more are dying than around have first

time of the disease

is Id3

days if the Save is failed. Damage is Id3 Temporary

is lacking,

the horses

call on grain them.

Dexterity Damage and Id3 Temporary Constitution Damage. Recovery follows the standard rules for disease.

do not husks. dung The

fully digest desperately

all of their more hungry damned

feed. Inevitably, within fall on fresh and eat them. actually eating


Hurl Dung (Ex): This




the obru

pass through

the horse

or less intact would within souls

actually throwing dung at its opponents. Targets of this ability must make a Reflex Saveat DC I 3. Failure indicates the
This the

to pick out

the grains

character has fallen prey to his or her natural



led to stories like many such rather

of especially invectives, than

and it remains

in the lexicon dietary choice.

as an insult.

However, in class

it is one ultimately


dodge this attack. The character must spend the round as though he or she were making a Full-Attack Action but does not get to actually attack. The character does get a + 2
bonus to AC as though

he or she were Fighting Defensively.





a ranged hits, make


roll after does Saving ability.

the character's as., a result no damage, Throw Dung of but to avoid has a range

All animals cats) other alert animals their


and fear the moroi in their obru repel


the exception Thus, while




Throw, must


in any bonuses

and will flee or panic do not masters at their Allergy: them. They of damage


the roll. If the attack the character falling victim increment

the Dung a Fortitude Disease

the way dogs of the dread

do, they can creatures by

to the presence approach.

to the obru's

panicking Sunlight

of two feet. Covered as they Those

Penalty to

Obru Obru

are not destroyed exposed to direct after and suffer during

by sunlight, sunlight from being escaping

but it suffer 1d6

Stench (Ex):
stink a Fortitude

are in dung

and refuse,

obru must make a suffering


does points



all dice

10 feet of them, Nauseated,

for 1d6+4 rolls

per round recover about

Save at DC

15 or become

Staggered. rays. Obru they

one round

the sun's so long as



can move

the daytime

Damage innards hurt

Reduction combined

(Ex): with

The their

soft, tough

spongy skin

nature make

of their it difficult 1. recover Points. ability. 5 to

stay indoors

or keep to the shadows. other moroi, The parts obru them must Obru must cannot be killed by

Killing burning must

Obru: Unlike their be hacked hearts


Consequently, (Su): Obru


have a DR

of 10/+

or staking in the mouth.

to the earth. be buried

An obru separately

Fast Healing hit points even if they The only Fire damage Fire Resistance innards result, Moroi disease, effects, "Killing make they

are difficult per round reduced this under

to kill. They 0 Hit

to pieces.

of damage have been way to stop

any circumstances, them Fast permanently. Healing

with garlic stuffed burned to death,

If this isn't done, the creature can also be be consumed. corpse

to less than

can heal if the parts but

are reassembled. the entire

is to destroy by the obru's the fact that them, resistant 5. obru's

is unaffected (Ex): them Despite

fire is one of the wet, spongy damage. As a

ways to permanently

destroy partially

to such

have Fire Resistance Immune effects, Can hits, subdual only below). (Su):

Subtype: death critical Obru"

to poison, damage, be killed

sleep, paralysis, effects, ability damage,

stunning, drain, (see dogs. obru


mind-influencing ability means

and energy


via special

Can be repelled So much

by fire and barking the living, Treat

Turn Resistance are not as though or Rebuking Skills: Wilderness Obru easily

do they hate alone. higher

persuaded it. they obru

to leave them

an obru of Turning

it were two levels

for purposes

Because Lore


constantly Racial

search Bonus

for sources to all Search

of and


get a +4

checks. Despite the terror weaknesses dung not they can inflict on Vukodlak In Romanian night. only times swarm Vukodlak many to plague empathic the strigoi Obru shunned A large, by night, whole eats the flesh legend, horrible of humans usually flocks the vukodlak black singly villages. usually Strigoi appear together; among the flying and drinks terrible is the demon creature, their blood. although bird They of the fly to


the living, Obru Dung-Eating: not, that points Penalty never they passes

do have certain must

that can be exploited. nightly. pangs. If they do 1d6

Obru suffer that

consume does time




For each night

the creature until greater other They such

eat, it suffers with

the vukodlak in bad

of damage. to all rolls suffer from

It also is afflicted

a -2 Circumstance feed. The is, it can (that

as it does

or in pairs,



are not cumulative than -2 penalty moroi, presenting Save at DC holding a barking a Will protected obru

of these


are known

for not feeding).

have no fear of by fire and by dogs, to the obru causes

over unlucky and strigoi their

religious however. forces Bonus obru foul

Obru: Anyone it to make


iconography. strongly a Will

are terrified


of the strigoi enemies.

is the ability through part,

to call the vukodlak share an affinity sort of of the are a primitive this consists

a torch

and vukodlak

10 + the Charisma Failure for fear. The 12 to approach

for evil and can communicate telepathy. transmitting cannot by all other the target undead.

For the most

of the character to flee. Similarly, creature must make (or someone

the torch. Save at DC by a dog).

dog is cause

of its hatred

to the vukodlak.

call vukodlak,


the dung-eaters

any dog


The corpse


is an undead


the shambling vukodlak somewhat

animated by feasting shrunken

Alignment: Advancement: Vukodlak that They feast other


CE (Small) ravens that range in size from adult human. both animals smarter link with

of a large raven. a strigoi. to their than While

Ravens strigoi

become are usually

3 -6 HD un dead flesh but

on the remains become compared larger

of an evil human pre-death

who would

have otherwise are giant on living beings animals, are much of a child to nearly as large as a small



the ravens will attack target. carry

they once were. living They humans, enjoy assaults but farm a strigoi but through those animals are

and enjoy

terrifying marginally creatures. raven into actively with eats an empathic

and human Vukodlak their will gladly Like strigoi, by it. They thought determine eliminate than strigoi Vukodlak is dead transforms to a servant of its kind, primary killing for its own sake, and asks of them. destroyed the heart to vukodlak ends are not difficult who wish

alike. They serve those when

are only foul

they share

and willingly are created

out whatever

they cannot are killed than with

bear the light a stake human, decapitation but

a normal creature

the flesh strigoi. making

of a This it

by burning; an undead strigoi, of terror


who would the unfortunate

otherwise it does not

have become

to kill them moroi

as well. As this

is more

a moroi, others a strigoi.

of evil. While the vukodlak

seek out


always burn reign

the corpse

of a downed effectively

will flock

it encounters,

to make sure. As with the vukodlak's theoretically Vampires . not without the Earth especially night. vampire possible. turning some by night, a raven. into basis

and it will respond Combat: is that other sharp by the when flying The

to a summons thing




only good The

that can be said about Attacks at them known prefers to use its Flyby

vukodlak to Attack its by

they don't moroi. beak ordered into

have any of the Special demon-bird Attack). They in combat pecking have been to blind pecking

common with (usually at the


is a much

later legend.

invention, The


in ROmanian bats only

devil walks

to zip past

opponents (Bite

sometimes Like strigoi, bats

in the shape eat fruit

of an animal, and insects; unknown in

rest by day and prowl

to do so by strigoi) his or her face and then

an opponent savagely



bat is a creature

of the New World,

eyes, nose, Damage standard them

and mouth. (Su): Vukodlaks' They have Damage to harm. heal 5 points of damage per even is evil protects Reduction them 5/+ from I, making

Vlad's time. Strigoi are often accompanied by vukodlak, though, thus creating the connection between the vampire and the evil flying Romanian vukodlak. name, than but, creature. the only tradition a vukodlak to feature a creature the by the same rather

Reduction attacks. difficult


lore is not Serbian among

Fast Healing round.

(Ex): Vukodlak moroi,

legends raven.

also include

Like other by Fast

this ability


to operate Fire damage

the Serbs,

is a werewolf

if they are reduced unaffected

to less than Healing. to poison, necromantic subdual

0 hit points.

an un dead

Vukoalak Size: Hit Small Undead Dice: 2d 12

Moroi Subtype: disease, effects, drain, barking death critical

Immune effects, hits, drain.

sleep, effects,


stunning, ability means

mind-influencing damage, via special



and energy dogs.

Can only below).

be killed

Initiative: Speed: AC:



(see "Killing


Can be repelled

by fire and

15 feet; Fly 40 feet (Poor)

14 (+ I Size, + I Dex, + 2 Natural) Bite +2 melee (1d4) 5 feet by 5 feet/5 None. Damage Reduction 5/+ I, Fast Healing feet

Vukodlak Weaknesses: Like other supernatural at bay. Repelling undead Charisma protected Vukodlak: dogs. Bonus by one. Allergy: Vukodlak other moroi. suffers bird Because A strongly weaknesses that

moroi, make

vukodlak it possible

do have certain to hold them


Face/Reach: Special


are moroi,

vukodlak causes

fear fire the must


and barking

presented Likewise,


Special Qualities: 5, Moroi Subtype Saves: Abilities: Skills: Feats:

to flee if it fails a Will of the wielder. Save at DC

Save at DC vukodlak

10 + the

Fort +0, Ref + I, Will +4 Str 10, Dex 12, Con -, Int 4, Wis 13, Cha 14

make a Will

12 to approach

a dog or any creature


can tolerate Id6 points escaping.



no bet-



+4, Search + 5, Spot + 5

ter than It recovers

If exposed after

to the direct of damage Vukodlak during about

rays of the and is Staggered. that keep to the daytime. easy. Like by

Flyby Attack Any Temperate Solitary, Pair, or Murder lUting: None


sun, the creature the shadows Killing

Climate/Terrain: Organization: Challenge Treasure:

one round or indoors


can move these

Vukodlak: they

Destroying do not just listed

creatures must

is not

all moroi,

die. They

be vanquished

one of the means


Wooden Stake through the Heart: Like strigoi, creatures fly. The attempt pinned vukodlak person only attempting and destroy Immolation: entire difficult people corpse settle to the earth since Circumstance is -6 owing to the ground, stake dispatches the target Penalty them. is smaller This to do, though,


the vile harder can

Arquebuse Firing character roll. When check given rolls an arquebuse suffers shooting quality with any hope of accuracy Proficiency requires the it,

is much

and vukodlak

to have the Firearms

Feat. Without

for the attack ability is not

roll for a stake to flit around Grappled and following on the need

the character

to the creature's if the vukodlak that

Penalty to the attack a -4 Untrained the weapon, the character must first This is extremely dangerous player of the firearms of the age. The

out of the way. Further, a successful attempt

its chance the poor Id10.

for a misfire.

it takes to the air immediately inflict their Bite Damage

did not kill it. Grappled in addition to to the earth

If the result its normal

may automatically holding them to escape. it. Vukodlak

and deals blows

is a "1" or a "2," the gun misfires damage to the wielder. It essentially arquebuse misfire, Because is useless thereafter. subtracts of it's

as a Free Action Fortunately,

up in his or her face. The the weapon Accuracy 1 d 1 0 points doesn't attack

the staking


do 8 points

of damage

to pin the vile bird

Assuming 3 from the gun's

the character

his or her normal Rating. difficult to hit with require

roll. This

is a reflection weapon, lands,

it's a clumsy

are destroyed must heart

by fire. Like strigoi Given out of its body, bird. most

the that it's

more inflicts Hit.

it. If the shot twice 8 rounds

the weapon

or the heart for just Vukodlak them

be consumed. the whole

of damage,

that if it's a Critical

to get the creature's burning cannot Anyone is done

Arquebuses Cannon their

to reload.

