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Long Island Beauty Center of Rodolfo Valentin Announces Winner of Number 1 Salon Spa Long Island NY Long Island

Beauty Center of Rodolfo Valentin Salon Spa located in the town of C edarhurst is the winner of the #1 Salon Spa award from Surpr isingly, the Village of Cedarhurst in the South Shore of Nassau County in Long I sland NY is the town comprising the majority of the most voted businesses in Lon g Island. Cedarhurst, NY, December 20, 2012 -- The town of Cedarhurst situated in the Sout h Shore of Long Island in Nassau County is the town counting with the majority o f the businesses votes in Long Island NY as shown in the In the 80's, the Village of Cedarhurst used to be the most important shopping to wn in Long Island usually compared with Rodeo Drive in California, in which, all the shops along Central Avenue and Cedarhurst Avenue were displaying the most i mportant brand names in the industry of fashion, beauty, jewelry, restaurants an d so on. At the end of the 90's, the orthodox Jewish community began to grow and some of the stores vacated the area for businesses to specifically cater for the growing Jewish community, but Long Island Beauty Center of Rodolfo Valentin, winner of the #1 Salon Spa Long Island NY remained. Currently, most of the good stores located on Central Avenue are closed on Satur days. Outstanding award winners of the Central Avenue shops are 'Petit Chic' tha t as the name call for, is a shop dedicated to chic clothes for kids, 'Kiss and Makeup' winners for the best cosmetics award and The Cheese Store. The only winner shop that remains open on Saturday's on Central Avenue is the 'B agelry of Cedarhurst' while the others that remain open on Saturdays are located in the most elegant Street of Cedarhurst that holds the name of the town: Cedar hurst Avenue. These shops are 'Carducci Boutique', TD Bank, KoKo Fit Club, and t he Long Island Beauty Center #1 Salon Spa of celebrity hair stylist Rodolfo Vale ntin which is one of the most beautiful buildings in the Five Towns area. Mother Kelly's Restaurant, a solid institution in town for the past three decade s is facing Cedarhurst Rail Road station as well as 'La Terraza' Restaurant also included in the list of the most voted stores in Long Island. Long Island Beauty Center of Rodolfo Valentin, the winner in three nominations t hat includes #1 Salon Long Island award, #1 Spa Long Island plus #1 Haircuts Lon g Island by the, a non-profit organization showing only the b est of the best businesses in Long Island has been selected together with the ot her stores in the area as one of the best of the best businesses on Long Island after being nominated by customer's reviews and scores in which authenticity wer e then established by the site editors. first selects three o f the most chosen in each field and then at the end of the voting period, the #1 , #2 and # 3 is ranked in accordance with the result of the votes. About Rodolfo Valentin Long Island Beauty Center: Rodolfo Valentin Long Island Beauty Center is also a prominent leader of numerou s honors to wit: the Top Salon Long Island, best hair extensions Long Island, be st hair colorists Long Island award, Best Spa Long Island including their famous human hair best wigs Long Island. They are also being honored by the press for the donation of one thousand cancer wigs for cancer patients on special event for the 'Cancer Week', for which the creator, Rodolfo Valentin, just few weeks ago, was accorded the rare honor of Ne w Yorker of the Week by NY1 television.

Their New York City location regarded by the press as the 'Best Salon in the Wor ld' is also the winner of the 'Best Hair Extension Salons' and the 'Best Hair Ex tensions in New York'. About Long Island Beauty Center: Long Island Beauty Center is the legendary Salon Spa winner of several awards an d a branch of the named 'Best Salon in the World';, Rodolfo Valentin Salon in Ne w York City. Long Island Beauty Center has enjoyed the awards for offering best hair colorists Long Island NY, best hair extensions Long Island NY, Best Spa Lon g Island NY, most luxurious facilites at affordable prices and lately this salon spa is the winner in 3 nominations by the that includes to b e the #1 salon Long Island, #1 Spa Long Island and the #1 Haircuts Long Island. Contact: Jorge Maria Perez Long Island Beauty Center 137 Cedarhurst Avenue Cedarhurst, NY, 11516 516-569-0574