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I would like to express my special thanks of gratitude to my teacher Mr. Nitesh Joshi and my H.O.D. Mr. Surgeet Sir as well as our principal Mr. Manish Shriv astva who gave me the golden opportunity to do this wonderful project on the topic company profile, which also helped me in doing a lot of Research and I ca me to know about so many new things. I am really thankful to them. Secondly I would also like to thank my parents and my brothers who helped me a l ot in finishing this project within the limited time. I am making this project not only for marks but to also increase my knowledge. THANKS AGAIN TO ALL WHO HELPED ME

Company Introduction ShubhVivah ShubhVivah is among the most respectable and reliable wedding planners in India that offers the complete wedding solution under one roof. Our deep understanding about Indian Weddings helps us to make the best wedding planning for the most m emorable moment of anyone life. You think and we create. Company main objective is to convert the most important day into most memorable day of their life..... ... Shubhvivah is the most trustworthy wedding planner in India that evaluates and

Vision & Mission Making your dream wedding come true is the motto of Shubh vivah. wedding dresses. marriage day. wedding decorations. wedding music & entertainment. flower w edding theme . we dding photography. we are now ready to kick start our new venture for online shadi arrangement. keeping into mind . saga n.royal theme. reception. They believe in driving excellence to all Indian wed ding ceremonies while honouring the different religious conviction and faith. wedding catering etc with our specialized wedding planning services. It will offer roma ntic theme. The team member at Shubh vivah strives hard to acknowledge the exact requiremen ts of the bride and bridegroom family members. relatives and friends. Company Background :ShubhVivah group is established with the cumulative efforts of Miss Nikita Modi and my supportive father. Their inte nse knowledge and experience in handling different ceremonies like mehendi. Th eir strong consideration and profound knowledge about Indian wedding planning sk ills combine the rich traditional culture along with the modern décor. It is their high mental calibre and competitive pricing that satisfies different classes of society. Nikita Modi Chairman . .plans your wedding and its all ceremonies. Our all team members plans. Exceptional Services :We offer the best wedding planning services including wedding caterer. Our purpose is to make the best marriage arrangements as we recognize the significance of we dding in one’s life and their family members. coacktail. experience and world of joy. Our all efforts are made to allur e the wedding themes. They make the perfect wedding arrangements while offering the customized wedding planning solutions to realize their dreams into reality. wedding gifts. charm and perfect wedding atmosphere.exotic wedding theme etc. organize and execute the wedding arrangements w hile understanding the basic and mandatory necessities of community religions an d communities. After a through market research . With Warm Regard. exclusivity. wedding decoration. wedding lightning. We consider the significant wedding requirements for more relaxation and happiness that too without ignoring any rit ual. Modi Pvt. wedding lighting. They make their best efforts from catering to sitting ar rangements to create beauty. Ltd. Professional Team :The professional team of ShubhVivah understands the client wedding expectations and needs as it helps them in organizing all the wedding ceremonies. . the thinking of the p eople who want to experience a different kind of wedding. the beach wedding theme. We also assist our clients for exclu sive honeymoon packages. We meticulous ly understand the wedding phases and comprehensive wedding necessities and make it one of the most remarkable moments of life. We are well set to welcome you all very soon and give you a complete new experie nce of your memorable wedding. etc relief the bride and bridegroom fami ly from wedding stress. and hotel arrangements etc to relieve them from wedding tensions. fantasy wedding theme. Chairman’s message Welcome to Shube Vivah! It gives me immense pleasure to bring to you a complete new experience of your ‘w edding’. wedding venue. Shubh Vivah will operate a chain of different wedding themes. we are launching a com plete new set of ambience. wedding transport and other wedding necessities.

