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December 19, 2012 The Honorable Robert F.

McDonnell Governor Patrick Henry Building, Third Floor 1111 East Broad Street Richmond, Virginia 23219 Dear Governor McDonnell: As U.S. military veterans, we recognize the importance of nuclear energy to our countrys national security and economic well-being. Virginia is home to some of our militarys most important facilities. The Commonwealth boasts 6 Norfolk-based nuclear aircraft carriers, 7 of Americas nuclear submarines based in Norfolk, and 4 nuclear reactors located in Surry and Louisa County. Uranium is the fuel that powers our nuclear vessels and power-plants. Unfortunately, we currently import more than 91% of our uranium from foreign countries including those of the former Soviet Union and other unstable places around the world. Virginia can and must lead the effort to reduce our dependence on foreign energy sources. Right under our feet in Pittsylvania County is the nations largest undeveloped deposit of uranium. This single deposit can power Virginias nuclear needs for 75 years. As veterans, we believe that Virginia and America must embrace an All of the Above Approach when it comes to energy production. It is the responsible thing to do to develop Americas sources of energy here at home. Mining uranium in Pittsylvania County will strengthen our national security and provide valuable economic growth to Virginia. As veterans, we strongly urge you to support the mining of this vital domestic natural resource. Sincerely,

RADM John "Jack" Kavanaugh USN (Ret) CAPT Kenny Golden USN (Ret) Col Michael O'Conner USAF (Ret) CAPT Robert S. Schmidt USN (Ret)

RADM Gary R. Jones USN (Ret) CAPT Claude R. Thompson USCG (Ret) CDR Michael Barclift USN (Ret) LTC Max Beyer USN (Ret)

December 19, 2012 Page 2 LtCol Cecile H. Budimier USMC (Ret) CDR Bill Carson USN (Ret) CDR Timothy John Ciampaglio USCG (Ret) CDR Fred Davenport USN (Ret) CDR Marvin D. Nolen USN (Ret) CDR Joseph Schaedel USN (Ret) CDR Charles S. Wertalik USN (Ret) CDR Nate York USN LCDR Donald Adams USN (Ret) LCDR John Erickson USN (Ret) LCDR John Fenter USN (Ret) LCDR Dave Perderson USN LT Mark Olson USN CWO3 Ken Longo USCG (Ret) STCM (SS) Douglas Gulrud USN (Ret) SMSgt Jay Brown USAF (Ret) ETCS (SS) Alan Bullard USN (Ret) YNCS(SS) Barry M. Fitzgibbons USN (Ret) ETCS Roger Gossett USN (Ret) ITC Ron Martin USN (Ret) ATC Gary Moeller USN (Ret) MMC (SW/AW) Ray B. Preston USN (Ret) OSC (SW/AW) Ray Strawbridge USN MU1 Randy Ladkau USN (Ret) AQ1 George Marshall USN (Ret) CS1 (SW) Brent Townsend USN (Ret) Mr. Kristen L. Allen, P.E. USN Veteran Mr. Terry Banbury USN Veteran

CW03 Dave Wesp USN (Ret)

Mr. Kenneth Copeland USA Veteran

December 19, 2012 Page 3 Mr. Rudulph Copp USN Veteran Mr. Denis Crisp USMC Veteran Mr. Robert Dean USMC Veteran Mr. Hartley Dewey USAR Veteran Mr. David Farley USN Veteran FCC (SW) Gilbert Garcia USN (Ret) Mr. Larry Glander USN Veteran Mr. Dane Hand USN Veteran Mr. Nick Hutsko USN Veteran Mr. Jim Johnson USAF Veteran Mr. Kim Keiper USN Veteran Mr. Douglas Keith USN Veteran Mr. Robert Keis ANG Veteran Mr. John Mehaffey USN Veteran Mr. Al Shriner USN Veteran Mr. Henry Ward USAF Veteran Mr. Eric Wray USN Veteran