Decapitation: does staking the head Fast render

be killed by beheading, From there, it's a short enough the foul it. foolhardy reviving

but step

it to


insensate. this

primitiveness, weapons. shot Most hurled is quite cannon of catapults

the cannon fortresses and other with

of the

day are to withstand

or immolation. before

to reattach creature's

devastating the onslaught Metal gunpowder That said,

were built medieval

will cause

siege engines. created by a them into dust. must also


to kick in and begin

and stone

the velocity

Gunpowder century they they their There of the Cannon now, but

weapons they 19th have been in use in Europe Centuries. They for over a devices time as have yet to become and 20th instruments. however. types of firearms gun that that on the field of battle cannon. The former to the musket. ages. Like to the refined At this

explosion employing

capable of beating is not

easy. A character character

have the Gunnery Without does not because a ballistic

Feat to be able to do so accurately. to hit is -6. If that Feat, requires adds the penalty is -8. Also, to estimate Bonus for Bonus

it, the penalty firing

will be in the are rather modern cousins

have the Firearms the weapon the gunner roll instead curve,


can be as deadly

the character Dexterity

his or her Wisdom

are two basic 1450's: handheld artillery they

to the attack ranged attacks.

of the usual

the arquebuse larger

and siege

is a clumsy, sophisticated the arquebuse, fire accurately.

is the precursor They define later

Like an arquebuse, case, though, misfires, poor unable packing a breech

a cannon burst

has a chance deadly. This this

to misfire. When

In this

are much

and heavier. will help

are not yet the and difficult

the results

are more occurs. When

a cannon the result of being within

is typically occurs,

are somewhat


by the gun crew or a swollen

cannonball everyone

to exit the muzzle.





Damage Idl0 3 d4/2 *

Critical 17-20 18-20

the fortification's of the total Hit



Arquebuse Siege Cannon *The second

.reduced number

2 N/A
(after the slash),

-3 N/A
represents the percentage

20 feet 100 feet

total Hit Points should Points of the fortification, be

by which

in the event

of a




that this number is percentage

not its current




equal (one current

to one quarter quarter total)

of his or her full total actual from Harm. Hit combat of firearms Hit Bodily

of Hit Points,

Points not the the

of the character's as a result a Critical Grievous must the injury must

or whenever



Grievous Location
where the wound Location Right Right Left Hand Arm Hand occurred.



a firearm,

he or she may

have sustained The The character character not worry

Roll IdS to determine

make a Reflex is nasty make but a Fortitude

Save at DC not necessarily

20. If it is grievous. 15 one day but otherwise


Save at DC in the wound

Die Roll
I 2 3 4 5 6 7 S

later to avoid the onset need further.

of gangrene

If the Reflex a devastating and consult determine Left Arm Right Right Left Left Foot Leg Foot Leg part as deep is either gashes,

Save fails, wound "Table that 4-2:

however, threatens Grievous ruined

the character Wound The third

has sustained IdS to body such ete. burns,

his or her life. Roll Location" affected degree Harm out wounds


the damage a compound sustains

occurred. fracture,


or has serious

A character at a Will she simply Moreover, character's Fifteenth infection, death from


Grievous screaming limb must

Bodily or passes

must from

succeed he or the pain. 24 hours. deadly to

Save at DC falls down the harmed Century meaning

20 to continue



be amputated

to save the

life. If it is not, medicine that


sets in within for this doesn't bleed

has no answer

if the character the gangrene option,

the wound, isn't a limb a great

will get him or her. Failed The sustains amputation rules for for the an additional Permanent of

Amputation 10 feet of the weapon burst result occurs of" whenever suffers 6d4 points character of damage. rolls A breech attempts amputating Amputate does damage under the of unless This and it IdS points deals 3 d4 points is halved. Dexterity Dexterity arm, the firing roll. It always within from radius Hit but a natural

though. outright.

can kill the character can be found 3. The from Feat in Part of damage Damage if a hand

in the description and takes

I" on the attack that hits circumstances.

character the surgery

A cannonball following damage hits rock damage that

its target

as well. Amputees or foot Damage is lost. is 2 points.

lose one point If the limb

ro any character in which principally comes shatter at which However

10 feet of the shot flying splinters

is a leg or

the ground,

case the damage body.

the Dexterity

of wood is a critical damage reduced Critical

the human it is fired many of them.

If the result

Gangrene Gangrene answer. science and causes almost spreads 500 is a serious It results doesn't from yet grasp the flesh years infection bacteria for which growing Because the age has no in traumatic 15th always before and antibiotics limb wounds Century are fatal. Once to the disease

hit, creatures structure percent. loses bounce inflict

in the blast

take double

and the by two has, it Hits, debris to

has its integrity Points Shots that nearby. are not loose

the fortification enough

to die and rot. disinfecting

two percent damage

off harmlessly,

they shake

away, gangrene

is almost is the only

on any characters

it sets in, amputation save the afflictedperson.

of the affected

Medical power damage small when


to the rest of the body

way known

up with the destructive collateral who are hit by of a cannonball Those that do or lose limbs powder. combat, is the serious nasty takes objects damage we cannon, and the devastating unfortunates don't survive.

has not caught Those usually scars

Characters wounds that gangrene affected enough Harm damage. Characters that 42 inflicts that survives

get gangrene might sustaining 24 hours part


Grievous such Bodily

Bodily damage. Harm



of firearms, that arms it strikes

have caused Grievous

A character will contract if the who take Bodily still the it must taking

they cause. its target

fire or who are in the vicinity bear horrible from

within body damage

of receiving blow

the wound Characters Grievous

is not amputated. the Reflex


the incident

in a single

to sustain

to the terrible To simulate present injury ripping rules caused into

fury of battle the more by metal a person. lethal

in the age of black nature Bodily of gunpowder Harm. This and other a character

but who make If they

Save to avoid 15 the day after gangrene swollen skin Dexterity

make a Fortitude

Save at DC

for Grievous

fail, they contract suffer from

too. and blistering Damage for

projectiles Whenever


I d4 points

of Temporary

two days. As the skin becomes to smell character what foul. These are telltale can make an Intelligence

more signs


it also begins and any 15 to recognize

reports abrupt involved

dead in


she will be extending she will return. merchant women Prince

her stay there. This seems who never

She does lingers turn up

of the disease,

not know


odd for the intimately usually

check at DC

and abrasive with



is happening. day, the skin 1d6 points the disease Characters rot begins of Permanent is fatal to kill the character. Constitution the affected afflicted spread to a has spread becoming to the fatal, limb. Damage limb in the to

over a deal. Moreover, the Blood

who become of Wallachia

On the third every day until is amputated. hand their torso or foot

He or she takes

horrible fashion. women Vladnjoys e


or until


is known

to have no other concerned.

use for them.


who had only been automatically is reduced the victim Prior


is naturally previously, to learn Brother skills, further

now see the disease score

Some weeks
to Wallachia Franciscan linguistic bles Marcello

the monsignor an English heard Charles

dispatched friar

an operative
princess. The troufor his informant

arm or leg. When and is irreversible. can be saved

the fate of the merchant Charles, because from since.

Constitution the patient

of 6 or less, the disease to the disease by amputating

noted This

has not been

the affected

is a reliable

This Vlad

last part himself.


of tbe Dragon
contains an adventure Press books featuring products to play the for characters to the Avalanche either of those

who would have found a means to send some word. At last report, sent by an Orthodox priest, Charles had entered
Targoviste, has learned Vlad capital but, since, of Wallachia. he would prince considers the city's refuses Whether he met the prince known then what alone. he the friar is not known, had the monsignor

of the book It is a sequel need Level.

LAST DAYS OF CONSTANTINOPLE However, scenario of 8th you do not herein. through "Son 10th

and GREENLAND SAGA. is written

never have sent for long,

has not been Church Constantine

but already the lordship

the Roman Byzantine of Pope an supremacy.

of the Dragon"

Catholic Emperor Nicholas

him an obstacle. fall, yet Vlad, to acknowledge


XI accepted


supposedly papal

The Many that story western

1: A Papal
begins shore in Varna,

a small and very dirty from port on the of Constantinople. the battle patron "factory" of the state and is of of the of spymaster,



of the Black Sea, north are still 15 years them

of the buildings raged here almost Marcello of Sphinx, houses.

devastated ago. Papal

Monsignor adventurers, the House Italian most guarded well-kept,

di San Dimas,

long-time to the local powerful post

has summoned

one of the most In contrast this by a thick trading stone

trading of Varna's

to the decrepit wall. The

buildings, of Sphinx

is clean

surrounded by a pair

lone gate

retainers. with such the monsignor a summons. extremely

All of the adventurers before Though dangerous, Inside, troubled his august has a vital somber. course Elisabeth Marcello against Danube House wartime There and know a mission that

have had dealings it is futile rewards to reject from the master

is always

the Church

its servants be ushered


the party

will quickly

to the monsignor, is clearly to risk He for him his mood they will of crony, If not, earlier, The months of Sphinx. up the

who has taken

over a large


hall. Marcello unusual

by something. personage mission their them

It is highly

in a Turkish-ruled for the party, went patron owner

city like Varna.

he relates,

If the characters recall fills River of Padova, the monsignor's of Sphinx profiteering. have been messages

to Greenland,

and the monsignor's of the House

in on who she is. Some wishes, been she journeyed known a constant

to Wallachia, has never

war zone.

to shy away from


and they portend the dread

trouble. and 43


has met with




and tens of thousands Hungarian Janos Only Vlad troops Hunyadi,

of dead.

However, colleague, resistance

disease John


to the


the city and killed their commander, of Capistrano. advances. to Turkish

and Marcello's serious

now offers





Capistrano, the victory

a rock of Catholic Belgrade's a miracle Someday that in battle.

Faith, continually Some for the agent's bearing

rallied the troops calling only than grew of of canonization rather

Medium 5d8 + 24 43 +4 3 (Dex)

and prevented as a saint. his heroism stranger. that both Satan, Marcello


are already

and asking the town


he'll receive it, but he'll be remembered visit his name As the siege ground on, his messages

Hit Dice: Hit Points: Initiative: Speed:


for the birds

Unholy Chief

monsters of Wallachia among claimed, not know raving him

walked the land, he claimed, and fed on the dead them The was Vlad Turks Dracula, might


came out sides. not

and dying by all

18 (+ 3 Studded Leather, + I Small Wooden Shield, +4 Dex) + 8/ + 3 melee Scimitar (Id6+2)


even human.

be the agents

Capistrano does

but Vlad what from

was his very incarnation. of this. that It's possible of battle his life, and took

to make under such


that but


may have cracked to make

the strain

at the end or been feet Marcello The +8, Reflex +6, The cannot

the fever them.

Face/Reach: Special Special Attacks: Qualities: Saves:

5 feet by 5 feet/5 None. None. Fortitude

it was very unlike easily

wild statements,


mission party

the monsignor must ride to Vlad's the accuracy

has in mind capital

is a dangerous and reports.


of Targoviste

Will + 2
Abilities: Skills:
Str 14, Dex 18, Con 16, Int 1o, Wis II, Cha 14 Climb +4, Animal +4, Handle Intimidate

determine simply worse? Padova +6, human,


of Capistrano's they

Is Dracula of is this

a deranged Regardless from Vlad's


and bloodthirsty of the answer, grip then


human, must Brother to Catholic


or is he something free Elisabeth Charles. lands


and find return


If Vlad with

they should

Ride + 8
Feats: Mounted Ride-by Alignment: Neutral Combat, Attack Good Warhorses, 14, and can for Id4+ 3 for Id3 + I attack wit also attac 1O. Trample,


northwest The

up the Danube monsignor the party

River will await return

and thence them Sphinx

to Italy, for will agents

or back to Varna. six weeks and then forward messages

at Varna

take ship for Venice. The should


he has departed. are to but evil

The akinjis are mounted on Light which have 25 Hit Points, an AC of attack with two hooves at +4 melee points of damage or bite at -I melee points of damage. These horses can no penalty, but the rider cannot then without making a Ride Skill check

If the Impaler eliminate must best him.

is some Informing are agreed making

evil hellspawn, the Church that that work. evil beings to roam word if they to walk the Earth.

the characters comes only first, gain

not be allowed thinkers with

And the Church's in power are The characters another

the longer charged of their expedition Rewards reap huge

they are allowed sure their so that,

freely. gets


to the monsignor

discovery to finish for success payments

fail, he may send

are substantial. people in Europe. The in gold.

