AS Outline Schedule


Autumn/Spring Term
JMT 1 SP 5

YR12 2012/3
SP 4-5 JMT 2


BL = Blog UL = Upload DL = Deadline

OL = Outside of lessons WA = Warning – staff will check work is done PR = personal response

.INT = Staff will intervene if you’re behind

GB = Group Blog IB = Individual Blog

There are a lot of tasks to complete. You must work hard, efficiently and keep up. Staff will help you. Expect to be chased up. . You will NEED TO MEET IN YOUR FREES TO COMPLETE . OL
10/12 Starting Project – intro unit, tasks and outline schedule for completion. Get production Booklet Planning

Week No 14


Work to be completed

Blogging to be completed




Meetings at least 1

Looking at Opening Sequences – make bullet point notes - BL Look at past student work – BL response Plots to get you started –start work on narrative idea Look at credit sequences and titles – make bullet point notes – BL READ Pink Production Booklet – esp guidance Planning/decision on idea to be complete – group meetings to finalise plot before Hols AIM – to complete a Storyboard (and Shooting Schedule over hols to be complete) If not – storyboards to be completed by every INDIVIDUAL based on group idea Research Production companies Get some initial Audience response to planned ideas
Planning Ends this term End of Term – Thursday – no more lessons

ALL work set to be blogged up to now from class and homework must be (IB) – See list from Mr Philip and Blog post from Mrs T Research to be blogged IB (and any planning) Ensure know blog skills (listed on blog) – have labels, links to main blog, clear non-cwk items from blog Follow Yr12 blog by email so you get updates Continuity editing, camera work, sound, light and Industry work can be blogged – adapt Admin Mrs T onto your blog Prelim seq on blog (feed fish) Set up Group Blog – set Production Co Name Link to Yr12 Blog, each other and Admin Mrs T Give address to Mrs T – make sure linked to Yr12 Blog Blog initial responses to your idea from first audience (first basic ‘audience research’ – use ‘focus groups’ and one to one meetings) UL photos of your meetings to GB UL images/screenshots of first ideas IB (esp/even if later not used) Planning Ends this term

- catching up - Editing tasks and hwk set on blog - have session with technician if necessary Make sure all work is done!  Storyboards Research initial Ideas with ‘audience’

Sat 22 Dec CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS – Sun th 6 Jan


1. Catch up! ALL tasks not done to be caught up 2. Individual Storyboards based on group idea to be prepared – will be checked first lesson back – WA 3. Get range age/gender (Family/Friends) feedback on idea for Opening Sequence

AS Student Outline Schedule Autumn Spring Production detail.docx

Hwk to catch up

Week No 16 (1) Date 7/1

H I N T - Share jobs to get this all done – don’t do one thing at a time!!
Start at 10.30am – TWO WEEKS FILMING ONLY Finalise plans in group – Create final storyboard by end of week if not already done – GET APPROVAL from teachers JMT SP Create shooting schedule Start filming/book cameras and sessions for filming Plan locations, costumes, script, risk assessment, actors Swap numbers/emails INT Snagging/Finalising any planning Filming Log & Capture footage Start basic editing of sequence NOW Someone to work on soundtrack – initial ideas and experiment with garageband (even though no visuals) Someone to start art work for titles/credits PRINCIPAL FILMING ENDS ALL footage to be logged & captured by now into FINAL CUT projects – get group log on details from Michael Start Editing Soundtrack ideas should be researched and blogged – started in GB by now (even though no sequence yet) Artwork for Titles and Credits should be well underway Two of group must have edited by now INT Filming Pick ups – MA to co-ordinate Editing Rough Cuts to a 2 mins sequence - if agreed with teachers, pick ups (Gaps for titles allowed) Other two in group to edit now Get next feedback from other students (as ‘audience’) Take pics/video of group editing Start at 10.30am UL Photos of your meetings GB UL Images/Video of your plans GB UL recordings of your decisions/discussions – use ‘Soundcloud’ and Youtube GB Record and UL your ‘behind the scenes footage’ GB – will need EDITING! Blog your progress so far – group (GB) Blog your personal response to all of above – (IB) Blog your progress GB Blog your PR to progress and ideas on IB Blog IB your research into Credit & Titles Sequences BL response to qual of shots/reflection on filming process PRINCIPAL FILMING ENDS Blog editing decisions – choices with video examples – GB – two editors to choose which (one each) Own PR on IB to at least 2 editing decisions Blog PR to Soundtrack & Titles (UL some egs of work so far on GB Blog IB individual research to music in Op Seq and titles/credits with bullet notes/analysis as research evidence UL images of editing to GB (x2) BL response to TEACHER FEEDBACK GB and IB Blog editing decisions – choices with video examples – GB – OTHER two editors to choose which (one each) BL GROUP response to audience feedback GB and PR IB UL and PR editing decisions IB UL to GB videos/images of editing process UL next stage (esp/even if unfinished) of titles/credits artwork IB PR to progress on film so far, how project going, experience of process and film quality

Meetings – 2 Film OL Film OL, Edit OL 1 Editing – 4 each Editing – 4 each

Work to be completed

Blogging to be completed

Blogging Personal responses Keep blogging 1 post every 2 days Blog response to rushes

17 (2)


18 (3)


Blog thoughts on first edits
Blog research

into sound in Op seq & titles/credits

19 (4)


