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New Easy Shortcuts and Secrets for Smooth and Fluent English ...

"How to Speak English in Smooth, Effective, Fluent Way Without Sounding Broken and Become Confident in Speaking English" (And Also Build Your Word Power)
Here is our simple promise: Just reading this article fully will improve your English right now in 5 minutes ...
Even If You Have Tried Other Courses or Classroom Coaching in the Past Without Success, You Will Become Confident in English (like thousands of others) with Powerful Home Study Course of 8 Books and 8 CDs.

What is the Biggest Problem with English Education in Indian Schools and How Our New Research Helps You Improve Quickly and Easily Become Confident
Have you wondered why learning effective English is so difficult for students in India? Look: Once we ask the above question, the answer is simple: The schools in India try to teach us English Grammar from England and America. Naturally, we never become confident in English as compared to those who speak English with their parents and family. Consider what will happen if we try to teach Hindi grammar of class 12 Hindi medium to non-Hindi medium students. They will never become confident in Hindi. What is the result? The result is that the students have to work hard and still make many simple mistakes and not become confident in English. What is the solution? It is to write and speak English in simpler (and more powerful) way just as experts do in advertisements, books and even this article. In this course, you learn new research-based English so that you quickly gain confidence in speaking and writing English. One example of our research is the rule below.

Short Cut Example #1 How to Use WILL and SHALL Correctly With Certainty and Without Hesitation
This course is totally different from any other books/courses. One example of our research is the Bapna's Will/Shall Rule below:

For speaking, always use WILL. During my 7 years in USA, I never

heard anyone use SHALL.

For writing and for exams, use LL like I'll, You'll, he'll, she'll, they'll.

This short-cut ensures your sentences are always correct. Once you learn this Will/Shall Rule, you'll always be sure of yourself about using will or shall and never hesitate, which means you'll be fluent. Do you realize that many books take 5 to 10 pages to teach "use of will/shall" and that makes it so difficult to remember it after a month? The Bapna's Will/Shall Rule and other material in this course cannot be copied by other authors or institutes because this material is based on our research, and we own the copyright and trademarks. We teach you English that we ourselves use-like in this article and in books published in USA / India. Such English is easy to learn and also powerful. Here is another shortcut you learn in the course:

Short Cut Example #2 How to Easily Memorize Some Spellings And Never Make these Common Spelling Mistake
Here are mnemonics for remembering some spellings. principle, principal - A principle is a rule. Notice that both the words "principle" and the word "rule" have the letter "e". The principal in a college is the main person there. stationary, stationery - You write on stationery. Or, stationery uses envelopes. Notice the letter "e". arithmetic - Use this sentence: A Rat In The House May Eat The Ice Cream. The first letter of each word in this sentence makes the spelling ARITHMETIC. believe - Believe has a "lie" in it. committee - MM, TT, and EE met in a committee. conscience - Does science have a conscience. desert - One "s" because it is so dry. dessert - Two "s" because it is so sweet. separate - To spell separate, just remember that it contains "a rat". cheque - Cheque comes in a "Q". entrance - There is no "enter" in entrance. That is, the word "enter" is not within the word "entrance". In this course, you learn

Effective and Powerful English Just Like I Write Myself (As in this article and our books)
You learn effective English that I myself use-like in this article and in my books published in USA and India. Such English is easy to learn, effective and powerful. Such English is easy to read, easy to understand, whether the reader is a school child or a PhD. Such English really works.

Message from Raj Bapna

When My English Teacher Used to Humiliate Me
We all have great teachers who encourage best in us and brighten our lives. We also have those who mean well but use negative language that is very discouraging. Let me tell you about an English teacher I had in class 9 I went to a very small neighborhood school that had only 2 rooms and a few teachers. All students of KG and First class were in one room and class 2 to 5th were in second room. I was in class 3 and there were just 3 students in class 3. I hardly learnt anything. Then I went to a good government school in class 6 in Ajmer in Rajasthan and they started with ABCD again. So, when I reached class 9th I was truly weak, never had talked to anyone in English. My English teacher Shri Rameshwar Prasad ji was a typical teacher of that era 1975 he would ask me to stand up and ask active passive and direct indirect and I would always answer wrong then his favourite comment used to be this: Karamheen Kheti Kare, Ka to Balad Mare, Ka Kal Pade (English translation: when a lazy farmer wants to grow crop, either the bull dies or there is a famine). It was a routine humiliating experience for me.