florist. We e valuate all your wedding requirements and bring the entire solution under one he ad. We share your entire wedding anxiety and provide the best wedding planner soluti on. singers and choreographers for the wedding day.. photographer. Professional Expertise Our qualified and knowledgeable Indian Wedding Planners recognize your wedding . We have the best ca terer.......... To create special mom ent shubh vivah give their all effort because we understand that the wedding day so important for everyone .. shu bh vivah provide them services according to their budget. our wedding planner experts offer the b est entertainers like DJs.. Planning and budgeting We make wedding planning while analyzing the client’s budget. Types of incorporation Modi is a Private Limited Company Why shubh vivah Our wedding planner experts follow the simpler wedding planning process as we wa nt everyone to enjoy and remember each wedding moment.... we have successfully coo rdinated with different themes and concepts of décor.. flower wedding or beach wedding. So. So.. We al so make arrangements of singers for mehndi wali. We also customize the different wedding themes and concepts.. bindi wali and oth er occasion.. We ma ke sure that all friends... . so provide services according their budget is also a objective for Shubh Vivah. Everyone want their marriage in different style and with innovative ideas.... Our wedding planne r team offers the best list of necessary wedding things and suggests the best am ong them also... table layouts and floral set ups. Our skilled Wedding Planners in India assures about the complete wedding ser vices and wedding entertainment.. Coordinating themes and concepts Be it a royal wedding... Objectives Of Shubh Vivah Main objective of Shubh vivah is to create a memorable day for everyone. Organizing entertainers Music is the breath of any wedding. bangle wali.. One can find the best wedding package that suits its budget or contact us for enjoying t he special moment with affordable price.Our all wedding plans are organized while considering the different wedding them es.... family members and relatives enjoy the overall wedding ceremony in the chosen wedding venue (destination) and have a lavish affair wit h all the pomp and show of an Indian wedding..... The wedding experience with ShubhVivah will surely bring the joy and contentmen t and everyone will keep remembering our wedding planning services forever. coordinating and executing wedding requirements.. Making your special moment an unforgettable celebration is main objective of Shu bh Vivah. wedding decoration and other wedding necessities. decorator. wedding catering. our shaadi team member brings d eeper insight before planning. venue and much more... Giving them all happiness which they deserve .. Distinctive Insight The wedding planner experts at Shaadionlines acknowledge the significance of wed ding ceremony and its pressures and worries. About Us Shaadionlines is a best online platform for Indian Weddings and ceremonies.....

Weddings are made in heaven but it is planned on earth. You just hav e to name it and we will create the best royal wedding as per your royal taste. orchids and roses. Serving Clients The customer uniqueness. we arrange the best wedding themes depending upon the client preferences and requirements. wedding photography. Our efficient shaadi member staff manages. carnations. wedding caterer.. palaces and temples. Our wedd ing planner services India creates the happiness. fountains and lights t o enchant the entire wedding environment. wedding lightning. orchids and r oses. weddi ng music & entertainment. enthusiasm and zeal in all occ asion Our services.. We successfully combine the different wedding themes ranging from traditional to ultra modern like: olors and flowers like marigold. We promise to manage the entire wedding things and at the same time assure satisfaction at both ends . Romantic wedding theme: Romantic wedding theme reveals the love in the air. cel ebrates and enjoys each moment of the wedding occasion and makes sure that nothi ng lacks anywhere. Indian wedding theme also needs the carved statues.. So. carnations. Unique Services We offer the wide array of wedding planner services to solve the troubles of dif ferent community and religions. We successfully combine the differe nt wedding themes ranging from traditional to ultra modern like: Some of our exclusive wedding themes are discussed below: Typical traditional wedding theme: We arrange the best traditional mandaps and stage with the classic colors flowers and some specific flora.requirements and brings the most valuable wedding solution.. cultural and historical wedding themes in different forts.. We make best efforts in organizing and managing the best wedding a rrangements in all metropolitan cities including Delhi. So. Wedding Themes Indian wedding theme requires some specific accessories like beautiful drapes of different colors and flowers like marigold.. we arrange the best wedding themes depending u pon the client preferences and requirements. So. So. wedding transport are designed while understanding all you r wedding requirements. Indian wedding theme also needs the carved statues. The entire wedding theme. wedding venue. wedding decorations. gerberas. Royal wedding theme: We have the wide experience of managing rich. it is advisable to p lan your wedding needs and desires with the outstanding wedding planners like Sh ubhVivah. Our services will surely create superb atmosphere while delivering exc ellence to all wedding ceremonies. . You will find the amazing traditional wedding theme without ignoring the rituals and customs. NCR and Mumbai. Our services helps in accepting and managing the entire wedding needs like: •Wedding Theme Parties •Wedding Music & Entertainment •Wedding Caterer •Wedding Lightning •Wedding Venue •Wedding Decorations •Wedding Photography •Wedding Transport It is the sheer hard work and determination that evolves the light of happiness in the whole wedding environment. fountains and lights to enchant th e entire wedding environment. convenience and value for money are the agenda of our skilled team. gerberas.