Elisabeth Her Church

of Pad ova is will last is

one of the richest reward her servants,

safe return This

will also quietly the pope's 10,000 more spymaster. gold if Elisabeth




ways are not nearly he crosses solve himself

as annoying backwards. problem. have Mere the rout the Sultan, lands. sure

and Marcello can expect successfully,

will be pleased. to be paid perhaps

to the Church Assassinating Vlad too many he keeps months Turks

as the fact that Dracula will not

important. ducats

No one wishes return

to displease

In all, the characters if they is especially At this shape powerful Romanian before 44 point, grateful. you'll

the Church's successors Catholic made as he resists

has his uses, Turkish

and any of his possible As long armies out of Roman will relate, ambush that

ties to the Turks. ago, Marcello

need human This

to make

the key decision merely

that a

will a

his agents resulted

the rest of the adventure: and nasty vampire? the climax,

is Vlad



fail to take the key fortress

of Belgrade.


to be sure,

or is he strigoi, can still serve a

men set up a clever

in a Turkish

will not affect

many of the encounters

for the evil undead

human ruler. It does have a bearing

Elisabeth's you chose This Some them disappearance mysteries will shape are the central driving

on the outcome, of VIad The

though. himself ending

the chance party the second In the third "3," of hours.

increases hour, hour,

by one. Thus, if the GM

in the first rolls rides


the 1" or "2." "2," or the daylight

and the question out. both


a patrol a Turkish Once

a "1" on I d6. In up on a "1," reset during

the adventure.

an encounter

occurs patrol

on a roll of" occurs,

how it plays monsters

adventure of these are just

includes beasts reprehensible obvious

real and imagined. in nature, and some progresses, question adventure about is, is Play up the fact The

and so forth. After dark,

an encounter

are supernatural human be a vampire. that explanation Keep your is coming. scare


to 1 in 6. Patrols

are only encountered


the party move

will not be molested. the chance Thus, to encounter hours,

that Vlad may indeed it will become is there definitely from where an otherworldly

As the adventure for it? This players

If the characters akinjis

off the road, hours. Once

he is a monster.

is one in six every four nothing happens.

every four dark

roll a d6. If the result Otherwise, are not Among to be found. the Turks

is a "1," a patrol again,

is encountered. after the Turks

one of horror. the next


bother to





of Sphinx or papal the player

by the House

no one will give a clear answer


gold characters

Any Turkish raiders territory

patrols light.

encountered They

are watching party riding

for Wallachian their the party attacking. lands. they

and will see an armed in this but will issue the party's decide

through to capture before arrogant





will attempt a challenge business

assembled fine animals a saddle crossbow already

in the trading horse possess.


for the party's weapons. Allow

use. These


if at all possible This challenge demand Should encounter, their business them, to know

and good-quality and a pack horse There

each character polearm, they needs

will take the form

of a rather

and a pick of a sword, to any equipment and other mundane

in Turkish

or arquebuse through Turkish

in addition is also food the Balkans.

the characters the officer is lawful, headquarters

to talk with that them, with

any Turks

will suggest

the party no harm

ride to If their will come to

of a journey The been a large bored

to speak

his commander. information.

soldiers the port

guarding men cavalry again town,



have long no the party, known (he was Vlad and The has not if

he will assure useful

in the pay of Elisabeth's Outside number The of Turkish roads

and give the characters will warn swarm this It's not year raids patrols guarded. certainly over the

and they may learn if the party there without



However, escape, attacks same

fights This battle,

a patrol that

and any of the Turks the next one simply chance on the with by 20 percent day after the party without

will be a chance warning. day (so that patrol

countryside. the Sultan wounded an active constantly monsignor's been charged Wallachia The from broad,

are closely but

is a 20 percent and it rises assault

will campaign at Belgrade), enemy. make final with as quickly slimy-green follows They their

in Europe

day as the initial

the Turks


each passing any Turkish

on the fourth

a skirmish,

are alert own forays

to Wallachian will be that

will simply

over the Danube. the party and needs


Eacb patrol is composed of six riders andis a Cballenge

are taken prisoner them camp akinjis just by a Turkish superiors, of Tutrakan. from time. here, tents south patrol, or

admonition fighting as possible. Danube

Rating 8 Encounter. If any of the party if they willingly

the Turks

to get into

accompany about 500

to their operate

they will There though have a

River road bank village

separates from

Wallachia to side soldiers

end up at a well-ordered are signs no more number that than

Turkish-ruled in Tutrakan,

Bulgaria. the southern a small



Targoviste at a ferry with bank.

of the river. It crosses on the Bulgarian on the opposite of Turkish

half are present are running

at anyone about,

An unusual

of dogs

and many

a corresponding At the gates will merely takes

Wallachian of Varna,


dog tied outside. The polite are of course, Osman him that if the which Disguise Lying commander here is a janissary officer named soldier. Osman Osman of is

the handful

on guard

give the party

a lazy wave as they leave. they are almost patrols. These number serve

Karabegh, the Sultan's

a tall, dark-haired permission that


If the party assured light with party oddity: Along is Id6

the road into known

to Tutrakan, Turkish

and well-educated do not,

and will ask the party to tread on his lands. they are properly to see papers

if they have They,

of running cavalrymen

multiple as akinjis.

led by an officer several speaks years with Akinjis

and are composed of combat They them, behind

of a varying them. Akinjis

and, unless

disguised, to that effect,

All are experienced to bribery,


will assume the party does

they don't.

If they try to convince

they do, he will demand


pay, however.

may be amenable

not have. Disguised cbeck at DC tbe roll

or they may attempt one dog with

to rob the have a uniform them. a patrol

make a Diplomacy


cbaracters will need to 25. They may add tbeir Circumstance Bonus.


travel light, but these patrols have at least

Skill Ranks to
will anger cages kept

as an additional

they always the road per hour.

Osman, and about

and he will have the party These ten feet deep, with wooden

thrown pits, gratings

to Tutrakan, Each hour

the chance that passes

to encounter without



for this purpose.

are narrow

an encounter,

four feet square

over the top. Escaping from a tiger cage is difficult. The wooden gratings on top are the only way out. Thegratings have a Hardness of 5 and 10Hit Points. Smashingthrough them is a
noisy process that will alert the guards, bringing one running in Id3

Black Hussars

rounds. A charader who bas not escapedby tbe time the guard arrives will receive the butt of a spear to the headfor Id6 points of

(4th Level Aristocrat/ 2nd Level Hussar) Wallachian Cavalry

Size: Hit Dice: Hit Points: Initiative: Speed: AC:
Medium Humanoid 3d8 + 2d1o + 14 46 + 3 (Dex) 30 feet 17 (+ 3 Studded Leather,

damage. Those that doescape ill havetofight. w

guards come every tbird round in groups of five. On the other or at least allow them hand, revealing outlines, him the party's will engender Turks


waves of
to Osman, sympathy. he will each or raiders

mission some the truth,

its broad

If they can convince character, mercenaries The


they are telling way. The service

to go on their attempting either put


will question

to learn in Vlad's stock

if any are Wallachian or on their religious

an oath.

way to join him. oaths and may



in solemn
and swear




who have come to the camp willingly,

Thosewbo were

+ 1 Small Wooden Shield,

+ 3 Dex) Attacks: Heavy Lance + 5 melee (Id8+2 [x 2 when mounted]), Scimitar + 5 melee (ld6+2) 5 feet by 5 feet/5 feet, 10 feet with lance Courser's Fury None.

captured must also succeedat a Diplomacy

Skill check at DC '5.

Vlad and the







Wallachians; for them, the borders although sometimes patrolling have captured

despite "shit-asses." he is not

his learning,

he uses the Turkish a thankless it. The his job seriously, from

epithet duty on

He is performing and takes profiting bank would above

of the Empire several dozen Osman

Face/Reach: Special Attacks: Special Qualities:

Wallachians them, the to taunt

of his scouts enjoy

and impaled returning

on the northern horsemen. that Vlad a wanton would-be Turkish The

of the Danube

the favor. and may he can. fear

If he is satisfied intend Osman creature this from none. harm believes

the party

has no love for Vlad what form The their advice Greeks male

Saves: Fortitude + 5, Reflex +7, Will +4

to the prince,

he will offer

to be some woman lovers officer

of stringes,a appears but


Str 14, Dex 17, Con 13, Int 11, Wis 10, Cha 13 Balance+ 8, Handle Animal +8, Intimidate +4, Intuit Direction + 6,

he learned

of in Constantinople. who after and saps

monster, them.

her death

Skills: Animal Empathy +4,

to unsuspecting will offer

life force

has no more dogs that dogs

knowledge, if they have

the party

one of his hunting seem to think

The Wallachians is going

keep evil away. the sure

Ride + 10
Feats: Cleave,Mounted Combat, PowerAttack, Ride-by Attack Alignment: Neutral Courser's Fury(Ex):The Hussarsaremounted on Light Warhorses. These creatures have 27 Hit Points, + 1 Initiative, a Speedof 60 feet, AC of 13, and can attack with 2 hoovesat + 2 melee, dealing Id4+ 1 points of damage. Once per round, the rider may choose to have his moUnt make an extra attack at -2 to its attack roll and the rider's.

