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Day: 2 4 11 15 16 17 19 20* 26 29 30 Day: 3 4 6 10* 11 16 17 22 25 29 Date: 2 5 10 11 14 15 17 20 23 27 Date: 2 6 11 13 15 19 20 22 25* 26 29

Name: Louis Bold Saibara Staid Elli Barley Lillia Elli Aqua Greg Sasha Name: Popuri Harris Cliff Popuri Basil Timid Ann Kai Mayor Thomas Zack Name: Gotz Stu Hoggy Manna Chef Karen Doctor Pastor Carter Anna Rick Name: Kano Gray Doug Ellen Duke Won Mary Nappy Mary May Jeff

Where you can find the person: Gotz's House Harvest Sprites House / at ur farm Blacksmith's Shop Harvest Sprites House / at ur farm The Clinic Yodel Farm Poultry Farm Her House Harvest Sprites House / at ur farm Mineral Beach Supermarket Where you can find the person: Poultry Farm The Inn or Gotz's House Aja Winery or the Church Poultry Farm At his house Harvest Sprites House or at your farm Near the waterfall or at the Inn The Beach or the Inn His House In his house or when he comes to your pick up your crops. Where you can find the person: At his house Church or Ellen's house Harvest Sprites House / at ur farm Aja Winery Harvest Sprites House / at ur farm Supermarket Clinic At Church At her house Poultry Farm Where you can find the person: Mayor's House Blacksmith's Shop At the Inn Her House Aja Winery At The Inn Library Harvest Sprites House / at ur farm Library Yodel Farm Supermarket

Ann Personality: Ann is sweet and kind. She loves animals. She is also a tomboy. She is not SUPER picky, but she doesn't like everything you give her. She is fairly outgoing. Schedule: 7:00 am to 10:00 am she is at the Hot Springs. From 10:00 am to 10:00 pm you can find her in the Inn. Gifts: Ann likes Omelets, Boiled Eggs, Spa-Boiled Eggs, Salad, Stirfry, Strawberries, Apples, and Tomatos. She does not like Fish, Bamboo Shoots, or Ore. Elli Personality: Elli is a somewhat nice, caring girl. She is very motherly and corrects people alot. She is also very traditional. Elli is a popular choice of many. Schedule: At 9:00 am until 7:00 pm she is at the Clinic. When the Clinic is closed on Wednesdays you can find her in her house until 1:00 pm, then at the Supermarket until 4:00 pm. After that she is back at Ellen's house. Gifts: Elli likes Strawberries, Flowers, Accessories, and Orange Cup fruit. She hates all Ores. Karen Personality: Karen is the outgoing, high-spirited girl of BTN. She has less attitude than she did in HM64. She's very helpful and will listen to your problems. She is sometimes disappointed in her dad. Schedule: In the mornings she is out in front of the Supermarket until 10:00 am, then stays inside the Supermarket until 6:00 pm. On her days off she will go to the Hot Spring from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, but if it's raining she visits Gotz's house instead. To relax on her free days Karen goes to the Inn from 7:30 pm until 10:00 pm. Gifts: Karen likes Wine, Moondrop Flowers, Popcorn, and Sashimi. She really does not like Ores, Fish, or any other type of flower. Mary Personality: Mary is a kind, well mannered librarian. She still rather shy, but not as much as in HM64. She is more interesting once you get to know her. Schedule: She stays in the Library from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm. When she is not working on Mondays you can find her on Mother's Hill from 7:30 am to 10:00 am, and at the Supermarket from 1:00 pm until 4:00 pm. Gifts: Mary likes earthy things such as Herbs, Grape Jam, Tomato Juice, Mushrooms, Poisonous Mushrooms, Mushroom Rice, Veggie Latte, Raisen Bread, and