relatives and fr iends enjoy and feel the rhythm of the astonishing music.etc. everyone ar ranges the singers for the bhajan like Mata Ki Choki or Gurubani. Wedding Traditional Performers Traditions and customs are the integral part of the Indian festive and marriage. we arrange the best traditional performers for Mehandi ki raat. So. Wedding Bhajan Singers Wedding ceremony is incomplete without the blessings of the God. Dholki geet. beat of the Dhol . We make the proper arrangements f or all occasion like: Wedding bands We provide the best Music bands. Our music specialists make their bes t efforts to create the musical echo in wedding environment. Wedding DJ’s Wedding DJ’s is the base of entertainment in any occasion. fantasy wedding the me. Some photos of our themes Wedding Music & Entertainment Wedding Music & Entertainment Celebrate your royal wedding or beach wedding or customized wedding with best In dian wedding planner Shubh Vivah. Our professional wedding music and entertainment services will surely help thebr ides and bridegroom family to enjoy the most. We arrange the red roses and the red drapes with the different combinations. . The whole wed ding air smells like a sweet romantic sensation. You will find the best wedding profess ional music performers from shennai to Biddai. We make sure t hat our organized bhajan singers soothe your soul and mind and supports in enjoy ing the God’s grace. flower wedding theme . And there are other customized wedding themes that can be offered at the client’s request. Ghadoli. The amazing song and th eir remixes rock the whole wedding ceremony and let the family. Their creative and innovative ideas make your wedding ceremony into a real celebration. Fusion Bands and Jugalbandi’s among Ustads for th e welcome of Bharati’s or enjoying reception. etc to assist our clients in a m ore flexible and stylish manner. Other wedding theme: We also offer the beach wedding theme. And no can enjoy the full jest of marriage without the traditional dance & mast i So. We make sure that our entire weddi ng assistance brings happiness and joy. Our entire wedding planner team takes care of y our overall needs.all arrangements should speak about the loving and warm environment.exotic wedding theme. P unjabi boliya.

Mongolian. glassware. Our experts ideally arranges the best wedding caterer including Punjabi. serv ing dishes. chairs. tables. c aterer and monetary needs and suggest the suitable answer. We can also create the customized cuisine for the major wedding functions. So. North Indian. South I ndian. crystal. linen. We will analyze your wedding venue. Our approach is very flexible for guidance while reducing the wedding pressure. Suggesting menu plan We will help you to design the perfect menu plan for the guest list. Chinese. Not all wedding caterer can acknow ledge the perfectly suited tastes and the occasion. etc that too in the hygienic condition. highly trained staff to sui t the event and décor. Our wedding ca terers will provide the high quality food with unique presentation depending upo n the taste and preferences. personalized menu and their presentation. presentation and the occasion. They will take care of the tableware. one must engage the wedd ing planners like ShubhVivah that offers the overall wedding arrangement under o ne head. We host our all clients by: Finding suitable Caterer Our huge database of caterer will help you to locate the best wedding caterer fo r your wedding and pre-wedding ceremonies. . Mexican. Ensuring proper presentation skills Our suggested wedding caterers ensure the excellent dinnerware. Continental and other cuisines for the specific occasion.Wedding Caterer Wedding Catering Wedding catering requires careful and meticulous planning about different cuisin es. silverware. We make the best efforts while sitting with clients for finalizing their desired menu.

