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Space and Astrology How To Select Lucky Names Using K.P. Astrology By Pandit. R.Dakshinamoorthi 10/24/05 By Vidya Bachaspati. R.DAKSHINAMOORTHI B.Sc.

(Physics), M.A.(Psychology), A.G.D.C.A. ASTROLOGICAL CONSULTANT Plot No.1/29, 11th Street, Babanagar, Villivakkam, Chennai 600 049. Phone: (044) 650 2357. E-mail: INTRODUCTION: Though the fate of an individual is predestined according to past karmas of a person, miseries suffered by a person can be reduced to a certain extent by taking recourse to remedial measures, and by resorting to certain techniques to increase one? quota of good-luck. Sincere prayers, acts of charity, Vedic chants, devotion to s Gurujis and sincere wishes from others) are known to reduce karmic burden of an individual. Similarly nameology and numerology provide means to improve one? s good luck, if correct principles are applied. This article is an attempt to throw a light on the efficacy of using Krishnamurthy Paddathi for selecting lucky names that could reduce ill-effects and guarantee good results. WHAT IS IN A NAME? The vibrations produced by a name have an impact on both the individual concerned and on others in touch with that person. Psychological researches have revealed that persons respond unconsciously to the message conveyed by the meaning and vibration of a name. It has been found that persons with inappropriate names tend to suffer from low self-esteem. Carl Jung, the famous psychoanalyst has said, archetypes (symbolisms that convey a certain idea, like Rama ?righteousness, Duryodana ?jealousy , etc.) are firmly entrenched in the sub-conscious of all members in a society( These may be culturespecific, i.e, understood only by members who are exposed to a particular culture). So, we should select such a name that will be synchronous with the way in which we would like to the child to develop. For example, if you would like your child to grow up and join the defence forces, the name should radiate and convey a message of bravery; if you wish your child to be in show-biz, it should convey a certain personal warmth and friendliness and so on. Generally, some people choose the first alphabet of a name based on the moon constellation and quarter (almost all almanacs carry this information). This has no real

. 6. 6.P. 13th will reduce to 4. etc. R C. G. I. astrology in combination with classical astrological works like . Each number has certain specific qualities (for example 28 and 46 both add to 1.g. as this is only a guideline for choosing the name of a s person. or the family deity are chosen for the child. the above guideline need not be adhered to. Y B. The total numerological value of the name should be favourable to the birth number (based on the date of birth).9 2. there are many people who do not adhere to the above guideline. N. one could invoke the principles of K. 7.V. The numerological values of different English alphabets are as follows: A. Q. L. 9. CHALDEAN NUMEROLOGY AND AKSHARA SHASHTRA: In addition to numerological principles cited above. Even otherwise. M. and other customarily used titles) to get the total numerological value of the name. S D. When names of elders in the family. P 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Add the numerological value of the different alphabets in the name (including initials. 9. 1-10-2002 will reduce to 6). H.) or the fate number (the total numerological value of the date for e. X U. Some Numerological principles: Those with a belief in numerology choose a name in such a way that the total numerological value of the name is synchronous with the birth number (the date of birth number.P. but indicate different personality characteristics).9 1 Vibrates well with all numbers. 5 3. A NOVEL METHOD OF NAMEOLOGY COMBINING THE PRINCIPLES OF K. K. T E. J.7 3. There are exhaustive numerological rules that govern the auspicious and inauspicious results bestowed by names of different numerological values to persons born on different dates. � Birth Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Lucky name number 1 2. ASTROLOGY. e. Z F.bearing on the individual? luck. W O.g.

bha. Leo. ma. the last Akshara (alphabet) of a name gives the final impression. 5th cusp and the 11th cusp. etc. Saturn: In odd signs ?pa. a courier service company should have alphabets signified by Mercury either as first or last alphabet of the name. All alphabets are the body of Goddess Saraswati and are in effect propitious mantras with certain qualities. So. o. u. Of the four sub-lords mentioned. ai. select the alphabets in such a way that they are signified by appropriate significator planets in addition to the above mentioned rule. ba. All of us know the efficacy of reciting the Sahasranaama of various deities.) kha. ha.P.ja. ou. . sha. ddha. In even signs ?tta. ru. wa.Astrology and Akshara Shastra propounded in Chathura Sundari) will work as a mantra and boost the good luck of the individual. nga. I. Fortuna. da.Chathura Sundari (dealing with the influence of planets on Alphabets) to select a really lucky name for a child or business organization. Similarly. swa. For example. ga. uu. ksha. The others can be regarded as significators of a lucky name for an individual or organisation. check which sub-lords are in the constellation of retrograde planets and reject them. In even signs ? ttha. Virgo. we must make use of the sub-lords of the ascendant. In the same way. dda. la. la.jha. ii. Moon: Indicates the syllables ya. va. THE ALPHABETS SIGNIFIED BY VARIOUS PLANETS: Sun: Indicates vowel sounds a. na. Mercury: In odd signs ?ta.dha. moon. Cancer. Jupiter: In odd signs ?tha. 3rd cusp. While selecting names for business organisations. gha. K. roo. s To determine this. Mars: In odd signs (Aries. In even signs ?ccha. Venus: In odd signs ?cha. kshya.) ka. Rahu and Ketu take on the significations of the sign lords and also denote sa. Gemini. The first Akshara (alphabet) of a name is the foundation of a good name. In even signs ?pha. In even signs (Taurus. gna. aa. etc. An industrial unit should have alphabets signified by Saturn. a name suitably selected based on this principle (combining the principles of numerology. the first and last alphabets of a name should vibrate favourably with the benefic points of an individual? horoscope. These two are the essence of a name.

blessed with good progeny and enjoy the benefits arising out of good karma done in the previous births without any hindrance. He will be undaunted in the face of difficulties in life and will have a commanding presence (The person? appearance s will earn him respect from others regardless of his status in life). news-service. the native will enjoy good progress in spiritual matters. The good effects indicated in the horoscope are enhanced and the malefic effects are reduced to a great extent. . the self-confidence of the individual will be high. This ensures fast progress in life if the person is involved in transport. If the first alphabet in a name is the one signified by the Moon sub-lord. This condition will also bless the native with a good intuition.THE EFFECTS OF THE ALPHABETS SIGNIFIED BY THE VARIOUS CUSPAL SUB-LORDS: If the first alphabet in a name is the one signified by the ascendant sub-lord. courier service. This is particularly good while selecting name for partnership firms. The downside of this is that the person will have great difficulty in coming to decisions as he has a two-pronged mind that runs in an often impractical and fanciful manner rather than in a logical manner. If the first alphabet in a name is the one signified by the sub-lord of the 3rd cusp. This vibration is excellent for writers and other creative people. all-round prosperity is assured. etc. If the first alphabet in a name is the one signified by the sub-lord of the 11th house. If the first alphabet in a name is the one signified by the sub-lord of the 5th cusp. Success seems to follow the native faithfully in whatever he attempts to do. the native will enjoy success in public-relation fields. the person enjoys sincere friendship and is lucky in partnerships. embassy work. he will be imaginative and sensitive. printing and publishing. He will have sudden flights of fancy. If the first alphabet in a name is the one signified by the sub-lord of the Fortuna.