Bernando LaPallo's diet and advice Bernando LaPallo was born in Victoria, Brazil on August 17, 1901 to Mattie Carr

and Bernando LaPallo Sr and it is his father whom he credits with giving all the advice he needed to have lived such a long and healthy life. He was raised by h is father who became a doctor in Philadelphia and who himself live a long life b ecause he died at the age of 98. Bernando sticks to his diet which is mainly fruit and vegetables and some fish. He has two meals a day at regular times and doesn't eat at night. He has breakfa st of wholemeal toast and organic peanut butter. He drinks cinnamon tea, which h e says helps prevent diabetes and that it makes good sense to prevent things rat her than looking to find how to cure them when it is too late. He has a meal of raw vegetables or fruit and eats fish about three times a week. He eats sardines, tuna and salmon, and includes tinned sardines in his diet. Be rnando drinks fruit juice and water. He is an advocate of eating raw foods. He a lso likes to eat organic foods to avoid harmful pesticides that so often pollute produce we buy. He takes Dr Schulze Superfood daily and says this is part of his regime for long evity and good health. He also uses Echinacea to prevent colds and illness. Agai n he takes this herb very regularly. Bernando LaPallo says he eats a little cheese occasionally and lamb once a year as a special treat but otherwise doesn't eat meat. He points out that if people saw how animals are raised in America today many would think twice about what th ey were eating. He emphasises that fast foods such as burgers are to be avoided. He says that among his favourite fruits are cantaloupe melons and blueberries. He believes that regular exercise is very e and a half in the morning. Just looking atural colour still it is clear that this im. LaPallo is full of life and would put ame with his vitality. important and every day he walks a mil at his unwrinkled skin and hair with n way of life has worked very well for h many people a quarter of his age to sh

Bernando LaPallo has written a book all about his extraordinary life and sharing all his health-giving tips. It is entitled Age Less/Live More: Achieving Health and Vitality at 107 and Beyond.advice on longevity Bernando explains that what has really helped him know and apply the secrets to a long, happy and healthy life was listening to the advice his father gave him. He told him to avoid drinking alcohol and to stay away from bars where the Devil puts the temptation in front of you. He is a firm believer in God and thinks th at faith is important and he makes a point of mentioning the Bible in relation t o diet e.g. when saying how he will eat lamb occasionally it is because this is a meat mentioned in the scriptures. Bernando LaPallo explains too that his father taught him to look after his feet and to clean them regularly. He recommends olive oil rubbed into the skin of the feet and also on your face if you are a man and have been shaving. This is one of the reasons he has such fine clear skin even though he is well over 100 years of age. He says that is very important to keep our colons clean and our livers and kidne ys healthy. If our inner vital organs can do their jobs as they were designed th en we should stay healthy and live a long life. He says that stress is a killer and so avoid it as much as possible and to make

when asked about how long he thinks he will live. . It is very difficult to believe that this healthy looking. eloquent and ene rgetic man is 109 but he is.sure you get plenty of rest. Bernando. has said he is aimin g for 120 at least and the way he is going it looks likely he may well achieve t his.

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