Infamous Mobb feat Big Noyd - Tonite Asheru and Blue Black - Truly Unique (Smoothbeats Remix #1) Black

Moon - How Many Emcees (Smoothbeats Remix) ( ums/viewtopic.php?t=439) Deltron - Love Story psychokinetics - How'd i get here (song: miles and miles away...) pharcyde - evolution q tip - wont trade freddie foxx - who knows why mos def - new world water (Devilman Despacam, some dubstep rem ix) illy emcee - untitled work illy emcee - time and error ARCHIVE - 2009-05-09 - Dank Dealz Post Subdot Skankout (not sure yet-->) RCHIVE - 2007-12-22 - Part Time Sucker Radio Chicago Feat #(has very very familiar song in it) RCHIVE - 2009-12-03 - Dubs Alive Radio With Special Guest XI #(good song in on e) ARCHIVE - 2011-06-11 - JVIZ Renegades Before Two Week Outin g With Guest DJ Dynoma #ARCHIVE - 2012-03-24 - RogueDub Radio With 4Star Always420 Sigrah And FSTZ method man - sweet love Wu Tang Clan feat Ron Isley - Back In The Game get cerritos alstar (monday mixshows) live archive from november 13 1:01am (http :// ++++monday mixup - nov 26 11:24pm - monday *mixup* get TTYRADIO.NET DJ SCANDALES nov 16 7:37pm

time machine - night lights (space lyr) Eightball feat Goodie Mob - Backyard Mississippi Blackstar - Get By (Produced by Dj Manifest for Metropolis Music) Pete Rock - Microphonist Wanderlust royce 59 - what i know notorious big feat too short - big booty hoes Somobe - Something's Gonna Happen M-Boogie featuring Rasco - Bustin' guru - no more ****

camp lo - sky box dj quik - dollaz n sense sticky fingaz - ghetto adriana evans - reality (bobby wilkins remix) big noyd - going right at em #Nice and Smooth - Sometimes I Rhyme Slow guru - mashin up da world Biggie vs Frank Sinatra - Nasty Boy, For Every Man There's A Woman big boi - daddy fat sacks cormega - beautiful mind #the lyricists - compliments - 2011-02-08 - JaimeLeDubstep With Construct From Montreal royce da 59 - whats beef #ARCHIVE - 2008-10-28 - Tape Delay Tactics With DJ Steppo Cunninlynguists feat Tonedeff - Love Aint (fast rapping) beanie sigel - stop, chill ? hooverphonic - 2wicky ( - chilled)

#hydroponic sound system - delirium ---- cant get no sleep tnonight ll cool j - homicide too short - nasty rhymes #dre zoom zoom nice and smooth - sometimes i rhyme slow time machine - spelling bee #medina green - crosstown beef ft. mos def #lateef the truth speaker - the wreckoning #phife dawg - ventilation #cunninlynguists - nasty filthy #q-tip - lets ride #lords of the underground - chief rocka ARCHIVE - 2008-06-08 - Supernormous Renagade Bacon Sessions With KidLogic From L A

uotkast - elevators de la soul - u can timbaland that shit aint goin work (one of magoos lines) de la soul - stakes is high Q-Tip - Manwomanboogie (feat Amanda Diva) --(nigganigganigga) organized konfusion - the rough side of town erick sermon - bomdigi royce what i know DE LA SOUL - ITZSOWEEZEE pharcyde - ya mama (murphy mix) souls of mischief - anything cna happen notorious big - real niggas*

eminem and biggie freestyle (you're nobody till somebody kills you

krs one - get yourself up Jurassic 5 - The Influence monday mixup cerritos - dec 17 11:24pm

eightball ft mjg - let's ride

(good beat chanegups


Big Noyd feat Prodigy - All 4 The Luv Of The Dough ARCHIVE - 2010-06-12 - BWOMP Sessions BBQ With Sluggo Apx 1 (good lil john part) ARCHIVE - 2010-06-12 - BWOMP Sessions BBQ With Sluggo Apx 1 (trumpety shit + beepy chill) ARCHIVE - 2007-11-02 - BassCamp SuperNormous With KidLogic