Relaxtea Leaves. She does not like some types of Ores as presents. Popuri Personality: Popuri is the sweet, cutie-pie girlie of the game. She is rather childish. Which can be either a good thing for some people or a bad thing for others. Her pink hair is charming. She quarrels with her brother too much. Schedule: She likes to wander all over the place. On sunny days she'll be at the Hot Springs from 7:30 am until 10:00 am, then stays inside the Poultry Farm until 6:00 pm. When it is Sunday she will go to the Church from 9:30 am until 1:00 pm, and then move to the Rose Square until 4:00 pm. When Kai is in town during the Summer season she will spend

When you win the Swimming Festival.her mornings at the Beach. Duke Likes: Wine. He runs the local Supermarket. At night. . He lives with his grand-daughter. Apple Jam. Sasha Likes:Cookies and Wild grapes. Gots Likes: Oil and Flour. Bio: He's beekeeper. Doctor Likes: Wine and Bamboo Shoots. Go fishing for in winter mine pond. Go behind the Winter Mine and press "x". Cliff Likes: Spa-boiled Eggs Bio: Once you ask him to help with the Aja Winery in the Fall. He usally at his beach house. who is Karen's mother. Caught while fishing in sea and winter mine 6. She plays with Stu. Manna Likes:Honey Bio:She is Duke's wife. You can find him around the town. he's at the Inn. Shopping Network sell a power berry for 5. he will tell you his real name. Pastor Carter Likes: Wine Bio: He works at the church. Bio: She lives on Yodel Farm with her grandfather. May. Rick and Popuri are her kids. 8. You can find him wondering around Mother's Hill or at his house. he will give you a better fishing rod. Gourmet Judge Likes: None Bio: He is the judge for the cooking festival. Jeff Likes: Bodigizer. You can't give him gifts. Cookies. he will stay all year. Cake. She will give you one. Rick Likes: Wine and Bodogizer. Ellen Likes: Mushrooms. He will stay and him them around the winery. Ice Cream. Bio: He lives and works at Poultry Farm. Bio: He owner of the Blacksmith shop. He doesn't really like Kai because he's over protective of his sister. She does not like Ores or Herbs. he usually comes to your house to sell other things. 9. Anna Likes:Cakes and Flowers. Dig deep in the Winter Mine 4. Bio: The doctor works at the local clinic. If you throw 5 of your havested crops in the water the goddess will give you one. Grey thinks his grandfather doesn't like how Grey does the work. Greg Likes: Fish Bio: Greg is the local fisherman. Won Likes: Fish Bio: Won sells you rare seeds. Bio: Anna is Basil wife. Bio: He is the local photograher. Barley Yodel Likes: Spa-boiled Eggs and Rice Balls. He lives outside of the town. He usually goes around the town to check up on people. Mushroom and Bamboo Shoots. Saibara Likes: Large fish and ores. and it is Tim. Basil Likes: Mushrooms and Grass(all of them). Power Berries 1. Kai Likes: Flour and Oil.000g. Gray Likes: Ores and Bodigizer. Doug Likes: Fish. Saibara is Grey's grandfather. Talk to him if you want to upgrade your tools or get some accessories. A reason why she stays in her house everytime because she is old and she can't move from that chair. His mother is Lillia. 10. Bio: Jeff is Karen's father. Lillia Likes: Wild Grapes and Bodigizer. Bio: Barley owns the Yodel Farm. Bio: Ellen takes care of Elli and Stu. Apples and Spa-boiled Eggs. She tries to help her grandfather around the farm. Popuri. May Likes: Grape Juice. Bio: She now lives in Poultry Farm. If you find lonely tree on Mother's Hill try to cut it 7. hes at the Inn. After you caught over 50 fish. If he marries Popuri. Bio:He's the owner of Aja Winery. If you dig deep in the mine you might get one. let anna pick some flowers. He owns Kai's Seaside Lodge. Spa-Boiled Eggs. Apples and Bamboo Shoots. You can find her at her house. Bio: She is Jeff's wife and Karen's mother. 