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PCD- LYRICS things that I told you 'Cause the love you

(told you) said you had

Ain't been put on me
Buttons lyrics You've been saying all I wonder (wonder)
the right things all If I'm just too much
I'm telling you loosen night long for you
up my buttons baby But I can't seem to Wonder (wonder)
(Uh huh) get you over here to If my kiss don't make
But you keep fronting help take this off you just
(Uh) Baby, can't you see? Wonder (wonder)
Saying what you (see) What I got next for
going do to me (Uh How these clothes you
huh) are fitting on me (me) What you want to do?
But I ain't seen And the heat coming (do)
nothing (Uh) from this beat (beat)
I'm about to blow Take a chance to
I'm telling you loosen I don't think you know recognize that this
up my buttons baby could be yours
(Uh huh) I'm telling you loosen I can see, just like
But you keep fronting up my buttons baby most guys that your
(Uh) (Uh huh) game don't please
Saying what you But you keep fronting Baby, can't you see?
going do to me (Uh (Uh) (see)
huh) Saying what you How these clothes
But I ain't seen going do to me (Uh are fitting on me (me)
nothing (Uh) huh) And the heat coming
But I ain't seen from this beat (beat)
Typical nothing (Uh) I'm about to blow
Hardly the type I fall I don't think you know
for I'm telling you loosen
I like when the up my buttons baby I'm telling you loosen
physical (Uh huh) up my buttons baby
Don't leave me asking But you keep fronting (Uh huh)
for more (Uh) But you keep fronting
I'm a sexy mama Saying what you (Uh)
(mama) going do to me (Uh Saying what you
Who knows just how huh) going do to me (Uh
to get what I wanna But I ain't seen huh)
(wanna) nothing (Uh) But I ain't seen
What I want to do is nothing (Uh)
spring this on you (on You say you're a big
you) boy I'm telling you loosen
Back up all of the But I can't agree up my buttons baby
(Uh huh) But you keep fronting in the breeze
But you keep fronting (Uh) Bend with me, sway
(Uh) Saying what you with ease
Saying what you going to do to me (Uh When we dance you
going do to me (Uh huh) have a way with me
huh) But I ain't seen Stay with me, sway
But I ain't seen nothing (Uh) with me
nothing (Uh) (Ah-ah-ah)
I'm telling you loosen Other dancers may be
Come on baby, loosen up my buttons baby on the floor
up my buttons babe (Uh huh) Dear, but my eyes will
Loosen up my buttons But you keep fronting see only you
babe (Uh) Only you have that
Baby, won't you Saying what you magic technique
loosen up my buttons going to do to me (Uh When we sway I go
babe? huh) weak
Loosen up my buttons But I ain't seen
babe nothing (Uh) I can hear the sounds
of violins
Come on baby, loosen I'm telling you loosen Long before it begins
up my buttons babe up my buttons baby Make me thrill as only
Loosen up my buttons (Uh huh) you know how
babe But you keep fronting Sway me smooth,
Baby, won't you (Uh) sway me now
loosen up my buttons Saying what you
babe? going to do to me (Uh Sway me, make me
Loosen up my buttons huh) Thrill me, hold me
babe But I ain't seen Bend me, ease me
nothing (Uh) You have a way with
I'm telling you loosen me
up my buttons baby
Sway lyrics
(Uh huh) Sway with me
But you keep fronting Sway (sway) (Sway)
When marimba
rhythms start to play
Saying what you Other dancers may be
Dance with me, make
going do to me (Uh on the floor
me sway
huh) Dear, but my eyes will
Like a lazy ocean
But I ain't seen see only you
hugs the shore
nothing (Uh) Only you have that
Hold me close, sway
magic technique
me more
I'm telling you loosen When we sway I go
up my buttons baby weak
Like a flower bending
(Uh huh) I go weak
be (yeah)
I can hear the sounds The time that she Would let him talk her
of violins Would let him talk her out of leaving, but
Long before it begins out of leaving, this time, without
Make me thrill as only But this time, without crying,
you know how crying, As she got into her
Sway me smooth, As she got into her car, she said,
sway me now car, she said,
Make me thrill as only [Chorus:]
you know how [Chorus:] "No
Sway me smooth, "No 'Happily Never After'
sway me now 'Happily Never After' That just ain't for me
Make me thrill as only That just ain't for me. (that just ain't for me)
you know how Because finally, Because finally,
Sway me smooth, I know I know I deserve
sway me now I deserve better, after better
Sway me all After all
Sway me I'll never let another I'll never let another
Sway me now teardrop fall." teardrop fall."