Whatever party, squad

on across soldiers into to escort

the river, he will assure can feel it. Osman to the ferry

it is bad. The of akinjis cross

will send a to make

the party Wallachia.

they actually

Eventually, The barge Turkish landing easiest

3: Over
the party place

the River
will cross the Danube These bank. cursory booty into Wallachia. a flat-bottomed men are Bulgarian A squad near from to their questions of the ferry as long a raid. leisure. If

to do so is at the ferry, oarsmen. a ramshackle carrying on the southern ask the most escort,

powered soldiers

by a dozen occupies


who lodge but will only is not with


as the party the characters brief greetings

obviously the akinjis

are under

the guards and return

will exchange

Crossing with


are fixed,

and the small decree

garrison issue:

is charged one ducat and Wallachians


the Sultan's

on this

per rider with up to six pack horses. 46

The Turks

use their this wide

own river Most


to carry


across The

the river, and is far too

is certainly to swim.

an option

for the party. villages though horses,



have one or two boats this is a far chancier ferry. docks though on the only Holger

large enough proposition

to transport than using

the purpose-built by the time are several




It is very late afternoon Wallachian boat side. There one is in use. The

the ferry piers,



Mercenary Medium 4d10 47 +4 (Dex) Humanoid


will hustle

the party

off their

and leave quickly. stands Ayertes. guard. there the small A single, collection of rude ruts

Hit Dice: Hit Points: Initiative:

If if the very young his horse than of more Wallachian and ride off two people. to know to order he will

+ 25

At the crossing known hussar quickly for some challenge they party There leading as Tirgu stands

He will mount is composed voice

if the party reason them

Speed: AC:

30 feet 19 (+4 Chain Shirt, + I Small Wooden Shield, +4 Dex) Heavy Lance + 8 melee (ld8+ 3 [x 2 when mounted]), Scimitar +8 melee (ld6+3) 5 feet by 5 feet/5
feet with lance

are but one or two adventurers, and demand him at all will cause

in a cracking Any answer

are Turks.

to obey the prince's are no other through people

laws, and the teen will then evident on the lone mud

ride off. street A away.


the town,

and all is in a state

of disrepair.

cat lolling on the dockside If the characters building wooden another out more The but badly woman. elect

eyes the party before scampering this place,

to investigate about the largest in the village with a thatched building, most 40 feet by 20 feet and

feet, 10

roof is an inn. Should they try will be abandoned. Let them check before encountering an angry old to try the inn and then have nothing

Special Special

Attacks: Qualities: Saves: Abilities:

None. None. Fortitude +7, Reflex +5,

one or two of these She will tell them to do with nameless maintained places inn

Will + I
Str 16, Dex 18, Con 16, Int II, Wis 10, Cha 12 Animal Empathy +4, Handle Animal + 8, Ride + 8
Mounted Combat, Ride-by Attack, Spirited Charge, Trample

the strangers. (there with are fittings appears whitewash and sheep the door, The building has painted where rather a sign once hung, and is walls. down in

it is nowhere

to be seen) stained



on its wooden wander a large smells aimlessly black

A split-rail in several and out tied white there Inside, he once tables Tirgu The their answer a good grain long couple north of them,

fence surrounds of its yard. rope; clove Outside

it, but the rails have tumbled

and chickens someone stuck


dog is set of and

to a frayed is a garlic innkeeper served giving

an extra

eyes on its forehead.

of garlic,



on a peg on the door. is terrified behind to see visitors. a counter under in hall. where wooden one Not wanting to fuel his enemy's the sale of grain traders the prince's Their raiders leave Tirgu the Danube, destruction. creatures four stole dare not order, trading Ayertes but war machine, and horses the Turks then Someday According the Impaler punishment Wallachia's if asked, the to cause that for

Ion Vladimirescu 50's, he cowers alcohol

A fat man

in his late

to his customers. the eye. The fireplace

A few rough inn is unusual in this

are present Ayertes, innkeeper names.

in the main the party

hall. A cat lounges

as it has a large will cautiously Any intelligible introduce as best of trade south

has forbidden Wallachian flouting Turkish Turks across terrible fine horses.

to the Turks. prize claim, trade

come out and ask the characters words himself, will satisfy offer Ayertes him, once Those and he and handled and days are A few refreshment, horses

risk the ultimate partners alone.

will visibly


questions amount heading past,

he can. Tirgu thanks

the animals.

to Ion,

to the ferry, with markets.

will resume the village

to Byzantium's of the buildings try to make

and they apparently Other beings as though out of myth.

do not want terrorize

and many holdouts

have collapsed. farming. traders coming

too much


a living Turkish

Ion sees a

per week for the most part.

of travelers

At this point, will enter

Black Hussars a back door.

led by a German The teen that

mercenary the





beforewill point them out to the leader.His commander,

whose name is Holger, will thank him sarcastically (since there is no one else present), and then tell Ion to stop spreading foolish lies. Holger will put some questions to the party. He will want them to swear they are not servants of the Sultan and asks what business they have in Wallachia. Just about any answer will satisfy him. Holger will explain that he has strict orders from Prince Vlad. His men are to repel any Turks or gypsies, or any traders acting on behalf of the Turks. Initiative is a dangerous thing in Vlad's army, and these troopers have no desire to show any. So long as the party does not attack them, they will not fight. At least until they are ordered otherwise. If it Joes come to blows with them, this is a Challenge Rating 9 Encounter. Ion's wife, Mariya, emerges from the kitchen if there is no fight. She appears middle-aged, though she is probably only in her early 30's. Once beautiful, the years of work have left their mark. Holger will order wine, she will demand payment first, and finally give him a jug and several cups. It is apparently an old argument. Should the party tell Holger they plan to kill Vlad, the soldiers will stir and advise that such an attempt would be foolish. They will not be particularly offended, though. If the party says they want to meet Vlad, the troopers will advise against this as well but volunteer that they believe the prince is at his palace in Targoviste. Following their orders, they will encourage the party to ride to Targoviste and enlist as mercenaries in Vlad's army. They will gladly provide directions. They have little other information to give the characters; none has ever actually met Vlad, though Holger will claim to have seen him during a muster. Dracula is imposing - a powerful man and an excellent horseman. This last will draw mutters of approval from the hussars. If asked about the tales of evil creatures, the soldiers will claim to have seen none. The villagers believe in monsters, they will note with scorn, but the hussars appear to truly believe that Turkish raiders are the cause of their fear. The soldiers will try to subtly suggest the party should buy them wine, though they are not very subtle men. They will also want to play dice with the strangers, pulling out the carved sheep knuckles that soldiers have tossed for thousands of years. They have little to offer in the way of stakes. Assuming there has been no fight, after a while they will either drink their wine or give up and leave. If the party fights the soldiers, they will flee as soon as two or more have been killed or incapacitated. The Hussars will scatter, each using his knowledge of the back paths to seek reinforcements. Several collections of hussars will then be trailing the party within a few days. Increasethe number of

have the party remain. The hussars sleep in a large house about a mile up the road from Tirgu Ayertes, once the estate of a would-be boyar. Months ago the villagers gave up asking them for protection. The hussars simply don't believe them. The inn's rooms are furnished with bedsteads and straw-filled mattresses. They do not have their own hearths, but the weather is not cold. Ion will attempt to charge the party one ducat per night per room but will back downquickly if the party objects to paying for the privilege of guarding the tavern.


Soil Stalkers

Holger's scolding may frighten Ion, but Mariya doesn't mind telling the party what is wrong with her village. The source of the terror is the dung-eating vampire of the southern Balkans known as the obru. For months the foul beings have plagued the village - ever since Vlad took the throne. The obru have killed several villagers and smeared others with dung. There seem to be two of the evil creatures, which appear late at night accompanied by a horrible smell and awaken people by screeching bizarre and semi-coherent insults at them. They steal a few items of no particular importance and vanish small bits of clothing or farm implements into the night. Those who pursue them have been attacked and sometimes killed, though more than once the obru have been content to force their victims to eat dung. The thievery appears intended to lure victims into the night.

several have had liaisons with If a hussar is in the village the obru never appear.Mariya will admit local women that she once thought them in league with one another but considers the soldiers too stupid to keep up the charade this long. Unmarried couples making love in haylofts or fields, people in their beds, small children, and old people have all been attacked, but the soldiers are never harmed.

While some humiliated victims claim to have faced hordes of obru, Mariya is sure there are only two, which Ion confirms. Ion is not willing to pay to ask the party to remove these . foul creatures, nor is any of his neighbors. In typical Wallachian fashion, no one wants to be played for a fool by coughing up gold to benefit anyone else. They will not even be particularly grateful if the party slays or drives off the monsters. Wherever the characters bed down for the night, it is dark and moonless. Bring on the obru on this first night; the cats on the dockside and in the inn have alerted them. A cat or two may appear first to scout the location. If the party occupies rooms in the inn, Ion's dog will bark furiously to herald the approach of the evil beings as will any dog the characters have with them. If they spend the night elsewhere, any nearby dogs will give their warning. Any horses will react very nervously. A powerful stink precedes the obru. As soon as characters
within Stench 10 feet ability. of the monsters, shrieks, they must Save against get the obru's

Hussars six in theseparties and the Challenge Rating to 10. to

After the soldiers leave, the party can continue their questioning of Ion. With night having fallen, the innkeeper is eager to

The two obru appear at several of the huts and

throwing dung into the homes, and shy away items within reach. They

let out piercing smashing

any breakable


from any light






to break



see an opportunity.

They quickly move to attack the party their Dung-Hurling ability first

when they spot them, employing before closing in. If the obru Should dead, they are obviously

Koprostes (5th




the fight, down

they will try to flee. they If Hit Hit it is obviously to defend


Obru) Epicures

they manage and even then compatriot

to strike stop with suffer

one of the party, the victim dung obru on the corpse. will turn

will keep attacking

him or her until to smear skinnier suicidal

Size: Dice: Points:

Medium 3d12


run away, the smaller,

his plump

valor; the fat one is content

29 (Koprostes), 17 (William)

to let his companion Should once eunuch. the party bore. The

if it aids his escape. obru, it will give the name once a Byzantine Greek Speed: AC: Attacks: during the Robert, will taunt Wringing the obru ' carry




+ 5 (+
Improved 30 feet

1 Dex,


fat one is Koprostes,


If any

of the characters was at Constantinople calls itself among many by various them. labels. names: Both dung The deaths. creatures under into Under the party to Vlad, The obru is working obru

siege, they will recognize him on a successful Wisdom check at DC 20. Its companion William, he spreads information same traits and David In death, as he did in life, at them. of these

18 (+ 1 Dex, +7


his lies under from as they them

the adventurers

and attempt did when liars before feel pain, between some

to fling

Slam +3 melee (ld6+2 and Disease) or Dung + 2 ranged (see below) 5 feet by 5 feet/5 Disease, Damage Hurl Dung, feet Stench 10/ + 1,

is difficult. their


Face/Reach: Special Special Attacks: Qualities:

alive, and both

were pathological Obru They Vlad ordered obru obru already into vukodlak can still will make is aware explain the obru that brought


and these them entry them.

had not

a flicker

of moral



becoming enough Wallachia, extreme and either

undead. pressure. and he has duress, alerted the or the they group 12 Feats: Alignment: Saves: Abilities: ravens


of the party's to stop cats spotted

Fast Healing 5, Fire Resistance 5, Turn Resistance +2, Moroi Subtype Fort + 1, Ref + 2, Will + 5

the news method. weakness

who then

Str 14, Dex 13, Con -, Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 17 Hide + 5, Intuit +7, Listen +4, Direction Move +9,

by the same papal

will let slip that for the Pope's such a pitiful


know that the party


and ridicule Wallachia.

for sending

Any character may make a Wisdom check at DC Brother Charles or of Vlad, the portrays for advice to figure himself contain out as an intimate Anything enough

Silently +6, Search Spot + 5, Wilderness Lore +9 Initiative Evil

to infer that this means Vlad has interrogated Elisabeth. who relies undead to allow and lies. What eager this these this interlude their should speed. as quickly tell the party The obru Koprostes on him the party eunuch in all things.

Improved Chaotic

says should

inconsistencies he exaggerates

how grossly

Disease (Ex): Any character Slam Attack or Dung-Hurling

hit by the fiends' ability, must make

is that

Vlad that

is for even

to stop forces cannot


and can react will admit


what though

era is incredible arrive

stronger Defeating information

are on their

way to stop as the great

the party, Koprostes.

a Fortitude Save at DC 12 to avoid becoming infected with Filth Fever. The incubation time is Id3 days and failure inflicts Id3 points of Temporary Dexterity Damage and Id3 points of Temporary Constitution Damage. Fast Healing (Su): While they do heal 5 points of damage per round, this ability does no work against Fire Damage.

the obru is a Challenge Rating 6 Encounter. out of them is Challenge Rating 3.