5. He is Ann's father. He is marry to Sasha. she helps around Aja Winery. if you didn't know this. Apple Pie. You can trade the medals (1001) for the power berry at the horse race. Keno Likes: Wine and Mushrooms. Manna. You only see him there. He has grandson called Gray. 2. At night. Strawberry Milk. He will sell you animals. He's wife passed away some years ago so he had to raise Ann by himself. He also does the Confessional Box. and Fruit Juice. he will give you a fishing rod. 11. Louis Likes: Honey. Plant 90 flowers once they all bloom. Hot Milk. Bio: He is the mayor of this town. Gifts: Popuri likes a lot of sweet things. 3. Visit him if you have time. She likes Boild Eggs. She is nice person. He usually at or near Gotz's house. Bio: Gotz will upgrade your house or farm buildings. They also have a dog named Hana. Bread and Spa-boiled Eggs. She sometimes yells at Jeff because she thinks Jeff is to easygoing. Mayor Thomas Likes: Wine and Potatos. Bamboo Shoots. She loves when you talk to her. Bio: Basil is botanist(a person who studies flowers/plants). Bio: Kai only comes every summer. Once you get to know him better. Zack Likes: Large Fish Bio: Zack is the local shipper(he buys you crop and things that you gather from the mountain or your animal products). He is usually at the bar. Bio: Grey works at the Blacksmith's shop. Bio: He is the owner of the local bar. He lives with his wife. Boots and Empty Cans.

000g 300g 400g 500g 600g 100g 50g 150g 50g 80g 50g 120g 200g 100g 100g 100g 50 60g 100g 150g 200g Mayonnaise(Small) Mayonnaise(Medium) Mayonnaise(Large) FISH Angler. Fall or Winter You must have sold more than 200 fish Squid. In Winter. You must have the other 5 fish to get this fish Catfish.000g 2.000g Sell Price 2. River or Waterfall. You must throw a small fish in the ocean as bait . Ocean when it's winter.000g 50g 100g 400g 500g 600g 300g 700g 800g 1. You must have Grilled Fish. Mother's Hill Lake. fish at the Winter's Mine Char. Sashimi and Sushi recipes Sea Bream.000g 2. Ocean in Spring. Fish somewhere between 10 PM-8 AM Carp. Winter Mine Lake. Ocean in Summer.Plant Cabbage Potato Turnip Strawberry Cucumber Corn Onion Tomato Pumpkin Pineapple Carrot Eggplant Green Pepper Sweet Potato Spinach Apple Bamboo Shoot Bracelet Earrings Necklace Cheese(Small) Cheese(Medium) Cheese(Large) Cheese(Grand) Chocolate Egg Golden Egg Popuri's Egg Spa-Boilrd Egg Fish(Small) Fish(Medium) Fish(Large) Grass(Red) Grass(Blue) Grass(Green) Honey Honey(Special) Season Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Summer Summer Summer Summer Summer Fall Fall Fall Fall Fall Name Profit 250g 80g 60g 30g 60g 100g 80g 60g 250g 500g 120g 80g 40g 120g 80g Growth 15 8 5 9 10 15 8 10 15 21 8 10 8 6 6 50g 50g Regrow N/A N/A N/A 2 days 5 days 3 days N/A 3 days N/A 5 days N/A 3 days 2 days 3 days N/A Name Mayonnaise(Grand) Milk(Small) Milk(Medium) Milk(Large) Milk(Grand) Mushroom Poisonous Mushroom Juck Ore Copper Ore Silver Ore Gold Ore Mystrile Ore Adamantite Ore Orichalc Ore Truffle Relax Tea Leaves Wild Grapes Wool(Small) Wool(Medium) Wool(Large) Wool(Grand) Yarn Ball(Small) Yarn Ball(Medium) Yarn Ball(Large) Yarn Ball(Grand) Sell Price 300g 100g 150g 200g 300g 70g 100g 1g 15g 20g 25g 40g 50g 50g 500g 1.

