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TEACHER PEER-EVALUATION FORM BMC 306: Introduction to Broadcasting Lecturer: Mr.

Kyalo Joseph Date: 05/11/12 NO 1 EVALUATION ITEM CLASS START TIME COMMENTS Lecturer came in class in good time and everything was set including the camera with a technical staff. The class is a one hour class. Two students arrived late 8:46am. The topics were on television, radio and the new media broadcasting. Students had to research and share in class their findings. The teacher grouped the students to ensure fair representation of topics. The main purpose for the teaching activities was very clear. The objectives were very clear and it shows the lecturer had prepared in advance. The lesson was keeping with the institutions purpose and philosophy. The peer evaluator came when the class had settled and it took time for them to settle. The environment was right for this class as it offered ample space for group discussion and movement of camera. The instructional materials were not in use that is power point, white board & markers, and the class had 14 students. The specific objectives were clear as students had to share in their groups their findings. The teacher had prepared but the technical personnel came late and also some students.





The lecturer was able to maintain students interest assisting where he felt it was necessary; he also moved form one sitting position to another. Majority of student used probing questions to get information from their peer presenters, and apart from just a few that were not active. The students were allowed to handle independent activities and there was evidence of team work from

their presentations. Humor was apparent and this made students to become more involved. The teacher did not stay in class during the independent activity, but when he came in he moved from one group to another to listen to their discussions. The timing was not equally distributed for all the groups, probably next time you will need a time keeper. I also noticed very few were taking notes.


The students were more active during the presentations and question time, and it appears most of them had grasped the concepts of the topic at hand. This activity was appropriate at their level. The lecturer pin points individual student to respond to specific questions and I did not see the lecturer take class attendance (May be it was done before the evaluator came to class). The class was well managed and the general behavior is appropriate.



The lecturer gave the way forward and asked students to prepare for the next meeting on Wednesday 7th November 2012.