As she drove away I'm done, I'm done,

Happily Never After she starts to smile, said I'm so done, (so
lyrics (yeah) done, yeah).
Realized she hadn't I'm free, I'm free, so
"I don't think I want for a while. free
this anymore, " No destination, she Free to be me, yeah.
As she drops the ring drove for miles
to the floor. Wondering why she She inhales an air
She says to herself, stayed in such denial. she'd never breathed
"You've left before, " before
"This time you will She was laughing the air of no drama no
stay gone, that's for about the way he more.
sure." shouted something
else (shouted she said " No
And he shouted something else) Happily Never After'
something else To drag her suitcase That just ain't for me"
she drag her suitcase down the path,
down the path, To the driveway (to "I know
To the driveway. the driveway), I deserve, better after
She had never gone She had never gone all
that far. that far (oh, no) I know I'll never let
Normally this would another teardrop fall"
Normally this would be, the time that she
Boy I wonder what [Ivy Queen]
"No would happen A ese nene lo tengo
''Happily Never After'' If I trip and let you in trikiao (oye)
That just ain't for me" Don't get shook my Cuando lo bailo lo
Because finally, my aggression bailo de lao
I know I just might be the Y lo empujo lo tengo
I deserve better, after one tumbao
all Let's skip this Con mis caderas lo
I'll never let another conversation tengo amansao wind!
teardrop fall" Just whine your body
up [Verse 2]
"No Boy keep doing what
'Happily Never After' (Ha Ha Ha) you're doing get me
That just ain't for me" Don't wanna wait no hot
Because finally, more Winding up your body
I know (Ha Ha Ha) you don't have to stop
I deserve better, after You got what I'm My temperature is
all searching for rising, want you more
I'll never let another than before
teardrop fall (ohh) [Pre Hook] It's an animal
Cuz I'm feeling your attraction, whine your
another teardrop fall vibing body up
I'm riding high is
exotic (Ha Ha Ha)
KAT DALUNA -LYRICS And I want you, I It's the magic on the
want you here floor
Pull me closer and (Ha Ha Ha)
Whine Up lyrics closer and I don't wanna wait no
Hold me tight to your more
[Elephant Man]
It's summertime
I wanna feel you, I [Pre Hook]
wanna feel you near Cuz I'm feeling your
Ladies looking hot
Shaking up what
they've got
[Chorus:] I'm riding high is
Whine up, whine up, exotic
Elephant Man and
whine up, oye! And I want you (and i
Kat, c'mon
Whine up, whine up, want you too), I want
whine up, oye! you (and I want you
[Verse 1]
Whine up, whine up, too) here
Senses telling me
whine up, oye! Pull me closer and
you're looking
Whine up, whine up, closer (closer and
I can feel it on my
whine up, oye! closer) and
skin (Whoa)
Hold me tight to your
body whine up, oye! minutes
I wanna feel you (I Whine up, whine up, Till we're number one!
wanna feel you too), I whine up, oye! LET'S GO TEAM!
wanna feel you near Whine up, whine up,
whine up, oye! Gotta get it together
[Chorus:] Whine up, whine up, Yeah, pull up and
Whine up, whine up, whine up, oye! shoot (SCORE!)
whine up, oye! Are you ready?
Whine up, whine up, Lo cuero, toca los Are you with me?
whine up, oye! cueros
Whine up, whine up, Loca e que ta!! (Team, team, team,
whine up, oye! She's crazy! yeah!)
Whine up, whine up, Shake'em with the
whine up, oye! crossover (Wildcats!)
HSM- LYRICS Tell me what are we
[Elephant Man] here for? (To Win)
Right here Now Or Never lyrics Cuz' we know that
Now bring your body we're the best team
to me right here Troy Bolton & (Come on boys, come
She’s got the finest Gabriella Montez :: on boys, come on!)
body I fear Zac Efron & Vanessa
Shake your booty off Hudgens) The way we play
Shake it off in high tonight
gear 16, 16, 16 minutes Is what we leave
And she runs her left behind (that's right)
fingers to my ear Better get it done It all comes down to
And all the black 16, 16, 16 more right now
mons got white fear minutes
And she shakes her Get ready, GAME ON! It's up to us (Let's
booty right here go!)
Mow pump up the 16, 16, 16 minutes So what are we gonna
volume right here left be?
Runnin out of time T-E-A-M TEAM!
(Woah Woah Woah) (WILDCATS!) Gotta work it out
It's rifing (West HIgh) 16, 16, 16 Turn it on
(Woah Woah Woah) more minutes
Give me the whine It's on the line Come on!
now (WILDCATS!) 16, 16,
16 minutes left This is the last time
C'mon! Better get it done to get it right (Ooh)
(WILDCATS!) This is the last
[Chorus: 3x] chance to make it or
Whine up, whine up, 16, 16, 16 more not (Yeah)
We gotta show what Come on boys!
we are all about (Wildcats!) Then come on!
(Team!) Make me strong
Work together The way we play It's time to turn it upA
tonight (yeah) GAME ON!
This is the last Is what we leave
chance to make our behind (that's right) WILDCATS!
mark (Shoot!) It all comes down to Gonna tear it up
History will know who right now GO WILDCATS!
we are (Yeah) It's up to us (Let's go) Yeah we're number
This is the last game So what are we gonna one
so make it count be? HEY WILDCATS!
It's now or never T-E-A-M TEAM! We're the champions
Gotta work it out GO, GO, GO, GO, GO,
W-I-L-D WILDCATS! Turn it all GO, GO
You know we are Come on! TEAM! Oh!
W-I-L-D WILDCATS! West High Knights,
Come on, come on! This is the last time heey
West High Knights, to get it right (Ooh) Yeah, we're putting
heey This is the last up a fight (Wildcats!)
Yeah, we're doing it chance to make it or We'll never quit it,
right, oh yeah not (Yeah) gonna win it
W-I-L-D WILDCATS! We gotta show what Let me hear you say
Now's the time! we are all about HEY HEY HEY HEY
(Team!) HEY HEY
Gotta get it inside, Work together
down low This is the last time
In the pain now shoot, This is the last to get it right (Ooh)
SCORE! chance to make our This is the last
We gotta work it mark (Hoop!) chance to make it or
together History will know who not (Yeah)
Gimme the ball we are (Yeah) We gotta show what
Gimme the ball This is the last game we are all about
Gimme the ball so make it count (Team)
It's now or never
Fastbreak! Work together (Come
Keep the ball in Right now I can on!)
control hardly breathe
Let it fly from Ohh, you can do it This is the last
downtown Just know that I chance to make our
Show'em we can do it believe mark
better And that's all I really History will know who
Go, go, go need we are
This is the last game a home Rainy days are yours
so make it count The dream that we to keep
It's now or never lived Fade away, the night
Was better than is calling my name
Yeaaah! divine You will stay, I'll sail
Every day was like a away
RASMUS- LYRICS Once upon a time Sail away
The night is calling
Sail Away lyrics Remember when you my name
swore Sail away
Once upon a time we Your love is never
had a lot to fight for ending
We had a dream, we And you and I would RIHANNA- LYRIC
had a plan never die
Sparks in the air, we Remember when you
spread a lot of envy swore Take A Bow lyrics
Didn't have to care We had it all
once upon a time We'd never fall Hoo...