but they are not paying for them. Tea Party Year: Any Season: Spring Day: Any Time: 3-4 p. The Tea Party can take place only on days when all of the seven Harvest Sprites are at home. To increase your Pony's affection towards you. brush it and talk to it every day. you might witness an argument between Rick and Popuri. Pony Year: 1 Season: Spring Day: First Visit to Yodel Farm Time: 9 a. and Won will eventually come on and you all will work things out. You must have an Upgraded Rucksack so you can take the seven gifts to them in one trip. go into the Horse Stable and you will see it there. He sells unusual seeds which are not available at the Supermarket. Strange Salesman Year: 1 Season: Spring Day: 3rd Time: Any Location: Your Farm Description: On the 3rd day of Spring. His name is Won. and one of them died. Barley Yodel will call you over and ask you if you could care for a Pony which they have. After he leaves your farm. It takes one full year for the Pony to become a mature Horse. and the Pony will be yours. and don't forget to keep your horse inside the stable on rainy/snowy days. Rick and Popuri Year: 1 Season: Spring Day: Any Time: Any Location: Poultry Farm Description: While passing by the Poultry Farm. Won will come to the Rose Square and you will talk more. you will notice some other villagers purchasing goods from Jeff.m. Location: Yodel Farm Description: The first time you stop by Yodel Farm during the day. Plant the seeds and give her the flowers when they bloom. they will give you some Relax Tea Leaves which are worth 1. after speaking with Won. will appear and make sure that they do. Moondrop Seeds Year: Any Season: Spring Day: 1st-20th Time: Any Location: Your Farm Description: Sometime between the 1st and the 20th of Spring. The first time you visit the Supermarket. you can usually find him at the Inn during the day. When Harris leaves. Suggest to the villager that he should pay and Karen. go to the Rose Square and talk to Harris the Policeman. The next time you visit the farm.000G. . Location: Harvest Sprites' Home Description: The Harvest Sprites hold a Tea Party every day in the Spring. To finish the whole event. Karen will give you a bag of Moondrop Seeds (if she likes you).-6 p.m. Go to the Hot Springs and you will find Popuri. Speak to Popuri and console her on her loss.Random Events Pay Your Bill Year: 1 Season: Spring Day: Any Time: Any Location: Supermarket Description: The first random event which you will encounter in Harvest Moon: Back to Nature is in the Supermarket.m. Popuri forgot to put the Chickens away. In return. talk to one of the Sprites first before you start handing out your gifts). You can buy a Brush from the Blacksmith Shop for 800G. This is the first time in which you will meet Karen and it marks the beginning of a brand new friendship. Then go to Gotz house and speak with Harris again. in your first year. Jeff's daughter. a strange person will wander onto your farm. Stop by and speak with Rick and he will tell you what started the argument. You may attend if you bring gifts for each of the seven Harvest Sprites. the storekeeper. (Warning. Answer with a Yes.

