ICT Report

AsiaBuilder Architecture
The department of ICT report about the activity of the IS that we use in the ICT department and also report about the detail about the system and also the member of department.



1.0 Introduction 1.1 Information/Background of Organization 1.2 Business Strategy

2.0 IT Architecture 2.1 Current method used in organization 2.2 Explain why you need Information System in Organization 2.3 Describe the structure of IS

3.0 IT infrastructure 3.1 Identify IT components used to create and build IS 3.1.1 Hardware 3.1.2 software

4.0 IT Personnel 4.1 Staff involve in IT Infrastructure (e.g. IT Officer, Programmer, System Analyst, System Developer, IT Technician) 4.2 Explain Roles and responsibility of IT Personnel

5.0 IT Services (system used in organization) 5.1 Detail Description about system 5.2 Explain the function and services provided by the system

6.0 Estimated Cost


1.0 Introduction 1.1 Introduction AsiaBuilder
AsiaBuilder is the company that provide service and sell a plan to the most of people in south east asia. AsiaBuilder has been approved by most of expert architecture and also by a local government. MQA (Malaysia Qualification Agency) also has been issue about our company with latest design that give improvement to some country.AsiaBuilder has intergrate with local contractor to give some advice to a customer to choose the service compare to their problem.AsiaBuilder also give some project in freelancer also to make them earn money online.AsiaBuilder always creating/introducing the new design of the architecture and landscape interior designs too.AsiaBuilder always focus on the new creativity and the new stability of the plan.Main objective in this company is all about greeny environment.AsiaBuilder provide with flourist and garderner to make up your landscape. AsiaBuilder has been know as a problem analyst specialist since 2 years ago.This problem analyst can be measurement unit also and sometime this unit can give the cost of material and the cost after optimization compare to customers land.

     

Bussiness Strategy
To attract the customers with the new deisgn of architecture. To avoid the customer from being victim of fake architecture. To give the lowest cost of services. To maintain higher level of transperancy , intergrity and profesionalism. To be most trusted architecture company. To minimise the cost of client and provider.

Malaysia is the best country with dynamic architecture.Most of Malaysian have their own land and some of Malaysia seeking for the design of architecture for their house.The normal architecture always introduce the old design sometime make you feel unsatisfied with it.


Asia builder have plan since years ago to give a sutisfied plan that bringing with the new design of structure.But the company is lack of service because the plan can be sell manually and also sometime wasting the customers time. On order, AsiaBuilder have a big network around the world but the product of AsiaBulder cannot be export outside the local country because having some plan and landscape need to be approved by a local company this may need about 2 or 1 month to be approved. Our strategy of business is build up more advertisement and network to communicate with international customers and provide new idea to us to create the new design of plan.


2.0 IT architecture


The current method used in the organization:
The cycle matrix below show four faculties of the organization with it is main tools that

use to manage the work through the different stages of producing the design for the customer.

•files. •reports. •shelfs. •archive room. •(designs,workers attendance, bills, contracts. ARCHIVE COMMUNICATION

•fixed telephone. •pos. •fax. •1- inernal communication between departments. •ex custmers, authrties, ...etc.



•newspapers. •postrs for general. •magazines. •spring boards.

•drawing. •modulating. •design, decoration. •( Gypsum, cartoon, plastic, drawing tools, papers, stationary ).

In our business we have two types of designs, applied/provided designs. Applied design is the design which is been applied by the customer or the customer gave it’s details in order to make the architecture design by our engineers, while the provided design is the one we provided in our galleries or exhibitions or for specific projects. The organization use the files and papers for archive to keep all official documents like designs which already sold, staff and workers attendance, bills, contracts and ownership documents of properties, which all need archive room to keep this important files. As we can


see in communication the use of fax, post, telephone all are so limited and can’t reach more people of the targeted category, the quality of the communication between the organization and the customer still can hold a misunderstanding or arguments since the tools we use in producing the designs also still not high quality such drawings and models might not convince the customer in this era of technology, our advertisement tools also not in the level of attraction it’s simple and consist of newspapers, posters, magazines, boards and galleries or exhibitions we set occasionally although the last seemed advanced but it can’t be effective when in designing the architecture. The process of producing a design can be distinguished from the below Scenarios:

•using phone, or visit exhibitions or the gallery, or any type of media in use of advertisement. •using verbal communication.

