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Id ronen in spandex. Superheroes, : imry goeghavealways beena barcmeterof the anxietylevels lE|ItC r fuplanet wecall home.After all, e first superhero, Superman qfmelt, qras -orld's created the turbulent in lE?Isjust after the Grcat Depression ad roseto the peak of his popularity .rrdng the S€cond World War He ns quickly followedby a plethora of usually clad saviours humaniry of Themore heroic oddballsthercare fung around our skies,swinging aroundour metuopolises otherwise or mashing themlesof physicgthenthe Iikelierit is that somethingalarming is grawing at our collectivepsyche. Soit shouldcomeasno surprise that, in a world somemight argue u evenmore dangerous and unpredictable than it was half a century ago,we haye a hit TV show that features epic the adventuesof a grcup of ordinary peoplewho developsuperpowe$and com€,often reluctantly, to rcalisethat it's theirmission to save planet. the "I really do believe that the showhastapped rntothezeitgeist of how we all feelliving in a troubledwor1d," explainsTim Kring, :he showhoeatot ::king a breakfrom harunering out storylinesand scriptsfor i:ason Three, to start due - ::::ns soon."The stor).telling ' = Dal.almost mythological. --:e:\ I:e-= =:: of good versus evil, of 6E :r::::-_, beingchosen for e-i: :--,. 3c\'enture push d:q::c-=: = :]i erlus." Irtu*& :i: = :::oq aboutsudden, drmrrt mst :==:.a:s irom the ordba4, ro ft :-.:::::an. the succts cf ft G.e! i.:\tr::-Ec a f*-of is an h nai iie I- ia.: hasbea r-r--rfrq cixurif.' to global udci kioe ri:a: theircharasi &rltr bale -ro get usedto d|drlrr-hd fr. HofiE19-25Arr20(}8

:Etjld .\ erl thing from exploding a::ercid. tSrar lllars) to gigantic s?rE | 7ie Pe.feclStorm).,,'flrcre are rimizrii5 ls6ve€1 l{iro,s experience For Masi Oka, the experience of of all, fun ard laughsto the show." and mio: oi:i I really enjoyedmy suddencelebrityhashad its upsand But gettingusedto public recognition time \.orlias a! ILM. I d still be downs.His chamcte! Hiro, wasan hasbeenhard. "I really am quite a hag- tba::;- I badi beenlucky immediatehit with fans (hewasonly private pelson.I usedto enjoygoing eDough bare ..iis hap!,en." to addedto the mix at a late stage the to restaurants in aloneand beingby An addiriEai qur* ii rhat Hiro show'sgestation,after Kring's wife myself,watchingpeople. Now people sp€aks fortle mo* pari in Japanesg rcportedly noted that noneof the tend to sta& or sit down right in giving Oka th€ rrDu:-ual of tak charucters actually,y'know, was front of me.But it's rewardingwhen hanslating his wn dtale]le (haliDg ehjoyingthei ne\\ powers).A comic- a kid comesup to me and recognises beenbom in Tokp. he\ floent ). book nerd trappedin a dull company me.That'sfun." But isnt therea temptadoDto rc\\rite cubicle,Hiro wakesup onemorning Part of the reasonOka channels his dialogue? After all qio on rhe to find that he canbend,stretch, Hiro's purejoy soeffectively that is showwould know the ditrer€aoel short-circuit and otherwisemolest their experiences unnervingly are "Occasionally,I changelittle things the passage time He'sbecomea of prcviousjob close. Oka's just to makethemmore colloquialwasas geekbearinggifts,if you will and a special-effects wizard or perhapsmore how I think Hiro a figure of adoration for officeat GeorgeLucast wouldphrase it,"he says. "But bound dreamers ever,'where. company otherwise an actortjob to serve it's "Some fanssee something Industrial thescript,soI l€ave alone." it of themselves Hiro," in says Oka."It's livingout a fantasy.And hebrings this geat eneryy and,most part of the fothcoming series. "Season Twois goingto begin with two parallel timelines,onestarting four monthsaftertheexplosion and theother- mainlyHiro'sstoryline stating400years thepast. in And \re ll see howtheyaffect each other." It's alsoa chanc€to live out yet another fantasy,praDcingaround deckedout like a samurai."It's the dreamof many Japanese boys," he says. "We grow up playing samurailike kids in America play cowboys. Evencrime showson Japanese are TV setin f€udal Japan!" For Adrian Pasdar, who playsflying politician Nathaa Petrelli (and fans of 80s movies may z remember him from Top Gun),thebrcuhaha. that surroundsthe show is gratifying and is fun 6 while it lasts.But he's = awarefrom experience that stardomis fleeting. "It's soabstmct and difficult to geta handle on how succ€ssful it's become whenwele = = in th€middleof it, working, tryiDgto do thebestjobwe can.Therewasone s momentwe got a >