Shall We Dance? Year: 2 Season: Spring Day: 1st Time: Noon-3 p. you may attend Ann's birthday party.-1 p. If you say both are wrong or that you don't care. and accuses him of being deceptive. and it is a sunny morning. Don't forget to bring a wrapped present! Watch the Fireworks Year: 2 Season: Summer Day: 23rd Time: 9 a. Location: Inn Description: If an invitation appears in your mailbox at the beginning of summer.m. Jeff.m.m. Practice dancing with Karen.m.m. Location: Your Farm Description: One the first day of Year 2. and 6 p. Duke argues that Kai comes to the village every summer to charm the ladies and the children. Rick.m. The day after the Hurricane. Birthday Party Year: Any Season: Summer Day: 17th Time: 10 a. You should fish up a bottle. Say that you plan on staying and he will give you some perfume. and ask him to watch them with you. you will spot her taking a nap halfway up Mother's Hill. Sell the Corn to Kai for 50G and his affection towards you will raise. Perfume Year: Any Season: Summer Day: After a Hurricane Time: Any Location: Mineral Beach Description: The Day before a Hurricane. Duke will ask you what you think about it. go to Kai and give him the bottle.-Midnight Location: Inn Description: Duke. both guys are wrong. Location: Your Farm Description: Kai will stop by the farm and ask to buy Corn from you. If you say Kai is wrong. Location: Mineral Beach Description: In Year 2. talk to Kai the day before the Fireworks Festival. go to the Beach and go fishing.-6 p. Karen will stop by your farm and ask you if you would like to practice dancing with her for the New Year's Festival later that day.m. and Kai are involved in a fight. Sunny Morning Nap Year: Any Season: Summer Day: Sunny Day Time: Any Location: Halfway up Mother's Hill Description: If you are married to Ann.m. the others will be happy.m. Fight at the Inn Year: 1 Season: Summer Day: Any Time: 5 p. Take the invitation and go to Ann's House between 10 a. This will improve your relationship with him. no one is happy except Duke. Corn for Kai Year: Any Season: Summer Day: 15th-29th Time: 6 a.m. and then ask her to dance with you when you arrive at the New Year's Festival.-6 p. . You can answer that Kai is wrong. or you don't know and don't care. He will ask if you plan on staying or leaving.

m. Meeting Gray Year: 1 or 2 Season: Fall Day: 1st-27th Time: When you wake up Location: Your Farm Description: During your second or first year on your farm. Mary will witness this event.Disagreeable Friends Year: Any Season: Summer Day: Any day but Tuesdays/Sundays Time: 10 a.m. Gray will ask you to try the Hammer he's made. and you can sell the Eggs his Chickens lay while they are in your care. Chicken Care Year: Any Season: Fall Day: 14th-16th Time: Any Location: Your Farm Description: If you have upgraded your Chicken Coop.m. but you still have only 5 chickens. Take the Grapes to Duke at the end and he will tell you how many you have harvested. but when you do. he will weed your field once. Memories Year: Any Season: Fall Day: 5th Time: After 5 p. Never turn down a friend in need. and wants to work on his own. Kai has an unsettling effect on Rick. End to Summer Year: Any Season: Fall Day: 1st Time: Any Location: Your Farm Description: In case you didn't know summer was over. every day for about a week. Duke will also ask you to find some additional help for him. Your goal is to pick 16 bunches of grapes every day. You must get to that spot before Cliff does. you must show up at the Aja Winery around 11:30 a. and Rick. Do as many of your own chores as you can before you go to the winery. improving your relationship with him. who passed away. Ann will be at the Inn working hard to cover for her dad. your friendship will improve. Gray will ask to use your Water Mill to make a Hammer. so ask Cliff. If you say yes. and Rick isn't shy about showing his feelings. eventually Cliff will leave the village. Duke from the Aja Winery will visit you and ask you if you can harvest some Grapes. In return. Kai stops by to say good-bye. You should have some time to do some other chores when you return.m.m. Rick will come by and ask if you can care for five more. Location: Mother's Hill Peak Description: If you go to the Peak of Mother's Hill. Location: Poultry Farm Description: If you are walking past or visiting the Poultry Farm. you'll get a bunch of Chicken Feed. Later. Harvesting Grapes Year: 1 Season: Fall Day: 14th Time: Any Location: Your Farm Description: On the 14th day of Fall. or you won't be able to harvest all 16 bunches. Duke will pay you well and Manna will be very happy. Gray will thank you. Popuri. every day and work until 5 p. you may witness a minor disagreement between Kai. After a few days. it crumbles.-7 p. because Duke's Wife will hold your items for you. in year 1. Warning: Cliff will go to a spot in the Vineyard and never move. Don't worry about having your rucksack empty before you go to the Aja Winery. you can see Doug thinking about his wife. If you help him. If you don't. Gray is angry with his grandfather Saibara. Gray may stop by. . If you collect all 16 bunches by the end of the day. which leads to another event in which Mary scolds Gray in the Rose Square.