Catching up blogs, keeping log of process

AS Student Outline Schedule Autumn Spring Production detail.docx

Week No 20 (5)


Sat 16 Feb HALF TERM – th Sun 24 Feb


1. Blogs to be finalised ready to submit Monday (except film and evaluation questions 2. Serious attempt at text for ALL evaluation questions – prep scripts and data for electronic versions 3. Work to be ready for STAFF SCRUTINY upon return NO EXCEPTIONS - WA – serious consequences if not done!! TEACHER CHECKING OF EVAL WORK OVER HALF TERM – teacher approval required BEFORE putting anything into any format and onto blog – share and get approval for notes and plan of mode. Book MAC SLOTS as computers will be very busy – all yr13 and yr11 also using! Book any recording/required equipment – also will be used a lot so get in bookings early Complete Evaluation - questions and techniques including required software skills – MUST match question answer (with examples) to method/mode – annotate video examples on youtube and embed, use Soundcloud/Glogster/Prezi/Wix/ Powerpoint appropriately Think about the possibility of a Director’s Commentary 7 Questions to do in 2 weeks – a LOT TO DO!!! Clip video examples and UL on IB and GB, UL film to Youtube (or check Michael has done) Eval Qs and Video should be last uploaded onto blog so they show first – film should be the very last upload (and so the first post seen by the examiner). Video must be uploaded into blog OR embedded. Should FIT the space properly Invite friends to showcase next week – get audience feedback recording forms ready Video Audience feedback process for UL onto GB SNAGGING Any problems to be addressed - Incomplete work chased – Phone calls home/Letters/Time off timetable/punishment (and marks lost) INT Snagging – MA to co-ordinate

MR PHILIP will teach Exam Topic from now – only Mrs T lessons for cwk

Expect to use all your frees and after School

22 (7)


Show & Edits

21 (6)


INT Editing Rough Cuts – MA to co-ordinate Snagging & Editing for showcase  th INTERNAL SHOWCASE of final films THURSDAY 14 Gain audience feedback Evaluation Questions Issued – to be prepped as hwk for next half term.

BL response to TEACHER FEEDBACK GB and IB BL audience response from Showcase Gain audience feedback Evaluation Questions Issued – to be prepped as hwk for next half term. FILM TO BE SUBMITTED to Michael in CORRECT FORMAT for showcase by WEDNESDAY LUNCH th OPENING SEQUENCE OF FILM FINAL TO BE SUBMITTED – CORRECT FORMAT! FRIDAY 15

Editing - 4

Final Editing for cut Titles and Credits in Soundtrack in and finalised this week Canvas opinion from students in class on Sound/Art for titles etc/Prod Co logo – record and respond (BL) START LOOKING AT THE EVALUATION QUESTIONS NOW - ASK QUESTIONS!

Final Editing UL examples of last work on artwork – titles/credits Blog PR (IB) on at least two areas of work – sound, titles, music, audience responses Evaluate (IB) – progress, project so far BL the audience respond to sound etc UL more videos/pics/evidence of work in progress etc



Work to be completed

Blogging to be completed

Blog last editing decisions Blog Audience response to sound etc Blog response to internal audience feedback

Film Ind Hwk Eval Qs

AS Student Outline Schedule Autumn Spring Production detail.docx

Expect to use all your frees and after School
As previous

Week No 23 (8)


24 (9)


Continue as previous week to completion. Complete prep for audience showcase – record with video?? Collate Audience feedback and respond on blog (IB and GB) Reflection on whole technical process and final film IB (PR) Reflect on group work and process – now there is some distance between you and your film – what do you think? Complete Self Assessment and Colleague appraisal paperwork Complete front sheet for coursework Complete SUBMISSION FORM Even better if?? (IB and GB) th EXTERNAL SHOWCASE of final films THURSDAY 7 – LUNCHTIME make sure friends invited! INT Snagging – MA to co-ordinate FINALISING and SNAGGING INT JMT to co-ordinate for AMD th Thurs 14 Academic Mentoring Day – CATCH UP DAY if you’re behind – marks could be lost! Evaluation Question Deadline TH DEADLINE FOR EVALUATION QUESTIONS – FRIDAY 15 MARCH 2PM



Work to be completed

Blogging to be completed

Homework Film Ind Hwk Eval Qs

Film Ind Hwk Eval Qs

25 (10)

Yr10 WEX

INT HOD SNAGGING PROJECTS TV Drama preliminary activity What is TV Drama?

Teaching G322 – Film Industry Presentations Low Budget Films Cont’d

Film Ind Hwk Snagging

26 (11)
M,Tu, ½ W

Yr10 WEX


Teaching G322 – Film Industry Digital Technology

Film Ind Hwk TV Drama Hwk Snagging

TV Drama preliminary activity Representation in TV Drama Moderation Day for Marking TERM ENDS Weds 27th 1pm TERM ENDS Weds 27th 1pm Thursday – INSET (Moderation) Thursday – INSET (Moderation) Fri 29th March - EASTER HOLIDAYS – Sun 14th April

INT Where a RED BOX shows, a checkpoint has been reached – those who are not finished WILL BE chased to complete – the red text will indicate what is being chased – missed deadlines = lost marks
Close monitoring of progress - intervention after each ‘sub’ stage - Frees to be used (at least one per week) – Blogs/Work monitored to ensure being completed AS Student Outline Schedule Autumn Spring Production detail.docx

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