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With operations in 70 countries. efficient. . The LaRgeST PORTFOLIO FOR NUCLeaR POweR SOLUTIONS ARABELLETM sTEAM TuRBinEs geNeRaTORS heaT exChaNgeRS PUmPS emeRgeNCy DIeSeL geNeRaTORS aUTOmaTION aND CONTROL SeRvICeS CLEAN POWER TODAY!® employees around the world in 70 countries 52. Alstom Power is close to customers all over the world. procurement or servicing. flexible and integrated power solutions. modernising and servicing existing plants. Alstom Power is setting the benchmark for innovative technologies that provide clean. But our engineers are also experts in retrofitting. PLANT INTEGRATOR™ Our solutions maximise performance by optimising the complex interactions between sub-systems from design to operation. Our Plant integrator™ approach and power automation and control solutions ensure the optimisation of all elements to derive the maximum lifetime value from all our customer’s investments. ensuring rapid responses and service excellence at all times. we are able to find solutions to the challenges of today. close to 25% of the world’s power production capacity depends on Alstom Power technology and services.000 100 We recognise the need to improve the environmental balance of legacy plants while increasing adoption of new clean energy solutions. Whether in design. From fossil and biomass to nuclear and renewables. years of industry leading expertise LIFECYCLE MANAGEMENT At all stages of the lifecycle we support owners to maximise their return on investment while minimising negative environmental effects. manufacture.welcome to Alstom Power Alstom is a global leader in power generation with a portfolio of products covering all fuel types. procurement and construction (EPC) of new power plants. Alstom can supply anything from single components to complete turnkey power plants. percent of the world‘s power production capacity depends on alstom technology 25 With our recognised expertise all over the power generation market. Alstom Power has more than 100 years of experience in engineering.

3 . both for new and retrofitted nuclear plants. Alstom designs. and 40% of them use alstom-made equipment. as plant owner. manufactures. market leader for nuclear power plant Proven and cutting edge technology Alstom is the market leader for nuclear steam turbines and other key nuclear power conversion equipment. low and high pressure feedwater heaters. Today. condensers and pumps. An advanced technology Alstom’s nuclear power conversion solutions are based on its ARABELLE™ steam turbine technology platform. 30% of all operating nuclear power plants in the world have an alstom steam turbine generator inside. Alstom has demonstrated its skills and leadership as a nuclear power plant equipment manufacturer and integrator through an uninterrupted set of projects. can benefit from an integrated power conversion package. you.96%). ARABELLE™ steam turbines Alstom.Alstom is the N°1 supplier of nuclear steam turbines.550 MW power output provided with extremely high reliability (99. moisture separator-reheaters. installs and maintains all the critical power conversion equipment of a nuclear turbine island: steam turbines and turbogenerators. The largest turbines in operation worldwide for the past 10 years are ARABELLE™ steam turbines with a 1. and more.900 MW. An integrated approach for more efficiency Alstom has developed the other key equipment of a nuclear power plant conversion system in co-ordination with the ARABELLE™ family. With its superior performance and exceptional reliability ARABELLE™ steam turbines can accommodate power outputs ranging from 900 MW to 1.

it is a family of cutting-edge products.ARABELLE™ ARABELLE™ is not just a product. 4 . get more Key benefits MoRE MW • A compact.900 MW. powerful.000 operating hours accumulated and an outstanding reliability rate. efficient and reliable turbine • 60% of the power comes from highly efficient single flow expansion • A unique combined HP/IP module • Standard interface / footprint for 50 Hz & 60 Hz • Based on mature 1. 50 Hz or 60 Hz • For any backpressure conditions • Co-generation applications LP sizE oPTiMisEd foR ANy siTE CoNdiTioNs • Various last-stage blade sizes for each frequency (50 Hz and 60 Hz) • A blade design that has demonstrated its reliability • Two. the moisture separation reheaters and the condenser to get “more than just the sum of the key components” and ultimately optimise the power conversion from the nuclear reactor’s steam. ARABELLE™ is the most advanced steam turbine technology for your nuclear power plant. Alstom’s integration capabilities are built on the solid foundation of a full in-house product range covering the key components of nuclear plant turbine islands. fewer inspections required • Smaller forgings easier to supply and inspect dEsigNEd foR EAsE of MAiNTENANCE • Easy access for maintenance • Easy adjustment of LPs with independent structure • Compact arrangement with fewer bladed rows with more than 300.550 MW units AdAPTEd To ALL REACToR TyPEs • Fully adaptable steam path • From 900 MW to 1. three or four LP modules for optimum vacuum fit WELdEd RoToRs foR RELiABiLiTy ANd sECURE dELivERy • High resistance to stress corrosion cracking (SCC) • Excellent reliability. The focus is on the performance improvements that can be obtained from the ARABELLE™ steam turbine through optimal compatibility with the turbogenerator.

