Evaluation Activity 3 What kind of media institution might distribute your product and why?

What does a production company do? A production company is there to provide to the needs of whatever media product a person is producing this maybe in film television radio, the production company will offer funds to help with the progression of the media product. It will also help with budgeting of the film and scheduling of the product. The production company will help with the scripting of the media product and provide the acting talent needed to produce the product. The production company will also supply a group of staff to help with the production itself, postproduction, distribution and marketing of your media product. Production Company:

We decided to call our production company Hourglass Studio because this was a very unique name. When researching into the name of our production company we wanted something that sounded interesting and that sounded iconic. The name of our production company represents time and in which time is an important factor in thrillers. Time is used to build up suspense and prolong important events in thrillers. So we thought the name best fit a production company because we decided to the opening sequence of a thriller. Opening Credit:

From watching other films and doing some research into the beginning opening sequence the title of the film were set out in a specific order. This was used to show the importance of each person’s role in the making of the film. Each credit is clear and visible and placed in an interesting location within the scene but it still has to remain visible to audience so the location must be ideal. The timing within each interval has to be perfect it so timing the intervals right is key 3-4 seconds is long of for the audience to be able to read the names and roles but not to long that it becomes an endurance on screen. We have emulated all of this in our own product we timed the titles so that they stayed on screen long enough for them to be readable and placed them in different location within each scene. We also ordered them in terms of importance to the product. Film Distributor: A film distributor is a company or individual charged with the responsibility of marketing of film and releasing it to the public audiences whether it is a theatrical release or straight to DVD/Video. Marketing the product may involve the distributing company advertising it in different forms for example posters which show release date, trailers, merchandising and sponsorship deals so linking to products together for example during the release of Sky Fall Sony and Metro Goldwyn Mayer partnered together to advertise both of their product. Who could potentially distribute film?

Metro Goldwyn Mayer has distributed the James Bond film franchise since they bought the right to film in 1995 and made GoldenEye. This mean the film distributors already have experience in marketing an action thriller and since we drew inspiration for the plot and character in our own production from the James Bond film franchise specifically Quantum of Solace so it seemed the ideal choice to have them distribute the film. The Company is well known have around the world for been a prestigious institute having distributed films that have gained critical acclaim amongst the media. We felt Metro Goldwyn Mayer would be the perfect choice in distributing our film firstly because they a well renowned institute with experience in making successful films. They also have experience in dealing with action thrillers and would give us valuable knowledge on how to improve our product to make it the best it can be.

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