•will record all the details about the application of the customer . •set up all the needed information to and from the both side. •the department will start procedures to make the application done by the time and make it fit with the details given.


relevant department

Scenario no.1


prepare the elemantry designs and izometric models

produce the archticture design with it's full models and accurate details

show them to the cusomer and get more notes additions edotings

Scenario no.2 Shows the cycle of preparing the architecture design In this cycle we can see clearly how many times we could repeat the stage to add/edit a detail from the customer and how much time and resource it cost, since there is no perfect design we may repeat the stage of design many times to satisfy our customer.


Why Information system is most needed in the organization.
The information system will improve the work and quality of the organization in all

aspects to a high quality level, as it will leads to improve the productivity and the attraction of our designs and the environment of the work which will be creative and motivated for our engineers to be more close to the work and give the best, as it will convert our designs and architectures from black and white sketch or with simple color to an impressive architectures and more attractive and unique, also using the information system in the designing process will reduce the cost of the process to its last as it will save time and effort during the process with less probability of mistakes and it will increase the accuracy of customer’s details and to give more beautiful touches for the interior/exterior design as well as the models and decorations, by using the information system our communications will develop and our media will reach more people and we will use more multimedia to


introduce our services to customers widely and wisely.IS also needed to our company to make everything managed and easily to give a full support to a customers.This improvement can make a positive effect toward our IS to be more user friendly with a customers and a workers to use.

2.3 Description of structure of IS in the organization.
The new Information System concentrates on improves the quality of introducing our service to the customer in the same time with making it reachable by more customers, our new website which use Joomla as a content management system storing tons of designs and archtictures all categorized and stored in the database and this gives the customer choices to find his favour, but what is uniqe here is the tool that provided by the system to help the customer to make decition by a servey filled by the customer consist of key questions that gives the system kind of feed back to reduce the range of results, but the system programmed to make the decition more easier and efficiant there is an optimaization tool comes in the last part of making decition which gives the customer the advance to qustomize his favourite desgin by change the colors or the style of particular details and see the changes takes place in the design with 3D display which can make the customer in the highest level of satisfiction with ther service and confident with his decition . In the management seek this system will provide the company with statistcs and reports using the TPS system shows the direction of peoples choices and their preference and favoursaccording to the searches customers did, this can help the company in expecting the best styles and the prefered oponents to produce the more acceptable in the archticture industry world.


3.0 IT infrastructure

Software Joomla x2.5

Price Free(Open Source)

Detail CMS (Content management system) That store evrything the information in the database.

Joomla Module (Overall)

RM 700

Module is seperated extension for Joomla that enable joomla to work as a spesific function.

Microsoft Office 2010

RM 2300

Creating a document and manage the customers data online/offline.

Adobe Master Collection


In this package contain tools for designing and creating image,video and etc. -Photoshop -Illustrator -Premier Pro -After Effect -Bridge -InDesign -AIR -Dreamweaver


-Acrobat Reader AutoCAD RM10000 Creating master plan base one the original plan and also the measurement can be countable for the material using in the bulding.

Ubuntu Server(Linux)

Free (Open Source)

(Operating System ) can make computer or midrange computer act as a server properly and also this server safe from threath.This OS have improve the business since 10 years.

Android SDK – Eclipse

Free (Open Source)

Android Apps Creator

Blender 3D

Free(Open Source)

Creating 3D Character or Element for the graphic or video.Animation software can be publish to website that can make the website look interesting.


Hardware Dell Server Computer

Price RM 10,000

Detail Acting as a machine for giving the IP and service to the customers.

HP Pavillion DV6

RM 3999

Specification I7 Intel Processor X64 Window 8 Pro RAM 4GB Display Card Ge-Force CUDA 4GB


RM 700

To design using a pen that work similar as a mouse.This can give a creative design.

UTP Cable 1 Boz 5KM

RM 400

Wire for Network and provide link with node by node.

Modem TP-Link

RM 100

Convert from Analoq


Signal to digital signal come from ISP and provide the connection to WAN or Internet Connection.


RM 300

Seperate and give a connection with same speed to all computer without stuck the traffic of the internet.


4.0 IT Personnel
The it personal consist a management in IT department have been devided into 7 group including project manager.This IT personnel are provided with roles to give a best service toward our project and keep the client and CEO satisfy with the service and easily to break up more stratergy that we have been made for business.