Remember when I Sail away, it's time to How 'bout a round of

swore leave applause
My love is never Rainy days are yours Yeah...
ending to keep Standing ovation
And you and I will Fade away, the Oohhhh... yeah
never die twilight is calling my Yeah yeah yeah
Remember when I name yeah...
swore You will stay, I'll sail
We had it all away You look so dumb
We had it all right now
No reason to lie Standing outside my
I'll sail away, it's time No need to pretend house
to leave I'm grateful to die Trying to apologize
Rainy days, are yours To live once again You're so ugly when
to keep I'm fearless to fly you cry
Fade away, the night And reach for the end Please, just cut it out
is calling my name And reach for the end
You will stay, I'll sail ohhohhhohhhohhh... [Chorus]
away Don't tell me you're
Sail away sorry cause you're
Once upon a time we not
used to burn candles Sail away, it's time to Baby when I know
We had a place to call leave you're only sorry you
got caught closing
But you put on quite a That was quite a
show show
You really had me Very entertaining
going But it's over now
But now it's time to Go on and take a bow
Curtain's finally And the award for the
closing best liar goes to you
That was quite a For making me
show believe that you could
Very entertaining be
But it's over now Faithful to me
Go on and take a bow Lets hear your speech
Grab your clothes and
get gone How about a round of
You better hurry up applause
before the sprinklers A standing ovation
come on
Talkin' about, girl, I [Chorus]
love you, you're the But you put on quite a
one show
This just looks like You really had me
the re-run going
Please, what else is But now it's time to
on go
Curtain's finally
[Chorus] closing
That was quite a
And don't tell me show
you're sorry cause Very entertaining
you're not But it's over now
Baby when I know Go on and take a bow
you're only sorry you
got caught But it's over now
But you put on quite a
You really had me
But now it's time to
Curtain's finally