I continued to struggle with English during the first 2 years in Pilani (during my B.E. studies). I continued to try various ways to learn it. For example, I spent 2 months to read The Guide by R K Narayan because I did not know so many words. Finally, I mastered English and eventually in 1990 became a bestseller author in USA when my second computer book on MSDOS bestseller.

My MS-DOS books published in USA in 1988 and 1990 And this is how, I became an overnight success in using English that took 12 years (now you can benefit from it). Here is the letter I got from the editor.

Just 2 years later in 1991, I returned to India and co-founded Mind Power Research Institute with my brother Dr Anil Bapna to help students.

We co-authored a book on English that simplified English. That book eliminates 60 to 80% of mistakes for students in about 2 weeks. Now, it is part of the course being offered below. Get this course because you'll benefit quickly.

"Bapna's English Course"

Different, Better and Unique: There is No Other Course or Book Like This Anywhere
Compare our method of using will/shall with other books. Our method takes 1 to 2 minutes while the other books take 5 to 10 pages, requiring you many days to learn to use will/shall correctly and yet not remember after a month. Do you fully realize now that my course is really unique and different, and so you learn effective English quickly? Bapna's Will/Shall Rule and other material in this course cannot be copied by other authors or books because this material is based on our research, and we own the copyright and trademarks.

Why This Is the Best Course for Spoken English

Why most other courses and books will not help you much
A lot of people and authors are "professors of English", who study English as spoken by the people in England.

But, because that kind of English is not our goal (schools try to teach it for 10 years and fail), those types of courses and books are NOT really useful. Many of those "so called experts" just do their job of teaching students, correcting answers, and perhaps write books on English. They are not masters of writing. They are not capable of writing other best-seller books such as novels. On the other hand, I was really weak at English speaking, so I fully understand how discouraged and frustrated you can feel. And, from such failure, I raised myself to top of success using English as a language. So, I know something about English and something about how to master it even if we start near zero. So, learn from someone who is really really good and has travelled the path you need to take to reach your goals using English speaking. That is why, if you want to improve and get a course for English, get this course.

Designed For Whom...

This proven course is for you if you can understand English when others speak, but are not sure of the correct way to write or speak effective English. Or, if you sometimes make mistakes or get confused when speaking English. Or, if you have used books on grammar or English speaking to learn effective English, but did not get much success. Whether you are a student or in job, if you are highly motivated to learn effective, powerful and fluent English, and build vocabulary (word power) easily and quickly, this course is a boon for you. This unique course has already helped lakhs of students in India and abroad.

Your English and Communication Becomes Smooth, Effective and Fluent and You Feel Confident
Let me clarify what fluency means. You are a fluent speaker if you speak easily without hesitation. Do you know when do people hesitate? Answer: when they are not confident of the meaning or use of a word. For example if you are sure of the use of will/shall, you speak confidently and fluently, without hesitation. This was my goal for you while developing this big course on effective English. Unlike any other course, with this course, you learn quickly and easily simply because I have used my expertise in mind power and study techniques to research and develop this course.

Proof of Success

Before joining your course I could understand English

but I could not speak English. Now, I can speak powerful English.
--Somia Singh, Patna, Bihar

In the past, I was not good at writing as well as

speaking English. Using your course, I am able to write simple and better English without mistake and I can speak English with others without any hesitation. I completed your course in 27 days.

--V H Pardeshi, Ahmednagar, MS

Good and unique course. I was average in English. Now

--Akula Srinivas, AP

I can write letters in simple English.