delivering maximum performance and reliability. facilitating maintenance. Our extended pumps portfolio of products for nuclear power plants includes among others: circulating water pumps.5 million hours of operation.900 MW. condensate extraction pumps. feed-water pumps. alstom tailor-made pumps offer an outstanding reliability. enabling high output with almost 99% efficiency. turbine-generator package: Process equipment alstom has extensive know-how in heat exchange across all types of power plants. efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The Alstom GiGATOP 4-pole turbogenerators complement the ARABELLE™ steam turbines with products ranging from 900 to 1. 5 . including nuclear applications.than just the sum of the key components GiGATOP 4-pole turbogenerators With over 30 years’ development and more than 1. Their design features have been judiciously combined to optimise reliability and facilitate maintenance. alstom nuclear heat exchangers are adaptable to any reactor output level. Alstom has accumulated vast experience with very high rating 4-pole turbogenerators for nuclear power plants.

This facilitates maintenance. HP IP LP 1 LP 2 LP 3 Arabelle™ Unique • The LP steam admission pipes are entirely below the turbine operating configuration floor. it then expands in a single-flow intermediate-pressure (iP) section before going through the four or six low pressure (LP) flows. MSR MSR HP 2F 6 LP 1 LP 2 LP 3 Former configuration . the butterfly valves are installed at the level of the HP/IP cylinder. ArabelleTM unique configuration MSR This unique ARABELLE™ architecture makes maintenance work much easier • it needs only four steam readmission valve sets instead of six. LP 1 LP 2 LP 3 MSR steam first expands in a single-flow HP path. respectively) for final expansion to the condenser. after moisture separation and reheat. further facilitating maintenance. This arrangement helps reduce maintenance duration and cost. because maintenance of the LPs does not require disassembly of their inlet pipes.ARABELLE™ a proven MSR HP IP LP 1 LP 2 LP 3 Arabelle™ Unique configuration MSR Former configuration MSR HP 2F An innovative architecture Former configuration offers a new architecture where the The ARABELLE™ turbine Previous-generation nuclear turbines feature one double-flow high-pressure (HP) cylinder followed by four or six low-pressure (LP) flows (with two or three LPs. accessible from a platform above the MsRs. Large lay-down areas are thus available alongside the LP cylinders. instead of hanging above the operating floor in front of each LP cylinder. in addition.

Compared to monobloc rotors. the LP inner casing is supported by the LP outer casing. This issue becomes more critical with the very large exhaust structures that characterise modern nuclear plants. welded rotors encounter reduced stress levels and provide better resistance to stress corrosion cracking (sCC). welded rotors feature smaller forged cylinders (which are then welded together). Very predictable vibration behaviour is the result. which in turn is supported by the turbine table. • The load on the turbine table is not affected by the vacuum variations nor by the forces transmitted by the condenser (through changing water levels). more precise and more stable. This simple design improvement provides many advantages: • The turbine load on the foundation is greatly reduced. which no longer acts as a support. The LP outer casing. which is supported on the basement floor. • This independent structure also makes the relative centring of the moving and stationary parts easier. meaning that sourcing and delivery are easier and more secure. Welded rotor technology Welded rotor technology is a key Alstom steam turbine and gas turbine innovation. The LP inner casing is connected at each end to an end-wall. which integrates the rotor bearing housings. simply becomes an envelope rigidly welded to the condenser. 7 . Distortions of the outer casing or load variations on the table induced by vacuum or condenser weight variations during operation will affect the relative centring of the rotating and fixed parts. Compared to a shrunk-on disk design.and reliable design Discover what makes our ARABELLE™ unique… LP-exhaust with independent structure in previous-generation turbines. The ARABELLE™ LP cylinders are designed with independent structures. which has been continuously improved over the past 80 years to serve larger and larger units.

