The Last Supper: The 12 disciples and the 12 signs of the zodiac

By Jennifer Asad 12/18/12

Gemini: Philip. The symbol for Gemini is the Roman number for two . Gemini in Latin means twin and this disciple holds up two hands. But, it’s not just for the idea of twins because two also represents duality; male/female, positi e/ne!ati e, hot/cold. This will pro e to be si!nificant. "natomically, with "ries representin! the head, the location of Gemini is where di ision between ri!ht and left ta#es place and represents the shoulders, arms and lun!s. $any ha e assi!ned Gemini to that of disciple Thomas because Thomas literally means twin and it has been theori%ed that Thomas was &esus’ twin, but ' will show why Gemini is (hilip. )irst of all, (hilip and Bartholomew are always mentioned to!ether. 't was (hilip who brou!ht Bartholomew to &esus. They were to!ether in the be!innin! and they were to!ether in the end. *ne tradition has it that they were both put up on the cross, and here is the clincher, only one came down ali e. The Gemini twins are #nown to be +astor and (ullo, of Gree# mytholo!y, two stars in the constellation. The Gree# myth is that they share the same mother, Leda, but ha e different fathers. +astor-s father was the .in! of /parta, Leda-s husband. (ollu,-s father was the !od 0eus 1&upiter2 and as such, (ollu, is an immortal. +astor and (ollu, were always associated with horses and were considered the !ods of horses. They ori!inated as the di ine horse twins in /umerian mytholo!y. The name (hilip means lo er of horses. +astor 1Bartholomew2 and (ullo, 1(hilip2 were 3inseparable4. They tra eled and entured to!ether and much to the dismay of the immortal (ullo,, durin! one of their escapades, +astor died. (ullo, is distrau!ht. 5e doesn-t want to li e without his twin brother. 5e be!s his father, 0eus, for

help. 0eus decides that rather than #illin! (ollu, so he can be with +astor, he ma#es +astor immortal also, and the two of them !et to li e to!ether fore er as the constellation Gemini. "ccordin! to a later Gree# myth, Leda had two e!!s and from them was born +astor and (ullo, who both had twin sisters. 'n this paintin! by Leonardo 6a 7inci is a styli%ed symbol of &upiter, associated with 0eus who fathered the immortal (ullo, and his twin sister. The symbol for &upiter is similar to a two and a four consistent with the %odiac si!n of Gemini meanin! duality of male and female principals and leadin! to multiplicity. &upiter in one’s birth chart brin!s fortune and increase. 'n his paintin!, 8 e!!s become 9 children. /he also holds her hands in !estures of 3as abo e, so below4. *ne hand is turned up in o#in! the ener!y of hea en and one hand is turned down in o#in! the ener!y of earth; a mer!in! of the two. 'n the bible story where &esus feeds a multitude on : loa es and 8 fish 1;2, it was (hilip 1Gemini2 whom he addressed. *f the first ; %odiac si!ns of sprin! thru autumn 1other than winter2 The : first si!ns are considered male and the other 8 are considered female 17ir!o and Libra2. The manifest world is masculine 1bread2 and the un<manifest world of spirit is feminine 1fish<waters2. 't would be the same as sayin! land and water. Bread comes from the land, fish from the water. To the mystics, land represents the conscious mind and water represents the unconscious. &esus 1the sun2 had fed their body 1bread2 and their spirit 1fish2. )eedin! with bread and wine 1spirit2 would be the same thin!. =ou mi!ht notice that >8 bas#ets of bread were !athered afterward but there were no fish left o er from all those who had 3eaten4. (hilip uses the number ? for its association to the infinity symbol.
When Jesus looked up and saw a great crowd coming toward him, he said to Philip, "Where shall we buy bread for these people to eat?" Philip answered him, "Eight months' wages would not buy enough bread for each one to have a bite " !nother of his disciples, !ndrew, "imon Peter's brother, spoke up

"#ere is a boy with five small barley loaves and two small fish, but how far will they go among so many?" Jesus then took the loaves, gave thanks, and distributed to those who were seated as much as they wanted$ #e did the same with the fish$ When they all had enough to eat, he said to his disciples, "%ather the pieces that are left over$ &et nothing be wasted$" "o they gathered them and filled twelve baskets with the pieces of the five barley loaves left over by those who had eaten$

