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Structural Steelwork
Design to Limit State Theory 3e
368 pp, Soft Cover First Indian Reprint 2011


his classic textbook is a comprehensive introduction to structural steelwork design. The

book describes the design theory and code requirements for common structures, connections, elements and frames. The book is structured to meet the needs of courses in structural steelwork, introducing and explaining each concept before allowing the student to test the knowledge with practical examples. Each section is illustrated with exercises for the student to reinforce their learning. This book continues to be an indispensable introduction to structural steelwork design for students of structural and civil engineering.

About the Author
Dennis Lam, University of Leeds, UK.

Table of Contents
Introduction - Limit State Design - Materials - Beams - Plate Girders - Tension Members Compression Members - Trusses and Bracing - Portal Frames - Connections - Workshop Steelwork Design Example - Steelwork - Detailing - References – Index

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