December 19, 2012 Dear MTA Employees: As you have likely heard by now, I will be resigning my position as Chairman and

Chief Executive Officer of the MTA effective December 31, 2012. It has been a privilege and a joy to lead this organization since November of last year. During that time, we continued our unprecedented efforts to make the MTA more efficient while still serving our customers safely and reliably. I am particularly proud of two initiatives that were implemented on my watch. First, New York City Transit’s successful FASTRACK program realized more than $16 million in productivity gains in 2012 by concentrating and targeting our station maintenance efforts. Stations that have been through the FASTRACK program look better than they have in decades and our investments in this program will pay off for years to come in terms of improved wait times and customer safety. Second, the $29.5 million service investment package announced in July not only restored some of the service eliminated in 2010, but also provided an opportunity to add new service to underserved areas – like Williamsburg and the Brooklyn Navy Yard – that have exploded with new residential development in recent years. But I am proudest of all of MTA’s performance before, during, and after Superstorm Sandy last October. Our efforts to safeguard the system as the storm approached were superb, and our recovery after the storm hit was nothing short of miraculous. Many MTA employees live in areas that were the hardest hit by Sandy, like the Rockaways and Staten Island, but even as you were tending to the needs of your own homes and families, you were also here, clearing trees from the right-of-way, pumping out stations and tunnels, driving buses through some of the worst traffic we have ever experienced in New York, and restoring signals, switches, and relays. The entire nation saw the grit and professionalism of MTA employees and marveled at what we were able to accomplish in a few short days as the rest of the region reeled from the after-effects of the storm. Our recovery efforts made a lasting impression upon our customers, who came to appreciate how vital and indispensible the MTA is to our entire region. People still thank me for the MTA’s performance after the storm, and my response is always the same – the thanks should properly go to you, who pulled together as never before to bring the system back from Sandy’s devastation. Following the effective date of my resignation, New York City Transit President Tom Prendergast will be serving as interim executive director. I have the highest regard and admiration for Tom and am pleased that he has agreed to take on this added responsibility. Vice Chairman Fernando Ferrer will preside over Board meetings as Acting Chairman until a new Chairman/CEO is confirmed by the Senate. Again, thank you for all your support over the past year. I wish you and your families the happiest of holiday seasons and a joyous and prosperous 2013. All the best,

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