When Cliff is taken to the hospital. Thoughts of Family Year: Any Season: Winter Day: Snowy Day Time: After 10 a. Greg will stop by and give you a Fishing Pole. Location: Your Farm Description: If you have more then 90 Flowers Blooming on your farm. Tell her to take as many as she would like and she will give you a Power Berry. on a sunny day in the fourth year. White Flower Year: Any Season: Winter Day: Any Time: Any Location: Mother's Hill Description: If you visit Ellen in her home. . Visit the peak of Mother's Hill on a snowy day to see for yourself. the Doctor will care for him and ask everyone else to leave. be sure to return the photo back to him. Location: Rose Square Description: If you arrive at the Rose Square after 10 a. Summer. Once you have 50 or more Fish in your pond. you will see Cliff collapse. The next time you see Cliff. Talk to him and you will pick up the photograph Cliff was looking at. she will give you a Power Berry. Don't throw in an item on Festival Days. on a snowy day. Location: Church Description: If you stand in front of the Church after 5 p. Location: Goddess Pond near Hot Springs Description: If you throw items into the pond which you have harvested from your farm. Stand behind the waterfall to throw the items in. After you give her five items. Fishing Pole Year: Any Season: Spring. stock your Fish Pond. the Goddess will show her face and thank you. she will ask if there is someone special in your life. For another 10 items. she will tell you about a legendary White Flower that blooms on snowy days. or at Night. Answer Yes.m.m. Flowers Blooming Year: Any Season: Spring. After you give her five more items. then tell Ellen and Basil about it the next day.m. She says it's good luck to see it.m.m. If you give it to Gotz. BadWeather Days. the Goddess will give you a piece of Lumber.-9 p. Flashing Object Year: 4 Season: Winter Day: Any Time: After 5 p. you will run into the girl who has the highest affection for you. or Fall Day: Any Time: Any Location: Your Farm Description: If you got the Fishing Rod from Greg in the spring. Anna comes to ask if she may pick some.m. When you leave the Hot Springs. The Goddess is picky about when she wants to accept your gifts. The Goddess Year: Any Season: Any Day: Any Sunny Day you Toss a Vegetable into the Lake Time: 6 a.Stu's Cricket Year: Any Season: Fall Day: Any Time: Any Location: Your Farm Description: If you are married to Elli. he will pay you handsomely for it and you will become better friends. or Fall Day: Any Time: Noon-3 p. Summer. Stu will stop by and give you a Cricket. you will see a flashing object..m.

You must go to the Inn to get it. Apple Pie Year: 1-3 Season: Summer. and then you can get Honey every day.m.The Big Tree Year: Any Season: Any Day: Any Time: After 11 a. Honey Bees Year: Any Season: Spring. he will come by your farm and ask you to take a piece of Apple Pie to Ellen. or Fall Day: Any Time: 11 a.-Noon Location: Your Farm Description: If you have Flowers on your farm. Ellen offers you a tip. When you speak to either Stu or Harris. The New Puppy Year: Any Season: Spring or Summer Day: Any Time: 6 a. Gotz will be mad at you.m. . You must stand in front of the two trees on the left side of the lake to make this happen. the tree will ask you not to. The next day. so don't. Bees will make a hive in the Apple Tree.m. the tree will give you a Power Berry. it reduces your Fatigue by 1 point. and if your Dog loves you a lot. to find her.m. and Barley would like your Dog to keep her company. Summer. Because Barley and May can't take care of both Puppies. Elli will give it to you instead. Kappa will give you a Mystic Berry. Puppies will be born.m. one day Barley may stop by your farm and ask if he can borrow your Dog for a little while.-1 p. Location: Your Farm Description: If you are friends with Barley Yodel. and you will pass out and wake up at the Clinic. Go to the pier at 6 p.