If the party heads tributary dotted along with

4: The
decides the north small


the main River, is pleasant, narrows road and as it a small

to press The

on to Targoviste, of the Dambova countryside river valley The

of the Danube. villages.


draws Bring begins tavern


to Targoviste, to the first village, but

and the hills begin the rise.

the party

village past Tirgu

are several


as dusk huts

to fall. There is no one to be found here. There is no


and Robert


in this




Koprostes and his companion love to share their misery with others, and they accomplish this most readily by hurling dung. Targets must make a Reflex Save at DC 13. Failure indicates the character has fallen prey to his or her natural instincts to dodge this attack. The. character must spend the round as though he or she were making a Full-Attack Action but does not get to actually attack. The character does get a + 2 bonus to AC as though he or she were, Fighting Defensively.

Hurl Dung (Ex):

the characters choose to spend the night here. The village church even appears to be abandoned. Decaying food inside the homes indicates that whatever occurred here happened
no more than several days ago. There or looting. is no sign of burning

inside dead

Close inspection will find a handful of corpses left unattended, buildings and out of sight in gardens. They've been
only a few days. Someone has made an effort to drag plus a

out of sight of casualpassers-by

are men, women, barnyard old people, animals

but not and children,

to bury them.


handful of

and even a couple

of dogs. No


(Ex): Rooting in feces acquires one a,

wounds can be found

on any of the corpses.

certain measure of renown. Koprostes and his companion are no exception. Those within 10 feet of them must make a Fortitude Save at DC 15 or become Nauseated, suffering a -2 Circumstance Penalty to all dice rolls for 1d6+4 minutes. Moroi Subtype: Immune to poison, sleep,' paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, necromantic effects, mind-influencing effects, critical' hits, subdual damage, ability damage, ability drain, and energy drain. Can only be killed via special: means (see below). Can be repelled by fire and barking dogs.
Dung-Eating: Koprostes and Robert must eat dung

Inside the church, the body of a priest lies sprawled over the altar. He clutches an icon in both hands as though he had been holding it in front of him. It is a small church with an altar, rough benches, and a small office/sleeping area off to one side. This last has been tossed about, and the late
father's belongings are strewn

all over.

In several huts, there sprawls the body of a young

withinfant. case, an Inevery








She wears a terrified

with any evidence

expression. These
cause of
wound for

are the only victims

of their

death: usually a broken neck, but perhaps variety if the party locates several.
As darkness

a stab

nightly or suffer 1d6 points of damageand a-2 Circumstance Penalty to all rolls until they feed. Repelling: Any character that presents a torch or other flame to Koprostes or William forces the disgusting monsters to make a Will Saveat DC 10 + the presenting character's Charisma Bonus. If failed, the fiends cannot approach.

falls, the characters are approached by a young woman, who appears very frightened. She begs them for help has been wiped out by strigoi, the

and says her village vicious

Romanian vampire. They came the night before several of them accompanied by their evil companions, the
They Spiros. killed the village priest, a Greek named registry, and read

vukodlak. Father climbed out

Likewise,the obru must makeWill Saveat DC

12 to approacha barking dog.

One of them seized the parish birth into the church's onion-topped bell tower,
Those named immediately

SunlightAllergy: The foul obru suffer 1d6 points

of damageand areStaggeredfore-veryround they are exposed to direct sunlight. The effectS end

the names.

fell over dead. lautaI,'.

to get

She gives her name as Genevieve, and she is the village's

When the strigoi attacked, she was beaten severely but managed

whentheygetout of the light. Koprostes andhis

companion cannot be- killed in this fashion. They simply take damageuntil they can heal.

away ana hide in the woods, using her Turn

the monsters at bay. She is a

Undead ability to hold to be in her 30's. peasant but with homespun

slightly built woman with long

skin who looks Romanian

black hair and very white Quite beautiful, woman's full-length

Killing Koprostes:The

foul braggart and his toadie companion can only be destroyed by

she wears a typical

dress of brown-dyed and a deep neckline. white

hacking them into pieces and burying the parts

(preferably with garlic stuffed in their mouths) or by burning them. The entire corpse separately

the sleeves cut short been weeping. into its ears.

She speaks in a rests in her baby-talk

breathy, quiet voice; she is somewhat A black cat with arms, and she continually

dazed, and has obviously markings

must beconsumed this to work. for

leans over to whisper

Any dog with the party will bark furiously, and the cat will hiss back at it. Genevieve will try to comfort her pet and explain that dogs never like her sweet Schredney. Genevieve


Genevieve (5th Level Lautar/Strigoi)

Size: Hit Hit Points: Medium Undead Dice: 5dl2 46

Speed: AC: Attacks:

+ 10 (+4 ImprovedInitiative, + 6 Dex)

30 feet 22 (+6 Natural, +6 Dex) Bite +4 melee (ld3+2 and Blood Drain), or Claw +4 melee (ld4+2)

Face/Reach: 5 feet by 5 feet/5 feet Special Attacks: BloodDrain, Cat's Grace,CommandCats,CreateSpawn, Omination, ilk Drain, D M
Summon Vukodlak, RebukeUndead

Special Qualities:

Damage Resistance 10/+ I, Darkvision60', FastHealing 5 (Fire Damage Unaffected), Cold and Electricity Resistance20, Turn Resistance+ 5, Moroi Subtype, Protection from Evil 2/Day, Songsof Power Fortitude +1, Reflex+7, Will +6
Str 14, Dex 22, Con -, lnt 14, Wis 15, Cha 20 Alchemy +4, Animal Empathy +4, Balance+8, Concentration +6, Gather Information +6, Heal +6, Hide +6, Intimidate +8, Jump +8, Knowledge (Undead) +4, Listen +8, Move Silently +8, Search +8, Spot +8, Use Magic Device +6 Alertness, Combat Reflexes,Dodge, Great Fortitude, Improved Initiative,
Lightning Reflexes, Run Chaotic Evil


Abilities: Skills:

Feats: Alignment:

Blood Drain (Ex): If Genevieve succeeds on a Bite attack, she can attempt a Grapple check. If successful, she may inflict I d4 + I points of Temporary Constitution Damage. Genevieve may convert this Constitution to Hit Points at a rate of Id6 Hit Points gained per one point of Constitution Damage inflicted. She may not exceed her normal maximum number of Hit Points in this fashion. Characters whose Constitution scores fall to 0 or less are killed. Cat's Grace (Sp): Once per day, Genevievemay cast the Arcane Spell, Cat's Grace, gaining I d4 + I points of Dexterity for 6 hours.

Command Cats (Su): Genevieve may summon Id4+1 cats three times per day to do her bidding. Additionally, any cat she encounters may be bidden to serve her. She need only succeed at a Charisma check to do so. Her pet cat, Schredney, is on permanent retainer, requiring no die roll. Create Spawn (Su): If Genevieve climbs the bell tower of any church and utters the name of a parishioner, thati
individual must make a Fortitude Save at DC 18 or fall over dead immediately. The following night, the unfortunate will rise as a strigoi under her command.

Domination (Su): By making a Gaze Attack (a Standard Action, subjects are not affected just by looking at her), Genevieve can strip their will as though she had cast Dominate Person. The Saving Throw to negate this ability is Will at DC 18. Milk Drain (Ex): If Genevieve suckles
at the breast of a nursing mother, she can inflict Id3 points of Temporary Constitution Damage. She can convert this damageto HitPoints at a rate of I d8 Hit Points for everypoint of damage inflicted. She cannot exceed her usual total number of Hit Points in this fashion. Women and animals


in this manner lose the ability to lactate.


Fast Healing (Ex):
unaffected by her Fast Genevieve Healing. heals 5 Hit Points per round unless the damage comes from Fire. Fire Damage is Moroi Subtype: Immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, necromantic effects, mindinfluencing effects, critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, ability drain, and energy drain. Can only be killed by certain means (see below). Can be repelled by fire and barking dogs. Dependence nightly, human that inflict

on Blood or Milk:
breast points of damage

Genevieve must feed on human blood once every three days, milk once a week, or animal milk every three days. If she does not, she suffers per night until she does feed.

animal hunger

blood pangs


Repelling: Modifier

As a strigoi, Genevieve can be repelled by fire if she fails to make a Will Save at DC 10 + the Charisma of the character presenting the flame. She also must succeed at a Will Save of DC 12 to approach a dog. cannot tolerate direct sunlight. She takes 1 d6 points of damage to it. She recovers when she gets out of the sun. She can move to the shadows. must have the soil of her grave with her so that she can return and is Staggered about during the

Sunlight Allergy: Genevieve for every round she is exposed day by covering up or keeping

Tied to the Grave:


to it once

a day. If

she does not, she suffers 7d12 points of damage and is Staggered until she can do so. She cannot be killed this way, but she can become stranded if she falls to 0 Hit Points or less. She keeps this dirt in a pouch hidden in her dress.

Killing Genevieve: To kill

points of Fire Damage which her heart,

the fiendish to be completely Points.

woman, characters must completely burn destroyed. She can also be vanquished

her. Genevieve must take a full 46 simply by completely immolating

has 11 Hit

Alternatively, a wooden stake through her heart will dispatch her. The stake must be driven through the heart, out her back, and into the ground for this to be successful. Hitting the heart imposes a -4 Circumstance Penalty on the attack roll. Once hit, this penalty can be ignored unless she manages to pull out the stake. The DC to pull it out is 10+ delivers the amount Id4 points beheading of damage of damage. Genevieve done. 12 points Fir wood grants render of damage must be done to complete the ritual. a + 1 Circumstance Bonus to attack and damage She cannot act without her head. A wooden stake

this does not be staked or



her insensate.
her Fast


kill her perm anently. If her head burned to finish the job.

is reattached,

Healing will kick

in and revive her. She must

will beg the party Her lautar abilities knowledge has great wholly subject

to protect could

her and is quite prove legends

a pitiable including

figure. she ways of in

As strigoi, Genevieve will not be able to ride a horse. This


useful, she pleads, and

herfrom easilyinfiltrating the party.However, riding

how. She has a wagon and will her from driving

of Wallachian

of fighting monsters.
truthful. at odds Wallachian

is a part of the Wallachian man's world, and she will claim

that she does not know that her injuries
but Genevieve

She will share these

but will not be have knowledge understanding them. Work to correct this of the you, use


If any of the adventurers with what the lautar tells


the wagon herself


legends, they may find their

or hitching horses to it. A wagon will slow the

with subtlety;
the opportunity Genevieve Vlad's

if a know-it-all playertries
to string the monster

will tearfully beg not to be left behind. She does have other weapons at her disposal, though. Sbe sings ber
Calm Animal Song of Power to quiet tbe cbaracters' borses. Song of Once sbe bas infiltrated tbe party, sbe will sing ber Allure

him or her along. who did all of

this, but she is is where Dracula

is not


If you are using the ending

Power to make one of tbe cbaracters fall uses ber Domination one. She'll drink

in love witb ber. Sbe tben

a vampire, it was he who ravaged the village. A true misogynist, he turned the pitiful creature into a strigoi by speaking her
name from the bell tower of the church. the characters. If Vlad He then left her is human, everything here to intercept

ability to pick off tbe otber cbaracters one by hypnotize a character, lead him or her off, and counting on the character who loves

his or her blood,

her to defend her from any suspicion.

She will journey do whatever to Targoviste. is necessary to slow the characters' She hopes to eliminate them all before

is the same except that he did not make Genevieve.

fie simply

keepsher in his service.


they best takes She

can she the

arrive. can.