("straight fuckin robot music!") ARCHIVE - 2010-08-21 - Dank Dealz Mofion Dealz Slum Village feat Jazzy Jeff - I Dont Know


adriana evans - reality (bobby wilkins remix)

outerspace - cuttthroats

Goodie Mob - Greeny Green camp lo - black connect 2 del tha funkee homosapian ft qtip and peplove - the undisputed champs pete rock - rhyme writer roots - hustla latryx - say that de la soul - foolin 8ball and mjg ft shannon jones - straight cadillac pimpin (holy ghost) slum village - raise it up aesop rock - fumes (with the saaame speeed, with the saaaame speed) (with lyrics born)

tribe - bonita applebum (hootie mix) **** six pack of hats 8 Ball & MJG feat Poo Bear - Confessions (soft)

canibus - i honor u (on conan obrien 11.06.98) #people under the stairs - nothing at all r ya momma) (today we gonna call an ambulance fo

justus league - moonlight goodie mobb - fly away

cormega ft vybz kartel & unda p. - dangerous

(memorize rasta two jumbo jets

7l & esoteric - rise of the rebel ( confesses to hyping his image.. find the lin e)

ARCHIVE - 2011-07-02 - RogueDub Radio With Sigrah And FSTZ @90 and @113 ARCHIVE - 2011-04-20 - BWOMP Presents Earthquake Weather In Los An geles With Guest DJ TMinus phife Dawg -- D.R.U.G.S. ARCHIVE - 2009-03-01 - Hits From The Hard Drive With HD4000 psychokinetics - disky refund ARCHIVE - 2011-10-24 - Dank Dealz Danktober Dealz Vit Serv Ein Und Danvill - 24 6 Listeners

ARCHIVE - 2007-12-08 - Futuredub Radio With FSTZ From Kansas City *(classic so unding DNB) + other good ones ARCHIVE - 2010-06-19 - Dank Dealz World Cup Dealz - a few good ones ARCHIVE - 2009-05-02 - Dank Dealz More Songs About Ganja (has juice news part) The point of the rhyme - Nothing At All (Cant find)

#phife dawg feat dj hi tek - DRUGS (or maybe its called hiphop??) tttradio may 25 11:29pm - May 25, 2012 Soup Kitchen (Feb24 2012) 11:00 PM, Live Broadcasts #a tribe called quest - god lives through #WC - worldwide gunnin ***** #lateef the truth speaker - the quickening **** nate dogg - i got love (smoothbeats remix) cunninlynguists - nasty filthy erick onasis - can't stop DJ Love - Art Class - or - DJ HoBo - The

nas cant forget about you A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario (Young Nation Mix) Pete Rock - Pete's Jazz chilly - ARCHIVE - 2011-07-12 - JaimeLeDubstep With Construct And Harmsworth Fro m Montreal camp lo - killin em softly nas - let there be light #nas - suspect dmx feat the lox drag-on - ruffest ryders das efx - they want efx #noel zancanella - lovely (chilly) nasa - whatchadoin BUN-B - Let 'Em Know The Demigodz - Captivate/Deactivate freddie foxxx - who knows why akrobatik - the flow aesop rock - none shall pass #souls of mischief - a name i call myself the roots - radio daze cunninlynguists - dying nation * *

nasa - way down (singy james bond sounding music) The Roots - Now Or Never (feat Phonte, Dice Raw) Giant Panda - Plus Bonus Party Cut DJ Shadow - Hardcore [Instrumental] Hip-Hop #Warren G - What We Go Through souls of mischief - batting practice glaciers of ice raekwon - end of song (knamsayin?) cunninlynguists - doin aight ***** lyrics PCO - west coast boast*

camp lo - sky box #dwellas - stand up #Lightheaded - Soul Power *** justus leage - son of san (end of song, funny recording) #outkast - slump The Alchemist feat Lloyd Banks - Bangers (end of song, funny clip_ why do i need i.d. to get i.d. if i had i.d. i wouldnt need i.d.