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C7 PIC tic SZ TPS-Lean Six Si Linking Human Capital to Lean Six Sigma $$$ (Lean Six Sigma é Hubert K. Rampersad & Anwar El-Homsi Library of Congress Cataloging-in Publication Data Rampersad, Hubert. “TPS-Lea Six Sigma: liking human capital o Lean Six Sigma /by Hubert Rampersad and Anwar EL. Hams pom Ince bbliegraphical references and index. ISBN 978-1-$9311-825.9 pbk.) ~ SBN 978-1-59311-826-6 (hardcover) 1. Total quality ‘management. 2. Six sigma (Quality cont standard) 3. Employee motivation. 4, Goa sewing in personnel menagement. 5. Organizational effectivenest. 1. ELHomsi, Anwar 1951-1. Tie D2. 15.R364 2007 654 41015-de22 2007033622, ISBN 13:978-1-59311-825-9(pbk.) 978. -59311-826-6 (hardcover) ISN 10: 1-59111-825- (pbk) 1-59311-826.0 (hardcover) Copyright© 2007 LAP Information ge Publishing le All sghts reserved. No part of this publication may be eprediuced, stored ina retrieval system, or tansmted,n any form or by any mears,elestronis, mechanical, ‘Photocopying, ceo iming, recording or ethers, without writen permission From the publisher. Printed inthe United States of America CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION A customer is the most important vistor on our premises; he isnot dependent on us We re dependent an hin. Heis ot interruption in ner work. He isthe rurpase of it, He isnot an outsider in our business. He i part of it, We are nat doing him a Joo by serving him, He is doing ws a favor by giving us an opportunity to do so. ahatina Gandhi Yiuer most wahappy customers are your greaust sure of learning. With today’s growing global economy, business Executives face many lenges; rising competition, retaining and satisfying customers with i ng demands, pricing pressure, profit growth, improving produc tivity, stimulating innovation and creativity, speed, Mlexibility, and adapt- ability © change. Today's market does not have the patience to wait for companies 10 develop, if you are in the game, you need to rema petitive or get out of the way since there are other companies breathing down your neck who can. Let's face it, the world has changed. and it’s never going to go back to “the way it used to be.” This is the new reality-— the status quo is just not going to cut it. You must embrace the new reality ‘of change. Change in the way you think, change in the way you work, change in the way you run your business. While most onganiz not had the guts to enthusiastically embrace dramatic change, some have, and are succeeding, How are they doing it? Lean Manufacturing and Six TPS.Lenx Six Signa: Liking Human Cepital to Loan Sit Signa: ANew Blueprint or Greting High Performance Compas, pp. UL ‘Copyright © 2007 by Information Age Publishing All rights of reproduction in any form reserved, 1