-1 p.m. When you eat it. its selling price will go up from 50G to 60G. Decline her offer and Elli will show up with another piece of pie for her grandmother. he will ask you if he can have the Puppy. His Dog Hana is lonely. Location: Mother's Hill Lake Description: If you throw three Cucumbers into the lake at the base of Mother's Hill. If you relent. Location: Halfway Up Mother's Hill Description: A big tree stands in the clearing halfway up Mother's Hill. Possessing the Mystic Berry slows your accumulation of Fatigue by 50 percent.m. If you give a jar of Honey to Louis. This will happen each time you try to cut it down. or Winter Day: 6th-27th Time: 6 a. Kappa Year: Any Season: Spring. Summer.-Noon Location: Your Farm Description: If you are a friend of Mayor Thomas.m. Let Barley borrow your Dog and before long. or Fall Day: Any Time: 6 a. If you try to cut it down another time.m. Barley will ask you to find one a new home.m. Because Ellen already has a piece. When you deliver the piece. Mayor Thomas will come to your farm and give you a cake.-5 p. Fall. If you start to chop it down. Missing May Year: 1 or 2 Season: Any-Except Spring Day: 2nd-27th Time: 6 a. Location: Your Farm Description: Barley stops by the farm one day and asks for your help finding May.

you drink wine. Once you are there. SUMMER 12TH Tomato Festival This festival.Seasonal Festivals SPRING 1ST News Years Day This festival is where the town people get together.(See prizes page to see when you win.. it will start producing golden wool. If your sheep wins. If you win all arounds... WINTER 24TH Star Night Festival The girl who likes you the most. SUMMER 1ST Opening Day This festival is when you go swimming in the ocean. pick a girl who you want to watch the fireworks with you. This is a hard festival because Ann or Doug always wins. SPRING 14TH Thanksgiving Festival This is when you give one of the girls a sweet to eat. SUMMER 24TH Fireworks Display At 6pm go to the beach. It's very fun if you throw tomatos at a character that you hate.well. Next day go to the Yodel Ranch and see if you won the festival.The Inn and the Town Square. The is two places to go to. Barley will come over and ask you what cow you want to put in the festival.) SUMMER 7TH Chicken Festival This festival is about.. . If you go to the Town Square. Your chicken will start laying golden eggs. If you go to The Inn. you throw tomatos at characters of BTN. WINTER 30TH News Years Eve Go to the top of Mother's hill at 12am and watch the sunrise with the villages. Pick the one that has the most hearts. You can bet on dogs to earn you points for prizes. The day before the Goddess Festival ask the girl you like to go with you to the dance. SPRING 22ND Cooking Festival This when you cook stuff. WINTER 14TH Winter Thanksgiving The girl who likes you the most will come over to your farm and give you a sweet treat. Barley comes over to your house and asks if what sheep you want to put in the festival. FALL 13TH Moon Viewing If you go to the top of Mother's Hill. SPRING 8TH Goddess Festival This is when the five girls dance around on the square. If you bring some kind of food and drop it in to the huge pot. will invite you to have dinner with her. FALL 9TH Harvest Festival This festival is about food. If you do play go to the church at 6:00 pm.chicken fighting. The girl that likes you the mosr will be there.Time when you want to breath. Pick the one that has the most hearts. If you do that. you will get some stew. FALL 21ST Sheep festival Same as the cow festival. WINTER 10TH Dog Race Same as the horse race but it's for your dog. SPRING 18TH Local Horse Race This festival is when you race your horse. there is a huge fire in the middle od the square. FALL 3RD Music Festival Carter will come to your house and ask you if you want to play in the festival. Also you can bet on other horses to earn points for prizes. SUMMER 20TH Cow Festival The day before this festival. Next day go to the Yodel Ranch at 10 am. Bring the thing you cooked on that day or the day before.