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Sales Today, Entrepreneur Tomorrow
By Ronald B Sitolang B. Acc., B. Comp.

World Class Racer Understand The Risks


• • • • • Understand the Risk Loss Losing Money Losing Time Losing Face Or even Losing Friend. Best Friend or Family Being An Entrepreneur Great Boxer Understand The Risks 2 . services or at least the ideas to anyone.9/6/2012 An Entrepreneur should: • Have Passion • Set Dreams & Goals • Willing to work hard & do the work smart • Always Creative & Inovative • Always Seek and Calculate risk • Never give up (persistent) • Sincere & Whole heart Before starting his/her business: • An Entrepreneur need to understand how to sell the products.

time. Always seek and calculate risks Willing to work extremely hard to achieve the goal Willing to invest (energy. thus can’t see the opportunity Usually haven’t set their own goals With least /No Effort but want to get a Great Results If possible anything is free (no capital) Mindset Entrepreneur • • • • Always seek for an opportunity Set Goals.9/6/2012 Risks • • • • Avoided by prospect (dihindari) Rejected by prospect (ditolak) Deceived by prospect (dibohongi) Bullied by prospect (dikerjai) Job Descriptions: • Look for new contacts by join organization • Set meeting with prospects as many as possible • Find out the prospects needs • Know the F A B of the product • Can offer and give solutions to prospect Sales Job Descriptions & Risks Mindset Student • • • • Do it last minute. money and everything if necessary) Status Students Mindset Entrepreneur 3 .

to Gain Trust Practice. Practice. Advantage & Benefit) 8 Simple Step in Selling Cycle 4 . Practice (Role Play) Know your product (Feature.9/6/2012 If You Want to Succeed Set Clear Goals Know your prospect Make a relationship not merely selling products Repeat Success Solutions Selling Sold Believe in yourself Build Rapport.

9/6/2012 Respect yourself and others Dress Up Properly (Formal) Be Confident (Listen Carefully & Speak Clearly) Make an Appointment Be Patience & Be Polite Ask for a reference for next prospect Never under estimate other people (be nice) How to do it? 5 .

9/6/2012 Feature / Fitur Advantage / Keunggulan Benefit / Manfaat Tuliskan 5 FAB tentang pribadi anda (2 Menit) • Ember terbuat dari Plastik • Tahan banting • Ringan • Lebih awet • Mudah di pelihara Know Your FAB • Nina itu orangnya sangat pandai dalam Matematika. dengan cepat dan akurat ia bisa menyelesaikan persoalanpersoalan hitungan sehingga akibatnya kalau tante pergi ke pasar dengan Nina ngga kan salah hitung belanjaan Tante. Ini menghemat waktu dan dana kan? F : Pandai Matematika A : Hitung Cepat B : Hemat Waktu 6 .

............... F: A: B: Siapa Dia • “Sepeda motor ini menggunakan mesin buatan Jepang sehingga dipertanggung jawabkan garansi ketahanannya yang tentunya pada akhirnya akan menghemat uang dan waktu anda”.......dan ..... F : mesin buatan Jepang A : garansi ketahanannya B : menghemat uang dan waktu 7 ...sehingga akibatnya kalau . dengan ..................... itu orangnya sangat pandai dalam ...........................9/6/2012 • ............................ dengan ....... ia bisa .......

Ask. Listen. Don’t Preach Give Compliment Build Raport 8 .9/6/2012 Great Salesperson always prepared Great Salesperson must prepare a sales script Good practice become routine Role Play with Yourself in front of mirror Role Play with someone You Know Role Play with Stranger Role Play Introduce your self Try to Look For / Establish Similarities Ask. Ask. Listen. Listen.

9/6/2012 Peco Peco Sushi Nasi Bali 9 .

9/6/2012 Solutions Selling Sold 3S Repeat Repeat Great Salesperson and Successful Entrepreneur live from Repeat Orders Repeat Success 10 .

Practice.9/6/2012 Successfull Entrepreneur should be able to sell anything or at least his Ideas Know your prospect Make a relationship not merely selling products Repeat Success Solutions Selling Sold Believe in yourself Build Rapport. Advantage & Benefit) 8 Simple Step in Selling Cycle 11 . Practice (Role Play) Know your product (Feature. to Gain Trust Practice.

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