If she Schredney

is discovered, leaps to but more her will to her


defends and




Genevieve her. her, Any

opportunity fighter and with

summon will flee

six vukodlak if things to cover her unless look her

to assist bad for

is a savage cats in love

summoning character she '5 So

vukodlak defend


Targoviste (1st Level

Size: Hit Hit Dice: Points:

Guards Warriors)
Medium d8 +2 10 +2 (Dex) Humanoid

it can be proven Save by her party to Vlad and them then at DC side. and to alert shadows night reach

is a monster. to snap long


so, the character Otherwise,

can make

a Will

out of the delusion. as she to harm failure way is alive, them.

he fights will trail the

Genevieve She sends their She

attempt him them with

a vukodlak company, attacks they

of her

to infiltrate to Targoviste.

Initiative: Speed: AC:

all the cats and


30 feet 15 (+ 2 Leather Armor, + I Small Wooden Shield, + 2 Dex) Shortspear + I melee or +1 ranged (ld6+2), Longsword + I melee (ld8+ I)
5 feet by 5 feet/5 None. None. Fortitude Will + I +4, Reflex +2, feet

vukodlak she returns

by her side to Vlad's


until side

kill her. If they


at Kronstadt.

to summon

is a Challenge

7 Encounter.


she is able

the vukodlak

to fight


her side,

the Encounter

Level is 9.


No more fought The They they'll Once alert The look heads Guards than closely a dozen Under in their confused weapons other knives The that Wallachian

ruined groups the hussars

villages will be encountered. Ayertes troopers than If the party in Tirgu move they and any got away, there now in pursuit. they may laugh to ride by night. and case, In that troops. riders to

Face/Reach: Special Special Attacks: Qualities: Saves: Abilities: Skills:

are several hussars

of the Wallachian fears, know than

will only

by day; though better they

at the villagers' fear Vlad unless shadow the party the garrison Impaler's will attack

far more the party nears there.

fear the adventurers odds. more for still


by hopeless

and send


they will send

Str 15, Dex 14, Con 14, 1nt 13, Wis 12, Cha II Climb +4, Handle Intimidate +4,

capital more

is a small walled a place are under and downcast, with Gate route passing (the business these drunken

city on a low rise, built construction. rarely raising strangers. south, more There are The people Feats: Alignment:

as a fortress are uniformly

than buildings

to live. It has an unfinished their

Animal +4, Ride +4 Alertness Lawful

to it; many to make



eye contact

at the Dambova likely the approach as to the characters' mercenary soldiers duties than custody weapons.

one facing

of the party) here, overseen

will inquire by three officers.

in the capital.


the eye of the Impaler, Holger's

men and all other are far more determined hussars. or other weapons They The will seem soldiers If the party them offered. but or rather escorted Being asks to see Vlad, to the palace career military for their soldiers the officers as long men, lower will agree to have excuse truth officer One there. In the center a large the is as a plausible extremities. the heroes square.

the party encounters to do with

as to what (bows

the new arrivals. swords, polearms,

will demand large

of any firearms Small personal

projectile axes, and like daggers

they are not after

or crossbows),


and a half-dozen The palace fronts

will escort

will not be confiscated. officers will try to soothe will be returned or when they resists. after angry protests, promising enter soldiers turns a dozen as you the The

on Targoviste's about palace with room.

main four itself

of the square golden covered escorts them characters' tell them goblet

is a pedestal resting The

feet tall with is under

all weapons service

if the adventurers simply

on its flat top. A tiny roof keeps construction, workers Here, swarming

prince's will fight around hussars need

leave Targoviste. If the party

rain off the goblet. in scaffolding will hand into names to wait. a waiting

if the party and leaves, and ride out

over it. The who will direct down the He will

one of the officers them,

will summon

over the party and ask their

to a guard, business

to make sure challenge.

they leave the

a page will write with Vlad.

area. The soldiers are 1/2 CR creatures each. Use as many to offer your players a worthy


Wooden unfinished trying success. ranging through That anyone

benches mosaic. A number from to piece

ring together

the room,


is floored

with with

an is little

return They attempt submit basement Vlad

on another must

day after


an appointment. today, a squad he tells them. and see the herald of soldiers Should into

It is

It is very dusty, the artwork to boyar. then of supplicants

and a pair of masons on the floor are waiting

too late to schedule tomorrow.

an appointment somewhere accepts outside this,

take lodgings If the party them

on the benches, a herald enters a name. hall. If side. Vlad, Finally, to follow. The office herald full of


peasant or group the doors,

Periodically, doors them

to arrest

the palace.

the party cells in the at the gate. taking

a pair of large wooden tries

and calls out into a large from

or be defeated, of the palace.

they will be thrown Use the stats



for the guards

they are barred

the other about return.

and most from

of his army with honor reason Vincenz

have ridden This

to Kronstadt,

No one in the room Charles, after The large or Elisabeth. hall contains past books. Behind a wait of hours,

will have any information The supplicants but never the herald a throne, a desk the audience

the hated extracted blackguard money. will come palace just

Elisabeth without running



can be for the herald screams. all of the Vincenz. containing has been doing He

by compulsion; the party

he is also a greedy anything kills Vincenz, womanly thanks: up sacks

will call the party it is empty. in papers to Vlad hall to a dusty covered

and will do most

If for some

will lead them account von Langweilig, A cat perches Langweilig he just dead; under Vlad,

at the accountant's and burble hate The office ducats. sincere

sits Vincenz the Impaler.

will fall to his knees servants 5,000 Ransacking Vincenz's gold

seneschal on the largest

(accountant) stack


the nit-picking accountant

of account

books. fairly looks mutters to venture a great like

will turn

is an older a dozen looks

man; bitter.

near-sighted, His expression

shriveled, always


ugly, and immensely sucked he just his breath but serves

a little The Vlad's orders. journey.


on the side. in the palace there are well aware of strict reveal Vlad's They know


He is not one of the walking constantly at his ledgers. He despises himself

soldiers location A little The

and servants gold servants applied

like one. Vincenz

and have not been and soldiers brother.

given Vincenz's will easily

and glances him loyally Though

as he lacks the courage Vincenz pictures

are in awe of Elisabeth do Vlad.

out of Targoviste. man of action, and, thus, The

and seem nothing

to fear her as much of any Franciscan

as they

he has never had the will to act out his fantasies, resents not want north adventurers. to yield several up any information, situation has a deep his position he will incorrect, Everyone will reel off Not only does is in days ago with Vincenz his new

he especially does headed Elisabeth hand, Her

accountant Vlad advisor right

but he will loudly the palace. business dislike at Vlad's he claims, should lists



the changed

of Padova.

for Elisabeth,

resenting calculations

her for usurping are continually

and, if pressed

on this point,

lash out angrily. know this,

and she gives Vlad

false information. statistics.

he says, and the accountant inconsequential numbers, he states,

of staggeringly incorrect

she spread very messy, in calligraphy

her handwriting

and he is sure that for years. as a stifling

she has shown

no advancement

Play the accountant Once again. insight ramblings The dispute are cheating mines, Vincenz, have Vlad he starts, However, is not is buried that

bore, character

a dreadful impossible This

gray sort. to shut up that of

Langweilig exactly Vlad

is almost

he is the only so deeply

who suspects nugget suspicion.


who she claims. within acted

the minutia on this

of Vincenz's

has never

over statistics him. eliminate They

is actually control

the key to Elisabeth's merchants ruler. rich gold Elisabeth


she has convinced

Vlad that the Saxon to Wallachia's the Saxons in his world fathom

of Kronstadt aims to


and pay tribute enmeshed

and give her the concession. of detail, beyond sees that her figures accounting errors. to delay to 54

are false but can't Vincenz them wants

any plot

the party

to go away but has orders as possible.

in Targoviste

as long

He will tell them

With the news to head Carpathian The forest the edge

6: On
that Vlad up the road Mountains, is dark of the road.

the Trail
has gone, winding There This between

of the Impaler
the party will likely want enters down along the peaks. to the quickly

to Kronstadt. and gloomy

Constantin (2nd 3rd Level Level Sugar

Size: Hit Hit Dice: Points:

Codriescu Aristocrat/ Boyar) Addict

Medium Id8 25 + 0 30 feet 19 (+ 4 Chain Shirt, + I Small Wooden Shield, +4 Dex)

tree-covered right huts

and stretches part. woman nose

are a few peasant

way: woodcutters Not far from pretty

for the most Targoviste, despite

a peasant Blonde her hooked victims, A man shirt

has been

impaled she is to still torn of the the

by the side of the road. vaguely to expose pole. road. Artur's The children, mother. enraged but never His be alive. As with name

and in her mid-30's, and appears to the foot him along him trousers, her blouse spotted

Humanoid 3dI0 + 3

the strigoi is Artur,

has been

her breasts. his frayed

is chained and dirty

and Vlad

Seeing prince

he ordered so poorly. of the

Initiative: Speed: AC:

wife Tamara as Tamara's He seemed when bore


for dressing to know what proved with

also demanded oddly

had become this,

large breasts obsessed it. Tamara

she was a nursing and became admits, lying in He will


she denied working, but

was lazy, Artur more deserve time this.



any children. to kill them there

She spent she didn't both. is more


the sun than beg the party Further A teenage

Face/Reach: Special Attacks: Qualities: Saves:


5 feet by 5 feet/5 None. None. Fortitude +4,


up the road, boy, a large


of Vlad's by several passing

passing. in a arrows. by that train


dog and six sheep neck informs

are impaled

neat row. All are dead; A sign around he allowed and suffered A day's camped trophy the lad's his animals

the dog has been shot anyone with to interfere


+ I,

Will + 6
Str 12, Dex II, Con 9, Int 10, Wis I I, Cha 13 Appraise + 2, Diplomacy +6, Handle Animal +4, Intimidate Sense Feats: Alignment: Sugar pouch ground Action +4, Ride +4 Trample +8, Motive



the consequences. of Targoviste, They from They a company of hussars is a grisly he keeps courtesy Skills:

ride out coming

on the road. ofVlad's. (this

have orders

to stop named

and question Constantin

any riders Codriescu, at his belt He is jumpy and paranoid Vlad road, stake large The shakes impaled thrust Vlad wants

the capital.

and are guarding from item a pouch pleasant

are led by a boyar laps sugar alternating

who continually and nervous, delusions all travelers a papal about mule appears nearby; Vlad.

Mounted Lawful

Combat, Neutral

is a rare and expensive by the moment.

in Wallachia).


to see his handiwork. encountered At the center clothed but


to a large a and cassock.

