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December 19, 2012 Trespass/Attempted 2nd Degree Assault/ Possession Dangerous Weapon 12246119 December 19, 2012 0839 Hibbing High School, City of Hibbing Hibbing Police Department

Hibbing Police Department Press Release
Today, Capt. Hooper of the Hibbing Police Department received a telephone call at 0839 hrs, from an adult male who stated he had been driving towards Hibbing on MN State HWY 65. This male picked up a juvenile hitchhiker, who told him he was 15 and was on his way to the Hibbing area, specifically the Hibbing High School. The male stated he called Hibbing Police as he knew the number. This male then told Captain Hooper the information because he felt the whole situation was odd. The male also related he believed the juvenile male was carrying what he thought was a “cane of sorts” inside his pants. The male stated the juvenile told him he was from the Champlin area. The juvenile was dropped off at the Hwy 200/Jacobson intersection. As Capt. Hooper fielded this call phone call, she made contact with the Aitkin County Sheriff’s Office to be on the lookout for this juvenile as a possible run a way/ welfare check. While relaying this information to School Liaison Officer Benedict it was noted that he was calling for transport within minutes as the 15

year old male had already been apprehended in the office and was requesting another officer’s assistance for transport to the Hibbing Police Department. It was learned that school district grounds crew had observed a suspicious male walking towards the main entrance to the high school and alerted other staff by their radio. John Urbohm, school staff met the male at the main doors of the high school and escorted the male to the office. Once in the office, the male was searched due to the objects on his person and subsequently taken into custody. There was no resistance provided by the 15 year old male. Items located on the male were a solid aluminum pipe approximately 27 inches in length, and a small 2 ½ inch bladed silver folding knife. At no time were any students or faculty at risk or danger. The 15 year old male had travelled to Hibbing due to a social media connection. The male was transported to the Arrowhead Juvenile Detention Center in Duluth by St. Louis County Probation personnel. The police department is requesting the following charges:  2 counts Dangerous Weapons, Possession on School Property 609.66 Subd. 1d. (Felony)  1 count Attempted 2nd Degree Assault 609.222 (Felony)  1 count Trespass 609.605.4a (Misd)