"We up grotlvplaying samurailike play kids America cowboys" in


< rcal rasteof what it waslike to be t}le Beaal€g" Pasdarof stepping says tri'a tow-bus in Paristo begre€ted :1.thousands screaming of fans, *ien the showwent on a worldwide Funt to drum up publicity. ,,But itt so ternporary You alwaysknow therc'sgoing to beanothernewhit showand a new bunchof people io the limelight. The r€albenefitis that it givesyou the ability to choose work downtheline.',

js l. Where Earth Hiro?Andwhen?The on acflon_packed Season finalesaw rocketed One him hundredsofyears back intimeto feudalJapan. He,sappeared inearlierepisodes a as samurai-1,1/arrior (mysterjously speaking f tuent English, unlike todav'sHiro), thenheclaimed befromthefuture! but to ?. Didthatnicepeter Petrellirealty expiode? The lasttime wesaw hewas him, glowing a nasty with radioactive intensity had and been swooped intothe up stratosphere hisbrother by Nathan,just timeto save in NYC. it looked But tikethe brothers goners... were 3. Was Matt parkman killed withhisownbu ets?The telepathk tookon badguySylaratKirbyplaza, cop the location theclimactic for showdown. Sylar But hurled the ammoback the hapless at potrceman, wounding him- apparenflyfata y. 4. Given theshowb that other Keywomen a cheerleader are anda formerstrippet viewers could forgiven be forthinkjng thatnewHero Maya Herera is a topless waitress. know We she! a refugee tryingto escape the curse herpowetaccompanied of byhertwin, Alejandro, whose supeitarent own comptements ners, whats theconnection theotherHeroes? but with 5. Will finatty outthesignifjcance thestranoe we find of symbol referred asthe helixbVtheshow,s to wrilers? 6. lsSylardead? serial illerspent The k Season pursuino One ourtalented ganq, intent killjng on themand L stealing theirabilities. was He stabbed Hirq by butmaybe haven't thelastof him.., we seen Z. JustwhatistheCompanyand isit why sointerested theHeroes? in 8. How a rotewiltthe big Shantivirus play? ltcantemporarily repress the Heroes' poweIs, itb alsocapable but of wiping normal out humans. 9.What happened thefinalissue to of 9fh lfonders!? Before hewas murdered bySylatprecognjtive lsaac artist [4endez sentanas-yet-unseen ofthecomic issue offtothe publishers.., ,O. What these are mysterious eclipses cropupat keymoments that intheplot?What theysignify? do Not to mention thecockroaches . AS all ..

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timing."I think these things arc cyclical,"he says. 'iAad timing is ahugepartofit. Therewasa fanbase waiting forjust this kind of show. Fifteenor20yearsago, the demographic who d watcha show aboutsuperheroes younger was I think the intercstkindled back then hastruly caughtfue now asthose peoplearein their 20sand 30s. And that feelingof 'what would it belike to fly?' that you havewhenyou,refive or six neverreally leaves.,, If Season Oneendedon an undoubted,and litera1, high a.cliffh€-nger left Nathan way that above New York holding his aboutto-explode brother Season One...he admits .And we,recertainly taking advantagq comingtacb or ha;ngh.J',lirJ "n to re$oup. ButI think whenpeoole lookback at thisshowi" fo "'"ilrliJ/ yearsfrom now,it,ll alf p"ri"J, sense.I think itwas co*ugaoururrd -*" noble to takeanotherungi. unOnoi just to rcpeatthe idea, O;" "iS";; Ard Tim Kring is anything but unhappywitlithe ** ,"ii".. ,.ff Seus#On" wasai;;, ;;;;ry peopleleaming to deal *lifri".g' extraordinary ihen Seuson Two ias several our now extraordinarv of characters trying to b" .We,re intiodicing a"iair".v. gr"ut coupt'of

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to concentuate character on development the expense the at of driving plot and action that had cbaracterised show\frst outing. rhe. oroDr stt we wlth some fans. They maoelnelr drsappotnlment iD clear a cborus internet of bellyaching. r Bu !t wasa movethat Pasdaradmires.

pasdar ;il:'i:::::lijXi Adrian 1:ffi:il.#,n* perhapsforcedby circumstancg A city
that needs hopegetsu her; in what canonly be deicribedasan extremely unikely package,, Anlthing elseioi fans io look forrard toi-Oh yer.:t; ;;; .b", Heroes have save *oild frorn to tha toraldestrucdon...Of course thevdo. Whatelse heroes lC", i'"rni are forf

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