Codriescu, rises brown mule

emissary 20 feet into and a rider to be dead,

the prince of the clearing, in a Franciscan

on the

Obsession: Codriescu always carries a full of sugar. If this pouch falls to the during battle, he must use his next to retrieve it.

and angered

the air. On it are impaled the man moans or so. A hussar that will show him. a work himself to hold sliding softly is a sword

his head under considers

feebly close

every minute inspection

the arm has killed the impaled will describe

though of art, hit on the down thinner mule to The him The that 55

his flesh



he has "ridden

the pole,"


mule-and-rider how the prince with crossbars from weight impaled

the Wallachians hussar and was punished; the favor other

call it, for two days already the mule last night, him. Charles. Seeing to fall during someone snuck

and still lives. the procedure out and did

and Codriescu the notion mule stake stake. the ground. that in place


of fitting The Vlad's

the stake

and keep its great friar was then men fitted is amazed

of stabbing is Brother he failed

on a separate,


the adventurers, The hussars

to the top of the larger at the Franciscan's


will beg them

to kill him and to tell the monsignor in his holy mission.



he is sorry


of Padova [Merchant Merchant Size:



Expert Ruthless

he laps at his sugar, which makes him even more excitable. If he can be offered a solution that allows him to follow orders and avoidfighting, he will grasp it happily. If there is fighting, the hussars will not pursue the party - that would bring them closer to Vlad. Use the stats for the hussars from Tirgu Ayertes for this group but replace Holger with Codriescu. Beyond the hussar camp, however the party manages to get by them, there is more evidence of Vlad's passage. Most have placards around their necks explaining their crimes: failure to salute the prince promptly, driving on the wrong side of the road, too much embroidery on their clothing. Men, women, and children are all represented. As with Tamara, the young women have had their blouses ripped and torn. There is even an impaled squirrel. Most of the victims are still alive and begging for death. The grisly trail continues through the mountains and down the opposite side for several days' ride. As they draw nearer to the encampment, they are attacked by vukodlak nightly. Six of the dread ravens attack the characters two nights out from the camp. On the night before they reach the Impaler,


Medium Humanoid 15d6 + 38 94 +8 (+4 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)

Hit Dice: Hit Points: Initiative: Speed: AC: Attacks:

3a feet
14 (Dex) Dagger + 16/ + 11/ + 6 meleeor ranged (Id4+ 1) 5 feet by 5 feet/5 feet None. None. Fortitude +9, Reflex + II, Will + I 3 Str 12, Dex 18, Con 14, Int 18, Wis 16, Cha 20 Diplomacy + 22, Forgery + 12, Gather Information + 20, Innuendo + 20, Intimidate + 25, Profession (Merchant) + 30, Sense Motive + 25, Speak Language(Italian, French, English, Greek, Latin, German, Norwegian, Romanian)

Face/Reach: Special Attacks: Special Qualities: Saves: Abilities:

eight vukodlak assailthem.

Encounters respectively.

Those are Challenge

Rating 7 and 8

Skills: Appraise +15, Bluff +22,

oj Padova (cont.) Notes: Elisabeth keeps severaldaggers on her person at all times. She conceals them within her clothing, and aII of them are easy to deploy. She is a skiIIed knife-fighter, and any character attempting to harm her or keep her from he goal is in for a very deadly surprise. ' She is also accompanied by six of her personal guards nearly everywhere she goes. She did not rise to a position of such power in a man's world without being Smart. She knows fuII weII thay there are those who would like to see her dead (particularly among rival trade combines), and,J even among her peers, there is deep resentment at her success simply because she is a Woman. She therefore travels in the company of trusted retainers and keeps herkniveshandyin case any one decides to act ontheir desires to see her Ou of the way. Moreover, she is weII aware that Vlad's side is not a safe place for anyone, alone a woman given his weII-known let:! misogyny. Elisabeth

Feats: Great Fortitude, Improved

Initiative, Leadership, Lightning Reflexes, WeaponFinesse(Dagger), Weapon Focus (Dagger) Alignment: Neutral

will not allow the friar to be killed; they have no wish to join him should they disobey their prince. Codriescu is a coward at heart, but he fears Vlad more than he fears the adventurers. Bribing him is difficult but not impossible. The boyar is not very bright, and he easily becomes confused. The more agitated he becomes, the more 56

Finally, Saxon Vlad plus mercenary they

7: Camp
come upon

of the Impaler
Dracula's A patrol camp just outside the field present of hussars outside 20,000 Cats seem led by a Danish the large troops with the for and

city of Kronstadt. will accost has appropriated a large array

the adventurers for his tents. appear followers. will show to be about


Humanoid Medium 5d8+14 40 + 1 (Dex) 30 feet 18 (+ 5 Chainmail, + 1 Small Steel Shield, +2 Dex) +4 (ld10) feet

Use the stats

for Holger

(6th Level
Size: Hit Hit Dice: Points: Speed: AC:

and his men. There

of camp look

to swarm

over the area. A close impaled mercenary, the service If greeted stop but victims assumes

a few stakes are fellow The

at the fringe to guide them

of the camp. to enlist.

Christian, swords his work.

the adventurers amusing. or told puzzled.


hire and seeks

pay is good,

can be highly with hostility genuinely They Those those

He enjoys

of the obstacles, They to bring him.

he and his to people terribly, will be brief the he than a pole.

men will seem anyone. to Vlad's

have no orders interesting suffer some Christian

do have orders who amuse to Vlad


who anger

the prince

Attacks: Face/Reach: Special Special Attacks: Qualities: Saves:

Arquebuse ranged

he will reward Dracula should And

glad to bring advice: heroes demands. beautiful,

the party does agree they

and will offer symbols who advises

5 feet by 5 feet/5 None. None. Fortitude

not like any challenge to whatever should hand woman be even more

to his power; of submission careful Vlad; of the more

+ 6, Reflex

+ 3,

black-haired a roving

Will + 2
Abilities: Skills:
Str Int 16, Dex 11, Wis +4, +4, +4, 13, Con 11, Cha Handle Intimidate Ride +4 13, 12

one man with Christian them sort orders held claim

or even an eye now rides deep into The with tent. change the camp officer a tent

will lead the party officer and then the party

and introduce are the for and to be that to

to another

as new mercenaries. the prince. return


who will interest that

will depart banquet

Climb Animal Jump


a few minutes



at the evening the officer the prince.


in the open they are not

air near Vlad's mercenaries, with

If the adventurers will tell them They need will not be them. Vlad

Alertness, Blind-Fight, Firearms Proficiency Lawful Neutral

pay rates available However, Elisabeth.

six of her

are set, and he cannot during the day.

take up any complaints

the characters They

own personal

do receive

a summons which

from is guarded
as she

are escorted Elisabeth what reveal

to her tent,

by she cites her claims. quite She She tells the characters them Vlad, thinking or is just she's plain little sold mad. of this, though. out, is under She only wants them what packing. to do next. They No as it On the of human? could one such She doesn't the influence to assure them need of his or her prior service to the papacy as proof of


likes to call them. demands sternly control bids The man. to know if they that them truth even angrier

is vexed to see the party here. their purpose. what She tells


they are doing exactly

She becomes them is in full

she knows return

she is doing,


of her faculties, to Varna

and is in no danger and tell Marcello care if Vlad


to leave her alone. is a vampire that power. hosts them to interfere. along of his that or a

everything The take party

is fine and send will have to decide at her word if they offer them plausible, has sent while them vaguely

is Elisabeth matter He's a pliable

doesn't fool,

It doesn't

one inkling her trading want

to her that combine's Vlad the party

he's a monster, she can She It is

Elisabeth Vlad hand,

and depart on a mission.

the camp. As long them. the fates

regardless. manipulate needs for dinner, their trust,

in her opinion, when Vlad

will stop as that sounds other Elisabeth to their They is fine.

even the flimsiest

of stories

to increase

to close

the deal tonight instructing out She's

the Saxons

no one will trouble there

and she doesn't

they have determined Charles,

she who has been way, pouring mission

to waylay tactic

and Brother mission However,

is one key component is Vlad telling a monster. him everything Any devout

lies and half-truths used this

they are on a mission,

they have not yet fulfilled: Dracula is definitely

to kill him.

to win more


always lie to the monsignor,

and if any of the PC's

was on the Greenland


character should want to know if his sadism serves the Lord or Lucifer.

Vlad, Blood

the Impaler Prince





Level Boyar) of Wallachia

Id8 + 9d10 + 30 91 + 7 (+ 4 Improved Initiative, + 3 Dex) Medium Humanoid

Assuming they stay for dinner, the party gets its first look at the dread Impaler at the torch-lit banquet. He cuts an impressive figure and clearly dominates all those around him. Vlad sits at a table on a raised platform with Elisabeth at his side. Though he is said to be married, his wife is nowhere to be seen. Vlad is entertaining the leading citizens of Kronstadt as his guests of honor. These are four well-fed Saxon merchants, who are talkative and fairly arrogant. They condescend to all, including the Prince of Wallachia. There are a number of Wallachian boyars in attendance as well, though they are clearly intimidated and say little. The Saxons do not speak Romanian, and Elisabeth translates for them. If any PC's speak both languages, they will notice that she is putting words into the mouths of the merchants, making their statements far more insulting to Vlad than intended. As the meal winds down, the prince turns his attention to the PC's. He's irritated by the "insults" of the Saxons and wishes to distract himself with more amusing business. Casually, he asks the characters how much Monsignor Marcello is offering for his head. Elisabeth glowers at them scornfully. Vlad is not offended by whatever answer they give. He enjoys playing mind games, and he's doing so right now. He attempts to manipulate them into admitting that they are here to kill him. He assures them that he will take no offense, and, if they do admit it, he is true to his word. It doesn't matter to him anyway. He has no intention of letting them leave his camp alive. He tells the characters that the Roman Catholics need to learn that he is stalwart in his Orthodox Faith, and that he will remain a bulwark against the Turks. After this exchange, Elisabeth grows irritated and interjects that there is unfinished business with the Saxons. Vlad sighs, clearly unhappy that he must deal with the boorish burghers, but he relents. He snaps his fingers, and a servant brings out a large pole. If the characters did not kill him earlier in the adventure, it is Koprostes who does so. He takes great pleasure in slowly strutting by the Saxons and the characters, watching each recoil at the smell of him. Much to his delight, one of the burghers vomits from the stench. He cozies up to Vlad and attempts to counsel him on what he should do next, but the prince simply slaps him away, a humiliating sign that he is not the confidante of the Impaler he claimed to be. As if to add insult to injury, Genevieve, if the PC's were unable to kill her, also appears and then drapes herself over the voivode after shooing the foul creature away. Vlad tells the Saxons that they have displeased him. He is canceling their mining monopoly and handing it over to the House of Sphinx. Elisabeth beams at this pronouncement. The Saxons protest that he cannot do this. For the first time, Vlad becomes truly angry. He rages at them that he 58

Hit Dice: Hit Points: Initiative:

Speed: 30 feet AC: 13 (+ 3 Dex) Attacks: Greatsword + 11/ + 6

melee (2d6 + 3), Scimitar +11/+6 melee (1d6+3)

Face/Reach: Special Attacks: Special Qualities: Saves: Abilities:

5 feetby 5 feet/5 feet RebukeUndead Income 3, Overtax 3 Fortitude + 8, Reflex + 6, Will +10
Str 16, Dex 16, Con 15, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 18 Handle Animal + 4, Intimidate + 12, Listen + 8, Ride + 12, Sense Motive + 12

Skills: Bluff + 6, Diplomacy + 8,

Feats: Behead, Leadership,

Improved Initiative, Mounted Combat, Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Skill Focus (Sense Motive), Weapon Focus (Greatsword)


Lawful Evil

Note that Vlad's Armor Class assumes he is only wearing his customary Turkish robes. This is how the PC's will find him at the end of the adventure. If encountered on the field of battle, the prince fits himself out in a breastplate, thereby increasing his AC to 18. Rebuke Undead (Sp): Because he has the power

to appoint his own bishops, Vlad is a defacto

Church official. Hence, he has the ability to Rebuke Undead as though he were a 9th Level Cleric. It is by this means that he has controlled the undead creatures that plague the adventurers.