i. reducing the secondary losses. They are manufactured as single pieces. fir-tree root fastening provides excellent transmission of effort to the disk. The LsB is optimised through detailed 3D modelling.e. it helps avoid vibrations. A curved entry. but also facilitates transportation and inspection. are designed with integral shrouds to minimise losses. the HP and IP expansion sections have been grouped into a combined HP/ iP cylinder. The sealing ribs are machined after assembly for optimum performance. other than the Last stage Blade (LsB). but that also yields better aerodynamic optimisation of the end-wall conditions. with the same footprint for both 1. and a continuous blade shround connection ensures consistently good frequency control and reliability. To reduce overall turbine length. stationary stages feature a welded platform design for high reliability. Stage Efficiency Stage Efficiency High Tip Leakage losses High Endwall losses Low Tip Leakage losses Low Endwall losses High Tip Leakage losses High Endwall losses Low Tip Leakage losses Low Endwall losses Height Blade Aspect Ratio = Height/Width Blade Aspect Ratio = Height/Width Width Blade Aspect Ratio 1 2 3 1 4 2 3 4 8 Efficiency vs Blade Aspect Ratio Efficiency vs Blade Aspect Ratio . All rotating blades.500 and 1. and assembled through a forked and pinned root fastening design: an extremely robust solution.Maximising your power plant with a unique design Alstom has leveraged over 35 years of experience in nuclear power plants. similar to those used in fossil fired applications. and more than 100 years in steam turbine technology. The compact HP/IP module alone. to develop – and continuously improve – its efficient and reliable turbine blade family. This ensures higher efficiency due to the reduction of secondary losses at the root and the tip of the steam path. which such long blades with high-aspect ratios could otherwise undergo in service. no loose parts. The result is greater turbine performance. can produce up to 60% of the total power delivered by the turbine. reliable blading All ARABELLE™ turbine blades feature three-dimensional profiles to optimise their aerodynamic performance. with an overall efficiency gain of at least 1%. especially for the HP stages.800 rpm applications. validated in numerous laboratory tests and manufactured through high-precision forgings. Efficient. Height Width Blade Aspect Ratio High-efficiency single-flow expansion The most striking feature of the ARABELLE™ architecture is its single-flow steam expansion featuring blades with higher aspect ratio. An integral streamlined snubber for blade interconnection and continuous lashing greatly increases stage stability. This robust design is perfectly adapted to the large volume flow found in today’s nuclear power plants.

mexico Chattanooga. France Levallois. Baden (Switzerland). Russia. Poland. Manufacturing location dedicated to nuclear power technology are in Portugal. China wuhan. Poland elblag.Large steam turbines in action in nuclear power plants A worldwide footprint The Alstom Power nuclear business is headquartered in Levallois near Paris. Poland St. Joint-venture aaem Russia Podolsk. Switzerland Delhi. Engineering centres specialised in nuclear equipment are to be found in Levallois (France). France Baden. morelia. Petersbourg. and Chattanooga (usA). Wuhan (China). Russia Beijing. usA and Mexico. Switzerland Birr. Alstom Power can deliver rapid nuclear services across the globe. Saint Petersburg. (France). Portugal Bexbach. China Belfort. India 9 . as well. USa Setubal. China. Together with the support of local service centres in 70 countries. germany wroclaw. Joint-Venture AAEM (Russia). France Nantes. as in France.

ChinA 2 x 1. when commissioned this will be the highest power output in the world from a single turbinegenerator set. For this project. including the condensate extraction pumps. Alstom‘s worldwide experience Alstom has been at the forefront of designing and installing nuclear turbine islands for the past 30 years. delivered and erected the turbogenerators. russiA LIng Ao PHASE II. It will include one aRaBeLLe™ steam turbine (unit 3). such as hongyanhe. a significant transfer of technology and manufacturing sharing with our long term partner DeCL has been implemented. aaem’s scope includes the supply of both units’ turbine hall. circulating water pumps and emergency diesel generator sets. 10 . Featuring aRaBeLLe™ technology. several similar projects are under construction in china.080 MW turbine generator package Ling ao 3+4 turbine generator packages for 2. Russia. with all kinds of nuclear reactors.References BALTiC.750 MW nuclear turbine island Flamanville 1+2 started commercial operation in 1985 with two 1.160 mw turbine islands were ordered in 2005. The reactors are of the four-loop areva “P4” type. 2 x 1. feedwater reheaters. FLAMAnVILLE 3. a power plant extension is now under construction.750 mw from the new ePR (evolutionary Pressurized Reactor) from areva. or Fangjiashan. delivering 1. alstom has designed. plus the bulk of the turbine island mechanical and electrical auxiliaries. the condenser and feed-water heating plant equipment. Our longstanding expertise is unrivalled. to deliver the turbine islands of the Baltic nuclear power plant to be constructed in Kaliningrad.200 MW nuclear turbine islands The alstom-atomenergomash (aaem) Joint-venture was selected by Rosatom. This is the first major contract won by the Joint-venture created in 2007 by alstom with atomenergomash to supply the turbine islands to Russian nuclear power plants. the units started successfully in 2010 for the unit 3 and 2011 for the unit 4. Ningde. delivered and erected the complete turbine island. The plant will be based on the Russian vveR 1200 pressurised water reactor design. generators and their associated auxiliaries. the Russian federal nuclear agency. Leveraging on this solution. including condensers. and condensate extraction and circulating water pumps. alstom designed. Under a number of separate contracts. FrAnCe 1. among others. including the alstom aRaBeLLe™ steam turbines.350 mw units. ahead of the schedule and theirs measured power outpots are higher than the guaranteed level. the moisture separator reheaters (mSR).


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