Why CDs?
Perhaps you already realize that living in America or England is the best way to master English speaking. And, that CDs are the other best way. Why? Because you can listen and speak English in the comfort of your home without any fear or hesitation.

Develop Confidence and Fluency

Let me clarify what fluency means. You are a fluent speaker if you speak easily without hesitation. Do you know why people hesitate? Answer: when they are not confident of the meaning or use of a word. For example if you are sure of the use of will/shall, you speak confidently and fluently, without hesitation. This is my goal for you.

"Bapna's English Course" Rapidly Gives You Confidence in English Speaking

Yes, this course "Bapna's English Course" is only 185 pages. We have worked very hard to develop this system because we have a single goal: to give you confidence in English very quickly.

You can finish it in as little as two weeks or over 3 or more weeks. Just like the Bapna's Will / Shall Rule above immediately gives you confidence of correctly using will/shall, the whole course gives you confidence in English. With this course, we have included

Pocket Book: Bapna's English Course

This pocket book is only 24 pages and you can carry it with you, so that you can review / revise what you learn in the main book in the free time in school, college, waiting in line at bank or bus stop, or whenever you have a few free minutes. Once you've used this course, you quickly become confident in English speaking, which opens many doors: new job interview, better jobs, promotions, simple confidence, and more ...

You Get 8 Books and 8 CDs

SN Description Price

Foundation Spoken English Course

1 This is for people who are very weak in English. Most of you don't need this, but we just want to make sure that in case you are very weak, you are not left behind. Book: Spoken English Practice. With Free CD. Book: Common Verbs for Better English. Pages 35. 2 Rs 700


Rs 1,870

Spoken English & Effective Communication

This is essential for building your confidence and fluency for your day to day office, business, social communication. Book: (A) Bapna's English Course. 185 Pages Amazingly powerful book. Gives you short-cuts and builds your confidence and fluency . (B) Pocket Book. 24 Pages Carry with you and use free time to improve your English. Book: Spoken English & Effective Communication. Pages 110. With Free 2 CDs. Powerful book with CDs. Book: Common Verbs for Better English. Pages 130. Very useful because many students are not familiar with the verbs needed to communicate their ideas effectively. Book: Memory Maps for Tenses. Pages 32.

This is great if you want to master tenses which is helpful if you are preparing for exams where English is a subject. 3

Advanced Spoken English & Vocab Course

This is for you if you are already good in English and want to move to the next high level in English speaking. Book: Effective Word Power & Right Expressions.

Rs 1,265

Pages 210. With Free 4 CDs. Good for you because it gives you effective words and tells you how to use them with right expressions. Makes your language more powerful and more polished, which means more effective and more impressive. Book: Advanced Spoken English Through Easy Grammar & Simple Phonetics. Pages 58. With free CD. For all persons (students, executives, business persons, and even house wives), this is the highest level of expertise that is of practical value. For students, this will help in GDs and interviews, and to simply become more polished in spoken English. Total Rs 4,035 Discount (Saving) YOU PAY Discount Price ONLY So, all in all you get - 2,085 Rs 1,950

8 Books and 8 CDs: This Mega Package Will Help You and Your Family for Years to Come
As you finish "Bapna's English Course" within a few quick weeks, you'll be more confident and smooth in speaking English. Then you can take a break or move to any of the remaining courses that you find most useful and most exciting. No matter what is your level of expertise or problems right now, this mega package will help you greatly. And, you'll never have to buy another English course.

Discount Price
The discount price for you is 1,950. The normal price is Rs 4,035. So, you save Rs 2,085.

Course Name

Item Code

Price in India In India Rs 1950

Fluency English Course

You get all 8 books with 8 CDs The total price for all of the above is Rs 4,035, but now you can get them for highly discounted price Postage Free. 211

(credit card, ATM/debit card,) --------Outside India Rs 3900

Order Now and Get 3 Gifts

1. Rs 395 2. 3. Bag Book: Improve Your Memory of Rs 195 Foundation Spoken English WORKBOOK 71 pages (big size) of

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