(hilip was the only one to be named in re!ards to bein! an e an!elist 1"cts 8>@?2. A <an!el<ist. A e<an!el. A en<an!el. " eunuch. "ndro!ynous. " hermaphrodite. The definition of a hermaphrodite is the compound of both se,es. The word hermaphrodite is deri ed from the names 5ermes who is $ercury, and the !oddess "phrodite who is 7enus. They had a two<se,ed son named 5ermaphroditus. 'n the minds of ancient man, a hermaphrodite constituted the perfect human in who is balanced emotional and rational power and therefore is of a hi!her intellect. This dual<chan!in! nature is applied to $ercury, which is the rulin! planet of Gemini. 't is where we !et the meanin! of the word mercurial. The ori!inal constellation of Gemini is that of a male and female embracin! each other. 't means a spiritual inte!ration of both se,es. Loo# closely, no, closer, at the female on the ri!ht, then at the male on the left. /he has the male or!an and he has the 7 shaped female or!an. These are the Gemini twins. Their !ender duality ma#es them "ndro!ynous. Botice that they stand between two pillars another indicator of their balanced duality. The arm o er the shoulder is the same !esture at the Last /upper where Taurus 1Bartholomew2 has his arm thrown o er Gemini 1(hilip2. (lato passed down an earlier myth that the ori!inal human was both male and female. There seems to be two accounts of the creation of man written in Genesis and only into one did he put his breath 1spirit2.

3So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female
he created them,” Genesis >@8; and :@8.

5ere is another ima!e of the twins +astor and (ullo, in an embrace. The thinner faced female on the ri!ht has male or!ans and the male on the left has female or!ans, althou!h the difference is subtle. 'n the bac#!round are ? pointed stars representin! 7enus. The pair wears mon#’s caps, a!ain associatin! them with the idea of bein! eunuchs. " eunuch is a man who may ha e literally been castrated or who is celibate. They may be ase,ual, meanin! of neither !ender. *f the icons for /aint (hilip one is of him bein! flayed ali e. "nother is of a bread bas#et and a Tau cross 1T shaped,2 probably because the Tau cross was already the symbol use by mon#s, eunuchs 1before +hristianity2. $ystically, bein! flayed ali e would mean droppin! the desires of the flesh. Before +hristianity, the Tau cross was used as a symbol of life and resurrection and symboli%ed the /umerian !od, Tammu%, dyin! and bein! resurrected. 6urin! baptism ceremonies this cross was mar#ed on the worshiper’s foreheads by the priest. 'n A%e#iel C@9 we read, “Walk through the
streets of Jerusalem and put a Taw on the foreheads of all who weep and sigh because of the detestable sins being committed in their city ! Later ersions replaced the word Taw

with the word Dmar#’. &esus 1sun2 went out and found (hilip and said simply, "'ollow me," and that was that. 'n Gemini are constellations of stars called +anis $ajor and +anis $inor 1lar!er and smaller do!s2. +anis $ajor contains /irius, the bri!htest star #nown as the 6o! /tar, and because it rises in the east it is also #nown as the Aastern /tar. To the A!yptians, /irius was identified as the do! !od "nubis,

which is where the name 6o! /tar comes from. /irius " is also associated with the A!yptian Goddess, 'sis. /irius B 1dar# star2 is associated with *siris and our /un is 5orus. 5orus is the "ll /eein! Aye 1li#e on our dollar2. 'n his boo#, Lost /tar of $yth and Time, Walter Cruttenden does a ery !ood job su!!estin! that /irius is the prime candidate as bein! our sun’s binary star. Ehen /irius is mo in! away from us in its elliptical orbit, it is red. Ehen /irius is mo in! bac# towards us, it is blue. /ome belie e /irius may be the blue star of the 5opi prophecy which states; 3Ehen the Blue /tar .achina ma#es its appearance in the hea ens, the )ifth Eorld will emer!eF. Then too, the blue star could be any number of currently un#nown comets. 'n sidereal astrolo!y, /irius is in Gemini. &esus ha in! told (hilip 1Gemini2 to 3)ollow me,4 could be a reference to our sun’s and /irius’s binary dance of dosey<doe. " personification of the star /irius is 'sis, who in turn is 7ir!in $ary. 'sis had 5orus 1sun !od2 and 7ir!in $ary had &esus. 't follows then that 5orus is our /un which in turn is &esus. The myth of 'sis, *siris, and the birth of 5orus 1our sun2 is but a parody for what happened in the early creation of our now ternary solar system; /irius " 1'sis2, /irius B 1*siris,2 and our sun 15orus<&esus2. "pparently, somethin! hit /irius B 1*siris2 and 3bro#e him into pieces4. 5e died 1became a dead star2. This e ent sent /irius " spiraled around and 3!atherin!4 the pieces of *siris and from this, our sun was also somehow born. 'ronically, *siris is the !od of the dead and underworld.