            . Infact they apply the best wedding applications for w edding stage decorations. supariwala . Not all wedding planners or wedding decorator can understand your wedding spark le and needs of the wedding day. Wedding Decorations Wedding Decorations Choosing the best wedding decorators for your perfect wedding is very important. Our suggested wedding stage designers evaluate the unique concept for the different stages. our recommended mandap decorators design and create the unique mandaps along with the perfect flower arrangements. chaatwala . Entrance gate Decoration The beauty and fragrance at entrance gate with vivid color combinations and vari eties flowers make the wedding ceremony an unforgettable moment of your life. food canopies.Entertaining special requests We can also support our customers with the miscellaneous catering services like organizing the wedding cake. etc. crystal etc as expected by bride and bridegroom family members. We enhance the w hole wedding environment while recreating the exotic locales and fascinating cul tural glimpses at mandap. Their flower arrangement. glass. Our tru st is to relieve you from wedding catering dilemma or other wedding arrangements . entrance gate and other significant areas. Mandap Decoration Our wedding planner experts understand the significance of mandap decoration in the wedding ceremonies. paanwala . So you need the best wedding decorators like Sh ubh vivah to celebrate your wedding day. Our wedding decoration professional celebrates your wedding bells decorations wi th amazing decorations. Our mandaps artis an uses the wood. So. We create the best combination of traditional and contem porary décor designs for: Wedding Stages We organize the superb traditional or ethnic style wedding stages in clients exp ected budgets. fiber. sitting arran gements. Ou r elective wedding decorators apply the different ideas and themes to create the amazing effect. etc will zeal the complete wedding day.

our experts will capture and elaborate both bride and groom photography. We will make you aware about all the necessary wedding arrangement including the professional wedding photographers. friends or relatives to reach the wedding ve nue destination that without spoiling their wedding dresses. Our recommended wedding photography profess ionals will understand the wedding ceremonies photography needs and assist. We feel honored to have a wide satisfied clientele for different wedding occasio n like Sagan. Engagement. etc. Mehndi. Wedding Transport Wedding Transport Now days both the bride’s side and groom’s side requires the perfect wedding transpo rt to reach the wedding venue. So. We make sure that you watch and enjoy the amazing m ovements and replay them over a period of time.Sitting arrangements Decoration Without proper table décor or sitting no can enjoy the flavors of wedding ceremoni es. . Sangeet. it is very important to organize the wedding transport or one can also consider the suggestion of wedding planners. So. we organize the best sitting arrangements decoration to enhance the over all vitality of the function. They have excellent connection and links with the wedding transport suppliers an d moreover it will ease the family. Our wedding planner experts can also assist the bride or bridegroom about the di fferent travelling destinations and support in: • Getting tickets for the destination • Arranging accommodation • Suitable arrival from residence • Special vehicle for the groom • Exclusive wedding transports We also make arrangements for the special buses and cars like Mercedes or limous ine that too beautifully decorated with flowers and banners. It can be the funniest or biddai or any heart touching moment. Wedding Photography Wedding Photography Wedding Photography is yet another essential part of the Indian wedding. But you should always make a wiser decision before hiring any wedding photographer or you can contact the professional wedding planner services offered by Shubh Vivah. If you want to know more about the wedding photography ceremony then let us help you with the best wedding photographers. Moving Wedding Photography Our professional wedding photographers capture all the interesting actions throu gh the best digital cameras. Wedding Photography through professional photographer helps you to capture the beautifu l moments while cherishing your wedding memories lifetime.

magazines etc. jewellers. Basically all the information you may need to plan that perfect wedding .000(3 Crore) Salaries Re. i feel the real experience that which things are needed to make company.000.000(2 Crore) 5. Conclusion As a student . Searchin g the information on the internet & from the books.00.00. We have interviews with leading designers. We can also manage the horse or some specific transport mode for the bridegroom to move to the marriage venue.00. etc. I would like to suggest all the wedding companies that they provide their servic es to rural area. Crore) 2. I got very much knowledge . Learning experience Learning points I learn the positive approach which we should give to our company with the help of that we can achieve our goal. 50. This will allow users to shop the latest wedding collections be it saris.00.000(1 Crore) 3. makeup artists. . More services are in the offing over the next 6 months. salwar suit s. gifting items or home furnishings for the couple’s new home.00.00. their plans and structure.000. hairstylis ts. It is also felt me that my dream come true. it was a great opportunity to felt li ke a manager. We want to reached lots of cities of India but we also approach to small cities and change their wedding experience. resort wear.000 Future plans Our third offering is e-commerce which we are launching on 10th Jan. To make a imaginary company is a tough work. Financial Data Source of funds Own capital Bank loan Application of funds Land and building Furniture & textures Other expenses 5. 2012. I keenly observed what is service sector & its requirements. I enjoyed ver y much.The bride or bridegroom families have to decide and let us know their ideal wedd ing transport mode.000 (5 Crore) 10.

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