Staff involve in IT Infrastructure

Project Manager

Subject Matter Expert

Graphic/Video&Music Editor


AutoCAD Architect

Web Master/Administrator

Hardware Technician


Explain Roles and responsibility of IT Personnel

From above is the IT personnel that involve in this project.All the IT Personnel at first has been interview by expert by the company lead by Project Manager.Then, Subject Matter Expert is the one who manage everything for the IT Personnel and giving the idea to base on the master plan that being given.SME(Subject Matter Expert) are the one who are responsible for the entire project,financial and report of the IT Personnel.


First of all before begin project they need some graphic designer and video editor because the project need to be given a clear image about the information system before publish.Propaganda of the project need to publish first because we need customers to know about our company first using the online avertisement such as social network,social video share and payperclick.From graphic and move to video to make the project look great entirely.This group of Graphic and video consist 4 people are profesional in designing a graphic and creating video. Second is about role of programmer.Programmer are given into 3 group consist 4 people in each group, that for some of their expert need to make it using their experience and profesionalism.First group is the content management system group who are manage entire CMS(Content Management System) and control the backend of the website for safety.Second group is about the hosting and server.This group need to make sure all the server run in proper condition and debug all the system before publish to the network.Last group role is about managing the communication service from ISP and provide the best service to the customers. Third is about the role of the AutoCAD architect.AutoCAD architect are needed to show the plan for example to the customer and some advice and detail about the plan.AutoCAD architect are also be a master of all the thing and also need to get advice from them how to view the project in the information system. Fourth is the role of webmaster.Webmaster also can be as a administrator in the website to manage every content that had been publish into the website.Administrator also need to aware to the operator to work perfectly and give the feedback about the customers statistic.Administrator also must aware to all danger that happen in the website otherwise the administrator must report all the website activity to the project manager. Lastly is role and work for hardware technician.The hardware technician consist 5 people and they had to aware toward the error that happen in the hardware such as server,network,system and all the system it need to be awareness. Hardware technician will be in the server room and 2 of technician will be outside of server room to report the activity that happen outside at the mean time in office.


5.0 IT Services (system used in organization)
Description of our system is base on the optimisation of the problem that occur when the client use the service and also optimise everything that can be cause the massive destruction to a association.

5.1 Detail description about the system.
The new system will give more advantages to all the customer and the company since the IT system and by using the website of the company will introduce more products and designs to the customer and they can get access to the galleries and see tones of the designs, archtictures and interior designs live with options to optimize the design and see the effects right away, this can give the company the advance to know about the cusomer’s favour and get feed back to improve the serivce for more realiablity and profficancy. The system will organize the archive of the company as soft copyes which will reduce the area used for that and will make it easier for the company to review the old documents in seconds.

5.2 The function and service provided by the system.
The function of the system that we use from CMS and intergrate with DSS(Decision Support System) and TPS(Transaction Processing System) to provide a good quality of the service.This service work like a normal website but it more advance and focus on the graphic UI(User Interface).Somehow this system work using the internet connection connected into two network such as Intranet and Internet that can make the service secure for a customers and for the service department to work easily without any problem occurs.The element of the CMS that can provide the 2 main service use a special module that can intergrate into the system that can be use for the operator to run a service.The service that come from the module of the CMS is easy to manage and also user friendly.The element of the website consist 400 module that provide a same service but it works with another way or function automaticly.


The Joomla somehow must keep the vurnelibility run in safe condition and also the secure of MySQLi database to avoid from being deface or hack.The system that we use also can manually function as static page that cannot be steal and also the information of the website cannot be change easily by a hacker somehow it more accurate to edit because we use a HTML5 code that base on the replacement of system update.The system that we use is intergrate with some famous bank (for online banking) and also it provide a consultant from profesionnal to give a best suggestion to a service. The system also somehow work with some component that we can easily reply a feedback and sending our client a autorespond email.This service show that most of company bring a lot of improvement and also the statistic show that most of company who are using this system successful impress the customers to give a best feedback about the product that we produce or sell.


7.0 Estimated Cost

Software……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… RM22485 Hardware……………………………………………………………………………………………………………. RM15499 Department………………………………………………………………………………………………………… RM70000 TOTAL…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………RM107984

Department Cost Detail Staff (10) RM3000 Hardware Software Cost Estimate Technician(10) RM3000 Other RM 1000 RM 15499 RM 22485 107984.00 RM 70,000

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