The A!yptians lin#ed the constellation of *rion with the !od *siris, belie in! that his soul resides there. *rion is seen as a !reat hunter and /irius is the loyal companion 16o! /tar2 that 3follows after4. A!yptians would trac# the constellation of *rion abo e and below the hori%on and used the appearance of /irius that followed after to mar# their new year with the annual fertile floodin! of the Bile. This rise and fall of *rion on the hori%on followed by the 6o! /tar /irius is seen on the )ool card of Rider Eaite and si!nifies a new

be!innin!. The stars on his belt are meant to represent *rion’s belt. The ? pointed stars on his clothin! represent 7enus 1watch for article on this card2. The constellation of *rion lies between the %odiac si!ns of Taurus and Gemini just outside the sun’s ecliptic and therefore is not counted amon! our >8 %odiac si!ns. "lso, in the re!ion is a red star named "ldebaran, which means -the )ollower-. "ldebaran is the eye of the bull of Taurus. "ldebaran is not really in the constellation of Taurus but only appears to be due to line of site. "ldebaran is no lon!er in Taurus but in the constellation of Gemini 1(hilip2. "ldebaran 1also #nown as alpha Tau or alpha Tari2 is so named because it appears to follow the (leiades or 3/e en /isters4 star cluster found in Taurus. "ldebaran lines up with the three stars of *rion’s belt in the east, while /irius lines up with it in the west. The three stars of *rion’s belt were called the three wise men. The red star of "ldebaran was li#ely the star of Bethlehem that the wise men followed, althou!h some belie e it was /irius because of its bri!htness. "ldebaran is in conjunction with the /un e ery year around &une > st which occurs in Gemini 1$ay 8> to &une 8>2. Gemini ends at the moment of the summer solstice on &une 8>st. "ldebaran is one of four stars that were called the Eatchers or Guardians of the world. "ppro,imately GHHH years a!o four stars stood at the four corners of the hea ens. They were assi!ned an!elic status. "ldebaran mar#ed the sprin! eIuino, 1"ries2 and was desi!nated as "rchan!el $ichael, Eatcher of the Aast. "rchan!el $ichael is the messen!er an!el and li#ewise, $ercury was the win!ed messen!er of the Gods 1$ercury bein! the ruler of Gemini2. $ercury wore a win!ed helmet 1ri!ht and left hemispheres of the brain2 and carried the caduceus, a stic# around which were entwined the twin sna#es 1the #undalini risin! up the spinal cord2. "ldebaran also symboli%ed the third eye, the li!ht in the head 1when it was in "ries2. "ntares mar#ed the "utumnal AIuino, and was desi!nated as the "rchan!el *riel, Eatcher of the Eest. Re!ulus mar#ed the /ummer /olstice and was desi!nated as the "rchan!el Raphael, Eatcher of the Borth. )omalhaut, mar#ed the Einter /olstice and was desi!nated as the "rchan!el Gabriel, Eatcher of the /outh.

The /ans#rit 1'ndia2 name for Gemini is $ithuna and is not a fi!ure of twins, but that of a man and woman representin! $aithuna, a term used in the ritual act of Tantra durin! se,ual union; and represents the cosmic union between /ha#ti and /hi a. These scriptures warn that unless this spiritual transformation occurs, the se,ual union is carnal and sinful.
“Through the "aithuna techni#ues, the

orgasm becomes a thousandfold more powerful and profound than it otherwise would be without the techni#ues, because it is directed to the higher chakras rather than dissipated into the lower
ones The first step in creating the right energetic balance between two people is to bring each indi$idual%s breath into unison with that of the other &reath carries the electromagnetic life force, 'rana, into a human being enli$ening him or her ”

The Lo ers card of tarot by Robin Eood shows the same concept of the embrace of masculine and feminine principals and ener!ies into what is called the sacred and mystical marria!e. The Lo er’s card represents the %odiac si!n of Gemini. Behind her is the tree of life 1apple2 and behind him is the tree of #nowled!e 1oa#2 !rowin! to!ether as one. /he leads him with her left le! 1intuition and subconscious,2 and her left arm embraces him. 5e leads her with his ri!ht le! 1factual, conscious2 and his ri!ht arm embraces her. 5is left hand of feminine supports the masculine aspect of the sun and her ri!ht hand of masculine supports the feminine aspect of the moon. Their ener!ies balance each other. ; rays 1di inity2 burst throu!h. The fruit of the Tree of .nowled!e is the pituitary !land. 't is masculine, holds a positi e char!e and is the seat of the mind. The (ineal

