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Glimpse of weather in Mumbai and Bangalore

The climate and weather of Mumbai is very wet and dry. The climate can be well explained as Moderate temperature with high humidity. This is because of the coastal nature and tropical location which certify the moderate temperature throughout the year. Mumbai experiences 4 different weathers in a year i.e. Winters in Dec- Feb, Summer in March to May, Monsoon in June to Sept and Post monsoon in Oct to Dec. December is the start of winters in Mumbai and initially the temperature in do not fall below 12-18 C but the humidity is relatively low in this month. January is the coldest month of winters in Mumbai. The nights in January are very chilly with 10-20 C. March is the starting of summers in Mumbai with average high temperature in day 30-33 C and 17-20 C in night. The humidity is very high in April; the cooling effect of breezes from sea makes the effect of its presence more. And May is the hottest month in Mumbai. June is the start of Monsoon in Mumbai, with increased humidity and continuation of summers. The rainfall gets intensified as July comes. June and August are the months of heavy rainfall in Mumbai and people see hardly any sunshine in these months. In September, the rainfall decreases and on 3rd week of September monsoon ends officially. This month has very unsettled weather in Mumbai as the rainfall is not continuous, short and light. While October is the month in which days are hot and nights are cold. In November the temperature starts to drop slowly with few unseasonal showers too. Bangalore is also coastal and tropical area and experiences the tropical savanna climate. It bears wet and dry seasons throughout the year. Bangalore enjoys more moderate climate than Mumbai due to its high elevation. Though heat waves occasionally make it hot in summer, which is uncomfortable and unbearable. December is the start of winters in Bangalore with an average low temperature of 15.4 C. The temperature in winters vary rarely go below 12 C. The hottest months of summers in Bangalore are April with an average high temperature of 32.8 C and seldom exceed 35 C. Bangalore bears heavy monsoon and the rainfall make it wettest in months of August, September and October. Therefore the temperature in both the cities is very wet and dry. You can check weather of any city in India at web India time. Not only weather you can also check Dewpoint, humidity, rainfall, wind direction, sun rise and sunset all at one place.