Vlad Tepes - Dracula

Size: Hit Dice: Hit Points: Initiative: Speed: AC: Attacks: Face/Reach: Medium Undead 7dl2 61 +10/+11* 30 feet


Level Aristocrat/5th Son of the Devil

Level Boyar/Strigoi)

(+4 Improved Initiative, +6/+7* Dex)


22/23* (+6 Natural, +6/+7*

Greatsword +11/+6 melee (2d6+5), or Claw + 11/+6 melee (1d4+ 5)

Bite +11/+6

melee (ld3+5

and Blood Drain),

Special Qualities:
Saves: Abilities: Skills:

5 feet by 5 feet/5 feet Blood Drain, Cat's Grace, Command Cats, Create Spawn,Domination, Milk Drain, Summon Vukodlak

Damage Resistance0/+ I, Darkvision60', FastHealing5 (Fire Damage 1 Unaffected),Cold and Electricity Resistance20, Turn Resistance+ 5, Moroi Subtype, Income 2, Overtax 1
Fortitude + 5, Reflex + 10/ + 11*, Will + 6 Str 20, Dex 22/25 *, Con -, Int 13, Wis 15, Cha 22 Balance+ 8, Bluff + 8, Diplomacy + 9, Handle Animal +4, Hide + 8, Intimidate + 16, Jump + 8, Listen + 10, Move Silently, + 8, Search + 8,SPot + 10, Ride + 8, Sense Motive + 10 Alertness, Behead,Combat Reflexes,Dodge, Improved Initiative, Leadership,Lightning
Reflexes, Mounted Combat, Skill Focus (Diplomacy), Skill Focus (Sense Motive) Chaotic Evil



* While the PC's are fighting his minions, Vlad takes the opportunity to use his Cat's Grace ability, adding 3 extra points of Dexterity. These improved numbers are reflected after the slash on all stats marked with an asterisk (*) The number before the slash is his normal, unmodified Dexterity and the stats dependent from it. Blood Drain (Ex): If Vlad succeeds on a Bite attack, he can attempt a Grapple check. If successful, he may inflict Id4+ 1 points of Temporary Constitution Damage. Dracula may convert this Constitution to Hit Points at a rate of Id6 Hit Points gained per one point of Constitution Damage inflicted. Vlad may not exceed his normal maximum number of Hit Points in this fashion. Characters whose Constitution scores fall to 0 or less are killed. Cat's Grace (Sp): Once per day,the blood prince may cast the Arcane Spell, Cat's Grace,gaining 1d4 + 1 points of Dexterity for 6 hours.

Command Cats (Su): Dracula may summon Id4+1 cats three times per day to do his bidding. Additionally, any cat he encounters may be bidden to serve him. He need only succeed at a Charisma check to do so.
Create Spawn (Su): If Vlad climbs the bell tower of any church and utters the name of a parishioner, that individual must make a Fortitude Save at DC 19 or fall over dead immediately. The following night, the unfortunate will rise as a strigoi under Vlad's command.

Domination (Su): By making a Gaze Attack (a Standard Action, subjects are not affected just by looking at him), Vlad can strip their will as though he had cast Dominate Person. The Saving Throw to negate this ability is Will at DC 19.
Milk Drain (Ex): If Vlad suckles at the breast of a nursing mother, he can inflict Id3 points of Temporary Constitution Damage. He can convert this damage to Hit Points at a rate of 1d8 Hit Points for every point of damage inflicted. Vlad cannot exceed his usual total number of Hit Points in this fashion. Women and animals victimized in this manner lose the ability to lactate.



Healing (Ex): Draculaheals5 Hit Points per round unless the damage comes from Fire. Fire Damage is

unaffected by his Fast Healing. Moroi Subtype: Immune to poison, sleep, paralysis, stunning, disease, death effects, necromantic effects, mindinfluencing effects, critical hits, subdual damage, ability damage, ability drain, and energy drain. Can only be killed by certain means ( see below). Can be repelled by fire and barking dogs. Dependence on Blood or Milk: Vlad must feed on human blood once every three days, animal blood nightly, human breast milk once a week, or animal milk every three days. If he does not, he suffers hunger pangs that inflict 2d6 points of damage per night until he does feed.


As a strigoi, Vlad can be repelled by fire if he fails to make a Will Save at DC 10 + the Charisma of the character presenting the flame. He also must succeed at a Will Save of DC 12 to approach a dog.

Sunlight Allergy: Dracula cannot tolerate direct sunlight. He takes 1d6 points of damage and is Staggered for every round he is exposed to it. He recovers when he gets out of the sun. He can move about during the day by covering up or keeping to the shadows.

Tied to the Grave: Vlad must havethe soil of his grave with him so that he can return to it once a day. If he
does not, he suffers 7d12 points of damage and is Staggered until he can do so. He cannot be killed this way, but he can become stranded if he falls to 0 Hit Points or less.


Vlad: To kill Dracula, charactersmust completely burn him. Vlad must take a full


points of Fire
his heart. Vlad's

Damage to be completely destroyed. He can also be vanquished simply by completely immolating heart has 15 Hit Points.

Alternatively, a wooden stake through his heart will dispatch him. The stake must be driven through his heart, out his back, and into the ground for this to be successful. Hitting the heart imposes a -4 Circumstance Penalty on the attack roll. Once hit, this penalty can be ignored unless Vlad manages to pull out the stake. The DC to pull it out is 10+ the amount of damage done. 12 points of damage must be done to complete the ritual. A wooden stake delivers I d4 points of damage. Fir wood grants a + I Circumstance Bonus to attack and damage rolls. Finally, beheading Vlad will render him insensate. He cannot act without his head. However, this does not kill him permanently. If his head is reattached, his Fast Healing will kick in and revive him. He must be staked or burned to finish the job.

can do whatever he wants here. He is the supreme ruler of Wallachia. Since they have angered him further by defying his authority, he commands them to choose one of their number to be impaled. If Koprostes is present, he returns to bootlicking mode, taking up the pole and waving it menacingly at the terrified burghers. The Saxons refuse to name someone, and this enrages Vlad further. What he does next depends on which ending you are taking. If he is human, he snaps his fingers again, and a guard quickly moves forward and beheads one of them. If he is strigoi, he leaps upon the closest one with cat-like speed and savagely rips the man's throat out with his fangs. He drinks deeply of the victim's blood. Either way, he tells the surviving three that they have one minute to choose one amongst them, or he will impale them all. If he is strigoi and if Genevieve is present, when he returns to his seat, she quietly laps the blood off of his face and clothes. She does so in the most supplicating manner possible, and Vlad appears not to notice as he gazes imperiously at the poor

Saxons. Koprostes attempts to hide his jealousy. Any interference by the PC's will cause Vlad to turn on them as well. He is busy imposing his will on the sheep-like burghers, and interruption is a further defiance of his supremacy. He intends to kill these papal agents anyway, and he will instruct his soldiers to do so if they interfere with him now. Eventually, the Saxons choose one of their number, and Vlad's men impale the poor fool. Koprostes rubs dung on him after the impalement. Dracula then asks Elisabeth what he should do with the other two. "Spare the miners," she'll say with a mad gleam in her eye. "Let the leaders die." Vlad will motion one of the officers over. "Let it be as the lady says,"~he will order. The surviving burghers are quickly snatched up and impaled as well despite their protests, and sounds of troops quickly mounting and riding off toward Kronstadt are heard shortly thereafter. Finally, Vlad turns to the party. "Now," he says, "I need to send a message to your monsignor. I believe I'll tell him that assassins do not faze me and that he should keephis 60

nose mouths don't the

out of Wallachia. of your you think?" severed With

I think heads. that,

I'll stuff That he orders

the message convince his guards

into him,



to kill

characters. point, your PC's need have some to fight parameters mission tough choices to make. Vlad's

Red Hussars Warrior/4th The Impaler's

Size: Hit Dice: Hit Points: Initiative: Speed: AC:
for their fight and your lives against

(3rd Level Level Hussar) Horsemen


At this

Obviously, Red Hussars, both Vlad strictly sadistic


but the goal of their mission their or human.


be determined him is is sti!! useful orders For more are to on

by their is strigoi against

choice of whether killing


If he is human, directive. him in place then

2d8 + 4d12 75 +2 (Dex)

+ 29

Dracula their

to the Church, madman.

and it wants

even if he is a the challenge

If he is a vampire, of his personal

kill him, and they'll of surviving this, see below.

have to try to do that despite guard.

30 feet 16 (+ 3 Studded Leather, + I Small Wooden Shield, +2 Dex) Arquebuse +6 ranged (1d10) Heavy Lance + 10/+ 5 melee (1d8+ 3 [x 2 when mounted]), Scimitar + 10/ + 5 melee (1d6+3)
5 feet feet by 5 feet/5 lance feet, 10 with

the attack




isn't give


a Wisdom

cbeck at

It sbould be obvious (tbougb

if it


DC 5 to figure it out) tbat sbe is not in need of rescue. The merchant princess is in control, and any outside observer can see that other it is she who is pulling That said, they Vlad's could strings, try to carry not to the way around. this. her off

She will not go quietly accomplish them under Killing with characters second, most There as simpletons control, sure that

and will have to be subdued to pull

If they manage and if she seemed Vlad thought

it off, she will berate She had everything cruel, she had

Special Special Attacks: Qualities: Saves:

all the way to Varna.

unnecessarily she was under if she's in this

Courser's Summon Fortitude

Fury Mount + 10, Reflex +7,

to make

his spell. consorting the and, scenario,

her as a traitor a vampire) she's

(or an infidel to get paid

is an extraordinarily a key agent

bad idea. First, Marcello

Wi!! + 3
Abilities: Skills:
Str 16, Dex 14, Con 16, Int 12, Wis 13, Cha II Animal Balance Animal Empathy +7, +7, Handle, +7, Intimidate +8,

wi!! be unlikely

for the Church.

wi!! be

displeased. is enough if that first, but confusion is their they with the orders need manage to ride on that the characters to defeat slipping the out.

Kronstadt can escape Hussars Kidnapping first, Ki!!ing him, they them. lord but

and the murder

of the burghers goal. They'll

Ride + 8
Feats: Firearms Proficiency, Mounted Combat, Power Attack, Ride-by Attack, Spirited Alignment: Lawful Charge Neutral

can otherwise will require


the defeat of her guards

it can also be done. is a near apocalyptic the Hussars, that Vlad undertaking. through of which can bring this but there To get to After any If her and He in only are four, the PC's. defending before.


they will have to go first get through foes Vlad with

his minions.

supernatural Genevieve

to bear will assault fight,

Courser's Fury (Ex): The Hussars, if they get to their steeds, have Light Warhorses. These creatures
have 25 Hit Points,

summons a savagery

six vukodlak she has not

to attack displayed



a Speed

of 60 feet,

is sti!! alive, she joins to ki!! the party,


too wi!! attempt remembers chooses to finish Vlad None

he is a coward charging

too well the thrashing to stay back and hurl off any weakened stays back dung

they gave him before. at them,

AC of I 3, and can attack with 2 hooves at + 2 melee, dealing Id4+ I points of damage. Once per round, the rider may choose to have his mount make an extra attack at -2 to its attack roll and his.




The Hussars

can call

characters. from a careful smiles he gladly distance. at the fights in 61

for their mounts,

and the beasts will come to them


and watches fighting

of the creatures until if they

the party

will allow a character Vlad

to get near him characters them. If they

they are all dead. his minions. they

if they are within 100 feet. The riders' horses are in range during the fight with the PC's at the climax of the adventure.



ki!! him,

earn the thanks of the boyars



There against she can

is an the do

immediate Saxons. it now. with

stand Elisabeth If Vlad the


of all military but there he sends message

operations is little the

is angry, kills them,


characters into

to Marcello their mouths.


stuffed Beating human Genevieve much.

Vlad is a Challenge or undead. makes


10 Encounter are Challenge in Koprostes

whether Rating

he is 7. Adding

The six vukodlak it CR 9. Adding


change things to raise the


not very useful up another Elisabeth level.

to the villains,

but feel free

encounter Kidnapping guards. subduing


the characters Rating

to go through 8 Encounter

her and so is

Defeating Elisabeth.

them is a Challenge


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