Gland is feminine, holds a ne!ati e char!e and is the seat of the soul. The pituitary !land is reason. The pineal !land is intuition. 1Eatch for article on Lo er’s card2. (hilip 1Gemini2 is the only disciple associated with a Aunuch in the bible. (araphrased for space@ Acts 8:27 (Philip) started out, and on his way he met an thiopian eunuch. !his man had gone to "erusalem to worship and on his way home was sitting in his chariot reading the #oo$ o% &saiah the prophet. !he 'pirit told Philip, ()o to that chariot and stay near it.( !hen Philip ran up to the chariot and heard the man reading &saiah the prophet. (*o you understand what you are reading+( Philip as$ed. ,ow can &,( he said, (unless someone e-plains it to me+( 'o he in.ited Philip to come up and sit with him. Philip told him the good news a#out "esus. As they tra.eled along the road, they came to some water and the eunuch said, (/oo$, here is water. 0hy shouldn1t & #e #apti2ed+( And Philip said, (&% you #elie.e with all your heart, you may.( And he answered, (& #elie.e that "esus 3hrist is the 'on o% )od.( And he ga.e orders to stop the chariot. Then both Philip and the eunuch went down into the water and Philip #apti2ed him. 0hen they both came up out of the water, the 'pirit o% the /ord suddenly too$ Philip away, and the eunuch did not see him again, #ut went on his way re4oicing5. (hilip reappeared further north 1si!n of +ancer2. The mystical meanin! behind (hilip and the eunuch 3both4 !oin! down into the water 1spirit2 and (hilip ha in! disappeared when they both came up, meant that they had melded as one. "lso found in Gemini are the two pillars of 5ercules, which are also the two pillars of /olomon’s temple bein! &achin and Boa%, a!ain, representin! masculine and feminine principals and ener!ies; positi e and ne!ati e, !ood and e il, electric and ma!netic. Ehen these two opposites 1twins2 blend into Jnity they meld into the /till Li!ht which is the mind of God. 't is this /tillness of Li!ht that lies behind the curtain 1 eil2 of 'sis that no man has e er lifted. 1/ee article on the 5i!h (riestess2. The disciple holdin! up two hands can also represent these two pillars 1masculine < feminine2.

(araphrasin! astrotheolo!ist /antos Bonacci, 'sis 1which means bein!2 is that point of /till Li!ht from which emanates the dual forces of radiation and electricity 1's<ra<el2 from which e erythin! in the uni erse is brou!ht into bein!. +reation is the Jni ersal<mind thin#in!. http@// LTs+tlR?6 7J (araphrasin! Ealter Russell, electro<ma!netism is all there is in the uni erse and there is nothin! else. Alectro<ma!netism is the di ision of opposin! forces brou!ht forth from the Jnified mind of God made possible by desire 1thou!ht2 that creates 1ma!netism2. "nother clue that Gemini, with +astor and (ullo,, is a hermaphrodite, andro!ynous, eunuch is the association of the name +astor to the word castrate. Below, is part of an article e,plainin! the association between the word castrate and castor. "ccordin! to Liddell and /cott-s Le,icon, #astor is Gree# for Fbea erF, and poludeu#eis means F ery sweetF.
http@// e/bea erMcastorMtwo.htm

Latin borrowed castor ‘beaver’ from Greek kastor ‘beaver.’ Yes, it’s the same word as the name of the twins up in the constellation, Castor and Pollux. here is one compellin! su!!ested ori!in of the Greek word for beaver, kastor . "t appears to be co!nate with a #anskrit word for musk, kasturi . $e know that at some earl% time in their histor% "ndo&'uropean peoples be!an to kill beavers and made some kind of odorous extract from two !lands in the beaver’s !roin. hese !lands which both sexes possess are scent !lands that secrete a sexual attractant. (nce the% were supposed to contain oil with which the beaver would preen its fur in order to keep it waterproof. $hatever use the rodent made of it, 'uropeans called this beaver extract castoreum . )ut more than *,+++ %ears a!o, confusion arose about where exactl% one found this extract. ,an% ancient commentators thou!ht this -musk. was derived from the beaver’s testicles. he% seem to have confused the excised scent !lands with excised testicles. Persons of modest ac/uaintance with Latin assumed that the word castor must be related to the verb castrate and to the Latin word for arm% camp castrum 0cut&off1 .

"n 2esop’s 3ables, be!un in the sixth centur% )C' in Greece, we alread% find the sill% but common hunter’s fallac% that a cornered beaver would bite off its own testicles and scamper awa%. - he beaver, a four&footed animal that lives in pools, knows that he is hunted for his testicles, which are used to cure ailments. $hen pursued, the beaver runs for some distance, but when he sees he cannot escape, he will bite off his own testicles and throw them to the hunter, and thus escape death.. Yeah, ri!ht. 4o mammal as %et seen on earth scampers awa% after losin! its testicles. $h%, that must be wh% the beaver is named Castor, because he castrates himself when hunted. 4ot reall%. $hen we come to the word for beaver castor , the m%th of bitin! off its testicles re&enforces a derivation from castrare .

#croll down for more ima!es

http://en.wi$$i/6ile:&A789:9!8;8,ermaphroditus8statue.4pg ,ermaphroditus

5odiac man showin! Gemini located at the arms.

"ldebaran compared to our sun.

http@//www.stellarium.or!/ 3 Stellarium is a free open source planetarium for your
computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go”.

+onstellation of Gemini. 6e Temporibus

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